Slingo Casino Vegas Slots Game

3.7 (145)
428.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Blastworks Limited
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slingo Casino Vegas Slots Game

3.68 out of 5
145 Ratings
7 years ago, Mst2green
I no longer get bonus coins.
Why am I no longer getting my bonus coins, when I press this site for it all I get is the installation page.
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7 years ago, Robert Bonzetta
Great Blackjack
The Slingo casino has one of the best blackjack interfaces I have encountered, and that's what I play most of the time. It can sometimes be punishing, but so can real tables in Vegas. I only play the slots occasionally, and as I recall, they're fun as well.
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7 years ago, Man a tea.
Slots player
I enjoy this app with all their variety of games and graphics it's just plain fun. I love the sounds the most and have been here for 4 years. Enjoy this game and have fun I do.
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5 years ago, Cjniceguy2
Awesome App
Great App. Play daily for few years now either on my cell or iPad. I stick with Black Jack and bet min of two hands at $25k each. Fun!! Also Hats off for their amazing and super helpful Support Staff.
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6 years ago, Moppet88
Stopped working
Can no longer start app. Keeps saying ‘connecting to blastworks server’ over and over. Please fix! Update: Developer replied that I need to contact support. However, I think support needs help. This is not only my problem, but the same problem exists for anyone on iOS 11! Please have support staff contact their own support. They need help to fix this!
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7 years ago, JohnGoII
Fun Game
I've played a lot of slot games and deleted most of them. I really like this one and play it every day. This one is my favorite. Just wish I had enough credits to play all day.
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7 years ago, Firefox955
Fun game with Awesome graphics!
Fun game with Awesome graphics!
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1 year ago, SaraKoelsch33
Best slingo app around
This is my favorite slingo app I’ve ever played. I’ve played slingo for years and I love all the new slots.
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6 years ago, dianecot
Not satisfied
Can’t collect my two hour bonus or get free coins when Slingo pops up on Facebook. I get error message saying try again. Thanks
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1 year ago, apprejects
No wins
This app made sure you couldn’t win so I had it on then deleted it pointless. Just wants you to make purchases so eats your coins up by not letting you win an equivalent or better bet.
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6 years ago, Friartuckus
Love this Casino Game
Addicting cannot stop! Variety of games!
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6 years ago, mtkjr1
WiFi only?
The game will not connect and I’m using WiFi, I don’t understand the issue? Deleted it just as quick as I downloaded it. 👎🏼
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5 months ago, H82wa8
New update
Slot wheels slow down a bit and then spin again. Do not like the update. Missed bonus coins also
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3 months ago, babydoll4533
At my speed
I am a beginner and I appreciate the slow pace.
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7 years ago, Syr hal
Fun When works right
Unable to collect chips every 2 hours...hit button and get nothing!
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5 years ago, Rukidnme?
Can’t even open
I just downloaded this app ON WIFI and when I try to open the app I get the message that I am NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET!! I uninstalled and downloaded again and the same thing happened!
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5 years ago, bigedl
Won’t work
I’ve been playin thing and ynjoyjng it for years but in the last few days it starts up and crashes. What gives? I’ll
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6 years ago, PNWPNW
App is Janky At Best
Doesn’t always know when it’s connected to a WiFi connection. Spin button sticks on continuous spins. App has gotten worse over time on Apple devices
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6 years ago, Cmabler
Was fun for the 5 minutes I got to play.
Kept crashing after playing only 5 minutes.
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7 years ago, Mskisha40
This was one of my favorite games until they stopped giving me free coins every two hours.
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5 years ago, wyldNRG
App will not open in iOS 13
App will not open on iOS 13 please fix - deleted and reinstalled app and it continues to crash
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4 years ago, Aarod25
Game will not load
It says to connect to WiFi but I’m already connected to WiFi. It never loads the game
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5 years ago, unknownocean12
Fun game!! But where’s my update??
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4 years ago, BudlondwoodChi
Doesn’t work
It cannot get connected. Won’t start
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6 years ago, kite112222222
Love game . Don’t. Get bonuses!
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4 years ago, sitareba
I can’t even open it.
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11 years ago, Jimkas
Like this game
The game is fun and keeps my interest. Always have lots of coins to play with. But do find that the game shuts down a lot when I win a bonus or go to collect my points. Please keep trying to fix the shut downs. Still having the same problem I had previously. But it seems like it is happening more often. Thought it may be my unit I am using. Took it to have it checked out and my iPad is not the reason it continues to happen. Still continues to shut down when I win a bonus or go to collect my points. I even down load the updated versus when they come out and it seems be happening more often. Please Keep working on it.
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7 years ago, Grad 60
Great game
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7 years ago, PHELON1OUS
Love this game
Love this game
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7 years ago, MommyofBoogie
There is no slingo
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11 years ago, 2eleven6
GameHouse Casino
I love this game. The graphics are amazing! At first bonus rounds kept you in coins. Then the bets had to get higher,meanwhile the Payouts and bonuses smaller. Found myself buying more and more coins! The next level you have to make higher bets! Bonus rounds come far and few between. Meanwhile I spent more in two months than I would of spent at a real Casino(almost $800.) and Have nothing in return,except an angry husband! If you have a Gambling problem, stay away from this (really great game!) I'm 64 years old and grounded from playing slots!
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9 years ago, Fun for bob
One of the better games
I like this site over the others and one of the main reasons is the amount of free coins they offer. The slots also are much better than others as the payouts seem to be quite good. On some of the others you may get a deal on the coins but they take them back without very few payouts. I enjoy the wheel of fortune game but have lost millions without even one hit. This is the slot game to play,unfortunately this has changed as the payoff is much lower then before (percentage wise) and I refuse to spend any more $$. Since my. Ions are just about gone the wheel spins seem to be much lower 55 and less started playing others
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11 years ago, Weathermaniac
GameHouse Slots Rule
I have been playing many slots games out there and I have to say GameHouse Slots are Great! The payouts and bonuses are more plentiful and the overall feel for the Slots are many times better than most. There is a multi dimensional feel rather than a flat feel that most Slots have. GameHouse gives many Big Coin Gifts through Facebook also which blows the competition away. Always look forward to playing and the new mobile App has me playing even more so...Love the new mobile App!!!
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10 years ago, Old_Hippie
Was fun now game if frustrating
This game was fun to play now all it does is crash when I get a winning hand in Black Jack. In 1 day I lost over 400,000 points it seems like I get a large winning hand game shuts down and you loose what you won and what you bet. This has been happening for several days now. In slots you used together winninyg spins now it seems that all you get is loosing spins and is always asking you to buy coins if this keeps up I'm going to remove this game and all my other Game House games.
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9 years ago, DJLeathergal54
Totally Addictive
This is my favorite Casino App! I very seldom have any problems. It runs fast and smooth. A great variety of games, but my favorites are the Slots of course. The daily bonus has a great payout then the 16,000 points every to hours make it easy to get back in the game if you don't want to purchase points, although the cost to purchase them is relatively low compared to other Casino Apps. The payout on the slots is great nd frequent. You can't go wrong with this App!
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10 years ago, Bdonat
Great game
Honestly, I don't typically get in to slot games... This is not only an addictive way to pass the time but very user friendly and interactive. I think this crew did a great job in the game. I highly recommend it. Does it have issues time to time, yes but they are on it. I mentioned one in a message to them and had a response in no time at all. If you want to play slots or cards on your mobile device as far as I'm concerned this is the best out there. Thanks! Great game!
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11 years ago, 30somethingguy
Fun without $ scam
I like this because you can get more chips without having to spend real money. They give you a little every couple hours to get you back on your feet. Slots are good looking. Can win but also can lose fast, pretty much like Vegas but a little looser. Blackjack is good. After losing on slots I make back my money with blackjack... Usually. Video poker isn't as fun. I'd like roulette table and craps table to be added, then it would be a full casino experience without the pain of losing real money.
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11 years ago, Char T.
Great app, 1 negative comment
I like the app, the games are fun and the bonuses are great. The only negative comment I have is the pop-ups - there are quite a lot of them and they come with about every screen: when you first open the game, when you open the bonus, close the bonus, change slots, etc.
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10 years ago, Mommy*5
Won't even open!!
Update: game only opens (for me) certain times of the day, like the server is loaded the rest of the time. Only from midnight to 2pm than I'm unable to get in. Also if you earn lots of tickets in one day and attempt to enter them the next day- as soon as you try the 10th entry, you get your app forced closed. And can't get back on till tomorrow!!!! Game will not even open, problem is when you link to Facebook. App crashes and I unlinked it from Facebook, still won't open. Deleted app, reinstalled, it was going smooth until it thought I was a new player and attempted to link to Facebook = app crashed again.
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11 years ago, Vikings purple
Love this site!
I am new to this site, but am having so much fun play this casino and its games ! They are more generous with bonuses and spins and just let you play without robbing you every time you spin!!! So glad I decided to open this app. I highly recommend it! Open it and the fun begins!!!!!!!!!!
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11 years ago, Bigsqeen
Great Games
This is a great games & easy to win enough chips not to have to buy chips. Not like so many games now, that's just out for themselves. Fun games, many different slots and bonuses every four hours. Your kids can play and there are games for grown ups. I have enjoyed this game and look forward to new games. Thank you GTaylor
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9 years ago, Signgirl3347
Love these games!
I love playing these games. I just wish I could win more points instead of spinning sometimes 10-15 times before I win 2500. It's depressing to have 8 million one day and 1000 in just a couple of days--and I work so I don't play constantly. Is there a tip out there that makes playing more fun?
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10 years ago, dshealy
Not as much fun now.
The prize amounts were bigger before on the daily spin. Video poker game does not play as well as it used to. I would have given 5 stars before but thinking of deleting this and sticking to other casino games with bigger payouts on daily spin. Not as hard to win with other casino apps either. Never received free million coins either.
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10 years ago, LilacWhisper
The payouts have diminished since the last update, and the bonus game never comes out when playing at maximum bet. I was winning decently before the update, now I'm just losing my coins. Please make the game fair and enjoyable again! The slots were fun to play, but we have to win proportionately to the amount of our bet. Please fix it!!! Thank you!
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11 years ago, Dot S. NJ
Change in roman riches
Don't like the change in roman riches bonus game. Please change back to the way it was. Looks like more than one game was changed in the bonus round. Hate it, HATE IT, HATE IT. why change a good thing. Get no where now in bonus game, that ruins the fun of playing.
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9 years ago, Jackie Kay jones
Deleting game
So sorry but I am deleting this game when finished with my review. I used to love this game and have been playing for about 5 yrs. in those five yrs the game has not changed much at all. The daily bonus hasn't changed nor the gift amounts from friends and the bonuses are very rare to get. The games are the same ones from the start to now. It has lost its appeal. But what's worse is that you now have started those dang advertisements. So with that I say Good Bye and wish you the best.
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11 years ago, Elevator man 35
Games are decent. I have ran the winnings up quite high. Hate the "Golden ticket wins" as they only slow things down. Even entering in the drawings is a slow process. Wish I could turn off the "do you want to connect with Facebook " prompt. Seems to crash a lot since the recent upgrades.
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8 years ago, Nan Marie
I can't find my 126 million on my game I took it off for about 2 months to make space to talk to my mother on Skype . When I go back to installing it like 4 other games it has my level but is missing 126 million please contact me and fix this. And I did log off before I took it off
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11 years ago, Cindy Kohles
This is the greatest game evert. I play this game so much and I still have lots of coins. If there was a scale to 10 it would be a 11. I love the contest I filled all the tickets last time and I'm filling it this time. How do you find out what you win but I haven't heard nothing so far. Thanks Cindy Kohles
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8 years ago, RobbyRogue
A masterful illusion
The good stuff first - there are a lot of games, they load really fast and it doesn't usuall crash. The downside - and this is major - you cannot win. Sure, you get what looks like an edge, sometimes, but it's offset by the amount of coins you win versus the amount of coins you wind up losing. The bonus rounds really pay low, and i have never won big with free spins either. This is a seductive illusion, boys and girls. My advice is...stop chasing the all-too elusive jackpot dragon and get the hell outa Dodge.
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