Sneaky Sasquatch

4.9 (180.4K)
378.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Apple Arcade
RAC7 Games
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sneaky Sasquatch

4.87 out of 5
180.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Serene Chaos
Top notch game
This is really well done. I compare it to the top 2D games out there, like Stardew Valley, and it blows them away. All the mechanics are so much smoother than any other game I have played. They did fishing for touch screen controls right! I was never able to enjoy the fishing aspect of those other games (which is why I quit playing Stardew,) and Sneaky Sasquatch hit the ball out of the park. You can even fish while in a canoe or boat and it is so well done. All games have parts that can be aggravating as they continue to improve and update, but this one has the least. Almost all of the bugs or aggravating features are so incredibly minor. Unlike Stardew, the time for a full in-game day are reasonable enough to enjoy what the developer created and doesn’t cause anxiety. In keeping the daytime a bit longer, it shows they didn’t lose sight that we play to decompress and find laughs and enjoyment. And there are plenty of LOL moments in this game, from comments NPCs make to situational setups. It is so darn cute!! I love the mischievous fox so much. There are countless minigames in the game that are fully enjoyable, like a 9-hole golf course, ski competitions, auto racing, motorcross, etc. But even the mini 8-bit games in the arcade are smooth and well done, as if they were a separate, highly rated game. I have not had my competitive nature pulled out so much before, and its done so … sneakily! Lol. Thank you to the developer for valuing excellence for the end user.
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11 months ago, pawesomegal
Great Game
So, im a Long time player and this is in my top 5 favorite games ever owned EVER, and honestly you hit the mark. There are no curse words, no adult content, the humor is hilarious and everyone would get the joke, it’s all amazing. The characters are spot on too (my favorite is the bear). So as a long time player, I have a few suggestions. #1, we need a dog show! After you get the dog and level him up a bit, you get tricks. Well, we need some sort of dog show. It could have different shows too, like races, rally (which is a dog obstacle course), and then tricks. It could be located somewhere nice like the town. #2, we should be able to pick a gender! I think that Sasquatch is too manly, and there aren’t enough girl costumes! Like maybe you could choose what gender you were, and the girl could have smaller teeth and a bow or something. And the outfits could be girly with skirts. This one I don’t want as much as the dog show, but if you had time for it I think it would be cool. #3, more storyline! We need more evil bad guys other than Mr Pemberton and Pemberton Jr. Maybe one of the animals could be plotting something evil? Maybe one of your friends is trying to sabotage you. Or maybe…sasquatch finds more sasquatches? I dunno, I just want more storyline. Anyways, thanks for reading my review, and to any parents, this is a 100% kid friendly game, and I think you should get it. Have a good day, awesome game! -PawesomeGal
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7 months ago, mdzuskeujrdjdtdmdmtffffm
Good game, but we have a few suggestions :)
This game helped me get through my Covid quarantine recently and it was really fun. I also love the fact you could watch TV shows and listen to radio and call on the phone. The only fact is, there is a part of the trailer for the campground, which shows the Sasquatch riding a canoe with the park ranger looking depressed. I haven’t been able to do that. Can you show me how? I hope you guys make a consle version because I have a Nintendo switch. And running away from the my guard is too hard could you could you make it so that well that in the shop or maybe even make it cost some real money, you could purchase a gamepass would you let you go in faster than any guard? Also, I don’t know how to purchase any human body clothing? Could you help with that too? i’ve also gone into the town, but I realize when you going to jail it only last for one day which most people think is a good thing. Well, I think that is kind of boring, considering not all jail schemes cost one day. Could you make it so when you went to jail in or got kicked out by the park ranger, tell the reason why you did and for jail, make it more than one day, depending on how big the scheme was. also, I think you should be able to do more than what is shown in the trailers. Please except all my suggestions. I would really appreciate it.
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3 years ago, LexiePoo123987
do recommend! but ... [spoilers included]
it’s a very nice and addictive game, but i’m disappointed that certain features weren’t added or thought of before. i’m not sure why this isn’t already a feature, but when you’re doing a race for the rabbit, i think you should be able to teleport back to the rabbit so you don’t have to keep going back multiple times. i’m currently on the race in the ski mountain, and you can’t miss a second on that one, so i’m sure you can understand how running all the way back to the lodge, on top of having to put your costume and skis back on just to redo the race is aggravating to me, so please change that. i’m sure it’d be very convenient to other players as well. another thing i wanted to add was that i think we should have a certain spot on the map for different things. i understand that the entire point of the game is to explore the world as a sasquatch, and that people could easily use that button to escape from the rangers, but i just wish that there were more places we could teleport to instantly. it would also be nice to have the rangers off of you after you do a rabbit race and don’t make it! ^these are just a few ideas i’ve had, i just recently installed the game and once you get the gist of it, it’s very addictive and can also be fun! i do recommend this app, but i hope that the game devs look at this review because i really don’t want to keep running all the way back to where i started LOL! <3
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2 months ago, Review doggg
Good but glitchy
I really like this game, honestly the only I game I play these days, but some things are glitchy, or not well done…..unlike the rest of the game. For example when you go fishing the fishing hook is really weird and only sometimes lets you place it where you want . Also, people go through you, like the other campers……weird huh. They kinda just walk through you if you don’t move, which in my opinion is a glitch. I really like the characters, though. The bear is really funny and the fox is sneaky, which gives a nice variety. You can explore for hours and never get bored and each time I play I always find something new and interesting to mess around with. Plus, there are no adds, which is awesome!! You can get notifications from other people playing the game that you friend, like me and my friend get each other’s notifications like 'This person' ( it’ll say the name) 'beat your score of most coins earned in lifetime' or something like that. Also the rangers and other campers, if you don’t have the human clothes skin yet, give you enough time to hind or runaway if you’re caught stealing or anything like that. You have plenty of chances to earn coins and the missions are endless! Things at the raccoon shop and other places that sell things have affordable stuff so that’s good. Over all, the glitch is a small problem that can be easily fixed and I definitely recommend this game to you. 👍
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2 years ago, notasasquatch
so good I made a second review
Sneaky Sasquatch is probably the best game you can install on your iPad/iPhone. If I could only install one game, this would be it. I love the bike and ferry update, yet I still don’t know how to get mushrooms. One problem for me is getting coins. I’ve fully upgraded my supercar, and even had the time to take off the roof. The orange, trash, and beef jerky trick just isn’t working for me. I’ve already used all the coin numbers to get like 500 coins, but now they’re all gone. I would want to see a plane update where you could salvage parts and repair it. Heck, I’d even enjoy a private disco club in an attempt to revive disco. You’d have to wear either party clothes (added with the update) or a fancy suit to be a V.I.P at the club. By the way, does anyone remember that teaser that came out on April fools day? Something like that would be cool. Also, maybe Mr Pemberton could break out of jail and make some time machine thing using a radioactive substance. Due to an unfortunate mishap, the chemical jar broke and all of Sasquatch Valley was being exposed to dangerous chemicals. These chemicals caused all of time to shift around. For example, in one place there would be alien spaceships for the future, and castles for the Middle Ages. If the devs think this is a good idea, they’ll probably add it. Anyways, I think this game deserves 10 stars and a lollipop for outstanding work.
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3 years ago, mr awesome is the best
New update
I really like this game but I would like it more if you could co-op with people and I wish you could get more jobs instead of r-Corp and being a police this game is super fun and I give it a five star rating because I always have something to do it’s just that once I finish the story I kind of get a little bored. the police update was really suspenseful because at the end it looks like the game caries on so my opinion would be to be able get a job at a lot of places after you finished with the main one but if you guys have other ideas the game is still fun. I also would like it if you made a hospital and a adoption center with dogs you guys should make a bigger map to cause I’ve seen like everything and it’s kind of getting a little boring so if you could do that that would make the game so much more fun I also read some reviews saying that you should be able to fast travel to other places besides your home I think that you should be able to travel to your job I also think that you should drop the prices for things cause I’m not paying 20 bucks for a box of popsicles so if you guys could do all of this that would make the game a lot more fun for me. I also think you should be able to buy a house on the marina and everywhere in general. Make airports neighborhoods just things that will make the game more fun
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6 months ago, SwimmerZ6
Thank you so much
Now, remember my last review, I do really love the hospital thingy but I haven’t. I mean I just was going to go check it out because I thought it was cool. but they are two things that I don’t really like about the update number one that now Sasquatch can get hurt number two the police officers can now drive on the road even when you’re not getting chased by them, so could you please remove those two things in the 2.0 update also, maybe let us go inside also, why can I not go inside the ambulance? or the firetruck because I have the vehicle keys also, please let us go inside the fire department. but the rest is pretty awesome. By the way you already knew that you can make a firefighter hat before this update right cause I saw YouTuber do it also, what did you add in the 1.9.8 update because I missed that update anyways bye oh, and also please respond by Valentine’s Day in 2024 oh, and also I went to the RV park cave, to make it Halloween the next day in Sneaky Sasquatch but then I went to he always goes and for some reason he wasn’t there so I thought it was just a glitch so or maybe it like closes cause I did do that at night time just now actually, I went to bed and then went there again and he still wasn’t there is this a glitch or are you not allowed to make it Halloween near real life Christmas
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3 days ago, crboogaloo
Idea for a new update!
Nothing will ever beat this game. It is truly the best game in the ENTIRE WORLD. And I have an idea for an update! And a new mission! Here it is, so basically on the ski lift, there is gonna be a trail at the top and you gotta walk down until you find a cave. But the cave is melting so when you go down it you gotta watch out for falling icicles! And you will find Abominable! He is a yeti. And he is Sasquatch’s long lost brother! He tells you that his cave has been melting! So when you go out and go down the escalator, your gonna go inside a bush and outside of it there will be a lady in skis complaining to the owner that flowers are blooming and there are grass patches all over! So then, you, as a detective will use your scuba gear and camera to go into the little pond inside the ski resort. You will see a dark hole that you have to go down. And your gonna see a little cave with air in it. It is filled with heaters. And who is running them? A paleontologist! But he is not good. He found a mammoth frozen in the ice and was using heaters too melt the ice! But he found even more stuff! He found frozen dinosaurs too! And he wanted to make sure that those dinosaurs are alive and take over Sasquatch Valley! So you have to find out where those heaters are connecting to and stop them! Please add this apple!
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2 years ago, sneakysasquatxh4life
Best Apple Arcade game ever!! Driveable RVs?
Let me just start by saying that this is easily the best game Apple Arcade has produced! All of the controls are smother than some console games, and the open world feature takes the game to a whole new level. The fact that you can customize your vehicles to the extent where no car looks the same is incredible. I do have a few suggestions that would take it to a whole other level. Drivable RVs. My friend gave me this idea that would work like this: you would buy an RV off of a camper in the campground, and the RV allows you to sleep wherever you want, and would add a whole new feature to the game. You could also customize the interior so you could make it your own, and you could even upgrade it so that you can add a storage space for cars inside it, like a golf cart of the go kart. My last suggestion is to add a sports arena where you pursue a career in the sport of your choosing, and even earn some coin along the way. You could also become a manager to lead your teams to victory! The controls make be a little bit harder to make, but if the developers could pull it off, the new feature would be one of the bay in the game. Overall, great game, but the developers could take this to a whole new level if they hear me out.
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3 years ago, ilikeplanes2011
I usually hate mobile games cause they are not unique and are full of ads. This is one of my favorite mobile games ever. It has a simple plot and a story while you get in shenanigans. All the animals are funny and amazing in their own way, they greet you and give you challenges to make sure you never become bored. The fact that you have to pay to do certain things, but not in a actual money way. You can steal food and give it to the bear and you can find little coins around the map. This sense of succeeding to get something pushes me to steal more. The map is huge and it’s very hard to traverse it fully. I love it’s little story about trying to stop the shutdown of the campground and the little side stories. Every single human is unique and has funny dialogue. The hunger bar element also gives a sense of survival to it. The fact you can disguise as a human and talk to them makes it better. I love to collect the fishes for the fisherman at the side of the lake. I love to fish and canoe and put golf balls with a club. You can ski down a cliff and explore a city. You can hang out with humans and try to escape the park rangers. You can look for the pieces of the treasure map. You can do ANYTHING. This game is so good it’s hard to comprehend, thank you for making this game.
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1 year ago, Owenator23
To the developers
I was thinking of a few good ideas that I wanted to share with you: A while ago I noticed that in the caves there seemed to be ore of some sort. And I was wondering if there could be a miner update where the campground cave could expand and there would be a sign that says CAUTION MINING AREA, MINERS ONLY or something so you would have to go get a miner suit from somewhere. Then, you could mine and sell the ore like mushrooms. My next idea is a subway in the city. If you added this it would be totally awesome! You could work for the subway and eventually drive it for yourself to a secret pathway that brought you to a cache or raccoon’s second shop.(I really enjoyed the shop before I bought everything) Also a secret place to crawl through to get to the sewers or add a subway sewer system to explore. I hope you guys like my ideas! So there is a glitch with the snowball fighting place. When you when you retry the event you just did and win more than once you still only get however much you got the first time. So I was doing ski time trials and I won it like ten time in a day and when it got late and everybody left I got 3 candy canes! That’s kind of annoying and was a waste of time. Please fix this so I can get candy canes easier. Thanks
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11 months ago, Katerina kitty, cat, 67
Please read… app, developers, and people who like reviews
Ok so sup everyone this is the best game ever because there’s nothing bad in the game but it takes a long time to update the game😢😭😭 and some people like me hate waiting and I know it’s fine to wait a little bit. Let’s say two months but then it takes like four months to update and that’s sort of annoying. I almost got rid of this game because I’ve already played all the levels twice and it still hasn’t updated any new levels😡😡 so the levels are really fun just if you can stand waiting 4 months or more just for fun and then you’re paying four dollars a month for nothing and now we’re talking about how much it is to play this game 4.99 a month so if you got some change in your pocket this games for you but there’s no ads in this which is good and I would like to make a suggestion to the game they should make an airport because you could go cool places that I can be like 100 coins in the game or more cause if it would be cool to go somewhere new. Do you know what I mean? So 4.99 a month new levels every four months and no ads and new suggestion for the game and I think that’s all for now. For app developer please read because it’s. Important thank you.
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2 years ago, SOFTBALLGAL156
Yes this game is great! Best game on the Apple Arcade.🫶 I do have some ideas for the game Vet: Your dog gets sick and had to have surgery or something. Hospital: You can drive around in an ambulance and take people to the hospital. So the first job you get is receptionist so you pick up the phone and check people in. Second job is ambulance driver so you drive around and pick up people and bring the to the hospital. Third job nurse so you help the doctor you serve the patients food and give them there medicine. Fourth job head doctor so you do all the doctor stuffs. Neighborhood: there should be a neighborhood because that’s cool. You could deliver packages and mail there. You could mow lawns and buy houses there and paint homes and garden stuff. Manor: If there was a manor where a rich person lived you could be a cook for them or housekeeper. Hair salon: you could be a check in person or cut hair or sweep hair and stuff. Hotel: You could work as room service, or housekeeping, cook, check In desk or head overseer of everything, pool cleaner etc Baseball/softball field: You could go watch games or join in yourself! School: You could be a janitor, lunch person, or teacher I hope you find some of these ideas good and add them because any one of them would be so cool!
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3 weeks ago, peace_is_good
My 2nd favorite game of all time, SPOILERS INCLUDED
This is by far one of the best games I have ever played. The only thing that can beat it for me is Hollow Knight! When my little sister introduced it to me on vacation, I was a little confused. But on the flight home, I started playing and became absolutely hooked. The game has an adorable animal community where you play as a Sasquatch who disguises as a human. There are four chapters to complete, and even after you’ve done all four, there is still so much to explore! And just when I think I’ve done everything, a new update comes along and changes everything! Also, there are snowball competitions during the holiday season, as well as super fun activities during Halloween. Devs, if you’re reading this, please add an airport to the game as well as new areas to explore. Some more chapters would also be nice! I have a feeling the next big Sasquatch update will be an airport because there are many hints towards one in the Sasquatch news show. Anyways, this is an amazing game that I would recommend to all of my friends! I spend hours just reading Sneaky Sasquatch fandom to learn about new updates and side-quests. Sneaky Sasquatch has something for everyone! It’s completely free so get it right now!
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5 months ago, GMChrysler
Great game
Ok this is the best game that’s known to man I mean really no kidding but it would make this game even better if: 1. Please add some more storyline I know u came out with a rly cool new update but I read some reviews and one person was asking the same thing I rly liked the idea that Sasquatch finds other Sasquatch’s somethin like that because that would be cool 2. I think u should add I dunno maybe some KIDS because maybe u could like talk to them also if there’s kids there’s gotta be a school and i think that you should be able to like go in the school and sign up and then after school you go home. 3. You should start keeping track of time like name the days and some thing would be closed on certain days and school you wouldn’t go on weekends but one more thing on school if u don’t go to school you should go to jail because yknow 4. I think u should let Sasquatch have parents and have Sasquatch start off as a kid and u grow up and you can have kids and maybe marry not a Sasquatch but a person and person kids but how bout a twist when ur still a kid your parents get taken away by the police and you have to save them Well that’s all I hope you consider my ideas cuz that would be great goodbye -Goatman
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1 year ago, 🎮👩🏽
Just wanted to let you developers know how great of a job your doing. Coming from someone who has a a lot of knowledge on game designing, I think you guys are doing an A++++++++++++++ job! I see in the reviews that some people get frustrated with the slow update thing but let me tell you that when they do an update it is SOOO huge that it is MIND BLOWING!!! Think about it guys, just to add the new chapters alone, not even thinking about all the extra stuff they so graciously add, requires SOO much time and effort. Their designs and updates are so complex no wonder they only update it two times in a year! And those updates keep me busy until the next one. You can always better your scores on any mini game, you can earn more money to buy more things, and I understand if your the kind of person who wants an update every month or so but let me tell you how LONG it takes them to program these updates! I mean… WOW!!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯Again, developers, I appreciate y’all SOOO MUCH!!!! You’ve made an app that will go down in history!!! P.S I have see the idea for multiplayer on this game pop up a LOT and I think it would be preatty cool but this game is PERFECT as it is so no pressure in adding it devs.
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3 years ago, hellokitty😀
Fun but please don’t make the mistake I did.
I am writing this review not because anything is really wrong with the game just because I’m very sad and made a bad decision that I want to tell you not to do. So I met jack in the cave and he said he would make it Halloween for a day but I had to pay a thousand dollars. I payed for it and the next day it was Halloween like promised. Now here is one of my problems then I’ll tell you the mistake I made. The problem is I got a bunch of candy then traded it in for a clown costume but jack then said I couldn’t wear the costume because I didn’t have THE FASHION DUCK! I was like what?! Jack also told me I could only unlock the fashion duck if I bought EVERYTHING in raccoon’s shop! That’s my problem now for the mistake I made. I decided to rob the grocery store on Halloween they caught me and I went to jail. Which if You’ve ever been to jail in this game you know you stay in there all night then get out in the morning. That meant I lost my chance of getting Halloween for a day. So please everyone don’t do that like i did.( I’m sure you’re not that stupid though 😂) Besides the Halloween fiasco I LOVE this game and definitely recommend it to others! 😃😁 Thanks for reading this is princess unicorn girl signing off!
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3 weeks ago, brave of gold forest
i’ve been playing for at least 6 years (on and off) and completed all the storylines at least three times you should definitely download it it’s so fun! the only thing i think needs to be fixed is how often updates come out. i haven’t played in a while because there’s nothing for me to do anymore 😢 i also have some ideas for updates! 1. amusement park~with rollercoasters and games etc sasquatch could do rides and buy snacks or even work there! 2. vet/adoption center~your dog could get sick of you feed them chocolate or other things it can’t have and you would have to take it it, you could also adopt other pets like cats, hamsters, or birds 3. school~sasquatch could go to school to learn math, writing, reading, etc and they could also add kids who would go there and maybe Sasquatch could even learn to talk 4. multiplayer mode~sasquatch could make friends with other players and maybe even make a clubhouse 5. baby sasquatch~sasquatch could have kids or adopt baby Sasquatches, maybe he found them in the forest and took them in okay bye sry for the long review! pls download i love this game! pls consider some of my ideas from a long time supporter! love you byeee!!! ❤️🌲🏡
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6 months ago, its carlos yall!!!
LISTEN ALL YOU HATERS wait there are none
See this game is great don’t understand why you would rate it a 1 star although there needs to be more jobs that you can do because I get kinda bored of making money the same way so like you could do something like doordash or you could found your own company and I know I’m asking for too much but also In the chapter 4 secure warehouse at the port I think you should be able to take the illegal goods and bring them to like an unloading zone at the police station and get like a cash prize or something also there’s a glitch with the stop signs that if you paint the middle red the back white and the pole gray signs facing where your camera is the the sign should be exactly how you wanted it but when you look at a sign facing the opposite side of the camera then the pole will be white and the back of the sign will be red if you could fix this bug that would be great sorry I have no periods I’m just that kind of guy y’all should make like lottery tickets but it might promote gambling or something I just think that would be a quick way of getting good if you’re lucky anywho great game please respond to my advice or whatever it is but uhh keep it up
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4 years ago, game review. YT
Attention developers
This game is insane I love it 1 best mobile game by far i love this I always am trying to find a cool game and when I saw an ad on this I instantly got Apple Arcade with this game as my first game I got. There are two things I want because I’ve finished this game twice with every thing in the game the thing I really want most is yes you’ve guessed it MULTIPLAYER yes this game would be insane with multiplayer the thing with multiplayer is it opens up a whole now opportunity in things to do. Also the second thing is I want an rv soooo bad I know this is a lot to ask for but I’ve played all of the subnautica games am the first thing I did was get the biggest submarine and made it a mobile base and I think that it would be sick to have a rv. (Suggestions for if you do think about having an rv) you could make it so you can only sleep in a parking lot or the rv park or at the ski lodge and just maybe (it’s fine if you can’t) but the store that is for lease could be an attachments for the rv. If you can’t do this then it’s all good and just know that your game is the Fortnite of the mobile game and even if you don’t do these things it’s all good (also love the town hall update :) don’t stress about it.
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3 years ago, Joggles111
This app is probably the best game I have played after Minecraft. This is amazing. If someone says otherwise, why? I do have so so many ideas though. One, there should be a tech store! I know there is the camera club but that is only cameras. I think there could be things like phones so you can take pictures if you do not have your camera or any film, post on some type of social media, you can also make calls from where you are, download apps, and message people. Also computers with really the same Idea but you can also right articles online. Two, PETS! There is obviously the dog, but there is also cat food so why no cats? Three, you know that cache box that you need to go to at four in the morning? I tried but fainted at 3:00 AM. There should be a way were of if you have soda, candy or coffee then you can stay up without fainting. Four, a neighborhood. The town has only 3 rooms in a renting type of place. Only we stay there though so there should be a neighborhood then that is we’re people go at the end of the day and such. Five, a school you need to pass a school and a college then you should be able to teach at the school! I have so so many more ideas but these are the main ones, thanks!
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11 months ago, robloxian_2011
Charming, adventurous, and full of VARIETY.
This is in my opinion, the BEST Original Arcade game! After the start, there are so many ways you can play the game! You can go full out story mode, ( I feel like the story mode is endless ) you can adventure as far as you can, scoping out the area looking for secret areas for FUN. I remember going to the island for the first time after making a lot of progress with the story, and was blown away how the adventure was just expanding more and more! Not only the island, but also Ski mountains, alpine woods, going across lakes to take you to a unknown island, caves, the sewer, and more. The exploration is becoming VERY much like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s exploration. And don’t forget about twilight princess, link’s awakening, and other Zelda games with big worlds to explore along your adventure. And it has a lot of charming things, along with the mischievous and interesting storyline. One thing that is popular among the kids in my class, is running over people and doing other such notions and actions. It gives a touch in the game of “you can’t do WHATEVER you want without consequences,” and it is pretty realistic in a really great way. Also, the music? Stunning. Spotless. Amazing.
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2 years ago, 🤔😏🙃
An amazing game
This is and awesome game and I agree with the person that said sneaky Sasquatch needs an ANIMAL SHELTER that would be awesome I also want more pet options and an animal shelter would be a great way to get more pets like a cat or different types of dogs. Hey I wonder if we put enough reviews about wanting an animal shelter maybe they’ll add it. If you agree with the animal shelter idea SAY SO hopefully they’ll add it😁 also I think we need more jobs I know they just added some but I would like to work at the diner or the coffee shop that would be soooo cool like diner dash inside sneaky Sasquatch (if you haven’t played diner dash it a gamer where you are a waitress) and maybe a pizza delivery service? That would also be cool 😎 and more places that the bus can take you like I wish it would take me to the port or the city idk just a suggestion oh and one more idea PHONES you could by a phone at a tech shop (or from the fox) and you could call places and order pizza and have an atm on your phone with BIT COIN lol anyway I hope some of my ideas get added thanks for reading my review I hope you choose to play the game cause it’s like SUPER fun oh and one more idea MULTIPLAYER!!! like there’s story and multiplayer.
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2 years ago, a_a_ron_ireson
When I got my new iPhone 13 Pro Max, I was given 3 months of Apple Arcade free. I put it off for quite some time since before this I never played on my phone. I always said I didn’t have time to play games, but soon realized that was not it. It was the fact anytime I went to the App Store it was always the same old being games, “Been there, done that, boring, seen too many times, etc.” Then I played Sneaky Sasquatch. When I tell you I have never played a more fun game, even better than my Xbox and PC games, I’m not lying. Every second I have free, I’m playing this game. I love how there is no pay to play, it’s simply a great story line that you create as you go. I instantly showed my family and friends, to their reply was, “You have to pay for it monthly? I’m sorry I don’t think so!” Luckily Apple offers a one month free trial to which I persuaded then into taking. After 15-30 minutes later they were just as addicted as I was, and were catching up fast. It’s now a fun-loving competition to unlock all the mysteries ahead. I would definitely recommend. You can also catch me playing this game on my deer hunting stand since it doesn’t require internet 😍
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7 months ago, 436415Am.
Really good
Ok hi my name is a amaya prob shouldn’t give you that info buts it’s alright and I love this game is fun and crazy and have lost of emotion and activity but I would love if it could add a few things , Maybe you should give us choices to say and maybe we could take talking lessons and get rewards but you can only do it 5 days a day or something like that and you could take like sport practice and maybe there can be another town where you have to take a plane like the ferry then once you got you flight licenses you can sub/ be the pilot and it takes you to a new town or something like that and there can maybe be like a SHOE store or a homeless shelter so you can help out and stuff like that, also maybe there can be a hair solon where you could also work and maybe there can be like a story there like how the map thing maybe there can be a person who we would like to impress but there like famous and then once you upgraded everything then they come and give you a better house or money I think maybe the house but that’s just me. Just my suggestions hope you consider them❤️ Anyways over all I love this game it’s free and it’s just so cool and stuff!
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3 years ago, jasmine kate17
More animals
Please can you put on a cat I would very much like a cat because I have a cat and a dog and I love my cat and I love my dog so I’m hoping for a cat because I love my cat can you try to put on the cat today you should put a horse in there too horses are my favorite animals and I really want to ride one in sneaky Sasquatch that can help me get away from the Rangers and the police you should put more animals so the game will be father because I am an animal person I love animals animals are the most cutest things that has ever lived My most favorite is favorite animal lover is a cheetah I really want to ride a cheetah in the Game Did sneaky Sasquatch have a Lotta pets because he’s friends with pets because he sneaky Sasquatch like everyone like animals because they’re so cute and loving how could you resist a puppy that looks so cute it was only one dollar you could buy it because it’s so cute and it’s only for one dollar I got a dog her her name is sour she was $20 from a yard sale my cats name is zero and especially I cannot resist animals because I am in second grade and I’m seven years old I cannot resist them it’s so hard rabbit and I’ve please I’m begging you put a horse on there and a cat please I’m begging you
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3 years ago, Racoon157
I say yes
I leave yes or no reviews on Apple Arcade games, and I usually say no since I hate Apple Arcade games. Well, most of them, that is. But this game is the best. Great graphics, is exactly like the ads so no false clickbait. If you watch the ad, you know if you want to play it or not. You can sneak around the campsites or the city. Talk to humans with disguises. Disguises don’t fool the ranger, so difficulty level is perfect. Not too easy, not too hard, just right. Most Apple Arcade games are not as perfect, so but still, the difficulty level: Food doesn’t refill in food places, (trash cans, picnic baskets, ice boxes, etc.) so one hard point. The items in shop are expensive, the useful ones, so another hard point. You can complete fox mischiefs or simply sell food to the bear for cash, so an easy point. You can hide in places such as tents, bathrooms, and bushes, etc. So an easy point. Two easy points, two hard points. If the amount of easy points and hard points are the same, the difficulty is just right to enjoy. Sasquatch isn’t real, and this isn’t even scary. But this ain’t intended to be scary. But Sasquatch is scary. In real life, if it had real life graphics it would be a horror game. If you haven’t installed this, install this!
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4 years ago, ADepressedGoose
Very Entertaining
This game is great for passing time when you're bored. There are tons of goals, races, and secrets, which adds more challenge and fun. Although, after you've completed the game, found all the secrets, and done all of the races, it's quite boring. I understand the devs are working hard on the town update at the time of my posting this, but there isn't much to do except earn boatloads of money until said update is released. In my opinion, there should be more to do after you've finished the main objective of the game. Other than that, i would highly reccommend this to friends, family, etc. who have apple arcade or are planning on getting it. If the devs happen to read this- keep doing what you're doing! It's an amazing game and i can tell you guys work hard on it. This is split into a second part because these are all just some random suggestions. More sea life would be great, like sharks, whales, etc, if you add an ocean in the future. Another idea is pets (though that might be coming with the town update, we saw that cat food in the sneak peek), and maybe jobs for sasquatch, if those aren't coming already (ya never know with a big town update)
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4 years ago, kellinknight
Best game. Don’t listen to anyone else
I’m a man in my late twenties with children. I played video games growing up, but have not owned a gaming console since I was 18. IOS games are the extent of my “gaming” experience these days. Second, I have never reviewed a game before, but felt this one earned it. This game has SO much, it’s very light and easy to play, but does have some challenging components later in the game. Any poor review that complains about it being too “grindy” or that racing is too difficult is just ridiculous. I’ve logged 23 hours over the course of a few months with this game, and I’ve accomplished everything. That’s an average of 15 minutes a day. That’s not “grindy” that’s just a way to keep the game interesting for more than a week. If you want a game that you can binge overnight, this isn’t for you. If you want one with substance that will keep you entertained for a while, this is the most fun IOS game I’ve ever played. Too many of the poor reviews are coming from children. I’ve played “grindy” games like the “Scapes” series or similar games where the monotonous gameplay, adds, and in-app purchases drive you mad. This game has none of the above. I can not say enough good about Sneaky Sasquatch.
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4 years ago, dllrriiikdfkdfhdfhgdf
Amazing when you think your done you haven’t even began
It was the first game I got on Apple Arcade and was genuinely surprised it’s smooth not and easy to complete but don’t worry hardcore gamers you guys get your far share to with anything from furniture supply to car stores this game has it all it also has a very good selection of races fishing golfing and skiing and a soon to come town update also a storyline you heard me right a freakin storyline but open world fans you don’t have to keep doing that you can leave the campgrounds way before that and don’t have to keep doing the storymode so to fans of any gonra you got everything you want oh also you can upgrade your home and land so this is the perfect game for anyone it has amazingly cute graphics and this universe is only gonna get funner and funner so if your a hardcore gamer storyline fan open world fan or a just for fun type of person I’d highly recommend sneaky Sasquatch to you so that’s all about sneaky Sasquatch I wanna give a big thanks to apple and everyone else how made this a reality it was so amazing playing and if the people who created sneaky Sasquatch see this please unlock gates to town.
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2 years ago, SomeGuy9199
Great aside from some issues
I have had this game for about a year or 2, and it’s great, after you finish the main storyline there are far more fun things to do. Only issue I have with this is sleeping and eating. Whenever I rob the port, everything could be going great, I escape, and I’m enable ti leave, though after I pull up on my driveway, I fall asleep, when I get out the two crates I stole aren’t there, only the forklift. Or, I’m about ti get into my bed but when I’m right in front of it, i just fall asleep, and for whatever reason, the raccoon “needs” to rent a wheelbarrow to haul me back ti bed. It’s very annoying and I have lost many coins with it. Similar to sleeping, eating has its issues too, I need to walk, sometimes very far, to get to a table then, suddenly I pass out and when I wake up I’m back on my house in front of the raccoon who just shoved cookies in my mouth. It would be much better if instead of spending my Money to buy cookies he just took food from my backpack, but if there is nothing, then buy cookies. I know that the developers are having personal issues and I’m sure the thousands of 1 star reviews from children crying doesn't help, but I do hope they get the chance to update soon.
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4 years ago, Cool cat chiz
I loved it until it deleted my save file😑 *UPDATE!!
So I had this gam for about a month now and I technically finished the game and was onto the epilogue mission. I stopped playing it for Novotel than a week (before the last update). Today I try to start the game up and it keeps crashing on me. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still crashed on me even Borge I got to the save file screen. I finally restarted my phone and it began working again only for me to discover my save file is gone and I have to start from scratch. It’s a fun game and I love the pacing but I had not interest in restarting it so soon. Especially when I didn’t even Finnish the epilogue mission. I’m a little irritated but it’s still a good game. Please fix this bug. The next time this happens unfortunately I will have to uninstall this game for good. UPDATE!!!!!!! I’m sorry I was not going to just sit by and restart the game. So I did a some investigation and found that the back ups are in fact still on the game and you have to go to the settings to find them. That is an amazing failsafe that a lot of mobile games don’t have ( at least in my experience) and for that I am eternally grateful. This game is so dope
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10 months ago, dog&cat make $
Love this game!
I love this game a whole lot but I would like there to be a new update because I have almost everything unlocked and bought. I have a good idea for the next update: I think there should be a convenience store next to the electronics store. I figured out how the system should work; the player would see an ad on one of the billboards and newspapers about there being a building for lease. The player would go to either the town hall or outside the building that they would be buying. The player would then buy it for 4000 coins or so and would hire workers, upgrade the building and make advertisements. The player should get at least get 1500 coins per day so that they have a steady income and all the money and work they put into the store would pay of. Thanks for making this game and I would like you to subscribe to my idea that this should be a thing. I would also like there to be an “In memory of Joshua Eli Witsman” (who was my uncle and served as a marine and died a year after I was born) on the top of the building. Thanks again for this game and I look forward to seeing the next update. Peace out!!!½
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3 years ago, gamer4days
New update notes!
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE NEW UPDATE!!!! Scuba diving is so much fun and I love it! I just have a few notes and bug issues. I hope you add this soon, but I really wanna arrest people! Also when I’m getting oranges or meat or any stuff at the grocery store, it like jumps around and mixes up! Could you please find a way to fix this? Also I know this is crazy, but I don’t like the new way of payment. Sure, I’m all for saving the ocean-I love sea turtles a lot- I think that it should be a money thing because I payed A LOT of money on the scuba gear and it didn’t work well AT ALL! I mean I’ve done a lot of upgrades on it and stuff, but 500 bottles for a speed upgrade seems a little ecsessive. And I really like the town and I think it would be SUPERboring if it wasn’t there, but could you add like an airport or something? I would love a funny character as like the flight attendant or something! I hope you understand my issues and wishes for the game! I know I’m one sentence in the ocean of the internet but THANK YOU for reading this! P.S. I’m so excited for the Pemberton’s son story! P.S.S. Wouldn’t it be cool if the lair for Pemberton’s son was the orange cart in the grocery store? Just a thought!
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1 month ago, cool gamer ✌🏻 😎
this game NEEDED a review. and it NEEDS to be a positive one. first of all, you start off as a sasquatch living near the campgrounds. you need to live without being chased by the rangers. once you get coins, you buy stuff from raccoon, including clothes. the clothes will help you blend in, and soon you’ll discover more than just the campgrounds! there’s a whole town on the *west?* side of the land, and a whole other world full of snow on the *east?* side of the land. you can go to the race track and get cars instead of walking. you unravel treasure map pieces to help lead to something. and even after you find the “treasure”, you can live 200 other lives! you can have a pet dog, you can work the hospital, you can be a policeman, you can do whatever you want! and once you discover the city, you discover sewers, which lead to more mysteries in the world of sasquatch. it’s not even just the storyline, though. the graphics are so detailed, and it’s just overall fun. also if you like tropical places, don’t forget about the marina island. i just love this game sooooooo mucchhh. you can live another live in this game. *no wi-fi needed*
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2 years ago, UnbridledStorm3
This is a review that the devs will prob never see but it’s for them ok
If you’re reading this review and you’re NOT a developer, download the game. Quit reading reviews already and download the single best Apple Arcade game. And I mean THE BEST because it’s the top Apple Arcade game (except when a new one comes out because then everyone’s all “I gotta try this” and so it’s popular because everyone downloads it. That happened with My Talking Tom I swear it’s so dumb). So anyways, devs, NEIGHBORHOOD. Where is everyone living? The THREE apartments for rent? The island? The campground? The SKI HILL? That should be addressed in a future update. Also I hope multiplayer is already being worked on since uh… it kind of needs to be. Also just my opinion but I think we need more restaurants because a cafe, gas station, and diner just aren’t that convincing since the cafe only sells coffee, the gas station is junk food, and the diner just sells burgers, fries, and soda. Lastly, this isn’t that important but WHY- JUST WHY can’t Sasquatch talk to the dog? Raccoon, duck, fox, human, but not dog? And also we need a cat too because… cats So thanks devs who will probably never read this bye
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4 years ago, Danny Boi m8
Surprisingly addicting and refreshing!
SPOILER ALERT! I’ve never reviewed a game before, but for this fantastic game I felt compelled. It was so enticing and rewarding that I beat the game in a day. I’ve never felt so gripped by a mobile game, but they’ve created a new experience for me that no other iOS game has given me. The search for all the treasure map pieces was the most satisfying adventure within itself. The multiple ways to earn coins was very pleasant to see and kept the game fresh at all times. I recommend fishing and selling your catch to the fisherman beneath the lake for quick coin. Although it’s satisfying to earn lots of coin, this game makes the grind much more than for money. Having to SKI, RACE, GOLF, USE DYNAMITE TO BLAST A CAVE BLOCKAGE, RETRIEVE A DUCKS HAT, FULFILL THE WISH OF A TALKING FISH, AND FEEDING A BEAR FISH FOR SOME ASSISTANCE?! Pure creative genius. and fun ways to inspire the players to search and interact with all the wonderful environment. Also the music is great even despite being repetitive. :,) As a music producer I appreciated it very much, Major credit to the music producer behind it. Thanks to all the developers for an amazing mobile gaming experience I could binge. 10/10 -got my drifting drivers license as a Sasquatch
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4 years ago, nycl100
If you like adventure games this is a game for you.
This game is so fun and creative. The first time i played this game is when it came out last year (i think at the end of the year). There were some tasks that were easy and then there were one or two tasks that are hard. The tasks I thought were hard was beating or winning the ski game and also the golf game. I tried to win but couldn’t, and I wasn’t sure how to win the games. So ended my subscription last year after i tried to find the other parts of the map in the game. I felt that I was getting nowhere and it didn’t make sense to keep the game and the subscription if i was not going to play the game. Now that i saw this game had a update i resubscribed to the apple arcade games. I didn’t know that you could get better or updated golf clubs, so then i played again to win, and i won. Then i went to the ski mountain shop to get the skis to see if they worked better then the other ones that the raccoon gives. No luck, i dont ski, i have never went skiing, so maybe thats why. But my problem is that i want to win so i can get the map that the man has in the ski mountains and save the town. I NEED help, with this game.
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4 years ago, GingaAaron52
Fantastic!… but could use a little something
As most of the other reviews state, this game is amazing and I want to keep playing. Even after you beat it, you gave an entire other list of objectives. So it’s very hard and tone consuming to complete the game at 100%.… but if you’re someone like me, who plays on his phone in almost all of his free time, you’ve hit at least 80% or more completion. I can’t wait to see what gets added in the future. But it could use mainly one thing: an additional way to make money. And I know you can make money in the races and selling food. But the races get old and lose their reward values. And gathering food is entirely too time consuming. Maybe if we had a grocery store to rob, and maybe like a bigger storage container, like a duffle bag you could take into the store. That would be perfect and the bear and duck would remain to be your buyers. Also I’d like to see a golf cart parking spot in addition to the main vehicle parking so that you could keep both at the cabin. Because the cars don’t fit through the trails like the cart does. Just my thoughts. Thanks for making a great game and can’t wait to see what’s added!
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3 years ago, sean trotter
IDEA: Can you please make multiplayer
If you are going to make multiplayer this is How I would like it to be So when you’re playing sneaky Sasquatch if you open up your backpack if you look in the top right corner you will see a blue button that says invite and if you click that button you will see a list of local players who currently have sneaky Sasquatch and you can search at the top of the list for someone you know (or you can just put it on the friends only filter) when you invited them a notification will appear on the top of their screen on whatever device they’re using and if they click that notification they will be sent into sneaky Sasquatch and if they click the Play button oh there will be a big red button at the top of the screen that says invites and if they click that button they’ll see a list of all the invites they’ve been given And if they click one of those invites They will be sent to that players world. Also you can play with up to three other players. So I am really hoping you could make this :) Oh and if you read this please leave a yes or no so then I’m not hanging for so long
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4 years ago, GypsyNinja22
Engaging, interesting, and loads of fun.
I was about to give up on most of the games in the Apple Arcade, because let’s face it, most of these games are more mundane than just staring at a wall. But this game is different. It’s got a survival/stealth feel to it at the beginning, and retains that aspect well throughout the game, evolving into what feels like 5 different games that are sewn together flawlessly. Every bit of progression from the dialogue, to the upgrades and collectibles makes it delightfully entertaining, feels like a real game and not just a waste of data usage on my iPhone. Halfway through the game, you may find yourself forgetting you are indeed playing as a Sasquatch, posing as a human and just trying to do something with your life, only to find yourself searching through the garbage again for food and mashing it against your furry face hole. We need more games like this, I thank the developers for this masterpiece, from the sounds, to the side quests. I hope for a sequel maybe, or something to expand on the idea of this amazing game. My only “complaint” is that the game can be completed in one dedicated evening, leaving me only wanting more.
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1 week ago, KenJar720
This game is the GOAT
This game is definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played. I also have a few suggestions though. There should be a school where Sasquatch can get a job. There are always multiple levels of jobs so i think that the order should go janitor, teacher assistant, teacher, principle. It would also be really cool that for the next chapter Sasquatch could find himself shipwrecked on an island, where he finds Pemberton and Pemberton jr. living there. He could find tools that he gives to a construction duck he meets on the island. The duck would build him a hut in return. His dog could also help him find a treasure to buy an extra room on the cruise ship that passes the island every three days. On the island Sasquatch could eat fish and berries for food. But he has to watch out for some poisonous berries that are scattered around the island. He could find a foraging guide to help him identify these berries. But he has to find the treasure quick, before the Pembertons find out about the treasure and start looking too. Anyways, i think this game is awesome and hope that you would consider my suggestions!
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2 years ago, 😺LuzzyTheKITTYCAT😽🥰
i have never played a game such amazing as this one! i love the food, the money, and the great adventures! ive finished the treasure map pieces, the r corp office adventure, and now im on the pollution with the lake! i also introduced this game to one of my friends and she enjoys it as well! i give her tips on how to make money and where to find fun things around the valley! my sister also loves this game and she was the one who introduced me to it! heres the story on how i found out about sasquatch: i was at the apple store because my dad had to buy something and my sister and i were looking at the beautiful iPad pros and she started playing Sasquatch on one of them and i played crossy castle on the other one. then when it was time to go, my sister told me about it and then when we got home we downloaded the apps including sasquatch and we wouldnt stop playing it! ive been playing sasquatch for 5 months and ive used it for about 632 hours! 😂 i like the bad guy in the game because he seems like a bad guy from movies! it also got me thinking, maybe one day apple will make a movie about sasquatch!
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4 years ago, iamowl
A wholesome escape
I needed a game that was lighthearted, no pressure, and had objectives that took time. I am always looking for worlds to explore and will often get sidetracked finding things and snooping. This game has been a really nice break from the stress of the outside world. I love the simple graphics, the humor, and the easy to understand game-play. I could have explored this for much longer if there were more room to explore, which seems hinted-at by the roadblock leading to the city? I hope they expand this game and will definitely be playing again if they do. I don’t have any complaints outside of wishing there was more to do once objectives have been accomplished. I took a break and didn’t go back to playing after expanding his cabin a little and getting a plant. I just felt like I was going to work each day (stealing things for money) to expand my footprint at my campsite, so it became less about exploration and discovery and more of a daily grind. Would be funny if Sasquatch could sell things to more of the campers or do them favors so that the game-play wasn’t all about me doing the same few things repeatedly, to get those stacks of wood.
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3 years ago, ugfrbyxdnffagtfshh
Ideas for next update please read 123 pick me
I have an idea for the next update he has to get a girlfriend she has to be really beautiful going to the ski resort and she said she’s cold and she asked him if she can go to his house but you have to make sure your house is full of grated or you have the biggest apartment if you do say yes and then she becomes your girlfriend and then one day she finds out that you’re a Sasquatch but she doesn’t care she’s more attached To You and you get married and have two kids and there should be a school for them and other kids and there should be a bakery barbershop 💈 movie theater electronic store and Pomeranian store i have one she is so sweet and cute 🥰 and then he becomes the mayor and ceo of the company and works so hard and everyone is suddenly very nice to him and he turns the island back into a fishing colony and he gets all the fish and he gets so rich they have to build a bank vault that is bigger than the island and he becomes the richest man in the world 🌍!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!123 pick me
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3 years ago, Dog Person534
Best game on mobile
I have played this game since Apple Arcade launched and I can say with certainty that it is the best mobile game I’ve ever played. Although with the updates lately I feel as though the majority of them either add useless game mechanics or mini games that add virtually nothing to the game, long fetch quests that are tedious to do and don’t feel different from others like them, and insanely overpriced new content priced high to keep you playing the game to eventually get it. Basically what I’m saying is I feel as though at least for me the updates have hit a stalemate of sorts. Along with the meh updates I’m also not a huge fan of the stealth aspect of it. The game feels so different after you get your first disguise, and it basically eliminates the sneaky aspect of the game, you basically have an unlimited supply of relatively easy to get food very early game. I don’t want the disguises removed as they are a key part of gameplay but somehow making the stealth aspect relevant past the beginning of the game would be nice. Finally a multiplayer mode would be cool but that’s unlikely. But it is a great game and I would definitely recommend playing it.
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3 years ago, EvanBullins
Upgrading the Park
This is an amazing game. I love playing it and I have bought everything you can buy. However what I think would be cool since you really never go back through the original campground and it kinda doesn’t mean anything after the first little bit I think that upgrading it like you can upgrade your house would be cool. You make better paths, more people, different scenarios similar to how a golf cart can spawn, higher quality food in people’s picnic baskets and stuff like that. You could build buildings around the campground that would also help you like cabins to sleep in and maybe campfires which help you stay up longer. These buildings could also help you find more food and maybe if you get lucky you could find someone’s beef jerky. I also think that you could expand the campground south, since nothing is there so far, after you upgrade it a little bit. You could maybe even upgrade the RV park however I think it would be easier to expand the campground since it is the southern most area in the game. I think that it would make the campground much more relevant and it would be a great addition.
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4 years ago, SoGDee
A couple of suggestion. (Please consider)
I’ve beaten the entire game! From the new mini game clothes items to every construction upgrade, to all the arcade winnings, the watches and suits especially the top hat suit. I’ve got EVERYTHING! I only wish with the running shoes there was a button to press to activate them. Like could we hold the B/O button on controller to activate the sprint shoes no matter how we turn? Or any other controller button? And bro we need more house items to buy! And more house upgrades, Customization on house material instead of wood we could choose bricks, etc. And would be cool if we could use items and eat items directly from the bag screen instead of finding a bench. I’m saying anything but this game has potential and I love it you guys are doing great! Just continue to develop it even more or make this game into a sequel! Next it could be Sneaky Sasquatch 2 with a whole new set of items, mini games, clothes, even new animations and gameplay. The game is great but it can be greater. This is by far a Top 5 in Apple Arcade and in my opinion the best of all of Apple Arcade or any game outside of.
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4 years ago, jeffy boiiiiiehd
Quick questions!
The game itself its fine but... There is a couple questions I have for the game itself. Did you add this feature in on accident? So I accidentally ran in to the worker duck with a truck trying to give it lumber and the duck got pushed in the bush so when I talk to the duck it’s nowhere to be seen. If you’re to lazy to push the duck out the push you just have to get out the area and come back. Did you add this feature to the game on accident? 2 : Can Sasquatch wear the ranger outfit and not get caught out of any mischief? So I already beat the game and I got the ranger outfit so I’m trying to find the foxes to do some mischief quests. And I want to scare campers and hide without the bushes. So I tried scaring a camper after that wearing the ranger outfit to think the rangers that I was NOT Sasquatch. It didn’t work out. But if I have it on and don’t cause trouble that the rangers think Im not Sasquatch. The first ranger we meet I think they should ALWAYS know that where not the ranger if where wearing and since I beat the game and saved the camp that means he trusts me. If I cause mischief he should be the person chasing me cause the other rangers don’t know about this.
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