Small Fry

4.2 (223)
81.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 years ago
Version OS
5.0 or later
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User Reviews for Small Fry

4.21 out of 5
223 Ratings
9 years ago, Job joyful
Great Underrated Game!
This is a great endless runner. It has costumes, you don't need to buy things to progress, and it has no glitches or bugs.
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8 years ago, Ms Taboo
Limited Fun for Skillful Gamers
Great graphics and special effects help make this game a generally fun event every time it is played BUT (1) Repeat game play has TOO many steps before starting again; (2) Reload time is slow for an older system; (3) Lack of more precise control of the main character through the water, and flying through outer space is VERY frustrating, when you have become skillful; (4) The Power Ups "cost" way too many clams, more than is possible to "earn" during several game plays, preventing creativity, strategizing, and enjoyable repetitive play.
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9 years ago, Born to swim girl
I can no longer beat my record anymore and its all because i try to get away from that freaking shark and theres few bubbles to jump on and also theres too many fish even an expert couldnt get away from! listen, i will keep writing bad reviews and making Noodcake company look bad if theres not an update to fix all these bugs and all the others i keep experiencing! FIX THIS OR ELSE......................................
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4 years ago, Oppies the Cookie king
This was my favorite game, it was fun, challenging, and I played it a lot. So why was it deleted from the App Store? Everyone I know who played it loved it, the ratings are high, so I see no reason to delete this rather old gem. I miss the game... :(
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5 years ago, meowimacow
Plz update!
I used to have this game a long time ago and it was really cool. But when I came to get it again I couldn’t get it! Please update
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9 years ago, Creeper3:)
Please Read
WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD First off the logic of this game doesn't make sense. The shark isn't only going after the smallest fish in the world, but he can go into FREAKING SPACE! And all the other fish don't give a tuna salad that there is a shark coming after them... COME ON PEOPLE! Thank you for reading my review I hope you enjoyed it.
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10 years ago, CouL BEaNs;);)
Thumbs Up!
The graphics are very well done! The challenges are different and fun. This is a game for fun ones! I haven't seen any glitches so far! 5 stars!!
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9 years ago, 👹👹👹👹👹👺
I get the same challenge
I have been playing this game for a few weeks and now I get repeats of the challenges. Whenever I complete the challenge, it will do the same exact one again. I'm very disappointed........
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2 years ago, ooooooUAEooooo
Come back 😔
I hope that you updated the game I missed the game. 2022
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10 years ago, My Id
Need a remove ads option
1st off I like the art style and game play. It's a very good experience. But. The ads drive me nuts! I don't spend money in-app micro coin stuff, but I'll she'll out a few bucks to remove ads.
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9 years ago, Qwertygtghygh
I like this game because the graphics are very well done and I like games like this so ya thanks.
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6 years ago, Beefcake713
When is the game going to be updated? I look at the game every day and it’s still not updated. It’s a great game just update it. I am so sad.😭
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6 years ago, Mikemike0221
Doesn’t work with IOS 11
Doesn’t work with the last few versions of IOS and doesn’t appear that the developers will fix it. Pretty disappointing
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5 years ago, trisb.5
please update!!
i love this game so much but i haven’t been able to play for a really long time because it isn’t updated. i really miss it :((
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10 years ago, Alex Matrosov
Cool game! Fantastic animation and camera view.
Great game to play! Beautiful graphic!
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4 years ago, #just did it
Super fun but please update
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9 years ago, Mimi meara
I love this
This game is so addicting
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10 years ago, Lxer10
Love it!!!
This game is so addicting!! :)
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6 years ago, hannxhe
please fix!
please allow this to be compatible with ios 11!! i miss playing this game :((
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10 years ago, Baileysea
This game is awesome!
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5 years ago, HowAboutNoK
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10 years ago, 3L Law Student
THE Best Endless Runner
The water, air, and space divisions with the bubbles is very clever. Unlike most endless runners, this one has a strategy element to it — do you stay in the water and collect clams, or try to get into space? Very well done, and the best part is that the IAPs and ads are not intrusive at all. Highly recommend.
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10 years ago, RetroBlast
Wish for better control
I like the graphics and the gameplay, but the controls are awkward because the fish continuously moves in a wave pattern even if you don't touch the screen. It would be more intuitive if the fish didn't move in a wave pattern, but just moved in one direction (down, for example), and when you touched the screen, the fish would move back up.
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10 years ago, Wareaglekk
Problem opening app.
I used to play this game all the time. However, it now will not open. It goes to the black screen and then goes back to my home screen. I will try to open the app multiple times, with the same results. I also bought a ten pearl pack, but still have not received it.
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10 years ago, Vbetrou
I can't get on
I've played this game on my sister's nook and like it but I can't open it on my iPod touch its not working it just goes to the home screen
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10 years ago, Dentorin
Nothing That Hasn't Been Done Before
This game is very much the same as many of the other endless scrolling games out there. This one is essentially a stripped down Jetpack Joyride, skinned in a fish suit. That doesn't make it bad but it doesn't make it good either.
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10 years ago, Small fish fast fish
This game is perfect for everyone I can't tell u how much I love this game my friends always want to play it because it cute and fun and has goals to help u maintain and achieve .:)
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10 years ago, Madkat7868
Cute game for the family
So far so good. We're all having fun, but I dislike the in-app purchases already. Otherwise nice family app
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10 years ago, Nick pix
Epic ness
This game rocks it's an endless scrolling game but with a twist you can go in the sky water and space not to mention the shark chasing you great job guys I could tell you worked hard on this game
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10 years ago, Hockeystar896
Holy hell
I spent 3 months trying to beat the game and reached level 100 this never ends don't waste your time. But it is fun and kills time.
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10 years ago, Elzi223
Big World, Small Fry
This game is like a fast-paced version of jetpack joyride, but I think it's much more fun and exciting. I recommend this highly to anyone who got bored with Jetpack Joyride. 😃😃😃
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10 years ago, Elijah rowden
This is great endless game to kill time away it's very easy to play and keeps making you come for more :)
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10 years ago, AlexSwHp
Really Great!!!
It is very fun play but when the water turns red it comes a little bit lag, anyways really fun and the graphics are Cool! :) Sorry for the bad English
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10 years ago, JessyBRR
Cool and fun game!
I enjoy playing it a lot...the game is quite original in my opinion, is well created and well thought.
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10 years ago, Mustache 😉😝😉😝
Amazing game
If you have little kids get this game it's great amazing and ok to let kids play my 3 year old tried it he loved it😃😍 best game ever
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10 years ago, Miss Brazeau
There is nothing to do in this game. The only thing you can control is diving. Letting go only lets you rise as far as the game wants you to rise. When the shark is after you, you are supposed to jump out of the water, but you immediately go back into the water... Never reached space, deleted game.
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10 years ago, Suhail Algosaibi
Lots of fun
Lots of fun. You can keep playing without having to buy it too. Thanks guys.
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10 years ago, Ikebomb23
It's pretty much a cross between jetpack joyride and tiny wings with ideas from Finding Nemo and Kerbal Space Program.
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10 years ago, Shiney4
This game is the perfect combination of all the good games: doodle jump, jet pack joy ride, temple run, and that game with the bird rolling on the hill. All in all, this game is a must go!!!
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10 years ago, Gajagagaja
So Addicting!
Thank You! I was looking for games until I found This Game! This game filled my day!
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10 years ago, Just like sea stars.
Small fry
This game is just like sea stars. Except u have to avoid fish. I would only give this 1 star if I didn't like this game so much. I think the people who made this game r copiers
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10 years ago, Beraismailali
Great game
I love the game noodlecake made another great peice of work oh and nice job on jupiter jump theyre both amazing games Thank You for another outstanding game.😃
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10 years ago, Walleyfan
Game is amazing I recommend it too people who liked jet pack joy ride
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10 years ago, Jjla
Love this game but...
Love this game but it's so repetitive, the same fishes, same challenges over and over. Change the sharks, change the animals, create storms in space, no comets power, a whale, it's just boring after a few hours. The design and sound is great.
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10 years ago, Can find me
Crashes like crazy
Can't play cuz it keeps crashing! Update please! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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10 years ago, aceleyva
Good simple game
Not too complex. Fun to play. Good for unwinding or taking a break. Challenges are neat too.
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10 years ago, Jet-e-o
A well made Arcade Game
It's a little nice and more neat and clean compared to some arcade games nowadays, but it's nothing new! If you want a cute little arcade game, this is it! Otherwise, it's ok.
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10 years ago, COMR4DE
Not bad
Games pretty hard tho, plus power ups are hard to catch
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10 years ago, Darth Trigon
Fun but...
Too many ads! Why is there no option to get rid of them?
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10 years ago, CreepyOldPerson
This game is fun and a great way to spend you time !
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