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9 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for SmugMug - Store & Share Photos

4.81 out of 5
40.5K Ratings
4 years ago, surfNewport
Auto backup of iPhone pix a breeze
As a casual, non-pro photographer, I’ve been a Smugmug user since the company launched. It’s an intuitive tool for uploading images from my “big” camera to share with family and friends. The desktop interface is easy and sensible and you can tell the UX is thoughtfully created by photographers for photographers. The iOS app is equally easy and the BEST feature for my busy mom life is automatic iPhone photo uploads. I don’t even have to think about just works. I find that smugmug is far superior to dropbox, which isn’t designed for photography by any stretch and chokes when a folder has too many images. I’ve also recently discovered that iCloud back up deletes photos in the cloud if you delete them from your phone, creating a problem if you’re trying to free up space on your iPhone. However, with smugmug, once you’ve uploaded a photo, it’s there until you delete it. Smugmug’s iPhone back up organizes images by month into a private folder that only you have access to until you change the upload folder’s settings. No display lags or choking despite the thousands of selfie pix and vids your kids load onto your phone. A few times a year, I open the smugmug app and bounce it onto our Apple TV for an old school family photo night, cracking up as we take walks down memory lane. I love this pragmatic and feature-rich tool. Thank you smugmug! Thank you! ❤️
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4 years ago, theyoonius
Almost there
I was a long time Flickr and Google Photos user. I have to say that Flickr is probably the best, I just don’t feel secure with Flickr being around a long while. This is my first time giving Smug a shot. It has potentials. It’s nice to have the ability to use templates to create photo sites and galleries. I even find it a tad faster to upload batch photos than Flickr or Google Photos. If Smug can figure this out, they would be perfect! I would love to have the ability to double tap with a single finger to zoom in. I’m a pixel peeper and it’s important. Also would be nice to swipe down on a full photo view to return back to the gallery view. And I’d like to view the exif data without having to reach my thumb far up to the more icon in the upper nav bar. These are basically the mental model that users have towards photo apps. But for some reason, I either have to use two fingers to zoom in and zoom out or at times it doesn’t even let me zoom in at all. Please update this and you’ll have a paying member for life. And I’d actually open the app a whole lot more. Otherwise, I’m currently paying for storage and a slightly improved upload speed more than anything else.
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6 months ago, mommies2girls
Locks up constantly & IOS auto back up won’t work.
The app is very frustrating and for what we pay yearly I expect so much more from the app. IOS Auto back up does not work. Nothing backs up from my phone newer than 2018 but it says my backup is up to date and complete. Can only back up one iPhone so my husband is out of luck as well as my teenage daughters. Also have never understood why they limit video size. Sometimes stopping in the middle of something important like graduation isn’t an option but I would really like to still back up these to my site to be able to share with family. Uploads freeze constantly on mobile devices and time out or won’t upload at all. So many errors. It’s extremely frustrating and makes backing up your phone impossible. After you have to scroll through thousands of photos to manually back your phone up it gets tedious and you give up and never complete the back up. I expect more from the Smugmug app but would be happy if it would just work. The prices are increasing but the reliability and ease of use are not. Please fix IOS Auto Back Up. Please allow all family members to back up their phones too. Please fix the upload and crash problems.
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6 months ago, Trixie Dix
Great for our photo business
For our business Annnd…Action! Photo Booth, LLC in Los Angeles, we needed a home to display our photo booth photos to clients. We do not sell the photos, just have them for viewing and download. The SmugMug platform and the app have been amazing to allow us to peek into our galleries during an event; to change passwords if needed - and add snapshots. We even sometimes have time to set up new galleries in advance while we’re busy at the current event. The app has been a time saving game changer. All of the recent updates have just made life easier. We can only imagine if we were roaming or studio photographers how much more valuable the platform would be. As is, we are SmugMug fans since 2016 and SmugMug app fans too. Thanks! Keep the improvements coming.
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5 years ago, 4VooDude
“Offline” content has a SERIOUS problem
...are you aware of this? You offer a way to keep images on the device, for display when the network is unavailable. Good idea ... flawed implementation. I have this option set on most of my galleries. I discover some images display “thumbnail” resolution when in full-screen display. I watch the progess of the download (the little green “thermometer” bar; the eventual grey circle checkmark) ... I think “good, that one is downloaded” ... I open that image, and it is full resolution. I move on, and then come back to that same image ... the grey circle checkmark is gone, and the black space for the green progress thermometer is there again. I wait and watch it all happen again ... green thermometer, then circled grey checkmark ... high resolution photo ... then, the process repeats! I cannot rely on this offline storage. I cannot afford to display my professional artwork this way!!! This happens to the same images, time amd time again, yet does not happen to other images. I note no pattern to this problem.
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9 months ago, Sethmeisterg
Missing a bunch of essential features
I had high hopes for this app. The UI is decent but functionally, it's very lacking compared to the website. For example, the uploader lacks basic retry for failed uploads so if you tags a ton of photos for upload and your connection is flaky, you get a bunch of errors and instead of just tapping to retry, you have to manually figure out what photos failed to upload from the tiny thumbnails. There should absolutely be a retry-one and retry-all button to retry failed uploads. Tapping a failed upload should trigger another upload attempt. Also, there are no security and sharing setting accessible from the gallery settings! That's just insane. If I want to create a gallery and set it up with detailed settings, I have to use a full computer with a browser to add things like guest upload capability. Cmon, smugmug! My subscription isn't cheap. The app should allow me to do nearly everything I would do with a browser on a computer!
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1 year ago, heffphoto
Nice to have, but lacking
I have used SmugMug for over a decade and love it. The app is nice to have but has a few critical features missing that limit it mainly to a uploaded/viewer for already created galleries. The main feature missing, and honestly can’t believe it’s still not an option, is the simple ability to set the folder/gallery feature image that displays the thumbnails. PLEASE add this simple setting to the app. Second, for whatever reason, when setting up a new gallery, even though I select a defined preset that includes full res display, image downloads, etc, it doesn’t actually apply those settings and I have to go correct it in the browser version (which I have to do anyways to set the feature image mentioned above 🤦‍♂️). Basically just allow me to edit the same setting options on the app as I can on the web version so the app doesn’t feel as redundant, then it’ll be 5 star.
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3 years ago, SusanF2013
Photo storage and a very slick website.
I just subscribed to Smug at the Power level. Paying the annual fee instead of monthly installments gave me a generous discount. Thank you! With iOS, there is an option to auto-upload your photos into your library which made it a breeze to back-up my photos. Setting up my galleries was easy and now my photos are organized beautifully. I thoroughly enjoyed setting up my new photo site using one of the offered templates. I tried out a couple until I found one I liked the best. Further customization made it perfect. My new website is contemporary, highly professional looking and showcases my images beautifully. I am extremely pleased and I’ve only been a member for a little over 24 hours.
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6 years ago, Rjremy
Large files freezing on upload
I have been trying to upload photos from a recent Central America trip. Three times the upload has stalled at approximately 2/3 completion. I made the suggested changes to my settings and the problem remains. Reading discussions on this topic, I see it’s a continuing problem. What a waste of time! I tried again another day and the large file (number of photos) froze again about 2/3 of the way. This time I was able to exit, determine the number of the last photo accepted, and continue uploading from that point. Success! I really like everything about Smugmug but found that exercise frustrating. Finding a work around leads me to updating my review to a more positive one.
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4 years ago, Photographer on the go
Ok app if you are willing to lose locally saved photos and data from it periodically
Once again, SmugMug has once again managed to be the only major developer with nothing except a complete loss of locally saved info and images as a fix for a failed app update. I have been a SmugMug user (Web) for over 15 years. I think it’s a fantastic Web service, and have always considered the SmugMug Heroes (support team) to be top notch. As the app gained features, I added it to my daily routine, and have come to count on it. As with any important system I use, I back up my mobile device data regularly (iCloud daily, with occasional backups to a Mac). Unfortunately, that’s of little use when a developer ‘improves’ an app, and causes the saved data to be useless. The iOS app currently works for new installations, but appears to be completely dead for many existing users. The only fix offered by SmugMug isn’t something like a rollback that would allow us to keep downloaded files and favorites, but rather “Uninstall the app, reboot the device, and reinstall the app,” which results in the permanent loss of anything saved locally. If you use the SmugMug app casually, and don’t mind occasionally losing everything you save locally on your iOS device, then it’s a good app. If you use it for business, then I urge you to reconsider. No amount of backing up will save you from poor development choices.
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8 months ago, PJ the Pimp
Love Smugmug - Two Fixes Needed
I absolutely love smugmug and the capabilities as a videographer/photographer! The two gripes I have is when sending the unlisted links to clients. First, I would love for there to be a way when someone clicks on a smugmug link in messenger to have the “open in app” feature available. The app is way more user friendly than the mobile web browser version. Second, regarding web browser on mobile, I would love for their to be an easier way to “save to camera roll”. Most of my clients get confused because they have to “download” the content and then figure out how to save it to their camera roll. Overall I love smugmug as a content creator! If those two issues were fixed I would never use Dropbox again!
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4 years ago, Architectural Photographer
Clean Interface
Very nice app. It does what you need it to do. A simple and elegant setting to show your photos. I am a professional photographer and use SmugMug to create a gallery of each client's preliminary and final photos. There are very few times however when galleries won't load. Likely related to wifi or signal strength issues. The other drawback is that occasionally the servers are not functioning and galleries are inaccessible for a period of time. However for the vast majority of the time this works extremely well. You can also load videos. However it would be great if support for 3D panoramas could be added as well.
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5 years ago, Miniorila
Want to watch videos without saving
I love this app, and it has been great for my photo and video storage. But for the first few days, I couldn’t watch any videos within the app. I finally figured out that if I saved the videos to my iPad’s camera roll, I could then watch them on my app. But I have quite a lot of videos, and it is frustrating to have to do this every time I want to watch a video. I have also been having trouble uploading certain videos in the first place. It isn’t the case with every video, but fairly often I will be told that a video can not be uploaded, even when I try to upload it multiple times. I would GREATLY appreciate these being fixed, as it would save me a lot of time and work. But, overall I am very pleased with this app!
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2 years ago, Titi55406
Less than perfect
It used to look pretty good on my phone app. But that's about it! I've had to delete and re-install MULTIPLE times in order to get galleries to upload or refresh. The orientation constantly switches so I have to turn my phone/iPad back and forth to get it corrected. There’s an issue with video playback. I pay for the SmugMug gallery services online but that doesn't grant me much privilege when using this app. **And to top it off, they’ve made a TERRIBLE aesthetic change that doesn’t allow for customization when opening the app. No longer appropriate to use as a professional tool. Disappointing. Fix those bugs! Allow for viewer settings to be customized so I don’t have to open the app to see what we my last batch of uploaded images was. So unprofessional. Or make it WAY cheaper. I wish I hadn’t invest hundreds of dollars and thousands of images on this platform.
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5 years ago, prasingh
Not Reliable backup !
The app works fine as long as you keep the app open 100% of the time(which is never possible unless you are backing up less than 10 pics at a time). If the lock screen comes up during the upload this app doesn't work. The progress bar for each picture gets stuck, overall progress bar gets stuck,eventually you realise some pics are still getting uploaded but no progress being displayed. A few hours later you check the app again and it tries to upload from the start while trying to omit the ones it thinks were previous uploaded. This process keeps repeating forever and eventually the app gives up without telling you what went thru and what failed. You have to manually sift thru 100s of pictures to see what is missing. Terrible software written by someone in elementary school perhaps :(
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1 year ago, Brer Possum
SmugMug is Fantastic
I have had SmugMug for about a month now. I am an amateur photographer, mostly concerned with my family’s pictures, pictures from trips, birds, dogs, and other projects. Because my content ranges from my dog to my nieces, so does my need for privacy and sharing options. SmugMug’s options are both granular (like down to the photo and the individual you want to share with), and broad (whole galleries can be wide open, completely closed, or somewhere in between). The upload process is super easy. The organization process is super easy. Setting up your page is easier than Wordpress. I already have a Wordpress, so I intend to use this account for photo hosting. So far it has been a breeze. Family members from the tech-inclined, to the Luddite have been able to interact with me and my photos easily. When there have been issues, SmugMug let’s me know ahead of time. This is a fantastic product, and I cannot recommend them enough.
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6 years ago, Nessman606
I’m a sports photographer and I use Smug Mug as a means to keep my images stored where sports editors can access my galleries privately and download images for publication, it absolutely has to work flawlessly 100% of the time, I have deadlines to meet and often times multiple publications waiting for pictures to go to print. It’s the perfect platform for various unconnected editors to have access to images for their stories. Then once the editors are done with the pictures I make them public and available to purchase. Smug mug is a tool I seriously have to trust and it has never let me down I’d give it 100 stars if I could.
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5 years ago, wdinafnn
Smugmug is powerful and awesome
I love this app and how nicely it accesses my Smugmug galleries on my iPad and iPhone. Smugmug is a powerhouse for our photos. We have public, private, friends, and family galleries all setup for viewing. The privacy and filtering options are fantastic. The display options allow for wide customizations and creativity and control. You can go pure simple or as customized as you want. It’s all there for the beginner to the expert. You can have your whole life on Smugmug if you want with every great moment easy to find and ready to display from your pocket. Kudos to Smugmug for a fantastic service and a great app!!
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1 year ago, Cewf
Used to work
Update: the last update seems to have fixed the issues I was having. Over the last several months the app has stopped working for me. It still did the automatic backup uploads for a while but that hasn’t worked for the last few weeks. I’ll select photos to upload to different albums and it just gets put in the upload queue but no progress ever happens. So now I need to go through the process of pulling the photos off my phone and uploading from my computer which is a pain when I used to be able to do it directly using this app.
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4 years ago, Motorcycle Tutor
App stopped working and I could not launch
I tried to open the app today, a black screen came up that said bummer we had to reset your app click here to launch SmugMug. I clicked to lunch and nothing happens. Yeah I was completely broken and now I can’t get to my photos. This is an excellent app but now I want to give you zero stars unless you can fix it. The App Store doesn’t have any way to contact the developer so I put my complaint here Then the developer saw it and contacted me to suggest a fix which simply involved deleting and reinstalling and there it is working again. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Rvbridgeman
Hats off to App Developer
That’s why I never really paid much attention to the Snug app or even the computer. I would always instantly edit pics thru the Adobe photo express app. Then upload to Instagram edit again then share to , Twitter, Flicker, then to my FB pages and last to Shopify store but I’m done giving my money away to frikn Shopify also google ads , even the prime oh forgot rip off EBay haha . Maybe I should go for a walk . 🤣🇺🇸 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’m firing every one except Smug Mug & Flicker you’re gonna leave the others in the dust now! Thanks again, Gregory Miychel Aka Rvbridgeman
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5 years ago, Westieking
SmugMug and Flickr
When I retired from business I Had no idea of what I was going to do with my life. One of my gifts was a camera and I started taking pictures Next I joined Flickr and then SmugMug and I then a whole new world opened to me. These sites gave me the opportunity to share my new pastime with not only friends but with people from all over the world Today I have over 3 million hits on Flickr and hits on SmugMug. My pictures are on calendars, in text books, hang in office buildings, appear in travel magazines, and on state maps. Thank you SmugMug and Flickr for giving new meaning and lots of fun to my life.
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4 years ago, Tim Anh Vu
Works less than 5% of the time
I really don’t know what happened to this app. It worked mostly fine up until about a year ago. Since then, it’s barely usable and that’s putting it nicely. Nearly impossible to create folders or galleries, upload photos, or download photos. When you attempt to do so, it either hangs on crashes. So much that I’ve given up. It’s much easier to install Chrome on my device and do what I have to do if I’m not on my computer. The approve mentioned issues have been experienced on my iPhone as well as my iPad. If by chance you ever get around to fixing these issues, some nice to have enhancements would be the ability to change gallery settings such as the cover photo, sort order, display order, and other settings available from a browser.
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9 months ago, greenpalm
Myriad uses in my life!
Smugmug is the best. I love how easy it is to sort and organize my photos. I run a non-profit Youth Theatre, so Smugmug is the easiest way to archive and share photos of our productions. We can add a password, or “link only” to those folders, to reduce access to images of children. The camp my daughter has attended for 11 summers also uses Smugmug, so it’s super easy to find their photos of her, and keep a folder for myself. I keep my personal photos here too, and I have confidence with my precious memories kept in their vaults. I know they won’t be lost!
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5 years ago, ProfessorHines
If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it...
I hate to be so negative about this app, but I stopped updating this app a long while ago but unfortunately I accidentally got the latest and it’s terrible. Photos aren’t showing, the controls have been moved for no apparent reason and now downloads are arranged by the date vs showing as recently added as they did before. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. I don’t know why the updates for this app are always something like this but it’s unfortunate that I and I’m sure many others pay for their Smugmug accounts and to have an app being updated that isn’t ever just import i gotta what works it’s always something drastic that makes the app function poorly.
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6 years ago, auxgen
Best modern photo album
Gone are film and prints (sorta). An album to carry around on a phone or pad!!! Show your photos to friends/family but most to those who watch you play with your camera or say you want take a great shot, show your photos to a person tell your idea and get entrance to a place. Better is carry a card with your site name and say you can buy also framed/canvas/mug/print! Also photos are protected, even better. Even a beginner taking shots of kids playing sports with with yours and a little sign with your site could pay for that camera
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5 years ago, Dwayne1943
Good App for viewing photos and slideshows
I like to view my photo albums on my iPad Pro. The Safari browser doesn’t display my photos correctly after recent updates. I have tried other browsers, but none displayed slideshows full screen, with Captions and Titles displayed. This App works good, except I can’t get it to display captions and titles in slideshow mode. Captions and titles display, if manually move from photo to photo. I hope that more options will be provided for slideshows, including ability to display captions and titles. The photos look great on the iPad Pro.
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1 year ago, AlaskanBen photography
Ben Romig Photography
I had a smugmug pro account several years back and left it for zenfolio which seemed easier to navigate for sometime . Most recently I am trying a two week trial with smug mug while still holding onto my zenfolio which is up for renewal very soon . After finding out how to use smugmugs dashboard and other computer pop ups , I’ll decide within a day or so to drop one in favor of the other . Smugmug verse Zenfolio I give smugmug a five star rating for its recent upgrades and more user friendly dashboard Ben Romig
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5 years ago, Amberm81
Videos not playing
**Updated** I emailed customer service and they immediately responded and helped me figure out what the issue was. Now my videos are playing again. Back to 5 stars. I love this app for photos but it won’t ever play uploaded videos. When trying to play them from the app, nothing happens and when logging into the website via Internet browser I get an error saying that the page is not found when trying to play an uploaded video. If I can’t play videos, I’ll have to be looking at different options.
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3 years ago, Mr. Ekted
You guys did it. Videos!!
This is the update I’ve been waiting for. SmugMug has always been, understandably, weird about videos.(huge files, file types, etc) All my photos uploaded with ease while my videos just clogged up my phone unless I did some weird workaround to get them to SmugMug (even the desktop app was weird about videos for a long time - that has been fixed as well). I’m happy. I tested the update and can confirm all my videos are safely uploaded. Cheers, SmugMug. Thank you for this update!
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4 years ago, agallia
Like an old friend
14 years! That is how long I’ve trusted Smugmug to safeguard my ‘sacred’ photos! Today, in my older age, I can still easily go back and revisit moments from my past photos and share them with family and friends. I’ve watched SM grow older too and mature into the top photo website it is now with leading edge technology and security. And with new internet sharing and editing features, auto upload, and a much improved app, I am very happy to give it the 5-star rating. You will love it too!
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4 months ago, Qborg1
Ap Is good for viewing and small uploads on tablet or phone
The app sometimes freezes and shuts down. It is very limited for doing file transfers of images. If you don’t go over 10 images it seems to work most of the time, but not always. Mostly good for viewing galleries on iphone or ipad. On me computer I log into Smugmug and everything works fine for uploads, transfers, gallery or folder changes in permission access etc. Nice to have the app on my phone and tablet as it makes for quick access and viewing of galleries or folders.
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6 months ago, DandelionStar1
Fix default gallery view on iPhone
What happen to the original view for gallery when you first open the app? It was better before so don’t have to scroll through large blocks of folders/galleries to get to images. It was easier to see and select folders, using the app; with the current large background block image it’s hard to read font and text now. If possible, allow to revert back to search view where the thumbnail image is on the left side and text on the right. I now have to log on the website to create my folder, then load the app, do a search before I can find my gallery, it’s extra work to upload images.
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2 years ago, Shawn675
Best Photo Sharing App!!
I started using SmugMug in 2021. And I must say that for the price I pay yearly for it, nothing else compares. The fact that they offer (unlimited) photos at full resolution is something that I have been looking for since Google took theirs away. Plus I use my galleries for sharing with my clients for portraits, and real estate listings. I can’t wait to see what else your team adds in the future. Suggestions: Try to integrate more of the desktop features into the mobile app.
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6 years ago, Ianisms
Signed up very recently and was excited about all of the options you have for customizing your site and albums. However I can’t share the same excitement with the app! There is nothing here at all but a viewer for your galleries. You can’t rearrange images within an album, it’s very unintuitive to add or delete photos as well. I don’t have the ability to see images I’ve uploaded and haven’t yet put into an album. I also can’t create a new album or delete one that I currently have. There just isn’t a lot of options here for someone who want to manage their site on the go. It Would be much more robust if it was setup similar to how photo galleries are structured on mobile devices.
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2 months ago, JBBBKT
Never stops being buggy
Update: the latest app updates haven’t corrected the sorting/rearranging issues, as stated in the response to this review. It would be helpful if there was a report bugs option within the app, rather than only being able to report via email. I’ve used this app for years. The price keeps going up, but the bugs never stop. Galleries will appear out of order, files download only after multiple attempts, the rearrange function only works sometimes, etc. I need an app that has this function, but it’s frustrating to rely on.
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4 years ago, 2 Girls
Best Photo App Ever!
I have been using Smug Mug for years for all of my family’s photos. It allows for an easy and accessible hierarchy of folders so that your family website is easy to view by others and to work in. This is a very affordable and efficient way to store all of a families memories and I would highly recommend it. I know that for years to come my children will be able to remember all of our adventures and fun we shared as a family, thanks to Smug Mug!
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2 years ago, Mbelue
iPad screen randomly dims in play mode of gallery
I’m a long time subscriber of SmugMug but recently I’ve noticed while playing a gallery on my iPad at about one minute into the play mode, the screen will randomly go almost completely dark. I have to swipe the control menu up and increase the brightness slider from zero to my desired level. Once I do this the gallery will play for the rest of the gallery. I’ve been on the phone with Apple trying to troubleshoot the issue. It seems to only work or not work in the SmugMug play mode on my iPad. Perhaps someone can look into this? Thank you.
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5 years ago, Draino12
Smugmug suggestions
1) your Popular Images pages has deteriorated to the level of worthless to look at. The first page is usually very good and the photo info is very informative. However, the next 33 pages are embarrassing to photography. 2) the address list for distribution is in alphabetical order, but the statistics share list is totally random—this makes it very difficult to see who is looking at my galleries. 3) the Smugmug App doesn’t allow commenting on images—only from a PC or desktop. Makes no sense
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6 years ago, CrookedCrowMan
App works well, with a few issues...
The app is great for accessing my photos on the go (sharing with clients, downloading something for a quick edit on the phone, or sharing to Instagram, etc.), however since iPhone X, when using screen mirroring to an AppleTV, images no longer automatically fit to the screen when viewing, leaving black Windowboxing that must be manually zoomed (and then unzipped to swipe to the next photo). Please fix this! It still works correctly from my old iPhone 6S, which is on the same version of the app. Latest update (3.3.7) still hasn’t addressed the screen mirroring issues :-(
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5 years ago, The FireSeeker
Easy to use, backs up everything pic, and very cheap.
Been a user for over an year, received recommendations from a friend who has been in photography for the past 40 years, told me this was the only program that he used. I am blown away by how much content I can upload with no limits except on videos. I wished I could upload larger videos but understand the reason to limit. Very easy to use and works efficiently across all devices from Windows to MACs. Thank you SmugMug.
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5 years ago, JohnsAppleAccount
The idea was good, execution was poor
This app just doesn’t work for large file selection. Of you want to upload a few files it works fine. But selecting, let’s say, 100 or so files, will result in an unfinished upload that halts part way. Then you are left with a spinning progress indicator that goes nowhere. There is no way to continue the upload or to refresh the connection so the upload will finish. The only option is to cancel all, and then you loose all the effort of trying to upload all those images. This app is buggy and the interface is incomplete. Not to mention the upload is terribly slow, but that may be my WiFi. But I doubt it.
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4 years ago, Bumpalula
Its currently the best, but it could be better.
I’ve been using SmugMug for a long time and have made a lot of money in it. That said, it is in dire need of an update— little has changed over the past 5 years and now they are vulnerable to a competitor with a really good interphase taking over. The UI needs to be much more user-friendly and adaptive, especially with site design, and I still have to google to remember tasks when I’ve been away for a few months. The watermarking works well, except it appears on the preview, etc etc. Clock is ticking...
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4 years ago, Ozzfavors
Decent but needs one major update
I used to use an app called smugwallet. It was great in the fact that you could tell it which album to download for offline use, by clicking the name of the folder and it would download. The smugmug app, as far as I can tell, you have to have the album that’s being downloaded open in order for it to download. This takes forever when you have thousands of photos in tons of albums. Is there a way to implement this feature on an update? Other than that the app is pretty decent.
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4 years ago, DrEddy100
Almost perfect!... but not for all professional photographers
.What’s good: app available on all platforms, including Apple TV. I can screen share my phone to my tv and show my pictures on the big screen using my iPhone as a remote control. The only limitation is that the zoom functionality is limited. So professional photographers trying to show off details from their high resolution photographs from their latest 46 megapixel cameras are left dissatisfied. I brought the issue up to their tech support, but they did not deem this important.
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6 years ago, JS_in_CA
I want to like this app but...
I really love SmugMug and have been a customer for many years. However this app always seems to let me down. I like to use the local download feature so I can share galleries without having to rely on cellular data. It seems that once I reach a certain point of “available offline” galleries on my iPad, the app becomes unresponsive and randomly crashes. Or requires a forced quit and restart, which might allow the app to run. I’ve done the uninstall/reinstall routine about four times now as well as rebooting my iPad. Same experience. Hopefully my iPad can upload some sort of crash file so the SmugMug nerd herd can squash the bugs.
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4 months ago, Ikr247
Terrible Customer Service
Just terrible customer service. Impossible to get hold of a live customer service support. Spent endless time digging through your help forum and online. Just a horrific experience. I been with you guys over 10 years. I am considering switching over to another service for my photo management. Price is and n er was an issue using your service but the one time I really needed help in the 10 years I been with you guys you guys failed out right horrifically. Your customer service did not give a single care I was a customer for 10 years. So I will be switching. You guys really need to show some sort of sincerity towards long term customers.
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6 years ago, M.Blackwood
Good app, could use some more features
Smugmug’s app is a nice, clean way to have my portfolio handy at all times. Its simple interface makes it quite accessible. Things I’d like to see added: *keywords displayed with metadata. I can see file names, camera/lens combination, exposure settings, and even some dubiously useful information like hyperfocal distance and metering type, but not keywords I deliberately added to the file export. *support for multiple accounts. I can switch back and forth between my smug logins, but doing so clears the synced files.
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2 years ago, Thirrouard
I love SmugMug but it’s time they do something about this : there’s no way to either create download link or change gallery settings from a phone. Only way is to log in from a computer …. For example right now I want to do something as simple as showing file names, there’s no way to do it from the phone. Neither from the app, neither from the web browser. This isn’t rocket science , there should be ways to do this from a phone. Even if it would be simply displaying the desktop website on a phone - the iPhone is definitely capable of handling the full website. PLEASE ! Fix this. It’s been years and it’s time to get this done.
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6 years ago, Daddy.Jones1
In-App Subscription Renewal Please
SmugMug has always been awesome on the web. I’m finally coming back to the app bc it’s come a long way. It’s nice, but it could easily be even better. Since Apple has given apps the ability to renew subscriptions right inside the app, I’d LOVE the opportunity to do that, along with a notification when I need to renew. I get so much e-mail, that it’s easy to miss something like a renewal notice. I’ve done that before and had my subscription cancelled and lost ALL OF MY PICS! An In-App Subscription Renewal is Needed. I know Apple keeps 30%, but it’s So Much Easier for customers.
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