Smurfs' Village

4.7 (20.9K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
PopReach Incorporated
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Smurfs' Village

4.68 out of 5
20.9K Ratings
7 years ago, Amyatc22132
Great game...!!
Great game....very addictive, yet soothing and fun to play.. been playing for over 5 years and hadn't had too many problems until recently. A couple of updates ago 3 of my fire stations are gone, as well as the glow bunny hut game and most all the land expansions I bought are gone but I can still see the things I added on the edge of where that expansion was.... it's kind of random. And somehow the Granddaddy smurf hut with the compare the different pictures game isn't on the island but is invisible in my village. But I can click on the "hut" or where it is in the village and play the game when it's time. If I win a prize it will show up as an invisible box that I have to put somewhere like it is a real prize. If I happen to try to relocate something near that invisible prize, I may not can sit it there because it really thinks it's there so I move or delete it. Still love all the new stuff and would love more games with some way to progress with difficulty . I just wish my game was back to normal after I spent all the $ on smurfberries to get them.... Will the animal tree ever be expanded??
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1 year ago, XxBamItsCamxX
Amazing game! One small issue.
I love this game so much. I love games where I get to build up a little village and gather resources and this game is perfect for that! What sets it apart is that there are minigames that you can play as well, many of which are really rewarding! The different locations that you can travel to (from what I have seen so far) are really fun, exciting, and unique! While I do love this game in it’s entirety, there is one small issue that brought my rating down a bit. So many things cost smurfberries, and on its own that’s not a terrible thing (I understand the company needs to make money, and smurfberries are a way to make that money), however, the issue is with the free smurfberry system in the game. There are two main ways to get smurfberries for free, which include watching videos to get them. Ever since I got the game though, the videos just seem to not work, and the only hope I have of getting those free smurfberries is if the movie theatre has an interactive ad. This is something that I find really frustrating as it is the only way I am able to earn smurfberries daily, but it does not work properly. At first I thought it was because I wasn’t using the internet, but when I did use the internet it didn’t work either. While I do enjoy the game, if they fixed this issue I would enjoy it MUCH better.
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6 years ago, KEB918
Love smurfs
I love playing the surfs, but liked the original better. I have played smurfs for around 10 years now and really enjoyed everything about it. I took a short break from it when I switch my phone brand because of storage and not being able to transfer my very developed village. One thing that frustrates me is that I am constantly having to by something or more than one something for $3000 to complete a task. Those buildings or machines are suppose to give me a smufberry once all the stages are completed. I am not one of those that can just spend my actual cash on a game to get further. I loved the game for years because I was able to still have a nice village , be able to build up my cash to spend on those extras, and earn those smurfberries. I am very close to deleting the game because I can never have enough money, and just when I think I am doing well and building up my cash I have to buy 3-4 buildings and my coins are depleted. I get that you have to make money, and there are people out there that are willing to spend all their money on a game. Yet us little guys that still want/ deserve to enjoy a game even if we can’t spend the money. Can’t even try to compete in contests because I don’t have money to spend.
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5 years ago, AnnaBous
I love this game! It’s addicting and really fun to play! However my life is now glued to the game. If I’m trying to finish a task and I don’t have a lot of money I will spend one hour growing crops to earn money and that can get in the way of my real life tasks! I’m not saying it’s the developers fault but if you decide to download the game it’s a warning! But it’s really fun to play and if you have two hours of free time that’s when to play the game. The game does have ads but guess what? You only get a ad if you ask for ad! That is AWESOME! And the ads (and of course the game itself) is kid friendly and safe to use. But if you enter your birth date under the age of thirteen you are not allowed to watch ads. That is safety proof for children but I feel that’s to overprotective because the ads aren’t inappropriate and you use ads for rewards or to speed up something. And that’s it! No complaints this game is awesome and addictive. Please download it! Another recommendation is Stickman Hook. Thanks for reading! Your game critic - Genevieve
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5 years ago, cherokeejay
Oh yay another update 🙄
Oh yay another update; another smurfy wonder! Not really, I do appreciate the smurf berry however if there aren’t expansions soon wonders and apartments will be all I have room for. Let me finish building the remaining wonders before I have to make more room, please? Hard enough to sync a henge with the outback and an Asian themed zen park. I honestly wish we could move wonders to different places..I’d put the Christmas/winter wonders on the mountain. I’d move last months new wonder to the grove, split the beachy wonders between the main village and island and Move the henge to the village. Gotta say, I may miss next years statue because it’s just so much the same at level 86. Then again maybe something will change! The platform will increase in size or versatility, prizes might actually change with level increases, or they could bring it back down to where you need the work oriented smurfs quests to progress. Who knows. Whichever way it goes I expect level 86 to have harder/longer quests and better prizes for the effort than level 20, 50, or even 80. It’s a lot to do so stop with the wonders for awhile and make good changes instead of clutter! PS..I also hate the timing of the pop up ads.
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2 years ago, Opalesence
Game is corrupted. They don’t warn you this happens and they do not give you back all the items you spent real money on. They do not assist you with their games glitches. You can lose all your items and progress with NO solution. I can barely get a response from customer service, and it’s copy paste when I do. It’s to the point I have to contact Apple directly for refunds of my purchases and report them for the game not even being playable, with no warning that these issues could occur or how to watch out for them, let alone resolve them. You’re literally asked to restart and lose everything you purchased and all the work you did in the caravan making THEM money watching ads. Not to mention the surveys for smurfberries will never reward you!! I haven’t even received a response from customer service in a week, I’ve been arguing with them for over a MONTH. I never get a solution beyond “restart your game.” People deserve to be warned about this. I’ve never heard of any other mobile game having this issue! Super sad, would easily have given 5 stars and tried so hard to be super polite and appreciative to customer service until I realized I was being played. DO NOT WASTE MONEY LIKE I DID. DO NOT SPEND MONEY IN THIS GAME IT WILL GO POOF
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5 years ago, batbatbatbatbatbatbatbatbat
This new interface is terrible
I’ve been playing this game since it came out and have loved every minute of it... until now. The new UI is terrible compared to the old one. Overcrowding on the screen paired with new babyish graphics make the game seem less professional and more like something put together by an amateur. The new build menu also lacks compared to the old one, while the search feature is an amazing idea and the switch to purple is a nice little quirk when entering the vip tab, the shop has basically been downgraded in every other aspect, again due to overcrowding... all of the options are grouped closer together and the images and text are blurry as well as too much organization... the winter and Christmas tabs seeming like a good idea but never getting enough use to justify the added steps in the process. Confusion is also added in the crops as the stars are now grey making it seem as though there is nothing there. And finally, the game master no longer rewards a free box, why... that just forces players to have to be more likely to pay for good items. All in all... the new update isn’t bad if this had always been the way... but to consider this an upgrade from the old UI is not at all accurate
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4 years ago, Kayla edorhe
I love the game soooooooo much
I love it soo much I started playing it since I was six years old now I am eleven and I stills love it I love all the Smurf’s and I am a big fan I read their books I watch their movie and I love it sooo much 😍😗🥰😙🙂☺️😘 thank you for making this awesome game. But there are some glitches like I have dance smurf in his island and sassy hut and when she kiss the smurfs will swoon but if I make dance smurf to make all the smurf to dance while making sassy to kiss so that the Smurf’s will swoon it will stop moving and walking. I think u should also add an adventure in it like example when papa Smurf’s tells their smurf to go and do something like to spy on gargamel or to get ingredients or something I think u should add story mode in it I bet people will really love you game 😍😘🥰But still I am a really big fan of smurf and I really love the game
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7 months ago, McDonald’s Dunkin’ Donuts
This is good but how I do I get more Smurfberries?
I really like the Smurfs but papa Smurf said that Smurfs love Smurf berries because they help their job get faster but then jokey Smurf said let’s grow 20 crops of strawberries to make a pie. Because jokey thinks he could throw a pie at brainy Smurf instead of a bomb which the Smurfs don’t like. But then I only have 3 smurfberries then I realized that I was wasting smurfberries 🫐🍓 oh my god ! Then I had 0 smurfberries in my chart I told my mommy that I had no more smurfberries. She said I have no idea what is going on in your app but enjoy it for now! After dinner she said that Toca Boca apps are really good I chose the mystery house one because it looked really cool! OK I thought. Here goes nothing! She started deleting the smurfs app then downloaded the Toca Boca mystery house app. It was good 👍 but I wish I got the Smurfs app again because it was so awesome! 👏 maybe on Christmas break or meanwhile on December! Really?! I said any day on December I desire?! Yeah probably. Thank you mommy so much!!!! I say.
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6 months ago, kevins azzle
Absolutely terrible.
This game first released in 2010. I downloaded it in 2012 when I was 10 years old. I played this game religiously and loved every second of it. I played it on my kindle for so long but quit playing just before they added the animal habitat stuff. Then started playing again during that time and still has lots of fun, but being so young I didn’t realize that’s when the game first started being a major p2w game. So probably after 6 more years I find my kindle again and everything is still the same, just because I haven’t updated it yet. So I get it on my iPhone too, but what do you know!! The only way to progress in the game is to spend $25 over and over to purchase the only Smurf houses that will level you up. It’s ridiculous and honestly disgusting to me. Me and my late brother looked up to this game so much, being fans of the original smurfs tv show, and now it has turned into complete p2w garbage. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when every other game is like that nowadays. But still, it’s very disappointing and heartbreaking to see my childhood game turn into complete trash.
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4 years ago, Philiborus
Good game
I love the Smurfs! I played for years and then kind of stopped playing for a bit, but now I’m back into it, and I can’t stop playing! One problem that I have been having is when you try to do the extra missions for more Smurfberries, it never seems to work. Like if I choose to do a simple registration for something and I complete it and then go back to the game, it’ll be as though I never clicked on the extra missions in the first place and I still don’t get the Smurfberries, which is very disappointing. I’ve also noticed that when I use the Traveler Smurf’s hut (I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s called?), some of the ads you can watch for rewards have no way to exit the ad after you finish watching it, which is annoying. So the only way I can get my reward is to randomly click on a black screen (because the end of the ad is just nothing?), until it finally exits the ad. This also happens when watching ads for other mini-games in order to get twice the amount of coins and XP. It also gets very annoying to close the ad, because it will constantly redirect me to Safari and then to the App Store multiple times, so I’ll have to constantly re-enter the game and try again. Other than those few things, I have loved everything else about Smurfs. It is so addicting to continue playing and time-consuming when I’m bored and need something fun to do.
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5 years ago, Nick Wolfwood
Fun and relaxing strategy game
I’ve been Playing Smurfs Village for nearly 10 years. I call it a mild strategy and time management game because either coins or Smurf Berries are required to complete certain tasks, and it takes strategy to figure out ways of accumulating and maintaining a bankroll of gold coins and berries. I don’t like to spend real money playing games so I’m at a disadvantage compared to people who are more willing so spend cash on buying Smurf Berries. But by using real-world skills of time management, figuring return on investment (for knowing which crops to plant to maximize coins for a given growing period) and delaying gratification in terms of saving coins and berries to build an inventory, you can have almost anything you want in this game without spending real money on it. Patience is the key. I love this game and will be playing it for years to come.
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3 years ago, AnneDCavn
Best game out there- so underrated
I don’t like most of the games in the App Store but I found this game after watching a Smurf movie and oh, I am addicted. It is suitable for all ages. The interface is very well designed, and the story line is so well written- I love all the characters and how they interact with the items and their environments. I also extremely appreciate the fact that the ads in this game is 100% optional. No disturbing ads, and no ads interrupting ruining your game. Moreover, all the resources can be earned by playing so you are not forced to pay. There is also a forum of players online where you can read up the Q&A to do quest and advance your game. Overall, really great job, developer team. I sincerely believe that this game deserves much more attention on this platform.
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6 years ago, Brabandt village
Oops! Another bug didn't get fixed!
I hope things get fixed sooner rather than later. The divers on the island (IPAD) have a major issue. When you send them down they do fine, but when you attempt to collect your prizes, it only collects from about 15 divers and then after that the boxes open and it shows prizes, but it doesn't allow you to collect. At first I thought they were still accumulating, but they aren't. The only way you can remedy this is by closing out the game entirely and going back to the island. This isn't just on my tablet, my daughter has another apple product and her smurfs is doing the same thing. Otherwise, I have been a long player, I downloaded it when it was released. I enjoy playing, and I really like how reporter smurf is offering resources and better gifts after 7 days of collecting. I follow the Facebook group. Please keep the updates coming.
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2 years ago, Abby8725
Enjoyed it then, but not now
I played this game many years ago, a conversation triggered the memory so I looked it up and was excited to see it! I quickly became bored and honestly waayyyy too overwhelmed from the large amount of random/holiday themed items. It would keep the game fresh if they rotated the content (even if it was the same exact seasonal content) and cut down on the far out and huge collection of items. Plus every task became boring quickly due to the lack of true direction. I decided to take it slow and not put pressure on playing too much and getting burnt out in a few hours. I decided 1-2 times per day was enough. My final straw was loading in at 12am (previous load in was 10am) and all my crops I was excited to harvest were ruined. Absolutely stupid of the game devs to ruin a relaxing game. Instead they’re pushing paid perks at you that cost a ridiculous amount of actual money and it loses the fun aspect when you’re constantly limited in almost every way. Already deleted.
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5 years ago, schlgrl
Good but not as good
I, like others, had to take a break from playing. I do enjoy the game but each task is so expensive. I don't mind buying a few smurfberries now and than but 10,000 coins for a snail? Also there needs to be a way to bypass some of the challenges. Grouchy is never getting his cherry cake no matter how long he has that ! Over his head. Also we grow areas (i.e. Planet Smurf and mountain) but have nothing to fill yet. All of the major buildings have come one at the same time. Why can't I just focus on main village and get more space there? An update, they lowered price of snail but now I need to buy a butterfly for 10,000 coins or 20 smurfberries? It doesn't give you smurfberries just XP. Really think of what you are pricing. 25 smurfberries for something that gives them, great. A butterfly, no.
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6 years ago, Lisa leei
Nice game but.....
I’ve been playing for years and the game would be much better if you would rotate or switch the game rewards from time to time. I’ve stopped playing some of the games because I already have too many of whatever is being offered. Also it would be nice after spending so much time and resources building all of those wonders that they would do more than offer weekly smurfberries how about being a really interesting game? Also needed is an override where you could pay smurfberries to complete challenges. I can’t tell you how many birds and animals I’ve a added or how many crops I’ve harvested to make smurfade until I’ve given up - but it still registers that the goal hasn’t been met How do you get rid of snow? Sick of looking at it already
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1 year ago, T bear23
Like playing the game.
Really like the game. Been playing for years now but they could do so much better with rewards and gifts. You get the same thing over and over and over and it gets old! Never anything new or exciting gets won from a mini games. They have a VIP section for people who buy stuff with real money but it’s nothing to brag abt. They never change it or switch things up or make it worth your money. However I love being able to build my own village and be creative. If they would do better with rewards, gifts and have a way to earn Smurf berries besides one here and there I would give 5 stars. Seems like the creators don’t care much for the game. They don’t spend a lot of time fixing problems and making sure their players want to spend money on the game. They could do so much better. But all in all I like to play the game.
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3 years ago, LuckeeRenee
Cancer Patient In Love But $100 weekly Is Cheating Me
I have loved this game for many years and now that I’m dealing with health issues it is very useful. Yes I spend $100 or so a week right now building new and buying new as I watch the sales, and E.O. But this does nothing for each time I have had to double purchase everything, and resetting in settings as your to do, the current levels I need are never ther on either type of save. I have waited over three months to get back $300, but yes i still choose to spend, because as I said its extreamly therapeutic, when working correctly. I did notice tonight, as I was finishing up adding some new items, I took a break to go and give friends rewards, gifts, as I do every night, and this is now the third time this has taken place… Once I visit all, leave gifts and return to my own, EVERYTHING HAS BEEN UNDONE< PURCHASES GONE< as if never happened, and not in settings to reset and bring p on a prior save, so now I’m out another $200 because yes I AGAIN choose to re purchase the deals and EO because if I dont by the time John gets back to me, months and still no refunds, I would not be able to have what i purchase
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5 years ago, Vingle app
Love this game
I play this game every day it broke my heart when I couldn't play for awhile bc game was updating I guess but I absolutely love this game !! Now it's back on and I'm going to continue to play it every day I'm so addicted to it lol I'm on level 30 I thought I lost everything I'm glad it's back on !! Shew !! Since then I did loose my game and now I restarted it thing is I’ve spent real money on the last two game and can’t get them back it’s the same email I’ve always used so it seems like I could get my game back or where I left off I do love this game until it don’t update and can’t play anymore I was so far last time I was to the meadow space and the beach etc I had so much on this game and it’s a shame I can’t get it back I wonder why ??
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3 years ago, netBeau
Low support, extremely costly in-app purchases
Smurf fan, loved it for years, but definitely needs a lot of work and personally I’ve had NO support on bugs I’ve encountered (like for example going more than 30 levels, years have gone by and still haven’t been able to complete the Totem on the Island having completed multiple times all tasks but the app is just not keeping/showing track of the progress and have never received a solution from support through 3 different companies that have taken over the development of the app). Also love almost all the specialty items, great and fun designs but hate the fact that there are so many and all $5 or above even with so called “exclusive offers” would take a fortune to get them all, and NO other option, like earning them with goals or smurfberries. And to risk losing them over a bug... Definitely not worth it.
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5 years ago, Chikita Marie
New update stinks!
I absolutely love the Smurf’s and I play this game everyday and I have invested a lot into it. I’ve been playing for a long time and I’ve seen the different owners/companies that have taken over the Smurf’s, and I’ve just went with the flow. This recent update seems to have glitches, when I click on my “missions” it says to tap the portrait on the left (like always) I do and then it takes me to whoever I’m looking for, and when I click on them it won’t give me my mission. Also after playing mini games the reward pops up and when I go to click “place in village” it disappears. Another thing with jokey, I click on him and it says “oh no” but the page is blank. I’m not a fan of the new look for the game either but I can put that aside if the game works properly. I hope you guys are already aware of this and have plans to further update the game.
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4 years ago, Lc1989
Too many wonders.
I love this game and played it on and off since it was with beeline. I love that I can farm and do quests but building coins is hard unless you plant chili peppers and cabbage every single day. There are also WAY too many wonders that require an insane amount of resources (which are hard to build up as well). Do you think you can cool it with the amount of Wonders that need to be built? On every place ( island, swoon planet, the mountain and the grove and my main village) I have RAN OUT OF ROOM! Adding space costs a lot of smurfberries. I have decided to no longer complete the wonder quests which will prevent me from doing other quests but I rather grow and build up my bank than continue to take up space for wonders I’ll never build. There is a bag to place your wonders in but guess what? THAT costs resources too! Until I can afford the bag in all areas I will not be placing wonders. Please please please stop with wonders!
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6 years ago, Intrabloom
Oldest Game I’ve Played on Apple Devices
Let me just start off by saying that my uncle introduced me to this game way back in 2010. I’m 15 now, and I’ve been playing this game since Beeline Entertainment released it. Over the years I’ve changed my device multiple times but also somehow had this game backed up to Game Center. Although I’m a bit down that Beeline no longer owns this game, I’m excited to see what new events and ideas Bongfish comes up with. This game has been there for me when I was bored, sad, happy, and through most of my childhood. As I leave gaming behind, Smurfs Village is something I still check up on once in a while because of the memories I have with this game. Please don’t let it die out!
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6 years ago, guitarman1956
It is not like it’s always was!
I’m reading other people’s review for the first time and I’m glad I did because their saying the same things I’ve been saying! This game is turning into all about money and buying berries! I’m sure everyone understands you need to make money to support the game but having almost everything that’s important about this game depends on how many berries you can buy ruins the whole game. Why have all these really cool buildings if you can’t build them unless you buy berries? Then you say but you can earn berries and building supplies to build the buildings and huts but it take you forever and it’s not doing it right! I send my ships out and take the building supplies as a reward when they come back and I’ve been doing this for over a year and I still don’t have enough to build my huts? Why? I may stop participating in this game or what ever it is ? It doesn’t feel like a game anymore!
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4 years ago, 17amthoughts
2nd time playing the game🤔
I really enjoy the game! I recently downloaded it again and started from scratch and I was pleasantly surprised with its development, storyline, and fun quests! Unfortunately, it has a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. E.g., the application randomly closes, I can’t place some items from the Game Master’s Mystery Boxes, I won’t get notification sometimes even though they’re enabled, my player picture changes without me changing it, and it says I lost my WiFi connection when I visit the Video Hut or Traveler Smurf’s Caravan. Hopefully some of this can be addressed in future updates??? Another let down is that a lot of quests require us to get buildings/ wonders that requires thousands or resources to build, which unrealistic for someone who does not make in-app purchases.
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3 days ago, Rayan190613
Nostalgia at its finest
I had this game on my iPod touch at age 12. Now at age 23, I reinstalled the game, and was very excited that my progress had been saved through my Apple account. It’s been a lot of fun making up for lost time and building up what my childhood self would’ve wanted. It’s pretty similar to what I remember, though it does seem that more things cost Smurfberries than in the past. However, I am happy to make a purchase now and then to support the company that has kept my favorite childhood game going. My only complaint, and the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars, is the pathway tile limit. After multiple expansions, 1800 isn’t enough for me. I would love to see no limit in a future update - it’s needed!
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4 years ago, Vivizhou😍😍😍
Love it!
I’ve been played this game for almost 10 years! This is not my first time to write comments. I’m so happy to see the good team provides us a such lovely game and even after many years the every update still can give me surprise! I remember there was a period of time the team made a big update which was not that user friendly, and I was unhappy but still expected they could fix the bugs soon. So I wrote comments on Instagram. The team replied me. Later I saw their effort, fixed bugs and optimized the game. I really want to thank the team for what they did hard and continuing providing me the lovely game. Look forward more surprises and updates in the future!
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2 years ago, Shoreti
Smurfs village
I’ve been playing this game for 12 years. Loved it back then. You purchased a building and it was built no need for all the extra resources, no need to spend any real money if you didn’t want, too. Want to speed something up use smurfberries. Now my kids have found this game and love to play. Unfortunately now all these wonders require you spend real money. And to top it off I can watch my kid playing and next thing I know I’ve gone from 21 smurfberries to 17 or even 12. WTH?? Now I have to go back and restore it from a saved point losing all the experience they just gained with what they planted, etc. How about going back to the not nickel and diming us game, and while your at it fix the glitch that keeps taking my paid for smurfberries!!!
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5 years ago, kat11792
Love but for a cost
I absolutely love this game. I have had at least 6 to 10 villages I can’t even keep track. As of today I am officially further than I have ever been in any of my villages am I am so proud to say that I have not yet spent a dime am on level 59 and have a decent amount of the Smurf’s and even completed 7 smurfy wonders which I’m very proud of since I never really got to build any of them before. I will say I agree with everyone else it’s a bit pricey for most things like 50 smurfberries for a clock tower... why? It doesn’t do anything.... lol but besides that I will be playing for years to come and have been playing since beeline so I have plenty of time to keep on building
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6 years ago, Dave_flan
Enjoyable but ridiculously expensive upgrades
I’ve been playing this for years and it’s fun - but has increasingly become more and more a money grab (literally) as the developers have added more and more items that cost $20, $25, or more. And for some time now they’ve had tons of other items that require being built in stages, but it takes forever to gather resources if you don’t buy them - another grab for money. This has gone from being an enjoyable game to little more than a potential money pit. The game makers must have a new boss - Greedy Smurf. Note on developer response: Sorry but I’ve been playing this game since 2010 or before and you’re wrong - there were not originally the kinds of costs involved now, and items were not built in stages. I had been playing the game several years before that started. It doesn’t help to lie.
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6 years ago, Tttttt3t
Love the game
I started playing the game years ago and was quite addicted to it. I stopped playing because it would not load on my ipad. Recently I finally saw an update and it came on. Needless to say I was very happy. As I started to play it started to give me all these new buildings that I had to place, so now I have buildings from Halloween, Christmas and others that are incomplete The resources needed to complete these buildings are extremely expensive. I have so many things that I know will never get built. They just clutter my village. I don't have any friends that play this game but now I cant see other villages either. But I still love to play
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5 years ago, ocean-dreamer
Updated game...
As a person who played this obsessively as a child, I recently re-downloaded the game and it’s just as much fun playing as It was when I was a kid. However, with this new update and different game looks it has started to frustrate me. Planting crops takes way longer with the new pop up. The place where you buy things is so much harder to navigate and not as free flowing to find the things you use frequently as in shovels and diving gear. I like the Christmas look with the snow and hats and scarves for the smurfs. Please maybe change it back to What it was before or make is similar to how it was. Everything’s all over the place. Also, the prize box pop up was way cooler before. It was easier to see when you got a free turn and now I always miss it. Please fix
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3 years ago, AnnieFish7015
Update reset game
Wow after all the years playing smurfs, how disappointing to have my game reset to level 9 from level 67! Have made a lot of purchases over the years. Lesson learned. I will miss my smurfs but not starting over. Also beware if you no longer are able to see your friends to visit,that means you are not connected to Facebook and your game is not saved! Flash man doesn't save your game to their server. Your game will not show in your saved games Updated review well I totally lost my game in 2017. Just started over this week I’m on level 19 and now my lazy Smurf’s fishing game is corrupted. So strange. Could save but would lose hours and hours of progress. I purchased some smurf berries. But hesitant about the game. Time will tell.
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3 years ago, Calibyrdie
Still like this game
I still like this game and I’m sure not many people still play it, sadly. It makes it hard when some things can only be given to you by friends. Also, tasks that keep adding more and more buildings that take 5 stages to make and having to come up with the resources to complete each of those stages, is very disheartening. It seems the only way it can get done is by making in app purchases, which I think is ridiculous. I actually don’t mind paying a couple of bucks every once in awhile, but to get everything I need now, would easily cost more than $100. I definitely have other things in life that $100 could be spent on. So because of these two issues, I am only giving it 3 stars. 😔 I really do enjoy the game, though.
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4 years ago, SmurfetteNYC1
Relaxing. Requires patience
Really like the game. It is addicting and I find myself coming to it first thing in the morning and multiple times throughout the day. I’ve been playing for over ten years, took a break and came back. I have all 5 spaces and hace been trying to work on wonders at my pace. It’s fun but requires patience. There are a few bugs and issues but it is what it is; however, papa smurf in my village doesn’t give me tasks anymore, is that normal? Also, I wish we could purchase things with the coins we collect; I have over a million or 2!!! Lastly, I’ve read a review about anniversary gifts and I’ve never received one in over a decade. Should I send an email? I received a response in the past.
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5 months ago, Blvdjenn
PopReach - Smurf Village
I love this game!!!♥️🥰♥️ I’ve been playing for almost 20+/- years now and my only complaint has always been not being able to choose where we get to put the new items that come out.😔 I’m not a Smurf Fanatic or anything, I grew up watching their cartoons, but I don’t own anything else of their’s, I just really enjoy the graphics, and being able to use my own creativity to create different things. I’ve been a little sidetracked the last couple of years, so my village’s are a bit of a mess, but you kind of get the general idea of what I was going for. I also enjoy being able to visit other peoples villages and see what they have come up with, so if I get in a slump I can get ideas.🤗😉It’s fun!!!
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4 years ago, Anya0a
Good game
I played it when it first came out in like 2010 and the last time I played was in 2017 and I re-download it just recently because my new phone has so much storage. I opened it and was punched with nostalgia! It’s one of those Facebook farmvill games but GOOD! I’m not just saying that because I have history with it! I usually go into games and movies I enjoyed as a kid expecting them to be bad because they usually are but this game really did something. The smurfs are like lil ants walking around your village and doin their own thing. It’s fun to kinda just watch them. You can decorate your own little village with these creative decorative items. Honestly, good game.
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2 years ago, B2rue2u
Video hut extra rewards doesn’t work
Love the game have played it on and off for years and restarted a few times as well but there is an issue with the extra rewards in the video hut so before u waist ur time completing them be sure u will actually receive them, start small, the first time I did receive the reward but that was it I completed 3 more I sent in all the completed proof of 3 more and have yet to receive the reward. Don’t get me wrong they did give me some of them as an act to make right on the situation but it wasn’t all of them and weeks later and I still have not received it. I knew it was going to be a hassle getting free anything but to have to “hunt down” my reward is a bit much.
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2 years ago, Nancy111boy
I'm still really mad I only have my village, grove is empty, moon empty, island empty & mountain empty, it all disappeared including my castle and all the other smurfy wonders I built and the years of time I put into it, I rarely play cuz it all GONE, just plain land with nothing in it but yet still have, ship, rocket, balloon and way to get to grove, I hope this doesn't ever have to happen to anyone else cuz it just RUINS it!! Nancy Never spend 60 smurfberries on mystery box unless you want produce, it's a waste of berries! Once again I lost my extra space in village and didn’t get my land or smurfberry’s back. I lost my completed wonders on the mountain and it’s the 2nd time that I lost my castle and haven’t checked the rest out yet but I’m sure I won’t like I I made 5 purchases yesterday totaling 9 all together and I’m still not vip after playing this for over 9 years
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4 years ago, MyShooFly
great game
Been playing this game for many years. Now at level 101. Just discovered tool to collect all extra points and coins on different islands which saves so much time. Easy to collect smurfberries now with the ability to build different facilities. Only problem I have had that wasn’t fixed, I lost all my flower baskets. Would like to see another expansion to new world. I have never spent one penny to buy anything. If managed correctly, it can all be done. This game should be taught to children, teaching them a little about running a business, managing money, discipline and responsibility in managing crops and people. Great game!😊 Jarilyn Daigle
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10 months ago, I think it's so awesome app
Love this game BUT
This game was always my favorite ever since it was released years ago, I grew up with it and after awhile I decided to install it and begin all over again, it has awesome updates and new levels but there’s one problem the game keeps glitching and logging me out, closing the up and stuff I tried to delete it and install again but all my levels are erased unfortunately. I have started it again from the beginning and at some point it kept glitching again at the same level keeps closing the app entirely and there was only one way to fix it by changing the timing on my iPhone. Hopefully we get bug fixes for it.
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2 years ago, Chiclets05
I enjoy this game in which I have played for over 9 years. In the beginning I didn’t want to spend really money yet later in my years of playing I had to spend the money to succeed. I think the home village needs expansion other than just bottom of the screen this is also true for the mountain and island. It is unfair to buy a character/hut in main village then required purchase in other locations. I especially enjoyed the events that allowed us to warm rewards for the to complete the wonders. I would absolutely purchase an item on mountain to “plant” the dig sites. I appreciate the opportunity to give my opinions and expression
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7 days ago, Ba Ba Phyu
Love this game!
I have been playing this game from Myanmar (Burma), for nearly 10 years now. I play Smurfs more than any other game. One challenge playing from such a country is we can’t buy coins. Though you offer special discounts, I sadly can’t buy any since we are limited by the government. We have very poor Wi-Fi and electricity is very infrequent. As soon as the power is on, I have other chores to do and can play only during my free time. With many limitations, I have survived thus far. Thanks to Smurf berries! Can you provide more ‘free’ items so that we may enjoy more choices? Affectionately, Winston
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4 years ago, CaptainMorganLynn
This game slaps 💯
I have been playing this game on and off for about 9 years now and I always seem to come back to it! I am now 22 (lol), but it is very nostalgic to me and reminds me of my childhood. It is very relaxing and I use it to take a break from life sometimes. I love the cheery music and and really appreciate the cute storyline and all the small details. It is the only game I haven’t downloaded and deleted soon after because I got bored of it. I am not really a game person and have never left a review before, but just wanted to let y’all know I really do enjoy this game. Thanks 10/10 :)
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2 years ago, Firewolf1568
Great game but the bugs..
Hello! Been playing this game for years now until I accidentally forgot to install it onto my new phone when I got it. The games great and it’s been doing fine until recently when you do Papa Smurf’s mixing game and it starts fine until you mess up and it just goes to a solid color and after the timer runs out it just says you mess up. The blue arrow doesn’t even move when it does that but it makes you restart the whole entire game. It wouldn’t be a problem until a lot of quests said to make a potion. I just wanted to let y’all devs know. It’s a great game but the bugs are kinda ruining it. 😁
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2 weeks ago, Michelleb1
Gone downhill
This use to be a fun game but that was years ago. Now, it’s boring. The games haven’t been fun in a very long time since it’s the same few gifts. The stardust is so hard to stockpile for building the wonders. The worst thing is that you play all month and hope the end of the month gift is something good only to get a sheep 11 months out the year. What a let down. This team of developers has been the worse. It’s all about money with them as anything good has a price tag on it. I don’t play like I use to since it’s gone downhill so much. Simply get on to collect reporter and gift the ones who had gifted me. Can’t wait for new developers to take over. Maybe I’ll start playing again. Until then, this game is not worth my time.
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4 years ago, Rena Nez
All my hard work gone!
I have had this game for almost 4 years & going. I really really enjoyed this game. Until recently I got a new phone & re downloaded smurfs village. Reput in all my information & got my level & stuff back in my village. But my pet tree (in my village) island, mountain, & swoof world stuff is gone!! I still have my achievements on the worlds. But my swoof houses, gardens, bridges, island houses, pets, houses on my mountain are all gone!! But all the smurfs are still there?? It confuses me that all my swoofs & smurfs are all still there but not the houses & everything else. On the island I have over 150 smurfs & over 60 on my mountain, & over 200 smurfs & swoofs on the planet. And the grove completely restarted nothing is there anymore! It made me so upset because of all the hard work I put into this game! Please if anyone could help i would gladly appreciate it.
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5 years ago, deeann96
Deleted your app
I’ve been on this game for over 5 years and still love and will miss it. But the bug or whatever deleted my whole progress in space and on the mountains. The island had issues as well. Everything on swoof planet disappeared except swoofs and smurfs, all the huts, wonders, magical trees, all the items, animals, gardens - everything. On the mountain though, disappeared only upper half of the screen, so everything that i placed upper of the sceen got ‘deleted’. Also the castle have been completed long ago but it stands there completely on the first stage and when i clicked on it, it said that it’s completed. On the island the rafts have disappeared. Also i’ve always been in contact with your team via fb messenger but then all my messages disappeared and i could not find your account anymore, idk what it means. I’m so disappointed.
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5 years ago, MopishHobgoblin
Keep your children away from this app.
This app constantly pushes items priced at $4.99 and above. I downloaded this yesterday and I have had pop ups for 5 different items already. There is a feature to earn smurfberries (normally $4.99 for 10) using the cinema building. This gives you smurfberry bits, 10 of which add up to a whole smurfberry, which can be used to buy exclusive content (separate from the straight up $4.99+ items or the coins you earn in the game - which are essentially useless as you are pushed to buy smurfberries or other $4.99+ items in order to obtain the vast majority of features) Not all of the videos you watch at the cinema award your smurfberry bits, some ads for township, cityship and homeship play but the crash the app to make it unresponsive for about 30 seconds resulting in it not allowing awarding you your “earned” smurfberry bits. The cinema also has “bonus quests” that involve signing up for surveys, credit cards and buying physical items outside of the app for the smurfberries. Stay away from this app, unless of course you want your child to sign up for a credit card, buy random stuff from online and spend all of your hard earned money with in-app purchases.
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