Smart Financial Mobile

4.8 (12.5K)
80.8 MB
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Smart Financial Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Smart Financial Mobile

4.84 out of 5
12.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Lady doesn't
Hard to communicate with someone live. The mobile app have a lot of glitches, like remote deposit, it’s always crashing. However the feature of transferring money is lightening speed. Overall I am satisfied with this bank compared to say Amegy. I don’t like that when income tax season comes they want to hold all my money and won’t give it to me for several days, they “hold it” but it’s a government check. Don’t get. I’ve been banking here now for a good 3 years, and I will continue to be a loyal customer, I just think they have a long way to go before it is more efficient.
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4 years ago, kingwood customer
Love the app! Our local office is terrible. Terrible location as well. No drive thru. Nobody inside to help you but to point you to a kiosk. Instead if transactions other employers can be getting these people in and out in a kind friendly hurry. People don’t like to stand in line. Short line ok. Long line moving on. But no line moving is terrible. I was there for one hour depositing these checks into the kiosk. It was miserable. One of the folks could have helped me quicker since I just open an account for my daughter. But after the young lady finished opening that Acct, I had to use the kiosk also by standing in that long line again. Terrible set up. Need more people not computers behind them working with you. I try everything in my power not to go there.
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2 years ago, NetNet90
Small town vibe
We have been members/consumers for over 25 years. When we joined we were young and had some debt issues. They help us recover and looked at her credit as an individual with such care and compassion despite our bad credit scores back then. Fast forward to the present, they are always willing and able To help us with any and all of our financial needs. We are thankful because a larger chain just doesn't seem as dedicated as a credit union does.
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1 year ago, Red #2
2nd chance financing
Smart is a good company but the company should work with second chance customers who are trying to make a financial come back from a bad financial decisions in order to be a better customer. Every case might not be the same but those who are not a credit risk should have an opportunity to be a better customer working with direct deposit. In each case have a cap on the amount loaned each customer.
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6 years ago, sagilove82
Love my credit union
I love my bank I have no complaints I’ve been banking with them for maybe 2 months, hell idk I just know I have no issues with my free app or direct deposit, I never call customer care because my app is very sufficient for me I love my credit union. I came from a prepaid card for years but now I love it!!! Here I’m never leaving 🤷🏾‍♀️
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5 years ago, Mabewhite
App issues from time to time
Really love the convenience. Still have an issue every once and a while with the app on mobile phone. For instance today I was trying to make a transfer with mobile and it kept kicking me out when I selected the transfer function.
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5 years ago, steve swearingen
Super Staff
I have been with SFCU for at least 10 years and they have been the best banking institution I have ever used. There staff has always helped me with any questions or loans and make you feel like family and you or the only thing that matters while you are there. Thank You Smart Financial Steven Swearingen
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6 years ago, Phillip1026
Deleted good system
I used to electronically send funds to other banks. You guys deleted system and I had a mess on my hands for months. Now you mail checks and last month an important check never made it to one of my banks. Wow. Chose wrong bank to do my major banking. Dr. PW
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6 years ago, baseballmom15
The best!
Smart Financial is probably the best financial institute I’ve belonged to. The staff are always accommodating, knowledgeable and quick to help with all my banking needs, not to mention friendly, professional and courteous. I bank at the Rayford branch and always look forward to the cheerful, friendly staff.
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3 years ago, Hazael83
Makes online banking 100% easier
The app has everything you need for your banking needs . I have my car loan with smart financial and it’s way too easy to pay. The app is easy to navigate .
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11 months ago, Thanks Insperity
Love the convenience
I love the convenience of banking transactions I can do so easily from the smart financial app. I’m always on the go and mobile banking with the smart financial app makes my life run more smoother.
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2 years ago, lalababsheep
My review of SMartFinancial app
When you link external accounts your account details are no longer available what you see is your account details that were linked and not what’s in your Smart Financial Account. The app has a bug where it takes it’s sweet time loading. Information isn’t clear and options a very few to choose from. The app is poorly designed.
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3 years ago, SterLady
Helpful App
Being able to see your available balance and all that goes on with your account is a wonderful thing!!! I am glad this app exist!
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4 years ago, SFWILLIS
Terrific & Easy!!! Great Tools
I’ve used many apps from other Financial Cooperations and this one, is hands down the best! Simple and easy navigation, great finance tools with budgeting and Bill pay and even some nice customization options.
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6 months ago, Him-girl
Credit Union review
No problems with my credit union I just wish my pay check would be deposited a day earlier like other banks
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5 years ago, FrankyB54
Great local credit union
I’ve bee with Smart Financial since it used to be First Educators. Very competitive auto loans and very helpful. They make decisions on the spot. They don’t have to call anyone for approval. I love supporting local establishments and keep the money here in Houston.
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4 years ago, Joss Morales
The best
I never thought that this bank was good until I tried and everything is good nice customer service! Silvia she’s the best the one un credit union by 288 and Broadway.. And the way this bank care about there customers in this crisis is just Great!! Joss Morales
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2 years ago, My Real Mona
Good customer service
You get to talk to real people when issues come up. That’s important to me. I’ve been with the over 9 year I think
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3 years ago, dmonmouth
Go job on being open
We can depend on smart for being open during the winter storm. Online and in person on Friday! Give Rosie Nieto a raise! She’s the best in consumer hospitality over the years!!!
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5 years ago, JanelleJ2019
New Update Issues
With the most recent update, it has caused an issue with the banking widget on my iPhone 8. It would display an error saying “Could Not Load”. Now the widget does not show up at all.
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6 years ago, MsVer1941
Banking in my hand
No delays. Convenient. User friendly. Easy access to savings, checking, loan(s), debit card use, credit card use, Billpay—never need to leave home. I’m lovin’ it!
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5 years ago, Texas NE
Ease of use
My husband and I are educators and have use SFCU for many years. We enjoy the ease of use with all the online functions. It s not often, but when I do go into an office the service is seamless and professional. ML&WE July 2019
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5 years ago, sstepha
Saves time!
I just get on this app to transfer money to another account and then I’m done! No need to drive to the bank when I can do it online.
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4 years ago, 8100_0
Just a little feature for future child accounts
For a child account why not include a balance of the limit for a child account on the app any other than that it’s gotten better
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5 years ago, Jaadddaaaaboo
Very usual and very convenient! Sometimes there’s a difficult time getting into the app when the system crashes, but nothing that a technician can’t fix! Overall it’s a great secure app that doesn’t call for much difficulty!
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6 years ago, Another ok
Done business there for years and would highly recommend to anyone. Personnel have always been very helpful whether in person or telephone.
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6 years ago, Shadowbottle
No Apple Pay support, needs longer PIN numbers.
I like banking with SmartCU but they’re not catching up technologically as fast as they could. Longer PINs are more secure and they need to catch up with the convenience of Apple Pay and Google Pay.
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11 months ago, Palomabjj
Friendliness & Security!
I trust Smart Financial with my accounts. They take security measures. They are pleasant. They help me with whatever my needs are! Love them! Keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, call_me_meg
This would be perfect if the app didn’t crash and prevent you from logging in sometimes.
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2 years ago, Mad NFL Lady
Banking is Good But Deposits Lack
Smart Financial is catching up with other institutions. However, deposits and transfer options are very restricted even if you have the funds.
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5 years ago, Sarjose
Removed Branch in Beaumont TX
I cannot give this credit union higher than a 3 because they removed the physical branch fromBeaumont TX. I know they will say, “Internet” “Phone” “ATM” however that not the way I apply for a loan and I know I’m not alone. On the other hand, the customer service is great and I like the website.
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6 years ago, Nganu
Non functional
I can’t seem to log into my account. When I try reset password, nothing works, it doesn’t recognize any of my information. So I can’t even see what my account looks like.
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6 years ago, ecklin19
Finally it works!
Fantastic improvement, it woks and it’s pretty fast. Would have given it 5 starts but I haven’t had the opportunity to try the check deposit feature yet.
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11 months ago, Yolisosa
Best app
I love that I quick access to the mobile app. And that lets me know when I purchase a item . Security!!!
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3 years ago, barneygirl1
Easy Banking
Easy to bank with capital. Have been with them for 20 years
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9 months ago, Mklbac
I’ve always been impressed with Smart Financial, I have 2 offices, 1 close to work and 1 close to home!!
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6 years ago, lil rw 1
Staying accurate
It sometimes says I have money in my bank account that I don’t have and I end up thinking I have it spending then my account end up in the negatives
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2 years ago, Restorec
Very satisfied long time customer.
SFCU has met all of my needs. I have been with them since 1980.
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2 years ago, Chalie HTX
I like this app
I’ve been using this app for years and it has always been great.
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6 years ago, Fi' M.
I love the fact that I can check my accounts 24/7 on my mobile devise. All my banking is at my finger tips
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3 years ago, mcqueenbee
Very Grlpful
This app has been very helpful. I can track my purchases in real time.
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4 years ago, Mojoma9
The app needs to have a view statement option
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5 years ago, Happy CC Customer
My Smart Accounts Rock!
I have all my banking with Smart CU including my insurance. There are several good agents that can address your needs.
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4 years ago, washtenaw
I would like the app to be more updated, in terms of accuracy when posting purchase.
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3 years ago, BossB35!
Smart financial app
I appreciate how user friendly the Smart Financial app is . Easy and Secure at your fingertips ❤️
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5 years ago, Grateful for Sports
Long Time Customer (2019)
SMARTFinancialCU, Has been my Credit Union for Years. Through it All, always Improving, one of the Best.
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6 years ago, Cabletable
Great improvement!
The app is well up to date and easy to use
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4 years ago, Ms. PJ1908
Member for 25+
I’ve seen the Credit Union change over the few years I’ve been a member, I’m staying with SFCU 👍🏽
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6 years ago, Lola1969Barron
Works exactly like it is supposed to.
I’ve never had any issues with the app. I’ve been using it since it came out.
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4 years ago, RellForeal
Amazing App !!
Love the designs and features! Would be better if there were color schemes and themes we could choose from
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