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Tall Team Limited
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2 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for

4.82 out of 5
12.2K Ratings
5 months ago, Hemdan728
Must have every day game
I found this game online in March 2023 and I was immediately captivated by the objective of the game. I usually get bored of mobile games after a month or two but this is a keeper. Anyways, I got addicted to it and play it at least twice a day. I play this game when I’m happy, sad, angry, bored.. it always makes me feel better! (Or a bit worse if I lose lol), but still exhilarating regardless. I love the updates and how inclusive the creators are. They release announcements and new themes for every holiday (Christmas, Eid, Diwali, Hanukkah) which is really commendable. It’s a fun escape and I would recommend it to everyone. If you’re bad at first, TRUST ME I WAS WORSE! The more you play the better you get. Thank you Creators!
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1 year ago, NidiBear
Uhh what’s going on?
Okay so the first time I started playing, this game it was perfect and was working fine me and my little sister would always play together having fun and stuff. But then after today, we tried playing it and my phone kept glitching and I thought it was broken and everytime the game would start, my character would glitch and stay there all at the same time. And so I would get out the game all the way, and turn my phone off, AND STILL HEAR THE GAME!! Then when I log back onto my phone I try to put in my password in it try’s to log in and then it can’t. SO I TRIED AGAIN- and it did the same thing after 2 minutes of the round going on. I usually thought this game would be perfect for me since I used to play it in fourth grade. So when the glitch happened again it sounded like a train was going through my phone. And I tried to delete the app and it kept trying to delete others but not itself. Otherwise before people download it think abt the review I have now just written. Save yourself and keep the virus out of your phone. Luckily I didn’t earn a virus. But anyways, when I tried to delete the app, it didn’t work. So then after the glitch ended, I deleted the app. I will replace this app with something else. Ty very much but this won’t be another mistake made. 💀
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11 months ago, Not dealing with it
The best game to ever exist in the history of gaming
It’s so fun ! Add free ! And never disappoints . If you want a add free game , like Mario cart , and are seeking for Something basic and fun , this is the game . SUGGESTIONS - there should be a health backpack - whenever you collect it it goes in to the corner of your screen - you chan take it out any time you need it - while having it you CAN collect weapons just NOT other health boxes - there’s should be a REALLY RARE item called a pull - you can click one player from the leader board and PULL it to your team - the subtract bomb it goes in a random place and if anyone get hits by it they lose all their points - the heart pack where you can HEAL a FRIEND instead of your self - there should also be a teleported where let’s say u r in combat you get a box and it gives u this You click it and it spawns you on the other side of the map - THATS ALL thanks for reading
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7 months ago, Jaxon®️
A Very Fun Game but one Problem on the New Update
I am Enjoying this Game since April 2023 and it is a game to experience, make friends with, and playable online just like the Mario kart games. On the new update on the new arena, the bouncer on the edge of the topmost accessible area in this arena isn’t working from the ground, but from the top, it is working. This problem only occurs on the Mobile version, so If you can fix this, I would be glad to hear! I enjoy this game very much because I have a lot of expert friends like Seby, SirAlec, and many more. And what player am I? I am (Arctic) Gigachad currently at Level 130 Explaining this to the Developers. Thank you Tall Team!
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3 months ago, Evanisha666
Good but it needs to have more even match up’s
I get that your joining a server with l real people but there’s always that person that literally kills everyone like 3 times and it’s really annoying. I don’t know if this is a bot but these players literally destroy everyone and it makes it so hard to win because there’s always this person that has been playing for like 3 y are so they know everything and their aim is perfect and they instantly kill you when you can barely get a scratch in them. It’s just so aggravating and frustrating that there’s always this player that kills everyone else no matter what. I wish this has more even match ups with peoples skill level and how long they’ve been playing. There should also be more weapons that you can get.
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3 months ago, Sammylovesbff
So fun
Me and my classmate first played this game l thought it wasn’t fun at all and l was like it’s probably so bad so l wanted to try to see how bad it was but then when l played it it was so much fun just a few problems when l play it’s laggy and when you make a free for all sever nobody joins it beside whoever you ask overall good game it’s like Mario cart one day l hope there’s a Sanrio update like karts and stuff like that l recommend play 4-19 or more if wanted l think it’s best for little kids and people under the age of probably 14 maybe idk but it’s not boring me and my bestie play it everyday like it’s so fun like l want more of these games good job tall teams keep up the good work :)
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2 years ago, LuckyCharm78233:)
Really good😝
This game is really really fun and i started playing by talking to my friend and he told me about it so I tried it and it was great! I just wanna add some stuff to the loot boxes. 1. There should be a twin to what you do like if I shoot a rocket a copy of you will shoot it too. 2. There should be a banna peel to slip on 3. Last but not least there should be a shield go round instead of a spiky go round, or keep spiky go round and add shield go round. Also there should be a alliance so you can chat with your friends and play with them, also to beat other alliances you have to get on a higher level.
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9 months ago, lolo_butler
so, I used to play this game on my laptop, thinking it was only available on there, but figuring out it’s available on phone makes gameplay even better! Sure, it’s a little tricky getting hang of the new controls, but it just makes posting more fun with a new challenge. It has just as many perks as Playing anywhere else, on any platform, and I totally reccomend for all ages! you can level up, and get new and exciting characters and accessories that make you, well you! Thanks so much all store for this amazing game, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
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2 weeks ago, justtogood69
Great game
This is an very great game. But I would like a few things added. First, you know when you get something like a smash streak, and you get skid marks? It would be cool if you could customize them and get like zebra stripes and tiger stripes. Second, it would be awesome if when you create a round, you could make it a racing game. This applies especially to Steckeys Speedway. Last, can you make gems easier to get, or make whatever you are trying to buy with gems, less expensive? Thank you and like I said , this is a great game.
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1 year ago, Pushiene
Get this game!!
Omg. Got this game today and it is amazing. I can’t put it down. And I know everyone wants to know about the ads, THERE ARE NONE and like all the little characters you can get are so cute. It’s also is a fun game where like in fortnight people target you in this game everyone goes after everyone( in the team mode it is different ) But bust to sum it all up this game is super fun, super cool, and last but not least super enjoyable. Also I want to thank you the reader you, for taking the time to read my review. ❤️
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2 years ago, Warrenmg11
Great, but I have a concern…
Hello! I only play this on my computer because on my iPad for some reason you can’t use the arrows on your Bluetooth keyboard to move the karts. You can only use the arrows, and the letters W, A, S, and D on iPad Pro 10.5 inch. W for accelerate, A for a left turn, S for Backward Acceleration, and D for a right turn on the Bluetooth keyboard that connects to the iPad Pro 10.5 inch. Anyways, this game is also really fun on computers. Can you fix this error please? Thank you. Best Regards, Warren
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5 months ago, nanibhabie
I was playing this game with my son. But when he set it up for me he set it on auto and it all went downhill from there. After I deleted the account because it would not for the life me easily click a very clickable and accessible button ( like 2 to 3 days of trying back to back) to change the option. So then after I did luckily change the option and put manual it would now then keep me stuck in tutorial with no buttons at all to operate cart manually deleted app , redownloaded app for like 2 weeks on and off and still to this day no luck. I also don’t like the fact this game doesn’t have a self service or customer services for problems like this.
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5 months ago, Chocolate oranges
Best game ever
I have been playing this game for a long time and it never gets boring. Every day there is new maps and game modes to play on. There are no forced ads and the only ads you watch is to do daily wheel spins. There are many things to customize your kart. You can customize your kart to your favorite color, holiday, country or season. I play with my brother and friends all the time and I recommend this game for everyone.
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4 months ago, khicnkshfkscnk
Me and my friends always played on our computers and we really liked playing together but it was a hassle so we found out that there was a app (This app/Smash Karts) and now we play all the time! We love playing in private games! And even if you can’t play with a friend you can always play in games with random other people! Plus there are no chats so it’s safe for little kids!
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2 years ago, ejsuthe0011
So, I love this game, buuuut one time I remember getting enough exp to level up, those of you who play will know you have to tap it to level up, well I got to level six but I hadn’t tapped it when I finally did I was at level two. What I understand is that if you don’t tap it the game gets “mad” and takes away levels. I should be like level twelve but, no. Anyway, this probably has NOT happened to anyone else and they love the game, I love it too, but try and fix this pls.
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2 years ago, poolahmoolah
It’s a good game but
So I love this game. Like a lot. But only on my computer. I downloaded this app so I could play it on my iPad as well, but I was mildly disappointed. While it is the same game, the driving mechanics are really weird, with only turning options and no way to just drive straight. I suggest making it so there’s a “joystick” on the left side and a “use item” button on the right. This game is extremely fun, I just don’t think I’m going to be using it on my iPad anytime soon.
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3 years ago, BlackKat234558
This game is amazing!
I started playing this game in early 2021 when a friend introduced me to it. I immediately was addicted to it and got better and better, until I was a master at it! My name was “Porky”. But then my school banned it so I wasn’t able to play it anymore. But then I downloaded the app on my iPad and now I am happily playing again as “BlackKat”. I can wait for the updates in this game in years to come!
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2 years ago, Janearoo
So fun!
Seriously I will play this game for hours on end and still be happy. It’s great because you are easily able to leave when you need to. And you can easily join games too. You have a great amount of privacy which is amazing. Your able to play with friends and family or just with the people out there. Love this game so much!!
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5 months ago, Jmm415
Smash karts
Smash karts is one of the best game in the whole entire universe. You get to destroy people and win games. I’m at a very high level and the levels are completely unlimited. I can also customize my kart colors, toppers, hats, wheels, and characters. I’ve played on many different devices before including a computer and an iPad. Smash karts is one of the best games ever!😁
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2 weeks ago, Smash Karts Fan
Smash Karts
Smash karts is really fun. It had violence but it’s cartoon, it has bombs and nukes and rockets but really it’s ok. You can play with friends and make your own game. You can also spin a wheel to get characters, coins, and gems and much more. You can also customize your character and level up and have nicknames. So really you should download this.
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1 year ago, øßégftyü
Amazing Game 10/10
My friends introduced me to the website version of it, and we would play during math class. Then the school blocked it, and we were all sad, but now we play it with each other at home, without worrying about getting in trouble!
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1 year ago, less money more problems
All fun and games until…
The game is lots of fun and easy for anyone to just pick up and play… my only issue is for whatever reason when I try to join my friends room I can’t as the screen gets stuck in an endless loading screen… which is a bit of a bummer… I know this isn’t part of the design but that is y it is only 4 stars and not a perfect 5!
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10 months ago, 2376492729471937
Love it, but one problem
Hello! Love the game, but am REALLY annoyed by one thing: it doesn’t ask for confirmation if you want to sign out. My brother and I have both accidentally pushed the button, and had to deal with the consequences. You have to resign in, and sometimes you can’t if you signed in with a different account. Thank you for considering fixing this problem.
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12 months ago, qwaszer
Ok so the stars is what I think of the game but, I just gotta say something.
I was playing and I got an overly inappropriate ad. The game was called something like “help the bro” or something like that and it was far worse then the average inappropriate mobile game ad. If you devs can, please control what ads pop up and make sure the ads aren’t ones like that or that specific ad. Please.
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2 months ago, gamerlogi
Tall Team (devs) please read!
Hello! I got this game cause’ it looks cool lol, I have an iPad mini 2 (iOS 12.5.7), I know that’s old but I don’t have anything newer, and keeps crashing after it loads! I saw there’s a drop down that might help, but it starts on high! Could you make it work or at lease make that start on the lowest please? You can make it automatically change off of the FPS, anyways thanks for reading! BTW I rated it one star hoping that would make it more likely that you would read it, For real I would rate it 2-3 stars.
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2 months ago, GameLover293803
Bruh awesome
Your dumb if you think that this is not good. Only one question though, WHY the flip do we have to update before playing? I tried getting on today. Please fix that. I don’t wanna play the new version right now. It’s okay if you won’t fix. Anyways, besides that everything is AWESOME just wish you would put emotes and chatting in. Thank you for yo time.
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4 months ago, Austin.,
Best game ever
I used to play on safari and google but then I got the app witch is so much better than that. I play it every day morning and night their is no adds when you leave a map you go strait to Home Screen the only time is if you want to
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1 year ago, JimJohnMarks
Lost the plot
Months ago, this game was quite fun. But as the popularity has grown, the hacks & exploits have grown with it. The game is basically unplayable on weekends because the majority of players are clearly (based on their usernames) 12 years old or younger (which means the team or strategy based maps are impossible) & are leveraging exploits — for example when a player has the spikey-go-round they suddenly go twice as fast as everyone else (making the power up far more effective). But. The bigger issue is server lag. You will frequently find you’re dead because some kind of weapon you think you dodged (or which missed) allegedly actually hit you. Given the whole premise of the game is a lot of pinpoint driving and shooting, this is a huge frustration.
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2 years ago, Duk Mario
One flaw
Smash karts is is an amazing game and I would give it five stars if not for one fatal flaw. Whenever I watch an add for the bonus do boost, coins, and other stuff, my game crashes. I originally played it on my pc but decided to get it on my phone just two days ago. I hope this gets fixed, I’ll change my rating when it does.
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3 years ago, Crazy DJ dude
Insanely fun game BUT...
This is a really fun game that I play all the time with my friends, and it deserves more attention. More maps and more power-ups and the like would be gratefully accepted, but the problem is this game doesn’t work of phones. When you start a round the screen just turns black. Idk if this is just for my model of phone or something else, but unless you fix it soon, it bumps my rating down to 3
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2 years ago, airpolecat
Good game
I play all the time but a problem is that I was on level 22 and next day I was on level 1 and I was on a different account in lvl 25 almost 26 and next day same thing lvl 1 I was so mad but I had to go with it . Today I'm on lvl 10 wishing I was on my old levels. But still good
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2 months ago, Love it so great😆
I love smashkarts but one thing I don't lile
I love smashkarts I have account on my computer And phone I am playing on my phone and the thing I don't like is that it moves forward by itself I don't like that but I still love this game thing I don't like is that when I try to
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3 months ago, scott-ih
Good game
Look when I originally played the game I was on like the website of it. When I searched up racing games this pup of and I was shocked that this game is also a mobile game. Game is good and game is my 2th best games on my playlist i high recommend you playing the game
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3 years ago, hellojustcallmekai
Good game..
The game is great and all but when I try to play any game, I just see a black screen so can you fix that error please because when I was trying to play it with my brother, it was blocked for me. Can you really fix this problem and I love smash karts and I don’t wanna play like this with a black screen.
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2 years ago, ❤️GamerGirlBookworm❤️
Blank screen
I tried this game on CrazyGames cause I heard it was such a trend. It’s really fun. I decided to get the app, but no matter what I did, whenever I played, everything was there except the place and all the players. Not sure what’s wrong, but I’m not sure if this glitch will be the same for everyone else. I gave it 3 stars because I like the game. Please fix this 😞
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1 month ago, Galactius the cactus
School and smash karts
It is the first game I ever played on my school chrome book and it is so much fun. I play with my friends all the time and just being able to do this whenever I want at my house is amazing.
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2 years ago, toca art offical yt
Hacked 😡
So my brother was playing smash karts and the game froze my brother turned off his I pad the noise of the Karts was still playing it started to get annoying finally my brother’s I pad turned on it the noise stopped Either it was a bug or worse glitch or HACKER please fix the game this is a warning⚠️⚠️⚠️❗️❗️ of the creator does not answer my review please not play this game even though it is fun and has tons of 5 stars but it has a tons of glitches please this is a warning
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3 years ago, defnotmaddy
Reset for no reason
This game is really fun and I’m addicted to it but it just randomly reset my whole thing and now I’m back to level one second time this have happened very disappointed in this. Please put me back we’re I was I was first on level ten thank you!
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4 months ago, 8-Bit Aaron
Good Game
This game is good but add a 8 bit map where all the weapons are 8 bit and it could have a 8 bit effects and also 3 more items a 8 bit Sammy kat skin and a 8 bit video game trail and a 8 bit kart skin I think it would be a good idea.
Show more
8 months ago, spiderisawesome
Awesome but I think it would be cool if you could have like a multiple choice to pick what weapons you want in a game instead of only having the option of all or just one. Still, I love this game!
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6 months ago, Kourtney Orme
I love this game
I think this game could use some more places and weapons but other than that it’s pretty much amazing I love it so much! It’s so fun to play in long car rides and to play with siblings so you can destroy them!!!! 😊
Show more
9 months ago, CrystalCat678
Smash Karts was the best app ever! They understand how ads take way from experience, so they minimize the adds! 🙂 the gameplay is great, there are only some minor bugs to fix totally recommend it! Thanks so much the smash karts team!
Show more
2 years ago, pappash
Smash karts
Smash karts is a mobile game and an online game you can play with people and friends the best part I like about it is is a family game you can also team up and pvp other people around the world
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3 years ago, ur moms moms great grand mom
Best school game
I started playing this around the middle of 2020 when my friends told me about it and got really addicted and still play it and am really good my school hasn’t banned yet but I figured I would download the app
Show more
3 years ago, MRFINNYMCFINN
Great game
This game is great i play it a lot at school with my friends on our chrome books but when i play the game on mobile i get a black screen please fix this glitch but overall amazing game.
Show more
1 year ago, ABTD9929
Great but has a problem
For 1 you can’t report people and you can only report usernames, I was in the lead but somebody gave the timer 5 more seconds and then they killed me.
Show more
4 months ago, Seeing as the sun
It needs updates
I can’t stop on mobile and I can’t turn well on mobile and I can’t send friend requests on mobile because I have to be on the same version but I’m on mobile and my friend is on pc and we can’t play together because of the version 🙁
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7 months ago, Stumble prob
Fun but really competitive 👌
This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played and this is now officially my childhood game. There’s barely anything wrong with the game except the lagging. Also u guys should look at the usernames bc every time I see a weird one 😂. Keep up the good work :)
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2 months ago, MaDoG1010101
I personally think that Smash Karts is the best game ever. I have a screen time limit on my device and normally I spend the whole time playing Smash Karts. This is a great game for anyone who likes car games.
Show more
1 year ago, Jasyjazz
I’m really confused.
I played this in school a lot. now, I don’t know if it’s the app or my device is just acting up but, every time I try to join a server, my screen ends up turning black?? I keep joining a new server but it the screen always turns up black, even if I make my own server! I love this game, but this glitch just makes the game bad. Please fix this!
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