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User Reviews for Slots™

4.17 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
7 years ago, - Millie-
Review of Slots 777
This is my most favorite slot game. I play it for hours everyday. I love the progressive jackpot. The only thing that hasn't changed is the every 4 hour bonus that is still only 300 coins. I think you should finally raise the bonus. Also the contest you have on the game If you win you don't get the prize if you live in Florida or New York, that isn't right. I won many times but since I live in Florida I never received the prize. Thank you, Milly
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5 years ago, -Charlie88-
Too much time to win for the next level
I enjoyed your game but lately it seems you make it harder and longer time to get to the next level especially for the next 4 or 5 level before you get to the 10 or 20 millions winner. I started to time once you past the first 7 or 8 level after that it’ll take up between 9 or 10 hours to win one level sometime longer WOW! It was a fun game but after you kept playing from 3-4 hrs without winning any level and seems like the collection symbol only show up once every other hours it’s started to get really annoying and I am thinking I really don’t have that much of a leisure time to sit there and playing without winning much and this is goes to the same winning PROGRESSIVE on each game. It is a fun game but it’s can be tiresome when you playing for so long and feel like you are not getting any thing. My friends feel the same way unfortunately a few have left the game because they can’t sit wait 9-10 hours to pass to the next level.
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5 years ago, Sadaisy
What did you do to slots?
I have been playing this a long time and it’s been fun. Play everyday. But lately when those ads pop up and -pause- your game and your thrown into these unwanted ads.....when you X out of it to go back to your slot game it isn’t giving you your winnings from that spin. Also , when you go into slots for first time of the day it’s not giving you your daily bonus. Those ads pop up and take you unwillingly out to a game you have no desire to play and then you wait and push the X when it’s done and it takes you back but not giving you your daily chest win. Doesn’t matter if it’s free spins or coins your not getting it. Please get rid of those ads!!!! Causing a lot of problems. Btw I am using the most updated version of the game and it’s not my WiFi. What really upset me was I took the time to submit a question and you automatically closed it saying you don’t have enough support personal for the slot game. Wow!!!
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5 years ago, gokpcgo
Updates have really messed this game up!
This game used to be my favorite but not any more...going to delete it and look for another. It used to be exciting to play. I used to win a jackpot every once in awhile but not any more. Can’t build up a decent balance to play for any amount of time. Ads interrupt play all the time. Ads for free play constantly say ad didn’t finish loading despite the fact that I have sat through them to their completion, so no free play is awarded. All free play awards are ridiculously low except for some of the new high dollar bet feature but I can’t work my balance up enough to play that feature and get to the really high awards because I can’t seem to win anything of significance anymore and if I manage to win a few of the awards the feature times out before I can get more balance to play more to get the higher awards. I give up!!! Hate it when companies take a good thing and mess it up.
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5 years ago, GypsyMamou
Going downhill fast!
This used to be my favorite casino game until you went ad crazy, now you are losing my loyalty quickly! At least I had a choice if I wanted to watch ads to get extra points. Now, when I get or earn free spins, the darn ads pop up in the middle of play so I can’t even see the free spins nor what I win. And they also pop up during regular play at times as well. I have vowed to never get another app off a pop up ad so you are wasting my time. With so many pop up ads, it is becoming a “why bother” to try to play your app. 😤😤😤. Writing this several weeks later after the above comments. Now, whenever I try to play and an ad pops up in the midst of playing, I just exit the game. About done with you...if just isn’t fun anymore! Like the politicians, greed will do you in eventually. ☹️🤨
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3 years ago, 777pablo777
Starts off with a lot of wins then leaves you hanging and Bombards you with ads
I wanted to get a game that made me feel like I was in a casino. At first the game delivered. It lets you watch ads for 250 coins. Over timeThe game starts proactively making you watch as just to play. Also at first it was paying out left and right. Now it is super stingy. I guess they figured out if they make the “ Random” payouts happen way less often you are required to go and watch more ads just to get enough coins to spin the wheels a bunch of times and disappointingly lose. Whoever developed this game paid attention to all the studies that show the monkeys coming back for more hits of whatever is motivating them sometimes hitting bars for hours on end with no payout. Disappointing.
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7 years ago, Row-on
Quit controlling the row
The game used to be fun, the spin of rows has been affected , sometime you can see the row timing off as if it's being controlled and it takes more than it gives - kind of takes the fun out of the game, give me a break ! Thank you. I never got a wild card in the first wheel, it's there cause it always tease you but never stop on it and I been playing this game a long time. This game used to make you feel like a winner, now it makes you slow about down loading new games they give you a lot of free tokens after watching the advertisements of other games, then take all the tokens back. They need to get their foot off the Row! Ps what ever happen to the Pergressive points
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5 years ago, The Griller
Slots updated- what happened?
I ran your update the other day, and since then, the games will not finish downloading. I can watch a video for extra coins, and I could go into the three games that are there (all three of which I’ve finished) but nothing else. I received free spins the last two days, but can’t use them because my games (including the one I’ve been playing on for months) won’t load. I’ve rebooted my phone; didn’t help. There are no other updates waiting. It’s been days. I really enjoy playing this and don’t want to uninstall due to the years I’ve been playing and amount of ‘money/coins’ I have accumulated. When will this finish ‘downloading’. And I can update and play other games with no issues. ??
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7 years ago, Jayhawks0495
I enjoy this game but there is no comparison to what it was you do not get near as many free spins and never a progressive jackpot and it does not matter how much you bet. I also do not like the way it shuts down while you are playing it and then you have to restart. I am asking to go back to the regular way of playing or I will be not playing near as much and will be looking for a new game.. I do believe this game is rigged I have played this game for 4-5 hours straight and never win anything i am not happy at all
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7 years ago, Rweir999
Great game awesome job!
Excellent game with wonderful graphics and animations! Daily bonus is a great idea. I love it! Watching daily videos for extra coins is great too! With leveling up giving extra machines to play, I would recommend this to anyone who likes playing actual slot machines. One thing that should be improved is the following: when I moved from an older iPad to the new iPhone 6s Plus I lost all my progress and started from level 1 with no experience and only the beginning money amount.
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5 years ago, Unhappy10164
Annoying ads in the midst of spins
This would be five stars if it weren't for the ads that keep interrupting play right in the middle of spins and and bonuses without warning. If they must do sudden ads, it should be while still in the lobby, or when leaving a game, not in the middle of spins while in a game. When it returns to the game that had free spins, you’ve missed watching them. I’d rather pay something for this app than be annoyed by their ads. Most of the ads for slot apps are ones I already have. I’d also like to be able to speed the spins up. Some other apps have a button for ‘fast.’
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7 years ago, Photogirl62
Best Game
This is still the best slot game app out there. Love it! This s my favorite slot game. I'm still playing and I still love the game, but the coin packages are extremely expensive compared to some of the other slot games. I don't play as often anymore because the free coins come every 4 hours and there are a lot of other slot games that give free coins every hour. I like the new feature that allows you to look at ads for extra points. Good addition. Still my favorite slot game despite not being able to look at ads to get extra points any more. Now, I no longer get the daily bonus. Is that part of the updated version. I liked having the daily bonus to look forward to. Winning the progressive jackpots is also becoming harder to do.
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7 years ago, Bosha728
This was a better game. Now you get free spins before you choose which prize you won, however all the prizes are the same. If you win free spins you can't see how much you won because the ads come up. Get rid of those ads, they are very annoying. Why must all the games now be jackpots? Personally I think that by updating the game you made it worse. Sync the games from iPhone to iPad. Get rid of that annoying voice. In other words, fix this game! I see that since I rated this game on its faults, you have not fixed a single thing. Sync your game. This is the only game where you can’t see what you won because of your miserable ads.
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5 years ago, Ryan Newman fan
Used to be lots of fun but the ads ALWAYS interrupt your free spins and you don’t get to see the results. Very annoying. Lately it’s not been working at all. Haven’t been able to play for 4 to 5 days don’t know why. Today it started working again & something that you did makes it less fun to play. 3 or 4 bonus will come up but you don’t get to play them because they’re not connected to play them. I’ve had a lot of wild come up also & win nothing! Next time it goes down I’m done! Been playing for years now and NOTHING has improved.
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5 years ago, gin bee
Too long between levels
Love the game. I play it everyday, but it takes way too long to fill up a diamond and each level has 3, not that satisfying anymore!!!! I am giving it 4 stars because I still play everyday, but I am waiting for you to upgrade the amount of time it takes and if not, then I will look for something better!!!
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4 years ago, tzftlaud
Don’t bother with this game
I have been playing this game for years with over 81 million points but after this latest update it will not even open up on my iPad. Sent a request form to Storm 8 for a fix and received an email back that they do not have enough support staff for slots and can’t repair the issue. They sent out an update over a month ago that they feel has repaired the issue, ios13 but for those of us on an ipad our iPads are on 12.4.4 so can’t play the game if it does try to open it just goes back to the home page. Don’t get this game and don’t give them any money!
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2 years ago, Pinktequilaa
FORCING Ads is a HUGE turnoff!
I’d been playing this and other Storm 8 games since 2010, but the way they interrupt your game to FORCE ads is really BAD marketing. It’s super annoying and then the game gets hung. The music doesn’t play most of the time, which used to be the most fantastic, relaxing features of the game. YOU hardly win and the ads are disruptive and awful. This was not a feature back in the day. Finally I moved on to better slot game. Storm 8, this isn’t a way to treat your loyal gamers.
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5 years ago, Hurdled
Only slot game I play
Since the update Nov. 22, I am unable to play. Get kicked out within 10 seconds. Why???? Nov. 25th. I don't know what you did but I still cannot play the game. Nov. 26th. Still cannot play my one and only slot game I have played for several years. Fix it please. HELP NOW. Nov. 27th... Still cannot play. You want me to rate you. Last week I would have given you a 5. This week a minus. Fix this game.... Nov. 28th... Still cannot play. No daily bonus, no hour bonus. ENOUGH.. Fix it Nov. 29th.. FIX it. Correct what you did the 22nd that has me blocked. Nov. 30th. Still no play. Dec. 1st. Still no play. When will I be able to play my only slot game???
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2 years ago, william poe
Tired of the ads!
I understand this is a free game and with that there will be some ads, but this is ridiculous! And I am offended by some of the ads that do pop up. Some are downright nasty and offensive to this old woman! STOP DOING THAT!! It’s been MONTHS since I’ve had a Progressive Jackpot! What is going on with this game? Literally MONTHS since a progressive jackpot and today I got one…everything lined up right and it didn’t give me the coins. It’s not like it used to be, and still has way too many offensive ads. I don’t mind ads, but I do mind offensive. DONE.
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3 months ago, Doris fuller
Bonus coins
Games are played to relax have fun. It’s no fun when you play for hours which equals weeks and win nothing. When you win you get rewarded less than the jackpot. This is fake money. Think you can set the slot machines to pay off at different amounts. And we can enjoy playing these slots Thank you Have been unable to collect the free gift of $250 For eons it always busy or ?. Any suggestions in order fir me to collect my free gifts. Just won the”Lucky” jackpot suppose to pay over $7600 paid $8100. Thanks
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2 years ago, Busy seagull w73
Generally a great app
However the bar on the top of the app that normally would unlock new slots once it filled. My bar has been full for more than a couple months, it just keeps looking like it is adding to the bar,but never advances. Just little quirks like that prevent me from giving it 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Dozer mama
Winning??!! Is Difficult Majority of Time
Graphics are great. Fun games most of the time. Sometimes winning points is very very difficult!!! Same as the bonuses which may never come up. As well as the free games. When you finally win alot of points the games manage to take them all away. The more you play, the more addicted to playing this game you will get. Then it can cost alot of real money to buy points!!!
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5 years ago, Sphigdon6
Why all of the sudden it’s ads out of nowhere I didn’t have ads yesterday playing slots but today I get ads every 5 spins and screen goes crazy small and I have to close app and open again and the first spin I get an ad and then it’s all over again screen gets smaller
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4 years ago, Lindas Music
A good game
I really enjoy this slot game but I have to agree it keeps crashing and takes your money. I could play for an hour and never get free spins which without free spins it eats your money. Also getting a jack pot could take a week to get one. Sometimes I think it is rigged. But I wish you would fix the crashing problem especially when you are playing with free spins. Now the issue is the monthly game not downloading. Error message “oh darn, downloading. Please wait! And the bonus same , watch videos is now a hit or miss
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2 years ago, pec's mom
Missing winnings
I recently purchased a new iPad. All my apps and info were transferred from my old iPad to the new one by apple sales people Including your slots app. The only part missing from the app was the 5 million I had won over the years prior. I was now down to 300 Dollars. Tried contacting you to restore the money but it never happened. What’s up with that ????
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5 years ago, Patty-Florida
Bonus and other extras not being applied.
Lately the bonus, chest bonus and the bonus for watching the pop ups, are not being applied. I have been playing for many years and this never happened before. It’s very frustrating and the pop ups, popping up in the middle of a spin is very annoying. Thank you for all your attention in this matter.
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6 years ago, Silver woods
It's really hard to get any points. They give you 300 a day and a few others. Really not worth it I like the game and enjoying playing but even betting 15 that's 450 points. Then your 300 is gone quick. The game now won't even let me play. They are all downloading. No fun at all. Plus when I go to collect the bonus the game goes completely off and I have to start it again. By that time I have missed all the extra points I should have gotten. This has been going on for. Several months. No fun at all
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5 years ago, gg1217
Can be a bit boring.
All the games are the same.....just different graphics. The one thing that upsets me a big bunch????? The free advertisement that breaks in when you get free spins. of the things that is enjoyable is taken away by an ad I have already seen 50 times! Can you just wait for the spins to be over from the bonus deals???? Makes me not watch anything you post to get in the way. Your update did so well that I cannot even open the game now. Really great job, people.👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
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7 years ago, Jsabro1531
Love this game. Love to win progressive jackpots. The only thing I don't like about it now is the advertisements that keep popping up while I'm playing the game. I don't mind watching them to collect the 250 dollars but when they just pop up while I'm playing is what gets annoying.
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5 years ago, BrianEhr
After the last update I restarted the app and I can’t get it to load for more than a few seconds before it crashes. I hope there is another update soon that will fix the problem. I have also noticed the adds have increased and they run even while the spins continue. This is a problem I hope you will address.
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7 years ago, EAT55
Fun game
This is a fun game and I enjoy it. My only complaint is that it takes forever to get a new game to download. I have played almost all my games through the third diamond and still no new game. Now almost a year and still no new game. I play every day for at least a couple of hours and now have played all games though all diamonds. I am about ready to delete the game.
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4 years ago, Grandx4
Over the pop up videos
This used to be fun. No longer can you hit a progressive every day it takes weeks to get one. Still only collect 300 coins every 4 hours just to be done playing in 2 minutes until you can collect again unless you watch your 30 videos. I am annoyed when they pop up during the time I’m playing. I have just turned off the game because of that.
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5 years ago, SierraPride
Really enjoyed the original version, the updated version is exactly what you would expect as an app. There are SO many ads and they pop up while you are playing and the game keeps going even though you’re stuck in a 30 Second ad. There is also an issue with the app shifting so it’s only in half your screen that happens every 5 minutes. The game use to be fun, but now it’s just flawed.
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5 years ago, Gcalvertsr
The best slots game out there. However, the new version is not as good as the old one. The time to move to the next level should be shortened. Also, please go back to the $450 during the bonus spends. Also, too many download ads. Please STOP!! Interrupts my games.
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5 years ago, SureShooter
Frustrated: Can’t get into the game!
I love playing Slots. However, right now I can’t get into the game. It keeps telling me I need an internet connection, but I am in the internet and every other app I have works. Impossible to play when I can’t get in...
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6 years ago, Hotmama0314
I’ve been playing this game for like five years! What I really like about this game is they have a new slot for hire money that offers more free spins and bigger winnings and I really like playing those! They have so many options to choose from!
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5 years ago, Judy B RD
Won’t open
Ever since the last update right before Thanksgiving I have not been able to open this game. It shuts down immediately. I probably should delete the game & reload it. But I refuse to do that. Whenever I got a new phone & reloaded it, I had to restart from level 1. I have this phone for 4 years & it has taken me that long to get to Level 54. I only use free coins. Please fix this game.
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3 years ago, kwi ja kim juratovac
My I phone points are not syncing. I want my i phone points in my l pad. I have more points I phone and less points in l pad. How do I get my points back in l pad. I did download game again but not getting my points back
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5 years ago, ccvke1208
Need help getting my game back to where I can play.
I just did an update and now I can’t get in at all. It opens and then closes immediately. This is about the only game I play daily and sometimes for hours. Please help me get this back.
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3 years ago, Nick eh 20
I used to love this game
I had this game on my other iPad and loved playing and the payouts was good. My iPad broke and bought another and I was not able to get back my progress so I am starting from the beginning and everyday it takes all my coins and can not play I even bought coins and it ran out In 15 minutes very disappointing and not fun anymore please change it back to the old version
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4 years ago, bohemian64
Fun game but...
Agree with everyone else re the ads. Not only interrupting the free spins but also taking so much longer to wait them out. Why do I have to watch ads for games I already have? Waste of my time.
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5 years ago, Cewilliams627
Realistic but...
I like this slots game because it’s like playing real slots BUT, there is an ad every minute, it takes forever to get to the next level, and ads interrupt your play so you don’t know what you earned the last spin. I have started a round with 5 free spins and by the time the ad is over, I have one left. Others are gone and done. Liked it better before.
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6 years ago, Sibon5
Slots r fun to play. Some of the games I enjoy more than others. The bonuses u collect through out the day should be higher the more u play or based on accumulation of dollars. It also takes too long to get to next level & new game to play. Most days I don't get daily bonus. Improvements could be made.
Show more
6 years ago, Macken Canas
I love this game, I have the old version and it doesn't have any bonus rewards and then I found this newer version here and I love this one, I'm getting rid of the old one, I love this game I can't stop playing it. Thank You.
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4 years ago, Eimeat
Really bad timing on pop ups
I’ve been playing this for years, and I’ve really enjoyed it, but lately they’ve been trying to extort your attention to popups with coins. It happens even if you refuse, so if you get free spins on your daily bonus, it immediately goes to an ad, and you miss what happened. Really annoying!
Show more
6 years ago, Paula Mansi
Old game
I had to factory reset my iPad and lost the slot game. When I down loaded it it's not the same the old one had progressive jackpots of a lot more. On the new one I downloaded its only like 2 or 3 thousand. How do I get the old game back.
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7 years ago, Slot friend
What makes this app stand out is that it lets you win the progressive, and not only once! This allows more spin time on each game, which makes it more enjoyable than other apps!
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5 years ago, dumb?420
Fix the Glitch
I’ve been playing this game for a long time and lately there is an unpleasant glitch that is making me mad. When I start the game, there are numerous pop ups. Annoying, but ok. When I choose my daily treasure chest and get free spins, the first spin starts and an ad open. I cannot close the ad right away and when I can, my free spins are done. That is no fun. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, Pointer sisters
Can’t open app
I’ve had this app for several years and it will no longer open. It’s been several weeks. Don’t know if you can fix it. I really used to like this app but it no longer opens. I guess too many or not enough updates. Also you can’t submit a request without information needed from the app but I CANNOT open the app 😢
Show more
7 years ago, PoppopJohn
Disappointed with all the ads
Sorry, I used to enjoy this game, but with all the annoying ads popping up and the inability to close them and continue on playing, I find myself liking it less and less. Add to this, the small "bonuses" detracts from even wanting to play the game. Perhaps if the writers revert to the high value bonuses, along with high value free spins as in earlier versions, I'd be more inclined to playing it more.
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