Smart View - Cast Device to TV

Photo & Video
2.4 (763)
116 MB
Age rating
Current version
Extreme Solutions Apps SL
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Smart View - Cast Device to TV

2.44 out of 5
763 Ratings
2 years ago, Soon-bride
Very glitchy
My first app review after 11-yea iPhone usage ! The app somewhat worked with a Samsung TV but it was a real pain and didn’t work well. I gave up showing all the pictures I wanted to show after showing just two dozen. I’m going to delete this app but please update and work on all the bugs so that people won’t waste their times so much.
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4 years ago, 77nuraru
The first time I write a review in the appstore for any of the applications at all. I love when something works for 10/10 and this is the case. Been using the free version for a while. Decided to try premium. Works just as well, and no more ads. Until the moment I downloaded your beautiful application, I always watched video content through my phone or tablet. And very often I watched the video with my family and it was very uncomfortable. My son found your application that helped us stream the video directly to a huge TV. Our family has become completely different from watching TV because there we can enjoy family videos and photos. Not sure why others had problems, I followed the directions and it worked perfectly. Ingenious idea from a developers standpoint. Thank you very much for the work! Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, Ddfthgfh
My TV has the ability to connect to the Internet and I sooooo hate the wires which simply impossible to use. I'm not ready to wait for 10 minutes to watch just a video. Today I solved my problem by downloading the application. It says that I can stream the image from the phone to the TV. You will not believe, but it is 10 times faster than previouse one. Everything is streaming for a second in great quality, I'm amazed! I urge you to forget about the slow smart and start using the application. The application was very easy too setup. It has made things so convenient to watch from my phone!! Definitely worth the money, for sure!! I recommend this app to anyone who has a Samsung smart tv and and IPhone. You will not regret, many thanks to the developers! Love it!
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4 years ago, svzcaz
App doesnt work
Honestly wouldnt know what to rate the app since I didn't even get to use it. I payed the monthly subscription and was so excited to have a way to connect to my smart tv from my phone. The tv never showed up as an available option and 8 tried it on multiple smart tvs in various locations such as family members houses. My father had no problem connecting with his samsung phone so I know it was not an issue with the tv. I would like to say I am fairly good at technology being that Im 19 but i went to google to see if there was something I was missing and it still didnt work. After telling the app my issue they said I couldnt get a refund so I am now a poor college student who just lost another 13$
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5 years ago, Kiplen3
Yesterday I cleaned the house and threw away a lot of unnecessary trash. When I decided to watch photos on my TV using the cable I was horrified because I threw it out with the trash! I started searching for an alternative to cable and downloaded your application. I could not believe the result. All photos were transmitted in full resolution and with minimal delays. It is necessary to download and throw out the TV cables)
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5 years ago, Homura18
This app is so easy to use and works as advertised. The developer is also concerned that he delivers. Every time you start a new streaming video a non annoying pop up asks if you video is working! Wll done, most complicated apps where so many variables exist, which usally don’t work, it such a welcome surprise when they do.
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5 years ago, llllAlexxxx6666
I very appreciate that you make this app free for someone like me because in my country its very hard to charge apple account instead of that the new update made it very faster no lag and video cut all i can say is thanks tv cast team because you don't think just in money
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4 years ago, MoniMoni15
Scam App - Do not recommend
I downloaded this FREE app just to be immediately prompted to sign up for a membership- the $20 a mo membership and not even the $12 one I later found out they offer. You can not access, use or check out the app w/o agreeing to being charged. There are zero links inside the app to contact them or cancel. I just went into my iPhone settings > iTunes & app stores > click on Apple ID > view Apple ID & sign in > subscriptions > select app and unsubscribe !!!
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2 years ago, Unhappy MS Patient
Can’t Get Your App To Work!
I don’t know what to tell you except.. my aide actually downloaded this app for my and we can’t even get your app to open! We’ve tried several times.. waiting a long time! She said there shouldn’t be any issues between my Apple IPhone and my TV cause she said they’re compatible! I sent you guys an email! Any insight on this?!? Thanks!!!
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4 years ago, Louistommoisetterthanu
once you open the app, it won’t let you continue for free without making you sign up for a free trial. it’s supposed to be THREE DAYS yet they charged me only after TWO DAYS. i opened the app up to see what this ‘premium la could give me, and it only gave me the option to sign up for a trial again! i have contacted apple support and hope i get my money back. if you are thinking of downloading, DON’T!!!!!
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4 years ago, zMusic23
Basically a scam.
App does not work with most TVs I’ve tried, and there is no way within the app to cancel the $20/month subscription. I had to go into my settings just to unsubscribe. Just another crappy app trying to lock you into a $20/month subscription hoping you’ll forget about it and just keep getting billed. Would not wish this app on my worst enemy.
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1 year ago, Hinchja
15$ month to stream from my phone?!?
This app is not user friendly and pushes you very quickly to subscribe to a service that is very limited in scope. 15$ a month is a ridiculous amount. I was able to send a 6 second video from my phone, but that was about it. Lame.
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5 years ago, makejwosiwnjs
I will give this app 5 stars because it works and it’s free!! If you guys manage to fix the problem with the sound,I will give you 6 stars
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4 years ago, ~Elvina~
Whatever you like to do on the phone or tablet you can now do on the big screen in your living room....I give it five stars
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5 years ago, EvgenM2
We watched the photos on the big screen with the whole family
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1 year ago, Scamming jerks
From the time I downloaded the app and tried to use it the first time it has not worked. It is a scam since I’ve tried to get my money back and I could not. This company is going to be on the Better Business Bureau list. This company is also on my Sh..t list!!!
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5 years ago, dgbhkkk
I have been using this app for long time. Very easy to access and enjoy watch movies and shows. Good work
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4 years ago, hexy1
Don’t download!!!! It will try to charge you
This App tried to charge you before you could access it if you cannot access it- automatic fail! Don’t bother the other reviews I think half are from the app developer- there is no access without hostaging your credit card.
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5 years ago, iconic11
I have been using the app in my iPhone 6s for last week and it worked fine
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4 years ago, Камин Игорь
I have been using the app in my iPhone 6s for last week and it worked fine
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4 years ago, call me cholee
For a prime example view some things that you can’t without it on the chrome cast
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5 years ago, qpurnsn
I have been using the app in my iPhone 6s for last week and it worked fine
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6 years ago, thhfrth
I have been using this app in my iPhone 6 for last week and it was working fine
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6 years ago, arsengrim
Everything has become much easier with the app!
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5 years ago, decompab
I’m one of those people who hasn’t had cable in a couple years and this app is what i need
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5 years ago, Ilovemullets
Could not connect
Tried to connect to my parents LG smart tv to show them pictures of our vacation. Tv just kept saying no device found even though we were on the same network... currently trying to figure out how to stop the monthly payments after my free trial😳🚫🚫🚫🚫
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4 years ago, Alex86TAY
I have fast wifi so it works just fine, no problems at all.
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5 years ago, VOPPUN95
Download it, if u need to watch your photos on a big screen
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5 years ago, Trueblue2069
This app didn’t work for me and their website doesn’t work and emails sent to them are undelivered. If you get duped like I did do the following on your iPhone or iPad go to settings>iTunes &App store>click on Apple ID >click view Apple ID>enter your apple pswd> tap subscriptions> tap smart cast subscription and cancel
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4 years ago, Drupicy
Just purchased the product and so far it does actually what it said on the tin😀
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3 years ago, Fine Babe of FFB
Didn't work and they charge
Was so fustrated. The TV have instructions on getting the app and coloring instructions in app didn't have instructions just options. Was connected to TV but couldn't find how to cast even though I reset everything. Wasted time. Now to cancel.
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3 years ago, laynab123
Do not subscribe!!!
I downloaded this app for a free and signed up for a 3 day trial. They said a receipt would be sent to my email. The app didn’t work for what I needed so I tried to cancel the subscription, only I never got an email? And now have no way to cancel the $20/month subscription. Scam!
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3 years ago, tbarbz
Poor quality
I had to make an in app purchase and it doesn’t work. When I type in the app, it doesn’t show up. It wouldn’t even find my tv. I want a refund. There’s no support button either.
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4 years ago, freshlolka
Everything turned out to be very simple
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5 years ago, впрравуао
Really a worthy app. I am to cast all my websites. So far no issues. Feel like I saved some bucks.
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3 years ago, Smalltarget
Asking for $$$ before connecting
Did not even validate a connection to the smart tv before asking for payment. Not going to pay for something I will have to cancel right away
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5 years ago, denis3415
Great app because I have long time wanted to mirror the content on the TV from the phone
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6 years ago, barron29803
Very disappointed that you have a free trial but there is no way to unsubscribe out of the monthly fee if you want to. It says you can do it in the settings but there is no way to do it. Should be an easy feature if you are going g to offer this.
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5 years ago, MrFreezy111
I have an iPhone 7pluse and a brand new Samsung tv and this app works great I highly recommend it
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5 years ago, Сержкликкер
Like the fact that I can control my tv with this app
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6 years ago, rocha1986
My family like it. We can watch photos on our TV now.
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3 years ago, XxLunarWolfiexX
Worst App Ever
The reason why I gave this a one star review is because I initially downloaded it to watch tv in a hotel, but it wouldn’t connect to anything and kept saying “finding tv in your area”. Such a bad app and very poorly made!
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2 years ago, crusadier
Pay to stream only
I couldn’t get it to connect my iPhone to a Samsung tv. It wanted me to pay to do it and basically you can just see what you can do unless you pay. I wouldn’t recommend.
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6 years ago, rDm2006
I always rate 5 stars for this app when I have a chance
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2 years ago, hshajsbsj
This is a big SCAM want us to pay that just to watch it on a mobile phone😭 And when you do pay it’s doesn’t even work… What a grea and professional way for a app🤷 Sorry but needs some work.
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6 years ago, jrdickmartian
Predatory, exploitative description
Description says it’s free, but as soon as you install and open in it wants to charge you $13 a month to cast anything that isn’t in your phones gallery. This is predatory and exploitative and I would rate 0 stars, multiple times, if I could.
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5 years ago, jvhxhcjc
If u dont want to spend money on chromecast or smth else this is very good alternative for those things. Simply, and usefull.
Show more
5 years ago, chjjxfm
The best app for everyone who need to stream photos from a phone No wires, finally!!!!
Show more
6 years ago, Nataly 121
Even better than I expected
Show more
6 years ago, lionfarik
Now the whole family is happy!
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