Slots of Vegas

4.6 (4.2K)
156.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
HHS Daily
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slots of Vegas

4.64 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
5 years ago, neat reet
Win some and lose some
I like this app just like all the others at first. I win win win in the beginning until the app developer feels it’s time for me to buy coins and then I lose it all in an hour. I like the graphics on these games and they don’t flood you with commercials or coin sales, yet. I have only been playing a day though.
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5 years ago, BabyBlueTarh33l
Hundreds of Millions Cheated Out Of
I thought I’d finally found that one great game that didn’t interfere with a player if they could win. Boy was I wrong. I had the game freeze up on me out of nowhere & for the first time right when I hit 3 Jackpot’s together & didn’t get the coins added to my account either. The game froze itself up after I had gotten a +10 retriggering of free spins, a huge win, & then a Respin Bonus hitting 3 Jackpot’s, & all within the first 3 spins of my initial 10 spin free spin round & needless to say when I got the game back up & going I got cheated out of all of it & I’ve got the screenshots that prove it. Then the game proceeded to give nothing but losses straight in a row until 400+ Million coins were gone, straight in a row, but I guess that’s coincidence & random! Bogus Cheats shouldn’t be allowed on the App Store!
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4 years ago, Emily1898
Ad Issues
Won 4.5 mil in genie of lamp on the respin feature and then got an ad right away, when the ad was over I had the same amount of coins as before and my winnings were never added. Also when I’ve had auto spin set on other games and I get a “big/super win” an ad pops up right away but the spins are still going while the ad is playing. Shouldn’t the game be paused while the ad is going? What if I wanted to stop the auto spin and can’t because I’m in an ad and then losing money?
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4 years ago, Ghostcracker
Finally Someone Listens
Their customer service actually responds to issues and corrects them. So far out of countless apps I’ve tested they are the only ones to actually listen, and respond fairly. All of the others generally won’t answer or offer zero help. Highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, (!)chrissi(!)
Jackpot Winners Driving Me Crazy
I like playing these slots, but even though I suffer through a new app solicitation every other spin, I am pretty tired of having my entire playing area covered with flashes of “Jackpot Winners” from every game played. If I can’t even see what I’m playing, why should I even care if I won a jackpot or not? I’m about ready to play one of the apps you keep urging me to try. And by the way, I’m also tired of watching app after app telling me to download & play when I ALREADY have them downloaded and play them. Ridiculous & time wasting. Bores me.
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5 years ago, DaJuLee
False Description
The variety of casino games is what made me download this app. The description says you can play Blackjack, Poker, Roulette etc. live with your friends. HOWEVER THERE ARE ONLY 7 slots and that’s it. You also have to put up with random ads. Unless you pay to have them removed. Nowhere could I find the other games in this app. Am I doing something wrong? There is no social interface to play live with others. I was the only one in the “room” playing the slots. Thought you could play with friends. Disappointing.... as this app is not what the developers described. On a positive note, they give a generous amount of startup coins. Thanks for that. Incidentally, the announcer’s voice, when you get a win - is not a very good choice. Needs to be replaced with a better, more realistic and exciting voice.
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4 years ago, josh0485
Don’t waste your time
This game is just like any other skis game. It’s a complete rip off. Designed to draw you into spending money. Nothing at all special about it. It’s near impossible to hit the daily bonuses. Completely not worth the time. The amount of coins you spend is tremendous in comparison to the amount you can actually win. By design the game will let you win at first and once they’ve drawn you in they “allow” you to lose everything in hopes you will spend money to gain the coins back. 100% not worth your time at all.
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5 years ago, IphonesUgh
Real vs Virtual
For my 19th birthday last night i went to a slot hall and lost all of my money. Today, i downloaded an app that gave me loads of free coins and showed me what it felt like to win, and even on the occasional loss, you can rest assured knowing you haven't truly lost. I appreciate this games generosity and slot fairness.
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7 days ago, Yogicare143
Nice events
Yeah it started out rough but the game have seem to open up to me I guess it is a matter of luck I had a nice run but eventually out of chips again nice slots and events keep up the good work
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4 years ago, Brocky746
Reasons for a 4 rating
The reason I rated you a 4 was because of your missions. Their so out of proportion with other games. They are so difficult that you can’t finish any of them without having to spend money. I don’t mind spending money but I would like to see more of the games before I do so.
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2 years ago, Mikemc01
Nice slot games — poor payouts
There is a nice variety of games. Some of which are just knockoffs of well-known slots. The payouts, however, are extremely poor. Only managed to get one bonus round after playing for nearly an hour. And even then, the payout was very small. I’ll probably keep playing until I run out of credits. Then, just delete it. Not really worth stressing over. Plenty of other slot games out there.
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2 months ago, Shark man mode
Lots of fun. Lots of different slots to play. Never gets boring. Very possible to play and win. If you like playing slots and don’t want to bury yourself to play try this game.
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4 years ago, Commes des garcons
Daily bonus
I enjoy doing the daily bonus challenges to win $5 million if you complete all 5 in a day BUT every single day getting respin once on Genie of Lamp is one of the bonus requirements and is so annoying. Why put the same one on there every day? I do not like the Genie of Lamp slot and it’s so hard to ever get a respin bonus. They need to change that up.
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8 months ago, papa123455657
Worse slots game ever
I don’t know how this game has a 4.7 star rating other than bots. Game actually is not bad, but every 5 spins or big reward you get a video, which is annoying but ok. Then those videos turn into dark screen of impossible loop, that you have no choice but to quit game and start again, just to realize your wins are taken away. Stay away from this game!
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5 years ago, Deron Grぃimes
Great Games Like The Casino
I love the games at slots of vegas, they're just like the ones in casino. The bonus money is minimal for the bets required and I have to save up just to play a few minutes.
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3 years ago, Jenny_C86
Ads overtake game
Don’t try to change slots unless you want to waste 30 seconds on yet another ad. This is by far the worst slot game when it comes to in opportune ad timing. So much so that I’ve swipe closed it just to stop them. And ads pop up while you are playing a slot WITH LOUD VOLUME even when my phone is on silent.
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4 years ago, sandaner
Way too many ads
Too bad really, the slots are fun BUT WAY too many ads. Most ads don’t even work properly leaving a black screen. But the WORST is that they have figured out a way to bypass my silent button on my phone! Blaring audio that often has only the audio with no way to stop it but to close the app. Will be deleting
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3 years ago, Jersgirl09
I love Slots Of Vegas. I’ve had no issues with anything in my time of playing so far. It’s fun and has good graphics and slots. Thanks for the fun, SOV!
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1 year ago, FOOLS QUEST
This is one slot where I couldn’t wait to lose my free coins. The constant buy buy buy and every time you would switch to a new game the ads were just horrible and last for 2 to 3 minutes before you could get back to playing. Once my free coins where done I left this review and delete it.
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3 years ago, dmm3668
Best game yet
Better then Casino U You never win there ever at least this one is fair and genuine and they get that is is a free game thank you
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4 years ago, lightening link loser
Ads galore
I have never played a game that has as many ads as yours and for that reason I will not play anymore. It is ridiculous. If I wanted to play all those ad games, I would go to the App Store and download them myself. I want to play yours and unfortunately, every time I go to lobby to play a different slot, surprise up comes another ad. Well no more. See ya..
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4 years ago, chinook guy 4
Worst game
This has some of the best slots and graphics... but you can’t win or play more than maybe 2 to 5 mins at a time. Can’t get ahead in this game and definitely can’t hit a bonus. I spent some money on coins and still couldn’t win. By far the worst experience I’ve had with any slot app.
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3 months ago, Live*to;)win
Good variety
Decent amount of slots to pick from
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3 years ago, 596abc
Please stop putting on my screen people who won. Drives me a little crazy
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5 years ago, sweetcheeks0303
Real casino fun
I play these games when I go to my local casino. Finally able to find the games I love in one app.
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4 years ago, StinkieBob
Oh my
Every where I go everyone I know says they have a lot to say about you but I think they have had to do that and it was a great day to go back home
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5 years ago, discussting
Losing again
As always you start winning fast, then as days go by it dwindles away faster. All the games are set up that if you don’t purchase from the ads they provide you’ll lose it all . Why does this always happen.
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4 years ago, Car5182
This game is the best and the best thing about it it makes you look like at the casino
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3 years ago, Robertfr
Great game
I love that it doesn’t keep forcing you watch advertising to play the game The game has great graphics and is fun to play
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4 years ago, The man 2622
It’s one of the best casino games
It’s one of the best casino games, I have played so far, not only fun and addicting, but I like the idea of it prizes
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5 years ago, PC coop
Slots of Vegas
Lots of fun. Good slots to choose from. You gotta keep playing to win. Hit the continuous button. Good luck! Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, Djw160
Buggy and lost big on a jackpot
I had well over 13+mil off a bonus free spin and was going on more when the reels kept spinning and I “lost connection”. Still had wifi and it reconnected me back in seconds and didnt pay me anything. Very buggy and wont be playing anymore after losing like that.
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4 years ago, gram elaine
Great graphics. Not bothering player with a lot of messages. Price of coin packages good. Wish they had some lightening slots but live this app
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3 months ago, Ehhshssh
Horrible Game
You win at first then all of a sudden nothing. I haven’t moved up a level in 2 days because they give you like enough coins a day for a few spins and you don’t win. They do so you spend money on the game which I’m not doing so I can’t even have fun
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4 years ago, chrisj43
Game messed up!!!
What’s up with this game? I tried to click on the new game and it says it needs to be updated so I click on the update button and it just says open no update. I click on the open button and it takes me back to the screen where it says update !!!
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1 year ago, TaylorMar
Great slots
Having fun with all slots, you can win and lose but it’s fun!!
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5 years ago, Crittercar
This is one of the only casino games that give you a choice of how many auto spins.
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4 years ago, skeobird
Great games
Ads paid good coins and easy to build up your money
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6 months ago, Aida sue
Why do you ask us to rate the game only when we win one game How come you don’t ask us when we are on loosing the streak
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5 years ago, Paula foshee
This is a really fun slots game ,do wish players could hit bonuses more often, seem to be hard to hit. Pg foshee
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3 years ago, MTSOUL666
Just like in real life…..
That money will go quick….
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4 years ago, Mr meaner 1
Just started playing a few days ago. Fun.
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3 years ago, Kristeevious
Ads galore
Interrupted by millions of ads! Not just at starting of the game, you’re bombarded with ads between winnings, when switching games, basically every few minutes. Beyond annoying, makes me not want to buy anything and will be deleting the app.
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4 years ago, Baseballtch18
To many ads
Yes I understand it’s free unless you purchase coins. I play many slot games and this is the worst by far. Every time you get a “big win” you are greeted by ads. Just way to many. If you like watching ads every few minutes , this is for you.
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5 years ago, skyler4812
Great game!!
Really fun and they give you ways to make free money to keep playing when your as unlucky as me lol
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2 years ago, Md3372
Rip Off
Game malfunctioned due to a problem with their technology (they admitted it was their fault) - lost progress, lost multi $millions earned and purchased. Lost bonus Bingo points. Sent a note to the company and they gave us credit for a minor portion of what I lost.
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5 years ago, judas109873
Fun game
I enjoyed this. Better than the other slot games I've tried.
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5 years ago, Namtols
Good Games and Jackpots
Usually I run out of funds by now. But the game keeps you winning. Pretty fun bonus games.
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4 years ago, hhrle
Fun slots
Fun games, just like the others, win some lose more.
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4 years ago, Kahart52
Good but need more winnings
I need more willing to pay for a jackpot once in a while would be great
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