Slideshow Maker w Music

Photo & Video
4.5 (38.4K)
104.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Md. Mahmudur Rahman
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.3 or later
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User Reviews for Slideshow Maker w Music

4.48 out of 5
38.4K Ratings
5 years ago, i'm a fat
I think the old version was wayyy beyond better then the new one I figured out how to work the new one but I still haven’t mastered it and fact that you have to pay for it it’s just ridiculous and absurd let’s say a 10-year-old bought this app and he wanted to make like a huge slideshow and then it said I have to pay that would make him really upset and they were downloaded the new app that was better than yours so I think you should fix the app and make it so you don’t have to pay.
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4 years ago, Love-pink86
Missing pictures
I spent an hour making a slideshow and lining up the music to the pictures perfectly. After I saved it and was watching it through, I noticed the last (most important) picture of my slideshow was missing. I went back and tried again. Several times. The last picture was always missing. So, I added the last picture twice in a row and that worked. However, now it ends abruptly but I’ve spent too much time trying to fix it to care anymore. Pay attention to the last photo after you save it to your camera roll. Luckily, I caught mine.
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5 years ago, The LOS King
Ain’t nothing free but air and opportunity
This used to be such a fantastic app, I made so many flipagrams back in the day. I really wanted to make one about 10 minutes ago so I downloaded the app again, only to find out that I can’t even skip the free trial. I literally press the done button, it asks to sign up, I press skip, takes me back to the same page. Out of anger I subscribed to the 3 DAY FREE TRIAL (seriously, 3 frickin days?), only so I could add one of the songs from my Apple Music, but I can’t even do that due to copyright bs. That I can understand, but it’s a song from the 1930’s. Is someone actually going to get their panties in a bunch over an 85 year old song? But yeah, never using this app again, and the new format is terrible.
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1 year ago, Mimi0909
Very good but…
This app was great! I recommend it the only problem is I think it’s kinda dumb how I have to pay to do more then 10 photos. There are lots of things special to me that would be great in a slideshow but I can only use 20 photos. All together this is a four star app I think it’s great.
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4 years ago, FlexxAlott
Seriously ? Pay for a slideshow ?
This is the second app that I’ve come across where you have to PAY to create a slideshow. Or start a free trial ! That doesn’t even make any sense. Whether you can cancel or not, why should I have to pay or start a free trial for an app that I’m only gonna use once ? Twice at the most. You open the app and it SEEMS like you’re about to make a slideshow until you get that prompt that says otherwise. Ridiculous. I truly understand that money must be made, but you can’t even use the app for the purpose that it’s there without having to pay. Onto the next. I seriously hope this process isn’t going to keep going on.
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5 years ago, Nae Nae T
Cannot add music
I used this app in this past and it was great. The updated version not so much. You can not resize or adjust your pictures to fit the screen the way you want. Also when I do to add any song from my playlist even though it’s downloaded through iTunes I get a message saying audio cannot be used because of DRM copyright or something like that. What’s the point of having the add music function if you cannot actually add any of your own music. The selection from the music on the app is boring and not appropriate for the birthday video I wanted to make.
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5 years ago, Sondynay
This app was exactly what I wanted except for the fact that you have to pay so much for all the features. I downloaded it to make a New Years slide show and decided to do the 3 day free trial to make sure my slide show was good and I could use as many pics as I wanted. I unsubscribed after creating my slide show the same night I downloaded the app and I was immediately billed the full amount... why? I emailed the company immediately so I wouldn’t have to leave a bad review because if they could correct it I would say it’s a great app, but I still haven’t received a responding email. DON’T DO THE FREE TRIAL!!!
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5 years ago, stoollllppokbcxz. ni
Very dissatisfied
This new structure to Flipagram has to be a joke. This is the worst app by far. I will delete my subscription because it’s not worth paying for. This app is NOT user friendly. I will search for a competitors app and download it to use because this flipagram is the worst. Never again will I use it or will allow you’ll to take advantage of my by charging for ever feature. The developers or this review doesn’t deserve a star. 1 star is an overstatement. I hope the developers are reading these reviews and taking these reviews seriously and start making some drastic changes ASAP
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5 years ago, YO MAMA UGLY DAB ON GOD
Why would you change the app?
The app was already great back then. Being able to edit your videos and having saved videos you can come back to just in case they weren't saved to your phone. Then you up and changed the app to look more modern (which looks dull and unexciting) (btw i rather have the tik tok update you had rather than this boring piece of crap) when nothing was wrong before. You've completely ruined one of my favorite editing apps. Now my once beloved memories are gone, thanks Flipagram for being a complete sell out. Do not recommend!
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3 years ago, LiaRochelle13
It used to be great. Not anymore.
This app used to be great, I’m not sure what happened but it shouldn’t have. I attempted to make a slideshow three times, the app crashed the first two times, the third time it didn’t crash and I was able to see just how much this app has changed. You can’t adjust photos so they fit the screen. The music selection is very limited. Background design is very limited as well. I am very grateful for the free trial. If I would have paid 9.99 a month for that I would have been so mad.
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3 years ago, Macy newhard
best app ever
First of all it is the best app in the world and lets you make slides that are amazing and I am eight so it entertains eight year old’s. it makes you pay money but there is a thing in the top corner that says skip it will let you get in without paying for it so there’s a tip you should get it!!!!!!!😁
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4 years ago, DarkKnight5678
Please remove this junk from the store
Apps like this need to be removed from the App Store. Apple has strict requirements when it comes to paid apps masquerading as free ones. A free app must provide some kind of basic value without requiring an iAP/Subscription. As soon as I try to create a new project and select a photo/video, I’m presented with a purchase screen. Sure, it has a skip button, but once I try to proceed, the same screen is shown. There’s no way to use the app without subscribing. This should have never passed Apple’s review process. Beware!
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5 years ago, Zoomlit
Waste of Money
The functionality is extremely limited for an app that charges you so much money! It has a constant glitch and will not open photo files to pick new ones to add to an existing project. You can’t zoom in or enlarge photos to make sure they’re the ones that you want to add. There is also no option to crop photos in square size within the app. So if your photo isn’t already squared then it will cut out important parts of the photo if you choose a square video format. Don’t waste your money on this app.
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5 years ago, nnaacissej
Old flipagram was wayyy better!
i’ve had flipagram for years, and used it frequently! i haven’t used it in a while opened it up and now you have to pay for more than one photo! that’s horrible! i even paid to have the watermark removed, but now i have to pay more to actually use the app! total bummer! would give it one star but the fact that it USED to be the bomb i have it one more! old one was OVER five stars, guess that’s not the case anymore!
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5 years ago, whateverxxxxxxxxcxcc
Don’t buy this a joke
I have been searching for an app that allows me to add my own voice to a still image. Needless to say, I haven’t been able to find it but then I found flip a gram which told me I could do that. But then, when I try to do that, a pop-up keeps coming up offering me a $10 a month enhancement, at the top right, there is a word that says skip, so you tap skip because you don’t want to pay the $10. But lo and behold, you can’t move forward. They’re lying, is deceitful and egregiously on ethical.
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5 years ago, laaur2
I was a huge fan... Now I'm so disappointed
I'd been a huge fan of this app since before 2015. I have several videos I have made for my family and friends. I also spread the word about this app. I loved it because it was easy to use and you could make a great video with your pictures and the music of your choice, in a matter of minutes. But when I logged into it this week, I found in order to do any of the things I used to do...I need to have a subscription?!? I'm so disappointed. Laur
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4 years ago, Lefty216
Great slideshow maker
Question how come I can’t email the slide show. I can post it text it but email. Something weird happen. Need to be able to just attach it to an email like I do with other. I love it but need to be able to email so other can open easily. Thanks
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4 years ago, Videoman 2069
Doesn’t see all my pictures.
I just downloaded this app to attempt to create a slideshow of some pictures I have saved from my Microsoft one account. I downloaded the pictures to my phone. Then after about 4 attempts to open the app due to the pop up ads that would not go away I finally got the app opened. Only to see that this app doesn’t see my recent pictures that I just downloaded. Very frustrating. I think this app still needs more work by the developers.
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5 years ago, Anukiss
Easy to use
I actually like this updated version of Flipagram. Decent music selection without subscribing. Nice transition video selections. May purchase the full version but until now the free version works for me. Super easy to use and great for advertising things for business. Love love love
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4 years ago, Grsloveunicorns3151
Love slide show maker
You should get slide show maker it is amazing!!it is so fun to make the slide shows I think you would like it!!!! If you like it write a review to it is so fun to let them know how good there app is!!! Slide show maker is probably my favorite app on this phone
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4 years ago, Neo5622
I like it
But I don’t like that is 2.99 a week . I prefer to do it yearly and also for less. I have quick which is $10 a year and I can also add words . If you where to reduce the price and also add text to it . You’ll have a client here. Also the pictures doesn’t show in full when I do all the other themes . I can only do basic
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3 years ago, MissAshLee55
Does NOT work
I downloaded this app to create a slideshow. And I’ve purchased the subscription with a one week free trial. Every time I create my slideshow and try to add my own personalized music the app glitches and goes off and I have to start the slideshow creation all over again. This has happened multiple times over the past few days of my free subscription. I will definitely CANCEL before being charged.
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3 years ago, mewtotheshow
Awesome app
Best slide show app! Recording was easy too! Thank you guys so much. I had to make a slide for my grandma funeral and this was perfect! I’d recommend this to anyone who would like to make a simple slide show with easy recording
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3 years ago, .:.:.?
Please help
It was an ok app but not what I was looking for.. I tried to unsubscribe but it’s still in my phone saying it’s pending.. can you please tell me the right steps to remove it fully so I don’t keep getting charged... much appreciated
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5 years ago, Kitkatca00
If it's not broke don't fix it?!?
So I always use flipagram when ever I want to make a cute slideshow. I went to redownload the app and noticed it changed but when I opened the app I saw that there was a paid version. I didn't think much of it but when i went to actually make my slideshow I realized so much changed. You have a picture limit now and you can't adjust the phone anymore. I just really wish you guys left the app the way it was.
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4 years ago, curlymonster0608
Worked great for me
Was able to make a slide presentation in honor of my mother who just died. I needed it to be perfect, and it was! I didn’t experience any of the glitches thankfully. I was a little concerned after reading the other review..
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5 years ago, brylee Cannon
My opinion
my opinion of this app is that it i really like it but I’m only 11 so I cannot pay for things and every slide show app makes you pay sadly and I love making edits so this app is pretty good but I wish I didn’t have to pay. but you do you boo🥰
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5 years ago, older versions way better
Not as good as the old version
I purchased this to creat a birthday video. I was not able to add any of my own music even though all have been purchased through iTunes. I had to keep exiting the app after changes were made because it kept freezing and would not let make changes after another change was made
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4 years ago, you have to pay 2.99 per month
You have to pay
I have been looking for video makers that don’t cost money! Per month! I thought this one was the one but when I was trying to make my slideshow it said I had to pay! I get it though it would give you more money and other reasons I will not get into but please consider at least making a slide show not cost money!
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6 years ago, Archie McLeod
Mr. McLeod
User friendly; however, each time I load my pictures up, rearrange them and add music to click save it dumps everything I just did. Then I would repeat and go faster same thing. The screens disappears and takes me back to my cell phone’s home screen. I have deleted and reloaded the app and same things continue to happen. Any ideas?
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5 years ago, murder murder
My thoughts
It’s ok! I just think it’s sad to charge for everything when it use to be free! Specially these crazy prices!! It would be better to just pay one simple price that’s not a crazy price!!!
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4 years ago, Sofia Haught
This is terrible
It makes you pay even for a collage of two pictures. Very disappointed
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4 years ago, roro4622
Waste of my time!!
I could understand having better option if u pay for the premium version but it’s false advertising to make us think we can use it at all cause u can’t unless u pay or agree to pay that doesn’t set right with me u guys might as well advertise it’s only available with subscription!! I waisted time picking out the right pictures but gotta pay to finish the video!!!
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5 years ago, jordan lutz
Best app ever
I love this app I would use it over and over again but I am not going to be living much longer so I cannot use it but you should hope you enjoy the app suicide here I come
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5 years ago, bellacongon
Excellent app
I used another app several years ago which was a good app but is no longer free, this app is the same if not better and still can be used free of charge!
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5 years ago, Ef9kydd
Terrible app
Everything cost even to upload more pictures I actually bought two songs in making a flipagram for Instagram witch this app gives you the option to upload directly to it but only to get hit with copyright App is trash wouldn’t even give it a star if I had a choice but it makes you at tap one so if your reading this I was forced to add the star app gets 0/10
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1 year ago, MilaEmmaBohdi
Not free
I’m case you’re wondering. It’s not free. The other thing I found frustrating was that their backgrounds are limited and you don’t get a basic background. I wanted basic without any background or boards. Won’t use it again.
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4 years ago, Love Danielle Staub
Jillian’s graduation slide show
Super easy to use and navigate through making it fun for me to produce a professional slide show with little to no work.
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6 years ago, jennypppppp
Waste of money!!
I purchased the yearly membership for $25 since I was planning to use it to make slideshows for my business. On the app, the slideshow comes out perfectly, but once I save it, a lot of the slides are black and the whole slideshow is completely different and useless. I had a lot of hope for this app after reading the reviews. Too bad I’m out of $25 now and still In need of a good slideshow app. I DO NOT recommend.
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1 year ago, Jacks Wild!
Won’t upload my Photos!!!
I have spent over an hour trying to create a slideshow from my photos. I have a separate folder set up just for it. I have tried a dozen times to get it to load them. I even elected the premium app to see if it would work better! It was all a huge waste of time!! Cancelling the app will likely be just as bad!
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5 years ago, Kouture_gurl
Love but can’t afford it
The app put together a great promo video for m wedding beyond my expectation and auto added features that made it look very romantic. Only thing is I can’t afford to keep the app😔
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4 years ago, remeleon
Could be better
They need to work on this app. Changes they should make are as follow. Let people change how long each picture duration can be. Let people chose how each picture fades out. Extend the time limit. Allow people to edit the photo , cropping, placement, etc. in my opinion this app isn’t worth paying for yet.
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4 years ago, nice meditation app
Pay to Use
Every time I try to make a slideshow, an ad for the ‘premium version’ pops up. If I try to skip, it just goes back to the select images page. I’m not trying to do anything fancy or anything, if you want money for your app you shouldn’t have to pretend it’s free until you try to do something.
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4 years ago, dance12346
Very bad why pay?
This app is horrible. All I wanted is to make a big slideshow for my best friends but this app looking all legit comes around and says you have to pay for it. That is ridiculous some kid is going to get this app and going to be very disappointed like why do we have to pay to just make a slideshow really a horrible app. Honestly you guys need to rethink how your going to market your apps.
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5 years ago, Riah styles
Bad .:(
Just downloaded again after not using for a while and it’s so sad because now they charge you for so much more . I can’t even log into my old account doesn’t even think it has an option and find the one video clip I had of my friend that passed away not to long ago . They have change the app completely and not for the better
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5 years ago, Jayhayjayhn
So disappointed
The old Flipagram used to be better, now you can only upload x amount of pics before it makes you pay. The previous version also used to have FREE music which I LOVED! & I uploaded my pics in the order that I wanted and when they uploaded they were all scattered.. also the previous version let you crop you photos before publishing, not this one :(
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5 years ago, sharie O more
Keep your phone storage it’s not worth it
You can not choose your own music unless you buy the full app. You can’t silence the music if you don’t want to hear the demo piano or record over your slide to have the song you actually want. The app sends you to iTunes to buy songs but doesn’t let use music you may already have on your phone.... this is kind of wack 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄
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4 years ago, CottonCandy402
Only a free trial...
I’m not a fan of this app. This is only a free trial app that won’t let u proceed until u subscribe. It’s a little confusing to use because it keeps giving error messages when trying to save ur file and doesn’t give good instructions on how to correct or what it’s exactly asking for 🙄 Delete right away
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5 years ago, Slaaayy🤑🤑
It says it will let you import videos and photos but it doesn’t. It only allows photos. I clicked “10” pictures and when I press done it ask me to buy the purchase and I don’t want it so I press skip and it goes back to purchase. It didn’t even let me create a slideshow to see if maybe I would want to buy it. Either you buy it or you can’t use it.
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6 years ago, ryan.mwalker
Don’t waste your time & money... not worthy it
Super dumb GUI.... not user friendly at all.... the more you use it, you may have health concern => internal bleeding with Such dumb GUI design. Like Not easy to adjust the order of photos.... you see the result video and you can’t easy track which photo should be re-arranged to another location plus each photo is not shown for the same region... it’s so hard to guess do I pick the right photo. For the basic, I can’t adjust the option like “dissolve” as an option. Such simple feature provided by Apple’s app “Photo” can’t be found here. How good this app can be. Piece of crap! Don’t waste your time & money !!!
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