Snake Rivals - io Snakes Games

4.7 (18K)
440.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Supersolid Ltd
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Snake Rivals - io Snakes Games

4.66 out of 5
18K Ratings
4 years ago, RENEGADElion0
I love this game and play it all the time, but one thing I would change is what types of chests you get, One time I was the largest snake of the Game and Died right? I got a bronze chest. That’s pretty unfair to me, I was thinking you should at least get a Gold chest for being the largest, and a Platinum if you get your size over 20,000, 25,000 Also, the waiting time on chest is Pretttttttty long, 3h for a Bronze? I was thinking more like 1h for a bronze 3h for Silver 6h for Gold, and 12h-14h for Platinum, other then these things I wouldn’t change anything!! It’s a great game and I enjoy it a lot! Thanks for Reading my Review, I just updated the game and I loved the option to upgrade my Chest! But I could only do it once! I don’t know if that’s intentional or a mistake, I also love option to change what you get in the Chest! This is a MAJOR improvement! I love this game and You continue to impress me with all the amazing updates!! Hey I was just playing the game when I say some really inappropriate Names like lick my pusy and DICKBEAST, you need to have an update that gets ride of these names! It makes me feel bad about the game! Please fix this!
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3 years ago, HUSDIVA
Good Game
I’ve been playing this game for quite awhile.. Family friendly game, my husband and I both play as well as our two children.(although some of the player names allowed are inappropriate). Lately the game has been glitching quite a bit. Having problems with head on collisions. Coins are harder to get...They just added a piggy bank feature, I don’t know how I feel about it as it says there is information on it but I can’t actually find it anywhere. They have a price underneath it so I don’t know if you now have to pay $2.99 to receive your coins... I would be pretty upset about this if we have to pay for coins every time we reach 300, seeing as our family already buys packs pretty regularly and always buys the VIP for the season. I understand they need to make money off the game but that is slightly ridiculous. Overall pretty happy with the game.. Definitely fun. Would be nice to send gifts to members of your clan,(coins, gems, snakes...). Would appreciate more clarification on piggy bank feature,do you deposit it and it makes more coins like interest? (that would be nice) also if it is a one time purchase? Or if we have to pay for every 300 coins? As it will determine if our family keeps playing or not, I’m not willing to pay $2.99 for every 300 coins, for 4 people.
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2 months ago, WwAmeliawW
Great game but I think there’s one thing that should be changed
This is a very great game but one thing that I personally think would make the game better is when just starting it is annoying when a person shoots fire balls at you, cause that’s what just happened to me a lot of times, I think that at the start of the game you should have some kind of shield that protects you from any danger for few seconds like 5, or like 10 seconds, meaning no fireballs can kill you and no one can kill you normally, but you cannot kill others so players wont start abusing the system. This is just an idea that I think would make the game more fun and fair, because it is really annoying when you just started a new round and the second you spawn in you are already dead. I would really appreciate that this would be added to the game so it would make it more fair. Have a great day! :)
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3 years ago, Speedy21331
So I do love this game...
I really do, but it has a few mech’s it could clean up. Such as placing someone back in the same game they died in, it’s one thing if they want to go back and get revenge but when you wind up in the same game with say, super aggressive players who hunt you down it would be nice to have an option to go to a different one. There are people all around the world playing this game, I KNOW I don’t need to go back to the same arena more than once. Also, I get the need for some people to watch ads and such but I haven’t gotten a single silver or gold chest since the start of the game. I WON a battle royal and still got bronze, only for them to attempt to take gems or get me to watch an ad to upgrade it. I understand the need for gold to be a rarity but I’ve been playing a while and haven’t received a single one. The game is NOT super glitchy unless your Wi-Fi is a mess, even with multiple huge snakes with massively interactive skins I haven’t had any problems, nor have I had issues with the head-on hit box. It’s a fair game and people have to work on understanding that in this game size does indeed matter, so if a tiny guy slams into the side of your head, then yes you are going to die.
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4 years ago, JimJohnMarks
Memory leaks and slow ads
This is a great update on basic io games to a more mature 3D visual. While the rules of the game take some time to work out, the whole thing actually makes a lot of sense. In order to prevent existing big snakes from simply bullying every new player, there is a way for small snakes to kill the larger to create some balance (but not equity). Unfortunately there are two massive problems: 1) the longer you play the worse the performance gets (to the point eventually the game will crash and you may lose progress) which makes it hard to ever become the largest snake once the game starts lagging and stuttering (not to mention nothing else on your phone works along the way) and 2) it takes longer for the ads to load than it takes for the ads to run. Developer, you need to update your ad servers. Developer, you need to run some load testing and sort out the memory leaks. It’s a problem. Update: the memory leak is so bad, if you play classic mode long enough to make #1 snake (which is a major quest in the game) it will almost certainly lock up and upon rebooting you won’t get credit for the feat. After using countless hours to achieve this quest and losing it, I uninstalled the game.
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3 years ago, Sonic4Amy
Irritated to the core
I would honestly give this game five stars but due to the lack of response when it comes to constantly sending in letters of complaint about how bad the The glitches have become is ridiculous. Just like everyone else in this game I do pretty good at making it to the top five if not top three but then next thing I know my snake is sliding, literally sliding across the field through the grass, through the rocks, And then into the wall!!! And if I’m not sliding across the field I am literally being forced to run into another player which of course kills me. Not even 10 minutes ago I made it all the way up fourth place as being one of the biggest snakes on the field and then what happens my snake is caught up in a glitch, One so bad, I can’t even turn her head and then she slides across the field and Bam into another snake. Also I agree with the person who wrote that previous review about the snake being way too sensitive walls,small rocks, the corner of a rock, or even a piece of shrub kills you… how can you die from a piece of grass!!! And the headbutting thing is a total cheat as well. if I Headbutt someone I die if they headbutt me I die. Do you something about the glitches😡😡😡!!!
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4 years ago, jweaver1982
I am still blown away by how this game has turned out. It’s flat out utter nonsense. You hit someone in the side of the head; you die. They hit you in the side of the head; you die. You barely graze shrubbery thats in the game field; you die. Everything in this game makes no sense whatsoever! Smaller snakes are supposed to be faster and more agile but not in this game. No matter how great my WiFi connection is; the game still lags and freezes. One minute my snake is going straight; the next I am running into any and everything like I just drank a fifth of tequila. Boards or should I say lack of boards are overflowing with obstacles and way to many players fighting for the hundreds of power-up orbs in one match. Powerups are basically useless as everyone can get them so there is no true feeling of skill in the game. It’s just another money hungry developer putting out a mediocre snake io game cause Lord knows we don’t have enough of these type of games on the app store 🤦‍♂️! To top it off. There are only 3 game modes. Classic, Gold Rush, and Battle Royale. Though these would be fine the lack of actual maps you battle on makes the game very boring. It’s almost more tedious than fun.
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3 years ago, BuffBurritoBoy
Really good but could use some changes to progression
This game has great graphics and scenery compared to either snake io games and the gameplay is great. Many incredible characters too. The problem with this game however is painfully expensive micro transactions and low rewards for playing. They often put legendary snakes in the shop that cost 4,900 gems which is equal to about 50 American dollars just for one snake. Your only way to get gold is from the battlepass and chests and they barely give you anything. A common character in this game costs 1000 and your only making about 12 coins per chess and 20 per tier in the battlepass if you don’t pay to get the premium. Getting better rarity characters would take you months without paying. This game also has one of the worst micros transactions I’ve ever seen with them tricking you your earning gold in game but it goes into a piggy bank that caps at 500. And you have to pay to break it for 2.99. That much gold isn’t even enough to get you a common. All I ask for is to make the gameplay more rewarding and this rating would be a 5.
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3 years ago, becca123xoxo
Buggy game but loads of fun
This is honestly my favorite phone game I have ever played and have forced many of my friends to download it. But lately every game I’m in is extremely buggy and lags. The last game I was in my analog stick got glitched and my snake wouldn’t turn. It’s totally fun to waste a power up to immediately die. As well as other games I’m in you just kind of teleport around because you’re lagging so much. At first I thought it was my data but I also play at home connected to WiFi and it still does this, and I have pretty good WiFi so I know it’s not from my end. Honestly I love this game but I won’t rate it more than 3 stars until this issue has been resolved. And thank you to the developers for making a great game despite the bugs it is still insanely fun!
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4 years ago, Wicked K117
Great Game! (Horrible Connection)
First things first, I’ll start with the Good things about this game! It’s Fun, and addicting! I really enjoy playing online with other people; just trying to be the biggest snake. I’ve paid some money because honestly I think it’s worth some money, but by no means do you have too. It’s free to play. I really enjoy all the skins, and new characters you can unlock. I’ve got the Cthulhu, and Dragon already in my second week of playing! They’re my favorite. This game easily passes the time, and is well worth it in my opinion (HOWEVER)!! I’ve lost a number of game BEYOND COUNT due to Bad connection that pops up on screen. Your snake will move in one direction, and immediately die from hitting some random object, snake, or wall. It’s extremely frustrating. My internet is fine, and handles more online games on my PC. This is my only complaint. If this continues, I’ll sadly quit playing this game. It’s to frustrating to play. If they can fix this, it would be the perfect game.
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3 years ago, ItonyTN
Great game!
I really like this game and play it a lot. My father recently passed away and this is one of the few things that occupies my mind to ease the grieving. The new piggy bank feature is not explained well in the game. With all the money I have spent on this game, having to pay $2.99 to collect the piggy bank is quite annoying. And once you get the piggy bank full, if you don’t pay the $2.99 to open it, you get a pop up you are forced to close to continue in the game each time your snake is killed. I would love to see a roller coaster snake. Coasterconda would be a good name! I would also like the option to get the seal snake as I was not yet playing the game when it was available. Is there any chance you may be cycling some of the old snakes back through again at some point to give those like me a second chance? Thanks.
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4 years ago, Mldddddd
Love this game!!!
This is my first game review I ever wrote but love the game so much! My 8 year old son and I are both playing and love it! Best version of slither io type games but also a lot’s not racing but reminds me of mario kart i n the sense that the snakes can shoot at each other and get various power-ups. You can also log in and play with a friend and earn other snakes. My son unlocked an optimis prime speciality snake and is loving it! My only complaint is the snakes and especially the accessories for them, cost too much! You should give out more gems in the chests! With that said we have earned a lot from playing but they do need to give out a little more, or at least for the people who are willing to spend a little like $5-$10- they should get way more!!! It is still a super cool game though!!!
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4 years ago, zenith8877
Fun game an has a lot of potential
This game is a really fun way to past time and can be addictive at times specially when you play with friends. I found that battle royal mode is the best an most effective way to make trophy’s but it’s rather difficult am time consuming to get coins an there’s a low chance for snakes to spawn in chest so they try to make you spend money to get these things. That should make me put a lower rating but this is a good game but there needs to be a change in the way you can get a good amount of coins without having to pay money maybe a mode that will give you coins backed on how big you get or how meany kill you get not by luck of the draw in cheesy having to wait hours for them to open one snake would cost 2000 coins and you could play 2 months an still not have that without paying real money so there needs to be a change there
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4 years ago, ice cream for sale pls
Makes no since
This game is so stupid it said on the tips that you rub next to each other the smallest snake stays alive and the bigger snake dies well someone rubbed next to me and was bigger and I died oh and also I was just slithering along when it said I was offline and I was online and it just froze the game once i wasn’t offline and the game glitched and I could slither and I would spawn some ware els and I spawned next to a wall luckily it was the beginning of the game so I didn’t spawn in lava but it didn’t madder because I ran into a wall please please please fix the glitch so I can play and make the tips say the correct tip not a lie and actually say when your offline please and if you do then since I can’t make another report then thank you other then that the game is grate better then another game I have played thank you for a fun game and please fix the game Oh and Ps btw bye the way I like to play battle royal that why I said “lava”
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4 years ago, SCmilitia
Great game, to expensive though!
I read another similar review where a dad said he plays with his son and they love the game. I also play with my 6 year old son and we are having a blast. Only problem I know of really is I don’t mind spending money on games normally but I have not spent a single dollar on this game because you barely get anything. Snakes are like 15-20 bucks? There’s a chest bundle that costs 3000 gems right now. 1000 gems is 10 dollars I believe so that’s about 30 dollars! No way. I would spend 4.99 for decent rewards. Prob every week or two. The only other change I can speak of is I wish the ending to battle royale was different. It seems long and drawn out when it is only lava left. No fighting each other, it’s only whoever was biggest basically wins. Great game though!
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4 years ago, BlackHeart313
Good game but one thing makes it not worth it.
This game is nostalgic of old snake games and it’s easy to get lost in it for hours. The game is fun and is super addictive but the lag in the game makes it not worth the download. U can spend 30+ minutes eating apples and growing ur snake to a super long length, avoiding obstacles and other aggressive players trying to kill just because, only to have the game freeze for no fault of ur own and u crash into something and die needlessly for no reason at all. One minute ur excited because you’ve beaten ur high score and want to to see how high u can get and then all of a sudden the game freezes. When it comes back, ur dead. Defeats the whole purpose of playing the game. U may think it’s ur internet connection or something but it’s not. It’s just the game lagging. I have all 5 bars of service and nothing running in the background. Until they fix that glitch there really isn’t a good reason to play it.
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4 years ago, ~NicePumkinSpice
LOVE Snake Rivals!!!
I love this game it’s so much fun and definitely worth downloading!! The different versions you can play are all very fun and challenging in their own ways. I love playing classic and listening to music or podcasts to relax. The game is well thought out and you can tell a lot of work was put into the game to make it awesome! The only little thing I’ve found in the game is that when I play Battle Royale if I place anywhere from about 3-15 I will get a silver or sometimes (but rarely) a gold chest. But if I place 1st I only get a bronze, which isn’t a big deal but doesn’t really make sense to me. Overall this game is amazing! The developers and support are always super kind and respond quickly! I’ve never had a bad experience playing Snake Rivals. 😄
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4 years ago, madskillz123
Where’s my camel hump day snake lol? Hey guys as a fan vip member I feel like we should get more loot or maybe a special pass or maybe even a discount or even exclusive content faster. This is my number one game I love this game! I really do enjoy playing because it’s addictive. I would like when you die to be able to change your snake. Also if possible can we add more power ups also maybe could we be able to store power ups in classic mode? Also could you look into maybe a new mode called team battle/ clan battle mode? Last but not least, how could I become part of the dev team? Now for the bad it’s a lil glitchy and I be getting killed by head collision that aren’t even true cause when I try it on others I die. 😔
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10 months ago, Corrupt!!
Scam! Poor customer support!
This game is rated for 4+ years old. My 10 year old has been playing the game for over 18 months, and spent well over $100 on this game! One day the game ‘glitched’ and deleted all his in app purchases. We contacted technical support and their only solution is we had to ‘log in’ via Google, Facebook or Apple. I don’t believe a 10 year old should have social media accounts nor should a 4+ year old. Our son was logged in under some Apple gaming ID, but doesn’t have social media accounts and therefore was never ‘logged in’ through social media. If this game can magically delete all your purchases and their technical support refuses to come up with an alternative solution to remedy the problem, than logging into social media (to mine data and get free advertising), I don’t believe it is suitable for any age group. Do not download! It will take your money! Corrupt/inept customer support!
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4 years ago, Shark cake! :)
Super Fun 🐍
This game is super fun! As soon as I started playing I was hooked and addicted to it. This is probably my favorite .IO game! The gameplay is fun and the graphics are stunning! I like how there are more than one game modes, it makes gameplay more fun and less repetitive. I have all positive thoughts on this game except one thing. That one thing being that I find it difficult to get coins. Coins are needed to purchase skins for your snake, but I can’t seem to get a lot of coins. Also, in the shop it’s not too easy to buy coins either. You have to buy gems in order to purchase coins. I would like an option where you can buy coins with money and not with gems. Besides the coin issue, I have really enjoyed this game!
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4 years ago, Artsy chick
Fun game! But..
Super fun game. I am now completely addicted to it. Great concept and visuals. However it’s really difficult to collect coins and takes way too long to collect enough to buy something new. Also be aware that the special offers are VERY misleading... I thought I was buying a package, including a snake, “body” accessories, colors, bonus material etc etc, yet after purchasing I was left with only the snake head and everything else was still locked and needed to be unlocked by achieving a certain level/goal. When I buy and use my money to pay for a package I expect to be able to use it right away!!
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4 years ago, OOF OOF 12
I can’t find the game fun anymore
Well. Half of the fun I used to I can’t find anymore. Now thats out of the way. Please note that the game is good in graphics and isn’t that bad. Now to the real stuff. I can’t find it fun BECAUSE the game modes. Gold rush isn’t that fun. And battle royal isn’t fun. Main game but with lava. I played this game called big little snake and it had a team mode where u could join ur friends in teams. U can’t be hurt by ur teams. A game mode like this would be fun. This game is also annoying. Mini map that at least tells us where the biggest snake is please? If both of these are added I’m sure the game would get 2x fun! Please add team mode and a mini map to normal mode please! Ty! TLDR: game needs mini map in normal mode and a team mode EDIT: Sorry! Battle royal mode is great! But I still hate gold rush mode. And I always will ;)
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4 years ago, Landon the snake game player
Great Game, but is this some sort of bug? ⬇️
I love this game, but, the other day, I started to experience a lot of lag, it says bad connection, but my connection is completely fine, would you happen to know what’s going on? Thx. Oh, and, this is just an idea, but if you do like an arcade event, can you add Pac-Man? I love Pac-Man. If you made it this far down, thx for reading, I hope you can fix the glitch or bug if I did find one. Who knows, it might actually be me, but I checked my connection and it was fine. Keep making amazing updates, and thank you tubers that play this, for me getting it, it’s them that got me to get this game.
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4 years ago, AveryandCandles
Needs to be a faster way to earn coins
I’ve been going on a mobile games binge since quarantine and I was pleasantly surprised about a lot of the games that are available. This one is one of them. This game is a lot of fun, it’s simple, it’s fun to customize. But notice I only gave this game four stars. That’s because it’s entirely too hard to earn coins in this game. You can play for hours and not earn a single coin from the game. There’s not even an option to buy coins. If there was a faster way to earn coins in this game, this game would be worth the five stars it would get.
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3 years ago, Tootsiepop56
Great game
I love this game, I play it almost daily. It’s super fun and addicting! There’s some great concepts for cute and unique snakes as well. One complaint is not ever being able to receive older snakes. Maybe open up an item shop (kind of like Fortnite’s) where random older items that change every day or so can be purchased! I know there’s several snakes from the earlier seasons Id love to have, but unfortunately I didn’t start playing until the whole covid shutdown It’d be cool to see something like this in the upcoming seasons! Looking forward to season 10!
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2 years ago, djdbhtiejtidudbebowixbrkwixbfn
Great game, beware even small amounts of lag.
See title... This is a game of 'inches' so even a small amount lag will get you killed. Think a few moves ahead and you can avoid much of the chaos caused by lag. A few things to watch out for: -survey, spot, and be aware of, obstacles that are close in value to the background ahead of time because the outcomes of split-second reactions are... less than predictable. -keep the head of your snake at least 'one head width' away from absolutely everything always. -do not, under any circumstances, attempt head on collisions Devs, for tunlove of god, add a @:!;$&;ing deadzone around the turbo button
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4 years ago, gfjftuh
I love this game
the game is great, the graphics are way better than most snake games out there, and i like that you actually get to play with real people. if i could make just one suggestion... it’s kinda hard for noobs like me to become a huge snake, most of the time i get to a medium/large snake, make one mistake, and die. so the majority of my time is spent respawning lol. if there could be an option for us to be in a game with just ourselves, one snake, with nobody to get in our way or kill us that would be awesome. I just want to experience the satisfaction of making it to the biggest side possible once in a while!
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5 years ago, 4Dig
Great game, only one issue most people won’t notice.
I love this game. There is ONLY one problem that I have found. When playing “Classic” mode, you cannot exceed a score of 65,535 and when you have a 50k+ score I noticed that all power ups stop having any effect when used. After maxing out my score (65,535) I remained alive for about 20 minutes and obtained 86 total kills. I would really love to see this game support higher score values even if it doesn’t effect the length of your snake after a certain point. I would also love to see a high score stat or leaderboard get implemented. Thanks for the fun game.
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3 years ago, Ok7406
Snake Rivals
I really enjoy playing this game but there are a few glitches with the latest update. When you are in the winter themed game area, it says you hit an object and you die when there’s absolutely no object in front of you. Also, half of the apples are sticking into the ground ( this doesn’t cause an issue with gameplay but doesn’t look as nice as it used to). Lastly, when someone dies, the pellets left behind aren’t all standing up anymore, they fall in all different directions. I’d really appreciate it if you can fix the glitches as this game is the best snake game out there.
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4 years ago, jibra82
Fun for adults and kids but watch out for snake names
The game is extremely fun and the different snakes, colors and parts are so adorable. My kids are obsessed. But I’ve noticed that, increasingly, people are choosing off color names for their snakes such as “white power”, “BLM is not real” and a large number sexual innuendos which I will not name here. I wish the developers would have stricter control over the snake names and that there was a way to flag inappropriate names. It makes me feel uncomfortable letting my 7 year old play since she can read.
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5 years ago, Hasainthadon
I love it, but...
I absolutely love this game. I really do, but it’s in need of bug fixes. For one I’m playing battle royal and it’s the last two and I’m playing with friends that are spectating me. All of a sudden I died but there was nothing on my screen but my friends showed me I ran right into a wall. This must be fixed. I will never be able to purchase customizations unless I put real money in the game, which is an upset. It takes to much to get coins and/or gems, if this can be tweaked me and other would be really greatly. Other then that this game is a great updated version of snake and snake 2 from the flip phone keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, MattyTyB110
Truly amazed.
This game is quite more than what I thought I’d was going to be. Beautiful to look at, and fun to play; this game is unbeatable on the App Store. I’d even say the best game on the App Store. Having so many customizable characters, this game is endless fun. I’ll be updating my review after I play for a while. Update: Now, me and my wife play a lot. It’s just as fun and we enjoy each game mode. The only thing that is making me slow down and not play as much as I first did; Is how hard it it to get coins. I like customizing the snakes, but when I can’t because I don’t have coins, it makes it boring.
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2 years ago, Jayyoung number 1
Pls read just pleas
Snake rivals is a good game fun not to hard not to easy it’s it’s almost perfect but there are a lot of bugs it loads to 30 and stops the game kicks me out a lot after a round or if I’m lucky two and then whoop I’m back at home page I know it’s not my internet non of my other games do that and it’s annoying if I’m about to win or have the most mass and I get kicked out so they need to fix that and I also wish that the chest also did not take so long to load or I could load more then 1 chest at a time or I had the option to open the chest when I want with a Sertant amounting gems or coins or sum-thing pleas
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5 years ago, Courtneylaneee
I’ve been having tons of fun with this game for a few weeks now and have spent some money on gems! Haven’t ran into any bugs except for when my internet is spotty, in which case that’s on my end. Super fun gameplay in all three modes, and I love the customization features. My only complaint is that it seems to take a long time to earn coins, and there’s no easy way to purchase a bulk amount within the store. I’d like to see an option somewhere for _____ amount of gems for $0.99, $4.99, and so on. Keep on updating this game to be the best. xxx
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1 year ago, fbjaiuudnr
Very disappointed
I love this game. Been playing it for years. I have an old profile I cannot delete and every time I open the game it asks me if I want to load it. I say no because that profile literally has nothing. I have worked very hard to get the snakes I want, one even being a limited time snake I can’t get again. I accidentally hit load old profile when it popped back up, and now I’m stuck at the very beginning with. I way to load the one I usually play. I will not play anymore until I can get this fixed. Sending an email, I hope the creators actually care and respond otherwise I will recommend to everyone not to play this game or any other by the creators. I’m having faith you’ll answer the email and help…
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4 years ago, marylandhtown
Love the game but some issues
I absolutely love this version of the classic game. I only have 3 complaints. We should be able to buy coins or convert gems to coins. The pricing is a bit high IMO. There is a glitch with one of the classic levels where it’s just purple and can’t see snakes (I will try and delete and redownload & see if that works). Last but not least as soon as you get big it’s almost impossible to see the little snakes. I get this is an advantage but I don’t see how that’s a fair game at all. Also when your a ghost it should vibrate right before times up so you know to move if you’re on a snake 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
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3 years ago, Javontejello31
Getting control
I wish there were a game controller on here it would make it the game a whole lot easier by using the controls because you could probably do something you never thought you could do before on here I mean when you tap on your screen to go fast it’s kind a hard because if you don’t press on the blue square you won’t go fast someone to cut you write off so I feel like the gang control and make everything a lot easier a lot smoother
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3 years ago, hfuhk
Love this game but fix this problem please
Hi developer! My name is Paula and I LOVE this game so much! I play this almost everyday 😅! There’s just one problem in this game. So I join a clan and someone said hi how are you? And I tried to say good but when I sent it.. IT SENT ****! I kept on trying but it still said ****. Like good is NOT a BAD WORD like SERIOUSLY 😒. So yes... I really like this game like really, I LOVE it! :D. I like to play classic mode and I have 137 gems, Level 17, and 124 coins! :) Thanks for reading this developer! Hope y’all guys have a fun day! Please stay safe and healthy! Bye I’ll continue playing snake rivals! Cya later! Bye! I forgot to mention that, my name in snake rivals is MÿštïčSñåkę
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2 years ago, Aleonlore
Great gate but don’t count on it
Games great has almost all the snakes had most things unlocked then couple weeks ago it went to load stopped at 99%. Left it sit for hour nothing rebooted then app an the phone an same issue it stops at 75% or 98-99% then nothing. Contacted support they are unable to figure it out an stopped responding after first email reply. All my snakes are lost I delete them from my phone an reinstall doesn’t bring them back. Waste refuse to play this stupid game any more. Do not count on your snakes being there tomorrow. I have an iPhone 12 an plenty of space am latest updates. The whole platform is vulnerable if this can happen to me. I refuse to play anymore of their games. Waste of time an trust.
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3 years ago, solidkeepit100
Please fix
I really like this game it’s very fun and addicting. The only thing that I truly do not like about this app is that for some reason once I become a certain size, I start getting warnings for connection interruptions. I never get these warning as a small worm, It typically starts when I’m around 3,000 in size. This problem is the very reason for me giving a review because I would really enjoy this game a lot more if I was able to reach the lengths I wish to reach. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Shadowworld109
Love the game!!! But a little miffed....
Ever since I downloaded the game I have been unable to stop playing it. I’m really competitive, so I refuse to let anyone get an platinum chest. Gameplay and graphics are 10/10. No for the miffed part, it probably a small thing in most people minds, and it’s the only thing that really bugs me. YOU STOP GROWING ONCE YOU HIT 10,000. I really think that shouldn’t be a thing. I mean, you can slow the growth rate down but to stop it altogether kind of defeats the point of the origins of the snake game. So for this alone I give 4/5 stars. If they change this paticular issue I’ll change to 5/5 stars.
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8 months ago, Graceful Water
Definitely a game that demolish stress
I love the game it’s a stress reliever I just wish you had better music. Some thing that go to the beat maybe like while you’re playing it the way you move in can affect our altar the music that would make it stylish. Also, if you could get bigger faster, or there were certain items that was laying around that could help you to get bigger faster. It would be more interesting but overall I absolutely love this game.
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4 years ago, Krikit4
Fun but needs work
I will revise my review to lesser stars if need be after I talk to the developers and see if it is on my end or there’s. There are to many bugs. Keeps kicking me off the game. Snake runs in a strait line and I can’t control it. Has started me out stuck on turbo just flying around. Great graphics and multiple ways to play. When snakes die there is to much going on with all the different emoji‘s. Maybe shrink them down so you can see the little snakes or your own.
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4 years ago, mighty_quest_user
Great game but...
This game is pretty fun and all and if I could rate it more precise I’d give it a 4.2 because one problem I have on the game and maybe other players can relate to is that I have a hard time getting coins you don’t get much from the chest and it takes about a week just to get a decent amount, not only that I also recommend to upgrade that free chest to at least a bronze, two more things I recommend is that the price of the power-ups should be reduced to 5 gems instead of 9, last thing I highly recommend is to make battle pass leveling up more easy
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3 years ago, Nicolepagestew
Fun, Addictive, Fair
Extremely easy to play, loads of fun and a fair rewards system. Wish we could select levels. If there’s not enough players to create new boards, you should do what Sony does for games like tekken and just use player bots. Customizing snakes - it would be cool if e we could build our own snakes and give them different abilities based on the different attributes of the build. Like in FPS. Or a load-out. There’s so much more that it might just be simpler to create a new game that’s geared more toward competitive players.
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4 years ago, Revy-Rev
Now I get it!
I read many negative reviews of this game and now I understand why. There have been times when snakes ran into me and I died. Head-to-head collisions with snakes and I died. The rules seem to be too random for my taste. I just installed this game today and now I’m going to uninstall it. *To be fair, the developers contacted me RIGHT AWAY to offer suggestions for a better gaming experience. THAT earned them a second star (my original rating was 1 star)!! However, I feel the size variations that allowed other snakes to defeat me were too arbitrary. Although I will not reinstall the game (preferring to play games with much more clearly defined parameters) I do appreciate the quick response.
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4 years ago, PKBB!
Inconsistencies and Bots
I really love parts of this game, but two major issues plague the experience. First, there are major inconsistencies with the in-game rules: head shots and head butts are supposed to yield predictable outcomes but they don’t. Even being the smaller snake head butting the biggest snake on the board, I’ve been killed many times. There are so many bots playing in any given round and there seems to be a connection between inconsistent game play and bots (ie when a snake kills me even though I should have been the winner, I can see that I was killed by a bot). This is infuriating because otherwise the game would be awesome.
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4 years ago, SA0911
Fun but can be annoying
I would like for it to have the option to play alone (just like with the original snake game) or with people on your friends list. Especially on days when I’m just trying to chill and casually play without trying to be competitive. There are days when I’m not trying to kill other snakes, I just want to chill out and get mine as big as I can without other snakes trying to kill me. There are times when I do want to be competitive so I’m not saying take anything away because I do like the game, I just want more options for when all I want to do is relax playing it.
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1 year ago, hiiiiiiiii#;28(#$
Great game, but
I just started this game today and it’s pretty fun! One thing that is really unfair though is fireballs, when you are newly spawned one hit and your insta killed, which is really annoying when you just spawned in. I think it would be good to make a feature so that fireballs either don’t work on people under a specific size or make it so fireballs do less damage if the player is smaller. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Katternips
I love this game it’s the only one I play. I just wish a few things were different with it. Like when you win a chest and open it it should give you parts for snakes you already have not random snakes you don’t even ever want. I’m tired of getting colors for snakes I don’t have or don’t care to have. Also I wish you could pick what world you wanted to go to and I wish they had more layouts.
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