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ConsumerDirect Inc
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2 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for SmartCredit®

3.53 out of 5
90 Ratings
7 months ago, dibdeuivcdhvxstikvcstuon srb
Constantly Crashing
I was really excited about this app………. But it crashes and returns to login screen after every single action. There is also no back button so if you get into a section and you are 3-4 clicks into it and it’s not what your looking for then you have to start all over from the beginning and scroll through it all again. I’m gunna hang on for a bit longer but if these things are not fixed I’m out.
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2 years ago, House of u
Go to FAQ to cancel
App is pretty useless, don’t waste your money they make it difficult to find the way to cancel your membership. For those of you having trouble go to FAQ on a computer and then there will be one regarding membership cancellation click the here embedded link (that they try and make really difficult to even see that it’s a link) and it’ll take you through the steps to cancel just make sure you click all the buttons. “Are you sure? Are you sure you’re sure? Are you sure that you’re sure that you’re sure?” Like yes please get me off this scammy app and leave me alone. Companies should get hammered with fee for trying to pull crap like this.
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2 years ago, raffallv
Free trial…..NO-)
Why you guys don’t offer free trial , let’s say 7-days?- I got Identity Guard membership- how u want me to switch if I cannot compare the two?-)) thanks
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1 year ago, mynekomomo
Money Manager
I just started to build my credit score 2 years ago, and I found this app helpful for monitoring my activities and also educational for knowing what may be affecting my score. Especially, I love using Money Manager and getting alerts for daily transactions so that I can catch unknown transactions.
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2 years ago, ntm43
Not disappointed
Simple and easy to use. My credit score was already good but smart credit helped bring it even higher. At this point I’m using it to monitor activity on my accounts and get my personal info off of the internet. Google your name. You’ll be shocked.
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2 years ago, 😒😑👌
Smart Credit
I’ve been using Smart Credit for almost 2 years now. I love it!! The product features are so easy to use and no other product out there has what Smart Credit offers. I highly recommend for everyone to try it!
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1 year ago, Hanah K
10/10 would recommend
Honestly I was so tired of constantly having to log in to different apps to get all my info! So happy I found this. It also helps me remove information from scamming sites too.
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2 years ago, sreger9
Believe In This Product
If you are looking to build and it protect your credit while getting a grip on your finances, SmartCredit is for you. I found the price I am paying is worth the identity theft insurance alone. I was told it covers things like a takeover of my mortgage.
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2 years ago, Rosery74
Happy User
So stoked to have the SmartCredit app available on my phone. My score is in good standing, so having SmartCredit bring me peace of mind. I heavily rely on Money Manger on a daily basis to see ALL my transactions in one place, and get my daily alerts on any transactions over $100.
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2 years ago, Unable to enter
Money Manager is the best tool!!
I love that I don’t have to log in to all my individual credit card and bank accounts separately. I see all the transactions for each of these within the platform. Saves me time!!!
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2 years ago, Swagalicious Defenition
Yes it has the credit report, scores and monitoring that other products have but it also includes tools that help you with your score and privacy that I haven’t seen anywhere else.
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1 year ago, gmarzzz
I’ve been checking scoreboost every time I make big purchases so I know which card to use to see the least amount of drop in points in my score. Then I see how I can get my score back up. So easy, so cool!
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2 years ago, AshleyJayyy<3
User friendly
I love apps that are helpful and easy to navigate. Having access on my phone to money manager makes it so much easier to stay on top of my bills and transactions!
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1 year ago, MasterFlame888
Misleading but useful
Understand that to use the services you will be charged. If you don’t plan on using a membership DO NOT ENTER YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS. The app doesn’t tell you it’s not a free service. However I after being tricked into paying I was able to check my score and see what else I owe. Do with that information whatever you feel.
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12 months ago, Jianais
A Total Scam!
Do not waste your money on Smart Credit. At first everything seems perfect and you believe that it will actually help build your credit. But once you pay for it, the true information is revealed and it does not increase you score like it says it does. You’re better off using other FREE credit monitoring services. Will be canceling this subscription for sure!
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2 years ago, Neknek33333
The upgrade
Smart Credit updated their app and now I can’t sign in it keeps cycling back to the log in screen. I pay too much money every month to not get into my account
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2 years ago, jc wynn app
Lots of useful features
This app has a lot of useful features that one can use to improve and track their credit score. Really cool stuff.
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2 years ago, creditdog1987
Good, easy, and user friendly
Super easy and straightforward to use. Robust in features. Was able to fix and monitor my credit.
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2 years ago, Housebeef23
More than a monitoring service
I have used other apps and the features on Smart Credit is great! Scorebuilder has helped me tremendously raise my score!
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2 years ago, first wave 77
Easy money management.
I struggle with my budget and the money management tool really helps. I love that I can see all of my accounts in one place.
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2 years ago, MissAi78
So Convenient!
I love that I’m able to check my score and my credit reports through this app!
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2 months ago, JDNation
Trying to cancel
It’s impossible to cancel this account after you created it. I have try to contact them by phone and unlimited ways they do not cancel accounts and continue taking money out of your account without benefiting you in anything that you can’t do in any other free app like credit karma.
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2 years ago, chrissssssssssssss
All I need in one place
I like I can see my credit report and daily bank transactions in one place
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1 year ago, Shakeupajshdhsuueyeeu
Increased my credit score >150 pts
Plus I removed my info from websites selling it. This app does what it says it does. Changed my life
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2 years ago, morbo87
Easy to use
A worthy update over the previous version. I like that the new version has FaceID
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2 years ago, CarlosGutierrez1994!
Great App
This app does wonders to monitor your credit. It’s user friendly and a great tool for somebody that wants to I prove their credit.
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3 weeks ago, CassGotYourTongue
could not get past sign-up form
Downloaded the app and made an account through the app but then app would not recognize it or let me login and just kept making me reset the password over and over.
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2 years ago, graydal040180
Bug with newest update?
Is there a bug with the most recent update? When I try to login, it logs in for a second and then it goes back to the “Do you want to login” screen.
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1 year ago, Scubakiller
Junk mail
Ever since I singed up for this I have been flooded with junk e-mail . I and definitely cancel this. My information should not be treated like this and is definitely harassment. You need do stop or pay me for my information.
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2 years ago, ashley111429
Don’t use it it’s a scam
This company does NOT monitor your credit score. It’s up to you to monitor your credit AND update your credit score as you go. Highly do NOT recommend. They take your money and that’s it. You can get better services for free!
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2 years ago, sidiejsnsjakaja
Login issues/glitch
Wont let me login through app. Tried to uninstall and reinstall and nothing
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2 years ago, ejsg2020
Love It!
This app is so helpful & user friendly. Love it so much!! Well done!
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5 months ago, Sharky2a
Scam cost money
Out in all your private info just to be bright to a screen to get boring without paying $28 or more or month for credit info you could get for free
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1 year ago, mrandrewjbaker
Scammy and Shady
Won’t allow you to cancel or close membership from the app. Only 2 memberships, both cost the same amount, no basic free option.
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8 years ago, Narutostorm_9189
Needs updating
After logging in does not keep logged in after I exit the app after it tells me to keep me signed in also needs fingerprint scan for the iPhone
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7 months ago, Firme1
Why pay for something that you get for free from all 3 credit bureaus.
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7 months ago, ArisCastillo
Can’t login
I can’t login to my acc, already tried changing my passw. Y’all keep charging me but I won’t be able to use the app!
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2 years ago, Mandiegirl119
I can login from my computer just fine but no go from the app
Very crappy
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2 years ago, A-game Everythang
App does not work
Just keeps asking me to login. Won’t go past the login screen.
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2 years ago, Tosha702
Fake App
This app is stealing your information! App keeps asking for sign in after you’ve entered your info!!! DO NOT USE. I’m reporting the app
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7 months ago, Straight BALLIN !
I have credit monitoring on my account so I’m ok. But for those that don’t… This company is trying to STEAL YOUR IDENTITY!! I’m reporting them to apple right now
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2 years ago, The1WhoReviewsKakashu
Not worth it and customer service don’t care. Don’t waste your money
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3 years ago, Ash51277
App is not an App
I don’t get what’s the purpose of this app. It’s not an app it just takes you to the website to sign in. Go back to the drawing board! This was clearly a waist of time trying to use. Just go to the website on a computer to really see the benefits but defeats the purpose of you on the go. This app has terrible functionality!! This app just taking up space on my phone, delete!!
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3 years ago, Nope123484858
Doesn’t do anything
First of all the app is not an app, it just takes you to their website. Secondly, the app directs you through steps and actions you can take to repair your credit, and yet gives you absolutely zero ability to take actions. Both levels of membership don’t have actions available, so they keep telling you to take action while simultaneously not allowing you to take action.
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2 years ago, Camper killa
App locked me out
It’s scam! I used smart credit with ASAP credit Repair to repair my credit. After 9 months of letters to the credit bureaus with ZERO effectiveness. I was told that nothing can be done and to call myself to see if can get my credit fixed? If that’s the case there was reason for me to pay $399 for to just tell me to try myself!
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3 years ago, vivacious bella
Phone App Doesn’t Work
I’ve tried numerous times to log into my phone app. Each time I get redirected to a web browser. Once I’ve entered my credentials and click to transfer/open in the application...AGAIN!! I get redirected to a web browser. When will this issue be fixed? Can’t believe my credit company utilizes such a low rate application.
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4 years ago, Chelle521
Great app and site
I have been using SmartCredit and the app for some time. My score has increased and it is very easy to use.
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3 years ago, Rrand98
On the website it mentions that their call center is open 10- 8 pm EST but the office is close! There’s no option on the website that allows you to cancel your membership 🤔. This membership really doesn’t help you build your credit.
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4 years ago, Kali's mommy
So my credit company uses this and all I will say is that you guys need to fix the problem which is the app won’t open or delete it. If you log on to it on the web it works fine but when you try to download the app onto your phone it will not open
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4 years ago, lecia2you
I can’t even...
I can’t even get the app to open so I can attempt to log in... it just crashes. I’ve deleted it, reinstalled it and waited an entire day and it still won’t open up... this app is terrible
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