Smule: Karaoke Music Studio

4.5 (161.3K)
164.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Smule: Karaoke Music Studio

4.46 out of 5
161.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Nadiawaly123
Please remove the 100 video rule.
I love this app! I make funny singing videos and I never had a problem with this app! I love how you can communicate with people that have the same interest in singing! This app is really great but the only problem is the limitations for the none V.I.P members. I get that they need to make money somehow but the other limitations such as not being able to start your own duets or solos were working just fine. I don’t mean to disrespect the creators in anyway I just really would appreciate if the creators would at least let us make as much videos as we want without being limited. I never really was a fan of the limitations on this app like not being able to sing some songs if you are not a V.I.P but I know that they need to make money somehow so I never really questioned it but I feel like it’s just not that fair that we can’t make more than 100 videos if we are not a V.I.P. Again I don’t mean in anyway to disrespect the creators and I really love this app and the hard work they put in creating it but I would really appreciate that when the new updates come out that you guys can take off the 100 video limitation for the non V.I.P members. Thanks so much, I absolutely love this app otherwise!!! 👌
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2 years ago, TheRogueElemen7
Community is great - App is Meh... Best collection of tracks tho
First I want to assure everybody that this app is not getting updated anywhere near as much as the update log would have you believe lol… it is simply compliance with Apple’s update frequency rule. App performance has never really “improved” The entire three years I’ve been using it; at times it has gotten worse and then return to normal, but I deal with the same bugs I’ve been dealing with since I started on here. If you really look through the log you’ll see that any time they make even the most minor of ACTUAL changes, they take care to point it out. The most recent actual change was a UI adjustment, that tried to help take the sting out of a recent-ish UI change that I personally dislike rather strongly. The community is pretty awesome as long as you are not a tool, and I’ve never seen a bigger collection of songs on any of the other apps. It also has slightly, to moderately less bots than the other apps I’ve seen as well. Social features suuuuuck but in some ways, I can appreciate the effect that has on the platform overall. It absolutely isn’t intentionally so lol - same low effort results. Sometimes I wonder if there is just one person programming this, that barely knows how to program. Considering the cost of a pro membership, the absolute lack of any kind of decent functionality is not really acceptable IMO. Other apps have FAR more advanced social features, and have been around for far less time.
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5 years ago, aai<3
It’s amazing but needs tune ups
I think this app is amazing. I am able to upload any song I want into the songbook for free and I can sing it anytime I want. I think that feature is amazing. I have been a fan of kpop for a few years and I’ve been able to express my love for this music genre through this app and I’ve made many singing buddies through live jams. The app itself is great. One thing that is an issue though, is that there is not a log out option. If you want to log out of one of your accounts you can’t. You have to delete the app and then reinstall and log in. I feel this is very inconvenient for people who have more than one account. Personally, I have gathered groups of people and created online cover groups and I have one account that is use for those group uploads and it’s basically like and online entertainment account but it’s inconvenient that there is not a log out button/option because I have to delete and reinstall each time I want to switch from my personal account to my other account. Also I think it’s a rip off that when you purchase VIP on one type of device, you don’t have VIP on another type of device. It’s very inconvenient. Also... stream ATEEZ, it will change your life and also. Watch “Victory Song” by Stray Kids and pay attention to the blonde dude in the performance video. Thank you for your time. :)
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4 years ago, babydoll0401
I have been on Smule now for over 3 years and I wouldn't trade it for the world! When I started, I thought I would just sing and maybe join some people who could sing....but it is way more than that. The app itself is absolutely amazing. It has a huge library of songs and numerous versions and genres of the songs as well as options to sing audio or if you are like me and love the can video yourself. And there are so many other things that I could tell you but there is something else that is more important to me. The Community. Within the community, there are "Groups". These groups are people that have the same taste in music get together and chat, have challenges, support your recordings, join your songs, etc. I have met some that I honestly call my family. They are always there for me when I need to talk or need advice not only about singing but about life. You also have Smule members who put together competitios. Those are really fun! All in All, I recommend this app with all my heart and soul! Thank you Smule for helping me find my happy place. And to all my family, friends, and followers...I sure do love you guys!! God bless and stay safe! Babydoll0401
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4 years ago, Hannah M. Washington
Just listen to us for once!
I'm 17-years-old and have been using Smule since I was 10-years-old. I remember the days when Smule was called Sing!Karaoke and non-VIP members could watch videos and earn credits to open songs. Since then, things have changed quite a bit, and the changes were originally pretty good and were executed pretty well. I used to be excited when the app would come out with a new update . . . but now I dread it. For the past 3 pr 4 years every update that you guys have put out has been garbage. You continuously supply us with things we didn't ask for and ignore our complaints. There are very simple things that we want: (1) A logout button or way to change between multiple accounts without having to delete and redownload the app. (2) The ability to unlike collabs. (3) The ability to change the cover art on songs. (4) GIVES US THE OLD FXs BACK! THE NEW SYSTEM IS HORRIBLE! (5) You actually listening to us for a change. You claim that you "hear us", but it's obvious that you don't because we still haven't received anything that we've asked for. There has been outrage over your latest update and I know a multitude of people who are planning to move on to another platform, so I suggest you process this review carefully because everything I listed is not only what I want, but it's what a large majority of the Smule Community have been fighting for for years now.
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4 years ago,
This app used to be great!
I really used to enjoy using this app. SMULE had so much potential. I would try songs often, but rarely posted them to my profile. I wish I would have done that more often. But the app was fun even for someone just looking to rehearse songs. I don’t have any complaints about the company trying to make money, but I think they have stifled their community growth by making it a service, and such an expensive service. Wow! That’s a crazy amount of money to ask someone to spend each year just to sing remade/covered sometimes bad quality vocal removed songs. And they now LOCK features like sing solo, or even start a duet behind the paywall. Personally if you want a great community of users that are always making new content for your big paying customers to work with, you would allow at least so many free solo tracks and duet starts per account per month without having to pay $99 per year to use a phone app. I really miss the days of a one time purchase, I get that this is something that needs updates and moderation to an extent, but not everything is a service and deserves rates competitive with Netflix and Disney+. But that’s just the opinion of someone that used to think that SMULE was a really promising app before all of the cool features were removed and placed behind a monthly fee.
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5 years ago, Shebeb idnidnodnisnosb
Good app, but some things to improve...
First of all, I just wanna say that Smule is the best singing karaoke app in the AppStore. I’ve meet tons of people with the same interests and we talk, so getting to meet new people is a plus. I love the option to submit songs to the song book just incase they don’t have it. The only flaws I really have is some bugs and no logout feature. I sometimes help my friends when they go on hiatus, so I need to log into their account right? The only way I can do that is to delete the app and relogin, which is a real pain. Let’s say I want to start a new profile and switch between the two, it’s so annoying to do it though because there is no logout feature. Also in the vip customize your own profile (which I have) for the color choices, you should be able to put your own color. Let’s say you have a baby pink profile theme going on, yet there is no option for pink. So the main things I really want Smule to add is logout feature and choose your own color for vip customization option. Once again I’m not bashing the app, I’m just saying some things they could add to improve the app and make it better.
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6 years ago, SoulSurferBlack
I love this app but unfortunately...
The VIP purchase got highly out of line... (when I first got this it didn’t have to put vip in there so I was happy without it) Even though I’m able to sing with other people, the part of the problem is “I don’t think I want to sing any of these songs with them, Is there anything else I would try out?” I’ll admit that’s how I am. Because when I get invited to a duet it’s those songs, I probably don’t even know or that it’s not my favorite. Then after I’ve gone threw those I try to sing either solo or maybe put in a duet, but apparently after the time’s has changed, it’s getting a little more boring and annoying now while not having VIP... I still have it but I hardly ever use it now because of it. I’m sorry people who works in this app but you’ve actually pretty much ruined this over trying getting more money... You probably need it for whatever kinda of reasons but... I’m sorry to say but your being... well... “Extremely Spoiled”... And even though I love the app... I’m slowly starting to feel like deleting this not “just” because of how expensive it is... but because I can’t pick what I want to try out anymore either. I love this, but it’s already taking up a lot of space on my device. So this is my result
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7 years ago, buddyblue
I love this App not so much now
I love to sing alone and with another person! I find it relaxing! I’m changing that review I just auto renewed through iTunes my VIP Subscription. Now for the second time the VIP status is gone! I have sent many e mails no answer! The last time they fixed it and said I should renew through them no way! I called Apple support and they said that there should be no reason why I would have to renew through Smule! ITUNES will renew my money within 2 months. When this happened before they told me that there was something wrong and I really didn’t understand. I’m hoping they help me strange thing is I have had this App since 2014 with no problem what happened SMULE FIX IT. JUST BEWARE NEVER GO THROUGH SMULE TO PAY pay through iTunes because they are very good about giving refunds and they don’t take money out when they aren’t supposed Too not sneaky! I am wondering if they take the VIP status away so you go through them that would be terrible! BEWARE PEOPLE! HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE ELSE? JUST WONDERING! ITS BEEN TWO DAYS AND NO ANSWER SIX EMAILS LATER. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY NOT GETTING BACK TO ITS COSTUMERS. FROM AN ANGRY COSTUMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, BlackBeltShell
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Great singing app!
Downloaded this app a couple of years ago and never used was brought to my attention again by a friend last year... Been singing pretty consistently for 15 months now and having a LOT of fun! I’ve met some amazing people with amazing talent! I’ve found my voice again after not singing for many years all thanks to this app! For those that are whining about not being able to sing solos because you aren’t VIP...many VIP singers will record a song and not sing it and put SOLO on it just for those that aren’t VIP, so you can sing too. Go look...they are out there! My advice to the developers...get rid of auto tune it really makes people that can’t sing..sound even worse! Now about the gifts...really? Those are pointless and juvenile and you only offer 1 free one! Instead, perhaps you can add more options to the ❤️ button..something similar to emojis/emoticons..maybe even make them animated. Last...make it so we can send more than 5 invites when we send out our recordings to our friends/groups. All in all a great app to sing on, keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, klobug1216
I love this app because I love to sing and it’s super good you can sing with people You can sing like all your favorite songs it is a really good app if you love to sing and stuff like I do and it’s just a lot of fun and like you can just do so much stuff with that you can do popular songs you can do like all types different songs you can sing like songs from around the world like it’s just super cool I don’t know like everything about this but I had it before and I thought is really cool and really fun you guys really need to get this right because I did all stars because it’s a really good app it’s really fun I still need to look into it more because I didn’t look into it all of it but it’s like a really really good fine and if you love to sing like I said this is good for you and you can like practice is it stings are the lyrics and yeah so just give this a bunch of stars you don’t like that’s OK it’s your opinion but yeah I think it’s a really good app so make sure you get is a big thumbs up and you like it sorry didn’t spell everything right I’m trying to say this is a really good app🦄🦄....
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6 years ago, heaven_1267🎧
I like it but...
I used sing since 2012 and I love but with the recent updates I haven’t really like the app as much... First in the past used to be able to watch a Videos to get credits to buy songs or so sometimes they would automatically give you credits on your profile as soon as you login but now you have to be a VIP just to get songs seriously...Second you used to be able to view all your videos from your first everyone to your most recent now you have to be a VIP just to view any of your older posts after two years ago like wow...Third you used to be able to choose if you want to do a solo duet or group song if you don’t have enough credits for the song you got to earn more but now just to be able to do a solo duet or group creation for people to join you also have to be VIP just wow.. it’s really upsetting because some people can’t give VIP i used this app for a long time now I’m 13 even if I asked my mom to buy VIP on this app I know she wouldn’t and I know plenty of people are probably upset over the new updates because now you just have to buy vip for stuff like
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4 years ago, UnknownPersõn101
Hiya! I’ve been using this app for like six years now. I use it on and off, but when I do use it it is very easy to sing songs and record them and all that technical jazz. A lot of people are now relying on wireless, bluetooth-enabled technology to get through their days. I think it would be awesome to include support for bluetooth microphones! I have wireless, bluetooth earbuds, and when I want to sing a song I am unable to do so without annoying feedback. The app doesn’t even detect that I have earbuds at all. It just says “headphones recommended” and plays the music through my phone speaker. I could just go out and buy a pair of wired headphones, but with the ongoing pandemic and the financial troubles I’m sure we’re all dealing with, it’s kind of hard to do that. I have no idea how all that technological stuff works, but I would certainly enjoy this addition to the app. Especially now, since I’m literally trapped in my house 24/7. I also remember when you could earn coins to unlock solo songs, and think maybe that would be nice to add back (maybe just for certain songs). I give three stars because of my current inability to enjoy the app :( PLEASE FIX THIS!!! ❤️
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3 years ago, blssom!
Please fix this, it’s unfair.
Okay, so me and my friend were chatting on here and we were talking about how it is different compared to prices on different types of phones in use. My fiend has a Samsung phone and put in a complaint in a conversation to me saying how the prices are different compared to V.I.P. and she is not wrong. After she said that she told me it is more expensive on Samsung than on iOS.. I couldn’t understand her because mostly everything is free on Samsung, especially the games!! When I had a Samsung tablet to use it for some school work, it worked perfectly fine. But, I downloaded Minecraft cause in between breaks during quarantine I would stop and play it. So, I was really confused on what she was saying. I am saying, this is a really good app. Just can you lower the prices. It’s really hard for Samsung users. Say if I was a Samsung user and I didn’t have any money. I would be struggling to get VIP if I wanted to get it! It is just really unfair. I hope you understand what I am saying. Thank you Smule app creator if you see this message and can fix it. It would help my fellow friend out a lot.. Thank you again Smule! I hope you can really fix this problem!! Bye, have a good rest of your day/night.
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4 years ago, Emma cute girl
Great app, but have some flaws...
This app is great but I don’t like one of the rules. It’s the 100 recordings rule. If you aren’t subscribed or a VIP, you can’t have more that’s 100 recordings. I love this app. I’m a person that likes to always try to improve on what I like doing and this is a great app to improve your singing voice by singing when you have time. I am in love with music, especially K-Pop. This is also a great app to listen to music. I would be happy if Smule would change that rule and let people without the subscription to be able to sing however many songs they want and keep them on their profile. If people want to sing more, but the already have 100 recordings, and don’t want a subscription, what would they do? Do you think that they would just not sing anymore? If someone wants to do something and another thing is blocking them from doing what they want, most people will try. Basically, I think Smule shouldn’t have the 100 recording limit to people that don’t have a subscription. I think that Smule should take that rule off.
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10 months ago, herjinxisjacked
Can you please just stop “fixing” the app?
The app isn’t broken until you break it. I am getting adjusted to joins only staying open for 7 days now (was his a copyright issue that sparked this?) but why now is it that when searching to join a song there appears to be no rhyme or reason as to when it was opened in the list and you don’t give an option to pick newest first. Now you have one that is opened 3 days ago but below that is one opened 2 years ago then one that was opened 6 months ago and no the user names don’t appear to be in alphabetical order. Are OCs gonna be open after 7 days or closed? Which is it? Also, what are these letter “A’s”with lines beside them in the corner of the thumbnails of some of my performances? What does that mean? Don’t ask me to email you, you see everyone for their Emil now one would think you are collecting them to sell so you can make money lol. If you have a response please fill free to add it here and share with the rest of the class. I am trying to not hate this app, I’ve been using it for so many years now but changes being implemented are ruining a great thing.
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4 years ago, Donna Hubler
Can’t Load nor Listen to songs
I have had this app for two years with a break in between. First time the app would not load and count followers, I would get messages I had new followers but they would never be added. (So could not invite them to sing with me) I researched this on their site and they simply said it doesn’t matter your number of followers just sing and have fun. Obviously something they didn’t care to investigate nor fix. When signed up again, seems first problem I mentioned was fixed, but I have had nothing but problems loading invites to sing (I get error messages or will simply change screens) and then listening to songs I have done in the past, they WILL NOT LOAD and I have emailed support innumerable times with no resolution. I am told to send them a video? How I have asked to accomplish this with no response. I can use all of the other hundred or so apps installed on my phone along with other singing apps but CANNOT use this one. I have asked several times for my money back since I CAANOT GET THIS APP TO WORK but they ignore me. They simply don’t care. So if you have a problem don’t expect any help. I CANNOT use this app but they can use my money. Been going on since June so have wasted enough time.
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4 years ago, spukeandchlie23
I love it but...
I absolutely love this app! Being able to listen to people sing that may not have the confidence to in person is just amazing to me. But I can only give this app a 4 star rating, not because the songs are bad quality or quantity, but because sometimes I get disappointed. There will be times when I look up an unusual song and it won’t be there or it is there but there are no duets. It’s the same thing with old songs, and it really disappointed me the first time it happened. You may ask why I don’t just make a duet or a solo myself, but you need to understand I’m still in middle school and I don’t even pay my own bills yet. Heck I can’t even buy a full meal by myself let alone pay the VIP subscription fee! I hope that the developers will make a change about this, maybe make like a point system where the more songs you sing then the more points you get, and if you get enough points you can create a duet or a solo yourself without paying. Other than that fact this is one of my favorite apps!
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3 years ago, ==YangXiaoLong=
2/10 The Devs are Scummy
The devs have received over 50 to 100 USD per VIP access purchased by each user yearly since 2012 and yet they have done nothing with that money except make poorly received changes that their community doesn’t ask for and minor bug fixes. All that you get from VIP is the ability to sing any song anytime (unless you uploaded a song, those you can sing regardless if you have VIP), the ability to display your mutuals on your page, you background color & background, and you can join other users songs regardless of when they expired. Non VIP users can change their profile pictures and can only join songs that VIP users have opened or songs they’ve uploaded. That’s it. They also can’t join songs that have expired. Overall, VIP isn’t worth a fraction of what they charge (it should be 25 USD yearly because of the lack of content) and because they don’t listen to criticism all the income they receive is 99.9% of the time misused if it’s not pocketed first. It’s been so many years that VIP features should be accessible by all users and should serve only to support development of the app (not that it would be utilized). It has potential but it is ultimately led by greedy weasels
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4 years ago, not trying to be a Karen buttt
Vocal effects gone! Do not pay for subscription!
Bring back the vocal effects!!! Literally just deleted the app because of it, as well as my friends that had this app. It was fun and enjoyable to have the ability to change our vocals. You guys created an immersive experience at the tip of our fingers that people usually have to pay for at a studio in order to experience. It was pure genius! But apparently the dumb idea lightbulb went off in someones head and they thought “hey I know what will make this app even better. Let’s take away the vocal effects that everyone loves which is the sole reason people download this app, instead of creating more and better ones.” What’s worse then the idiot that had that idea is probably the rest of the company that agreed with him. Without the effects, then what’s the point of us paying for an app to sing along to? Sounds like all you’ve done now is create a recordable karaoke machine. (Claps slowly in disappointment 👏🏽😑) You’ve ruined the experience that myself and thousands of others loved... technology is supposed to ADD to updates not take away the biggest reason people download and pay for this app... since you’ve giving up on us well give up on this app ✌🏽
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1 year ago, unicornianizm
SMULE, Y’all really have an amazing platform for people all around the globe to share and created a very successful and unique community for people to be a part of and for that I’m very grateful for and appreciate. Now on the flip yall just threw in some kinda update that now makes it very unfavorable for the people who ain’t got the type bank roll to buy into ya services and now we being punished it look like to me. See I dunno exactly how ya system works but just recently before ya lil update I was able to join people on here who are vip because they wanted to jam wit me ok not my fault. Now when I get up on it try doing my thing I’m no longer able to join in with these VIP artists that asked me to join. Na ain’t that a lil weird an unfair? I mean what y’all don’t like that someone can have a decent enough time with the app without being vip and making waves that na ya gotta make it harder or impossible to jam wit others who wanna jam unless we pay? Well listen i ain’t got it like that and pretty soon here prob ain’t gown have time fa that wack type mess. Clearly fo me seems as if y’all letting greed an power blind ya original objective. Sad but ey such is life.
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3 years ago, Gl!TchTr@P Lover
Great but dangerous!!😱😱😱
I love this app I had deleted it tho because I was talking to people I didn’t know at first I didn’t think but then I thought some people are able to track the location of people who use apps that make it where you can talk to random people so I was talking to someone they didn’t say or do anything I just thought that and quickly deleted it so can you please at least put where they are like state or town even a country please and if you know that person and they have a number in your contacts they show up as known below the profile please you might not be able to but at least try please try to do so for out safety I am eleven but was ten at the time it was a few months ago so but still please try also can you make it where you can sing with people u know for free if you do the whole contact thing but please think about it please I would love a reply please love your app and you for thinking of it please think at least about my idea I thought it would be a good idea bye!🥺🥺🥺🎤🎤🎤🤯🤯🤯🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇🎸🎸🎸🌌🌌🌌 THEDOOO is awesome!
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5 years ago, ameliAmuseD
Brilliant Platform
As an artist of many mediums and a founder of two organizations to support creativity as well as connect the muses with the creators and inspire others, I am well versed in apps made for profit VS option of ‘prophecy’ I applaud Smule for their artistic centered apps, though Sing! Karaoke is my favorite. The options are magnificent for those interested in singing for sake of joy thru live streaming free-styles with own instruments, Lyrics, choreography, ect. I didn’t sing Karaoke before this came out. Now I have connected with talented and kind people worldwide utilizing our voices, remembering to speak up and be the verbs we are, instead of the nouns we are told to be. Excellently thought out, fantastically well cared for, and admired much. I recommend Smule Sing! Karaoke to all, and thank the developers for keeping in contact the connection of artists, aware of stream. When you grouped your magic guitar app with Sing! years ago I knew this was not made to sell anything but consciously promote worth in the arts. Ty! ~ meliamuse
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5 years ago, TheHailstorm
Big fan with small issues
I’ve been using this app for a little over 2 years now and it has become one of my favorite things. Especially because I’m a theater kid and there are TONS of theater songs and people make groups for them and it’s AMAZING. But I only give it 4 stars because it has a lot of stupid updates, for example, the newly installed gifts that are pointless, you need VIP or a lot of VIP friends to do a lot of things in this app, and sometimes the notifications just stop working even though they are on in the app and device settings. Also it took them years to get Bluetooth enabled, and we’ve been asking for the ability to make a playlist for like a year now and it still hasn’t been created, but useless gifts are there! I know half of that sounded really negative but I honestly do love this app. It’s really easy to use and it’s great to talk to other people who like the same things I do. Plus it is LITERALLY GLOBAL so there is literally ALL KINDS OF MUSIC. I don’t see why anyone who loves singing would dislike the app.
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4 years ago, gabMV11
Smule review
I am going to be open and honest with you guys. So I got the app and for a little while I could sing for free, then after some time I got back on the app and I realized that I could not sing for free. 😞😒 and on top of that the only way you can sing on it is if you go to invite and sing with some Random person you don’t even know. I am not saying the app is bad, but there are some thing that I don’t like about the app. For the parents if you did not know this the app is considered a social media. I mean it just ruins it for the people who really want to use the app and cant because they can’t pay or sing with some Random person you don’t even know. I have tried some other apps just like this for example it was something like the voice that I got and I don’t even think I got to sing on it cause it wants me to pay. Once again the app can by fun until you have to pay and do all these things that some people can’t. I wanna say that you have to pay for the VIP. If you guys know some we that you can prevent these things from happening please let me know,😊 but this is just the experience I’ve had with the app. I hope these things like having to pay after some time can be changed. 🙂
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1 month ago, Aubreyproo
Just downloaded but deleted again
I have had this app for year and it was so amazing! You where able to sing solo or even duet with people for free. I just downloaded the app again and there was a lot that changed. The two major things that made me delete the app again and look for something new was first because if you don’t pay you can’t have more than 100 songs. Now I’m not saying 100 songs is amazing but for people like me who love to sing this limits the amount we get to post and have fun with it. And my second thing is that now I am only able to sing 90 seconds of a song. I can’t enjoy singing the whole song and have fun with it, now I have to choose what part I have to sing and that’s all I can do. This app used to be my favorite I would sing almost everyday but now it’s turned into more of a place to just make money. And I get it this is a app and you want to try and make as much money as you can off of it, but when you limit lots of things for other people who can’t pay for so much just to sing it just makes singing feel like an obligation more than a fun hobby.
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3 years ago, Squashy_Pebbles
Once a Absolute Legend of an App
I’ve been apart of the Smule community since around 2014-ish and was absolutely in love with everything about it. The fact that we can sing any song we want, the fact that we can meet a ton of cool people, and the fact that it was a really fun place. It’s this era of Smule that really did showed that you can work with regular users, and that you didn’t have a wall between paying members and regular members. Everything started going sour when you started paywalling everything possible. How on Earth can you paywall solos and songs on a KARAOKE app? You really set forth a divide from VIPs and regular users, and before you respond with the whole “You can join other people” thing THATS NOT THE POINT!!! How can you paywall songs that the community themselves made? How can you profit any more? I understand you needing to make money, but you truly took away ALL of the customization and singing options for all members that aren’t VIP. It’s really disappointing to see what this app has become, and see everything I initially loved about the app being paywalled for seemingly no reason. So, I leave you with one sentiment, LISTEN TO YOUR MEMBERS! -From an 2014-ish Smule Member
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5 years ago, Mysterynite77
Where is the talent at?
I am a singer when I got this app I was shocked that a lot of vip members can’t carry a tune way off but yet their video has million of views comments they are wonderful but yet ones commenting are worse singers then them people this isn’t a singing app it’s a buy your way to the rank and level singing app I dropped it about a year ago even when I didn’t use it they charged me not happy at all with it I never want to ever use it again only way I would is if I wanted to download one of my songs I recorded just horrible people who are tone deaf who lie to others say they could go on American idol even those so called groups wanted me to join and you have to get invited to be super talentive I heard some of them I thought no way cause I know what singing is they ain’t got it I never did except their invite cause they knew I could sing but how ever it floats your boat if you wanna spend money on something to drain your bank account go for it not me🤦🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, worth itt!!!
Nice but 😬😬
Okay.. I love this app! But.. There's a lot of issues? I got a new phone, re downloaded the app and I couldn't log in my other account and whenever your on a sing live, you may be on the mic or something and you go on a different app rq while still on smule on a live and it kicks you out of the sing live and than you can't find the sing live you were in.. And! If a account has been banned multiple times PLEASE just ban them permanently.. Just for how there actions are! There are creeps on there and there is one who is really weird, keeps getting ban and he just isn't going away! Just ban him permanently. You know what he has done since you banned him and anyone else! But after all, I do love this app! It's helpful to learn new songs and how to sing! Giving tips to help people and just having fun. I made lots of friends on smule! And my other account did too.. Before I couldn't log in obviously. But still! Get this app tho it's fun but lots of issues and bugs.
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2 years ago, Moonlock
Algorithm is bad
For anyone using USB-C you need to buy a "USB-C DAC dongle" otherwise you're going to have audio/recording issues. Developers, I've been using Smule for about 9 years and while I appreciate you guys trying to modernize your app, however, there's one issue you've been having that needs attention. Your 'hot' algorithm is not good. It pushes the same "popular" people to the forefront and overshadows newer and lesser known people. You need to add some kind of "recommended" OR update your 'hot' algorithm. New users (as well as old) with no interactions are not going to help sustain the app's life. You need to recognize that every new generation is going to be important for your growth. Your research team needs to learn how to incorporate them into your community. (I highly recommend some kind of a "kids zone community" so that the overall app doesn't feel like I'm only hanging out with underaged kids. Maybe let them have a few free pop songs to sing to keep them busy without needing to pay? That might be a good solution to resolve the 1 stars.) Also, I'm not sure if it's a temporary update but why are OLD OCs at the top of the hot list while active OCs don't even make it??
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3 years ago, Subscri
Love the app but ....
I have been using SMULE for 6 years and I have 16k followers. Does it matter that I am a loyal VIP paying subscriber and I get on average 100 joins per song, no - too many loves they will block you from doing loves, too many comments in too short of time you get the dreaded 418 and they block your ISP and you are flagged as a spammer and you can’t do anything until they decide to unblock you. Doesn’t matter if they are your own songs. They don’t tell you about it, you find out later. And forget about support. They are of little help. SMULE blocks you on a whim with no warning. I am currently at the 418. I didn’t even know why. Had to find out from another user. SMULE tells me send us your IP address nothing, then they say try uninstalling the app - they don’t think that’s the first thing I did? It’s been a week and I have been still been unable to access my account. I thing my issue has been resolved I can now access my account. I give them three stars because I love the app but their shenanigans annoy me and their updates always have bugs
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3 years ago, kachimasho
Overall, a lot of fun
I’ve been on the app for close to 8 years now. I love to sing and this is a great substitute for going to karaoke like I used to when I lived in Japan. There have been a lot changes and while some of the recent voice FX were pretty bad, there haven’t been a lot of issues for me. (I have one device with an older app ver so I don’t have to use the bad FX lol) Occasionally, trying to start a song will crash the app, but restarting it usually fixes it. There are a handful of songs that seem not to work no matter what, so I’ve given up trying (and THOSE are official Smule-uploaded ones, so who knows!). Admittedly, I’ve always been VIP because it was quite reasonable for a year subscription (less than $5 a month) and the rate for me has never changed. I’ve seen a lot of complaints recently about cost, so maybe I am lucky and am “grandfathered” in under old pricing. If so, that would be sucky for newcomers... especially since Smule doesn’t seem to add many popular songs these days. If the cost has more than doubled for VIP, shouldn’t the money support licensing and helping the official song catalog grow? Just saying. On the plus side, users being able to upload songs has greatly improved the music variety available. So long as my cost doesn’t increase, I plan to use Smule for years to come. Thanks for a fun way to sing and meet others who love music ☺️
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6 years ago, kre410
Great, but what happened to landscape mode?
This last update took away the ability to rotate my iPad. The reason it’s important is the camera. If I want to do a video I have to prop on pillows and the charger port is on the bottom and there’s a cord problem.....cord, chord...pun. Ok so please bring it back. My iPad Pro is designed to prop in landscape mode. On the positive and there are many...there is no song too underground or obscure. Someone has uploaded it. If I can fine the original Venus In Furs by Velvet Underground, you can find most anything unless it’s x-rated. The quality is spot on and no special headset needed. This works perfectly with you apple headset. It’s fun and the community is very forgiving and kind. Oh sure, you have some Divas and clubs who judge...but they are nobody and I simply block anyone who is rude or critiques me. After all, this is karaoke and its for fun. We aren’t looking for the next big thing here. Anyway, it’s very fun and hours go by quickly. And that’s what’s important . Fun.
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7 years ago, Pzammy
Great Therapy
This is one of the best forms of therapy I have ever found would you like to sing in anyway this is it. I'm 51 and sing-along I met some really cool people some not so cool people but it's anywhere you go or anything you just got to pick them out right have a good time sing with people all over the world don't judge other people sing with them and have fun everyone has their own style such a different variety of music you don't have to pay if you don't want to if you don't want to pay to sing a lot to do with us if you want to pay a little bit a month or a yearly feethat would be your choice and you can make that. Pick out your own song sing solos or get some people to join you I love it so glad that my daughter him tell me about this website I'll talk to people about it work we have a good time with it so can you release in life I need some therapy this just may be your answer please make sure you wear your headphones have a blessed day
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6 years ago, fun game word cookie
how bad the background is for some people
some people get bad backgrounds beacuse they have noises bothering them when they are singing. And when that happens people dont want to listen to that recording that has bad noises in the background. I dont understand why people just dont go in quiter places like were people wont bother you or talk to you in your singings, plus that is the worst part about the singings. The annoyinces are bad they can get worser sometimes. This singing app is good to use but, those annoying people in your background make people hate your singings and just by singing people want to annoy you and your veiwers by that i mean your viewers will get annoyed by watching your video. When people dont like your videos its not by your tone of voice its just beacuse your background was a little too anoying and too loud. When people annoy you they sometimes may be louder than your singing. When people annoy you in your backgrounds ur singing becomes quiter than your usal singing tone of voice.
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5 years ago, DA_POTATO🥔
I freaking love 💗 this app
So I’ve been on this app for almost two years and this art is amazing! Everyone I’ve sang with are super nice to me. I’m only eleven and I have so many amazing followers and back when I was a beginner with Smule all my followers were and still are VIPs. I’ve had so much fun. To me Smule is my escape from reality. It’s an amazing program with awesome people with incredible talent. It’s really a place where I can be myself and shine while having fun in the process. The thing with the VIP that everyone else complains about is actually not as bad as they make it out to be. There are people who are nice enough to make solos for those who aren’t vip. And honestly I have more fun singing with other people rather than myself. I love Smule and I hope others can find there talent and once they do show others what your voice is capable of. Just remember every voice is beautiful in their own special one of a kind unique way. Keep singin’ - Love jlrosebud
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3 years ago, JennaSchelleCF
Very disappointed with this new profile update
I have been on this app for seven years it has been my outlet to share my voice with people when I couldn’t find a karaoke club. I used it to cheer up during a rough divorce and other personal headaches. I loved it when I started I even had a VIP membership for a long time but then forgot my screen name and password. Had to get a new phone So I called Smule and had the charges removed and opened a new account. This time I was ok with the limited use of certain features at least I had a list of my favorite collaborations that I could go back and listen to. But now even that has been removed from the free account. It claims I can have 100 free songs but my account shows no where near that . I’ve even deleted recent one to unlock more but still nothing. I’m pretty sure I’m going to remove the app now because What’s the point if I can’t keep anything I like. I was ok with singing with other it made for some great collaborations. But the VIP was 4.99 a month now that’s weekly that’s crazy I didn’t even pay that monthly for satellite radio. Bye Smule you use to be a great past time.
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5 years ago, _PaigeK_
Mildly inconvenienced
So Smule is a daily activity for me. It’s part of the routine now and I’ve been on the same account for four years. I’ve never had an urge to leave a review until now and it’s simply to shed light on a recent update to the app. The new addition of “gifts” is a complete redundancy to the already-present options to love or comment on an OC and, frankly, the addition of gifts next to these two choices is annoying to look at as well as annoying to watch as the gifts given cycle through as you’re listening to an OC. This new update has no feasible use and clutters the design of the app as well as the ease of use. What’s the point of a “gift”? It means nothing to me as the receiver of one, and I don’t think I would ever send one to another user. Overall, I still use Smule and this doesn't deter my love for the platform in any substantial way, it’s an incredible app! I just wanted to express my confusion and annoyance with a new feature in some way, so that solution was writing a review.
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2 years ago, Master of White Tiles
PLEASE avoid VIP subscription
PLEASE keep the free version and avoid the VIP. I wish I can take back every dime from my VIP subscription. When I first saw this app a couple of years ago I knew it wasn’t legit and I was right. I enjoyed this app at first, but I regret buying the subscription I wish I can give this app zero stars. Also please avoid the Sing live it is a complete waste of time and is NOT worth it. It is so difficult to find songs during a sing live. I ended up singing the same songs over and over for months. There is no actual search engine during a live. It is just a simple search and pick. I understand their song library is limited but WHY?? Why do I have to pay when the whole point of VIP is to sing ANY song? Why can’t it just be free for everyone. HUGE cash grab. It feels like they are trying to convince you what they have is legit please avoid VIP. This app is a scam! What happened to playing any song? Instead you have to deal with some songs having instrumentals, some have no vocals, and many songs don’t show up at all! Very frustrating. I cannot even see lists of songs during a live only a few tabs REALLY?
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7 years ago, Jessmyst
Fun app but..
The app itself is a fun concept and I do enjoy it. However, for an app that makes you subscribe for many features, they seem to care very little about being easy to use for everyone. As an iPhone 7 user, there is of course no headphone jack, making wired headphones annoying to deal with since it’s so easy to loose the adapters. Anyone who uses the app a lot knows that headphones make for much better quality recordings. Well, for whatever reason, the app makes it so if you use Bluetooth headphones; they disconnect when you go to record. This has been an issue for a while and I’ve seen many complaints, but with each update they make, they fail to fix that. I expect more from an app that forces you to pay for many of the features than ignoring the complaints of users. I’ll continue to use it because it is quite fun for passing time, but I unsubscribed to it and do not plan to pay for it again until they fix that issue. It’s such a simple feature to include and they continue to ignore the needs of the customers
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2 months ago, zvipou
Please Smule Team
I really enjoy this app I think that is the most used singing app so far. Few things I enjoy are: I can choose to sing with people, group, or alone. I can add profile pictures and pin songs I like. Also, I can communicate with others. However, it would be nice if the developer can add few items for the singers. I have seen some people mentioned it before but I will write it anyway. A log out button. With a log out button, people with multiple accounts can easily switch when they need without uninstalling the app. Having the ability to join a song that is already due. Most people usually miss joining a good duet, if its due there no way the can join that duet again. Have the ability to unlike songs. Imagine some people mistakenly click on a song that they did not really like or a Christian who don’t curse mistakenly click on a cursing song.
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5 years ago, Mallardman76
Amazing App
I love This app so much! Except I hate the new update! Why can only VIPs do live Jams now😡😡😡 I did lie Jams everyday and now all of my followers and friends are so disappointed in this app! Why would u do that Smule, why? This app was amazing for many reasons but this is just utterly stupid! I was so upset at first I almost deleted the app! I understand you’re just trying to get the profit of people becoming VIPs but this just crossed the line! I loved live jamming with my friends and hearing different voices all around the world but this update was terrible I am very sad that u did this and I would really like u to change that again! Until Smule updates back to regular I would absolutely NOT recommend this!!!! Very bad idea! This app actually gave the non VIPs a chance to have the same options as VIPs! Now it’s just another one of those apps that u only have one option VIP or nothing! Please update back to regular 😡 Thanks - A Very Unhappy Girl 🙁🙁🙁
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4 years ago, Gridsketch
Before you give a canned response...
Smule developers: You know your super-users are spitting mad. Before rolling out a massive change, consider focus-testing new features and then user-testing the changes as you make them. You could have avoided this PR disaster. Also implementing small changes over a longer period of time would have mitigate some of the outrage. A few new things I liked: - sectioning of lyrics (intro, verse, bridge, chorus) - more types of audio effects - making customized audio effects per section The bad stuff: - replacing the custom cover with the globe (we use the covers to identify songs for song collaborations) - constraining group songs to only one effect - making songs repeat instantly after they play - the individual song GUI is harder to navigate. I found myself accidentally scrolling to the next song when trying to view the song details such as comments and likes. I also keep accidentally pressing the like button when trying to scrub forward through the song track. I just renewed my subscription right before the update so we’re stuck with each other for the next year. So please, give me and all your VIP subscribers a reason to subscribe again. Post an open call for focus- and user-testers within the app and on the blog. I would happily give you my time for a better experience. Respectfully
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2 years ago, amisha81
It’s amazing but there’s a problem…
I honestly love the app it has helped my voice a lot. I’m not the best at singing, so it’s amazing to have an app that shows me where my voice range is at. But I felt like wasn’t trying to improve my voice but stay on pitch with the lines, but that’s not the app’s fault. The problem is that you have to pay for some songs. Of course there is some that are free like the song “lovely” by Billie Eilish, and many others. But you shouldn’t have to pay for songs. I feel this is an issue. As I had said before I’m not good at singing so I don’t want to join people and disturb them with my voice. But some people might think it’s great and that’s amazing! It’s just that I wish I knew this before getting the app. But otherwise I would recommend this app if you don’t mind paying or joining someone in a duet or a group. Than this is the app for you! Whoever is reading this have a nice day or night.
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8 months ago, HgAlto
So much more than karaoke
I downloaded this app 5 or 6 years ago thinking it would be fun to sing karaoke online. I had NO idea what this app would become to me. I’ve found incredible community with other members, joined music groups, connected with individual “Smulers” through music, chats & even in person. This app has also provided personal therapy in times that I need an outlet for emotions. I sing when I am happy & I sing when I am sad. It’s the most wonderful thing when the friends I’ve made on Smule come & sing with me in those moments. It’s much more than a karaoke app, there’s community & creativity you can find here in ways you aren’t otherwise able. Especially if you’re a busy parent with kids! I’m so happy I found this app & hesitantly downloaded it. It’s really been an incredible addition to my “musical itch” that I wasn’t able to scratch for so many years.
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1 year ago, kdlink
Let us sing alone!!
This app isn’t what it used to be, i’ve had this app for a few years now and all of these updates are useless or they just don’t make sense, I don’t want to join somebody else or sing with somebody else, I want to be able to sing alone but I can’t pay for the subscription. Yes you may think, “oh well because you have an electronic, of course you can pay for the subscription” but did you think about us teenagers who don’t have jobs because were under the legal age (I’m 14 years old) or don’t have money or kids that are younger than us but want to sing? don’t you think that we should be allowed to sing alone and not have to be forced to sing with somebody else that we don’t even know? I understand that you need to be able to make money, but can you at least just limit the amount of songs that we can choose from instead of just keeping it all away from us? Please consider these questions next time you claim to have another update.
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2 years ago, STrax100
Please bring back the previous interface
Oh my.. you brought out the old interface for a bit and i was glad and ready to give 5 stars; but then i saw another update was available and thought it might be to fix the ‘ feed’to the older format, but…the newest update changed the layout again😠. Please bring the list layout or provide an option to choose the layout; the list format is much better than that thumbnails which doesn’t give the information about the recordings.. The new interface is hard to use, previous layout gave info on date of recording, no of joins , etc at a glance - now it doesn’t and it’s painful having to click through the thumbnails to see all that info; Also when going to feed page it auto plays, we dont need that, I would like to choose which collab to listen to, and not have some crap collab auto play; Please bring back the previous layout! A fav app is now painful and cumbersome to use, please bring back the previous layout of the start page!! Don’t need those large thumbnails, it is not user friendly at all!!
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5 years ago, Cheyenn0
I absolutely love having this app. But the reason I gave it 3 stars is all because of the VIP. There are so many songs that I would like to sing, but I cannot since no one else sings the songs so I cannot duet with them. So I would recommend that some of the less known songs would be free and then any of the more popular ones the user would have to duet. And the Livestreams when I first got the app anyone could do them, But now with the VIP I cannot do a livestream anymore which I liked joining more people who were my age that I could sing along with, now the VIP is mainly grown-ups so I cannot join any. So I would just ask that the VIP lifestream would be taken down so anybody can livestream again and that some of the songs anyone could do it with them and not have to have the VIP for not just artist sing-alongs. This is just a recommendation but I hope that it would possibly help some of the users of the app and get you some better ratings. Sorry about this lengthy review. Just want to address some issues that I have at the app.
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5 years ago, #marvelisawesome
Good, if you like being scammed
I just got this app and it was fun at first,but all of that VIP stuff just annoys me. Honestly, who wants to pay 9 bucks a month for a video game? And who can afford that also? I mean like, people already pay like 10 bucks a month for PHONE SERVICE, witch is WAY better than a video game. Also, because I am not VIP, I cannot record my own videos, I have to do them with a STRANGER, and not everyone has a good voice. Also, (this is not my iPhone) I am not allowed to be on social media, so when I play Smule, I can’t post, but after I make a video, it post it automatically! 😡 for example, I did a video with Lucas Graham, and it was ok I guess, but the next day, I went on the app, and my video was loved by a stranger! So it posted it automatically! And I’m not allowed to post! So now I have to delete my videos right away, or else it will post them. I find not being able to make my own videos because I’m not VIP obnoxious. I mean, I know they got to make money somehow , but that’s just unfair. So get this app if you don’t mind being scammed. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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6 years ago, OlliePogg
This App is Crap!
I wanted to check this app out, because I saw lots of ads for it on Smule’s Magic Piano app. I love to sing, so I thought it would be fun. But it’ll be a cold day in heck before I sing with some stranger on the other side of the world. You need VIP to sing by yourself? That is ABSURD! PREPOSTEROUS! You shouldn’t have to pay to sing! All of this VIP crap... I am sick of it. Every app there is now, it seems like you have to pay for everything in a FREE app! We are all “Very Important People”. We all make a difference in this world. We are all special and unique. I’m sure there are talented people like myself who find it ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS that you should have to pay that much money to use a FREE app! Singing is my life, and you are OBVIOUSLY too incompetent to provide an app worthy of someone as talented as me. Considering that I AM competent enough to know that it is RIDICULOUS to charge that much money to use the app. You might as well get rid of VIP and make the app A Billion dollars! This app has WAY too many 5 star reviews! There must be lots of incompetent people in this world! Now... If you’ll excuse me I am going to browse through the app store for a GOOD singing app!
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