Slot Bonanza- 777 Vegas casino

4.6 (661)
154.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Joyvoo Ltd.
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slot Bonanza- 777 Vegas casino

4.61 out of 5
661 Ratings
11 months ago, LaVernD
Best app ever
This was the first app I ever downloaded when I first got an iPad. It’s been on every device I’ve ever had since. I love the app the games the various bonus games even the sounds associated with each game. I love how they work hard to make each of the games different with different with different ways to win and a variety of bonus opportunities within each game. I love the flying moneybags the telephone and the money train that all show up at random as well. During a really dark time in my life this app and the people running it became a place of refuge for me until I was able to function again. I am forever thankful for this app and the wonderful and kind people behind the app. This is and always will be my favorite app. Thank you all at slot bonanza for everything you have done and continue to do
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1 year ago, its my turn bra
#1 must have game
I’ve been playing for years it’s the first app I download when getting a new phone. It’s the best one it is always exciting to play I love that it will pop up with bonus wins I always win and can play for awhile so many games to choose from never get boring. I highly recommend to everyone to play they will enjoy. Best of all it’s free to play and you can play offline as well.
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7 years ago, Pixiepuppy1
Tired of spending money
This is getting really old, if you spend money(especially SPECIAL deals) you just can't win. One would think that loyal players would be rewarded, but it's just the opposite. I'm guessing new players have more wins.....sad. I'm just about done with spending money on this site. Update: I am just so sad that this game developer has absolutely no loyalty to the people that spend the most money. The reason I say that is the more money I spend the less I win and this is not just a hunch, it's a fact. This game is so manipulate that is ridiculously obvious. Your better off not spending a lot of money which will increase your odds...the more you spend the less you win, how messed up is that? Thank you slot bonanza......☹️
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5 years ago, Gogo regina
Come on and join the fun real fun
STLoS Come scared cats come on let’s play come on now let’s play......... U scared or what?? U no u r so don’t come just miss out on all the fun stat we’re ur at don’t come play with me now I’m winning I love it when I’m qinning I Ben when I kisses I like it so come on and play with me come on nowadays come on and let’s play I love these games so come on ur missing out on all the fun so ami right now so I gotta go back and play r u come for the fun hope to see u there come on now right now lattter love everyone in Facebook world love y’all all gotta go now see ya latter
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2 years ago, Co Tam
Awesome game
I’ve been playing Slots Bonanza for a long time and I really love it! I’ve played lots of games but Slots Bonanza is the best one since it offers fun and challenging bonuses, rewards, amazing graphic design, etc. All of these have made this game unique and attractive! In addition, Joyvoo Ltd support team is very nice and helpful, sometimes gave me surprised gifts or rewards that I really appreciated it! Thanks so much Slots Bonanza!
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3 years ago, crazy wildman
Slots bonanza
I have played hundreds of casino games and slots bonanza is by far the best one out there. It has many different games for everyone’s enjoyment. They all kinds of challenges on different machines to win lots of extra cash.
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2 months ago, 1997gypsie
Slot bonanza
Been playing this game now for 15 years I love it I just wish they would put new slot on hear and give more chances to win jack pots
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5 years ago, Borkydorky
The More You Spend the Less You Win
If you buy coin packs and accrue coins your minimum bets are automatically increased and there are no jack pots, scatters or bonus rounds. It gets really boring going from machine to machine with few winnings. This once was fun and now it’s a waste of time. I played off my coins and dumped this game after being a loyal player for many years. Don’t get sucked into buying worthless coin packets nor play games that are rigged not to pay off.
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3 years ago, beth71#
Not the same
I used to love love this game, I thought it was one of the best, but I don’t know if updating changed it or what, but now I can play it for 2 minutes and already out of coins, no more bonuses, now more scatters. It’s very sad. Once you have unlocked all of the games, no more bonus’s no, more scatters, and forget about coins cause you lose those in 2 minutes or less
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3 years ago, poker playe
Do not spend money
Do not spend any money once you do you will not win at all my favorite came is the ho go home game where you get the gift at the end and instead of a gift I get coins taken away. I had 1 trillion coins and then in 20 minutes they were gone!!!! I will not be spending any more money. I will be deleting this app and finding a different slot game to play!!!!!
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7 years ago, DanceMomTracyV
Great slots - lots of fun Bonuses
The bonuses are fun and interactive! Fun games with awesome graphics. I downloaded 11 other slots in past month and deleted them all. I am not deleting this one!! 😊
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5 months ago, bge71
Great Game
Awesome game been playing for 9 years or more. Easy to win also easy to lose. Don't get greedy and play conservatively and you will love it.
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4 years ago, Mdafish
Awesome game
I love this game, I think you should add red white and blue 777 and the YMCA village party and highest bidder 2 to this game. I also think you should have more frequent bonuses that fly across the screen.
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5 years ago, brushappy
Slot Bonanza
I’ve played Slot Bonanza since I got WiFi. I’ve gone broke several times but still keep getting it. I like the game a lot
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3 years ago, CRBMoA
Great App
Been playing nearly daily since there were just the original dozen or so games! Keeps me sane.
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7 years ago, TN MOM!
A lot of fun-
But easy to lose track of time.
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7 years ago, Player6444
Absolute Fun!
Love it. Definitely one of the best and I've tried a lot! I'll keep playing.
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5 years ago, Pat in Colorado
Phone Call
I had a phone show up while playing. I thought maybe a special bonus but Thr game just froze up. I had to exit the game and when I reopened the game, phone gone and no bonus.???
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4 years ago, mjuytrewqlkjgdvytf
Lucky Bonanza
Slots bonanza is great fun hours of entertainment with huge jackpots .Feel like I’m playing in A.C.
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5 years ago, attaboy234
Easy to play - more new games than I’ve ever seen!
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7 years ago, Thebishop1
Lots of fun but...
The more you play the less you win. Getting 1 Bonus reel every 100 spins is a little disappointing. Otherwise, enjoyable.
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7 years ago, Nicksarath
This game is Really make me have fun all days!
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6 years ago, cant even do this
I really enjoyed playing this game. Then, all of a sudden the games cost so much more to play and just quit playing and went to other games that I don’t continually run out of money.
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6 years ago, Mrkjvs
I’ve downloaded this game on 3 different devices and I’ve got the bonuses for the black diamonds and the game will freeze up every single time and you lose all the bonus diamonds you win or you win very, very few. It’s rigged.
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4 years ago, pkbrjb
Regular slots
I enjoy playing the slots.
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5 years ago, Marilyn Fink
Slot Bonanza
I used to play this game all the time, but not any more. You can’t win. All they do is take your money. I may use the coins I have & then delete it.
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4 years ago, jpfinnie
Fun game
Great game. I love it.
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6 years ago, fr0stbyt
Too many ads
I like the game, but I’m not giving a single copper cent to any company that beats me over the head with ads... not one single copper cent. Lose the ads so it becomes MY choice, and I will consider it.
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6 years ago, Mandybh
Santa’s Reindeer
This game is stalling and resets when all of the reindeer are collected. I’ve lost coins 2-3 times once they are collected. That is not good considering I pay for coins.
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6 years ago, islandring
Thanks for the heads up about buying coins this isn’t the only app that happens with. Won’t be buying any!!
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5 years ago, Miss_Vee02
Biggest win challenge
Won the biggest win challenge but was only giving a 1,000,000,000 when I won over 10,000,000,000
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7 years ago, Casino games lover
Needs up-to-date games and bigger winnings
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2 years ago, Gosomewherelse
Rip off
This game will break you! Biggest rip off ever. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! Stay away or go broke!
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10 years ago, PJ 69
If you have not played these slots you MUST play them, they are AWESOME!!! This game has helped me pass countless hours in the hospital and nights when I can't sleep!!! I probably have played about 300 slot games and this is by far the best when it comes to payouts and bonuses it cannot be beat!!! I am sure most of you (if you play other slots) have those times when you wait until it's time to hit the button to get more coins so you can play....that drove me crazy, I have NEVER had to do that since I downloaded this one!!! Their customer service along with their slots cannot be beat!!! I have had issues with many, many games and I have lost coins or like my fish game all my pearls disappeared but they did nothing to assist me!! I was bumped up a level and did not realize it and I lost almost 2 million coins I sent in a request for them to let them know and within hrs I received an email and all my coins back!! They are the best!!!! Thank you Slot Bonanza for being on top of your game!! Paula
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4 years ago, ooomj
777 Casino
Fast and fun!
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5 years ago, Hollis54
$12,000,000 to zero in 5 minutes. No bonuses or free games.😡
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7 years ago, A Dropbox user
Do not install
Wining rate is very low 👎👎👎👎👎👎
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3 years ago, JeffYazwa
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10 years ago, Marguerite's Delight
This is a great way to enjoy the slots. It is fair and very realistic. I have played at the casinos in Biloxi, and I find that this is just a great as being in the Casino and it is right at your finger tips! They offer a variety of choices, all of which have been great! If there was ever was a fantastic game selection: Bonanza has it, Wow, something for everyone. It has the cascading affect that just excites you each time it scrolls; it has a Genie, which gives surprises; it has flying diamonds; the bonuses are fun to do; it also has scatter; there is a flying bag of gold which will surprise you when you grab it; they have leprechauns; it has gift boxes that will give incentives; and the excitement of Jackpot dropping on you will just thrill the fire out of you. The lights, the glitter of watching the coins drop; the mega winnings; the big winnings; it is just awesome! There is such of a variety with Bonanza Slots and opportunities to win and also lose: it just keeps you coming back. Try it you will like it!!
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12 years ago, Beezy805
Ready for Vegas Baby!
This is one of the most realistic looking slots games on iTunes. The graphics are really amazing! It's like having a Vegas slot machine in my pocket, without the major risk. I love playing the real thing in Las Vegas, so this is a great way to practice. I'm happy with the bonuses the developer allows, so you don't have to spend major cash to get to the other levels. There are two themes to start, with others unlocked as you progress. I've been doing pretty good so far and am totally looking forward to reaching Carribean Cruisin' level eventually. You can tell the developer put a lot of time and thought into the graphics. It looks and feels like what I see in the casinos. My only wish is that they had a version for the iPad. But, in the meantime, I'll be spinning away hoping to unlock all that this app has to offer.
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11 years ago,  Alejandra Gonzalez
Ready for Vegas Baby!
This is one of the most realistic looking slots games on iTunes. The graphics are really amazing! It's like having a Vegas slot machine in my pocket, without the major risk. I love playing the real thing in Las Vegas, so this is a great way to practice. I'm happy with the bonuses the developer allows, so you don't have to spend major cash to get to the other levels. There are two themes to start, with others unlocked as you progress. I've been doing pretty good so far and am totally looking forward to reaching Carribean Cruisin' level eventually. You can tell the developer put a lot of time and thought into the graphics. It looks and feels like what I see in the casinos. My only wish is that they had a version for the iPad. But, in the meantime, I'll be spinning away hoping to unlock all that this app has to offer.
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12 years ago, SorcererMickey626
Great way to kill time
My mother absolutely loves playing slots in Reno. Whenever we take out bi-annual trip to Reno, I know where to find her. When I saw Slot Bonanza on iTunes, I knew she would like it. I put it on her iPhone, and she's been playing constantly ever since. Whenever we go out to dinner together, I see her playing it while we wait on getting a table. Personally, I like this game a lot as well. I may not have the same passion for slots as my mother, but I do enjoy it nevertheless. What I appreciate most about this app is the great play. The daily bonuses and the Mystery Box addition really keep me going. The graphics are outstanding and the scenery of each level is like eye candy. Overall, I find this an excellent app and would recommend it to anyone who loves slots.
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10 years ago, Anndoodle B
Absolute BEST SLOTS!
Of all the slot apps I've tried - and that's a LOT - this app is by far the best. Great graphics, great games, wonderful payouts! There are often special events for holidays where you can collect beautiful keepsakes and win TONS of coins. During play, a little money bag with wings will fly across your screen - tap it quickly and you earn a mega bonus , based on your slot bet. Now and then, a genie pops by and freezes your slot - changing several spaces into WILDS! So many different and unique games to play, and numerous ways to win. There's even one game where it's like your playing a board game - if the dice shows up, your character moves around the board, collecting extra coins ! Many different WILDS, spins, and it's SO easy to win! Very easy to get over 500,000 coins with dedicated play. Daily bonus spins & coins, plus bonus coins every two hours. Play the game where the magical leprechaun is floating and your spin will freeze as he travels across the screen, giving you even more FREE WILDS! You can't go wrong with this game. Easy to play, quick to download, and few updates needed! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Have fun & good luck!!!
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10 years ago, BD_Shaffer
Great game
As I've played games since the days of the Commodore, I'm picky. Great payouts! Sunday play seems to be more generous. This game asks you once per sign on to go to the store to buy coins, then no more hassle! Lots of different games. I've been over 2 million, back to 30K, now back at half a million. Many different slots to work up to. Playing for a few minutes a day gets you more coins as well. My biggest wins are using the Quick Spin option and continuously tapping Spin. Keep bet low as possible. That's my strategy. Never bought one coin and have played for weeks!
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12 years ago, LuckyLady59
Update nov 11
Not much has changed on these slots. im on level 6 and i have NEVER HIT A SCATTER OR FREE SPINS ON ANY IF THE SLOT GAMES! Bonuses are pretty much a joke. its VERY hard to make any good money at all on any game. i have tried min to max bets and nothing works. I THINK THIS DEV IS LIKE ALL THE REST- JUST WANTS YOUR REAL MONEY FOR IN-APP COINS WHICH I WONT BUY ESPECIALLY WHEN NO GOOD MONEY HITS ANYWAY. Loosen slots up and you ( MIGHT) keep people playing. If the slots stay the way they are which is TIGHT, You might as well move on. THX, and i hope the dev will consider making some changes to keep me ( WANTING) To play. You start with only $200. The highest amount you can start a bet is only ($9.00)? Graphics are pretty good but when I even get 3 scatters they don't pay that well . Gets kind if boring betting $4.50 a turn just so your money will last awhile. My opinion game needs a larger amount of money to start out on AND LARGER BET AMOUNTS PLUS ALOT BETTER PAYOUTS. THX I'LL HANG ON TO THE GAME FOR ( AWHILE) to see if any changes happen.
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10 years ago, 20932120123
Nice Game
Came over from another big f--h chat casino and found this. Wow it's fun again. Other game turned into a unplayable, bad, chip begging casino. They even have fake girls and guys working the players for their chips. This one, unlike others has good graphics, is easy to relax and play, and again it's just fun. Unlike so many greedy other slot apps. Nice job! It feels so good to win at something again. Very good. Update: played well for a couple of weeks. Then straight loses from 1.5 million to 0! Scatters started paying nothing on wins and bonuses were far and few. Most wilds on 3rd line payed nothing. It's like after a point they turn the odds way up. Fun for a little while, but like others have said, "no jackpots." Deleting app. Good luck.
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9 years ago, ERWK
Lots of fun
This is one of my favorite slot apps because of the fun bonus games and the Bonanza trail. I agree with other reviews that it is hard to get your total up to play some of the VIP games. I think it's geared toward getting you to buy more coins. I wish the Jackpot wins were more frequent. I've only averaged one a year. They do have great customer support though. I was kicked out of the game right after a large win and didn't get credit for my win. I contacted customer support (first time I've ever done that) and received double the amount within 24 hours.
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8 years ago, FranquiB73
Fantabulous Game!!!
I love this game so much that I have multiple apps of it and don't mind spending the money to continuously play them all!!! It is so entertaining that I play them all everyday multiple times a day and don't mind staying up playing late or playing when I wake up in the middle of the night. There are always new games and ways of winning coming out which reassure me that the money I'm investing in it is being put to great use!!! To sum it up, I love this app and have since it surfaced lol!!!
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9 years ago, QueenB4Uall
Slot Bonanza
I love playing this game. I play it on several machines. I am trying to finish all the levels of the Bonanza trail on all of them, but when you run out of coins, the store doesn't have any deals for you. One day I hit four jackpots on the two machines but not on the one that I needed more coins to finish the level. When a glitch occurred on the game I contacted the company and they would only return what I had lost on one game. Now I am trying to finish the Bonanza Trail in the silver level on the Spymaster. It flips between 350 & 450 points & it is impossible to get. I keep buying coins to continue playing but it seems to be a lost cause.
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9 years ago, Jamesonmoyer
Use to be a great game. Had 20 million. Problem is, it's declined. I lost over $200k on spins that didn't spin. $2 million in bonuses and it started taking coins during bonus spins. Sadly declined. Use to post it in other game apps, not any longer. UPDATE: It will voluntarily up your bet withOUT notifying you. I had $78M and got a pop up and it said great job, you've leveled up!! But what it didn't say is, we are upping your bet to 3,500,000. So yeah needless to say I lost it all rather quickly. Deceiving, just that simple and a way to get you to BUY coins. If look around before I downloaded this app. Wizard of Oz has a new game. I'm playing that now. It's pretty fun. Has large payouts like this one.
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