Snapfish: Photos Cards & Books

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User Reviews for Snapfish: Photos Cards & Books

4.65 out of 5
43.4K Ratings
5 years ago, ThoughtIKnewSpanish
I use it every year!
I use this app every December to organize a year’s worth of family’s photos, order prints for my home, create Christmas cards and photo gifts, and capture memories in a book! They have improved the site/app a lot since I started using it! It’s now extremely, extremely easy to upload your photos directly from your phone or Google photos! It’s pretty easy to work on projects, though a computer screen is better for complicated ones like books and detailed cards. I think it’s the most user friendly version of this photo printing type service on the market - and thats the reason I like this site so much! It’s also the least expensive! Special sales are always going on, especially around the holidays! And the quality of prints are excellent! One negative is that projects that are added to the cart through the app must be ordered through the app and won’t show up alongside projects that are in your shopping cart on the online site. However, the project itself is saved from the app, and can be ordered on either platform. Another caution is that sometimes the photos appear darker once printed than they do on your phone. This is something I have noticed from EVERY photo printing site. If it seems a bit dark on the order, take a moment to adjust the brightness (which is very easy to do!). I am a huge fan of this company! They have made it easy to manage all the pictures in my life!! The app makes it even easier!
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1 year ago, Wolfe Gal
Highly Recommend!
Easiest app that I’ve used, and most inexpensive! I used this app to print pictures off of my phone for photo albums. I recently started this project, and started out trying to use Walmart, then Walgreens, CVS, etc. and some ads led me to SnapFish. This is the most accessible app I’ve used, as far as uploading hundreds of pictures at once, it never crashed or froze, it kept the photos in order, and even showed which ones I had already selected in my phone photos so I wouldn’t select the same photo twice. Easy to crop photos and rotate them whatever way you need. I also used SnapFish years ago for my graduation cards and it was very easy to create them, and they turned out super cool! And I will add that the promo codes are AWESOME. The cheapest way to order prints that I’ve seen so far. The shipping is expensive but the 90% off deals, 100 free prints EVERY MONTH, and stuff make it well worth it. You are able to get all of these things without having to get some sort of membership. Mind. Blown. I would give this app 10 stars if it were possible!
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4 years ago, kimberly🤘🏾
I’m going to say what happened in my occasion.
Okay so y’all may see the reviews all over the place but imma be real with you there were some problems but that was on my part because I did not have a lot of space on my phone it said the photos were not available so I had to delete some apps and then it worked perfectly fine. When I went to place my order I did get 100 pictures free but obviously you have to pay for shipping but I’m okay with it because in free prints it is more expensive for less pictures so this is really good and it does make sure everything is good . I had put my mom’s address for billing but it said there was a problem so then I put mine and it worked perfectly fine , I guess I had to put where my card goes which is a first but I like it . Also it does tell me if some are low resolution which I like and my order did not take long to happen and I will put how my pictures are when they arrive but all was really good, thank you.
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8 months ago, sjajejsks
Good prices
Let Me tell y’all. I was finna go to Walgreens for pictures. I was trynna do 5 times 7 pictures. I put atleast 20 in there and it came up to 80 sum dollars for just basic printing. So I have scrolled a bit and saw that there was a printing pictures app. I love this app cause not only can you just print the pictures, but they have mugs, picture books, and many different things on there. They have cool designs which you can use to personalize. Also, you can use more than one deal at checkout! I love this so much. I just got 2 personalized mugs for 2 dollars each. I also got 27 4 times 6 prints. And a 8 times 10 collage picture. It came up to 23 dollars with most of that being for shipping. Shipping price doesn’t even bother you when they have deals so good that the overall price is still cheaper than you would get anywhere else. I love this app. And if the items actually come in good quality, I will be obsessed
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5 years ago, APhillips 0316
I hope this keeps you from using this app!!!
I don’t even know where to start so for sake of not having you read a novel I will be short. Absolutely HORRIBLE customer service. I received envelopes with the wrong address on them. After reaching out to their customer support chat line I was first accused of putting in the wrong address to a house that isn’t even in the same state as me. Once I proved that they sent me the wrong envelopes and it had nothing to do with me doing something wrong, they then told me a supervisor would be reaching out to me immediately. After 2 days of not hearing from anyone I reached out to them again. Finally hearing from a supervisor they told me they were looking into it. After waiting a total of a week from the time I initially reached out to them they finally emailed me to say my new envelopes would be sent out in 2-5 business days. Well by that time I might have gotten my cards mailed out by Christmas. So I had to go purchase my own envelopes in order to get my cards out in time. I really had high hopes that I would love this app but I’m left highly disappointed!! I will never use them again. Plenty of other companies that go above and beyond for their customers so you should consider having better customer service!!
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5 years ago, Veteran counter
Glitches and no ability to save
I struggled for 3 hours tonight trying to make holiday cards. I knew the design, the photos, and the text I wanted to use, all I needed to do was input it into the template and check out. Easy, right? Turns out, anything but easy. The app blinked twice while uploading photos and I was unable to upload successfully without exiting the app and starting completely over. Twice. Then, when I selected my card, I was unable to access the album and had to upload the photos yet again. Then someone texted and I accidentally opened the text instead of swiping it away and when I reentered the app, my project was gone. Next time I attempted to save the project as I went and couldn’t find a way to do so, despite there being a menu item called “saved projects”. Finally, the card is done and I go to checkout. When updating my address, the app blinks again and I’m unable to save the address without exiting the app and returning to my cart, which thankfully still has my finished project in it. A stressful experience from my favorite place to get photo prints and cards. Updates were current when I started this project today.
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3 years ago, RocknRollPhotographer
Best Photo, Christmas Holiday announcement Cards, Gifts, ornaments Service Ever
I print pics for my scrapbook. I make yearly photo books which I order 3 every year (for us and each set of grandparents). I make birthday gifts with the kids pics for calendars, Notebooks, mugs, tiles, large photo canvases, Christmas ornaments, stickers. Then I make important sayings quotes on pillows, blankets, coasters and give them out as housewarming gifts. For Christmas I make so many gifts for the grandparents, in-laws and friends using Snapfish. Snapfish has so many great ideas and their patterns are so beautiful and contemporary. They’re always updating the cards and background graphics to keep it fresh. Just LOVE working with Snapfish graphics. It’s sooooooo easy to make photobooks, posters, gifts, everything. Can make your gift order so easily from the Snapfish app on your phone. Quality is amazing. Colors are bright and sharp for the cards. Use your imagination and get creative now with Snapfish.
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2 years ago, Nope_1000
Bad Quality, Bad Customer Service
I ordered 40 magnets to go in Christmas cards using a promotion they were offering…got to the end to place my order and shipping was $60; their way of doing a bait-and-switch. When the magnets arrived, they were terrible quality. They were supposed to be a bleed print, but edges of half the magnets had white borders on portions of the magnet and not evenly. When I reached out to customer service to resolve the issue, they offered account credits for my “next” order. I advised there wouldn’t be a next order if they didn’t address the quality of the order in question…no response. I reached back out, asking if they could reprint the magnets to which they said, “no, because we don’t know that redoing the order will fix the issue.” It is as simple as repositioning the image so it bleeds over the edges. It’s quite simple for any printer to resolve, so I am perplexed by their refusal to replace the bad magnets they sent me. In the same response, they offered credits toward my “next” order. Not falling for that…definitely going elsewhere for my “next” order. Won’t recommend to friends or family.
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5 years ago, Bob Lor
Works great with iphone
Works seamlessly. My one complaint is that when I order the prints you have a chance to edit them because every pic has a crop area on it and you want to move it so that it’s centered or move it over the part of pic you want. The complaint is that it always seems as though it’s cropping too much of the photo. I’m doing 4x6 pics so you would think I would be able to get more of the pic in than less but it doesnt seem to work that way. Since it seems that most people use their phones to take pics nowadays you would think they would figure out a way to get the whole photo printable. Other than that I have no complaints. I have needed pics in a hurry for an occasion and loaded them to snapfish and picked them up at Walgreens and had no problems. When I get them directly shipped from snapfish the pics are always great quality and shipped timely. I definitely recommend Snapfish
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6 years ago, Spo206
No preview option before purchasing (or review after purchasing)
I just created a holiday card using the app. The card had space for a caption, which was what I wanted. But on my phone, the caption text box appeared very small. It was difficult to ensure that I didn’t have any extra commas or periods or anything like that. So I was very surprised that there was no chance to preview the card (and enlarge it) before finalizing my order. And now that my order has been placed, I can’t find the card to review. I shared this message in a Chat and was informed that the app has limited functionality and the website is a better choice. I also verified that there is no way to review the card I ordered — I guess I can’t see it again until the full set of 80 arrives! I am extremely disappointed that previewing the card is not part of the checkout process. It seems very important to verify that everything is correct before the order goes in. And to not have any image available to review after the order is processed seems very mysterious— what will I get 80 copies of?
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6 years ago, I'd Like My Time Back
Can you reimburse my time?
I have made numerous attempts to order pics from the app, and every time my pics are somehow removed from my cart, and I have to start all over. For the “umpteenth” time, I’ve just spent 2 hours trying to order 24 pics from the app, only to have to start over on my computer. It’s a pain that way, too, as I have to add the quantity I want to order to each picture individually, as it automatically enters “1” on the 4x6 option, even though it tells me that 4x5.3 would be the best option. So I have to go through and enter “0” for all of the pre-filled entries, and re-enter on the correct size. I have NEVER been able to take advantage of any of my “100 free prints” due to it not being an option to pick up in store. Plus, the shipping still isn’t free, which makes their “free” offer NOT free. 🙄 I used to love and recommend Snapfish to everyone, but it seems like they’re having a harder time keeping up with what’s really convenient for their customers. Also, it takes HOURS or even DAYS to upload pics, if you have very many, such as coming back from a big trip. 700 pics from an overseas trip is a lot. But should it take DAYS to upload them all?
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5 years ago, ~Stina
Loyal customer
I have been using snapfish for YEARS. I have all of my photos backed up on this site and I purchase books and prints all the time. I keep seeing that I get 100 free prints but I just ordered 206 prints at 9 cents a piece. None of them were free. Yes. 9 cents is a great deal. Thank you. Why advertise the free prints if it isn’t a reality. The mobile app is better. Not great by any standard but better than it once was. You can not use the website on your tablet though. Doesn’t work the same. Also, photo cropping is crap. My phone and tablet do not take 4x6 photos, so they crop automatically which cuts a lot of the photo off. Some I would like to change the crop square from horizontal to vertical to get who I want in the photo... nope. You can only utilize the default. Creating a book is painful. Very. Painful. Especially if I want more than one photo on each page and I want to arrange them myself. Impossible. Good try. Maybe get some better developers. I don’t want to have to delete all of my photos here and start a new company with a better app. 10 years ago you were a great service. You’re still around which means you can afford to be a great service still.
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2 months ago, turboshot49cents
Best user interface and quality products
Snapfish was perfect for making photo books of my trip to Kenya. The phone app lets you pull photos from your phone and social medias, and the computer site lets you import photos from your computer. This was perfect because during my Kenya trip I took a combination of photos on my phone and with my digital camera. It was nice to be able to easily import all of them into one despite coming from different technology. I then used the book making tool to design a book. I used their templates to drag-and-drop photos onto each page and changed the color of the paper to look cool. The interface was very user-friendly while also giving plenty of options for creativity. The photo books arrived on time and looked great.
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2 years ago, drmcgowan03
App has some issues
I do like that you get 100 free 4 x 6 prints every month. I order these and send them to my grandma several times a year. The only problem is the app very often goes wonky to where you’ve cropped the picture in the way that it should be cropped and then you scroll down and crop a different picture in the way that it should be cropped, and if you scroll back up you’ll often see that the initial crop job you did on the first picture reverted, so then you have to do that crop again. It’s some sort of glitch and it has actually shown up in the pictures that were delivered to me— I’ve had pictures were peoples’ heads have been cut off because the cropping was done wrong—and I know for a fact that I went through meticulously and adjusted the crop of each picture prior to ordering. Hopefully this is something that Snapfish developers can work on. Otherwise I really love this app.
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6 years ago, blamdni
Will update once farther along
I want this to be a recent, accurate review. This was done may 2018. Very user friendly interface. Seamlessly able to grab photos from camera roll. A little annoying not being able to switch the photos on the covers. Great deals. Will update this review once I’ve received my books and can review the physical product Edit: it shipped on the 3rd day (website says 1-3 to make and get shipped), and was able to track it all the way to St. Louis. Arrived a couple days early on the 26 of may instead of the 30. Binding is good and sturdy and appealing. Pictures have some issues(less colors, or less sharp) but this could be just the photos themselves.... all in all I think it was a good experience. Easy to use and create, shipped on time and arrived early. Physical product quality I’d say is a 7-8/10. Could improve a little still but all in all I’d say it was a good first attempt- but there are probably better ones out there
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7 years ago, The Oktoberfest. Hijack
Creating Photo Book was Relatively Easy
Typically I spend hours in front of a computer screen uploading photos into Snapfish and creating photo books. When I saw that I could create a photo book directly from my phone, I was happy. The process was pretty smooth and intuitive, especially since I’ve created them previously. It was great being able to work on the book as I had time available and just keep adding to it. There were a couple of cons that could make it better - I was limited to a smaller book size (think size, not pages), there were not as many backgrounds available, just color choices, and the most difficult was the size of the images to pull into the project. They are so small that it is challenging to find the right image to drag onto the page. I did find somewhat of a work around by dragging the images onto the page,selecting them and zooming in. This just made the process a little slower.
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6 years ago, Memphis Willie
Very limited app
“<“ Buttons do not respond when you tap on them. You have to tap multiple times around the arrow to get it to finally activate. When ordering canvas prints, it allows you to select multiple at a time. But, when you go in and change orientation it does not remember the orientation. When you press order, it only adds one item to basket and you assume the one currently in preview. Then process starts over from scratch. If that’s the way it works, why allow you to select multiple for canvas prints? I finally resorted to ordering one canvas at a time keeping my fingers crossed that they will turn out correctly. I also purposefully chose three photos where the default orientation was what I wanted in the first place. I would not risk paying the money for a canvas print having no idea if the orientation would turn out correctly. Once you’re looking at your basket to check out, there are no previews to show you exactly what you are ordering. As a result, I only ordered three canvas prints and depending on what I receive, will decide if I use this app again.
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3 years ago, liz_a_t_leforce
Frustrating to work with
There are so many glitches with the app that make it frustrating to work with. You cannot zoom into the font when making photo cards. There’s no visible undo button, but if you accidentally press what looks like the undo while making a photo book, it will undo ALL of the layouts you so painstakingly created. The only way to fix is to quickly get out of the app and reopen before they save it. The price for items isn’t visible using the app, so I added my photo cards to the cart, to see what my design would cost. Big mistake! It no longer shows up in your projects to continue editing. They do allow you to edit from your cart, but if you try to change the wording ALL of the text disappears. Finally, I wish there was the option of a spell check. Nothing auto corrects and because the font is so tiny on your phone, you can’t tell if you’ve accidentally misspelled something. For such a big company, they could really do a better job with the app!!
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5 years ago, thesaragon
Convenient in some ways
I’ve just ordered my first book. Not impressed with pricing honestly, but nice to be able to make a book on my phone. The app is easy to use but has a few aspects that are tedious. I think on a computer I wouldn’t notice, but on my phone it seems like I have to press a lot of buttons to do one or two small things. It’s not easy to add photos to where you want them to be. They add to an album but it’s difficult to find it once you’ve added it and put it on the correct page. They boast great deals but fail to tell you that they charge per extra page. I only noticed when I went to check out. The font automatically switches to a default size and type, every time you go to enter type. And you can’t switch the size after you’ve added a phrase. It only gives you the same option. Overall an ok experience, but nothing really jumped out at me as exceptional. We shall see how the overall product looks when it arrives.
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6 years ago, Ninelambs
I ordered about 50 pictures on this app on oct 9, 2018 And was told I would get them around oct 18. As oct 20 rolled around I contacted them through live chat and they told me to wait a little longer. Now it’s almost a week since I’ve last contacted them so I contacted them again and they gave me the same answer. They told me to wait patiently. How much longer do I have to wait? I’ve never seen a photo printing company take so long to get to me. Plus I saw that the pictures are coming from NEW JERSEY and I live in NEW YORK. So why does it take more than two weeks to get to me? This isn’t the first terrible experience Ive had with this company. The first time they “forgot” to print one of my photos so I had to contact them to have them ship the photo that I paid for. I should’ve known I would go through this. Update: I had to contact customer service and they finally sent me my pictures and got delivered today. I don’t understand why they didn’t just use this shipping service the first time. The first time they gave it to ups which then gave it to USPS. We all know USPS is the master of losing packages.
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4 years ago, Magliegh
The App is Terrible
I used the both the app and web based version of Snapfish to create some photo books. They turned out pretty nice but I did have a lot of frustration with it. I would place pictures where I wanted them only for them to disappear and have to be replaced many times before they would save properly. In the app I had the same issue. The app would kick me out of it every minute or so. In addition, the app claims that you can switch your project over to the website view and continue working on it. When I attempted this my project was completely lost. I called customer service and got no answer. After hours of tinkering to get the right pictures in the right spot for the best price I was frustrated but happy to have my projects in the way. Since I had had issues with the app and website I triple checked that all photos were loaded before hitting submit. I was so disappointed when one of my items arrived with pages missing. When I called customer service I was very disappointed in how I was treated. I will never use the app again! Proceed with caution.
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7 months ago, liz b of nyc
Editing feature terrible, shipping charges absurd
While the product selection seems really lovely at first glance there are significant problems in constructing the desired personalized items. First of all, there’s no way to edit the photo selection without starting completely over and re -selecting all photos. It would also be helpful if there was a way to move the photos so that I can choose the actual photo layout and order and which photos are bigger, centralized etc, rather than - again - having to delete and re- select all photos in a different order and hope for the best in how the app chooses to order them, and also pray that heads aren’t cut off as happened repeatedly due to the overlap in design layout that would be remedied if I could move the pictures around in different placements myself which is not possible in the app. It was a protracted headache finalizing my items and the shipping charges are astronomical, unnecessary, unwarranted. I will be seeking a different company for future personalized photo gifts.
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6 years ago, NeerajMontu
Snapfish amazing app with loads of offers
Casually I noticed sometime back, a marketing email talking about some 100 free prints offer. I gave it a try. Installed the app and uploaded my photos. App was a breeze with intuitive navigation and user friendly interface. What I paid was just shipping charges which was tiny. And when it was delivered everyone in family loved the quality of paper and pics. They also imprinted date of order at the back of photos. And that was then just a beginning. After that I have tried all their photo books under their offers and with minimal cost to me I was able to make a photo book collection. It is always special when you see photos printed as compared to seeing them on mobile. These are treasures which my family will cherish after many years from now when they will find these photobooks in some part of house and will relive these happy moments. Digital albums online can not give you this pleasure. Though I maintain those as well but I also maintain my best collection in photo books. I am not sure how Snapfish makes money as cost to customer is dirt cheap under their offers. And yes, there are many other offers beyond photo books... I am thinking to give them a try too. So far so good. Keep it up Snapfish.
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3 years ago, Love Remembered
How many times in the past have I wished that these options would have been available. I took thousands of pictures during my life. I have boxes of photos that were not in good condition. A couple of years ago I started sorting through them and ordering copies to make books for my loved ones. How wonderful it has been. Last year I had a blanket made for my 3 year old grandson to sleep with so he would feel closer to his family when they were not always at home with him. He is a much happier child these days and never alone. I live that he feels so loved. Most of my grown life I was known as “ The Gotcha Girl.” That was my name as I shouted that before capturing unexpected photos of everyone I new. I treasure pictures of those days. Never miss a day or a memory.
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6 years ago, HayleyWJ
Do Not Use.
I’ve used Snapfish for years. Recently I started using the online mobile app. I created 3 books, that took me hours upon hours to complete, and ordered them. I received 2 of the 3 and someone else’s book (privacy issue!!!). I called and complained and they said they would fix the order and asked me to ship the incorrect book back. I did. When I received the “corrected” order it was again wrong. I called to complain again. After an hour on the phone they say they will credit me for the missing book and I can order it. I go to order it and it has disappeared. Completely deleted. I then spend 6 hours remaking the book and order it. After I order it I realize I would like a second copy of it for family. I go to order a second and it’s deleted again. I spend another hour on the phone, talk to 3 people, and am told that a) it’s not uncommon for projects to delete b) if I want to have dependable service I need to use the actual site and c) they can’t do a thing about all of my troubles. Don’t use the app, or snapfish for that matter.
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3 years ago, lov2writ
Very frustrating for customized photo book!
I found this app very frustrating for ordering a customized photo book. When initially adding photos, it does not have the ability to access albums, but only your entire photo library. Not fun to have to scroll through and choose photos when you have thousands on your ipad! Also whenever I added additional photos to the project, it kept losing them—even though I repeatedly saved my work. Although the app assured me I could drag and drop photos from one location to another, it kept freezing, so I had to keep going through the whole 50 pages and replacing them from the added photos at the bottom of the screen. It will not allow you to leave a spot blank even temporarily, but automatically populates with the photos you have added. It would be great to have options to either leave the whole book blank or individual pages, and then the photos manually.
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6 years ago, ChappyCorson
What a great app and terrific options
I remember the days when you took pictures, brought the film to Photomat. Then picked them up a week later and found out grandma had a mouthful of food in the background and the main character of the photo had his eyes closed. Making a hardcover book, aka, photo album —unheard of. We have boxes and old albums full of these pictures we almost never look at. The photo books though, they get some attention. The Snapfish app works well. Most of the struggles I’ve experienced have been self induced. Am I the only one that keeps trying the same actions on a tablet that repeatedly doesn’t work because it’s not designed to work that way? Once I figure it out though —it makes sense. We’ve had some mugs done, canvas, 8X10 and several books. All of it has been top notch.
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4 years ago, Meeperzpie
It’s okay
The app can sometimes be a little hard to work with, but it’s nice that you can save drafts and stuff unlike other apps. You can even send in pictures regardless if they are low resolution or not, which is why I used this app for like my anime wall. For the pictures themselves, they are okay. The things I don’t like are that they are very very thin, and even for high resolution pictures they are a tad bit blurry. It’s like comparing 1028 HD quality to 730 quality on videos (not the exact numbers but you know what i mean). One is clearly better than the other. So I would use this app only for a group of pictures (such as pictures that would go on my anime wall) that aren’t able to get by through other apps like freeprints or shutterfly, but for other kinds of pictures like with family, aesthetic collages, I would use other apps. Good for the price though.
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8 months ago, Heyman2004
Exceptional Print Service
Snapfish has exceeded my expectations with their top-notch print service. From start to finish, the process was seamless and hassle-free. The website is user-friendly, allowing me to easily upload and customize my photos. The print quality was absolutely outstanding, capturing every detail with precision and vibrancy. Moreover, the turnaround time was surprisingly fast, ensuring I received my prints promptly. The packaging was secure, protecting my prints during transit. Customer service was also exceptional, promptly addressing my inquiries and ensuring my satisfaction. Overall, Snapfish is a reliable and trustworthy platform for all your printing needs. I highly recommend their services to anyone in search of excellent print quality and exceptional customer service.
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6 years ago, Chaney14
Glitches and design issues
I do like snapfish, they just could do better. I tried to order my photos from the app and after numerous attempts, two credit cards, and waiting twelve hours between my tries (during the processing portion it would eventually pop up with a default message about not being able to save my cc info) I finally set up a pay pal account so I could pay for my order. The glitch, although very annoying, I can get over. My bigger issue is that you can not upload photos to your account on your phone and log into your account on your computer and see them. Seems like a major design flaw. I had to reluctantly use Shutterfly on my last photo album because of this and I am not a shutterfly fan for other reasons. Anyway, I like snapfish, I like their prints and books, just would be REALLY nice if my account on my computer reflected what I uploaded from my account on my phone.
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5 years ago, JennaJewel
HORRIBLE photo books.
I just ordered 2 photo books to give as gifts and there are problems with both of them. I should have learned my lesson years ago when there were issues with the first one I made. The newer two I made on the app, and one photo book has multiple pages of sideways pictures. They assured me they printed it exactly as I had it saved. 😐 Right. Like I’d have random pictures sideways for fun. The last 4-5 pages were all sticking together, and not cut properly on the edges, too. The other book I created on the app arrived with pages out of order, which didn’t make sense at all- and a picture I deleted from my project was there on the page I had deleted it from. I do not understand how I have had such bad luck with all three books I’ve made but I won’t make that mistake again. They gave me credits but I don’t even want to waste more time just to be disappointed again. Huge bummer and I wish they would have just given me my money back.
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6 years ago, Wyldraider
100 free 4x6’s
I found Snapfish on google while looking for a good app to print pictures for me. I ordered 4 16x20’s and I received them pretty fast. Two of them was pixelated so I contacted snapfish and with no hesitation they offered to replace them at no charge. Now that’s good business there! They also offered me 100 4x6’s for no charge. I immediately found the 100 I wanted printed and loaded them onto the app, which after the time of picking them, it was a breeze to upload them to send to be printed. I’ve always said nothing is free these days, well maybe I was wrong. I just sent them off, so I hope I’m not speaking to fast. But I’m sure if any are unsatisfactory they will make up for that. My next project will be a picture book and a canvas print. Snapfish is easy to use and a great bargain with awesome prints. I’m so glad that I found them when I was in search of! Harold Nichols
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4 years ago, trinaf7143
I use this app for every photo related gift.
I absolutely love Snapfish. I use it every time I want to print out photos or give a gift. Their options are amazing and there’s something for everybody. I’ve gifted coffee cups, canvases of all shapes and sizes, calendars, tote bags and glass prints. I’ve only had two times that the gift that was delivered wasn’t up to my or snapfish’s standards and each time I contacted costumer service I was treated with compassion and the issue was resolved with a new item sent to me free of charge. Their costumer service is awesome and I love that I can text someone rather than talk to them on the phone since I have a rambunctious toddler and talking on the phone isn’t always an option. I recommend snapfish all the time and I will continue to use them for years to come.
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5 years ago, Amaya2610
Snapfish is great BUT
I love snapfish, i used it to order 200 photos for a project that im doing and the prices and quality is amazing. The only things that are a drawback to me is the fact that you cant work on the same project on the app if it was started online. Also, there is no google photos support. I connected to my google account (the wrong one might i add) and only about 10 photos showed up when i have way more than that. This isnt a huge issue but it is annoying that they dont connect well. Additionally i think that it should support connecting multiple google photos accounts because many people, including myself, have different accounts for different things so i would like to see that implemented in the future. Overall, a great company just need to improve small things that would make the experience a lot better.
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4 years ago, Maribel Q.
I want to love it BUT...
Snapfish online has been my go to for ordering pictures for YEARS. Having recently had a baby, I finally downloaded the app to try and keep up with baby’s pics but I’m afraid I find myself annoyed most of the time. The interface is extremely annoying. Every time you go in you get annoying pop-up messages you’ve asked NOT to keep displaying. My BIGGEST gripe is the forced cropping on all pics. This feature alone is making me want to discontinue use of the app ASAP. I find it utterly frustrating and distasteful having to choose the outer parts of the photo I have to cut off. Oh, my baby’s hand, my hand, someone’s face. Really?!?!? Take note that this is NOT an option you can turn off. The app will force you to crop ALL your photos! Also, if you’re in the middle of selecting prints and decide to add more pics from your phone, it doesn’t allow you to access the project you previously created. It treats it like a separate project. Overall, I find the flow, forced cropping and overall app functionality frustrating and disappointing. I really did want this to make my life easy to order pictures but so far the experience has left me far from impressed. Such a bummer. I love love love photos and I had such high hopes to ‘easily’ stay on top of documenting my baby’s life with up-to-date photo prints. Womp womp.
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4 years ago, cat alb
Use at your own risk
I really thought this app and company would be great, but I will be deleting it. I made 2 orders a day apart. One made it, but the other did not. I made these orders the end of last month to ensure they’d arrive on time for events. I noticed that the order had been “returned to sender” without me being notified. After being extremely reasonable with the customer service chat, I was really disappointed. Their response was that they would replace my order for free and IF my original order did make it to me, then I could keep that. Meanwhile, it was “returned to sender.” After thanking them profusely for their time, I asked if my order would have a rush or something since I had been careful originally to order so far ahead of time. Their response was “we our part from our end. Your email has the expected delivery date.” Replacing my order for free after losing it, and then promoting me to check my email, really isn’t enough. As someone who did things correctly, this is really terrible.
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4 years ago, Pull Up A Chair
Don’t use this unless...
They stick it to you with ridiculous shipping fees. Don’t use this unless you pay extra for the best shipping choice because using their “cheapest shipping” means your order sits at a UPS holding facility for about 10 to 12 days then it’s switched someplace to US Mail. I figured I’d get my order in about a week since my choices included overnight at over three times the cost of the prints themselves, then a choice at equal the cost of the prints that would arrive in about 5 days or the big mistake I made, the cheapest shipping at about half the cost of my prints. I’d comment on quality but I have no idea if it’s great or absolute crap since my prints are in a “facility” just waiting until I die before they’re shipped to a United States postal facility and “mailed”. I’ve reordered my prints through a private lab in CA (which is what I should have done in the first place) since there’s no way Snapfish’s quality will meet my needs for what I’m doing. My fault for that. Lastly, their app says I’ve never used their “services” and I have no pending orders. To find out where the prints are, I had to “live chat” with some poor guy in India who would rather be anyplace besides a Snapfish service center in Mumbai. After that... 3 days later, there’s no tracking available. Just get regular photo prints from Amazon’s service is my advice. Photo books are super easy to create on a Mac and work isn’t deleted by a dreadful app.
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6 years ago, Giggle 27107483827360987544321
Good basic photo book functionality, some glitches
I recently made a photo book, and overall the app was pretty easy to use and good for making a basic photo book. I’ve made dozens of photo books online with my laptop or desktop, and found for the basics this did a good job. There is some room for improvement though. It seems a little buggy…I found that I had to redo several pages because they seemed to disappear after I had added them in. Also not the easiest to move pages around and add pages in the middle of the book. All pages are added at the end as far as I could tell and then you have to move them to wherever you want. Would love to see more design options with backgrounds and add and design elements. Overall though, not bad for a quick photo book.
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5 years ago, Katman21
Happy to Unhappy
I received my Christmas cards 10 days after ordering them and was super happy when I first got them. I loved the quality of the cards and the photos were very clear. Then when I began stuffing in envelopes I started seeing some mistakes on the imprinting which was gold foil saying PEACE LOVE JOY. The ink was faint on several and then non existent. On 90 cards there was no gold foil message. Then upon counting the messed up ones I realized I was 36 cards short. Then after calling immediately I was told they would print new cards but I would not receive until the 17th of December. I told them that was unacceptable and they said a manager would email me which they didn't and when I contacted them later that night via live chat I was told the 19th. And manager still hasn't called. I am not a happy customer anymore. Do not take a chance with Snapfish. You may get lucky or you may end up like me...very displeased with their service.
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6 years ago, T.S.828
Horrible. App freezes constantly.
I’m a t-mobile customer and I had a coupon for free 4x6 pictures on this rinky dink app. First, it took forever to download the app. The app itself is not user friendly. Settings, functions, orders placed etc., just not in convenient spots. I selected the pics that I wanted from my album, then the app froze and closed me out. After making two attempts, I was finally able to log back in, only I had to re-select my photos AGAIN. I went to check out and redeem my T-Mobile coupon, everything looked good, told me to expect my prints by the 29th. Then it started to queue or download the photos - keep in my this was AFTER I ALLEGEDLY completed my purchase. I emphasize ALLEGEDLY because when I went back into the app to confirm the purchase, it said it had no history of my order. What? Ok. So I tried to re-purchase the prints AGAIN using my T-Mobile redeemable coupon only to be told it’s invalid? Now, how is it you have no record of my purchase, but tell me I cannot redeem the coupon? Either way, I’ll be deleting this app and warning anyone looking to purchase prints to leave this one alone. I thank God I didn’t actually put money down or else I’d really be livid. I wasted over an hour of my time (this was how long it took to download+the multiple attempts to purchase the prints) that I’ll never get back. It’s a shame, cause it looked like a really cool app. Oh well. Purchaser be aware.
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5 years ago, Dictionary on the go
Aalllmmmooossstt there!!
The Snapfish app has improved A LOT!! The speed of the uploads are now compatible with what we expect in this day and age of internet media. The easy of navigating through the app, though, not so much! Below is the answer I got from cs after asking why I couldn’t switch the pic on the bk cover of a book I ordered:Hello maristela‍, Thank you for contacting Snapfish‍ Customer Service. There was a temporary issue that caused our Live Chat to be disconnected. I am sorry for any trouble or inconvenience this may have caused you. You can delete and add the pictures on the front and back cover for all the book types except linen and leather cover Actually, there is no problem with Snapfish application and we had no report of any issue so believe you may be experiencing temporary technical glitch due the APP version OR OS version is not updated. May I ask you to try the following troubleshooting methods which should resolve the issue 1) Re-install Snapfish APP 2) Update OS on your phone to latest version 3) And at the same time ensure there is sufficient space in storage 4) Restart the device after update of APP and or OS is completed Sincerely, anusha Snapfish‍ Customer Service Nothing worked!! I deleted the whole project n started afresh, selecting the bk cover last. Sincerely, Maristela Customer
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6 years ago, Pharmgal22
Good app, needs improvement
I’ve used snapfish for 12+ years. I mostly use the computer but have used the app for a couple of years. In the past, the app worked great but now it won’t show the photos that I’ve uploaded to my account. When i choose “photos” then “snapfish” it says that i need to upload photos so i can see them. I’ve already logged in and it shows my past projects just not my photos. It would be so helpful to see what I’ve already uploaded in the app. The way it is now, i need to be in front of my computer when i upload to see what I’ve uploaded....which defeats the purpose of the app. I think it just a bug but I’m hoping it can be fixed soon in a update. Other than that, the app is great and very helpful to get pics off my phone.
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4 years ago, #Roadtrip1yukwe
Mobile app is so frustrating
I take pictures with my phone so it makes sense to use the Mobile app to upload photos to snap fish. There is no way that I have found to start or save a project. The first time is spent hours uploading I lost all the pleads and had to start over. There is no good support and the live chat simply made my efforts using the app even more frustrating. I don’t think I’ve used a more frustrating app, maybe ever. I gave up trying to order about 5 times until I finally found a day to dedicate to live chat. Even that availed to nothing and I just finally completed an order but none of it made sense along the way. Blindly placed an order for just 4x6 prints. I was too afraid to try to order anything else as I might have to start over from scratch. The pricing and offers were nice but the frustration may not be worth it to most. This may likely be my first and last order unless they can make the mobile app user friendly.
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5 years ago, Veroloca18
Easy but iffy
Very easy to use. They have a great “project” section so you can make albums of the pictures you what to print. They have all the coupons on the deal side but you can’t double use coupons except with the free prints. Not fair if you ask me. What if you are ordering a bunch of stuff and want to have a discount on the other items that are not on sale, only fair. They should have a way to apply the discount to the full price items and not lied about it, it was funny how it kicked the canvas discount ($5 each) to add the 60% of the entire purchase and said I didn’t have a qualifying canvas in my cart. I obviously didn’t so I took the canvas discount as it was bigger but still, shipping is already a lot, having to pay it twice to get a discount... defeats the purpose.
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6 months ago, SCUBACHARI
Beware the Shipping and handling charges!
The review I sent to Snapfish after my experience ordering photo prints, two calendars and a photobook: State your shipping charges up front and make them more transparent and easy to find. Your shipping costs are exorbitant, and your “sale prices” very misleading!! I spent hours putting together a photo book and calendar before being able to ascertain the shipping costs which totaled more than the cost of the products! I feel so ripped off by your shipping charges and would love to actually see how much you paid for the delivery of my items. There is no way basic shipping for 100 photos should cost almost $12!! I went ahead and put my order through anyway because of the time I’d already invested in the projects, but never again! If you thought your shipping costs were actually fair and reasonable, you would be so much more up front about them! What a sham!!
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9 months ago, Hristov,M
Worst Experience First time customer
I ordered a bunch of pictures for my daughters graduation party, and I got them all back and they are not good quality at all. Had to reach out via “chat“ because you can’t call to talk to somebody. And I got nothing but oh I am so sorry for the inconvenience, oh, we apologize, or will make this right. And in the end, there’s nothing that they’re going to do or can do they say because of the fact that the pictures were downloaded to them at a slower resolution. And I explained to them in detail that nowhere does it communicate in the app anything about making sure how you send your pictures resolution wise. Which I don’t even understand that to begin with in the first place. And they’re still charging me for sad pictures and I can’t even use them. They’re crappy. I would never ever use Snapfish again and I would recommend going forward no one else either.
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6 years ago, griffiti
Needs better app/website communication
I love the photo prices and credits, and the ease of uploading photos. However, I was irked when I spent 20 minutes at the desktop site, filling my cart and editing my photos, only to find that when I came to app to use my credits (why in the WORLD can we not use credits at the website?! Lame), my cart was empty and no edits had been saved. I also had wallet prints in my cart, and discovered that the app doesn’t offer that size. Why not? Also, I like being able to enter a bulk quantity on the website; if I need doubles, it can apply that quantity to my entire order. Why is this feature missing from the app? It’s very tedious. If Snapfish can streamline with app/desktop changes being saved together, I would be a happier camper. Until then, Shutterfly is the superior app.
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5 years ago, Bgchen88
HORRIBLE Functionality. Waste of Time.
The functionality of this platform is horrible. Photos dont crop correctly, alignment tools are off, templates are terrible. Thought that it would be easy to interchange an unwanted picture with a new one? Nah. Oh, most importantly you would probably like to save and order your photo book when its done right? Forget about it. I made it a point to periodically save my work to ensure nothing got deleted and would double check that the loading bar would complete and I would get the save confirmed message. Yeah, that worked. But when I go to add to cart and check cart is empty. I find that even though it was all confirmed my book was never added to my cart...and my project had reset to the previous day when I had begun the project. Horrible. No way to recover it. SAVE BUTTON DOES NOT WORK. Some would argue its a very important feature but apparently they think otherwise. Good night.
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1 year ago, Kiss My Converse
Slow, no image search
HOW are people giving this 5 stars? Snapfish clearly doesn’t invest in their app and only want users to use the website. The app is basically unusable. Trying to search for a specific photo? Can’t. Trying to use basic iOS features to find people in your library? Can’t. What if I just search in Photos then share into Snapfish? Can’t. In design mode and need to add another photo from your library? Wait because to add a new photo it has to re-index your pictures apparently it has to load for 30 seconds every. single. time. If it hangs, doesn’t say why you just get a janky low res spin icon then you have to hard close re-open and start all over. I have a hi-speed connection, latest iPhone, latest OS, latest app version so that isn’t to blame. I’d love to be able to depend on a photo printing service to send family and Snapfish isn’t it. It’s 2022. Come on.
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7 years ago, MCSoto3329
Convenient, room for simple improvements
I enjoy being able to have the app on my phone and so convenient to do a quick order. The 100 free 4x6 deal is a fair deal. The shipping for me was $9.00 but I look at it as $0.09 per print with free shipping. Which to me seems fair. The edit option is very limited. The crop feature is zoom in or nothing. I’d like to see free form cropping added to the free prints deal. Also, the crop automatically trims the photo instead of printing the full photo that I am not thrilled with. Knowing the deal is applied isn’t abundantly clear until you are at the end of check out. Then you see the cost of the prints discounted out and that the only charge is shipping. Plenty of room for simple improvement within the app with some attention to detail and end user experience.
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