Snap Camera! - Write notes on your pictures the easy way.

Photo & Video
2 (23)
9.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gustavo Ambrozio
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Snap Camera! - Write notes on your pictures the easy way.

2.04 out of 5
23 Ratings
11 years ago, Ayhatg
Does not work with evernote
will not log on..everytime I try it tells me my password is incorrect….change it to make sure, program does not work...
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4 years ago, EatanApplePlease
Used to be so good
On my older iPad, this app was awesome. I used it for work all the time. Now on the newer iPad, it just freezes every 2 seconds. Have to back out and get back in 3 times just to label something on a photo.... I use this for work and am looking for anything else to use... all i need is to label photos and screen shots of aerial photos of properties... there has to be something better... i just want this to work well again... please... help. I’m trying to delete it and reinstall it now, hopefully that works... please update this thing or something... I’ll buy it for crying out loud
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4 years ago, leeleecrichi
Not a filter!
This is not the snap camera that will turn you into a potato for your video conferences, if that’s the sort of thing you are interested in! It only puts blocks of text on a picture. Also made huge files that crashed my phone.
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2 years ago, Filmmaker54
Why would I want this
Why does this app even exist in the store. It’s misleading since there is another app by this name that creates characters. Despite claiming to be photo and video I see no video function… there is nothing here I can to with my built in camera
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4 years ago, TheeRickestRick
Blatant misrepresentation
After reading about Snap Camera on snap’s website and downloading this App that shows in App Store as Snap Camera — I end up with “Snap” that allows me to write on text, i.e. the same things iPhone already lets me do
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4 years ago, Juan Moore Beer
Less is less
This app is even more limited than the basic pre-loaded camera. The app was misrepresented in the App Store IMO
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3 years ago, ErinZanotti
What a rip off
Don’t buy. Just wasted 2.99 and can’t get it refunded
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3 years ago, 𓆉𝕚𝕕𝕜𓆉
I accidentally accidentally bought the app can I have a refund
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3 years ago, oofotheoofo
Hi I accidentally bought this app can I refund please?
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13 years ago, Handydude
Pretty cool, but...
There is a formatting limitation. When adding a longer note, I tried to break it into 2 lines so the note would not stretch across the entire width of the photo. I was easily able to write the text in 2 lines but after clicking 'Done', only the 1rst line displays. The only solution to this is to type the 2 lines as separate notes. Another issue: A save button would be helpful too. I seem to have to exit out of the edit function before the anotated photo is saved to the camera roll. I have found exiting to the camera, using the camera button or sharing it is the only way to have it saved to your camera roll. Here's an idea: How about adding a "date/time stamp" button to add a tag showing when the photo was taken with the same ability to drag it anywhere on the photo?
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13 years ago, iApp4
A Completely Super-powerful Snap!
User's Satisfaction: The usability of this app is excellent. Results are fabulous. I have full confidence that this app will serve me well. I am a very pleased owner of "Snap!". My reactions are what I expected after purchasing this app. Very impressed! Thank you for the update and an exemplary job done with this application. The app has everything I ever wanted for adding cut-lines, notes, and labels to my photos. The app's content quality and instructions are pleasing. This app is a traveler's compansion best camera sidekick. Call it your photo interpreter! It is appealing and pleasing to own and use. The app is attractive with beauty and usability. Overall Impressions: Marvelous and I would highly recommend this app to a friend or colleague.
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13 years ago, Mike Elliott
The Add Text feature is great and you can move and format the text, even on old pictures in your camera roll. Would like to see option to display date and GPS coordinates. UPDATE: You can already add date and time thru the symbols keyboard, and you can format that text too. This is outstanding !! This is quickly becoming my camera app of choice. i contacted the developer and he responded within hours. He seems to be open to suggestions too. I look forward to his updates.
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13 years ago, Weldonhd3
This is the best camera app ever. Absolutely Brilliant! Does what it we need it to do. Only thing that you could add to it is an effects manager for adding effects to the image as well as a cropping and rotating feature. This app is just stupendous! Best $.99 spent on a camera app! If you take the features from apps like color splash and perfect photo then you will have created the most superior photo app in the app store. Zoom In/Out with pinch..THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, PERFECT!!!
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12 years ago, sparkyme
makes my life so much easier
this app is such a time saver. I'm a visual learner so being able to see the item or person I need info about and having the info on the photo saves me so much effort. if i find a new product i love i just snap a photo and write the info on it and save it to my camera. its so easy to use - I'm really grateful to have it - thank you!!
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13 years ago, Recall this app
This app saved my phone...
I recently left my phone in a public area and to my amazement and relief, my phone was returned to me! I created a note to add to my lock screen picture in the event my phone was ever lost or misplaced. And now, I've been reunited with my phone! :P The app does a fantastic job of what it is intended for and is super easy to use. I sent a suggestion to support and within 27 minutes on a Saturday night, got a response advising me that my suggestion was already implemented in the app (overlooked on my part). It feels good (understatement) to have my phone back. It also feels good to have an app that is useful and that I don't regret purchasing.
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12 years ago, Bradgsf
Phenomenal - best camera app around.
Absolutely the best camera app I've found. Adding notes to photos makes the clearer and funnier. You can save two copies if you wanna preserve the original. The tutorial is clear. Slightly long but clear. :) Long story longer - GET this app!!! Joy to use.
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12 years ago, Beverlyw33
I take photos of many similar items at different locations. This app is great! I can type in the model number and store that I am at and then upload them to Skydrive to download later for my reports. The app helps me stay organized!
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12 years ago, Mi Piace fo
A great app. When I 1st purchased it I had a question, response was immediate from Snap. As a photographer I frequently send quick images from my iPad . This app allows me to print my name etc without going to my photoshop on my desktop computer. I love it!
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13 years ago,
Great app!!
Snap is a very useful app!! I love remembering the date/location of the photos I took and now there is an easy way to do this. You can even add notes to your existing photos! This app is well worth the price.
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13 years ago, j3rmz0r
It works...
Program functions are great. PhotoAppLink makes it all worth it. However, the tutorial is INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. Remember how annoying pop up ads were 10 years ago? The first time you run this app is kind of like that.... Once you get past all the "pop ups" this app does just what you need it to do without any pointless frills.
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13 years ago, RadioactiveJello
Great way to tag photos!
Nice update! The app makes it easy to take and tag photos, which is nice for remembering places (no more writing on the back of the photo)
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12 years ago, goddessbj
Good not great (yet)
The idea is great, and it let me add a caption right on a pic, adjust the color (foreground and background which went to transparent), and post the result to FB. The cons? The text wasn't exactly horizontal, and the post to FB had an FB photo caption that was a kind of cheesy ad for the app. I had to go into FB web to change it.
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13 years ago, Madsculptor#1
It does what it's supposed to do
I would like to see some other functions. It needs at least the ability to center. With that I would rate it a 4 star. With more font options and better color selection I'll rate it 5 star. Altogether good app. Does what it's supposed to do and it's simple to use.
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12 years ago, Fatbassman
Almost Amazing
Needs a center function ... Badly. Worse: You can "lose" a typed banner at the bottom of the page and no longer be able to move or edit it.
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13 years ago, Jr. 702
Best app I have ever bought to date!
I'm a Graphic Design and this app completely changes how I communicate graphically with my friends and family. :)
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12 years ago, Dinky Man
Great app
Very easy to use. I use it to take photos of church and school notes and then write my comments on my notes. Wonderful!!
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13 years ago, GDan27
Total Rip off
I purchased this app, took one photo, put words on it, emailed it to myself. Worked fine. But then I couldn't clear the pic on the phone (hit "Cancel" 100 times). Finally it crashed and completely disappeared from my phone - might as well have thrown 2 bucks out the window. Good App idea, but terrible end result. AVOID!
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13 years ago, *Sherry*
Like this app!
Love the ability to put a date, put a little note on my photos and to be able to have a choice of colored fonts/colored bckgrds. Pretty nice, thank you 
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13 years ago, Djenkins718
Love being able to tag quality pics!
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12 years ago, romanmalyk
Worth buying.
Saves time and you don't need to look for a fax or scanner. Awesome! Glad I found this app.
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12 years ago, aremid
Nice app. Very Good start.
Does a nice job annotating apps. Several choices of font, colors, etc. I've been looking for an app like this for awhile. Hope they continue to evolve. Enjoy.
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12 years ago, Ronnielongoria
Great app. but has room for improvement. For what I use it for is great. I have to take down a lot of model numbers for a lot of customers and it's nice to take a picture with the customers info on it.
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11 years ago, discriminator
This app would have been perfect if it did what it says it does but it freezes every time I use it and it is hard to navigate. I really need an app that does what this one says it does. Do any of you know of one, cause this sure isn't it. (I am trying to make it work on the new iPad after the 3)
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11 years ago, Robertbeemer
Great APP
I downloaded this APP by mistake, I was actually looking for another but after a while, I found this one more useful and user friendly.
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10 years ago, Everly.
Crashing on iPhone 6
It keeps crashing for me on the ios8. Does this happen to anyone else?
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12 years ago, DelCiel
This soooo practical and friendly! Usual cameras take pictures but this remembers them!!!
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13 years ago, Txchik
This is the best app. You should get it so that u don't have to comment on ur status after u post a pic on Facebook.
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13 years ago, Mlh25
Great appp
It is awesome. You can write on pic. The only draw back is, once you save pic you can't alter the caption on picture.
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12 years ago, Boudir
This app is amazing, u can pick your own color, own picture, and own notes! BUY THIS APP!!!!!!
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13 years ago, KimberlysEyes
Camera Roll ?
How come we can't save to our Camera Roll or am I overlooking it here? I like to MMS alot of my photos and it doesn't have either one of those features ???
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12 years ago, Pask Mom
Could be better
I downloaded it cause I wanted to put text on photos I already have on my phone. But it only lets you put text on new photos.
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11 years ago, Romac47
It does more than the default camera app. and is easy to use.
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13 years ago, BIG JOHN32
Terrific app,wish I discovered before.
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13 years ago, Fotofreek
Snap shot
Love it! Great to be able to remember aces n people times n dates. So easy to use.
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12 years ago, tonimitchell214
This was a waste of money. It doesn't save your creation to your photo album just to Facebook or instagram or twitter. Not to mention it closes while trying to send to Facebook. Disappointed in this purchase!
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12 years ago, Jill E 73
I give this  it is fun my friends saw this on my iPhone so they all got it it rock's
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12 years ago, weezy619
This app is absoulutely amzing!!it has verry high quality pictures.
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12 years ago, Pekelo Volcano
This works fine for me and those that I recommended try it. Cool.
Show more
13 years ago, Dawnzi13
Just wish had date and time stamp
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13 years ago, dannyruff
Iphone lover
This is what I've wanted Most in a camera....Notes WITH the shot! Love it! Love it! Love it! Thank you!
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