Snake '97: retro phone classic

4.7 (3.6K)
6.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
dsd 164
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Snake '97: retro phone classic

4.73 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
7 years ago, Mr. Pereira
Nostalgia Bomb!
I work for Verizon Wireless, and have been selling phones since 1998. I've witnessed the birth of the smartphone, text messaging, mobile internet, color screens, etc. I was always a massive fan of Nokia, and their products. I miss the days when T9 input was considered cutting edge tech. This app brings back good memories. Works great, and the option to use different phone models is a huge bonus! Sure, you get a fairly simple advertisement after each game, but the app costs nothing, and app development isn't free, so there's really nothing to complain about. Whoever had the idea to bring this game back, I tip my hat to you. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Djc4good
Pretty good for free
As the other reviewers have noted, there are a few glitches in it. My biggest issue is that there doesn’t seem to be a reliable way to pause the game in progress when you switch out of the app; sometimes it will resume when you com back, sometimes it’ll be a new game. I’m not against adds after each game; however, be aware some of the adds are video adds, which are very annoying and intrusive. The audio of one add continued playing even after I dismissed it, and would continue to play every time the app was opened. I had to restart my iPhone to finally get it to stop. I’d happily pay a little for an add-free version. Other than that, it’s enjoy and just as addicting as it was in the 90’s.
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9 years ago, Eldercar7
Good, but...
I'd usually give this game 5 stars; after all, it plays well, it's relatively glitch-free, and it's fun. However, I encountered two things today that made me knock it down a star. First is the score glitch, where, after losing one game to accidentally entering settings (I'll get back to this), I kept seeing the game over screen while playing, or see two at the end. The second thing is that more often than not, I'll end a game by entering settings by accident. On the last phone (I don't know which brand) I realized just today, this will cause your game to reset. While I know why it happens, it's mildly annoying. Other than these (and the constant ads), it's a great app. Get it.
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7 years ago, Jurassicjordan
Best retro app for the iPhone
If you want the feeling of playing the mainstream games of the 90's cell phones, this game gives you the experience right down to the number pad! This game's nod to the Nokia 3310, from the simulated lcd pixels to the "frog" ring tone played when losing, to the inclusion of snake 2 in this awesome throw back package. If I wasn't mistaken, I'd almost think this was the original thing from a screenshot. The only thing missing is an actual Nokia interface, which would be an awesome Easter egg if implemented. My only complaint is the annoying adds, but hey, what app doesn't have those am I right?
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9 years ago, Xmidgetbeaterx
Fun Throwback Game
This was a fun throwback game for anyone who knows what a Nokia 5100 is! The controls were a little difficult at first because there isn't a texture to feel for as there would be with actual buttons, but that's no fault of the app's makers. The buttons on the mock-phone also didn't have arrows, so it takes someone familiar with the original game who knows how to play without some trial & error. I will definitely be setting my phone locked down to this app and handing it over to the nieces and nephews very soon.
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9 years ago, Getter it
Overall this game is amaZing!! I loved finding this game after years of not being able to play it. There are only two problems with it. First, if you start to get a very large tail and up to large points the game ends without you even pressing the wrong button or hitting the wall/tail. Second, every other time it will just end the game that your currently playing to give you the option to rate share or ok for the game. Those are the two major problems with the game. Overall I love the game and am addicted to it. The only other bad thing about the game is the ads
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7 years ago, DLBK
Fond Memories of Nokia and Snake
I had several Nokia phones through my early cell phone years. I loved them. One of my fondest memories was playing snake on everyone of my Nokia phones. This app works great. It is from a time of more simple, early technology. But then I am still a fan of the original Atari type games, also, rather than the more sophisticated action games. Thanks for the fun memories and bringing back a fun game. It helps pass the time when waiting around in a waiting room or in a line somewhere.
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1 year ago, DonnyEM
Great Concept, But It Needs Work…
I love the idea of transforming my modern phone into a Nokia and zoning out to Snake like it’s ‘97 again, but I have only one major gripe with this app; During play, and for some reason *only* during play, when I have my hand positioned right over the buttons, the screen will stretch after about 14 seconds or so, and I gotta reposition my whole hand during play and it totally ruins my whole ‘flow’ every single time it happens. Can we get a hot fix for this? I love this app, just wanna avoid this issue playing it though because it get frustrating. =(
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9 years ago, Clolarock
I used to be good at snake, and could easily achieve a score of 2000 at least, on either level 9 or 10. Now because the keys are not responding to my pressing them, I cannot achieve that score anymore and my average score is about 700! Why!!?! Please fix this. I most often lose while pressing on the left key (4). The snake doesn't go left and continues straight ahead, and dies. I have tried pressing hard, or multiple times and it still doesn't go left. But at other times it does go, as if there was no problem at all. Look, the game is fun on its own without the creators adding anymore challenge to it! Please fix this unresponsiveness of the keys!
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2 years ago, HonestReviewer89
Everything changes as time goes on and everything has to be “bigger and better”. Games have so many things to them now, but this is simple and absolutely perfect! The fact you basically are playing on a Nokia phone made my heart SO happy when I realized it. It brought me back and it’s literally one of my favorite apps now. My sister and I will compare scores too. I’m just glad we don’t have to take turns now! Lol
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3 years ago, shawttyLo
i used to have one of these phones back in the day, i never thought i'd be able to play the old school snake game ever again unless i came across an old NOKIA, i love this game i play it all work all day to kill time, i've made everyone around me download the game to beat each other's high scores my 10 year old son included and he loves it. he just laughs and says WOW this is what phones looked like back in your day
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8 years ago, Jessie535
Not fully accurate
This game is great and it's features are fun to see after so long of not playing. However, in the original game the snake was able to go through the wall and come out the other end. Here, if you touch the walls you die. This is what causes the issue that it does not allow you to continue playing if you me snake is too long. Going through the walls gives your snake more mobility and gives you more chances to lose faster or keep playing. If possible, please fix this!
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2 years ago, Wildweilder
I had a Nokia cell phone back in the 90s. And I had Snake on it. This is absolutely identical and feels and sounds just like that original, sans being able to feel the rubbery buttons. It’s like comfort food for the Gen X soul. Plus, it’s just nice to have a simple, thumb twiddling game for standing in lines or other waiting where you don’t want to get overly-involved in something. Essential.
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8 years ago, Alex Slack
This makes me so happy! What a great clone of an old classic. This was a basically my childhood. I've haven't found another snake game that has quite the same feel. I think I actually have one of these Nokia's somewhere just so I could play snake on it. Nicely done! The only thing I wish they would add is the difficulty settings. I liked playing it on both super-slow and super-fast. Thanks!
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4 months ago, McKinley1566
One of the Only Games I Need!
This game is great. It gives a great representation of the Nikia phones I love and snake in their respective models. There’s small options you can use to spice up the gameplay but nothing too much. These versions of snake are simple, fun and addicting. Great to pass time and all I need on my phone besides Clash of Clans, RuneScape and Minecraft. Would recommend.
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5 years ago, deven blake
Excellent simulation, BUT...
I actually bought a Nokia 3310 to experience Snake II in its original form and it turns out the iPhone SE was displaying the simulated phone at a larger real-life size than the phone actually is. I was surprised at how small the 3310 is. If you could make an option to have actual-size scaling that'd make this a definite 5 stars, but for now it's a completely acceptable and fun waste of time. I absolutely recommend this to my friends and anyone reading this.
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7 years ago, Amazingly great at games
Awesome games
Total five star only because you can pick your own kind of gameplay. I do wish they would increase the speed of your snake. I also wish they would make gems you can get to unlock snake skins for your snake. I would finally enjoy it if you could have different backgrounds. But I still give this game five stars. Keep up the good work gamers😀😀😀.
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9 years ago, lxyrylle
Awesome App!
Overall, 5 out of 5. I really like this, it would be better if they give an update that would have a vibration every time the snake eats something. It makes a better feel of the oldies phone being held on a smartphone. I think my gaming experience would be better if there is vibration so I know if I pressed the numbers. Thanks much! Awesome app overall though.
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7 months ago, Subbzro
Old nostalgia feeling
Takes me back to my childhood when I used to have an old Nokia phone that seemed like it would never break. I remember playing this game in middle school in class when we all got board! Amazing to kick it old school and have that old vibe come back. Well done!!!
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7 months ago, DDubYo
Nostalgic & Fun
I’m happy I finally searched for this game! It’s nearly identical. I loved playing Snake. My only wish was that I could play it with the real Nokia buttons. The sensation is off when using a touch screen as you don’t know for certain if you’ve pressed the right key. All in all its great and definitely takes me back to my high school days with my first Nokia!
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7 months ago, thounyadi
Good but w/ glitches
I overall really like the layout but this game, but I have 2 consistent glitches that are frustrating. 1) When I open the game it’s in a smaller screen size which I like because it’s less finger movement during the game but part way through it’ll switch sizes so I need to adjust finger movement mid-game 2) Sometimes the line goes through from the bottom to the top or from the side to one side after pressing. I’ll have thought I lost but then it keeps going and hits from above. It’s just confusing glitch that’s been happening more frequently lately. Other than these when they happen I really like it
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3 years ago, Disgruntled Liz
Get this one!!
You can choose whatever phone you used to play snake on. I haven’t found a bug, it is a lot of fun and very responsive! So far the commercials aren’t super annoying! Get this version! Of the several versions I tried, this was the best!
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9 years ago, m’s itunes
Great. Would be amazing with a version optimized for iPhone
I love this app, except for the ads. Happy to pay for an add-free version. I really hope you release a "skin" that is optimized for the touch screens of an iPhone. I get that this does not go well with the retro feel of this game. It would just be nice to have the option.
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2 years ago, sincerely john
Takes me back to the old simple days of life before the Porsches and the houses when all you wanted to do was play a game and live off mom and dad Man this is amazing when you step away from being filthy rich and let your mind go back to adolescents
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6 years ago, Carl bros
This is one of the best Snake games out there for the iPhone! It perfectly emulates old phones from back in the day. While I wasn’t alive to own one, this does remind me of playing Brick Breaker on my parent’s old phone. My only suggestion would be to add Brick Breaker, Tetris and other old retro phone games to the app!
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5 years ago, jennatar
Doesn’t steer like the real deal :(
For years I’ve repeatedly reinstalled this app and then furiously uninstalled it again, because the controls don’t make any sense. Tonight I find out the keypad is laid out like a d-pad?! Ugh, nope, I can’t get used to it—the original Snake games only used “right” and “left” to steer. I’m sad because Snake was totally my jam! Three stars for a great idea well implemented, plus the glorious monochrome pixels. It looks REALLY good. I’m so depressed.
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8 years ago, sslink04
I'll take it. Flaws and all. I think what causes some of the issues with response is you're no longer feeling the button to press since now it's just a screen. Maybe it'd be better if they could widen the area considered the button no matter it's size?
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10 years ago, Gfcfggvv
New favorite oldie! 👌
I was hesitant to download the game at first. Now, I play every day. Love the fact that I can play multiple version of different phones "snake" game. Growing up each family member had a different phone so it's like I can test each one out all over again. Love! Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, Girl with the goods
Bast snake game I’ve played!
I live how old fashioned it is! You can switch! The phone you have! Love the big hunky buttons! A little hard to figure out how to move! But beautiful game! Its perfect! Can’t stop playing! You guys should definitely make more retro games! Maybe like space invaders or something! Great job!❤️❤️
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7 years ago, tapatee
Throw back perfection
I'm a big fan of old school games, and that includes phones. I love how both of the old phones I owned are available here to play on. To me, it's exactly like I remember, from the set up, the sounds, the actually phone set-up, it's perfect for a nostalgic throw back to a simple game to pass time.
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4 years ago, insidejoke27
Exactly what I needed during a global crisis
I mean, who could ask for more? This app brings me back to the times when things made sense. When stupid politicians had babysitters and you couldn’t think of anything worse than 9/11. And 9/11 was the literal worst. Anyways, thank you snakepeople.
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4 years ago, mspriss72
I have looked several times throughout the years for this game and I am so thrilled it’s back and so very much like the original! It makes the game more challenging (in a good way) that it’s touchscreen vs having the buttons to guide us before. Hands down my favorite app, so long fb lol!
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7 years ago, The beast from US
Really great I enjoy nice and simple, works great on my iPhone 7 and I really enjoy the different choices for background (the vintage cell phone look. I really enjoy and it reminds me of my child hood and hopefully more people get to reminisce a bit! And the best part it's free even though the App Store says "buy."
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1 year ago, The Page Master
I remember Snake
I used to play this game all the time on my mom‘s old cell phone. I have pretty good memories of playing this waiting at restaurants to be seated and other places as a kid. And now that I found it it’s way more fun as an adult thank you so much.
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10 years ago, Agsaltiel
Just like old times!
I love it. Specially that the background and look of the game resemble the old phones. The only thing I think could be better is that there should be directions or description of to what level does each phone represent, and the basics. A part from that small detail I love it! It takes me back in time.
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8 years ago, Remcastromolotov
Funny throwback
To whom it may concern, I've been having an inappropriate amount of fun with this wonderfully simple, silly little throwback to my preteen years. I especially like the phone cover options, giving me access to all the phones i could have had, but never did. Good job, person who brought this game to app format
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8 years ago, Veg>Omni
Only complaint is that when I'm playing, if I get notifications it obscures about a third of the playing field and the game doesn't pause so I'm just changing directions hoping I don't die. Please pause play when receiving banner notifications; otherwise thanks for an excellent game-the sound effects are spot on. I love!!
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2 years ago, Mary, the local friend
Just Snake
This app is perfect. I was looking for a way to play snake on my phone, and this app gave me everything I wanted and more. Just regular basic snake, like on the old phones, but with multiple versions to choose from.
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2 years ago, parsleysue
Pretty close to the Original!
I used to love playing this game when these phones were out. I love that you can choose the phone type as well as the speed and more. The creator deserves 2 thumbs up!!!
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4 years ago, Kama/1391
Old time
This game brings back so many memories of the time I was a little kid. Loved back then still love it today. It was a challenge to play with my brothers and we had so much fun. Thanks for bring it back it’s a great game and I can actually fell like if I’m playing with the old Nokia phone.
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5 years ago, Sleeplessly me
No complaints
Reminds me of back in the day. I love how you have to option to change the “phones”. Game doesn’t freeze or have a million advertisements interrupting your game like other versions. It’s a fun way for me to pass time so, I’m pleased and have no complaints.
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9 years ago, Be proprietor
Perfect except
Everything is great except that you have to push on the buttons, which can often be missed. A solution for that would be to have a touch pad, that whatever direction you touch the snake goes that way
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5 years ago, reviwer10000000000000000
Amazing game
This game is fun and enjoyable. The only little thing is that personally I think it goes a little to slow in the beginning, but again that’s just a personal preference. Anyway this is an amazing game for anyone who wants to play the old school game Snake 97. Thank you for your time.
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5 months ago, nmu2001
2001 all over again…
Play it at least once a day - I have no other games on my phone but this. Love it. Keep it updated and I’d pay to remove ads if that was ever an option.
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7 years ago, Brandylallaalallalalalala
I remember when I was 7 and this game came out and I use to play it on my Nokia and I was UPSEST then the iPhone came out and that changed everything and I can't find my Nokia so I can't play the snake game NOW I HAVE IT!!! And it's even available in a Nokia mode so it's like your using a Nokia while playing the snake game. ANYWAYS AWESOME GAME AND IDEA!!😁😁😁😁😁
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9 years ago, Fernando305
Great app for when wifey is shopping
Since I can't check news, sports and don't want to engage in an all out cell sport this is great to play in low internet signal big store while wifey is shopping. This takes me back to when I had the Nokia. I'm happy, she's happy, done deal.
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9 years ago, ms.Jojoe
Taking it back!!
Snake is so awesome. I love how it lets you pick what phone type to use and how the sounds of the buttons are just like they sounded with the old phone. This Game is addictive and it's a good past time that brings me back to the time that have past ;)
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7 years ago, scotthilt
I can't tell you all how much I love this! It's an absolute blast from the past. This is seriously THE BEST app on my phone!! It al it's makes me want to ditch my iPhone for the classic Nokia 3360. Everything in this game is exactly as the original. The UI, the sounds, everything. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME!
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4 years ago, Mostudly
Simplify the keypad
I appreciate the artistic effort to make the whole screen look like an old phone, but that actually makes it challenging to know if I’m tapping the right direction/button. Maybe make the 2, 4, 6 and 8 buttons a brighter color so that I can more easily and accurately hit the keys out of my peripheral vision.
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8 years ago, Eric_52
I've waited so long for this day
I remember playing this on my parents cell phone way back in the day. This is the closest to the original, by far. Could use a more robust high score option and I'm not use whether the original has a speed scale like this one does. But great job on a classic game.
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