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37.2 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Snake

3.95 out of 5
82 Ratings
1 year ago, suzieq6887
Good but some features don’t work
This game is simple and does what it’s supposed to. It’s the best one I’ve found although there’s not much competition. I’m surprised how few options there are for a game that’s such a classic. I like that they have an option to watch an ad and continue your game if you messed up but the feature only works about 10% of the time. Most of the time, clicking the “Yes (AD)” button does nothing which is highly frustrating.
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5 years ago, Sausomesauce
Pretty Solid
I was looking for a classic snake game and was please when I found yours. It’s a nice time killer. Sure they’re ads, but what people don’t realize is that’s how most games that are free make their money. Otherwise it wouldn’t be free. The ads don’t pop up during your game play which I very much appreciate. If they came up during the gameplay, then there’d be a problem. But overall if you’re looking for a nice little time waster, this is the game for you.
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3 years ago, PandAmazing9000
This game is great, I love snake all the other games looked like a fancy version, as they had colors and an actual snake shape, this is the most similar version to the original which is why I like it. There is one small problem, I had crashed into a wall, and was very long, so I finally decided to continue with an ad, but when the ad was over it didn’t give me a chance to move therefore I crashed right into the wall again
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6 years ago, Purse Brownie
This an amazing game. But it’d be even better if you’d added one finger swipe to control the snake. As an example, you swipe up and the snake goes up. But without releasing your finger, you can then swipe left and the snake will go left. That would be amazing.
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6 years ago, WhiteRoseStar
Snake player
Hi, I really enjoy playing. It is a lot of fun. And I like to try and beat the last score that I had. I wish that you could do like the next level and make it like a different shape or something so that you could continue to get more and more and more of a score.
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1 year ago, thecrowg59
Great game!
I’ve actually had this downloaded on several phones for a few years and honestly, it is the only game that hasn't left any of them. Might be the only thing that entertains me. ads arent like chokehold bad either😂
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7 years ago, BLZofOZZ
Love this game very classic fun and addicting also love the other versions you guys made. just a thought could you add maybe an inverted option were the snake is white and the background is black? or even different colors of snakes?
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5 years ago, R's Herps
Revive doesn’t work
I have tried reviving multiple times and it just starts you back where you died. I’ve tried changing directions and nothing seems to work.
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2 years ago, Yung pest
annoying ads
every time you lose a game an add pops up which isn’t that bad, but the adds are almost impossible to close out of. every time an ad shows up it’s three screens that last almost 10 seconds (which can seem like an eternity waiting to play your game again) and when the x finally does show up it only actually works as an x about 20% of the time, any other time it takes you to the app store and the games website which opens a whole bunch of tabs on your browser and in all is an unpleasant experience.
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3 years ago, 1 2 3 4 or 5 stars??
Good but…
Great game but whenever I die there is a giant ad in the middle of the screen. (plz fix this)
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9 months ago, I love the game too much$
The best game in the world
My favorite game so far there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just a amazing this game can’t get better than anything that’s perfect
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7 months ago, Sneaky0121
It’s a good Offline game while your waiting. 10 out of 10 would highly recommend
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6 years ago, avsdude13
Fantastically well done
This game is well designed and lacks intrusive ads like many others have. The retro styling and controls are implemented well. Love this app.
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3 years ago, srt4_jona
Fun game but can you make the snake move a bit faster? And smoother
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2 months ago, Fun and hard, love it!
It is a little hard to get a score of over 600, but it is very fun
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4 years ago, Fireball1684
Not really any better than any other Snake app, with the added feature of glitching every once in a while, making it mostly impossible to actually finish a game.
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6 years ago, (The)(Real)(0ne)
Love it
I love snake, and i always have. But with this, i just think they should add more content.👍🏽👍🏽
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4 years ago, symohn f
something new
i love playing this game. it’s good for passing time although it is very bright, especially at night. i would love to see a new “dark mode” or something like that :)
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6 years ago, theadgirl
The game is pretty cool but out of no where these ads just pop up so it’s really annoying
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5 years ago, Spirit¥
Good Game
This Game Is Very Simple. Very Solid. I Think its good and well developed. No Bugs Its The Perfect Game If You Want to Play Snake.
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5 years ago, peepeepoopoopoty42069
Too many adds
I played this game to matches and just got bombarded by adds game play is fine but way too many adds
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6 years ago, shortstufff23
Love snake
This game is really fun it’s fun for people who have patience and fast thinkers.
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3 years ago, Sunn ohh
Ads destroy the experience
Can’t get through ads, used to have none. No option to buy ad free.
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1 year ago, ₽€¥¢0
There are ads
Other than that it’s a good app
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5 years ago, smlukes
Used to be a fun game.
Now there are ads that pop up in the middle of a game which happen at inconvenient times causing you to hit a wall when it resumes.
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11 years ago, Mroach11
4 out of 5
This app is the most used app on my phone at this time. The game is a classic, the adds are not over bearing, and it's a good way to pass the time. The only issue I have with this app is that once you get a text message or a phone call your game is ended no matter what. Even if you did not hit a wall or yourself.
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5 years ago, Wayne Stump
I luv the snake game although sometimes the buttons are easy to miss. They may be too small.
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5 years ago, autobup20002
review 21st
this app is pretty cool. game is very classic fun and addicting also love the other versions you guys made
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5 years ago, m4rski
Too many ads now
Fun game as usual. Ads pop up every 10 or so bites the snake eats. There are actually different colored "bites.” The black bites mean no ad, and blue bites mean the Ad is coming after the snake eats it. Pretty annoying and ruined the flow of the game. Deleted!
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6 years ago, E-Doja
Good ‘Ol Fashioned Fun
Very cool arcade feel with no glitching! My only suggestion: add high score leaderboards: - Global - Nation - State - Friends Via Facebook or Game Center
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6 years ago, Jellynoodle132
I like a good game of snake, this is a good game of snake.
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5 years ago, autobup4lte
review nst
this game very fun and dificult
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5 years ago, Pichu1200
Stream sniping
I got steam sniped
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12 years ago, CamelJR
Very Basic Snake
Snake is a very simple game where you move around a line and eat pixels. Each time the line eats a pixel, the line will grow one more pixel in length. The goal is to continue eating pixels without running to walls or accidently eating into yourself. The line is always moving, so the user can only change direction left or right. If you play long enough, your score will become higher and it will continue to be more difficult to move around. For people into high scores, there is a simple leaderboard showing the best ranked players. The biggest problem is that the game looks like it would on a graphic calculator. It is very low resolution and seems like a good first project for a programming student. The overall appearance is unprofessional and the arrow icons / text do not even match the resolution of the game. The graphics should at least be updated to NES or SNES style and I will definitely recommend this to others.
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12 years ago, Ari1579
Wonderful classic
This certainly brings back some memories. :) please do not change the background or whatever else people are asking, this is the pixilated, monochromatic game I remember, and I, as well as a considerable amount if others would be highly disappointed our nostalgia was taken and turned into some new-age nonsense. My only request? Please allow this game to be played horizontally as well - I can get higher scores with my thumbs ;)
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9 years ago, Meeeelllaaannniiie
Well it's fun and challenging but basically, you die if you hit one of the sides, however sometimes in the game the dots or squares or pixels or whatever you would like to call it (pellets as I call them after pac-man) are up against the wall/sides and when you eat them you die by collecting it and passing it to the next level but you have to eat it to continue which is a major flaw , I get it if your advertising a challenging "unbeatable game" but you can't make it unbeatable!! So buy if you want, it's not like it's not free so you know.
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12 years ago, Darkslayer24
The classics are not dead
This is the classic game of snake for the iPhone you all remember the Atari version well this is just the same you feed your snake apples while moving him around the board and as he eats he grows becoming harder to move around, touching the screen causes you to lose so you have to avoid that see how long you can last in this classic game of snake it's great :)
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11 years ago, Keith Lewis
Good game, bad update.
The app used to be fine but they updated it. Something from these recent "bug fixes" made it really slow in between games. Also, why the heck should I need to tap to start? It was fine before, and now I'm not wanting to install other "bug fixes" on other games from fujicubesoft because this update sucked. If you want to have an actual productive update why don't you change to a font that's actually good?
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12 years ago, JerichoDy
Childhood Memories
I remember playing this game when i was high school. In my Nokia 5110 phone. Thats the only addictive game available in the phone that time. And now i can play it the same way in my iPhone. It bring back memories how my classmate cheer me to beat up this game. Worth keeping App. Thats to the developer for making this classic game.
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11 years ago, StingRay Apps
Great game!
Very simple and addicting. I don't understand the people that say it lags and takes a while to restart. It's never taking longer than 3 seconds to load for me, and I've never experienced lag. One suggestion though. I'd like to be able to turn via swiping.
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8 years ago, Pieman50
It's a fun game
The game is fun to play, but the complaint that I have is that (at the time that I am writing this) a notification keeps popping up telling me to try another game. This wouldn't be a problem, if it didn't happen in the middle of a game and cause you to lose from it.
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11 years ago, RyanKaufman
So snake is built around the controls. It's a simple game, but with great controls comes great reviews. This cannot be said about this game. Ever since the recent update, the game is just sluggish. It should not be. It's a very simple app, keep it as such. Also, the controls are just off. It should react the moment I hit. It doesn't. It takes a second. It causes edge pellets to be hellish. It makes the game impossible once you get past 600. Oh well.
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12 years ago, mattisawsome64
Sometimes this game gets really frustrating but I'm still rating it 5 stars because the company is just taking a simple, fun game and putting it on the iPod. I wouldn't change anything if I made it.
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10 years ago, dinlevy.billy
Good game
This snake game is great and I love the simplicity about it. There is one problem: the buttons are too small. I always miss them because I look at the game, not the buttons. Also, when my iPod 4 gives me 20% battery warnings, the game ends and I lose. These are my only problems but they need to be fixed. If not for these, I would give the game 5 stars.
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12 years ago, asholinii
Addicting game!
I love playing the game but I wish they would make an option to change the background color from white. It hurts the eyes to stare at black and white. Also, if they would add challenges and different levels.
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8 years ago, Jennynyc88
Fun, original game from old Nokia Phone!
This is a simple but very fun way to pass the time or keep your mind occupied. My highest score I have so far is 3290!! Wish they had a scoreboard so you could see other people's high scores!
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12 years ago, lisbethsalamanders
Love it.
It's simple, fun, easy on the phone's battery, and it's the same Snake we've come to know and love for years. Hasn't frozen for me, either. You'll definitely feel some Nokia nostalgia!
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12 years ago, Uralmt
I haven't played this type of a game from a long time. I enjoyed it but gets frustrating after a while, as the game is challenging and I couldn't get to the next level.
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13 years ago, andrew suggs
Not fully thought out
The controls are awful... I know snake needs tactile button to be really great but why have 4 super small buttons... Why not make the whole bottom the button pad (I.e. four triangular buttons. As in making an "X" and using the empty areas as each button.) without any dead space.
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12 years ago, VaLuck
It doesn't get more basic than this
As someone who played the original snake, I appreciated a very basic version of it with easily usable controls and no frills.
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