Slotomania™ Slots Machine Game

4.6 (531.3K)
412.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playtika LTD
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slotomania™ Slots Machine Game

4.58 out of 5
531.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Randoody2
Getting better now
I have been playing Slotomania for years. When it first started, i would play about every other day, the slots were more simple, but it was fun and you were able to keep playing for while. Then, the game added more extra features over time, along with a lot more advertising and ways to entice you to spend real-world money. I almost stopped playing it and actually deleted it about a year ago. But i friends who play and loaded it back so i could send them points. Lately though, i’ve noticed slotomania has made changes, there are still lots of ads, but there are not as many that pop up and interrupt you, slotoquest with the star system was much less annoying and didnt force you to play a cold slot to move forward, and there seem to be more times when more slots have their win percentage increased - kudos to Playtika for listening to its customers to make improvements. Suggestion - add at least 3 slots at each point in the path in slotquest so we dont get stuck on a forever cold slot like mighty bronc (you can remove that one from your lineup and I would be happy) because having to blow billions of points on a slot that that is paying out at 5% is truly not fun… just aggravating. Thank you for improving your game, I am playing it almost every night now and mostly having fun. Ive event sent you guys a few dollars here and there when i have a little extra disposable income. Keep improving.
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4 years ago, roonety
What app support
I have been playing this game for many years I have never written a review even though there were times I was unhappy with the amount of payoffs etc. within this last eight months I have been kicked off this game twice the first time for several months and then all of a sudden I was back on and now again for several months and I still can’t get on even after several updates. Prior to being kicking off I had no problem. I was just playing and my screen went out and now it won’t load. It will begin to load go most of the way and then it kicks out. I have tried many ways to write to customer support and cannot get an answer or a correct email address. Going to this support app you have to be on the game I can’t get on the game so I thought I would write this review and hopefully get an answer. I am very disappointed I do not want to delete the app because I have been playing for so many years and are on a fairly high level and am afraid I would lose it. I wish I knew of a way to fix this I have tried every Way I could think of such as deleting other apps deleting history nothing works and I keep hoping with every update it’ll come back this is a very frustrating. I have plenty of space so there cannot be it. If there’s something I can do to fix this, even an email address to get tech support. Thank you
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4 years ago, Rjcoolbreeze
Sloto Quest
I have submitted this issue several times and always get a response that truly makes no sense. I always play the Sloto Quest. In the early days (been playing this game for approx 10 years) I thought the issue was a problem with servers being overloaded or a software issue that would be fixed. The last time it happened I reported it again and got another answer that made no sense. So I quit playing. It had been about 6 mos since I had played and thought I would try one more time and low and behold I had the problem again. Here is the issue. You start the Quest and as you progress it gets a little more difficult and I am totally good with that. I am now in the next to the last game of the chapter and start playing. I am suppose to get 750 million. Yesterday I play for over an hour and got zero % of the 750 million. Now keep in mind that I have hit Big Win on several occasions and have hit smaller wins several times during that hour. I only needed 7.5 million to move the meter to 1%. Played again today and still have not moved the meter at all. So.......since this isn’t the first time this has happened there is no other way this could happen is fixed so I can’t complete the Chapter or they slow it down so I can’t complete the total Quest in the 8 days.
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2 years ago, She'sSassy
Shiny Cards
I find the most frustrating part of Slotomania is the Shiny Cards game. I just played all the way through all 15 levels and, unfortunately, kept picking the card where I had to buy with gems to continue or lose what I had accumulated. I wish the game didn’t limit you to purchasing gems at only 380 if you need more while playing when you can get a better value if you buy before playing. I started with more than 400 gems but had to buy more 3 times. I couldn’t buy a larger package and was limited to the 380. The 885 gem package would have been a better value but you can’t access it while playing Shiny Cards. I think this should change. However, my biggest frustration comes from collecting the cards after the game. I won a Shiny card, a Gold card and about another 38 cards but I didn’t win a single card that I didn’t already have. I think that’s ridiculous because I have lots of missing cards so you would think I could have gotten at least one new card but I didn’t. I don’t normally keep buying gems but I wanted to see what would happen if I played all 15 levels when it was cards only and no coins so I kept purchasing what I needed. I can see that I wasted my time and money because I ended up with nothing. Not a single new card out of the 40 or so I won. Absolutely ridiculous! I done with Shiny cards because it really is a waste and isn’t geared toward the player at all.
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6 years ago, Xoxo435$@:
Dash Spin
The THIRD dash spin has not worked for two days. So unfair!! You would like us to sit and play, hoping the dash spin will work, wasting coins and my time. Why don’t you just get rid of the dash, no more payouts for Slotomania™. Always something with this game//and yes I even updated the game hoping that would work. Private eye is a joke! I tap the right items & get an x. This happens every game. Just another cheat game to make you spend your coin credits. Daily dash a big joke! OK so I play the required games and the required $ now I can’t win the last dash because I need 36 sloto stars well I played level 2192 and into 2193 and have not received not one sloto card big joke big joke. How am I suppose to win the last dash? I mean really?? I won the sloto club, great! I was lacking 200$ of entering on my own, thank you very much!!! You took my points away! Then I win 3 days of level boom & 3 hours of level boom. I’m sure my three day boom will be canceled. So what did I really win? Not much. So what this boils down to, you dictate how many games to play or you are kicked out of the sloto club, you dictate how many games, money or certain game to play in order to win the daily dashes wow!!! Since I can’t seem to win sloto cards for the stars Required, for the last dash I guess I loose everything. I’ve already played 4 games & have lost quit a bit of coin credits. Have a nice day!!!
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4 years ago, Marlenern
Quest failure
It’s true Slotomania does offer many ways to get free coins daily but then you lose them all playing the quest or it cost you more to play than you win. I know it’s a game of chance but come on. This last quest was a bust. I started out with over 12 B coins in the second to last game of the 3rd chapter (Juicy Fruits?? Which never paid out good when it first came out so I never played it and then it shows up on quest) and I couldn’t finish because I ran out of coins. The goals for completing it was impossible. All I needed to get was win 12 B in coins from free spins. Well I must have spun 3000 times and never got the free spins so I was unable to complete it before time and coins ran out. It took me forever to get past the monster game in the 2nd chapter. My sisters enjoys playing Slotomania because we can give each other gifts and trade cards but she has the same problem with this last quest. She lost all her coins and couldn’t get past the monsters either. It really takes the fun out when you lose so much. I can’t tell you how much money I spent buying coins and I still didn’t finish it. Are there any players that finish it????? I have never been so disappointed with Slotomania. I mean I know you guys have to make money and all but you don’t have to make it near impossible to achieve.
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2 years ago, Armyreg
Lotto Bonus
This is really bizarre! In the Lotto bonus, the shuffled balls never provide a major value. This is no doubt programmed. The payouts are worse than horrible! I have never seen payouts so bad! The most horrible payouts of all online games. They must need money! I am absolutely amazed at the poorest payouts ever! Over 200B with only 8 free games. Incredible! Lotto bonus is a joke! Why mislead players by showing balls with a value of 100 or more? This never happens. It is only a guise to get players to buy. The return is programmed! Mega bonus is equally deceptive. Their excuse is “All programs are at risk and pay randomly “ What a joke! I have programmed slots. I know the system. Very poor payouts! Obviously money is the issue. Never great payouts on Lotto bonus. I have made my last payment to play. adios Not fun anymore! Just feeding the kitty….no wins anymore! Goodby Lotto bonus is a joke….never pays on the high side only on multipliers below 15 Unbelievably poor payouts. Certainly not random. No doubt programmed to require purchases to play. I am skilled in programming. This is a ruse ! Lotto bonus is a joke! When 200 can be the multiplier, the multiplier is never more than 10, more often less than 10. Why put large numbers on the wheels if they never Only one word applies HORRIBLE! When one thinks payouts cannot get worse, THEY DO!
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4 years ago, im done with Playtika
Don’t spend any money on this game... the daily freebies, but save your money for a real casino. I’m Royal Diamond, which means I have spent a TON of money and time on this game, so Im speaking from first hand experience. But none of that matters to Playtika when it comes to customer satisfaction or their bottom line. Read the fine print on any specials before spending your money. Last weekend, they ran a mega match special: make a purchase and they will match your winnings from any mega win. To be clear, it had to be won during “normal game play”, not the result of bonus spins or any other specials, just “normal game play”. I get it. Here’s where you need to be careful and err on the side of keeping your real dollars in your pocket, not give it to Playtika: there are games, like Josephine’s Jewels, where there are clearly identified “bonus rounds” but during “normal game play” the jewels match, clear out, and are replaced with new jewels. Any subsequent matches payout at a higher multiplier, and are replaced yet again. That is “normal game play” for Josephine’s Jewels, NOT a bonus spin. It’s the basic mechanics of that particular game...but not when it comes to Playtika’s bottom line, that’s a “special play”. I will not spend another dime on this game, and neither should you.
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6 years ago, gibbi in washington
I enjoy the game, as I have had it for several years now and now at level 7500+ But the problem that I am running in to is that with some of your newer slots you have to play a minimum bet to unlock some of the features. That’s great and all except when the minimum bet is 70-80 million per spin and the bonus I get to collect is about 9 million with the sloto club bonus. Let’s talk about the other bonuses I get to collect, the mystery boxes average win about 600,000 and gifts from other players. With the rewards level I am at I would expect more than 10,000 coins. Now to move on to the sloto cards, it seems with the higher your level is the harder it is to get the cards from random spins, I have had to bet 500 million a spin or higher to get them. Daily dash, task(bet 5+ billion coins) that is impossible to do without spending real cash on them. Again collection bonus is only 9 million every 2-3 hours depending on if I bought coins or not. The game play is fun. The tasks are daunting. But overall I enjoy it. I would like to see some of these items easier to achieve. If I wanted to loose money real or digital and not enjoy the aftermath I would go to a real casino. This is a game and meant to be fun. Not 5 minuets of fun every other day.
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5 years ago, Bulliechick
What happened to Slotomania?
I’ve been playing Slotomania™ since 2010. It’s great fun!!! The many changes and upgrades don’t make it better than the original. It’s just a game. If a person was looking for substantial benefit and eventual loss they would go to a real casino. Being able to pass the time and enjoy bonus rounds is what a slot game should be all about. Earlier versions of Slotomania™ permitted a player to keep the coins they earned from a bonus round rather than lose them as quickly as they were won. Thinking that you may keep the coins longer because you purchased a package is clearly the wrong thought. I’ve purchased packages and the coins are lost just as quickly. There was a time when it was easy to collect billions of coins but that time is long gone. All the bells and whistles don’t make it more fun, especially trying to find little tiny items in a plethora of unrelated objects for a few coins, not necessary. I will continue to play because it IS fun but not gaining one coin in 8-10 spins doesn’t make it FUN. Please lower the chances to win because no one is winning money. It’s just for FUN!! Thank goodness I've found other slot games that are just as fun.
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2 years ago, MsSmiles:)
Annoyed/ Edit post
My New Post….This was 5 Star Game Ive always had so much fun playing this game. Every time u guys make changes to the game it screws up all parts of the game. I understand u do this trying to make it fun & exciting. In theory ur trying to give us a new adventure once one has been completed. WELL its not working!! Ur losing everyone very slowly by doing this. Also WHY would u have a person working customer support that doesn’t know anything about the game? After I contacted u guys about what then was only a minor glitch compared to the problems that were to come. U guys made so many changes the app stopped loading. Then u couldn’t even contact support. It only allowed u to send a trouble ticket if the app was open. I noticed u guys trying to fix that. The app still continues to have trouble loading sometimes. I just make sure Ive done a back up & continue to delete & reinstall. When I was locked out for over a month. U guys gave my clan I created to another member & I became only a member for lack of playing. NOW…. Ive been back playing for a few weeks. This past week is the first time ever no one could earn enough points to get the clan key. We all were playing but its a glitch going on. I played all week and only reached 35 percent on one level. U can forget even thinking u can pass a rally. Maybe u guys should test & play the game before u make changes to ours. Why cant u guys notify us the game is under maintenance??
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4 years ago, Lola's momma 21
My feelings would not be hurt if you yanked Arctic Tiger Rip-off out of the Quest. Nor would I be upset if it was taken off the app as one of the many games you offer. I’ve wasted 2 1/2 days, 2 power ups, and millions trying to complete it. Maybe it’s just as the other reviews claim, the games are created to hold players back at a certain point, forcing purchases within the app to advance. In my case, I have to win 1M in free spins - not a tough task, as I’ve won much more several times. But I have no control over the frequency of opportunities there are for three ‘scatters’ to appear. Due to the lack of achieving such luck with all I’ve attempted, this game has single handedly sucked nearly all the enjoyment out of THE APP I had found to be most fun and entertaining. I get it - these apps are great opportunities for revenue. Creating excitement for us is clearly not YOUR end goal. As I read other reviews, the messages received in your responses do not reflect those of a team aimed at correcting or improving sticking points for users. Sadly, you’ve offered meaningless excuses to member reviews, which were written to genuinely help improve your product. You even went so far as to carelessly finish a response to an upset member telling him to ‘keep spinning!’ Find a balance.??
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5 years ago, lsullivan82
Laura Sullivan
Hi I’m giving my review because I find it odd but all the Lucy comes up and wants a rating us usual most likely I loose. Unfortunately that’s how these games are. I am sucker customer that’s pays a lot to get very little... I am not upset at the game but in general bc if you can look at any ones history you can clearly see how much more do when actually win vs or loosing not just money but can’t seem to ever win a quest or complete any bonus games and win. I’ve won before but after a long losing streak.... So I guess my main complaint is that do people actually win the quest if so how much money had they have to loose before actually winning???? Now again I do understand no one is making any one play but come it’s supposed to be little fun. You guys make the Slotomania™ quest to hard to complete just for an ACE card. Any time I ever get an ACE is whenever you receive them in the lotto bonus with the balls.& yet have I ever won a really high number on that... This is supposed to be enjoyable but I loose way more than win. I know this a long message but my point is I just used all 100 duplicate cards spun the wheel got a decent amount of coins to loose like in 5 minutes... Ugh... Then I sucker in and buy a small package and a multiple 20 times spinner just to be out of more money and luck and have Lucy ask how am I enjoying my winnings um what winnings... just up setting but it is what it is.. Have a great day!!!
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6 months ago, stonache
30 trillion coins and no free spins or bonus. Time to quit playing So I finally figured this out. After a purchase you allow a nice win like lots of free spins but after that it’s over no matter what we cannot win after that. I have watched this happen so many times it’s the same every time. Yes I do believe you control this game. How else you make money ??? Don’t say it’s a game of chance because it’s been happening years I finally said what was on my mind Well I am so done with purchasing coins this game. You don’t even give back coins to play with. Trillions and no free spins. Then you have an ad to buy back coins. That’s control You just take the fun out of the game. Way too many ads to X out to collect the bonus On the Sloto blast why don’t you ever have the third green or red color to win ?? I have cleaned the board many times and they are never there. Very sad Thank you for the 400 free spins on fortune of gold. I am aiming for 1000 free spins Why can’t you ever show the 2 top prizes in sloto blast. I have cleared the board many times and the third green or red one is not there. And why are there so many ads to X out just to claim a bonus and why if the app is open you cannot collect the bonus unless you close the app and open just to see 10 ads to Out. Getting tired of this game. And why on the new game of bingo you never let us win the highest column game of balls. Always the lowest. I could go on but I’ll stop here
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4 years ago, Moore Money 66
The Fun is Gone
This used to be fun: now it's just about getting you to buy more coins & you can't even enjoy playing when you do manage to accumulate a little for all the ads trying to get you to buy more coins; I wrote to customer service because U didn't receive my coins in a win & it was a lot; like 40 million a lot & used to cust svc would have given me that & then some for my trouble; but because I gave them some feedback about things like what had happened plus telling them that there's no way I could have landed on the lowest amount for the slotocards Wheel of Stars 6 times in a row unless it was fixed......not only did I never receive the coins I had actually won in another game, but now I'm on my 12th spin in a row when I'm exchanging 30 duplicate slotocards & I've landed on the exact same wedge which is the lowest amount of approx 15mil...,.totally fixed; so they've finally convinced me that I don't need to give not 1 cent anymore......thanks so much for losing another long time customer because of hiring people that think trying to humiliate your customers is better than having a job down the road: you're never too big to fail......
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3 years ago, Leyleypapa3
I updated my slot mania and it wiped out the 15 trillion dollars I had and my clan points everything is gone put me on asanew player I am so upset this is just wrong. I have been a player for years I am so sorry I hit update Every time I hit the jackpot it says oops an error has accord it has happened at least ten times dice I updated app this is crap yes I get it back later if I exit game and go back in too too late all the money on the jackpots are gone I get the same amount almost every time I will never update again. This is so wrong you say fixing bugs you fixed nothing only screwed it up. I never complain but what is happening now is not right. I will never add money again if you cannot get into jackpot when you get it what is the purpose. I’m so disappointed in what you are doing. Really you should be ashamed Ok this is the worst update ever I’m sick of loosing every jackpot there is nothing wrong with my internet connection I cannot say how disappointed I am in this update, you fixed nothing you created a mess. I’m so made I play everyday and it was enjoyable this has been the worst day ever I have 15 trillion dollars in this app I’m truly upset
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6 years ago, ¥SCORPIO¥
What happened to this app???!!!
Been playing Slotomania about 4 1/2-5 years. As much as I love the number and variety of games within the app you have to choose from, I have to say, the game experience as a whole, has become VERY disappointing. From winnings that don't get added to landing on a bonus or scatter and the game freezing up only to find it wasn't saved!! NOW, I just went to collect my 86 million chip Lotto bonus for it to tell me I already did???!!! NOT ONE CHIP ADDED TO MY AMOUNT! Closed out, rebooted, NOTHING, gone! I don't know WHAT is going on Slotomania, but you're not the app I had always loved. It’s very difficult to rate at the moment. The last three days have been nice but I can hardly give a fair rating on only a few days when overall it’s been so, incredibly, wishy-washy. You did take care of a couple problems I’d had in the last couple months with chips. I greatly appreciate the fast response on those two issues. There were however at least two more that were never addressed for over 600 million, and the other was 4-6 BILLION. That’s a big kick in the teeth to ignore. Hope things STAY BETTER!! I don’t need to win every spin or need to win billions EVERY DAY (unless I’m losing all my billions!), but a fun fair game always makes more interested in purchasing chips. Ask me again when there’s been 4-5 months without severe issues. I’d be happy to rate! THANK YOU SLOTOMANIA!!
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5 years ago, ykshomss
Gets frustrating
I do normally enjoy playing this game and have to several years now. However, I have noticed more and more that there will be challenges or quests and the moment I try to participate I barely win which means I hardly ever am able to finish one anymore. I’ve had have $10 billion coins before from just regular play and if I take some time in a quest I lose most of it trying to get ahead. Also, the reds puzzle game where we can chose 3.... I NEVER WIN ANYTHING. It’s like the game just decides no matter which options I chose it’s nothing. I even tried to pick the same 3 every time for a week or 2 straight and NOTHING. I’ve literally won something from that maybe twice it’s really frustrating. And if I do get puzzle cards they are duplicates which is so stupid. Bring the hero’s back! At least then we were guaranteed at least something! And don’t get me started on the clans.... I am not a fan. I am a gold level and can’t find a clan who cares enough to ever help me get the key and more often than not we miss it. I’m seriously thinking about taking a hiatus on this game for awhile since it frustrates me so much. I know we can’t I. All the time but throw us a bone every once in a while.
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5 years ago, we play to have fun
What a day
I chipped in a dollar the other day and it seem great. But the after effect to push you to spend more was horrible. I found myself for the first time truly being mad at the game I love so much. I started at 300 and 30 something million spinning a million a spend and lost all the way til I had 80million left I only played it that far down to see how far they would let it go out of all those spins I could barely make back even the million I was spinning back I won three Bonus which only gave me two to 6 million back when I was losing tremendously trying the new Robin Hood never once being able to tell what the bonus game was. Im guessing that there way of wanting more money. I know the odds of casino games you win some and you lose some but out 230 spins I lost ever sent that was crazy guess I should of been like most people and just enjoyed the game without playing my point is dang I couldn’t even have a chance to get my money back every spin was a lose giving 100,000 why playing a million that was some pure bull. I promise I stick to not giving them money if it means we not taking tremendous loss like that and the new game was horrible and it’s the only one chasing the ace today
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3 years ago, HousemammaRN
Great game
I have read so many negative reviews and had to speak out! This is a great game with lots of different slots! People are complaining about the magnitude of coins lost or inability to reach goals in the daily dash…. Well it’s a game, a game of chance! Do I lose? Yes! I have had dry spells that last for weeks it seems but during those times I collect my bonuses everyday and just save till I can play again. Do I make purchases? Yes I do occasionally make purchases and buy the bonus lotto round. If I didn’t love the game I would delete it but I have been playing for YEARS! I go to the real casinos but during the pandemic our casinos were closed so I didn’t go and this gave me a little fun! (I don’t always win there either) I sometimes get tired of all the negativity… there have been plenty times I haven’t completed albums but that’s ok too! I did win some coins from them! All the bonus games: I don’t always participate but when I do I win some coins too! I didn’t mean to write such a long review but I am tired of seeing all the negativity and wanted to add some positivity to these reviews! Thank you Slotomania for giving me a break in my day!
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2 years ago, Frosty1016
This game used to be fun, not anymore. After officially having to accept their new terms of service and sign your rights away today to any class action lawsuits that they obviously know are about to happen... that finally did it for me. First they want you to download a web address link..for “VIP” instead of playing the actual ap from the ap store so that the developers can keep all the cash instead of paying Google, then that link glitches so consistently you can even spin without it freezing and crashing. So you go back to the ap just to play, and then Playtika doesn’t send you the minuscule rewards over there. So between purchasing hundreds of dollars a week in coins just to play, not getting enough wins to keep playing, and then not getting rewarded for the amount of real cash spent or wins, and now signing away my rights...I am officially over it. I’m sure they will comment in the section below this how “sorry they are to hear this”, and “please contact us or your rep” (I have! Dozens of times as I’ve played for years!) and “blah, blah, blah” Tired of being ripped off. Have a great day folks. Take your cash elsewhere. Playtika DOES NOT care.
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2 years ago, Libbylees
Not fun anymore at all. Wins way too tight!!
Novel idea.... put some locomotives in the 1st column every now and then on “Crazy Train”.... AND To players out there. If you find you’re winning on your favorite games - DO NOT UPDATE! You will miss out on some “bells & whistles” but they don’t add up to much anyway! If you update they have changed the algorithms & definitely not in your favor. It’s a fun game but don’t spend any money! That’s the big ripoff. You CAN play for free. I do & have for years! Simply not fun if you can’t win on your favorite games. I’m looking for another developer’s game. I tried to play this for years & it’s been my favorite but now I look at my phone & go “dang, I don’t even want to play this”. It’s a disgust feeling not a fun feeling anymore. I’m just used to it but I’m going to move on to another game from someone else & play until I get used to it. Might as well, it’s not like I ever have points enough on here to recognize I’ve played for years. Always broke & playing with 10,000 a roll or less. I’d probably have more points in a new developers game/platform just starting out. Simply too tight. Like I said NO FUN - more of a drudgery & you have to ask yourself “why do I even try to play anymore”!! My best to you all. I hope your “luck” is better than mine but maybe the developers know I don’t spend my money to play & penalize me for it. Adios amigos! Fare the well, Slotomania!
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5 years ago, Musiclover_jd_
It’s impossible to win
I’ve been a Slotomania player for over 5 years and happy, until this year. It’s use to be fun and exciting, especially when a new game opens up. Now it’s impossible to win in the new games, and they are always the Ace games. I loss all my money playing them and I don’t even receive an Ace. Sometimes I buy coins to play with, when there is a special and it seems every time I do, you lock all games and I loose all my coins in less then 5 minutes and I’m left frustrated and mad at myself for wasting my money. I get it’s for entertainment purposes, but where is the fun, when your constantly losing. Always the higher the bet, the more I lose and when I bet low, I can’t get the dashes finished nor finish a level to qualify for Blinko. It’s a lose, lose situation. I honestly thinking of moving on from this game and finding another that I could actually look forward to me time and playing. Trust and believe, I belong to sever groups and most members feel the same. The more you invest, the less you get. I hope you actually care and listen to the comments under your Facebook page, they are all saying the same thing. Thank you, Jackleen
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4 years ago, LukesDJservice
Not as much fun anymore, more app issues
Use to be my favorite app, ever for many years. But is no longer as much fun, bonuses are difficult to get, when I get them rarely any hits go thru billions of credits in minutes. I have began playing Zynger Poker which is now mine and wife’s favorite and we play for hours and never run out of credits. I will no longer purchase credits from them as credits don’t last and special games they offer eat up credits to fast. Artic Tiger Max is one of the worst additions, I’ve gone thru billions and only got bonus once with only a few points over bet won, don’t waste your credits on this one. Last night (Sept 27) I lost over 100 billion credits because after after bonus app would exit out of app, I was betting 400,000 credits. Then I’d come back to game the default came in at 30,000,000,000 . Once I noticed I corrected. Then today same thing happened but I didn’t realize it till I lost 400 billion credits. If anyone else is having this problem please share. I’m so angry I’m about to report app local news station to get to bottom of this. Last week I purchased $119 to purchase credits.
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3 years ago, Hunt4lor
Reel tough to win
When the people behind the scenes say ,to every complaint I might add, it’s random. Hey. Just have fun, I have to believe that yes it is random, but you can always put a few less numbers or pictures on a given wheel and change the random to even less. And what’s with the last reel spinning like mad to get three of something when it does not even come up on the last wheel. Get it together Sloto mania! Loosen up your slots a bit. I got totally jacked out of billions in the Sloto Boss game . I had a whole bunch of credits and when it came to everyone playing the bonus I got shut out and all my credits disappeared. I wrote customer service and usually they are pretty fair but nobody would do anything except ask if I had a screen shot. I lost 75 billion chips and should have won at least 100 times that. Not to mention the more chips you have the higher the minimum bet. Oouucchh!!!!! Lighten up. You have users that have been playing for years and just want to have fun. Sloto mania... there are those that spend and those that don’t. Don’t hate the ones who don’t. Please just have fun!
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4 years ago, BLUOCEANS
Game Glitches
I have been playing for several months now, I’m level 2300+. The game has proven entertaining and challenging, you can’t however; play and enjoy at no cost, you will eventually spend money. The game has been glitching as well. I’ve won money several times via gifts or what have you that I had not paid out. Just last night I won over 2 million from a gift and received none. This happens when you need it most I’ve noticed. Just now, I attempted to purchase money back on the Turn Back Time feature, and was unable too. Tried to break my piggy bank, stayed it was “processing payment” but unable to break bank. . Several attempts failed and it isn’t because the card isn’t good, so what gives? What I’ve noticed is, you have the most trouble winning money and keeping money when you are close to a huge reward, like closing an entire book of cards for 48B, the game refuses to allow you to win or keep winnings or pay with winning cards. I played and won every challenge several times and received no new cards. Same for my husband who plays with me. You say it’s a game of chance but evidence speaks for itself, it’s rigged. UPDATE: Still playing, still love the game, just gets frustrating at times, such is life! Thanks Slottomania for the BEST Slots Gaming around!
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5 years ago, freee timee playerr
Eagle Quest
So my Eagle Quest slot is stuck on free spins and won’t load. I’ve even shut down my iPad to see if it would reload. Didn’t work! So that slot just won’t work anymore! Another complaint is after you win a big pot on a slot don’t expect another one on the same machine as it will take back everything that it gave you if you stay on it. Move to another machine after a big win! The pop ups also get way out of hand trying to get you to buy more coins as there is no need to do this. Lots of things already on the main page to click on if you need more coins. Putting three or four pop ups pushing you to buy more coins takes away the fun of this app every time you load the game! So I’m rating this slot app 1 Star as many things need to be addressed to make this a better experience for the players. The tournaments on this app are also a scam as I bet millions of coins only to find out were I placed only returned a tiny fraction of what I bet. Really only the top two players received the majority of the prize. Make sure you see the pay outs before tournament play and not after as I did, you will lose a great deal of coins if you don’t finished in the top two! Pro”s for this app are that you can get many free coins each day if you know we’re to look! It’s the best feature of this app as even if you lost all your coins you can get free ones back and can keep playing the game.
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4 years ago, Oma2anna
This is a fun and challenging game to play. I had gotten frustrated with it a few years back when a glitch happened and I lost all my coins and my ranking. I decided to try it again after some of my friends and family was saying how much more fun it is now with all the improvements and challenges and daily activities. Joining a clan really helped and makes it an even better experience. I would have rated this 5 stars except for a few things. Some of the ways to get coins or rank up starts to get more and more difficult the higher the ranking you get. You have to bet so much to play some of the games to win cards or rank up that eventually you run out of coins and can’t get there. I have a friend that is ranked so high that he has to bet trillions in order to advance or win prizes. It takes the fun away from playing because most of the time he doesn’t have enough coins to play his dashes. I wish a better explanation was given for how you collect clan points. Some people play and play and get lots of clan points and some people can play just as much and barely get any. Besides the few issues tho I recommend this Slotomania game. It is both challenging and fun and worth downloading it.
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5 years ago, USMC "old corps"
An extremely fun diversion
Though I have had my ups and downs in the game and put up with some glitches as well, I still think it's the best online free (if you choose it to be) games out there. I have a few special games I play and always see to come out ahead. I play the quests when they come out and that's where I end up losing my shorts (so to speak). There's a new quest going on right now. I have managed to complete all but one. The particular game in question is not on my list of favorites and for a reason. Very low payback ratio. This is a game that can (and usually will) take it all away from you and you still won't be close to completing it. I alway choose the hard quest. It's the difficulty that gives you something to look forward to. I have around 32 billion coins to play with and have played the last game in the quest long enough to have pretty much finished two of the necessary components. I'm betting 25 million per spin and haven't cracked 2% of the total necessary to complete the quest. The reward isn't worth continuing. Otherwise it's a fun game if you can convince yourself to slow down when you're on a losing streak.
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1 year ago, Glo4me
Game improvement needed
I’ve played this game for many many years and it has definitely changed. I used to really love the ME time but it I believe it has changed ownership again and has become somewhat frustrating. I do believe that advertisements pay to keep this game free buy the amount of constant pop-up ads have become absolutely too constant and annoying. Just loading the game to play takes time away from spinning. It’s bad enough that we now have sooo many advertisements popping up when we already have a side bar with at least 10 - 20 same ads. Then we have to leave what maybe a winning game to go collect the floor bonus games because if you don’t do that, your game stops winning. I’ve notice that when my game stops hitting good spins, I come out of it and the floor does roll or other bonus is sitting there waiting. I also don’t like that we no longer get an ace pack when we spin for lotto. Ace back is now in store and it you don’t find it on your free try, you then have to use your precious gems 💎 to try again. I truly don’t like that at all because they all seem to be 1 star duplicate aces. Thinking about deleting but let’s see how this moves forward a little while longer.
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6 years ago, Quick to clean up
Playing with tricks
This game was very fun in the beginning. It truly reminds me of a casino. I say this because I got up to over 10 BILLION IN MONEY! But it’s always to good to be true cause within a matter of 3-4 days I took all the money back. It’s very disrespectful and deceitful just like real casinos are. And you can get rewards by TOTAL REWARDS a CEASERS CASINO GAME THAT IS SUPPOSED TO HELP OUT YOUR REAL CARD SCORE FOR COMPS. BUT I WILL TELL YOU WHAT,,, it’s the most HORRIFIC COMP CARD SYSTEM THAT IS OUT THERE CAUSE EVER SINCE INDIANA GRAN CASINO HAS BEEN BOUGHT OUT BY CEASERS/HARRAS. THE PLACE HAS GONE TO HELL AND THERE REWARD ARE THE WORST IN MY 20 years of playing. So all in all I will say that it’s best to stay away from a game like this unless you just want to play it for a few days. Cause if you don’t spend money they will not let you keep what you win in the beginning cause that’s all gambling games want is your real money just like casinos do. Sorry for this review but I am probably one of the most honest people out there and I call it as I see it and have it happen. Also if your 21 or older,,, stay out of any casino that is owned by CEASERS/HARRAS because only if you go there and put your money at the right time on the right day will you ever walk out a winner!!!! Now let’s see if this review will even be put out to read!! I’ll bet my money it’s not lol!!!!
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2 years ago, Baby Zoomed
I used to adore this game
Edit: due to the response, I am changing my star rating. I’ve been playing this game for a while and I really loved it. I stopped playing for about a year and when I came back, eh… I really like the interface now, compared to the old one. I also like the way slotocards is set up now. It feels easier to get to my albums. However, the pop ups for certain events just gets on my nerves really bad. Specifically the level rush rally. I can barely play because I’m having to wait for that thing to go away. The “ballinko” prizes aren’t worth it, honestly, even at the best case scenario, and so it’s just so irritating and I can’t get it to go away. There’s no way to opt out of it and say no thank you. The fact I can’t also turn off pop ups and just let it spin for a bit is a bit annoying too. Like, I primarily play the big bad wolf game and I usually have it set to spin until the bonus and something about leaving it for a moment just to come back and find out it hasn’t been spinning for 10 minutes because I got a big win is really irritating. Like, I wish there was a way to opt out of the pop ups for big wins and to just say no to the level rush rally. If it weren’t for these, I would enjoy the game but I’ve gotten to a point I don’t even want to play because I know I’ll have to tediously do the level rush rally.
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3 years ago, cowpokeky
Payouts on SUPER WHEEL
This new game has wheels and super wheels you would think that if you was to place a bet of say 8 million and you was lucky enough to hit a super wheel that you would win at least a free spin or your initial bet back but no it will only pay 6 million back what’s the super part of lossing on an extra game or in this case a SUPER WHEEL it’s not like that a super wheel appears everytime and what’s so super about putting smaller amounts on there if it’s a bonus spin then I feel like you should at least get a response or something other than less than you bet to begin with but it is only a game and not set up for anyone to win just the little things like this and not only this game where your extra spins and bonus games or spins never add up like they should it seems it gives me something to do at times when there’s nothing else to entertain just a game and I been playing for long time and never felt the need to pay for any thing other than I did use the 5 bucks that was given to us earlier in the year but total out of pocket zero and I’m on levels in the upper 5000’s
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4 years ago, SassyDiva50
Rip off
This game is a payoff for the ones on the other end , I’ve paid for 50% and never received it , contact them and everyone seems dumbfounded when you are explaining your situation, and now that this pandemic has hit , it’s not paying off for sure . For the past few weeks I’ve been spinning the wheel and only land on the blue flag for less coins never the black r white flag , for Sloto after waiting almost five days I haven’t gotten the white ball in years ,but they are constantly going up on the buying of coins and even if you get a coupon to redeem 50%, 30% or 20% they never add it to what you buy. They are taken our money and making the game very hard and not fun to play anymore and they can careless, but I will be looking into a class action suit for everyone who has become addicted and being ripped off . As they make the game very hard and difficult to play , win or collect coin and cards to complete your albums . And contacting the support team is a joke . Because they don’t help and they do not accommodate the players . I’m tired of seeing the wheel jump when I spin .
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5 years ago, Takedown157
Honest an fair Review; UNBIASED
I’ve been playing slot mania for three or four years. At certain periods of time, two or three month periods, I want to delete this app because it’s impossible to win enough coins to play longer in 3 to 5 minutes. This is usually followed by a streak where I have a nice win and then I’m actually able to go three or four days in playing here in there whenever I feel like; I want enough with mega wins to sustain the play. What honestly keeps bringing me back is the sheer play ability, aesthetically pleasing graphics and the crafty way they integrate mini games into this overall slot experience. I’ve play other slot machines and hands-down this is by far the coolest and most intelligently thought out version of a slot machine game. In fact the side bonuses and other mini games I have actually indeed, Willingly spent money on a free “virtual“ slot machine that I know will never pay out. LOL. Therefore although you will go through periods of unreasonable loss percentages, at times, it is well worth waiting for the winning streak to come, which makes which will make those losses and frustration with and seem worth it.
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5 years ago, Smarty888
I really enjoy many of the games that Slotomania offers to us that enjoy the "sport" of spinning! I really have fun when I hit the bonus rounds in the games! It doesn't take long to hit good pay-outs and to level-up! Thank-you to all of you at Slotomania for the fun and relaxing diversion from the sometimes stressful day to day experiences we all endure! I don't understand why some of you get so angry at Slotomania if you don't win. If you are not happy with them-go to a real casino and see how much you win there! Lotsa love to all✌️Still having fun, still winning plenty. Thank-you Slotomania for all the fun! It has been 1 and 1/2 years for me at Slotomania™ Casino and I am still having a blast! I realize that sometimes you win more and sometimes you don't, but why complain? Just cut your losses, take a break and get back in there for some more big wins! I believe that with many things in life as well, you go through cycles(ups and downs), so relax, have fun and only spend as much money or free coins that you are willing to part with!😊✌️️Marty; Three years later, I am still having a great time at Slotomania, never a dull moment!
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4 years ago, TakeTheBank
Horrible Absolutely Horrible
New game added Lucy’s Casino Extravaganza. This game takes the player on a plane journey to different Casino locations WhaaaaHoooooo each location is the exact same game except each location has a separate bonus guessing game once you arrive at the destination that in my experience so far doesn’t even come close to a fair payout. I’m mid-way through this Extravaganza and I’ve lost 11 billion coins so far on 4.8 million bets which is the minimum to play. My average win on a 4.8 bet is 2.4 but 90% of the spins are nothing just total loses. This is disgusting the thought to ever spend a dime on a game that will take everything you bet with 0 reward in return baffles me. Don’t tell me it’s a fair game it’s not No player betting the minimum on any of these particular games should lose over 90% the bets. If you want players to spend real money on your game make it fair play so the player can come out ahead if not why waste real money on LOSING 90% of the time or more. Yes you give out free chips LoL I spend a trillion you give a million in return. Disgusting
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6 years ago, Ashley8268
I would give "0" Stars if I could now...
When I first downloaded & started playing Slotomania, I absolutely loved it & would sit & play it for hours on end. I'm not sure what has happened with this game over the last month or so but I'm pretty much to the point that I'm about to delete it. Winning on virtually any slot or on any quest has become next to impossible, even "IF" you do happen to win the payouts are beyond ridiculously low in comparison to what you have to bet, you get to spend hours jumping from Facebook to Facebook page just trying to get enough coins to play for just a few minutes, the payouts when you trade in your Slotocards Stars is even more ridiculous (ex. It says you "could win up $300,000,000-$400,000,000" but yet you are lucky if the game pays out $10,000,000...Which seems like a lot but believe me it isn't), & even being in their "Slotoclub" don't help you any. I don't want to buy your "coin" packages so that I can play your game!! If I wanted to spend real money to play a game... I'd go to an actual casino where I might actually get some of that real money back!! Basically... This game has become so frustrating & aggravating that I'm fixing to just delete it & all the fan pages that go with it, unsubscribe from the emails, & go find another game that I can actually play for longer than 5-10 minutes only a couple times a day!!
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3 years ago, Saxmotors
Rate the gaming
I love to spend the time playing, but have a real issue with the insistence to pay to get ahead. I wouldn’t mind making a purchase, but have a security issue with my personal information. I know we are gambling, however you bet max bet and always come up with less. For me it takes the excitement out of the game. A jackpot shouldn’t take everything you got, it’s a game. Another issue is there is so many additives coming at you that it becomes a little confusing. Take today, I must have collected over two hundred Soto cards, yet I am still sitting at 177 of 190. I’ve been at this number for weeks. Also the rewards are a little light. You bet over 200,000,000 when you get the chance to win 2,000,000, come on. Another area is what to do if you run out of funds…. Wait… don’t play for few weeks…what, there should be a way to reboot a little quicker. Again I love the gaming but hate some of the issues or hoops you have to jump around with. Sorry, but I’ve been laid up for a while and playing the games help with the boredom. Just like I said, now I go to give feed back and can’t get past the “nickname” come on.
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2 years ago, Adam Parkey
Slotomania got bought out by a huge casino organization with experts to develop algorithms for people to spend money. This game does not pay anything. They will give you a good amount of coins then shut off payouts and bonuses and get you close to little goals in the game then hound you to purchase coins for a ridiculous price. I went to customer service and they admitted there is a fixed algorithm for each player. So NOTHING is based on actual luck. It’s all predetermined. This game has been scamming innocent people online looking for a alternative of going to a real casino. And they know how to nickel and dime you. My advice. So not give them one cent!!!! They will just take all your coins back again and hound you to purchase more. I hope this helps whoever is deciding on playing this game, not to. You are wasting your time and money on fictional coins that they eventually just take back. So please double think before installing…. It’s not worth it. They are greedy and just want to make money. Save your money and go to a real casino!!!
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5 years ago, Coachygal
Doesn’t pay out much
It seems that you always get the lowest outcomes in the bonuses. Game seems to pay as little as possible in bonuses no matter what. Your purchases are eaten up quickly because the game takes and takes and rarely gives and even more so lately. It seems like it’s just meant to have you spend and spend to play without giving you much back. Thinking of just finding another game that’s more fair in giving and taking. Very very disappointed lately especially since I am a loyal daily player. In addition, I’m not a fan of this Clan things they’ve changed it to. The game has become much tighter and very difficult to win enough coins to continue to pay without buying more coins. I’m not spending one more penny in this game. I’ve spent so much to pay lately and it just eats it up quickly. In the past I would win Big and Mega wins and play for weeks without needing to purchase. Now you have to purchase regularly. The developers seem to have just figured out how to make money and that’s what it’s become about instead out keeping loyal players who have already invested lots of money in their game and that play religiously. Too many others out there to keep dealing with this. I’ll only play when I get enough free points to play if I continue to play at all. It’s not cool to always take and give virtually nothing:(
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1 year ago, Jetangel63
Not real money
I am adding this update! The response does not address my problem! The INNER CIRCLE is creating glitches and the app shuts off! I have to start over through the adds I am a level 34,000 + if this was a real casino experience I would not be so upset, because the lights would not go out in a real casino, and I wouldn’t be playing to get fake coin, I would be getting a chance to win real money. I don’t need to win all the time…just don’t want to lose ALL THE TIME! I am frustrated. The glitching and instant shutdown just to try and start over. Go through the adds again and suddenly the game is cold. Too much going on for the game to be stable. I have a new IPhone 14 pro so it’s not me. I used to play a lot a long time ago. The machines and Slotmainia act like it’s real money. On a regular basis spinning 20 times won’t get 1 win. They are tight and take your coin. So if you buy more with real money, it’s gone again. So you never get real money but it supposed to be entertainment. But why do they pretend you have a chance to win big when the odds are not in your favor. When you get a big win, the Rally Rush will be sure to take it back. The games need to pay more so I will want to stay and only pay for what I want. I will delete soon. Too frustrated to stay and they don’t return emails.
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1 year ago, No buy no win
Longtime player
I gave them two stars for now. Things still are not great but they do respond to these reviews. Mostly the same answer/excuse each time but they do at least respond. Still the excuse they always give about it being a game of chance. When you do complain they just get vindictive and your chances of winning is even less. Such greed. You have to deal with so many pop ups before you can even play. I love the games and have played since the year they first began. If I’m lucky I can pass the dash maybe twice a week. So once again I can’t rate this game any higher than the one star I gave it a month ago. Game of ups and downs is their response. What a lame excuse. Three months of no success is not a game of chance. This game use to be one I could play everyday and at least pass the dash. Not anymore. I was use to dry spells that might last a week but now they are lasting months. Currently I haven’t had a decent week of passing the dashes since October. That is about 3 months. Do not try to reach high levels because once you do they don’t want you unless you pay for stuff. So called free games are not free. You want to play you have to pay. The most current owner of the game is greedy and do not care. Be warned.
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3 years ago, Beeyatch13
Nothing changed after all these years.
Quit for a year and a half. Came back to the game and realized why I left in the first place. Slotomania you have not changed. You keep increasing the price on purchases when I start to buy them. Daily dash keeps going up on each purchase. Quests and goals get harder and harder where it becomes unattainable. Are you people checking the coding? Who the heck put impossible challenges in there. Ballinko challenges turns on after I lost 75% of my money. Why the heck didn’t it turn on as soon as I started to spin. I spent $400 coming back. Never again. Everyone needs to stop purchasing coins. Stop feeding into the greed. They are taking advantage of everyone’s emotions and addictions. Edit: I came back in 2021 and this review back in 2019 still stands. Now they have a shark that is annoying. I can’t finish any level rush now unless I spend money. It turns on after you lost a lot. C’mon slotomania. Fix the level progress. It’s like I have to take a break for months til these changes need to be updated.
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4 years ago, Ms.Conduct
Customer since day one!
As a customer of over 10 very long and loyal years, I am sadly disappointed with the game, perks, bonuses and customer service and appreciation! The game used to be based off level play, now if you are fortunate enough to hit a good run, which are far and few between, you are penalized by outrageous daily tasks, low level lobby bonuses and the level up bonuses aren’t even equivalent to one spin! I have invested thousands of dollars unfortunately but no more! My advice to any new player is never, and I mean NEVER, spend the first dollar, no matter how enticing the offer may be! Your algorithm changes completely! You are no longer “playing for fun” because then you become a paying customer! The ads, pop ups, lobby bonuses all slow your play to make each task and quest unattainable. Don’t believe it? Try it, just once, you’ll know immediately what I’m talking about! I’m VIP and have been for quite a while, but in 10 years, I’ve only hit the Grand, for a lowly 900 billion coins, once! So trust me folks, play for fun=free!
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5 years ago, miss crabby pants
My reviewI agree with heater woman
Why don’t you give all the coins that I win? I have been shorted 99% of the time!!! Why is it that whenever I give you a great rating on big wins do you stop giving me big wins? I had over 4 billion coins just days ago. Now I’m just over 300 million. Seems time for some big wins. Dealing with the same things again. I can’t buy coins, I am a widow and have to work to pay my bills. This is supposed to be my entertainment but it gets to stressful for me. Probably should switch to solitaire 😕 I have been playing your newest game. I get 5 of a kind then freezes until I get out and then back in. Lost those points 3 times for sure. What’s up with that 😏😕 at 30,000 current points I should be happy, but asking if I like the “big wins “ is like rubbing it in. Yes, you have control, not me.😕I just got some awesome free spins 🙂 but my daily dash isn’t working 😞 what’s up?daily dash is not working again 😕I am done with your game. You stopped me from doing a bonus because I was in another game. Waited 9 spins until I got a bonus. You are to unfair for my blood.
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10 months ago, Msprissnicole1985
Too Many pop ups ANNOYING!
Betting more to win more is just not true. I just bet $500K per spin, 25 times on automatic spin. I lost $10 million dollars, didn’t hit a bonus, free spin, scatter or anything. Pop ups for events I thought I took care of before I decided to pick a game and play popped up 5 times and there was nothing I needed to do in those pop ups. I hate Daily Dashes, Mole…whatever, the Rally? Or something?and the thing where you have to pick gems to win money. I hate them all bc you HAVE to play whether you want to or not there is NO setting to block them or option not to play bc they will interrupt your games until you do. It’s STUPID AND INFURIATING Free coins- yay but I’m trying to relax and play slots right not i don’t care about the extra stuff and this game absolutely doesn’t respect that at all. Sometimes I get on and bet like $25K per spin and win millions and hit bonuses but there’s always messages to bet more to win more and you don’t you just go up and down until they drain you dry which I know is gambling but statistically, in real life, I would’ve won more than than I do here so there’s mo incentive to bet more or buy coins bc you’re gonna just tread water and I don’t even know what the “slot cards” are for or why or how I get them or why I should even care!!!
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4 years ago, Zs BMW Gma
Longtime player 2 No Time playing
I've been playing now for a few years and I've watched the game come a long way, However, ENOUGH ALREADY, Y'all have gone from spinning, spinning, spinning and not really getting a lot of wins to being Bombarded every 3 or 4 spins, it's annoying as hell when you only have 6 minutes to play and you spend 5 minutes being interuppted with cards and hints and balls and dashes and prizes that are miniscule in comparison to how much you are spinning with, don't get me wrong,some of these things are great, but for me all this constant and continual interuptions are annoying as hell,can you please put a pause button with the next insertion and give me 25 uninterrupted spins and when I'm ready I'll unpause the button and see what's there, otherwise I'm afraid I'm out, I don't normally write reviews at all,so just know I like this game and I spend a little money here and there and that's saying a lot for someone on a fixed income Just please,slow it down, it's annoying and distracting, and if it's time for some me time, Give Me Some Me Time, it's a Slot Game that now you don't get spin more than you get to be interuppted- I'm just saying
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2 years ago, Cure Seeker
Customer Support, Creative Game Designs and Daily Free Coins
I have enjoyed Slotomania since it seems more than a decade and the new games, earning Slotomania cards to turn in duplicates for coins and the tournaments keeps this one as my favorite. I’ve always received a quick response and great Customer Service with the exception of one rep who I am certain didn’t last long without complaining. You cannot find better IT security protection which is very important when selecting games. Hackers have accessed my account on many games, but never on Slotomania. Excellent job! I cannot think of a downside except losing coins rapidly on “adventure challenges” as some of the games are hundreds of spins to hit all three requirements. The last one played, I did have my starting balance back by finishing the challenge. I really love Slotomania, it’s gambling and you win some and lose some. I have spent a lot of money playing, everyone spends money on entertainment and their favorite game apps. It’s fun, I give Slotomania 5 Stars. I rarely rate a game, but this is well deserved!
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4 years ago, eframe20
UPDATE: Don’t Waste Your Time
IN RESPONSE TO YOUR RESPONSE: You keep saying “it’s a game of chance” “It’s about strategy and luck”. That’s fine. That’s what’s slots are. But my point is (and most every other reviewer as well) YOU HAVE MADE IT HARDER. You’ve changed the algorithms to make it harder. Look at all these reviews. UPDATE: I played this game every single day for 4-5 years. It was so much fun. You won some and you lost some. It felt like a real slot machine. Then, each update, they kept taking more and more. Before you know it, you never have any coins to hit the Daily Goals or to be able to get all the features on a game. Look at the reviews. You can see where they start to change. The developers know that’s when they changed the algorithms. Trust me. Stay away. I stopped two weeks ago, and my life is so much better off now. This game used to be great. I have been playing it for years, but it’s time to finally delete it. The game is fun when you have enough coins to play, but they make it impossible to keep coins anymore. Such a shame.
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