Slope Run Game

4.7 (17.2K)
137.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bochuang Culture media
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slope Run Game

4.67 out of 5
17.2K Ratings
5 years ago, wreckitadam
Great game, just some things could be fixed
I have been playing this game for a while now and I love it, it’s a great game and a good time waster. I always play this game when I’m bored and it never gets old, there are just some opinions to make the game better, and some bugs I have found while playing: Opinions: 1. Add more different colors of balls 2. When your in the air, try to make the trail more realistic by making it start at the bottom and go up as you fall down. 3. Add more trails. 4. Make a challenge mode for more entertainment. 5. Add some more obstacles in, make up new ones for a more challenging yet enjoyable game. 6. Try adding new backgrounds in, different colors and styles. 7. There are different sizes of diamonds you could collect in the game, try making different sizes have different amounts. Bugs and glitches: 1. Whenever I go through the tunnel sometimes, it will make me go very slow. 2. When I go on top of the tunnels, of you go to far left or right you glitch through the tunnel and fail the level. 3. Whenever I’m falling, if I land on the edge of a platform I’ll sometimes glitch through and fall. 4. The red boxes inside the tunnel are way to big, if I get even a little close I fail. I would love it if the developer responded back about any information or regards about what I have said and I am excited to see what future updates hold. Thanks once again.
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5 years ago, JoJo's BowBow
This game is super fun it has all kinds of things like different skins and challenges!!!The one thing I would change is there should be more backgrounds than just the 3 ,but otherwise it’s an awesome and fun game and I totally recommend it It’s one of my favorite games and I play it almost EVERY DAY!! It’s so addictive 😂!! Anyway great job making this game!!!!!!
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4 years ago, OrpheusGamgee
Good but buggy
For me, the most enjoyable aspect of this game is the sphere upgrading mechanic. Its fun to add spheres together and work towards achieving all the combinations. Unfortunately, the trash button doesnt work in the sphere-combining menu. All of my slots are full of different spheres and I can’t get rid of them because I can’t combine them and I can’t throw them out. I wouldnt recommend anyone get this game until this basic mechanic works. Especially as one gets further along in the game and obtaining money becomes easier, its pretty essential that one is able to throw out the lower level spheres. Right now I have level 6, 7, and 8 spheres that are all useless to me because I’m too high a level, but I can’t throw them out because this feature doesnt work. Since I couldnt throw them out, theyve just taken up space in my inventory and now I have all different spheres so none of them can be combined to free up space and none of them can be thrown out. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, premium 🥶
Love it, but...
This is such a fun app. I originally played it on my computer so when this app came out I was super exited. When we (me and my friends) started playing, the controls were a little wonky. My biggest problem is the gems. If you don’t know you can collect gems! Like most apps you use those gems to buy new skins and other things. Starting with buying the balls, it’s very confusing and I still don’t know how to use it 😂 (help). Now on to the biggest problem the gems in general. I didn’t notice it at first until I friend the lottery gem thing, I did it 3 times and ended with 948 gems, but as soon as I started playing all my gems disappeared and I was at 0? This problem keeps occurring and it’s a little annoying. Besides these minor problems this app is great, if these are fixed this app really does deserve five stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
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1 year ago, mckinley rekkerth
Good but could be better
I love this game so much! It’s so fun I would definitely recommend getting this game. But I have a few concerns that would make the game way more better if they fixed it up. I love upgrading my balls to higher levels but when I did that it filled up all the space and when I tried to delete it the trash button wouldn’t work so now I’m stuck with the same ball for ever and it is very annoying. I think that you should add more colors to every level and add different music but that’s my least concern. Another thing is when I land on the ground from high up I hit the ground and die witch is always happening. Last thing is there’s to much adds after I die or finish a level there’s a add or when I tap something and press the X it brings me to a add. So please if you could look into this please do and get back to THANKS
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5 years ago, fortniteguyperson
It’s just not the same
The flash game on the computer was fun, but this mobile game just ruined it. I can’t play the old one and now im stuck with this crap. Hate it. The ad lied as well. That was the original flash game not this. The ads are never usually accurate to the real gameplay and that’s just trash. It needs to be fixed. This game is boring, not fun, and overall, just not enjoyable to play. The flash game on the computer was better. The original had you going slow at first, but every second it got more intense, and all you care about is not falling, and not hitting the red, all the stunts you make, the air you get, the fun you are receiving from it, and all your anxiety is here but in a good way, and there’s nothing you want to do, but race as fast as you can to the bottom! This, is just rolling down a slope trying not to fall, (which is very easy btw 😒)barely getting faster, not as much air as you got in the original, and overall, complete garbage. One outta five.
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4 years ago, Kristianna922
Good But Needs Some Fixes!!!
It’s an ok game but the music does not go with the game play and the songs/levels end at odd times the beat drops don’t go with anything and there is no build up and it’s not very hard also the games ‘levels’ are totally different every time you play even if it’s the same exact ‘level’ I’m not saying this game is boring because that is definitely not the case the game is fun and a good time spender if your bored and just want to burn some time it’s also very fun just to play the tycoon type part of the game where you can get different colored balls I’m just trying to give some Ideas for fixing this app because it could be a lot more fun if you made these things more clear on why you did it or to just fix it and make your timing better and your make your ‘levels’ more accurate and the same ‘level’ if it’s the same number Thank You!!!!
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4 years ago, Akko Katsuki
Good except this...
The game is really good but there’s two problems. 1) This gets me upset. I had 700 gems when I was playing. Fast forward 3 hours later, I’m re visiting the game and I see I have 0 gems. I never even spent them! And then I played a while and got 60 gems easily. Once again I stop playing and a couple hours later I come back. I’m back to 0 gems! Where are my gems going and why??? 2) there’s a random trash can on the home page??? I thought maybe you can trash some unwanted balls. (All my slots are full and so that’s preventing me from upgrading) but no! It doesn’t work. It has no purpose. These two things prevent me from wanting to play and I hope they get fixed. (Unless it’s something only happening with me?)
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1 year ago, heehaisijsjakkaks
Very boring, not the same game like on computer
I got this game and it was easy but this is basically a ripoff of the game on the computer. Everyone in my class started playing it and it’s really fun and someone also said it’s on mobile but this isn’t the same and is not by the original creators of the game. The ad was very misleading too. The platforms you go onto are down, while in the game it’s straight up. The score for this game increases a lot but very quickly. In the original it’s harder to get a higher score, and it’s funner when it’s like that. Finally, there is an end to the “levels” whereas in the computer game it has no levels and is therefore infinite. This game also has ads every second while the other game doesn’t. I’m just saying this is very boring and the computer game is better. Don’t get this one and go play the other one
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4 years ago, rwelch710
Please read!!
I’m not sure why this has so many 5 stars!! This game has a good concept but they deliver the game awfully. First off when it said second try watch an add I clicked no and still got an add? Um? What? I didn’t even get a second chance any ways! Secondly the controls... oh god. It’s way to sensitive and I died immediately because the start up is super broken and glitchy. Third, the obstacles and music. They make it so there’s so many boosts that it’s almost impossible if not just impossible to get the giant rows of diamonds. The jumps are all over the place and it goes too high to even get in the tunnels. Most jumps are overlooked because you fly right over them. The music is so over the top and the level ends right at the beat drop for most levels I played. It’s just unsatisfying! Lastly the “special offers” and the “lottery”. Both of these are annoying as all heck. The special offers thing appeared about 7 times in 2 minutes, and the “lottery” is just stupid. The “lottery” makes you watch, you guessed it, an add and then you pick cards that are flipped over. I did this 5 times and got the “average” one, starting to think it’s rigged. I do NOT suggest this game and if you do get it then hopefully it’s fixed by then, deleting today. Smh.
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3 years ago, JakirCro11
Don’t highly recommend
There’s this slope game for the pc that you don’t need to down load it says you can download it on your mobile device in google play but as every on who sees this knows that apple phones ( 🤢) don’t have that and cant get it in any way so I searched for it on AppStore (here[duh lol]) and I found this game now it’s fun but unlike the pc web game it has a finish and has a different form of score. The web game score does how many times you jump off and make it. It should be a rage game but when I play it I get mad when I lose I get sort of mad then continue playing. Now the ads sure there are ads every now and then. BUT THERE ARE ADS INTERRUPTING MY ADS. Like there’s a video ad then in the middle of the vid ad comes a non vid ad like money hungry much? Anyways that’s all whew the took forever to type
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2 months ago, Creations24
Needs graphics improvements
This game is fun and has a cool style and music. But the main problem is the graphics. Whenever your ball is going up, the trail is at the top of the ball when it should be below it. Also, the setting each level takes place in looks too repetitive and the only thing making each level different is the color. Not to mention, whenever you fall out of bounds the entire level has different obstacles when you recover. I would like to see these things get fixed sometime soon because this is the main thing holding the game back.
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3 years ago, I destroy12344321
Very repetitive
First thing the mobile game doesn’t exactly need any skill to pass it all you have to do is know how to drag your finger across the phone it can get very repetitive to every level seems to be the same except for one level has different moving platforms and one just has bounce pads I feel like this kind of ruined the computer game because the computer game was had a lot more skill-based into itAnybody can pass a level on the iPhone version but on the computer it’s a lot harder because you’re only using arrow keys and gives it a little more fun because you get are awarded feeling whenever you pass a level overall OK game could maybe use some new mechanics and very easy
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4 years ago, gvtvtvybununubtv
Good but…
I have had this app for a very long time and the only thing I don’t like about it and why I don’t play as often as my other apps is because there are too many ads every time I lose a level and I press I don’t want to revive there still is an ad if you just fix that problem and I’ll be playing it so much and I’m sure a lot of other people will enjoy it. I recommended it to someone but that person deleted it because of the ads so if you just fix the ad problem then a lot of other people you playing your game please notice this comment and have a wonderful day!!
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3 years ago, Jtw8468
3 things
A, it’s not like the slope computer game. It’s completely different and there are levels. B, this game glitches WAYYYY too much. Half of the time I can’t even get but 2 or 3 percent into a level before it glitches. It also doesn’t help that the sensitivity levels are too high. C, Too many ads, every time you die there’s 2 ads. One when you die and 1 once you try to pick restart. So because of the glitches you might only spend 3 seconds playing and a whole minute watching ads. The maximum time you could play even if you did beat the level is 45 seconds so either way your spending more time watching ads than actually playing. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! GAME IS TERRIBLE!!! Please upvote and find my review helpful so more people can see it.
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3 years ago, Brailynn Collins
Ok but do not recommend it.
So I have been playing this game up to level 12 and it’s so bad. First of all, whoa the ads. Every time you die which it very easy there is an ad, ad,ad,ad is that some game? Nope, ad. Second so glitchy. I literally land on the block and the ball just keeps going down and I die. Then, it’s wayyyy too fast, whenever I get higher up it gets faster and there isn’t even enough space for the ball. And I know your thinking well isn’t it supposed to be hard well for me that’s way to hard and should be on a higher level. Finally, it’s so repetitive, it’s just the same thing every level except maybe the color that’s it. So in conclusion this is a bad game and if I could I would give this zero stars please improve this, Sincerely, The Girl From Southern Georgia.
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1 year ago, Axyl54
Worst app ever
Deleted within 90 seconds after downloading. My son plays this on the computer and looks cute, but the mobile version is just awful and loaded with adds. I sat through 30 seconds of an add before I could begin. Fine. I start playing and then maybe 3 seconds in, the game pauses to play another 20 second add. Of course that pause in play causes me to die, which then forces me to sit through 30 more seconds of adds before I can start over. I try again. I die legitimately after 5 seconds and cue 30 seconds of more adds to start over. Nope. Goodbye. Delete.
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3 years ago, queenapril772
Good game but….
This game is great , it’s entertaining, fun, creative , and gives you something to do that’s why it has 4 stars but the reason the last star isn’t filled because there are so much ads it gets me upset sometimes when I’m playing and an ad interrupts me when I’m playing then a minute later another ad pops up so that’s the only issue, but besides that the game is great and if you want try it your self so you can see how you like it!✨
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4 years ago, RonanBurns
For some reason...
For some reason when I go on top of a hill I slowdown and also I can lose my control and fall off the cliff. And the music is kinda loud. Then, I always go on top of a tunnel for some reason. And the red things I didn’t know what they were at first but then I realized it’s a trap! After that I skipped some ground. That is maybe why I go too fast. I then realized that the game were playing has LEVELS, not in endless mode. _______________________________________________ I saw this is the best game in 2020. Is that true or not? _______________________________________________ Modes that should be added: Endless Mode Challenge Mode Online Mode _______________________________________________ Did it come out in 2019 or 2020? _______________________________________________ That’s all I have say. I just wanted to let you know. -RonanBurns
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5 years ago, kevnjenn93
Music Review
Stop turning on the music after every ad, i’m not allowed to be awake right now because of strict parents and the music got me in trouble last week so i got my phone taken from me. It’s a good game yes, but i’m not going to continue until someone updates it to where it doesn’t turn the music on after every ad!
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3 years ago, gymnasyics is my life +puppys
Great game…
Overall it’s a great game and I’m not gonna complain about ads because every game app has that but this doesn’t have many so that’s great over all I recommend this app If your just sitting around or eating for something
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3 years ago, Negsum77
Good but 2 things are bad:(
I love this game. I love the music, I love the matching, and I love the concept. But 2 thing went wrong for me. 1) The game doesn’t tell you what the songs used are, so I can’t find them on my music streaming service, and 2) The trash button for the balls doesn’t work right. Plz fix the trash button and add a place where you can see what the songs that are used are. TYSM
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10 months ago, 123 nickname with me
Decent game
This game is great and I like the system it has for getting new balls. However, it has an issue with not always saving progress which is annoying. There’s always constant ads; any time you tap on something or die you’ll get one. However, that’s the kind of you just have to expect from mobile games like this so it’s not a big deal.
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1 year ago, Kayjjb
Fun until..
This game can be fun and time consuming at first, until you realize the levels are just about the same each time. After that, it gets kinda boring. Overall, being able to upgrade balls to different levels and designs is a fun feature, but would suggest changing up the levels to make the game more interesting and fun.
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4 years ago, tphilbeck_13
Really fun game, some issues!!
The game itself is really fun. The company did an excellent job with this one. Although it is such an excellent and challenging game, there is an issue. I can only play one or two rounds before another ad pops up. And the ads are long too. So if you are interested in this game, just know that there are a ton of long ads that you will just have to wait out. So... great game (besides all the ads)!!!
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11 months ago, reviewsareshit
The game is good and theres not many problems except for the music. 1st off, the music is awful. For some reason, whenever I go to turn it off in settings it still plays while I’m playing the game! Other than that the game is great but please consider fixing this bug.
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4 years ago, willowbug18
Great Game, One Thing Though..
I love this game. Never gets old, and it’s always fun. However, it just can’t seem to take the hint on one thing: sounds. Whether I have the music and sound effects on or off it will play, no matter what. And I get very sick of it, especially if I’m trying to play the game while listening to music. Other than that, the game is great.
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3 years ago, hdgdjsubsjshdyd
Love it
5 stars for the game, but 3 for the ads. This is ridiculous. I don’t understand why all these games are just loaded with so much ads. It will even give me an option and say if I want to keep going to watch an ad. I click no thanks, and it still shows an ad. Really??? I might as well just keep going from where I was!!! Fix this, then I’ll change my rating and my review.
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Great Game but...
I love this game! I always had. It’s just that it’s not like the computer version and I don’t like the merge balls thing. I don’t know yet but if there is not an endless mode can you add one? The computer version is endless and I like to try and beat the top high score and not put ads for everything. Other than that it’s a really fun game!
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2 years ago, sbdhhehebehetbenejs
Good but to many ads
The game is extremely good but every time I try to play the game an ad pops up. I can’t even play the game without an ad popping up and ruining the game. I really like it but just way to many ads. I turned off Wi-Fi and put on airplanede but ads just still pop up.
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4 years ago, gumnast55662
Love the game
I just downloaded this game and I’m already in love with it! I love how it has like two games in one. Like in game you play to get coins that other game you like mix the different balls to make better ones and I just love this. If there was a 1-10 Star I would give this game 10 STARS!
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4 years ago, Austin12347734
The game is grate!!!
I just got the game and it’s GRATE! But there are some things i wish would be i noticed that there are boundaries, witch is fine, but it would be nice if they were bigger. Also what happens when the ball stops...
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4 years ago, Melonballer4
If you turn the music off in the app once you complete a level it will turn back on again. i’m often listening to music while playing this game and the fact that it plays it’s own music over mine is just annoying. there’s also an ad after every level. also when it says music is off it’s actually on and vice versa
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3 years ago, RobloxRobux726382
This game is pretty fun, it’s a great time waster for being stuck inside during the pandemic, the only thing I find annoying is the amount of adds. Overall this is a wonderful game and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to kill time 😸
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4 years ago, -pro-creating-
Constructive criticism
The game is great, defenetly has a lot of potential, but the level designs are kinda off, most of the time I find myself on the room of most tunnels, rarely do I actually get in the tunnels, I guess just fix the level design a bit since they’re slightly off and yeah, everything else is fine
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9 months ago, Lhaze13
Fun game but issues
Can’t get balls to delete when all my slots are full which means I can’t level up. The app kept crashing so I uninstalled and reinstalled since I knew there was an option to restore purchases (I had paid to remove ads). The restore purchases feature doesn’t work. So really disappointed. Won’t be trying it again.
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2 years ago, V. Hanke
May seem boring but super fun
This game is super fun I thought it would be super boring we’re u only play it for five minutes but really it’s a fun game to play I totally recommend this game it doesnt need Wi-Fi either which is a bonus
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5 years ago, Certified Genius🧠
Too easy and music issues!
When I first saw this I was thinking it was going to be like the flash game online so I was psyched to play it. Shortly after opening up the game I saw that it was really easy and overall not enjoyable. I also would like if you fixed the music on and off feature because whenever an ad pops up and then goes away the music gets switched back to on. Game overall unenjoyable. :(
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1 year ago, Aiden loves COBRA KAI
Nothing but goodness
I love this game more than ever and on my phone me and my cousin play slope for a time limit and see who can pass more levels and nine times out of ten he wins but yeah it’s a GOOD game to play at any time
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5 years ago, a proper critic
Fake reviews
The reviews That this game’s developer chose to display on their homepage in front of their game is obviously fake, saying to ignore the other more negative reviews and just focus on the positives. It’s embarrassing when you have to make a fake account To promote your own game when you can simply own up to your mistakes, fix Them, and still make out with decent profit and more importantly, the respect of your players. I am disappointed in you and your game. Change my mind
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3 years ago, ppppbbbbttthh
So many ads
I downloaded this game expecting to play the slope that I always used to play at school, but instead I got this terrible knock off version that has an ad after every button you press. I was also expecting it to be endless like the normal game but instead it has levels that are not very long and so one round takes less than a minuet before you get another 3-4 ads in a row.
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7 months ago, coolibbi
This game just stops your thinking Stress etc that's why I like this game
So it just gets addicting at the start but since I got used to it for years NGL but its great the only thing is the ads on the game maybe they shouldn't put some but its a good game and thank you
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5 years ago, i can"t think of a nickname
This game is fun, but...
I enjoy playing this game. I however, do have a few issues with this game. First, I hate the music in this game but when I turn off the music, my settings don’t save. Next, this game has too many ads, well what game isn’t infected with ads now a-days. Also who would pay weekly just for small bonuses for a game?
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5 years ago, LaurieK.
It’s not the same and too easy.
I used to play the computer game all the time and when I saw this I got excited. But once I started playing I realized you had to level up to get endless? And endless itself is way to easy. And I’ve even found that some jumps glitch and I’m not able to get to the next point. I just fall in a gap. I’d like if the game was more like the original, but it’s not.
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4 years ago, GoogleHacker
The amount of ads you get within when you lose and start another round is absolutely embarrassing for the company. Yeah, you can choose wether you want to play an ad for another chance, but you still get ads for over 15 seconds and then you can exit. Literally, before and after you play. Please decrease your ads to every other round atleast.
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4 years ago, maddieswages
Love the game, but I listen music when I play the game. Therefore, I like to turn off the games music. But it never turns off and still plays while I’m trying to listen to my own music. Not sure if it’s a glitch, but it’s very frustrating and usually results in me playing another game. I do love the idea of the game though. Nice work.
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10 months ago, Driftking no
4 star
I wish this game had endless mode and not a lot of ads but over all its a fun game when I’m board I play it. It keep me interested and intertaned let’s see about you ( I was not payed to do this) Pls tell me if this was helpful or not
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2 years ago, jTrfg6tfVgytFvvttFvhJ
Good game, terrible app
The game is very fun but the app is so annoying because of the ads. There are way to many and if you select no ad, it still shows one. And whenever I watch the ads, I can’t close them so I have to close the app and then reopen. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, amnotamoose
I’m biased
Bullpoop. I was looking forward to playing this, but was instantly disappointed beyond repair. The second is started playing, there was no loading screen or anything and just realized it was a level system which I wasn’t excited about at all. After a 0.1 second “run” I pressed this button that took me to another screen and I saw that half of this entire game is just a merge game and proceeded to stare at my screen for half an hour straight. I didn’t download a merge game but I guess I did. I figured I’d just play along and ya know merge some balls, when I wasn’t being bombarded by ads though. Pros- Decent gameplay Virtual riot music And of course, it’s free Tho this is a review goshdarnit 2/10 flash is better
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4 years ago, Sloprunisterrible
Ads ads ads After every run there is a 30 second ad and I just close the game and don’t play again after that. Could be a great game if there was an ad after say every 4 runs or so. Annoying thing too is that it’ll say watch this video for a free revive and when you click no thanks the game still gives you an ad! Very annoying deleted it within 4 hours of owning it.
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