SNOW - AI Profile

Photo & Video
4.6 (36.7K)
210.9 MB
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Current version
SNOW Corporation
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for SNOW - AI Profile

4.63 out of 5
36.7K Ratings
4 years ago, ladysparklez909
Phenomenal, read
I love this app. It’s kinda like Tik Tok, but you don’t post anything and you can’t comment. There’s so many fun filters and things to play with it’s crazy. I’ve already recommended it to all my friends 😂 Some things to fix/add: Some things I’d like is that when you’re creating a video that you have the ability to add vids/lives/pics without being in order bc sometimes I know which pics I’m gonna use for a part but some I still haven’t figured out yet. I’d also like to be able to combine some filters, like maybe add the ability to combine a max of 3-4 filters bc I’ve wanted to a lot and it’s a shame!! In some filters, I want to remove the glasses it adds and just use the ears/tail/etc, as I’m already wearing glasses. That’d be a nice feature. I’d also like to remove the contacts in some filters as sometimes I don’t like them. If it’s possible, somehow remove the reflection from my real glasses (like of my phone screen, etc) so it looks better. An easier way to create videos without having to find a vid you like in the Studio section to recreate, and the ability to save your work on videos. It’s also be nice to be able to fav the videos you really liked so you can come back to them. Sorry I know these suggestions sound like tik tok but please heard me out 😂 Just some thoughts 🤗 keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, Bearsrulehehe
Please please please please please please please please please bring back the old snow I understand you got rid of it but if you saw so much people got rid of the app because of the missing features. I am so upset that you got rid of the features I expect that you update snow so more people will want it!. Don’t you want snow on the app leaderboard thing? If you want your app to get more views and downloads you will bring back the old features!!! I am so upset about it but I understand! Please replay to this review and then tell me what you want to say about bringing the old snow back I will keep writing these notes! Do a change please I want this to be a successful app and you can get so much money from it! But really I do understand why you got rid of it! I know where you are with your app! Just bring back calling and messaging and story’s PLEASE I am so sick of just making filters I want there to be more to this app do you understand? Bring back old snow!! Bring back old snow!!! Bring back old snow! I really want to call my friends and do things like that but… just a tip DO NOT LET PEOPLE TRACK YOU!!! And if kids download this app make sure they can make their things private for like friends only thank you for understanding I really hope for a replay from a real person and talk to your company thank you!!
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7 months ago, Fellow Reviewing User
Went From Great, To Adware.
I don’t know if the company got bought out or something but I’ve been using this app since 2018 and within the first 3 - 4 years it was the best editing app on the appstore. But nowadays the app IMMEDIATELY brings up unrelated and sketchy ads, even if you exit out of them it will open the ad into Safari and force you onto the advertisers website. This is a huge risk for Malware for the user and technically makes Snow literal Adware by definition. I don’t mind many of the newer filters being behind a paywall, this is fine I understand developers need w and I think if the app stayed the way it used to I definitely would’ve gotten a subscription for its unique features, however the app frequently crashes with little to no reason (trust me, this is not a problem on my end) and when editing it reduces the quality of the image significantly. Now Snow is trying to profit off of the AI craze (probably meaning the whole app will be pay to use soon) and honestly its sad to watch this app die as it was very profound and easy to use originally, I’d recommend using other editing apps as now using this one is extremely frustrating.
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2 months ago, Lexi lue booo
Like but could use some things🤔 please read!
So, I like this app I think it it is great way to blog or shoot a dancing video at least that is what I use it for. But I also think that you shouldn’t have to record the songs and then add them onto the SNOW thing that says you’re recordings. I think you should be able to look at your look up your own songs on the app like TikTok does so you can look up your songs, and you don’t have to go through all that trouble it would just be so much easier and you have a timer you can just look up any you want without having to go through all that trouble to get all the songs off of something that you can’t, so if you can make that change that would be great so this would be a lot easier for people to use and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then like the search bar on TikTok like you want a sound or something can you have that on SNOW and anyone that agrees with me, please say so By, Lexi brown
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2 years ago, JJ The ReVeiwer
I love SNOW But…….
So I love SNOW and all but you have to sign in to do pretty much anything. There needs to be more makeup in different colors. And I’ve only had this for a day and I’ve already seen a couple things wrong with it. Like you can’t go longer than like thirty seconds unless you have music on and I feel like that’s not enough time to say what you want to say. And you have to put a timer on if you want to keep the video rolling without it stopping. You can’t just make swipe up and lock the button in place. Which is something I think they shoo us fix. Also they need to add more filters because I’m tired of searching the filter I want. They also need to add more effects like games and tests. I really like the ones that are like Soulmate reveal or Today's Lucky Color but that’s just my opinion. So hopefully you with consider some of the things I recommended to make this app better and more like Snapchat and TilTok. Bye and have a great day ✌🏼👋👋👋
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5 years ago, sophie514808
Great, Love It!
I dont really write reviews but i have to say that this app needs one of mine. I’ve been using SNOW for years and i would like to say that i love it! The way it smooths everything out and has so many filters and cute stickers omg I’ve never gotten tired of it. However i am sad at the fact that i am no longer able to post on my story and chat with my friends. Personally i also dont like Bounce. I preferred Boomerang because it just played and didnt have a bounce to it. I’m also not able to type any captions anymore :( the choices are limited and i am not able to choose the color i want. (PLEASE FIX!!!!) I would also like it if u put a black and white filter because i dont seem to have that anymore :/ Please read and fix I really want to add captions and choose colors as well as bounce and a black and white filter! Thank You!
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5 years ago, Okaemorgan
I am really enjoying this app
I hate to say it but, I love SNOW! The way it can smooth your skin just a little and brighten up a photo just a little can really make a difference when taking a selfie/group photo. I don’t mess with the options of changing your eyes, chin, jaw, and so on because I love my face and everything on it. Except the blemishes so I just use the blemish remover. It doesn’t remove every single one. Just softens it up. I also, enjoy the filters. Someone them does alter your face a little so you can always change that but, I love the soft colors it introduces to the pictures. I am a African American woman if that helps anyone decide if they should download this app or not. You should. It’s great and easy to use and easy to understand.
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5 years ago, phionexblossom
Snow: Social Media to Photoshop?
Hi, I’ve used SNOW a lot in the past, mostly because of its former texting and video chatting features. I loved talking with my friends and family-as well as posting stories. It used to be like an alternative safer version of Snapchat, which was why I liked it so much. I’m not a fan of Snapchat sorry to say but this app somehow seemed way better to me. However, with the new update it just ruined the app for me. Like it was one thing and turned into a totally new thing. The old former version should have been kept and you could have still added the beauty camera too. I’m just saying that the older version meant a lot to me and this new version kind of disappointed me. As a beauty camera tho it’s still good and after the new update I kind of played around with it but I still missed messaging my friends and sending cute emojis. Please consider this review and I hoped it helped.
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6 years ago, L O A D I N G . . .
I liked the old version better than the current one :( this version doesn’t allow you to video call your friends or send each other messages. I also miss being able to see peoples stories and what they do during their day. (That is why I rated it so low) I understand it may be similar to snapchat (I have both snow and snapchat) but it is very unique in many ways!! It has much more filters than snapchat and i just personally think it is so much better. If only the messages and stories etc. were still apart of the app, I would use it more often. Right now, I am considering deleting the app because of the missing features. (I really really really miss being able to chat with friends on snow!!!). But please, bring back the old calling and stories thing, it was really fun to do that! And it appears that A LOT of others agree with me (looking at the other reviews). So PLEASE if you happen to see this, please consider bringing it back. Thank you :)
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5 years ago, madmosilatayoob
Videos dont stay
Please its a very good app very good but there is something to improve its really necessary first thing more filters black and white for example dramatic like not too much second thing please when we record a video why it disappear when we open other cam or leave the app whyyy i lost alot of great videos because of these and please make a draft for the videos that we record cuz l like the app and the filters but this really a big problem for me and maybe some video editing tools trim split transitions adjustment writing recording for specific video and when i play music on the phone and open the app it stops playing also why please improve these things in the next update pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee💙💙💙
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8 months ago, AllyDoesntCare
GET SNOW! It slays fr
snow is such an amazing app! it allows you to edit photos with a variety of features, like makeup, hair color changer, brushes, text, and more! i love how you can cut out images. also, there are a few features that allow users to edit videos. you can post templates and use others’ templates, or you can create private templates just for you. one of the best features on this app is the camera. you can take vids and pictures in the app, and it has the best filters (try the indiekid filter!). you can even extract audios and add them to the videos you create. all that being said, i would recommend snow. sorry for the long review, i hope it helps ❤️
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4 years ago, shuangyuqinzi
I have used this app for a long time and it has very good makeup features. I love the app and it is perfect for me. However, today when I was taking a selfie, the edit symbol glitched and went from black and white color to orange and green color. I thought it was weird but I ignored it and continued editing. But then I realized fast that no matter what makeup I chose to put on, it won’t show up and it kept glitching. And none of the makeup was saved or show up on the photo. So then I tried to refresh app but then my home screen of my phone started glitching and suddenly documents was opening by ITSELF AND I WAS FREAKING OUT! MY PHOTOS STARTED GLITCHING AND IT KEPT ZOOMING IN BY ITSELF. SO CREEPY! I had to delete the app and I deleted 5 more apps and then it stopped glitching. I do not understand why this would happen. Please fix!!!
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2 years ago, Lilly unicorn and gymnast
Creators should read! (Update problem)
Review for SNOW I personally love snow. It’s an amazing camera app that I can use for blogging and selfies and all that stuff! I only have a few problems/suggestions for the app. Number one being: having longer time to record videos. I love how you can start the video stop it and continue, but I really really want it to be longer! Just so I don’t have to use iMovie to connect them. Number two being: OK, so you know how you can add music onto your videos? Well, when I record my videos I can hear the music! After I save them, I can’t hear the music at all. Whether I’m looking at the photos on SNOW, or going onto my Photos app on my phone. It’s really annoying that I can’t put music over my videos. Try to fix that? Please. That’s all I thought, but overall great app! I would definitely tell people about it, just warn them if they get excited about music over their videos. I don’t have TikTok, so I thought this was a cool app to put music of my videos. But, I can’t even do that because it doesn’t even work. Thank you for reading my review, and hope you have a fun time with SNOW.
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6 years ago, Shirslie
I have suggestions on how to make SNOW more useful.
First, I think you people who work at SNOW should do a panorama, where you can slide over and see a very long or tall picture. It would be so useful. Also add slow-mos and time-lapse. I also think that SNOW can allow messaging again! I used SNOW to message my friends all the time and send them pictures and cute stickers... but sadly they removed it in their new update... can you bring them back? Pleaaaase!!! I really think these new features or ideas can really make SNOW a better picture app. Thanks P.S. I think that SNOW is working very hard to improve... but I hope my suggestions can make it better! Thanks!
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6 years ago, 😳😐😑💩
Super close to Perfect!!
This app is amazing there are SO many regular filters and fun filters for you to chose from, there is a super cool music video effect system, and a musically kind of thing where you can hold the button then let go to pause(not as great as the musically version of that effect but pretty cool!!) Ooh and there is also a switch where you can go to make boomerangs! And lastly you can also create your own GIFs! Pretty amazing, right? I love this app there are NO adds of any kind, the only problem I would have is to make the filters that you put on your face for fun(not just the colors you filter the image with) would be a lot better quality and that the camera would be a lot better. I’m a 13 yr old girl and love SNOW it’s a pretty good idea to get it!
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6 years ago, Pea in the pod!!??
Amazing! (Bring back video calls plz)
Snow is one of my favorite apps for sure! I love the filters, and they are constantly adding more. In the most recent update, they added things like boomerangs, GIFS, and music videos which I love! They also got rid of the social aspect. I am disappointed they got rid of the stories, video calls (video calls especially!) and chat feature, and I hope they bring it back soon, as well as the ability to add text, stickers, and draw on your photo directly after taking it. Not sure why they got rid of the edit and social features. But, I still looove Snow, and I definitely recommend it.
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4 years ago, ploblem190
Love app
This is the best app ever i love it do not tell my friends about this becuase they do not want me to use or love this app they hate it sooooooooooooooooooooooo much so i only use it when my freinds are not here i think it is sad they don't even let me use it but i will get back to the app it is the best you can guess by the title of this app and the peaple who don‘t like this app will never be my friends anymore because of what they done OK now NEVER guge me all becuase i think this app is the best now the end sorry snow lovers bye snow lover but the reasen why i said app is becuase is for you to guess the app (snow) now bye snow lovers ( just left this) (me) (kissing my iPad)(Siri sad my name Anna Shen for no reason)
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2 years ago, Addy E S
I love this app!!!!
This app is so fun and a great replacement for things like Snapchat I love this app because my mom wouldn’t let me have Snapchat so I asked her for this app instead and it has all of the filters from apps like Snapchat and TikTok but what’s even better is you can create and design your own filters and do things like edits and the edits are so easy to do because all you press is one button and you pic the pictures to replace the original picture and it is so fun so over all if you are a kid and your parents won’t let you have Snapchat I 100% recommend getting this app
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5 years ago, 박 은지
Loving the newer version :)
I am so happy that the social part of the app has been taken off, now only filters and such :) One thing I do miss though was the caption portion of the picture, like on Snapchat you could add captions to the picture after taking it. If you could please put that option back please, and for the songs. The KPOP and anime songs have been erased from the adding music portion so far there’s only one song by Snail House and you can’t choose anything else. As before if you could please add all the anime, American, and Korean songs back. Other than this I love the app and use on a daily basis :)
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5 years ago, notinot1973
New Update: Camera Roll Stickers
I’ve been using this app to customize my pictures with nice, cute filters by using the favorites tab, but now when I go to edit my pictures that tab isn’t there. I wondered, “why the heck-“ but I then realized there was a new update. I mean yeah, some of the new filters from this update are cool and all, not gonna lie. But, why change the set up of how you were to edit pictures from your camera roll? It was perfectly fine for me before. Quite easer to use it that way in fact. Now without the favorited filters tab for editing pictures from my camera roll, I can’t use any of the filters I want to use as it’s limited!! Please fix this Snow!!!
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5 years ago, Green Rising
Amazing game!
I love that you can record and do bounces and all different kinds of stuff, But there’s only one problem and one glitch that has been causing me to stop using the stickers. So this isn’t my first rodeo with this glitch, It first happened when I was playing “girls X Battle 2” (and if you don’t know what that is it’s basically anime game.) Anyways this is a glitch where the game completely freezes up and I am not allowed to do anything in the game unless I hit the escape button and the volume button and etc. And I don’t want to see the same fate as I did with the anime game because I had to remove the app because every time I went to Characters it would most likely freeze up it would happen more quicker every time I join so I highly request being careful when you are using the stickers or using the game in general because this can happen to you until they make the next update. Thank you so much for listening and I hope that the game creators see this review but other than that there’s nothing wrong with the game and I love it!!!!
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1 year ago, Leonardo232323
I Love It !!! 😍
This is one of the BEST apps I have !!! No ads, free, and really cool filters/games. If this is something you’re looking for this is the app for you !!! Although so much great qualities sometimes when you use a filter it goes to your filters categorized as ‘My’, although it saves to this category it’s hard to find the same filter a second time. Could you please put like a search bar to find specific filters ?? Overall, this is an phenomenal app and you should definitely get it !!! 😇💯💖 Thank you for your time !!! Have a GREAT day !!! 🙏⏰😀
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4 years ago, Marie poladashvili
Why did you remove boomerang?
I love this app LOVE!! But used it mainly to retouch already taken photos AND to take gifs for IG stories. 1. With the new update came new makeup which isn’t any good compared to the one in previous version especially lipsticks and eyeshadows. 2. New face beauty and makeup are already bad compared to previous and now I cannot even take gifs? Why just why was it necessary to remove that option I don’t have the slightest clue, I mean studio and story options will NEVER replace gifs each has it’s own purpose and segments. Do really recommend including old makeup options, and gif taking in the new version, or the app will lose its competitive edge in my opinion.
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7 years ago, CrizzMin
I really love this app!!! It’s really fun to use!! I love how we don’t have to buy anything in it. I also appreciate how not everything is downloaded and we can possibly choose our own to download and remove. BUT, I don’t like how the app removes the ones I download and add the ones I didn’t want to download. Please do fix that, or at least have an option for us to allow addition and deleting from our ‘MY’. Because I don’t like downloading all of them all over again. In other words, please do not remove our downloaded ones and add the ones we didn’t wish or want to download. Overall, this app is amazing!!! I thank you for making this ><
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2 years ago, Genesis☺️
Snow is amazing but there’s one thing…
Personally I think that snow is an amazing app especially for people that can’t have Snapchat. This app has a whole bunch of filters and you can edit pics however, yes you can’t use everything on there because it costs money but most of it is free. Something I do notice though is that if you use the app to much it starts to glitch and sometimes it even takes you out the app so that is one thing that throws me off. Other than that everything else is good, I really appreciate that this app was made because since I can’t use snap this feels like it.
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2 years ago, 부탁합니다다
Please dont put 10second ad as soon as user open the app
I really like your work and I really want your company to succeed but it is really bad UX design After a couple times of trying to shoot and missing the moment of shooting because of the long wait people are going to start leaving They will find some other app that offers a similar skin blurring people are not that loyal What I would consider is to move that 10 second ad after user has been using SNOW for at least a few minutes. Anywhere but in the beginning Also the app is starting to crash a lot That’s fine if it is in middle of taking pictures but when it was after taking full 5min video And everything is lost That is a big problem I have come to a point where I don’t trust the app
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3 months ago, Ok app👎👍
I think I speak for everyone when I say that the first five minutes of this app were sooo fun. Everyone was laughing at the horse face one, BUT! The second I try to share this funny photo to my friend it said I need premium. “Oh well I’m smart I will just screenshot it” NO! It just gives you a photo that says to get premium. seriously? “Oh good I can watch an ad and get premium for an hour”NOPE the button just shows you an ad then does nothing. But the most frustrating part is that only SOME of the effects a tagged as premium the horse one was not. In conclusion I would get it if you want to have a fun little giggle with your friend but you can’t show anyone the photo so yeah meh.
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4 years ago, bookreadingartist111
I have long been searching for a free app that allows complete facial reconstruction. Snow is the beat that I have found. I live the tools and the facial adjust has helped me with all sorts of projects from gender swapping to simple beautification. The only feedback I have is that the eyeshadow tool is really unnatural. Same with the eyeliner and the eyelashes. I could have a perfect natural look that you can’t tell has been edited but if I add any of those three tools the photoshop is instantly noticeable. That being said, I love this app. It is one of the best free beautification apps there are and I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, sankopay
i love the app due to its super fun and time-consuming features, but the persistent problems are first, it crashes over and over again, like when i take 4-5 photos it stops and it doesnt save my last photo/video, and second, the app eats much more of battery than an average app does, like 10 mins through SNOW and bam! 40% of battery’s gone like whaaaat???? and this is not only with my iphone 6s now, but previously with my iphone 5s too! also another iphone 6s got me the same results of battery and crashing, please fix it! SNOW is the only go to app for me when it comes to selfies, all the others are too demanding on purchase for watermark removal, filters, etc that dont really worth anything in the end, but with SNOW everything is just a little too perfect, but the problems are so nerve-wrecking FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Cyn(CynChan)
Been using Snow since 2016 BUT-
I used snow alot but after updating it- its very laggy with all of the stuff they’ve been adding and idk but the shutter sound when you snap photos is also gone too. They got rid of the other ratio options too which disappoints me. Also i hate whenever i update the app resets all my settings and my favorite filters and effects end up going missing :/ Highkey I want the old version back, like yeah its cool that there are new stuff on the app but the quality of the app is even more buggy than ever. Not only that using Snow always cause my phone die out easily and get so hot to where my phone sends me warnings of overheating lol
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5 years ago, Alannymichelletaverasro
Just. One. Thing.
This app is beautiful. Aesthetic pleasing in any way. But there is one thing that’s unfortunately making me look away from the app when wanting to record or take pictures. But most importantly, when wanting to edit (import media from my library) with pictures it is more than fine. The problem is with videos, I remember if I’m not mistaken that when importing videos to edit them users were able to use al ‘stickers’ ‘filters’ available on the app when using it normally. That is my problem. I would recommend you to fix it. A lot of the influenster that recommend this app mostly import videos so people are downloading it with that intention. Thank you, have a nice day and hopefully you will listen.
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3 years ago, napereza
Love it
I love this app because it corrects the lighting making the photo much clearer and flawless. However, with the recent change on the AR filter… it confuses me. I prefer the ones before. If only you can put the recent update (stars or sparkles etc) in a diff category from the original realistic version you had before, it would be so much easier. Please do that to avoid the guess work. I truly love your app. It’s fantastic but with the recent change (before the latest update 7/6/21), it confused me on AR filter side. Thank you.
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6 years ago, expand-dong
Nice updates/Little tweaking needs to be done
I like this app better than snapchat and the makeup editing is awesome and realistic. Now I feel like I don't have to bother putting some on to take pics. What I do wish is that there were more eyeshadow colors and for the eye color filters were a little more realistic. Some of them are decent but others you can tell it looks completely edited on. Other than that everything is pretty great you can smooth out your face so you cant see your acne as much and so much more. I have no other complaints.
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4 years ago, NikkiK1ngcobra
Makeup effect is glitchy :(
I’ll spend a long time perfecting the settings for the live makeup filter but then the effects won’t even show up??? Every time I open the app it’s a gamble that the makeup effects won’t show up. The beauty effects work just fine but I have to leave the app open for 5-10 minutes and hope that the makeup effects show up on my face again. I move my hand over my face, I shake the camera, I change from the selfie camera to the outer camera, I turn and turn back on the beauty filter, I reset the makeup settings, I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it, I restart the app, it doesn’t matter what I do. The makeup effects just won’t show up. I wanna see the eye color and the lipstick and the lashes etc but I have to pray that it shows because it never does. What’s going on???
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1 year ago, SNOWLOVER1211
BEST FOR TIKTOK DANCING AND STUFF YOU NEED THIS IT IS AMAZING IF YOUR PARENTS WONT LET YOU HAVE TT USE THIS TO MAKE THEM WITHOUT POSTING THEM. So my friend had the app and I asked what it was I asked my parents, they said I was to young then, now I am thirteen I asked and they said I could. I was so jelous and wanted to make tts but didn’t know how and now that I have snow it is the best thing. You don’t have to sign in and you get to do stuff even if you don’t want to pay or sign in. You need this app like if u love TIKTOK you need it. My friends all have Tt and I don’t and I wanna make them so snow is best for it I suggest it so much !!!! GET IT!!!!
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1 year ago, All Names Are Taken ⭐️
Long Time User No More
I’ve been using Snow for nearly six years now and am very disappointed with the way this app is going. Snow already had apps for subscriptionless users and I gladly put up with it; Snow offers good filters and lots of work goes into the app, so why not? However, there has been an update that makes the ads EXTREMELY invasive with 30+ second apps that don’t allow skips (and when you close them, they’ll immediately take you to the app store). Worse, these ads appear after every photo you save, and since I only use Snow to bulk-edit photos with its filters, the app isn’t worth the trouble anymore. I can find filters of the same quality on apps that don’t take advantage of its users, like VSCO and A Color Story. Bye, Snow.
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6 years ago, 100Rainbows
Snow is a cool app, you can make your face more defined in pictures with some pretty cool filters, nice video add-ons and music. Here’s my problem, CAN YOU DO MORE? I know there are a lot of apps like this where you can do practically the same things! Could you at least post your pictures or videos to friends or just ONLINE, where you can see other people’s pictures and videos? Or at least let people comment on the app? I think that would be really nice, because I don’t regularly use Snow because you can’t do... A LOT. Not like some other apps I would prefer playing, but I like Snow because of the features that are GOOD QUALITY! :)
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2 years ago, bdhdjrfbdbdhdhxfj
great app but..
i use this app sometimes but recently I realized that when I would go into the app it would freeze or turn into a black screen my cousin also has this app so I asked her if it was happening with hers too she checked and said yes. when I try to click a filter it freezes so I can’t use most filters I did find a app that is made by snow and is basically the exact same thing called B612 I like it but it doesn’t have the exact same filters that I like on snow so it’s kinda annoying.
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6 years ago, Xirvotsvusxjtsfuscjs
Im writing this review to get some free stickers or something(?) and i just want to say that this is really really really really really really rea- (ten hours later) really cute. I wuv the stickers and although i kinda frown down upon the skin whitening effect that is automatically in place, it doesnt bother me too much. I thought you could share pics with friends and chat, kinda like snapchat, but i dont really know if thats still in place? and i guess it could still be there, and im just not looking hard enough. Point is, lovely app, lovely filters, lovely me, lovely you. Have a nice day....?? k bye :)
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5 years ago, Dndnndjsmsnebshhdhd
video sometimes crashes but other than that love it!
So this app is amazing! I especially love the frame stickers bc I like to use those for my Instagram and videos to make them more aesthetic~ tbh there’s nothing to rly complain abt this app besides the fact that my video crashes so many times when ever I use the edit function to edit a video that has alrdy been on my camera roll. I like to add the rec frame to some videos after recording it and when I try to download it back and save it to my gallery, the video is blank and I can only hear a sound. Other than that this app is very good!
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6 years ago, Kaylee Byers
Need a little help!
Using the snow app is great, You can take pictures, videos, and use some great filters in the process! It's just when it comes to the animated characters I get a little confused, idk how it's supposed to work or if I'm doing it wrong, but every time I click on it, it just seems to show the background! Now I do not know if you have to flip the camera around or something but if anything I just need a little help there! The app is fantastic, that's the only problem I have run into!💕🐝
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6 years ago, LALA4308
I recommend this game!
This game is perfect! But sadly, if you have Snapchat, this game stole some Snapchat filters!!!! But there is so much more stuff on this game. If you are a boy and you’re interested in the game I wouldn’t recommend it because it is mainly girl stuff except the very few Snapchat filters. Also, I have a question, I wasn’t interested in the nose stuff, can you please take that out. If you do, thank you so much! Another question is, there is one filter that was a man, in a bath well, is that supposed to make you look hot or is it just me as a boy? XD I recommend this game for all you interested children.
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3 years ago, qxue exn
love it + suggestions
i love the filters and the variety of makeup choices but i would love it if you could zoom in and out of the camera when taking a video. for example i have to use 2 fingers to zoom in and out but using 1 finger would be better to do that action. Another suggestion you guys should add is when we are taking a video with music in the background, the music stops. i personally do not like that so i think fixing that would be better and help you guys gain more people to download this app!
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4 years ago, jesspx3
There are changes with the update
Oh nooo! I accidentally updated to the lastest version of the app (9.5.2) today and noticed the beauty features are different now. What happened to the nose tip feature?? Please add that feature back. Also I notice the skin is too smooth now even though I have the skin smoothing on zero. It looks fake. Please fix some of issues and bring back the nose tip feature and other beauty features that was on 9.4.21. It was my favorite app until now when I updated. So sad 😢.. please bring old features back. Otherwise it was an amazing and fun app. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Amelia Maurer
Good but I have problems with it.
I love this app with all the filters! I’m my experience, they will go to the premium screen thing even when it is not premium. My friends have this app to and they have not payed for premium and use the same filters. I will use the same filters as them and get the premium screen thing but they won’t and it is on the same filter. I don’t know if my phone is just lagging, or if anyone else has the problem. If you can, please try to fix it. I do love the filters though.
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4 years ago, .。*゚+.*.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。:+*
Miss Search Feature and Social Feature
I really love this app sososo much! It has super adorable filters that regularly update. However I miss the feature that allows you to search filters, since there are so many. Also, I want to be able to chat and send pictures to my friends. This would also encourage more people to download the app. Another feature I miss is the feature that shows a category for group filters. I would still recommend for you to download this app, but I would really love for these features to come back.
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3 years ago, Cyber fairy
Don’t get this app! Completely upset and disappointed
This used to be my favorite app. Until they started charging and getting rid of mini favorite features. I actually used to recommend this app to everyone. Unfortunately, when I update it my phone it automatically update my snow… my absolute FAVORITE feature was these beautiful magical pink butterfly wings that were animated. They no longer exist. I have no use for this app anymore it’s not that great. Don’t waste your time or money on this thing. I left message, and did not receive any reply so apparently they don’t care all they want is money and they want to slim down all the best parts of this what used to be a one app.. So bummed 😪😭😩😡🤬
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3 years ago, ForRiddlez
Used to be good, quality is now terrible
I used snow for years because i like playing with stickers but don't want to take pictures that morph my face. It was great. Now, sometime within this year, the quality is horrible. The pictures look like they'll be great but when you actually take the picture, it saves with absolutely horrible quality that is super grainy and blurry. It's horrible. I liked that snow gave the option to turn off the face shape changer while still having stickers/ar, and a lot at that. However with the MASSIVE drop in quality (not exaggerating) I'm deleting it and finding something else. If I can't find another app to use, oh well. Done with snow.
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3 years ago, xxbereftx
Update causes massive pixelation on videos
I used to love this app, I use it to record selfie videos all the time. It was nice to be able to have some beauty features while recording but still be realistic and subtle. But since the most recent update my front facing videos are so poor quality and so grainy and pixelated they aren’t useable, I tried every setting on my camera and in the app, and still terrible quality. I hope they fix this, the app was so much better before. Until then I switched over to Soda, which is put out by the same developer but doesn’t seem to have these same issues. Please fix this one I used to have so much fun with it!
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6 years ago, Liang28
Don’t like the new update
I liked the old Snow. I liked having all the chat, story, live and video calling abilities. I guess they just didn’t want to be similar to Snapchat but now that this app has just turned into a camera filter app, it’s not unique anymore. I really liked how u could send cute clips of urself in the chats and video call and do a lot of things. I feel like the ability to have friends to share ur pictures or videos with IN THE APP was the most fun part. Now that they took it away, I think a lot of people are going to be deleting it now. I actually preferred SNOW over Snapchat because the capabilities were similar and sometimes better. This app has just become another version of B612... PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD SNOW!!
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