Smash Hit

4.6 (103.9K)
80.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mediocre AB
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Smash Hit

4.56 out of 5
103.9K Ratings
1 year ago, peter yde V
Amazing game
This game is really good but there is one issue. Balls. The amount of balls in the infinity part is so small that even I can’t get to far. I start in infinity with 2,033 balls and even that isn’t enough. I can go in there with 300 balls and get threw the first 5 levels with breeze it’s just the rooms. Only 2 of the 4 rooms give crystals at this rate. And 1 of those rooms only come with 1-3 crystals. The other one comes with 1-20 crystals which is good but we need that in everyother room. I started back in 2016 and when I first went into infinity I only lasted about 2 rooms.. please add extra balls to each of the rooms in endless mode otherwise it will be impossible to get to 50k in mediocre. With even 2,033 balls you can only get threw 27 stages without dying. Add more crystals and slow the stages down so more people will come into the game and come race the fathom of the game. Add some extra levels and more additions to the infinity part because this entire game has been the exact same every time since 2016. Maybe add some levels up to 20 to give s extra challenge before infinity. Once you do that add some extra/new crystals to levels 13-♾️. Starting on 14 add a crystal that is 15 balls and then add one in level 17 that has 20 thank you and I can’t wait to have this update I will share on YT And it will become popular
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3 years ago, Essenceofclarity1970
Very satisfying game
I really was drawn to this game initially because I found it to be satisfying/stress reliever to be able to break the crystals. For me even in the classic version it was challenging and interesting learning experience to know when to hit and when you do not have to use your balls, (minimally or even at all) it’s quite a learning curve at first. Once you learn all the tricks though, and avoid more and more each time how to keep 5 balls/avoid losing any and going back to one it is so satisfying and fun. The only thing I really get frustrated with is when you get to the infinity part (I only was able so far to have 270/5 balls as I entered infinity.) and I can only get through 4 -5 levels/doors there before I run out. I can’t collect enough crystals to continue because they aren’t as plentiful in infinity. Also I go from 5 to 1 ball more often in Infinity because in one of the areas some of the crystals seem impossible to hit (odd off angle/upside down) and I can’t figure the more advanced stuff out. I wish they would add more additional crystals in the infinity mode so I could continue there longer. I do not think I am good enough/skilled enough at the game to come into infinity with more crystals either however I may try. Very fun game regardless.
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5 years ago, BrutusZ10
Levels and crystals
Smash hit has been a game that I’m good at for a while. I bought that special pack that’s $1.99 and me and my friends redid levels till I got to level infinity. This review isn’t going to explain the problem with levels and crystals though. I have a few ideas to make the game better. Level infinity was very unpredictable for me as well were the changing crystals. But I feel like another level or 2 would surprise everyone and once you make the levels people will most likely go to the level and try to defeat it. The fast room on level 10 would be a great addition to one of those levels. Now I think a new crystal would be a great addition to levels after 11 and through. Try to make the ball amount big if your going to keep level infinity. Not saying 30 because that would be to easy but like 15-20 should do. This crystal doesn’t have to appear 24/7 but where you put those crystals in those spots that are alone those spots would do. I think with these new additions it might make your game better and more popular. Love the detail and music. Hope you use these ideas. You can still use level infinity if you want. Thanks for reading.
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4 years ago, Liaälskargodis
A review
Typically I do not partake in a task as mundane as composing a review of an application I’ve downloaded on my cellular device via the AppStore, but today I’m feeling rather adventurous and figured heck with it! I’ve downloaded this game with the intentions of playing it during my downtime as it seemed like a good time waster for lack of a better term. The name of it made me wary at first as I am not interesting in smashing or hitting anything but then I though to myself: Gwendolyn, quit being a pussywillow and have a little fun! So I downloaded it (with the help of my daughter, Cordelia) and I sat down in my evening chair and began to play. Now let me tell you, the music is calming and I found that I do enjoy smashing things in the context of it being in a game and not any of my fine glassware. After having made my way to check point 3, I looked to my clock and saw it was already 9:00pm! A whole hour and a half of entertainment! I never thought I’d say this but I’m quite pleased with this game. Now I can’t understand my grandson spending hours upon hours playing Mind Craft but that’s a whole other story. Well done. Yours sincerely, Gwendolyn
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5 years ago, AnonymusSophisticatedViolet
Smash Hit: Amazing But Needs Adjustments
I think Smash hit is an amazing game (as said in the title). It has breathtaking and astonishing graphics and I could seriously sense the futuristic-interdimensional vibe. The glass breaking is realistic. It’s very satisfying game and really eases me. The music, it pushes the vibe to it and it’s very good. It really DOES test your concentration, timing, and reflexes. It’s SUPER fun! But as I said, there should be a few little tweaks. First of all, level infinity is IMPOSSIBLE! It moves too quick and the colors are displeasing to the eye. It’s very overwhelming and there’s barely any crystals so I run out of balls after FIVE MINUTES. Also, I cannot DESCRIBE how EXCRUCIATING and ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS it makes me when I run out of balls in a level and I have to start from the beginning ALL OVER AGAIN. I’m like, “OMG! I’m gonna get to level 9!!” Then I try to get a crystal with my last ball, and then I miss, and then it takes me back to level one!!! Please, grow from your good points in making this game, and try to repair your weak points. They just might make your game WAY more popular. Bye and thank you for my review on Smash Hit
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3 years ago, Micsta25
Great game for free!
I absolutely love this game! There have been little to no game flaws that I’ve experienced, and getting even more from a great game is only $1.99, and is a one-time purchase! The game is great, but one problem I have is that other modes require premium. It’s cheap, so this is less of a problem, and more of an inconvenience. The game is quite soothing, and easy to pick up, but is real hard to put down. Also, there are no advertisements for other mobile games! This is because rather than collect ad revenue, and premium funds, premium is the only micro transaction in the game! You won’t be worried about getting interrupted mid-game either, because there’s a pause button that only took me a couple of seconds to notice. The game, even on max-brightness doesn’t really hurt my eyes, but everyone is different, so this didn’t need to be included. The levels are creative, despite the game having the premise of breaking glass with metal spheres. I would highly recommend this to anyone with even a second of spare time.
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5 months ago, Jdhsnakvkdjdnwndbdlbdw
Great game with a few minor bugs
First of all, this is one of the best games you can get on the App Store. I love anything zen or calming so this is great for me! Sure, you may die and get kinda upset but the vibe is so good it doesn’t even matter. It has zero adds, which is incredibly rare for a free game. You do have to spend 2$ to unlock the full game but first of all, 2$ isn’t horrible, and second of all you can play the game fine without it. As great as this game is, I would like to report some bugs or just inconveniences. My biggest one is the powerups, the only one that’s really useful is the green ball frenzy, every other one I would do without. This is because I think I have accidentally activated a powerup more times than I have done it on purpose. PLEASE put the buttons in the top, when your trying to hit a Crystal at the bottom of your screen but you press a powerup instead, it’s nothing short of enraging. Also, the crashing system seems to be a bit questionable, I’m tired of writing so this review is over now lol.
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7 years ago, flyerKB
Very Cathartic and Stress-Relieving
This may be kind of an unusual review. I don't mean for it to be depressing, because for me it's not. I discovered Smash Hit while living in my sister's ICU room after she had surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor. Though they got all of the mass, the cancer had already spread. I stayed by her side for three weeks in the hospital, so I played lots of games on my iPad. That's when I found Smash Hit. I can't tell you how satisfying it was to repeatedly smash glass during that difficult time. The feel of the game is so realistic that it was extremely cathartic and helped relieve my stress. I reached the endless game play in a very short time, but scores didn't matter to me. All I cared about was zooming through space at high speed (also very satisfying) and smashing the ever-loving crap out of sheets of glass. That was over a year ago. I don't play the game as much now, but I have very fond memories of it, as it got me through a very difficult time.
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8 years ago, EchoGecko22
Could be better
It's a fun game and is good for relaxation, but it could use some improvement. 1. There are not enough levels. Like seriously the game is soooooooo short 2. Sometimes you get hit from behind and obviously can't do anything to stop it. 3. The zen mode is kind of a letdown. I mean I guess it is what the name implies, but I was hoping you'd be faced with the same types of obstacles you are faced with in the actual game and that if you failed to break them you'd crash, but that this mode would just give you unlimited balls (so no deaths). As it is is pointless because nothing ever comes close enough to you to hit you so you never even need to throw any balls. 4. The game never really saves your progress like it implies it will if you purchase the upgrade. For example, if you are playing in classic mode and fail the game will immediately allow you to pick up from your last save point. However, if you go from there to the main menu and/or to another game mode (like zen), when you come back to classic your progress will not have been saved and you'll have to start from the beginning.
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8 years ago, Ezerabeth
Great App
I've played this game since it first came out and, even though it's undergone many updates and changes since the original was released (a few of which I'm not a HUGE fan of), it's still the game that I spend all of my free time playing. I've gotten most of my friends, including family members, to download it as well, and we all love it. There's not a ton of ads (if any at all) and I don't think I've ever gotten a pop up from the game saying "give us five stars!" or "rate our app!" It's a great game that's simply designed to give the player entertainment, not to give the designers publicity. I strongly recommend downloading this app if you enjoy just sitting around playing the same game for at least 10-20 minutes. I haven't bought the pro version yet, but I definitely plan to in the future. (I normally don't do in-game purchases, but I love this game so much that I figured, why not?)
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2 years ago, Sundteh
Recommendations to skyrocket interest
This game is like non other, and it not only gets rid of boredom, but it really helps in focus, and mind relaxation. Here are some recommendations to increase interest. Though this game is near perfect, it can get even better. You only get one game mode for free, (classic mode) so adding more game modes for free will make the game much more interesting after you reach level infinity (one more will do). One game mode can be a bit different than the whole calm theme. It’s music can be trap or hip hop. This may sound crazy, but you guys can try it and experiment with it and make the mode fast. Me and my friends gathered to make a consortium to write this review. We read other reviews as well, and noticed that a lot of people want more levels, even one more would be good enough. Though I may be asking a lot, this is coming from a people who have a lot of experience in this game. Thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, pmoney!!!!!!!
Great game but could use a few things
1. You could add like so the farther you get the more money you get and you use that money to pay for cooler balls 2. Add more levels I’ve already finished all the leaves and what got me threw all the levels is the number of levels and just doing 12 and infinity mode is just annoying and not as convincing 3. When you like get more balls at one tap don’t stop at five go to like ten or 8 or go to a lot more because going to five is boring and less of a challenge for me. Other wise a really really good game and anyone who disagrees doesn’t know what there talking about also I love that there’s no adds because adds can be annoying and inappropriate also it uses no internet or Wi-Fi which I can play in the car and most other games uses Wi-Fi which I don’t like but really really really really fun game and I love it
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4 years ago, JJ_blackops12
Love this game!
I have played this game ever since it came out, and I have loved it ever since. I left it a few years back, remembered it yesterday, and decided to install it again just to beat it in one try (although I died in infinity, obviously) That shows how much I remembered from this game because it is so relaxing. If you need a game to calm yourself down, this is the one to try. Don’t get mad at the premium (if you die in a level, you have to buy premium to continue from that point) because it is one of the few ways for the company to earn money for their updates and bug fixes. If you created a game as good as this, you would probably want to earn extra money as well. All in all, great game, I love it and I would recommend it to anyone willing to sit down for an hour or two and play this fun, relaxing game. Thank you for making this game so fun!
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1 year ago, Aris D 184
My rating about the Smash Hit game and its rules.
Smash Hit is really nice. When you see the homepage on Smash Hit, if you wanna start playing it you should press the "start" button. When your game starts, you're left with 25 balls. Each time you press anywhere on the level, you lose 1 ball. If you crash anywhere, you lose 10 balls. When you shoot a ball to a blue pyramid, you earn 3 extra balls. When you're left with 0 balls, the game is over. When you see a gate, you shoot a ball on the blue button and it opens. If you see 2 blue buttons, you shoot on both of them. When you see that green button down left, when you press it you have unlimited balls until it displays a number again. A few days ago I downloaded it on my cellphone and now I'll download it on my iPad.
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6 years ago, Csturgjr
Fun but too many glitches
This starts as a very fun game, but once you get to endless mode, just quit, because they have tried to make it difficult but instead made is almost impossible due to cheap design. The faster you go, the less accurate the throws become. The game cannot keep up with the rate in which you throw ball, causing it to say you missed, when you hadn't. If you run into something it will not correct itself in time enough for you to recover and any balls thrown do not count leading you to hit more objects and run out of balls. I start with 614 (5) shot throws and by the 4th level of endless it's going too fast for the game to keep up and lags. Fun, but poorly designed for people who become good at the game. So do not expect to enjoy endless mode, until glitches are fixed. Also what happens all the time is when your game just stops and you have to restart. You'd think by now they would fix that, but I guess if you make enough money, who cares about the consumer right?
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8 years ago, EmeraldEnderCereal
The best app game I've ever played. I keep finding myself opening this app. The first thing I want to say is the graphics, there really really well done and great a quality. It's not like other games where when you break something (or smash glass in this case) the damage looks the same every time. But in smash hit it feels very real, almost exactly what would happen in real life if you broke glass. Now the second thing is the game play, it's great and extremely addicting (in a good way though) to stay "alive" in the game you have destroy glass triangles or diamonds. At the same time your trying to collect balls things are flying at you left and right and if you get hit you loose 10 balls. This sort of game and loose type of game is exactly what I like and nobody does it better than smash hit! 5of5 stars, way to go guys!
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2 years ago, realistic and a good game
This game is really good and realistic
This game gets harder and harder and I love this so much sometimes my brother helps me pass some levels and I go to level 11 and I have a question for the equator do you have to buy the full game to go to the rest of the levels? Cause I got to level 11 and my brother said he’s not sure if I have to buy the full game to go to the to go for the rest of the levels but I think I glitched the game out because I didn’t go to level 10 when I got to you love you I am actually real with you be warned there could be crazy glitches that can glitch you out of theAll the math and check out the rest of their games I told everybody about it I told everyone about smash it that’s her how I love smash it this is the worlds best realistic game
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3 years ago, Superstylelady
Entertaining and challenging
I enjoy the challenge of this game. I like using the sound effects of the glass breaking, but sometimes do better with the sound off! I vary my playing from the training or classic modes and try to outdo myself each time I play. Those are the only two modes I ever play and and have done well in both. I play every day as a form of relaxation, but it can also be stressful! My biggest beef with this game (I shelled out for the paid version) is although there are other modes to play, they aren’t any fun or make no sense to me. (Is it really just me?) There needs to be new play modes added that are enjoyable to play similar to the classic or training modes, but with new challenges. Get rid of those other modes like versus, co-op, zen. Is anyone playing those?? I hope the developer takes this into consideration!
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2 weeks ago, BraydenHammon
Awesome game, a few issues though
So I give this a 4.8 because it’s a great fun game and an awesome stress reliever but the amount of balls in the infinite balls power is super low and goes by to fast I do wish it was longer duration, I also wish that we could scroll through our powers on the side I’m on iPhone 15 so the powers are on the bottom left side for me and I can’t scroll through the powers only use the one that first which I’m not that big of a fan of, I do also think the amount of balls you lose when you hit an object is a little bit much but I don’t really care about that as much, overall this game is awesome sorry if I sound like a angry person but I’m not I’m just suggesting a few issues you might could fix however this an awesome game and my and my friend have Been playing this for years and it’s awesome
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5 years ago, Mrpuff31
The most awesome game ever.
I was new to this game when I was seven years old. I loved this game, and it was kind of tricky for me. My parents had gotten me premium membership, so I could start off where I died. For me, whenever I am new to this app, I try training mode. Training mode was really easy for me, and I had tried the classic mode when I finished training mode, and I had gotten better, and I reached Level Infinity. However, some levels, such as Level 9 & 10, can have an enormous amount of balls wasted. For example, in one part in Level 10, there is a part of the level which goes really fast, and when I got to the part where there were a bunch of crystals, I lost my 5 ball streak because I forgot to use the slowdown power-up. The game was still great, and I will rate it a 10/10.
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3 years ago, SummerE.
Good but..
I love but the only problem is with it is that when you die and you wanna continue from that level you have to have premium and I think that’s actually a little bit overratedBecause I don’t wanna pay the money to just restart level come on it’s like why. If you’re going to do that then just let us do it free it’s not a good game and you’re just persuading us to buy something. I know that you’re trying to get money but like still it’s not very fun for the people to play. I got onto level six and then you run on the balls to quickly put more crystals in the levels come on I love this game but those should be some improvements I’ve been reading some of the comments and they’re agreeing as well. If you’re reading this comment game maker please have some of these fixed. Thank you
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1 year ago, shotgunsmutek
Stress releasing smash glass levels
When I first saw this game I wasn’t impressed and passed by it. But after coming across it the 2nd time, I thought to myself, “why not try it”? Boy am I GLAD I did ! It is not often that I can find a game that suits my pleasure in game playing. I like action, speed, and the fact that all you need to control the game is your finger. A 1 touch game.. it’s awesome! I wish the developers would make more games. What a great idea they came up with. It’s a game anyone can play regardless of age, gender, etc. I love the graphics too. I just wish they had made more levels. Im sad I’m at the end. I’m addicted to this game for sure. Please create more levels for us developers? This is my FAVORITE game of all. Thank you for your hard work in creating it.
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3 years ago, geb0
Love It-=Too addictive!
Okay, here goes, I did a short review, I think quick a while ago. I love this game and don’t know why but I find when I am upset, or my nerves on edge, or get tired of going for radiation every day now, that It IS a calming game even if addictive. And yes, time flies by when I play. I have deleted it numerous times to quit playing and always go back to reinstalling it. Some days I get a little bored but mos likely cause I play too much. I have gone as far as timing myself and putting limits. So far, a little helpful. However, I still love the game and it kicks irritation and anger and stress right out the window 99% of the time. Thank you for the game and any additional changes would be welcome to charge things up a bit.
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Amazing game but....
THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC AND I ALMOST BEAT THE GAME because there’s like 13 or 12 levels and I’ve gotten good at the game, but I did notice that at some point when your at like level 3 or higher, when you want to play a different game and you pause at the level your at then you play a different game or your just playing the game and you play something else then what your playing on dies, then you charge it and when it’s at 100% you go back on the game and for example if your were on lvl 3 and you came back from when it died your like on level infinite ♾ or like on level 10 or like a level that was not even here but in the game. Maybe add some more levels or something and possibly fix all the lags and bugs👍and probably make some new crystal on level 12 or 11 or 11-13. But most of all the game is AWSOME👍 keep up the goodness.
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5 years ago, guinea pig and panda LOVER
So addictive 🥰
I love this game so addictive I recommend this a lot game is real a ball smashing glass and it’s so hard sometimes I usually never right a long review so if this turns out short my sorrys the highest I ever gotten is level 3 but one thing why do u have to pay or something to start we’re u finished? I mean I think that’s not really fun honestly I rather keep starting where I finished but I still like the game in all and also sorry for no . I mmm to lazy to put them any were soooooo yea I’m still trying to put them in. But I really recommend this game for youngsters out there my 4 year old son loves the game and my grandma to if pets can read and do stuff like we can my cat and guinea pig probably love this to like I said I love it and I think everyone should get it. I recommend it a lot!
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5 years ago, Sarajsh
My all time favorite game
Just something about it. Not only that, it’s beautiful. Someone took a lot of time and care with this one. I do know one of the things I appreciate about this game is when you mess up/die/have a fatality it doesn’t jaggle your nerves. No loud ear-splitting sounds, splashes of blood, eye-piercing light...just a soft moan, if anything, and no clocks or scoreboards to play with your sense of failure. You find out at the end of a short run how often the little guy had a “fatality” and how long it took you. I had to delete a few games because of the constant loud sounds, explosions, buckets of gore and blood and the annoying clocks. I swear I wanted Valium with some games. Not so with this one. This tells you how you do, but gently. Even humorously. Try it. It’s free!
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3 years ago, Abe Walters
Used to love the game, but it has become unbearably buggy
TL:DR Used to love the game, but now it’s almost unplayable due to bugs. Many years ago I used to love this game. Back in the hay day of phone games, when Clash of Clans was in it’s prime, and flappy bird was still on the App Store, this game was also one of the best. I have very fond memories of playing it, and the graphics/physics were always (and still are) top of the line as far as phone games go. That being said, I just recently redownloaded this game for the nostalgia factor. I’ve been playing for a couple days now, and even re-bought the premium version. The first bug I encountered was the “restore purchases” button not working, but I just wrote this off as it has been multiple years, and it was only $1.99. However, after having sunk a couple dozen hours back into it, it seems that they have not kept up with it, and it’s ridden with bugs now. You can just be going through the levels, and all of a sudden get hit and lose your streak and a handful of balls, just to thin air. This seems to be the biggest bug, just being spontaneously hit even though there is nothing around you. Due to this, it makes the game extremely unenjoyable and basically unplayable in any game mode other than zen. Really upset, as this used to be such a legendary game.
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5 years ago, RoloPoloTwelve
It’s a great game with some issues
Th is game is great and I would recommend it, but it has some problems. The player’s hit box is unclear and sometimes I get frustrated because the hole I made is a little to the left of right so I get hit. Also, personally I do not like the fact that two of the same type of obstacles can either hit you or completely miss you. I understand that this level of variable was added to get you to think about the obstacles more, but sometimes it just feels random and I lose because I was originally taught not to worry about a certain obstacle, and that knowledge that I thought I had was contradicted when I get hit by it later on. This game is overall very good though. It looks cool, the other game modes are fantastic and the music adds another layer of it being just a relaxing game.
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11 months ago, -irishmaddog911
Pretty good but gets annoying
So the good thing is that it doesn’t do any adds. But the premiere thing is quite annoying. It makes you go through the tutorial and stuff all over again. It’s be nice if you could just start from level 1. And there’s a couple of times where I would throw the ball and it would break the glass and I would go through it like normal. Other times the glass wouldn’t even hit me but it would still say hit. I find it quite annoying because stuff like that would bring me down and it’d usually happen like multiple times and I’d end up losing over it. And with how long the levels and and stuff it gets quite repetitive. And I get that’s the point y’know tryin to get us to buy the premiere but like it’s just quite annoying. And I’m not paying for that I’m too young to get a job
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2 years ago, GreenBushFoxX
Best game I’ve played in years!
This is an amazing game!! Everything about it is amazing! I could play this for 24 hours a day! I love how each level is designed and how the difficulty rises the further you go! The mods are also very interesting. This game gives me vibes that I can’t really describe, but they feel absolutely amazing! It gives me that robotic feeling, like a futuristic-like feeling that makes me feel relaxed and amazed! It would also be interesting if there was a story for it, but that’s just me. Either way, this game is just enjoyable and fun to play whenever I’m stressed. But I also feel like a little more could be added to make it more interesting. Other than that, very amazing game!
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6 years ago, DerpaDerp
I like the game a bit, not the most fun but i still like it, not much though. I would like it more if there was a way to restore purchases. When buying the unlock to everything, i saw a restore purchase button and didn’t really think there would be anything wrong with it. About a week later i was bored and wanted to delete the game, but i had to restore the purchase first. When I got into the game i looked for a restore purchase button, but i couldn’t find one, so I continued looking. 10 minutes later i decided to take a break from it. Then i just left the game alone for a while, about a month or so, and after updating it I looked for a restore purchase button again, and couldn’t find it. I was kinda mad but then I decided to write this review for a way to fix this problem. If you could update the game with a Restore Purchase button, then i will change it to four stars. Adios, Carter. ❤️
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5 years ago, Hobitta
Fun game...but restarting levels & annoying
The graphics are incredible and the smashing of the glass sound is exactly how smashing glass sounds like,..lots of fun to play, most annoying is when you run out of balls and you can’t use your bonus balls, unless you use your slowing down time clocks first, also you can easily press your fingers on things like extra balls Or a gold ball by accident , because really all you were trying to do is smash a crystal with a ball, so the bonus items like extra balls and gold balls or time slow down clocks should be moved to the area where the pause button is located, would be much better. The most annoying part of the game is having to start either the game all over again or start from a previous saved level, and when you get into the higher levels, it gets fast and busy, this game is for people with quick coordination no question.
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3 years ago, Pastazia
Rediscovered Favorite
Years ago my sister recommended this game and it quickly became a favorite. There’s just something so satisfying about the sound of breaking glass! But as with most games, I moved on to other new and exciting apps. A couple of nights ago, my 5 year old grandson was looking at all the apps I had purchased but were no longer on my device. I spotted this game and thought he might enjoy it. Since I had already purchased it, I was able to download the premium version for free. Well, it was an immediate hit with all the grandkids. Not only that, but I really enjoyed playing it again. The visuals, the sound effects, the music! They all come together to make an exciting, challenging, and somehow relaxing experience.
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2 years ago, Clairered2298
Love this game
I normally don’t review games but I’ve been doing smash hit since I was young so I figured I should. This game has always been something I’ve done when I’m stressed and it always calms me down (even when the later levels may be a little challenging lol). I also adore the style of it and I’ve been looking into doing art inspired by it even, which has helped me to advance my art! Recently I took a break from it until I got a vr set and was able to do it in vr, which was such a fun experience and somehow scary sometimes if you missed shooting at something and lost your balls to throw, or a game over. Again though, still a great game and I love it. Simple and somewhat nostalgic. <3
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7 years ago, Mandy13Fox
Pretty Good But...
I like this game and ive been playing it for awhile, but just recently I am starting to get these glitches where Im on checkpoint 2 or 3 and I open a door to get to checkpoint infinity! I dont know if its just me but Ive gotten this glitch a lot and I havent actually gotten to checkpoint infinity yet! My highscore was also a glitch, but its not a very big one. My highscore is checkpoint 10, but it says I havent gotten to there and Ive gotten 1/4 of the way into an empty gray box. It wasnt really the game’s fault because I had no balls when I entered the level and I was using the infinite balls powerup, but during the powerup I got a crystal, and continued the level. Aside from those two glitches, I really love the game and would totally recommend it to anyone!
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3 years ago, LezgoGaming87
Great Game but a few bugs
I have played smash hit for many years and I have to say that I love the game, very fun, and easy to learn. But I have discovered two things that absolutely break the game. The first one is sometimes when there is a notification that plays a song (like an alarm) when you swipe up that alarm the games camera freezes and you cannot move, but you can still shoot balls. The second glitch is when you are playing the game and then turn off your phone and then turn it back on, it bumped me up to level infinity but when I turned off my phone I was only on level 1. Plz fix this soon thx
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6 years ago, kaylathereader
Very Enticing, But Too Short..
*makayla💕 i believe as if this game is absolutely worth it. it’s a game testing your agility in things in motion, but there are some flaws, thus the title. uno: there’s only a certain amount of gameplay that there is. my review would’ve been a five star, and many other people would download it, if at least 50% of the game was free. when you lose the amount of balls that you have, you immediately get sent back to the beginning of the game in which you would have to play all over again, if you paid for premium. dos: the other locked levels on the bottom left side of the game should be unlocked. mainly because, it feels like you’ve just downloaded a demo. the rest of the game would be paid for $2, which is not bad considering all the unlocked things you get, but maybe developers, you could stay consistent with the people who don’t know how to release money onto their actual phone. stay consistent with the people who don’t technology well. but all those massive flaws make the game very hard to enjoy, considering the fact that literally nothing on there is free. i wish you all the best, and that in hopes you would lower the cost or maybe even get rid of it. if so, please contact me so i could enjoy this all my might. thanks!
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5 years ago, 220 Account
Absolutely Amazing But...
I’m only giving you 4 stars because I want all the features. The app is always bugging me to buy the premium version. Why not just give it to the customers for free? If you did, you’d get a lot of more downloads. I’ve reached the highest checkpoint on this game and it is so much fun. The glass and sounds are so realistic and the high levels are the perfect amount of tricky. I just don’t like that I don’t have the entire experience. Also, a couple of times, I’ve went from checkpoint infinity straight to checkpoint 4 again while playing. I don’t understand how I can go backwards when I am going forwards. Please try to address my needs. Thank you for making this amazing game.
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4 years ago, DMauer9
Terrible button placement
For the most part it’s actually a pretty fun a chill game. You’re floating through this obstacle course and you have your diamond or triangle targets you have to shoot your balls at to get more balls to keep going. BUT IT’S RIDICULOUS, CHEAP, AND VERY VERY POORLY THOUGHT OUT that so often the obstacles are placed RIGHT BEHIND either the PAUSE/SETTINGS button on the screen, or the power up button on the screen. So over and over again you’re just trying to hit your target which SHOULD BE PRETTY EASY BUT INSTEAD you’re either CONSTANTLY AND REPETITIVELY PAUSING AND STARTING THE GAME for no reason OR YOURE USING UP ALL YPUR POWER UPS for no reason. AND TO MAKE IT WORSE, IT DOESN’T EVEN FIRE THE BALL AND HIT THE TARGET, SO YOU LOSE YOUR CHAIN MULTIPLIER. Terribly frustrating, stupid, and pathetic. Such a shame, this game has so much potential but somebody done messed it up real bad. I was almost going to buy it, but don’t even bother downloading it. Waste of time and energy.
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1 year ago, Mello_Kid
Has aged beautifully
I first played this game when I was still in elementary school. Since then, It’s been 8 years and I still heavily enjoy this game. It has the formula of some of the best games from when mobile gaming was truly the best, back in 2010, but also manages to stay fresh with its synthwave and simple but satisfying level design. The developers were also smart and chose 3D graphics that look better than most mobile games today. What I’m saying, is get this game, and maybe even buy the $1.99 premium pack. It’s a game from the golden age, and should be treated with respect. The gameplay is relaxing but exciting and will forever live on in your mind.
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8 years ago, Sugundugus
The Most Amazing Game
Smash Hit is by far my favorite game in the App Store. Most games that get popular aren't my thing, especially these days where they're all about speed and very simple 2D graphic and one fatal mistake loses you the game. But this game isn't any of these. Sure, in later levels you do have to be faster but at least you're given chances. And the graphics don't get me started on how flawlessly gorgeous the graphics are. The glass, the lighting, the colors, the animation of everything as it crashes. I really like how the concept is really simple, yet it's so much more. If you like these simple tap games might like this; if you want something calming and relaxing you'll love this as well. The sound effects are beautiful and relaxing too. To be fair though I'll just note that every once in a while it lags for a moment, but nothing that hindered my progress or made me lose the game or something. To be honest however I still haven't tried it with the most recent update so maybe that's been fixed. That aside, this game is a masterpiece. This game is a work of art.
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2 years ago, dogontheappstore
Good but kind of like a pay to win
I love this game and even got my friend OBSESSED with it. But even though I know you need to make money from it, it feels like a pay to win game. You don’t get your progress saved unless you buy premium. I got this game for its “Zen” mode, but I wasn’t told I needed to buy it! I know that is not exactly this games fault cuz it needs to show the game modes, but you never said that I needed to buy anything for this game mode. Even though I love this game, I feel like starting from a checkpoint that isn’t the start should be free, instead of having to pay to do something that you got too! It would help me a lot if you listened to a few of these things, but I still like this game a lot!
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6 years ago, strooooooberry
Gorgeous game!
I love this game! I’ve never had any problems with glitches, and I don’t have premium and still completely enjoy the game. The sound design and visuals are absolutely gorgeous!!! I’ve never seen a game with such stunning sound and visuals. The concept of the game is great; it’s so simple and easy too understand, yet it’s challenging! I love strategizing and finding ways to stretch your supply of balls for as long as possible. Pro tip: Collect the green power-ups and don’t use them until you run out of balls! ;) I also like how everything moves the same every time. It’s predictable, but never boring! Overall such a beautiful and well-designed game! 10/10 would recommend!!
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2 months ago, none ya bee'z wax
SMASH HIT FOREVER!!! Flight Simulator
..... THIS GAME KEEP'S GETTING SHORTER AND SHORTER AND EVEN SHORTER! However; What I Have Found Is That The First Level Over A Decade Aga'o...; I was able to get more than 40,000 Cannonball's, There Were Feature's Like Ten Shot Burst And Unlimited Straight Forward Shooting Was The Option To Just Go And Hold The Aim Down With! It Was Also Able To Just Go Ahead And Choose Wich Shot Pattern You Want From 5 Shot To Single Shot Whenever You Want And Even With Special Cannonball's. As For The Special Cannonball's..; You Only Have To Have The Cannonball Option To Be Able To Use It One Time, It Hold's And Run's Untill You Let It Go! Not Much Else Ledft In The Wake Of Getting Smaller And Smaller There However And The Music Changed And There Is A'-Lot Of Music Missing...; Nice Game However..; Still Like It!!! ..... I GIVE THIS GAME ONLY TWO STAR'S BECAUSE OF IT'Z SMALL GAMEPLAY...; AND I DON'T THINK IT WOULD MAKE 3-D HOLOGRAM
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5 years ago, amathhater
It’s a good game but..
The game is very cathartic and the graphics are beautiful however, one restarting at the beginning is annoying and the different speeds that interchange through levels with no warning are also annoying. I could actually overlook all of that if didn’t have this annoying feature in which you could get hit from behind and have NO way of preventing it. That part of the game is the worst. You’ve passed a block and nothing happens but then you get hit and it causes you to lose ten balls. I could see if maybe it was consistent with this but it’s not sometimes you think you got past a block by a hair and you do and then other times it hits you without warning and you lose your balls. That needs to be fixed bc a lot of them are unavoidable.
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12 months ago, UwU cats r da best!!
Astonishing game
I absolutely LOVE this game and 100% recommend it. If you like challenging games, high quality games , beautiful graphics, and cool concepts, then this game is for you. This is one of my favorite games to play when I’m bored and need to relax. My only complaint is that when I make a checkpoint and I try to play from that checkpoint after I die and restart, it says that I need to “get premium”. And you have to pay for it. I mean like, have you ever had to pay just to get a checkpoint on a game? I know I sure haven’t. But idk, maybe there’s more to the premium than just that. Otherwise, this game is totally amazing to me and super fun.
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3 years ago, delicadenza
Smash hits lasers
I rly rly love the game. It has been the most simple but hard tasked game I’ve probably ever played but the only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t tell you what to do when you get to the lasers. On one level, it makes you go through a series of lasers to go through but I always end up wasting the balls I have bc I don’t know what to do. I always try to hit the lasers as much as possible but I just end up wasting the balls and getting hit. So, creators and/or editors, can you put in something to show us what we‘re supposed to do at that point? (Idk if it’s only me with that problem but if that’s possible, thank you)
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5 years ago, Ravikiran Alagandula
Very enjoyable
When you play Smash hit, you basically have to hit glass with is kind of cool, plus you can go until level 12 or endless mode , and I think it’s cool to put the unlimited ball thing, because you can use it to get coins when you have like zero coins. Also, I like it when you get like 300 coins in level 4, so I would say this is a good game for ages 6-10,but then the bad things are that you have to get premium if your stuck in a level for a long time plus you don’t get a lot of coins in level 9-12,or endless mode. But, I think it’ll be very enjoyable if your not stuck on a level or if don’t actually care about premium.
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9 years ago, E2106
A near perfect game
What a fun amazing game!!! Something to do to pass the time and then the game ends up sucking away your day. First issue the time clock?? What does it do. Because I have not bought your premium version yet. All it does is start me over. And the clocks, and unlimited ball throw should be on different sides or let us pick where they belong. Because sometimes you hit them without meaning to and then you waste them, or start over when your doing really good. 😐Don't like getting hit after you pass some of the blocks either. But still is an amazing game. Will most likely purchase the premium version soon. Maybe the clocks will make more sense.
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1 year ago, Beanpod146
I find this game to be so much fun ! Gee, I’m just about 70 years old, keeps my brain on target. I love physics and there’s not that many games out there to to use when your brain works that way . I agree with another reviewer. You could use a few more balls in each section that gets frustrating when you work so hard to get where you are and run out of balls. No ads are a fantastic great wonderful feature of this game. Thank you so much for the ability to play without continually getting interrupted by ads . Just a few more changes and updates in your game that you’ve made would be tremendous, other than that thank you so much for challenging game.
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