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User Reviews for Sniffspot

4.94 out of 5
10.3K Ratings
1 month ago, Courtneymarie1188
As a petsitter for my sister’s dog-reactive dog…and struggle to find somewhere to safely take her to just run and let lose and be a “normal” dog. It’s basically Impossible waiting for a dog park to be empty…and the rare occasion that it is…we stress the whole time looking for someone trying to come in. I had an amazing experience today. We had the yard to ourselves and just relaxed with the dog and enjoyed watching her just be happy and relax outside….she honestly did not want to leave. We felt safe…we had a great host who left water and toys for us and we cannot wait to go back. Such a relief to know we have somewhere to go with her now and life changing…life changing for the dog to be able to be a dog and enjoy roaming free… something she hasn’t been able to do in…I really can’t say how long. Also, life changing for us to take her our and also be able to enjoy it too. Highly recommend and while I always joked about this idea…I wish I took the initiative to make it an app myself 😂 hopefully this stays around for awhile as I can see this being a part of our routine now. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, Elletee77
Great for my reactive dog
I love this idea and I’m glad it exists! Tried it for the first time this week. I was a bit nervous walking into someone’s yard, but my dog loved it! Thank you to the founders and folks who keep this app going. I wish there were more local owners offering up their yard as it’s a bit of a drive for us to the available spots, but I don’t mind it! Yards are so decently priced. It hurts my heart that I can’t own property with a yard for my dog, but I’m glad this option exists now where he can explore so many more yards! The app is a bit slow to load and sometimes pictures take awhile, but I don’t mind. As a reactive dog owner, the angst of not being able to walk my dog at normal hours and not being able to go to parks or dog parks has affected our quality of life. I hope to see this app and service continue to grow. Thank you Sniffspot team and thank you to the many owners who offer up their yards to us pet parents!
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1 year ago, michelleandfurgiefur
Dangerous! Proceed with caution.
Sniffspot does absolutely nothing to verify that the host to list properties actually on the property, have authority to list the property, or even legally allowed to give people permission to enter the property. I went to a 34 acre tract of land in Chico Texas last week. It was listed as Alvord Texas. I did notice that there was a deer feeder but it’s not deer season so I wasn’t too worried. We went back this week and due to some concerns I felt suspicious. I requested that the sheriffs office go and check and make sure that the landowner actually was giving me permission to enter the property. Deputy Florez of Wise county sheriffs office in Texas had the wonderful courtesy of going to the homeowner and asking them if they were a member of Sniffspot and if they knew I was going to be on the property for two hours today. The homeowner knew absolutely nothing! She had chickens, and if my dog had attacked the chickens, she could’ve legally shot my dog, because this is Texas. She might have even shot me whether it’s legal or not is beside the point I would’ve been dead! And I certainly could’ve been arrested for trespassing. Be afraid. If the land, owner or property owner does not meet you, I would be I just simply wouldn’t go on the property. Sniff spot is more concerned with valid reviews. Then they are with valid listings which means peoples lives are at risk.
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5 months ago, Safish
This app has been a lifesaver for me and my two reactive rescues. I go 3x a week, this helps me meet their needs without having to rely completely on walks where they get overstimulated at times. I do understand how there could be some issues with certain sniffspots, but my experience has been safe and affordable. I really dont know what id do without it. After difficult life events, i went every day to decompress out in the country and get out of the house. Its good for both me and my dogs. The app itself leaves a lot to be desired, i dont mind simple but id give 10 stars with a few things - easier booking: entering a date manually would be great, getting a warning that you already have a booking on a specific date when you try to book (I’ve accidentally double booked a few times). Notifications: if you could notify me first thing in the morning that i have a reservation today and the time, itd be so great, i put everything on my calendar but it would be great to have notifications…. Or a real pipe dream, allow it to write to my calendar so i dont have to enter everything.
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9 months ago, Bethywithcurls
Not great when something goes awry
I reviewed the host standards and unfortunately, they don’t hold hosts to the standards. In my area, one sniffspot is amazing but none of the others have even been acceptable. Last night I drove my 3 dogs 30 minutes to a spot, that had been confirmed by the app to find the gate locked. I didn’t receive any communication until the following morning and no explanation. I finally heard back from the app and they offered me $5 for my inconvenience. I paid $40 to rent the spot for an hour for 3 dogs so $5 isn’t really worth the gas it took me to get there. I tried emailing the app back again, asking for $5 per dog, which was more acceptable and they haven’t responded. When I went back to look at the texts, I remembered I attempted booking with a different spot months ago and twice they told me they were supposed to be blocked off. At least I had communication that time but their host standards say that’s unacceptable. I’ll be deleting the app as the hosts are unreliable and the app does very little to support those of us who try to utilize it. You answered and said you remove properties when they don’t comply but this property is indeed still available on Sniffspot. I verified prior to adding to this review.
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1 year ago, Vivalosvega
I cannot stress this enough… this app is incredibly unsafe and the owner of this app has no set rules, boundaries or standard operating procedures when it comes to the user’s safety and banning people misusing the app. I had THE WORST app experience ever in less than 2 weeks of using this app. The host “Robin Roads Sniff Spot” located in Dallas, cyber stalked me and sniff spots never banned them. Sniff spots gave them 3 warnings even after I had to file a police report against them personally. The “host” cyber stalked me by monitoring my internet activity, publicly slandering my business in a review on the app, and repeatedly contacting me after I asked them to stop. I even had this “host” served by my attorney with a letter of intent to sue and press charges for cyber bullying and stalking and I can’t even block this “host” from harassing me on the app. I have contacted Sniffspots several times concerning this same issue and they did nothing to solve the issue but give this criminal several warnings. Sniffspots is incredibly unsafe as we all live or work in very close proximity and they do nothing to protect their consumers. This “host went so far as to figure out what parks I rent at and made it clear that he could find me if he wanted to. How terrifying! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. I wish I could give them zero stars.
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7 months ago, lizardharry
THIS APP IS MY NEW EVERYTHING! I have told anyone who will listen to me talk about it. I am the pack leader of a dog-reactive/fearful Mutt, a high energy Cattle Dog, and 2 young humans. Navigating a young family through a pandemic and keeping up on consistent and constructive doggy socialization has proved to be as challenging as a circus juggling act on flaming stilts; and I can’t juggle. Every morning I’d have to ask how much of myself I had to give to our walk that day. Depending on the answer, I would rotate dogs for walks or accept that I would be in “ON” mode for the duration of our outing since inevitably everyone would need a piece of me (usually all at the same time). Our walks became more of a looming to-do for me to complete than anything positive; which is actually the exact opposite of how “enrichment” is defined. Now that I have Sniffspot as a tool, I can pick a location based on distraction level and ALL my little shadows get some much needed stimulation and Vitamin D. Thank you to whomever is a part of making this operation operate. This is a major turning point in the well being of my pack and we are SO grateful! Now my focus gets to shift towards a more wholesome pack and I AM SO EXCITED to see our full potential instead of just spinning the same ol tires. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER!
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10 months ago, TrueBritt
App difficult to use and poor customer service
I’m new to Sniffspot and thought it would be a great way to make some passive income while I am unemployed. I have a beautiful backyard and as a dog owner myself, I knew it would be an asset to other dog owners to have a safe space. Unfortunately, I am finding that people are abusing the idea of Sniffspot to rent pools for themselves and friends. I reached out to support and they told me to edit my profile- therefore putting the burden on hosts to police what the site should be about. Wasn’t helpful at all and felt very dismissive. Additionally the site (both app and website) are difficult to use. You’d think to edit your profile you’d go into Settings, then Profile, but you’d be wrong. You have to access it by going into My Spot, and then Pricing and Info. Took forever to get used to that. Hosts are not allowed to see ratings until their rate their guests, which leaves pressure to rate more positively. Sniffspot is just a way for the owners to make money- they don’t see concerned about helping hosts at all. Not sure I will stick with it which is extremely unfortunate.
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2 years ago, alxsdnbl_
A safe place where reactive/anxious dogs can exist
My dog Luca and I used Sniffspot for the first time today. It is a total game changer in our lives. Recently, two dogs attacked us and we have been in a constant state of anxiety around new people and dogs. We live in an apartment so it’s been just quick potty walks for us. There isn’t anywhere I can just let him “be a dog” anymore. I just want to tell you thank you, Sniffspot, from the bottom of our hearts for having these services for souls like us. Luca was able to just “be a dog” today and we could just simply exist together. Sitting in a beautiful yard and watching him roll around joyfully brought tears to my eyes. This will absolutely increase the quality of our lives and bring very much needed peace and serenity to us. -Thank you- All the love in the universe, Luca and Alexis 🕉💗🦋
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1 year ago, KukuiBiscuit
Great concept, weird implementation
I really like Sniffspot, it’s such a great idea for folks who don’t have a yard and choose not to take their dogs to dog parks. What bothers me, and I’ve communicated this directly to them, is that so many listings have no photos, no descriptions and no reviews. Management told me months ago that they encourage hosts to list their property without a description and without photos. I find this disturbing and told them so. Safety is important to me and while people could certainly list fake photos and lie in a description, at least you’d have something to point to when you go to a place to discover it looks nothing like the pictures. I had a bad experience like this one time (although all my other experiences have been good) so I’ll definitely never go somewhere that looks sketchy, which is how these ghost listings appear to me. I wish they’d stop that. Those hosts are not getting customers anyway (or if they are, they’re not getting reviews), so I don’t see the point in refusing to give the customer any information.
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2 years ago, Kayla Viveiros
So Grateful for this App!
My husband and I adopted our dog Nala in the summer of 2021. We found out she had reactivity issues after a couple months and after learning more about it and working with a trainer, we really wished we had a nice big area to take her off leash so she could decompress and explore safely. We felt guilty for not having a big yard yet (we live in a duplex with a partially fenced yard). After finding Sniffspot via a post in a Canine Enrichment Ideas Facebook group, we were so excited to try it out. The app is easy to use—it’s exactly like Airbnb but for renting your own private space to bring your dog off leash. So incredibly grateful for this and so happy it exists. We have been hoping something like this was out there!! Looking forward to using it when we travel too!
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4 weeks ago, bl957362
Best App Ever
Sniffspot has been a lifesaver. It has made such a positive impact on the quality of my reactive dog’s life. Sometimes we try to use our apartment’s dog park when no one else is there but we have to either go late at night or deal with the stress of hoping no one else shows up. If they do, my dog starts acting like a maniac and I have to offer to leave and explain we need extra space to exit the park. Most people don’t understand and won’t move their dog far enough away for us to exit comfortably and we end up feeling trapped and struggle to leave. Having another option without all that stress has been a game changer for both of us. Thank you Sniffspot!
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9 months ago, PurpleSwan
This is the best app ever!
First this app is very user friendly and very well designed. Second the idea behind it changed our lives! I’ve been struggling with my leash reactive German Shepherd because at the moment I don’t have a backyard so I have to take him elsewhere to exercise. Since I found this app we have discovered amazing places where he can run and do his favorite things (explore, play fetch, playing in water, etc) without worrying about other dogs. I have found places where we can even hike and have an amazing and relaxing time together. I am really grateful for the app founder and the owners That make their properties available for other dog owners. They are angels. Thank you!
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3 weeks ago, ucandobettr
We took our 2 dogs here for the first time this past week and it was all around wonderful. We had a great time, the dogs had a great time. Catriona was awesome and has a true heart for dogs. She was knowlegeable, kind, friendly and welcoming to us and our dogs. We arrived strangers and left as friends. Her fenced yard was great. The fence is tall and sturdy all the way around, perfect. The yard is neat, clean and pretty with plenty of room to run and play. There were toys and treats on hand and a kiddy pool! The time went very fast and we loved every minute there and look forward to going back! A great time was had by all and we’d recommend it 100%….5 star location for sure!
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5 months ago, seeeeehy
Sniffspot was there for me when I couldn't afford a house
After separation I had to move out of my house to an apartment and couldn't afford renting/buying a house with a yard for my dog. My dog is a high energy breed and the apartment complex didn't have a training area or dog park. I live in a small town so no free fenced dog parks either. Thank god i found sniffspot I was able to find cheap play places where my dog could run wild and chase birds. Things got better for us so Im buying a house with a backyard for my dog and can't wait to open it up for other doggos to play in!!!
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1 month ago, UncleTom88
Charged me for a year despite never agreeing to any subscription
This app stole money, plain and simple. Only noticed it recently on my credit card. Charging $20 when I used it once, and made sure to cancel any future payments. All of a sudden, I log-in to see if I could use my “leftover hour; however, I had more than 15 hours. As they were charging me $20 for the past year without my consent. I’ve used many apps and have never once signed up unless I knew and agreed to all the conditions. Furthermore, I know I cancelled any recurring payments. Very, very creepy. It’s a great idea for an app. Especially for folks without fenced in yards with a four legged friend. But be very careful how you use this. If you are 100% sure you’ll use it quite often, then you’ll likely encounter minimal issues. (Even then, they try to hock random, other deals that are unnecessary.) God forbid a company is honest and up front. Nope. Instead, they feel the need to abuse. I once recommended this to friends with dogs. I will never make that mistake again. Really is a shame, as this app could be terrific. Unfettered greed, once again, ruins a perfectly good idea. Shame on SniffSpot. Who the heck enjoys taking advantage of dogs and/or their owners?
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1 year ago, rebeculus
One minor easily fixable issue
I like this app and I hope to use it to find a yard for my dog to run around in soon! There is one thing that should be updated. Under the Description section, you can click on “More details” and the text area will expand to show you the whole description. After you click on “More details,” another clickable text appears under the description that says “Less details.” It needs to be updated to say “Fewer details.” This is grammatically correct. The phrase “less details” Is incorrect and sounds unprofessional. I would very much appreciate it if you could make this correction to an otherwise awesome app.
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7 months ago, LaritaMarten
Warning: don’t purchase a membership
This app was going great for me and my pup. I even purchased a membership at a spot we liked. You get a certain amount of “credits” a month and they roll over if you don’t use them… sounds great, right? Except the host of the spot where I had purchased a membership blocked off all availability for the next few months. So even though I had paid almost $300 at that point, I couldn’t book. When I asked for a refund, Sniffspot support gave me a hard time, saying it “wasn’t policy to refund for memberships.” They made an exception and refunded me for one month, but I still had 7 unused credits that just disappeared. A waste of money and very disappointing because I was enjoying the app, but this interaction with support left me with a bad taste.
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5 years ago, Seattle_John
The perfect app for dog owners
I have been taking my dog on adventures to Sniffspots for over 2 months now. This app has changed our lives. What an awesome way to find safe play spaces for dogs and meet some really great hosts along the way. Originally designed for reactive dogs, Sniffspot is great for just about all dogs and their humans who could use variety in where they play. It is easy to sign up and book new and exciting play spaces for your dog. I’ve heard of people hosting small meetups and using a Sniffspot as a neutral space for introducing dogs who may join the pack. Give it a try!
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2 years ago, leahr123456
Love Sniffspot, don’t love the app
We love Sniffspot as a concept and have taken our dog to some really awesome spots! I just really don’t love the app and think it could be improved a lot, in particular the filtering feature. If you try to filter spots by availability, it is never accurate. For example, if I filter for spots that are available tomorrow, half the spots on the list actually have no availability tomorrow. Why is this feature so in accurate? Being able to filter by specific times accurately would be really helpful, like if you’re looking for a spot with morning availability on a certain day. Please improve your filter feature!!
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5 years ago, Imber_Chan
Finally a solution for active puppers!
My boyfriend and I actually talked about why this wasn’t a thing yet, but lo and behold it was a thing! We have a leash reactive dog and a dog who thinks other dogs are a nuisance. Enter Sniffspot, which allows us the ability to rent a space for our girls to sniff, play ball and run! We have booked the same place several times and it was perfect. We have a yard, but not a 5 acre one so this is ideal! All the pros of a huge yard once in a while without the cons of upkeep. For those of us who don’t or can’t use off leash areas, this is a critical service.
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2 years ago, Colatized
What a great idea for doggies that don’t have a yard or do not do dog parks!
I have often wondered if someone would let my dog play in there backyard for some off leash running…and here it is! Exactly that! This app is rad! Easy to use, clear details about each spot! Love your tictok pages! I just booked our first sniffspot, so have not been yet…I love this app! Wish all the spots had loads of photos…some not got any and I would like to see all spots with photos…I am really excited about this!!
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3 years ago, Vickiahhh
Notifications for Hosts
This app is great aside from the fact that you don’t really receive notifications from the app itself that you received a booking, cancellation, message from guest, etc. My fiancé and I are both hosts and only he gets the text message notifications. It would be great if I can get notifications as well not just the phone number associated with the account.
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2 years ago, iisthei
Good app but need tons of work
I absolutely love Sniffspot. I live in an apartment so I need a secure place for my dog to run around in. The filter section is horrible. If you filter by anything else other than today, 90% of the time it just won’t work. It takes more work than usual to figure out a spot’s availability. Also I wish they add a price filter too. One spot cost like 60 an hour and so forth. It’s ridiculous. opinion. Adding a price ability to sort low to high and a price range would be helpful so I can root out those greedy owners.
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3 years ago, OregonLisa
Wonderful Experience
Out Australian Shepherd was in need of someplace she could act like a dog. Lovely property feels safe and fully fenced for a good time. Owner has thought of everything with a doggie wading pool, large water trough and sheep to look at close enough to see, smell and hear but are safely cross fenced to put some distance between outlets dog and then. Price was reasonable for such a well thought out area to play. We already booked our next visit
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5 months ago, caroljoy10
Do not give them your credit card info!!
I loved sniff spot initially. But I would not give them your credit card information for a membership. They cannot seem to figure out their billing. They have been inappropriately charging my account and not giving me credits multiple times now. Twice they resolved it the third time they are claiming other “glitches” happened and my statements are false/straight up not listening to the problem at hand. It’s already hard having a reactive dog and having to fight tooth and nail for what you paid for with this company is extremely frustrating.
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2 years ago, melonmadness
Happy dogs, happy mom
My 3 dogs had an awesome time running around and sniffing. I want them to learn how to use the pool and get used to water as well. The pool is perfect because it was made for dogs and the water fall was also relaxing. He had water and Gatorade for the guess, towels, and water for the dogs. The host greeted us and helped us get situated. We live 50 mins away but it was worth the drive. Thanks for sharing your backyard.
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11 months ago, Choosetobloom
The App I Didn’t Know I Needed
The best apps fulfill a need you didn’t even know you had. Sniffspot is that for me! When it’s affordable, I love to rent an Airbnb with a nice yard for me and my pup….this isn’t doable every weekend! This app changes the game and now Penny and I can enjoy an amazing yard anytime. It’s an easy to use app, well designed and perfect for friendly dogs and ideal for reactive pups alike. I’m so grateful to the creators; thank you!!!
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2 years ago, Mollie Wienski
Thankful I found this app
I’ve been recommending this app to everyone I know. As a dog lover I keep my dogs away from dog parks- also one of mine likes his space so he’s considered reactive- but Sniffspots has been so great for my babies to still smell other dog smells without them trying to get in their bubble. 10/10 recommend! And I can’t believe it’s not more popular I’ll tell everyone about it!
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1 year ago, Snowshoe4life
What a relief
Being able to pay a small fee for access to a safe, private space is a huge relief. My high energy anxious pup can run to his hearts delight and we can work on training without so many triggers around. I hope more dog-loving folks with safe yards find out about this and decide share their space to earn a little side money and help out families with reactive dogs.
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6 years ago, __Tucker__
Doggy play area
This is a nice app because it’s finally easy to find a place for my dog to play. I have a medium labradoodle with a ton of energy, and it’s been hard to find a place in the city where I can let him off leash. Sniffspot has an interactive map so I can see which spots are near my apartment and then book them. It’s pretty cheap, usually a couple bucks for an hour. It’s great for my dog to be able to get the exercise.
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3 years ago, H.N.E.
Great app for reactive dogs!
We have two dogs, one who’s reactive and another who’s an escape artist, and this app has been amazing for helping them find space to run around. There’s an active community using the app in our area, and all of the hosts have been so gracious and our dogs have loved running around in their yards. This app is an absolute life saver if you have a reactive dog - I can’t recommend it enough!
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1 year ago, Hereisyourrstingleavemealone
I fear someone will get shot because of irresponsible hosts
Ideally the host would acknowledge each booking and inform their household members and neighbors that a dog owner is going to be using their yard at a specific time. Unfortunately there are irresponsible hosts who fail to do that, leading to customers to being vulnerable as they are wrongly viewed as trespassers. Our first few experiences were perfect as the hosts were responsible and terrific. Our last was terrifying and broke our trust with SniffSpot. It is not worth the risk. It is not at all hard to imagine how a reckless host could lead to a catastrophe.
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3 months ago, sirelvin
Dead app
This app has inactive users hosting places. Today I bought a spot and showed up to some Karen sitting in her backyard who claimed to not be person hosting the Sniffspot. I contacted the person behind the profile and they apologized and told me they were deactivating the listing. This was embarrassing, and could have been dangerous with me walking up to a house with unsuspecting people. This app probably has a bunch of inactive accounts who forgot they were even hosting places but still collecting money. I’m deleting this app and only renting from Swimply from now. They have hosts who allow pets.
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2 days ago, LenaDogMutha
To be clear.. I LOVE THE CONCEPT
I just think the app can use some fine tuning. I am still unsure why all the payment methods I tried would not go through (I verified all accounts), then the app wouldn’t let me back out or resubmit. I had to close the app completely before trying again (did 3times). If you need to fully flesh out your profile before booking, that’s fine. But the app should lead you through and make that a requirement.
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3 years ago, Dldoh
What an amazing concept. I have a reactive dog who is unpredictable around other dogs. Going to the places I found on SniffSpot allows us BOTH to relax while she gets to chase a ball, knowing that there will be no other dogs in the yard/field. I love seeing her wonderful big doggy smile while she’s getting some much needed time to play and run. I highly recommend using this app. It’s really great!!
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2 years ago, Becadec1
Game Changer for Dog Moms
I found this app when I broke my foot and was having a hard time getting my dog enough exercise. But now I’m obsessed with it. My dog is so happy when we go to these and most of them are under $10. My dog loves the ones with dog friendly pools 🤗🙌👍 10 out of 10 recommend. Thank you so much to all that host!!!
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3 years ago, mupg93
Reactive Pup’s Dream
I have a 2 year old GSD that is a bit reactive with other dogs and people so we are unable to go on hikes or dog parks. This app is an absolute godsend. I was able to find a Sniffspot that was composed of mini trails and it feels so nice to be able to enjoy a pseudo-hike with my pup completely off leash. Would definitely recommend this app to reactive dog owners.
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3 months ago, B u f
Great app with lots of potential
If you have a reactive dog a dog that doesn’t like other dogs or people or you just want some private space to roam and play with your dog then this app is amazing. I’ve found some really neat places so far and I’m sure as this app grows the better the parks will get.
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2 years ago, djdembeck
Great for reactive dogs, bad hosts
It was fun while it worked, getting my reactive dog some off leash running space. But if you rate a host anything other than 5 stars, you can’t rebook that host. It’s a system that discourages reviews. One of the spots had a gate that didn’t close. The host puts this in their description. I put 4 stars because of said safety issue. I was not able to rebook, support said to find another place. I’m fine dealing with the gate, it just wasn’t safe so not 5 stars.
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1 year ago, r-zip
Great concept, badly executed
For the most part this app is great, but there are some issues that make it annoying to use. The app is often unresponsive and slow. Also, extending your booking does not work. When you try to do it, you will only get options to book another time at least 1-2 hours from the end of your booking, which is useless when you have to drive to the spot you’re using.
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3 years ago, ZakNelson1
Brilliant idea, but poorly executed
I love the idea for this app and hope it improves. Right now it’s broken: probably faulty or poor coding. For example, tapping the “back” button doesn’t work to back out of some screens, so I’m forced to close out of the app and reopen it. And when I enter all the info in my pet’s profile and click the “done” button, nothing happens, and it doesn’t save. Ever. I’m still able to view locations though, so it’s minimally functional in that regard. But I won’t use it regularly until they fix this garbage. UPDATE (6/4/21): After seeing the response to my review from the developer, I have hope that this app will indeed live up to my expectations and hopes. I’ll check in periodically and will update this review as appropriate!
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6 years ago, Qubit_Aloha
Excellent for private play
This is a great app for off leash dog time if you need private time or prefer to explore alone with your dog. They have a lot of spots for longer adventures, or small ones for a quick run around and some fetch. There are tree farms, ranches, rivers, backyards etc. lots to explore if you can’t or prefer not to go to a dog park.
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4 months ago, EllaReyes
Unauthorized Sniffspot
*Read before booking with Sniffspot * Today I had a booking with a Sniffspot and within 15 minutes after setting up with my dogs, a man entered the yard. He was the homeowner and had no idea I was there nor did he or his wife know what Sniffspot was. This situation was super scary and could’ve been very dangerous! I was lucky my dogs nor I were harmed. After reporting the location over 5 hours ago, I have not even received an apology from the company. Very disappointed and will not be recommending
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1 year ago, Sjones909
Payment settings are frustrating
If you make an error entering your card number, you can’t correct it, nor can you delete it, without entering another card; if you don’t think to make this new card you “default card”, then you have to delete it, and re-enter it making at the default one before you can delete the one you’ve entered incorrectly. It shouldn’t take 15 minutes…
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3 months ago, Mr. Lapis
Really solves the problem
Using this service is super easy, and with a little bit of shopping, you can find a safe and user-friendly place for your dog and a very affordable price. I highly recommended.
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7 months ago, Gsc0404
The Best Thing For My Dog!
I have been using SniffSpot for over 2 years now and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever used! My GSD loves exploring all the spots and it’s completely stress free for me because they are safe fully fenced spots. It’s been so wonderful to have this available for me and my dog!
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3 years ago, shughesb921
I'm a foster mom and sometimes need space to run dog reactive dogs. This service is amazing. It allows families who have dogs but cannot own land to run them safely. My only wish is that more folks with space would join and share. I have to drive minimum 20 minutes but it's worth it.
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11 months ago, trishabug
Some of the spots…
Some of the spots that I booked and paid for, drove a distance to however once we arrived I never let my dogs out of the car. They weren’t safe and or they weren’t organized with details as to where to park, where to enter etc Very disappointing when you travel to a spot and have to turn around with 3 dogs
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3 years ago, Flamingjune45
Why are the pictures cut in half?
I haven’t tried any of the places available yet, very interested, and think the app is a wonderful idea, but why can’t I look at full sized pics of the locations. Many of the pics are cut in half and show nothing but a pile of snow or a flower box. I looked on the app to try and contact directly to ask, but there is no direct contact with hosts of app. You know what they say about pictures, right? Worth 1,000 words.
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