Slots Casino: Vegas Slot Games

4.7 (19.6K)
189.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinuo Limited
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slots Casino: Vegas Slot Games

4.69 out of 5
19.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Fraggin' granny
Sleek and beautiful!
I’ve been playing slots for years and until now I’ve had a couple of favorites. I deleted all the ones that had annoying features and tired illustrations. This one is different! It’s very attractive...the artwork is clean and appealing. The variety of games is outstanding and offers some new twists. Also, there are games that pay frequently with smaller amounts and those which take more time to hit the BONUS but are crazy generous! Oh and no annoying music either, the tunes are pleasant. If you enjoy beautiful, well executed slots, try it! $$$$ Good Luck :-)
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5 years ago, Queeeeen423
What happened?
Since latest update, the win/loss ratio has changed SIGNIFICANTLY. Now, you BARELY win, and to get a bonus, pigs need to be flying, and people in hell would have to be serving up snow cones. That’s how impossible it is now to get a bonus. Doesn’t matter which slot you play, it’s the same. This used to be my go to game when I wanted some harmless gambling, with fake money. But after this update, I have to say, they’ve lost me. I went from 3.9 billion, to 1.7 billion in less than 30 minutes, and my bet is at 7.5 million. Oh, that’s ANOTHER thing they’ve changed. They took away the 5 million bet. It goes from 3 million to 7.5 million. Ugh, I’m just done with this game. I’m going to play out my 1.7 billion, and after it’s gone, which at the rate I’m going with all the loses, will be in about an hour, I’m deleting this game. Edit: I stopped playing for a while, hoping things would change, and it didn’t. I went from 2.1b to 2500 in less than an hour, with only 2 bonuses, at a 7.5m bet. Deleting and uninstalling this game. 🤷🏽‍♀️
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5 years ago, BabyBlueTarh33l
That’s Why They Ask 4 Rating Continuously The First Day
The usual awfulness of a company to let you win & win big & have a blast the first day or two & then you get cut off, bombarded with ads left & right, even right in the middle of actual gameplay & bonus/free spin rounds & you get no more of any special feature rounds again until you’re completely broke. Same old scam to try & sucker people into buying coins when it’s clear they spend no time developing the game any further & support is nonexistent, never responding to anything you write in about & they’re only interested in thieving people’s money. I reached 550 Billion & Level 300+ in first two days & then next 4 days straight nothing but ads, losses, & no special feature, bonus, or free spin rounds & took entire 550 Billion in a row...oh but that ain’t rigged now is it? Trash companies allowed on App Store is getting to be too much!
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2 years ago, limit_less1
Fun, fun, fun!!
I really love that this game gives you lots of coins as a welcome to start out with. And that you don’t lose them 10-minutes into the experience. I’ve been playing here for several weeks and my balance is still respectable. There’s nothing like seeing your balance go up sky high - and pretty much stay there. The games are clever and you have a choice between classic slots and video slots. All of which have been created with excellent graphic detail. One thing I really appreciate is my not having to look at ads for other gaming sites popping up in the middle of my game in progress. Getting out of the ad after suffering through it is frustrating and often times require a reboot of my device. Not exactly my idea of fun. Good luck everyone and enjoy the experience. RCR
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2 years ago, Happybah
Low payouts on free games
Like most slot games, payouts are good the first couple of days you play. After this timeframe, payouts are the worst of any slot games I’ve played. I’ll be playing 5 million dollar per spin games. I’m lucky to win 12.5 million dollars on free games. This game is really trying to make you pay money. The ads out awful also. Too many. I probably wouldn’t mind the ads if the payouts are better. I would avoid this slots games. Graphics are not anything special and the game is kinda slow. Also you have to do 4 levels before you get a new game. The old games get boring after a little while. so you have to wait for new games, and hope they are better.
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3 years ago, el pito de tu padre
Great app 4/5
Thought it was another casino app that only pays back a few big wins or mini jackpots a few times during the first day if the bet is under 1M, which is the way most casino apps play ball to hook people up, and once the bet is higher than 1M the chances of winning big are very rare. However, l am surprise that l’ve been playing this game for three days now and have won well over 8B without making a single purchase, and still winning. So, it is the best casino app l’ve played so far. The only reason l give 4/5 stars is because there are no live tournaments with other players. Moreover, the best of all, the app has not crashed even once, which is amazing compared with other apps that crash once or twice before even starting spinning, which is frustrating. Lastly, although not a lot of advertising, it does have some that pop out randomly in the middle of spinning without warning.
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3 years ago, Wahtsup
I play slots a lot I like you to be fair and give some fair wins , I left double down and deleted their app because they are cheaters and manipulate their wins , I do buy from the app a lot but when they started to be thieves and greedy I deleted the app You are starting to do the same, if you don’t reverse this stealing and manipulation you will be deleted as well All what I ask is fairness to have fun otherwise you will lose money and a customer and all what you get is bad reputation like double down
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3 years ago, ronniepcola
Fun, fair and entertaining
This slot game is the first that don’t seem to pressure you into buying. I choose to spend but I win enough to play for hours without spinning. The daily free coins are enough to entertain. When I spend, it is to bet bigger and feel rich for a day. Fun slots, excellent bonuses and win you win, you at least get a free spin if not more for small wins...unlike so many other greedy slots. Thanks to the devs for doing a great job at providing an excellent and fun way to pass time.
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4 months ago, M W little red
Highly recommended
After loading and unloading several Casino slot Apps for the last year now…...I found one that is exciting, fair, and over not priced. Wins are more than fair and free bonus coins are a life saver. So glad to find this game. The only real point of mention is that most of the games are locked. As well as there are real time dead spends on any selected game. No ads or interrupting messages as you are playing. Loads of fun and will not break you leisure bank. Great job to these developers.
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5 years ago, CinBoBin
Best value and fun!
Your coins really last a long time on this slot, unlike so many other apps that just gobble them up as soon as you buy them... You are not forced to bet super high just cause you have a lot of coins, that’s something I really like about this slots app. I play every day and it makes me happy every day, so I’m totally addicted, I never thought I could win so much❤️
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5 years ago, Rup Peetie
Ad overkill
I really love this game and wanted to give it 5 stars. But when I finish one game, go to lobby to play another one I get this loud ad with no means of silencing or deleting it. Very annoying. Making me watch an ad in this manner is crazy. I silence sounds on the slots because I often play when in a quiet environment. When I want to change games, here comes this very loud obnoxious ad. I realize that ads are part of the experience but in this manner? I don’t think so.
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3 years ago, brat ada 13
There are games I used to love to play that just don’t pay anymore,especially since I play higher now, so much for the saying bet higher win bigger The ultimate epic link feature, doesn’t seem to work Anymore, is there something wrong…I really love your games as you can see I’m an avid user Okay, it’s the pink gems I love to play, I get free games, just not the pink gems where you need 4 or 5 to play Are you not doing 4 pink gem games anymore, am I betting too much
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3 years ago, casionochamp1000
Game choices
I have been playing this version for a very long time and I have put a few dollars in it, I wish we had more updates, different games and play bonuses. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m on level 4.5k and the coins I get are so hard. I buy most of my coins. It’s ridiculous. It’s like it’s set to always give me the lowest amount it’s aggravating Dale pack!
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3 years ago, Jenny_C86
Fun and it actually pays out
Like the classic games best. The daily challenge helps you earn more chips which is a bonus. Only complaint is when you want to change slots, an ad plays WITH CRAZY LOUD VOLUME which is more annoying than watching a silent ad which I would consider doing if they were silent. I immediately close the app when an ad plays now because of the sound.
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5 years ago, JSE2010
In Lockstep With Lock Spins Grand
I absolutely love this slot! It has made me a billionaire many times over. The slot appears to pay in cycles. There were times when 400 spins netted nothing of significance. Then, all of a sudden, Big Wins, Mega Wins, Free Spins, and Lock Spins. At the present time, I’m aiming for $100 billion, then I’ll increase my bet above $220 million per spin. As with any game of chance, results will vary. I’ve just been very lucky.
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8 months ago, Marketmama5174
I’ve been playing this for a few weeks. Recently I have had issues with the bonus rounds. Every time I get the bonus wheel, the entire screen freezes up. I have no choice but to turn my iPad completely off to reset the game. Once I’m back on the game, I’ve lost my entire winnings from the bonus round. I have actually invested money in this app so deleting it completely is not an option yet. But, I guarantee that I won’t spend anymore on it.
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3 years ago, Suchagirl
Lots of fun, easy and free
Title says it all. I love slot machines, but don’t love gambling with real money (I have terrible luck and not enough reserve to lose). This app is awesome. But be prepared to hit the spin button for hours since it is fun, easy and free. Though you could spend real money for in app purchases if you choose.
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5 years ago, MsLCC
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
This game has some really good points. You really seem to have a better chance at winning at least some games than other slot apps and definitely more than you would at a casino. The bad is that they seem to depend very heavily on ads for their income, because the ads are very intrusive. The ugly is that if you’re in a losing game it gets stuck and will not let you out without rebooting - not only closing the app but your iPhon. That’s definitely ugly.
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5 years ago, Concearned
Pretty Fair until level 100
I have played most all of these casino games on here. This one gives plenty of free coins. Sometimes you win a lot and sometimes you just don’t win at all. I went from over 1 billion coins to less than a million All while only betting 10 million max and tried several machines. But then I logon and get a bonus and get it up to 500 million the very next day. Rinse repeat. At level 100 the wins stopped. I decided to spend a few bucks on coins. MISTAKE. 200,000,000. Coins at 3 mil a spin on multiple machines and NO wins... just an immediate pop up to buy more!
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3 years ago, Dgambler69
Another rigged game deleted
Not sure how all these apps are getting such high ratings unless that’s rigged also. If you don’t purchase the overpriced coins, you won’t win. When you first start playing, you will get several wins but you’ll be spammed with ads to purchase. Your odds of winning if you don’t spend money drops drastically. Not many of the different slots are even worth playing. Can’t spend real money on fake coins if I’m not enjoying myself so this app gets added to all the others I deleted.
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5 years ago, Sierrakenziec
This game is amazing. Out of coins, just watch a couple of videos and you’re back to playing in no time. One of the best slot games out. The games are so much fun and the graphics are awesome. Thank you for making the players experience fun. This is one slot game that think of it’s players and not just lining their pockets. Thanks again
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4 years ago, china6767
I have never ever played a game like this one I’ve been playing it everyday I even deleted some of my other games cause I’m in love with this one... I’m a very sick women and for some reason this game relaxes me great job on developing this app everyone should at least try it I guaranteed you’ll enjoy it Thank you for a great game.😁
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1 month ago, downthehill45
Worst Slots Game ever played
This game is so heavily rigged it insults one’s intelligence, anyone with a basic math understanding can see it. I started with 216 billion points, increased my bets at the urging of the game to increase my odds of winning. I spun many many times with almost zero return. I currently have less than 24 billion points, all taken back in less than 10 minutes. Don’t waste your time with this garbage, and certainly do NOT spend ANY of your money on this game. I would rate the game as a big fat 0.
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2 years ago, Eternaljourney
You actually win a lot
Ive played countless slots app and this one is actually fun and has a lot of bonus features. The graphics and sounds are engaging. And best of you actually keep winning. Its a head above the rest of those other slots apps
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1 year ago, toiletpaoer
Did like once!!!!!
I did like this game once until I was on a call with my son and an ad broke into my call and I could not get out of the ad! You should be ashamed forcing ads like that! I think I’m going to delete, sad because it’s not a half bad game!!!
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5 years ago, Remembercody
In game malfunction
The lock it hearts game. I went to bonus after receiving three diamonds in a row. Five hearts dropped down and they locked for re-spins. On second re-spin, a heart dropped directly below one of the already locked hearts, however, it did not lock, nor did it recalculate the re-spins back to 3. Later, I had five hearts appear on the reels. One of the hearts was below a diamond bar on the reel. The diamond bar expanded and pushed the heart below the game, or off the reel, therefor I no longer had five hearts on the reel and they did not lock. For that reason, I’m out.
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4 years ago, Aquaprinces76
Keeps me playing
One of the few slot games where I can play for a long time because I win some and lose some. It’s not always losing coins and no bonus games. These slots are lose and pay out. I even got a bonus epic win with all wilds...that only happens in the ads.
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2 years ago, fluggendoog
Actually fun!
This game is better than other video slot games I would say because you’re actually win. For someone that just kind of once the distraction but also the amusement go with this one.
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10 months ago, poormansden
Slots Casino
As any other casino app, it’s all about them getting real money for fake coins. They lead you on making you think they are generous then after awhile the coins run low while they hope you pay real cash for more coins! If these apps offered $.99 coin packages maybe but I’m not giving my cash for fake coins!
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4 years ago, PQ 444
Very interactive * update
Minimal amount of ads🎉 Game keeps you engaged by allowing multiple ways to win points. Stay and play. Soooo many wipe you out right away if you don’t spend $$$ & I end up deleting the others apps. Also great customer service !
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5 years ago, GramaTT5349
So happy to find a “CASINO” game that doesn’t cost a fortune to play...lots of variety & different bonuses for each game, keeps your interest so you don’t get bored playing the same thing in each game..... MAKES IT VERY INTERESTING.....Hope you guys keep up the good variety & DON’T raise your pricing!!!!...This is one I WILL PASS ALONG TO FRIENDS!!! Especially like the DIA DAE AMOUR!!!!
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2 years ago, LeoMeeeeeeeeeeee
They aren’t stingy with wins like most casino games. If I wanted to waste real money on gambling I would just go to the actual casino! So Im glad they don’t purposely fix the game to lose all your free coins in an attempt to get you to buy them.
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4 years ago, mmmmmmmmbbbbbbyyyyy
Fun site.
Happy with this site so far. Been playing a few days now and win just enough to come back the next day. Other sites let you win the first day or two then drain you dry.
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4 years ago, 001FLASH
Slots Casino
I was going for a little while longer I do my best to rate all games I would have been able to get a better version of this game but for know I will have to say 5 stars and if that changes I will have to say so good job and have a great day.
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4 months ago, heivdk
Great game
My grandfather has been playing this game for to long it even crazy how much money he has he currently has 2,369,167,281,814,773,760 and it keeps growing It’s mind blowing how much he earned I think he has the most in this game out of anyone
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7 months ago, nano14404
Slots casino
Wow, talk about excellent. After playing Slots Casino I felt like a winner. Not only did I hit so many jackpots, but just the machine’s coins dropping and games Thame songs, all I can say is wow what an experience, you gotta try. 👍🏽
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3 years ago, ritah826
Slots Casino
Love the game! Variety of games. Not a lot of distracting ads as most games. So far they seem to be fair as well with winning. But then I’ve only had the game 2 days lol. Hoping it stays as good as it is because its relaxing!
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2 years ago, The1jazzybabe
Fun Game.
The game does let you play. There’s so many games to choose from. Takes a bit to get things rolling. But when it does, it really gets going. Then expect all to be taken away so they can ask for money. The daily missions are not worth doing because all they do is make you spend all your coins only to get into your pocket. Sorry but absolutely not worth the game without getting cash back.
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4 years ago, Proverbs14-2
If your looking for game that is actually fun to play, and you actually win look no further. I’ve played the game for about two weeks now. I’ve won and lost my way into multiple billions of chips so far.
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4 years ago, Hot summer fun
On week three without running out of coins!
Am enjoying these slots tremendously! Games are all different and they actually pay enough to keep playing without running out of coins.
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4 years ago, Greasur
Skulls and zombies
Game is cute with the little skulls and you land 3 and it gives you free spins and the butterflies is a nice touch asking people to make their own choice for what they want wild the girl or the guy zombie I think works for sure. I like this game I have played it more than once GOOD GAME!!
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3 years ago, Grouco
Don’t spend money
The game is fun at first and you win a lot at the beginning but then the fun ends. This is an obvious money trap by trying to get you addicted to winning and then all of a sudden you can spin 300 times and the only wins you get are ones that break even or not lose anything. There is absolutely no reason to spend money on this game as there is nothing to achieve by playing. Be smart like me and don’t spend money on this game.....peace out my friends!
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1 year ago, TaylorMar
Great entertainment lots of choices to play, once you start building levels. You can play for awhile as long as you don’t lose a lot of money
Show more
5 years ago, MaxwellOKC
Chili Loco
Love this game out of all!!! Best pay-out...but you can tell when computer takes over; you can blow through a bunch of chips(1.5b to 30-40m) then it gives you big wins with lots of bonus games or wilds to boost your bank back up. Also gives biggest daily and hourly free chips.
Show more
4 years ago, DonamarieK
Lot of Fun!
While on some slot games I seem to run out of money pretty fast, my money actually lasts and builds up. There’s too many games out there so I’m not about to dig out my credit card to play but thankfully with this company, I don’t need to.
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5 years ago, SMSoulie
The Doggie Slots!
They will let you build your credits quickly and, although it can get cold for a while, it will give you multiple big wins again after that.
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2 years ago, LumpyLu
Awesome Casino
I am astounded that this casino doesn’t bombard us with a bunch of annoying ads (that I don’t watch anyway). We just get playing time. WAY TO GO, team. Thank you for a pleasant, relaxing game.
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5 years ago, why-not-fix-it
Lots of fun
I have played this almost non stop. It keeps you moving and has a good variety of games. However the games are programmed for lower and lower payouts as you go along. It is now getting to where there are few payouts, pretty much just watching spins of nothing. It will probably hold my interest for a couple of more months.
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3 years ago, nevabuyinapp
Great game poor customer service
Love the game but when it comes to contacting support I got no response. I made an in app purchase and it was not credited to the game. I emailed them with my problem, it has been 3 days and still no response, not even an acknowledgment that they are working on the issue.
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4 years ago, kakamaka777
This is a fraudulent company. I spend a lot of money thousands of dollars to got to the black elite and after I got there they reset my account to bronze like I never played. I try to contact them by email and they reply with the promise to fix the situation but never happened. Next I have to contact Apple to remove their app from the Apple store and next to contact a layer. My opinion is for everyone to NOT use this app.
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