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Lowtech Studios LLC
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2 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for

3.98 out of 5
222K Ratings
2 years ago, ❤️ ANGRY BIRD
Nice game needs minor improvements
This game is really good I would’ve said one of a kind, but you know, done before. Anyway so I love all parts of it except one part which kind of makes me mad and that is: people will steal your kills and I mean yeah that is part of the survival of the fittest thing and it helps other people but it’s annoying when you ( the little guy) kill and they ( the big guy ) eats it and I mean yeah I understand that’s the part of the game, but I sort of wish I could get my kill and no one else can. And yes I know this is a bit selfish and it’s part of the game but please fix it and unlike some of the other reviews I read, I’m not gonna kiss up to you developers, these reviews are to ask not to get on your good side anyway thanks for reading if you even have (cause you haven’t in other reviews) okay bye. -Cornish Reviews Forgot one thing: NAMES! The names in the game! People have awful names with bad words in it and little kids could be playing. And if the children see these words they will start saying those words. Now I don’t want you to take away our freedom of speech or anything like that but have a thing that scans the words and blanks them out that would be great. I do love playing this game and of all the games I own I think this one would be right up there with Minecraft and animal jam. Anyhow thanks for reading and have a nice day! -Cornish reviews
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2 years ago, byttbhytfnjyynutthrt
Good over all
There’s a lot of good things about this game like I like getting able to change the snake and putting accessories on it could use some improvement something wrong with it i’ll just don’t know what it is it’s weird I mean you like the game and you enjoy it my cousins they just would do anything for it I mean like do you spend all day with it the game is good and it’s exciting and I like playing online but I mean when you’re not online are they real players are they not real players it doesn’t say a thing about it but I do really like that it hasNo ads. it’s great I love it I mean a game with no ads I love it there’s just something missing something that I don’t know what it is but there’s just something wrong with it I just don’t know what it is hard to explain but I just don’t know what it is I mean seriously it’s like on the tip of my tongue that I don’t even know what it is that’s why I only give it four stars I could be better I’ve seen better I’ve played better I’ve heard better I’m done better but this game just definitely is my favorite it’s fun I’ll give you that and it’s good I my name is Grace and I am eight years old right nowAnd I give this a four star review my dad doesn’t know that I’m up here I’m allowed to give reviews to be honest but I give a lot anyway enough about me what about the game like I’ve said now three times could be better God bless
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5 months ago, ANIMALgirlBUTnotAfurry
Minor bugs but great game!
It's a great game over all but there are minor bugs you should really fix to make the game experience more enjoyable. For example I know it seems more logical for all players allowed to eat from killed players, but to improve it you should make it only allowed for the player who killed the remains of the dead player, to eat. But if it is a player of size in the top ten then it is available to every player. How you could program this is by adding a boundary effect that only allows the player whom killed the dead player, eat from their deserved food. But to make it more fair if it is allowed for all players to eat from any player that was in the top ten. Also when I play I have experienced bugs like when I use my joystick it would not move around so I died because of that. Please balance the joystick game mode because many players could delete the game because of not being able to play properly. Despite these two bugs, I love your game. But you could at more additions to interest more people to download it. (If you want) -Alphazoo Champion
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2 years ago, ayo_urmom
Addicting but-
The game is super addicting but it gets very frustrating, like for example I’m like top 5 on the map and a glitch happens and I run into someone then I die, it gets super annoying and I really think you guys can update it. Also speaking of dying on this game I think there should be a certain spot like at the edge of the map or where there is nobody around because once I was number 3 and some little guy spawned right in front of me and I died. I was very frustrated after the incident and it made me think that there should be 1 respawn but you have to watch an add. I think it would be fair to the people who have had this problem or something similar to this situation. Also speaking of all the glitches I don’t understand why this game has to have wifi to play it because I can have the most perfect wifi in the world and it will still 75% of the time glitch or freeze out. It would make sense just to let the game be wifi free because most popular games people play a lot such as this game (not all the time) has wifi and if I were on a road trip and this game was the only one I played it wouldn’t work. Hopefully in the future you actually do something with this game instead of a slop ( no offense because I still like the game ) but I think you can add some stuff to make if better.
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4 years ago, I love unicorns and rainbows
Good game but not so great
ThisGame is very very frustrating when you die and you have so many things speaking of that you can never really get so many things because like people just pop out of nowhere. I think I don’t like I don’t think it’s necessary to have a game mode where are you there has to be Wi-Fi usually people aren’t in their houses sometimes they are but a lot of families are really active and just having the need to have them have a Wi-Fi thing that’s just crazy. There are so many glitches I can’t even handle it when I’m like about to get so many things like there’s a glitch and then it makes me bump into someone and for people who are saying oh this game has no grudge is it all what are people talking about or so wrong it’s probably because the game like some more that’s what people think but of the game like in the more that’s not true it’s actually just the games fault and none of yours if you think that’s your fault don’t think it’s the game developers and the lags on it it’s none of your business for it to be going wrong. And I would really appreciate it if they would add some more colors for the snake making. And when ever you like or about to be the biggest somebody has to cut you off. And people all over the world think this is a frustrating game and I agree with them and like when ever there is some glitch it’s not your fault it’s your devices the game and the game developers don’t think it’s any of your faul.
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1 year ago, @Kayla_Pevey
Great game but need some improvement
This game is really great I would even say the best but it needs some improvement people steal your kills I mean that’s the whole point of the game getting kills but I think a really cool feature would be that when you kill somebody only you can pick up the food that they drop it wouldn’t solve the people stealing your kills problem but it would help a lot also I think that they should add different game modes like practice expert easy and stuff like that I know there’s a AI Mode but that doesn’t really help to practice also I think that they should add new hats and do different colors for your snake also they should add a little settings button to decrease the volume no so bring up the volume I kind of don’t notice any sound in the game so I don’t know if that will really help with anything also maybe the game should add different maps it would be really fun to explore the different maps instead of just having the regular Map The game is great right now but combining all of the things that I put in this review it would increase the popularity by a lot that’s just my opinion but if the game does do all the stuff the game would get more players and it would increase the popularity a lot like I said the game is right now but I think that they should add all the stuff that I wrote in this review that’s just my opinion but thanks for reading this review.
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2 years ago, vxjdhf
Great game I love it
I’ve written several reviews and the problem is I don’t think that the producers even read the reviews which might be a problem because I’ve read a lot of reviews and the game hasn’t changed at all and maybe that’s on purpose the game is great on its own. I do understand some of the problems people are having with the game but in all The game is really great by the way I am not a computer and you’re probably gonna say hey that’s exactly what a computer would say but still not a computer just someone who really likes game and almost cannot stop playing. That was probably the longest run-on sentence ever🤪. I know some people get really mad about the glitches the game has but it’s usually actually about your Internet connection. Do you agree there could be some really easy changes that would make the game so much better like being able to save the snakes that you make and make more. Also I heard somebody else say this and I agree it be cool if the AI could actually have some competition to it usually it’s really easy but It would be cool if there was modes from easy and advanced and then you know something in the middle. Anyway there’s always more to say but no one is probably gonna read such a long review anyway so I’ll end now.
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2 years ago, Rigoleslie
Snickers and skittles
This game is like a nice game and all but like it’s really frustrating when you die because sometimes you can just freeze in the middle of it and it’s just really annoying but I like this game it’s nice it reminds me of a other game but I don’t remember what it’s called but it’s kind of the same as this game is just different because in the other game you can get like different skins different snakes like you can get a cat you could get a dog you can get a cow you can get any type of animal you can even get a robot and in the other game when you like speed up it like leave some trails behind and it takes down your number you get high scores to and yeah when I first download this game I didn’t know that when you speed up you could glow cause in the another game when you speed up you cannot glow and like this game is a fun game reminds me of other games and like i really like this game because it’s kind of like l Frustrating when you die but like when you die it’s so frustrating like you have to start all over again like if you get like 100 score then you die you have to start all over again and like yeah but it’s the same I like it it’s nice so I give this game a five out of five cause yeah
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7 years ago, Oblective
An app in decline
This is a game that started out as innovative, fun, and family friendly. I truly enjoyed it and had a blast playing with my kids. For whatever reason, it appears that the author/company has stopped doing anything to maintain the playability of the game. I've noticed the performance of the app steadily decline over the last two months with no communication from the company indicating they are trying to fix the problem. The "live" mode where you play against other players has now reached the point where it simply doesn't work 95% of the time. If you're lucky enough to get through a short game without the app totally crashing, you're likely frustrated by the games inability to keep up with gameplay. The screen will frequently lock for seconds at a time... and then comes back to life and shows you that you died during the freeze. I'm actually very surprised that there aren't performance requirements for games in the App Store that remove unsupported or poorly performing apps. At this point, this game is entirely unplayable, and I would recommend removing it from the store until the company steps up and fixes the performance problems. Unfortunately, this is yet another review regarding the same issues, and it appears nobody will be fixing anything in the near future. Don't download this game and support a developer that doesn't live up to their responsibilities.
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1 year ago, Diamond fluffy
Bro I fell asleep playing this 😴
Okk hi y’all so as you see in the title, YEAH I FELL ASLEEP PLAYING THIS! So this game is satisfying, and I LOVE satisfying games. So, satisfying games make me calm and you know, relaxed. So I was moving my snake, and doing my homework (haha both at same time lol) and then I was writing the answer to an equation, at the same time moving my snake, and even my nickname is satisfying (gooey goodness) and while looking at the snake, at first my neck hurt, so then I took a break from hw and put head down, at same time moving snake. So suddenly, I closed eyes? And then one of my eyes were half open, I was still playing, THEN I WAS SO SATISFIED, BOTH OF MY EYES CLOSED AND BOOOOOOOMMM I fell asleep! Like maybe for like 2 hrs and then my dog barked and woke me up. Lol such a funny story!!! Btw I’m a sleepy head person HAHA! Also, I had to rush in hw after I woke up because I had so much left. So nice game guys keep working on it! Even a few suggestions, more skins like in snake io, music, calm sleepy music, and make it so that u can have ur nickname showing the whole time because u know how when u first start, it’s there then slowly starts fading away. Ok bye now!! Respond ASAP PLEASE!
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5 years ago, jweaver1982
The Original
This is hands down the original Snake iO! I absolutely love this game but it does have its problems! I hate that there is no sound at all! No music, no whimsical tune when you kill an opponent, no sound bite when you well bite anything. The only other problem I see within this game is the controls! This is my reason for only giving Snake iO 3 stars. You have 3 control schemes. Classic, Arrow, or Joystick. Classic is basically dragging your finger all over your device which in itself gets you killed because your finger ends up blocking the view of an opponent. Then you have arrow which is basically the same concept as Classic except they add an arrow on the screen to also block your view. My favorite of the three is joystick but and I MEAN BUT, the joystick is so small you end up going left when you meant to go right. Developers should definitely let the player customize their controls by letting them decide how large the thumb stick actually is. As it stands the joystick is smaller than my 9 year olds sons thumb. I for one can’t play using my pinky. I would definitely give Snake iO 5 stars if they changed that one simple configuration in the controls. Cause even without sound this is hands down the best Snake iO currently on the App Store!
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4 years ago, love the game11111110000
I love the game
I wrote this review to tell you how much I love this game the one thing I don’t like this is not to use editors and the person who owns this but the only thing I’m going to tell people is that this game can you give me a little aggravated over because people loop me and make me die and I just don’t really like it that much so yeah I’m sorry that I am this my sound a little mean but I’m just telling other people that I just think that you should probably just not loop somebody even though it might be an easier way to get them because they can make somebody really mad just left a bump in to you or something I just hate when people love you and you’re really little and because you did so good it’s just offensive to me because I just don’t like it that way but overall the game is the best I love the worms you can make them you can make them look super cool and yeah I’m just hoping everybody else can enjoy the game like I did and I would like to see less looping
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2 months ago, TheGyattTicklerFromOhio
5 star.
So here it is. My first ever 5 star review. To the developer, great job you did very well making this game. This game is very enjoyable becoming as big as you can while being able to kill other slithers. Easy to access, free, little to no ads, and most importantly enjoyable. Of course this game is not perfect like any other game, but it’s so good it definitely deserves a 5 star. I grew up on this game and enjoyed it for many years. It’s been a success and it’s been great seeing that the developer kept it running smoothly instead of bombarding the game with ads for money. Only one suggestion, more consistent updates. As you can see on the version history, there is not that much consistent updates. At the time I’m writing this review, the last update was 2 years ago. Before that update was a year before. The updates go from 1 - 2 years in between and it’s hard to tell when the next time the developer is gonna update the game again. However, this game is great to play and I recommend downloading it.
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2 years ago, stell belll
How much I like it
Ok so when I play I killed someone and I couldn’t move east and someone different got him 😭 can you change that plz like I do try ❤️I also ran in to someone and I couldn’t move again so I told my sis she said delete the game and get it again so I did lol she was wrong then I asked my mom no she did not KNOW Aaaaaa omg what is wrong with this then I said my other sissy I need help she is young so I thought she won’t know but guess what SHE DID I was like wow girl you got some skills then she told meeee how to do it she said to learn how to do it then I was like oh no I understand I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so weird lol so I think I wrote the longest thing I should probably stop but why not I am so bored so like why not dood like yay 😁 so I’m goi g some where but I love sitting on the couch writing this I’m going to my dads work in a minute so my sis is saying let’s go go go go NOW I’m like one second sissy I can’t tell you her. Are because of safety stuff OMG I’ve been here for one hour so by.
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5 years ago, Camilerz
I might be picky....
This game was really fun and addicting at first. Ads were always a problem though and yes it’s a little cheap being 3.99 to get rid of them but some people don’t have the money and some people aren’t willing to pay 3.99 just to get rid of ads. It’s not such a big problem in other games but usually (not always) there’s an ad after each time you die. Also, there’s a lot of lag sometimes. It’s not common but when there’s lag, there’s a lot of it. This is usually with a lot of games but I never like it. Other times it will just stop for a second or more when there’s a lot of lag and then it will say I died when I couldn’t even move my snake. I might be picky or I might be generous but it’s my honest opinion. Please change some of this and thank you. Edit: Ok it’s been a while since I wrote this review and nothing has changed. Another thing that has been occurring too often too is when the ads are happening, sometimes it pauses by itself and I have to deal with starting it every second which just makes the ad even longer and I get really annoyed. Please hear me out! Thank you
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5 years ago, babyandmommy12
Best game ever!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
So this is slither io I love it! I’m shore that a ton of people love it and r playing right now❤️!!!! So sense I love it I can play with this little cutie worm 🐛 or snake 🐍 whatever it is it’s soooooo cute. It’s the best game ever that’s what I would call it so it’s so cool that it has a game part that u can play while traveling or u can play at home that prefers WiFi. The one u travel is faster game play and the one that uses wifi is slower so they kinda stop u a bit so I prefer the other one so I mostly play the faster one cause it’s faster and I get really fustrated of waiting so I like that one better. But it’s still the best game ever! So can u please speed up the one that uses WiFi? I’d love that I’ll think of more things about this game and the next time I rate the game I’ll tell u how to do better or ether I’ll say more about how it’s the best most best game thru out the whole world 🌍 so it seems like ur game is really popular thru out the whole entire 🌎 world 🗺!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱!!!!!!!! So bye for now!!!
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3 years ago, bmanasap
Could use some fixes
This game is a good Borden blaster but there are glitches that are quite annoying like somebody glitches through them cannot collect dots it causes and then I get killed it forces me out it makes it boring to play a not fun I wish you fix this because it would be better gameplay and it want to be as boring and also this only happens on mobile device it swipes to a home screen and when you go back everything is gone there’s nothing and you can’t move so if you’re a big snake and this happens I would be devastated he really frustrated me I hope you fix all these glitches i’m move this to one because there has been more glitches appearing it’s making it less fun and my sister won’t do anything with me and this is the only game that help me with the boredom that I have but now I can’t play it and I can’t find a better game so I’m writing us a one star everyone else should they should remove this from the App Store and create it better with less glitches so that they will have a clean slate where they don’t have to keep on trying and we’re trying everythingOh so I think they should have some music it gets boring and the music might help the boring Ness
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2 years ago, happynemo14
What a horrible game👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
This game was always a stupid game to me. The bug where I don’t move for a second and then I just randomly lose had been in the game for so long that it makes it look like the owner of the game is just trying to be lazy and not even try to fix the bug. This game is also so frustrating when you lose. And the bigger you are in this game the more people that target you. How ridiculous. This game doesn’t deserve to be popular. Way back I even hit my electronic to much just because this game is so dumb for not even moving. Many people even broke their electronics just because this game isn’t functioning right. It even has too many ads in the game. It has way more ads than a normal game should have. And just like every game you can buy the no ads thing. And I never bought it because it’s a complete waste of money for a game that is overrated. This game should be shut down for the lack of fun that lies beneath the game. I don’t know why but many people love this game so they can have what they call “fun”. This game is for people who hate their phones or iPads or computers. This is what I call a disappointment. GOOD DAY!
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2 years ago, Keturah :)
I love this game but some problems.
hi im not trying to make your game look bad or anything bc i love it :) My list of three problems: 1. When im online slithering it glitches so bad all the slithers go off the screen then it suddenly starts to go again and i accidentally ram myself into another slither and i die. im not joking. This usually happens when im around 1,200 in length, im not sure if anyone else has this problem but i do so i just wanted to say something about that. :) 2. why doesn’t this save your name when you go off the game?!! i have to do text replacement so i don’t have to retype my name (dRaGoNeSsSsXX) every. single. time. 3. why aren’t there more colors for customizing ur slither?!! this is rlly annoying sometimes bc theres such a low variety of colors. if u got this far thank you so much for reading and pls pls pls try to fix these problems ☻ this is an amazing game overall so parents, get it if you don’t mind your kid having these small issues. ☻ love u all!! ♡
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5 years ago, Brian McD287
Glitches and suggestions! PLEASE READ
I love the game but it freezes so much that I am forced to stop playing!! I can not stand it! I am about to delete it even though it is a really fun game! Sometimes it freezes, I shoot forward and crash into another snake. Most of the time it freezes completely when I die and I have to exit out of the game. And all the time it does not let me pick another character! I just know it is a really fun game and it should be fixed right away! I don’t like having to put up with it anymore! And a suggested is that we should be able to play with our friends, and have power ups and possibly challenges. If you realized less people play the game, it is either because it GLITCHES, or it gets boring after a while. I don’t know about you but I like games where I have challenges, and power ups! I also Love playing with my friends, and being on a team together, but I can’t because there is always multiple games going on at once and we are all put in different ones. With these upgrades I will enjoy the game a lot more and it will definitely get more people playing! PLEASE TAKE THIS ADVICE AND EVERYONE WILL BE PLAYING, TRUST ME!!!
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12 months ago, thecoolestshark6289
So awesome only few tiny problems
I love this game so much. I play almost every day and I find it so fun to slither across a virtual screen and try and get at long as you can. I think it’s cool that the AI characters have names that make it seem like you are playing with real people. I personally like the AI better because it’s a lot easier to defeat the robots rather than real people. My only problems with the game is that I think that the online option should be as fast as the AI because whenever I go online to play I get caught of guard and get defeated really quickly. Also, the online is glitchy. I have a problem with that only because when my screen glitches I end up defeated because I run into the opponent. I still love this game, so unless these few things bother you that much, please get this game. PS I think in the create your own slither you should get one of the dials so you can make your own shade.
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4 years ago, keybounce
Needs some polishing.
When playing in the single player mode, there are a couple of serious limitations. Number one, you cannot pause. For a single player game this is really annoying. Another is that there is never an empty section of the board (in the real game, there will be areas with fewer snakes around), and the board map will not actually show you where there are food pellets on the ground or other big snakes. In all cases, you cannot flip the screen 180. This means that the light sensor is always in the same place-in my case, that means where my supporting hand is, so I have fingers blocking the light sensor, and the screen goes dark. The game’s detection of speed up mode is oversensitive. Not only is there a button on the screen that you can press that will activate speed up mode, but if the game thinks you have double tapped even if you have not, it will force you into speed up mode. By the time you realize that you have been placed in speed up mode by accident, and take your finger off the screen to slow down, you can easily die.
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7 years ago, Ialicorn89
😜Amazing, but…😅
This app is amazing. But the reason that I'm not rating five stars is because there is a bug in the app. Once, I was second place, and as soon as five minutes of being first, the bug kicked in. The bug is when you are in the middle of playing and,suddenly, the game will not let you control the snake and you will start going fast. Soon enough, you will either run into the barrier or crash into another snake. Also, I have a couple of suggestions. - you should be able to costomize your own snake. You should be able to choose what pattern, color, and if your snake has a decoration. - when snakes crash into the barriers, there should be food left behind for other snakes to eat as if the barrier were also a snake. - there should be levels and xp. Every level you pass, you unlock more things to costomize your snake ( this is only if you do my first reccomendation ) I hope that you will read this, fix the bug, and listen to my recommendations. Thanks!!😜
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1 year ago, .αʅҽx
First of all, the add problem is ridiculous. Ad after ad, it’s frustrating. Second of all, I really don’t see the point of this game. People are always stealing your kills and targeting you. Especially the lag. One second I’ll stop, then the next I’m off into other player. I’ve seen people ruin electronics because of this game. This is absolutely ridiculous and unfair. I used to think this game was pretty fun, until EVERYONE targets EVERYONE. The bigger you are, the more people target you, and the nickname situation is crazy. I’ve seen people with some of the stupidest nicknames. If another person saw the nicknames on this game, I bet they would take my device all together. This game should be taken down or banned because of the names and amount of people that target you and take your kills. This game gets agitating and it gives me a headache listening to other people flip out because of every other greedy player taking their kill. “I didn’t do that for your benefit.” I don’t even understand the goal of this game and it gets boring doing the same thing over and over. Cannot believe this game even exists. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!
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1 month ago, sneaky.pippin
Input is still so slow after all these years
I want to like this game so badly. I played it when it became super popular several years ago. It was incredibly laggy and almost unplayable for me. I’ve since played it a little bit on and off throughout the years and it has never gotten better. I have fantastic wifi now and it STILL lags and has very slow input. Offline mode has great input but is boring as the bots aren’t very big and just kinda spin in circles. I feel like I can’t even improve my gameplay methods because the input is just too slow to respond adequately. Aside from that, there could be some more premade skins and better accessories to add. Also being able to save skins you’ve made would be fantastic. An option to delete segments one at a time instead of having to restart when you mess up would also be nice I really want to like this game. It’s really the only one like it I’ve found that’s ACTUALLY against other people. The lag/input makes it really hard to enjoy. It’s sad to see that they aren’t working on fixing that
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2 years ago, whats a Apodo?
Hiii, I have a suggestion for the game!!
I really love the gameplay, you’ve improved a lot!! Better game,better,and just so awesome, but the thing I hate is that we go a bit slow,a bit laggy and it’s ok but... Can you PLEASE make a button that says “Add Friends/Players” and it’ll show a list of users and u can make an account in the game and u can search ur friends name or somebody, and then another button that says “Players you’ve added” at the top and then u can like unfriend or send a message and then a button that you can create a server and join your friends like a group and they make a game pin and you put it in to join the server so your friends can be in the gameplay like a 1v1 or a nice group where you can beat each other, and be with your best friends, new players you’ve met since you can’t be in the same gameplay as your friend 😢 That would make my gaming life!!!
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3 years ago, Airaval
Amazing app
This app is just absolutely amazing and I just love it if had it ever since I was four or five years old and is an amazing game for kids and they always love it. I remember I used to be so bad at this game with a best score of a very hard worked for 7,000. I at one point I loved it so much I played it every day before school and one time got my best score ever of 21,000 in A.I. Mode. I also really like how they have two different modes so you can play either you have internet or not, what’s also nice is you can choose to go easy on yourself or you can give yourself a challenge with Online gameplay. I also like how you can make a custom skin. I mean the ads are always annoying whenever they pop up but overall it’s an amazing app. Well I don’t really have anything else to say, but thanks for taking all your time to read this it’s really very highly appreciated.;)
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4 months ago, The Queen👑👸
I need something to be fixed!!!🥲
Ok so not to sound like a Karen …but there NEEDS to be reporting on that app! Not just for me but for every 10 and younger child out there. There are now restrictions on the app and it’s really annoying. I don’t mind opinions being out there but can’t we sensor stuff talking about murder or the f word…. Seriously 🥺. I don’t necessarily mind it but I have younger siblings… and imagining them reading that stuff….well it’s just not right. Tbh im sick and tired of it. 😖. I don’t want to do this but it’s been getting out of hand with the names lately.. like I said I don’t mind opinions, or free speech. I’m actually all for it! But… if your opinion is something not appropriate for a children’s app why don’t u save it for TikTok/facebook. 🙄. Anyways I LOVE the game I just wish that ONE thing was fixed. 😥. I want to give it 5/5 but I can’t…. Sorry…. Myne fix it and I’ll right another review😢. Your not completely satisfied customer~🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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2 years ago, Nalia Cici
This game can be fun but frustrating to
So this game is really fun but it is also frustrating that’s why I play with robots because well they aren’t really uh smart so you get really big until you run into someone for a fact my biggest ever was ok I do not remember but it was like 54 something. And I do have a question when I play it shows no one’s names so if you know how to fix that please help. Ok so you kill snakes but please parents even though there is death please let your kids play this game and when you die you are just little round balls well not exactly a ball more like glowing things and I mean when I played in robot mode I circled so many robots it was pretty much what I did the hole time but you can also play with people it is more challenging though but it is fun that’s why I like going in the middle were it is crazy! This is a really fun game and I thing it is great but when you die it can be frustrating but just try to of fun.
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3 years ago, Liliana fruzia
Read before getting this game
This is one of my favorite games but I wish there were some improvements First, I wish that you could go a little faster, in the game right now you can only go so fast but, at the beginning you can only go kind of slow, then as you get a bit bigger in the game you go a bit faster, then towards the end of that growth spurt almost, You start to slow down. Second, I wish that you could add a button to the game that makes you almost invincible, so for instants, You were trapped by an enemy you could press this button, and escape. But you could only use this button let’s say, five times. Third, I wish there was a way to change not only the worms skin color and pattern, but also the eyes and maybe add some accessories like little devil horns or an extra pair of eyes, or even a set of angel wings. Again I really really like this game but I wish there could be some improvements later on in some future updates. This got long lol.
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3 years ago, jethrogypsy
Awesome but something weird happened
This game was awesome and sooooo coooool, I loved it! I got the highest score you could ever imagine! But, something really weird and unexpected happened, on multiplayer (where I like naming me cool names on) it starts to glitch and makes you go in weird directions. Sometimes it makes me loose. I was really sad and now I can’t get high scores and get the biggest😞. However you can still play A.I. in a computer mode where your not playing against other people in the world, and doesn’t glitch. Sooo... ya and I have a sister who has a device playing the game and it does the same thing! I’ve even tried my other family members devices, and it did the same thing. I am not sure if any of your devices will do the same thing but most of the other comments and reviews say the same thing other wise besides that it was used to be an awesome game! But after I figured this out I had to delete it.
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4 years ago, ma fave iz purple!
Just one problem...
I love this game, yes. Is it addictive? Yes. But there is just one problem. Ok, maybe two. The first is the lag. I read several other reviews that said the same thing, but none were acted upon. I hope this review will help eradicate the flow of change in this app(in a good way). As said in other reviews, the lag is a huge problem. The game stops for a while, which is annoying all on its own, but when it finally restarts, you are dead. I would not mind the lag so much if you didn’t die immediately afterwards. This is something that definitely needs to change. The second problem is the controls and mobility. I have no problem with the classic or arrow mode. However, when you play with the Online mode, your snake is harder to control than in AI mode. This is frustrating, and results in the deaths of many players that would otherwise be on the scoreboard at one time or another. All I ask is that my review is acted upon. Thank you.
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4 years ago, chloelovablegirl1627
I hate how it makes me speed up for no reason and I’m not even the one controlling in I also find it creepy how when the snakes circle all up on you and then you die I find that not fair but wait there’s more! As soon as you die it does not take you back to home it lets you stare at you into pieces and let’s you watch yourself get eaten and I usually don’t write reviews but this one had to be told. Please change this and also please update these glitches they are horrible it’s unfair I am going to delete this but you might be thinking “oh maybe your hands are sweating” no sir I tried deleting it and getting it again and it still glitches like how when I went outside to walk my dog and play the game then it just lost connection that is the another part that gets me what if somebody does not have enough money for the WiFi ?? Whatever but if these are bots please turn them into real people and if they are if they are, and they are doing stuff that is not fair for the other players do something that bans them from playing for a day and if they did it again ban them forever thank you for reading please update this issue.
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5 years ago, E12321E
Good game but needs some changes
This game is totally addicting and I play it literally every day and I LOVE it, but it needs a few changes. First of all it glitches, especially online, it just freezes and when it unfreezes your dead but it doesn’t glitch as much if you choose ‘play against A.I’, I would definitely choose that option. Second of all sometimes it goes fast when you didn’t press the fast button and it can make you run into other players and die, but if you don’t already know if you tap the fast button once then will stop going fast. There are two thing I really like about this game. First you get to choose your name which is sometimes good if you don’t put swear words in but most people don’t. The second thing is you get to make your own snake and you can choose any different combination of colors you want. Anyway, overall this game is super fun!
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8 months ago, So is this what your thinking
I love this game though when you’re online it is very laggy and when you try to move you’re character online freezes then brings you back far away from were you last we’re. Other then that this game rules it is very fun and luckily there is an option to play against the computer so you can play in the car or whenever you don’t have internet, also depending on what you’re playing on you don’t have any adds so you can just enjoy you’re game without any annoying ads and have fun without the ads really annoying you. I think I already said this but sorry if you DO have adds because I’ve seen in some devices there are adds, once again sorry if you have ads but I hope you still enjoy the game because the graphics are great and it’s a very fun game to play at anytime! 👍
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6 years ago, otterjens!
Great addictive game!
I highly recommend this game for people who want an addictive game to do in their spare time! You start out as a tiny worm and eat bits of particles that lay around that area. Sprint to go faster but be carful, when you sprint, you lose your bits for other people to collect. As you eat bits you grow bigger and bigger and BIGGER! Until you are the top of the scoreboard! Protect head through out the game because you will die if you don’t. Other worms use trickery such as sprinting right in front of you or circling around getting smaller each time so that your head will smash into the other worm and, well, your out of the game. There is also another gamemodes that goes faster because the bits give you more costumes pieces than the original. Also you can change into many different skins or use your creativity and make your own! Once again I’m telling you this game rocks!!
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2 years ago, RonDycks
Lag Lag Lag Lag Arggggggggggg no more “fun” for me.
There are only a scant few games I like …sadly and frustratingly, this is one of them. It’s already hard enough to keep up with the young-guns who play for countless hours, and then ALSO having to deal with LAG and constant death due lag and temporary freezing hence inability to control the snake to avoid other ones. I’ve tried game this on several wi-fi connections, most were blazing fast, and a few gigabyte service speeds. Not One of these connections solved my lag issues. Yes, I’ve restarted, reset, changed devices, etc.. lalalalala, I’ve had to give up, because it can truly make you want to pick up AND throw the device that you are using, away, as you gain increasing contempt and disdain toward the developer and the limited bandwidth they must be “providing”. I am not sure what service other players are using, or if they have some sort of inside track, but I can say, for 100Percent fact, nothing I’ve been able to do will solve this issue, and so I need to take it off of my device and call it, “was fun”.
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1 year ago, C hi g
This game is the most S.T.U.P.I.D. I would totally recommend playing this. One time I played it and my dog threw up on my toes. I love the feeling of the slimy gooey throw up. Don’t you!?! It kinda sounded like this. Glu glu. Bleaaaaaaah. Huh. It sounded like a music concert. Dododoskido. My FAVORITE!!! Al the sudden, he looked at my phone and died because his eyes blew up. I had to take him to the dumpster to get surgery. The doctor said he went because of this game. Then all the sudden, the dog but her. I was so happy that he was alive. Then he bit ME so I stabbed him in the crack. It really cracked me up 😂. It made a noice squishy noise. I love killing animals. I would totally recommend this game, but it’s too much money. Don’t play it if you have a dog. You better read my review because I will sue you for not changing the game at all. Please don’t kill anymore dogs, unless…their babies 👶🏿👶🏿. Yay
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2 years ago, PBJ 👩🏼
Broscie I love this game
Get this cuz you can make a snake and you can go against real people or Robots for practice and it’s an offline game! I love watching my dad play! And not to mention but y’all keep on saying that you keep speeding up? Maybe you keep glitching? Something dumb like that but here is your problem girls and boys, your using the play online with other people thing instead of the robot on witch is perfectly fine so chilax. Take a chill pill 🥶💊 got it! Just enjoy the game and stop being harsh with your reviews, like I know y’all wouldn’t like it if I was complaining about a game you made without coping any other games what so ever. So no more! I’m the new unofficial online cop 👮‍♀️ also sorry if I was a bit harsh on others even though I said not to be harsh. ( I get a little ahead of myself sometimes) see y’all later peace ✌️
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4 years ago, puffy cute and cuddly
I guess it’s fine
It’s a good game but people surround you and act stupid I mean people exactly want you to die but it’s just annoying I have no idea why people think this is a fun game it is annoying people keep on like surrounding you and theLava I don’t understand why they put a lava there why can’t you just be another free space also these people just I don’t understand why you can die easily you see kids there sore losers and every time they lose like when they die some kids have a temper tantrum so if you can chat to other people playing the game can you please tell them to be careful with kids because they Will hate the game forever like what happened to my child and snake I.O she hated that game so much she wanted to delete it so bad even though she’s only six years old she hates it so it’s just a bad game for most people I’m sorry I don’t want to hurt your feelings but it’s the kids kids hate the game because they lose every game they lose they hate I know because of my two children
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11 months ago, NHK44
Simply wow! Devs have actually achieved a good game! I’m impressed. So I love this game so very much just a few things I’d like to catch up on that might make this game extraordinary. 1. Names! Goodness I dislike how some people use bad words or inappropriate phrases as their name it’s rude! And what if a little kid sees those words they go around saying them! I think whoever is responsible should blur out these names for other players sake. 2. I’m trying to eat and a big boy approach’s me (I’m small) this big boy eats the huge worm I just split open!! I mean I can’t go that fast dude. But I know I know what your saying that’s not as important as cursing! But still not a huge gain of “unfairness” but who am I to complain it’s a perfect game! I would just say devs please make these improvements that will (like I said) make the game extraordinary! Devs please read Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, picky on apps 🤔
I have complaints and suggestions.
So, this app is very addicting, and I absolutely love it! But... I have some major complaints. First of all, every time I defeat a large snake, and I go to eat the remains, a lot of other people go and steal the remains, and I don’t get a lot of health because I don’t really get a lot of the remains. That has always annoyed me😒. My suggestion for you so you can maybe fix this is, when someone defeats a snake, only they can eat the remains. It’s crappy every time that happens. Two. When I want to create a slither, I want to add all of the colors, but it doesn’t let me! I understand that your snake has to start out with a certain length, but this minor detail is really crappy. My suggestion for you so you can fix this is, if someone wants to add colors when they’ve already made it to the capacity, just make the color columns smaller. Please! It would really make me change my rating to a five star. Thanks to designers, producers, and developers, for taking these complaints and suggestions into consideration. Bye!
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4 years ago, xojjj
I like the game a lot!! It’s very fun and Competitive!
My grandma said even she likes it She likes the design! 😝 But I also have some ideas! SO THE FIRST ONE IS...... A speed round Their is Ten players and Whoever you kill you become! Big snake kills little snake they become the little snake! And rest would be up to you! But I also have a few more! 2 Is a boss battle! I think it would be cool If you cool So how it would work is that their would be a boss at the end that you would have to run into to take damage But if the boss ran into you, you would take damage! Same for the minions! But I have one more to tell! ( I know I know I have a lot TwT Sorry!) Okay finale One ! So I think you should add a Friend mode where You can just gang up and kill the monsters and infected Worms to save Worcity ( I call it worcity whee the worms live!) And yea that’s what I think would be cool in the game! 🙂🙂🙂🙂😇😇😇
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4 years ago, minecraftlmao321
Absolutely Disgusting in my P.O.V
This game is horrible don’t even get me started on the adds I have no idea what the developers are thinking if they’re making a game that has ads every single time you die also I find it a problem that when you kill some big snake a mother load of small snakes come for you can u make a game mode we’re when you kill someone all the bubbles go to you? Otherwise I find the game addicting and fun to play I enjoy the game most of the time but I need you to update it or something because this is just getting ridiculous even my sister quit because of these problems I like the game but it’s just horrible to see such a good game fall because of ads and stupid gameplay I think I’ll be sticking to a modded version of this game until the original gets its act up. I’m sorry if I’m acting rude but this is true to a lot of people out there. Half of my neighborhood plays this game and hates the advertisements and all the small snakes. I still absolutely love the game if I’m in the mood for it. From : Aleksander S
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5 years ago, u dont need to know me name
Really bad app
So.. it’s been around two years since I last played the game, so, today, I decided to finally play it again. I downloaded it and started to play. Note: THIS GAME IS TOTALLY HORRIBLE When I played the game, I didn’t experience any lag, but what I did experience was it’s so hard to control the snake with your fingers, like seriously!! Whenever I tried to move the snake around it would go in an opposite direction or sometimes it would just keep moving in the same direction! And a lot of times, out of the blue, the sake would just speed up out of nowhere and it’d hit other snakes!! Now, when I die, an ad plays and it gets really annoying because of how many ads there are, but the worst part is, when I try to exit the ad by pressing the small “x” that pops up in the corner, IT. NEVER. EXITS. It just stays there with an ad stuck to the screen. I have to restart the app in order to play another game and it’s really annoying. I’ve read other reviews and this company obviously isn’t going to fix the game anytime soon, so please, just don’t download the app it’s really bad.
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3 years ago, Miahwestcoast1992
Worst game ever
This game is awful! I have been playing this game for 2 years now and I am surprised that I kept it for so long because it is a horrible game with not that many good aspects. It lets you pick your name and play but there is only one goal with no other things to do so it gets boring really fast because it is not fun any more and there are no updates literally even 5 mini games are more fun than that but I am not here to review mini games but if I did it would be way nicer than this review. The only part I like is you can customize your character but that is the only fun part. I wish there was more than one objective in the game, there was more backgrounds than just a boring old black background, and I wish there was a update like almost every month like subway surfers (I would recommend visiting that website if you would like). I really think the founders of the app put very little effort into the game especially on the the details and much more. I would not recommend getting this app/game at all.😤
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1 year ago, idk-whatup
You are never board of this
I love this game, my high score is OVER THE ROOF. I play this game before I go to bed and like 10 minutes ago I got a high score of 16,194 and I feel like I will never ever get past that, I do not like the online version of slither io but the "go against" A.I versions is the best. Sometimes I have had these glitches where the speed thing adomadicly presses, so please fix that. I do not know why this game has a 4.0 but in the feature I hope it gets better reviews, I understand if the people don't like this game, it does have technicall difficulties but I am also playing this game on my very old iPad so that's maybe why, but I also have this game on my phone and I NEARLY ever play it on my new phone but maybe I should. Welp I know I didn't write a lot but I hope people like this game, TRY IT OUT!
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5 years ago, iBlitzii
Don’t Listen To Other Reveiws!!
Don’t listen to other reviews that reflect badly on the game. This game is easily a five star app, it is a fun game to pass time on a road trip or if your flying to the jamaica’s becuase there is an offline mode to play against bots. Yes your game screen might ‘’Lock Up’’ according to the other reviewer but that is simply due to internet lag and an inexperienced parent or gamer so yeah. This game is super fun and could funny sometimes on the silly deaths that happen to you. Yes it could be frustrating but then it’s funny after. I would really recommend this game to other kids like me who are a fan of the .io games. Oh and one more thing the game will be lagging because it’s a port from the PC so the supporters of this game could together as one big group brush away all the haters with our magic broomstick like a pile of dirt. DONT LISTEN TO OTHER BAD REVIEWS THIS GAME IS AWSOME👌🏻
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1 year ago, yuki <3 :)
Good, but could improve.
Hello. I’ve been a slither io player since I was younger, now that i’m 14 I see much difference. But that main difference is the slowness in the online player map. Which is also why I gave it 4 stars. I would very much appreciate if the developers made it so the online player version was as smooth and beautiful playing as the AI player version was. I think it would make the game even better with that small change. Also it would be amazing to see updates and maybe add new stuff to the game and just do more updates. It would make the game better and maybe bring back more old players to see that the game is older. Take paper op for example, that game as updated SO MUCH. You wouldn’t understand if you didn’t play it years ago haha. But it is okay if it doesn’t happen, but i’d be so cool. Thanks for reading :).
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4 years ago, Whats the big problem?
My review
I think for one it’s a AMAZING game, sure it has some lag problems but in all it’s a great game if you just want to have a great time! The lag problem is that if your next to someone big you have the possibility to die even though you didn’t touch anyone... and if your play on mobile (like I am) it’s pretty hard to move the controls if it’s your first time, but once you play it for awhile you get the hang of it so it’s not a big problem I just wanted it to be out there that I liked the old controls on mobile better where there was the circle with the dot that controlled your character, another thing is that I like all the. New skins and there’s not the just 10 or 11 but it’s really hard to find the one you want if it’s really far down the list. Well that the end of my review.
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