Snap Cheats - for Word Chums

4.4 (968)
40.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Firecracker Software
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Snap Cheats - for Word Chums

4.38 out of 5
968 Ratings
2 years ago, Scottyvillage
Word Chums needs improvement, asap.
I find that the hint offered by word chums scores more points than the current version of snap cheats for word chums. I would like 3 different words offered. Like, highest scoring word, average scoring word, interesting common word. That way our opponents don’t feel beat up on every game. Currently, since the original app upgraded their software, the word supplied by cheats is not the highest scoring word, but usually scores more points than the average player. It would be stellar to offer lower scoring words, but offer multiple words.
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1 year ago, jen13289
Great help!
I love this more….when it was free. This has been an amazing for times that I get stuck and in tournaments but I feel that if I pay for it, I should be able to use any background not just the sunny. Why does this not support the other backgrounds?
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6 years ago, LisaBomber
Bug fix
Thank you for letting us know about this. We have updated the Snap Cheats support files to match the new version of Word Chums. You will be notified to apply them the next time you cold-boot Snap Cheats. If Snap Cheats is already running, either force-close it from the App Switcher, or restart your phone. Let us know if anything has gone wrong, and if these support files work for you please visit the App Store to let other users know what to do via the app review system.
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6 years ago, Rembranto
I want to get Pro
It works only intermittently. I get a blank grid anyway so it’s not reliable always. The app often doesn’t recognize the letter “K” and also forces me to diagnose and send in the screen shot. It was not working at all (blank grid) the better part of a week then was glitchy after it came back and this is after I installed the updates reset tile training uninstalled then reinstalled etc. Needs a bit of work to be dependable
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3 years ago, Gorlicka
Was helpful…
Now it’s telling me that I can’t make any words out of any of my screenshots? Got a new bug? Since this review I’ve uninstalled the app, and then reinstalled and it’s back to working as normal. Perhaps it was a glitch due to the recent iOS updates. I’ve noticed a few things have been weird with some of my apps and I’ve had to do the same. Very helpful when I’m stuck finding that perfect word in a full grid on Word Chums.
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3 years ago, RandomGirlWhoWritesReveiws
DO NOT BUY (plz read)
so i have had this app for a long time and it has been pretty helpful i actually thought this was a good cheat app. but sudenly just recently it started malfunctioning. every time i upload a picture to the app it gives me words with letters that i dont even have!!! like literally its just giving me random words that i cant even do because i dont even have those letters. do not buy this app its not reliable it might work for a while but then start not working all of a sudden and it was even acting weird before this so i wouldnt recomend this app
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6 months ago, Farm girl 99
I love this app! The only thing I wish you’d update is being able to use this app with different background themes in Word Chums. It gets boring having to always use the Sunny background. Can you update this still work with every background theme they offer please?
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7 years ago, Safarirn
Love this app !!
I only use it when I really can’t seem to think of any words ! I also find it helps me learn more words . I will not use a word that I don’t know the meaning of ! I have become addicted to word chums !!😇 Also love using bombs ! Wish WWF had same fun tools to purchase . Written by a relatively new player ! Definitely recommend this app !!
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6 years ago, Blah blah 55
This use to work perfectly, I used it whenever I got completely stuck on a turn. Unfortunately, when I hit update for the software update it completely destroyed the program. Now it doesn’t recognize double word squares the computer thinks they are tiles, so this app is worthless now. It doesn’t do anything, let alone come up with a word. It’s too bad because I really liked it. Before it changed I would’ve given it five stars.
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7 years ago, Jennykitty1234
Love this app! The one thing is at times it may read a Q as an O, but for that one time you can use a hint or work around using another spot on the board. In all other aspects it is great! I play a couple scrabble like games and it helps me when I'm in a pinch and just cannot figure out a word!! Great!!!
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6 years ago, Ethankennasmimi
Quit working
I liked to use this when I was stuck on a puzzle. Now it doesn’t import my screen shot. I have repeatedly deleted the app and reinstalled it with no change. Before all of this I would have given it 5 stars as it WAS a great app.
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6 years ago, Baginflag
It worked for five words
This app never made it through one game. I started getting error messages after five times and the error messages gave no clue how to make corrections no matter what I did. Don’t bother buying this one. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Gmento
Snap cheats for word chums
WARNING....DO NOT UPDATE, OR IT WILL NOT WORK!!!!!...WENT FROM A GREAT AP TO HORRIBLE ,BECAUSE IT NO LONGER WORKS I agree...horrible,can’t keep up with word chums No longer worth the trouble…have no idea what a vip is…not sure it actually gives us the highest possible points…not worth the trouble…so I rate it more than HORRIBLE
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6 years ago, Jamt23bisa
Love it
I couldn’t future out why my sister always beat me till she fessed up about Snap cheats! This weekend it was not working, but they’ve updated their files to Word Chums update. Restart the App and you’re in business again!
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6 years ago, awkfleabag
Stops working
I would love this app if it worked all the time. It is currently not working. When I import a screen shot it give me a blank grid. The 5 stars is for when it’s working. 0 stars when it’s not.
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6 years ago, B 102605102605
This app is great and it works! There are a few adds but it doesn't glitch or anything!! The only thing is that Word Chums has a new update, and they added "quick games", but Snap Cheats doesn't support quick games yet. Please fix!!
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2 years ago, Kaalo73
Nurse and writer
Love the games. Love to beat the hint or best word. Many times I get the message - no playable words- and it isn’t true because I find words. There must be a bug in your software. Your the best!
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6 years ago, pipeman344
App not working? Please fix?
The app is not working . When I try to use it all it gives me is blank tiles no cheat words are visible? I have rebooted several times with no good results. Please fix this problem! Thanks
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6 years ago, TomakerJane
A great crutch when you’re totally stuck. Best to use when both opponents agree to do so. Amazing back end support. When I couldn’t get it to work, I received an immediate email from Ben Ritter explaining the fix. Wow. Impressive.
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6 years ago, dontforceit!!!
Held hostage
App has not worked in days!!! It was stuck with blank tiles. Would not work until I rated.
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7 years ago, Beat Bop player
So Helpful! :)
This app is very helpful! I'm usually stuck with finding words but this app helped me get some instead! It's very easy to use and it also teaches me some new words too that I didn't know like: GHETTO. Good job app! :)
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6 years ago, Ironmare5
Need support
I've used and loved this game for a long time but for some reason now when I import a screen shot it says. Screen dimensions don't match the screenshot dimensions. Never had this problem before. I am not zoomed in when I screen screenshot. Would email support but it says set up email first, well nowhere I can find to set up a email, help please!!!
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6 years ago, 3westielady
Only half works after update
Since the latest update, I have been unable to see any solution as the board tiles do not show anymore. Some words show at the bottom but then they don’t fit. I’ve stopped using it. Used to be helpful.
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6 years ago, clephane63
Not working
After the last update, the app doesn’t show any letter block or words on the board! It’s just not working
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3 years ago, McSear
Now ONLY 4 BIG subscribers
Junking this app after 18 mos. of steady use. The last update was a BIG MISTAKE. Now you have to pay a higher monthly fee to see the “VIP” answers to the word suggestions. I don’t waste my time with these apps that require subscriptions that add up to big bucks over a year - far more $ than the app is worth.
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4 years ago, p12?!$"9
Doesn’t work. It keeps saying sunny screen not detected when I have sunny screen
Does not work
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6 years ago, 182R Pilot
Awesome Support
The latest Word Chums update broke Snap Cheats import. I contacted support and within hours, they had fixed the problem. That is an amazing response time!
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6 years ago, Fan if rovio
So a while ago things were working fine. But now once I soon start a match on word chums and play a game. I take a snap put it but the words don’t go thru. And the words are always showing in the wrong place. I like this app in all, but this bug should be fixed.
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6 years ago, MC FF
Update the game
I recently started having an issue where Snapcheat was send me error messages. Two things fixed it. 1. A small file request pops up during play, click yes or install, it only takes A second. 2. And what fixed the problem is to update Word Chums to the newest version. Snaps technical support was outstanding and deserves praise.
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6 years ago, Crlnorsoe
No longer working
Up til the other day, I was using this app successfully. All of a sudden it stopped working. I decided to see if there was an update and found none. So I’ve had to delete it! It’s now useless!!
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6 years ago, Cermoj
Stopped working on my iPhone.
This used to be a great app until it stopped working after the last time I updated it. Hopefully the developers will fix it or I will have to find better and delete this from my phone.
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6 years ago, Sandykr
Not scanning correctly from word chums.
Word chums has changed their screen and now cheat is not trading screen shot correctly
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6 years ago, CaptBlueCup
Fast Response
Had a problem. They came back to me in 5 minutes. CSI is outstanding.
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6 years ago, Zoix11
Great to worthless
This used to work perfectly until I down loaded the last upgrade. My and Aunt I play all the time we like to check cheats to see what we didn’t figure
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6 years ago, #1nana1
Word chum
Not sure what happened to it but it is not working at all! Have you changed it! Help please!
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6 years ago, Shuddy56
Snap cheats for word chums
It quit working. So I deleted and tried downloading again. It stopped midway. Won’t download. It doesn’t recognize the board anymore. I noticed the board size does not cover the screen anymore so the orientation probably has something to do with it. I use it when I’m stuck. This is not good.
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6 years ago, rebelwithyankeeparents
Doesn’t work any more
Not sure what happened but the app stopped working a few weeks ago. Doesn’t recognize screen shots. What appears is a empty view of the board with maybe two or three random tiles as letters. I’ve removed the app and reinstalled it a couple times - no luck.
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12 months ago, NoreensiTunes
Helps pick a good location
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6 years ago, Home Computer NV
Worked well at first..
I had it for 2 days, then it froze- nothing worked. I reported it to the support email that was provided, no response. I suppose anything “free” comes with issues. I like the app to assist with difficult players who I assume are cheating 😂
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6 years ago, BLB314
App not working and hasn’t for a while!!
Just like a lot people have said, only half of your screen shots show up, and showing words that are not there. I did the update today, and now it only recognizes the SUNNY background!!! WTH?!?!? it’s the holiday season and I want a holiday background. Please fix
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6 years ago, buttercup 2
I am having trouble now this was a great app ,but now will not let my screen shot show! What is wrong ! I uninstall and reinstall ,but still have problems! Ugh Help! 🙁can get picture , but will not load to show anything when I go to get words nothing shows up!
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5 years ago, Rosedebbie55
Love it!
Certainly a help when you get stuck!
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6 years ago, Blond12e
It keeps not showing results.
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6 years ago, Amv333
It won’t upload a screen shot I’ve installed and uninstalled help!!
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4 years ago, Eveleth...Cole
I like this app but only works with Sunny Background. Can it be fixed to work with all backgrounds? Would give 5 stars if it did.
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6 years ago, EbethNH
New Bug
There is a new bug since the last update. Apparently it no longer knows how to use a blank tile! After running into this problem, it is not working at all! It won’t recognize new screen shots. Please fix!
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6 years ago, Khadrelt
Works mostly great
After an update this is working once again, so kudos for that. Great app.
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3 years ago, Saatchirad
Not reliable
Too glitchy “No Playable Words Found” too often More frustrating than helpful
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6 years ago, kaasal
Works great
As long as they keep it updated.
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4 years ago, Kyoanna
Doesn’t work
This used to work beautifully for me. It has been at least a year since I have used it and now I can’t figure out how to use this app. It is not intuitive and I can’t find instructions.
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