4.7 (416.9K)
304.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Geisha Tokyo Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for™

4.73 out of 5
416.9K Ratings
3 years ago, d8djdudjddej
This is a great game! But..
This game is amazing in so many ways but, I always have this glitch where I log on then all my skins are gone so, I don’t know if it’s a bad thing, but I always find players who buy there way to victory. And you see that’s a problem for me cause, then it’s not really fair for other players like me to win. So I was wondering if there was a way to maybe… take away like some bonus’s so players can’t be too too overpowered. Like for me it’s sorta annoying. But also one day me and my cousin were playing this. And then we ran in to this guy who wanted to buy our skins I preferably said no although my cousin said..yes! But I feel like it was a little fishy for him to ask. Like I don’t think someone would wanna buy a skin?! From someone else’s profile. And I honestly don’t know how to do that. And it was really stupid for him of her to ask that. I remember his of her user it was like 123fortybroad i don’t know why and we went up to other players and guess what…HE WAS ASKING THE SAME THING! So I want to to find a give him a warn,please?
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5 years ago, Awesome Joe Games
Premium membership has killed the fun of the game
I have been playing this for the past couple of weeks. I’ve really enjoyed the fun playstyle of the game. However what has kept me hooked for this long has been the skins you unlock with every rank. I have been playing on the daily to unlock every. It was a tough climb however the top 3 skins looked so amazing it felt worth it. However come today I finally reach the rank to unlock the first of these skins. However when I go to the skins menu I now notice the are “membership only”. The way they’ve offered the membership locking away the top three skins which were free to earn before. Are now locked away behind a paywall. No game would ever be this stupid to think creating a membership that holds hostage the skins many people attempted to earn through days worth of grinding would receive any good feedback anymore. Now then I am not saying they shouldn’t have implemented a membership. Often games offer “new” top of the line items or accessories people can try out. however to simply take away the top 3 skins(making those tiers utterly pointless is not what a membership is. If they had simply added new skins as the membership, while leaving alone the already free top tier skins, I would be praising this game for what it had. Also to those who believe they simply couldn’t make or think of anymore skins, they just released a ninja skin, which would have been the perfect start to new skins for a REAL membership
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6 years ago, Bobeeshia
Love this game.
At first when I started playing this glorious game, I didn’t understand the point. Are you supposed to grow your snowball as big as you can? Why does my snow ball keep shooting off into the distance? Silly me. Once you learn the lingo and steps of this game well, you can apply new and unique techniques you have picked up along the way. I always have grown a strong liking for almost all of voodoo’s game collection, and have grown to absolutely love the simplistic and clean look they all have. The graphics are extremely superb, and they always bring quality content to the game. Call me a gamer or a geek, but this game is bonkers and I love it! If your sitting on your devise fishing through the reviews while debating whether or not to download this app, look no further and go for it! The game is 100% free, so if you don’t love it like I do and lots others, your not loosing. The game is simplistic and almost dainty while being refiningly delightful and almost...addicting!! There isn’t anything to lose so press that download button today!
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4 years ago, GamePlayer1020
Great game, but...
I really like this game, probably one of my favorite .io games. But there is one really annoying glitch that knocked off a star on my rating. Sometimes when I’m playing and I’m the last person left it doesn’t show the victory screen. Instead it just keeps me in the game. The first time it happened to me I just kept circling around in my little patch of land. Then I just fell off to die but it didn’t let me sink. Plus, when I just went off the edge entirely, my character just kept on falling, so I have to end up reloading the game. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it doesn’t mark it as a win. This is really annoying, especially when I’m doing a tournament, and I end losing it just because of this glitch. I think the reason may be the fact that you can revive yourself because it just makes the last person alive wait for the person who is watching the add. I think it would help if you took out that option entirely and make it so that if you die it’s just you die and you can’t revive. Please do consider this because it’s just that one glitch that really ruins it for me.
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5 years ago, HonestGurl2008
Little confused here!
Ok, so the game is great and all, and don’t get me wrong I love it so much I play it every day, but I am confused al little bit about what just happened to me. So I was in the sand one where you can play and when I won, like there weren’t any more players or anything, it didn’t say,” VICTORY!” And put the crown above my player. Instead it did nothing so I kinda circled around a bit and accidentally went off the edge when I did, I didn’t sink, and it didn’t show the go back thing then when I dragged my finger across my phone screen, I started going downwards into the ocean. It started to get all white where there was supposed to be background and I waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing happened I just kept going downwards. I eventually just went to another game but thought that I should write so that I know what’s happening. Now, I got thins game like a week ago so I don’t really know how it works that well. If you guys designed it like that, please let me know if it is like, the secret ninja thing and if so, make the wait shorter it gets boring. And if not and it’s like a virus or glitch, fix it please! Otherwise, love love love the game! ——HonestGurl2008
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5 years ago, DaniCinamine
First look was awesome
The graphics are nice and the game mechanics work great. It was easy to boost rank and really fun to throw snowballs at random people which I have always wanted to do in real life. I reached gold in a day and I got first place multiple times. This game is super fun easy to play and to get a hang of. There was a ton of super awesome skins to unlock and they were all unique and impressive, time consuming to unlock a certain skin but that is actually very good to Keep people playing the game a lot right. So overall it is awesome but here are a few suggestions. I think to keep more players playing you should update it with a thing that lets you collect parts to make your own skins! You should update it with seasonal skins by using player suggestions also you need to make player suggestion stuff. I hope this will always be an awesome game to play and I also hope that my suggestions are helpful and will be used in the future. Thank you for reading this thorough review! 🥶🤩😃👍🏻❄️☃️
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5 years ago, Nickname_ÙvÚ....haha XD
This is really a complaint / bug
This occur a few minutes ago well I was playing the hame for the Santa Claus skin when I was is the second round right in the beginning when people start to move like two seconds later it take me to the screen where you go when you lose the competition to see what place you got right be for that my screen frozen then it happened I was like this must of been a bug because I was still on the platform then I clicked out to arrive to the open screen back to see the thing that shows your time that’s says how long you’ve have to wait in till you can go again it was like I never played it that’s when I knew it was a bug But the overall time I played this game was awesome I do recommend this game to play
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5 years ago, It's really, really me
Update killed it
This game use to be good even though the players aren’t real. This is proven because when you turn feel signal and wi-fi off you can still play. This game is no longer good because of 2 reasons. 1. All the skins I worked hard for are now no longer mine because after the update they increased the requirements ten fold on some of them, like honestly am I really going to kill 1000 “players”? No. 2. After the update I was almost on Legend one and everything was fine but after I now have -6000 points out of around 3000 to be legend ONE so I have to earn 9000 POINTS JUST TO LEVEL UP! I think that these things need to be addressed immediately. Before the update there was only one big bug which was easily avoidable which was when you are about to shoot off the last player, if your ball was really big it would send the other player into limbo putting you in 0th place. This was actually useful for getting skins like the snowman which requires a ball 6x bigger than you which is very unlikely in a normal scenario and this glitch could be avoided by knocking off the enemy with a small or medium sized ball. I hope this game is fixed but until then I’m leaving a one star
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5 years ago, PotatoPlebIII
Awesome! One minor problem.
This is a fun game and a awesome time killer (especially when dad takes you with him to get the tires replaced)😂. I don’t know if this is just my phone but sometimes when I watch a vid to get a reward or to go back in, after I finish the vid I won’t let me get my reward or let me back in. But it’s only a minor problem and it really doesn’t mater if it gets fixed or not. Edit: So my game started doing a glitch were when you get pushed off there is an option to go back in. Well sometime that doesn’t pop up and I just sink to the bottom. If you’re not going to fix this problem than it is unfair to me because it could just be my NEW PHONE which is the problem but if other people have this problem than it is unfair to them cause people*** who don’t have the glitch can be going back in and continue what they were doing ***= I think the “players” are just bots because I can see them playing with me Every time I get on which could be HOURS later.
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3 years ago, xchiesa
It’s over.
I love this game a lot I play it when I’m bored and I just enjoy the energy of winning. But now when I log in it’s all black and just has the adds my points and other side items, but nowhere to be found play button. What happened? I scrolled through all the reviews none of them saying anything about it. Is it really over? A huge glitch? I wonder if it is over because it’s still free to download isn’t it? I have not deleted it yet because of my hight level. Where all legends forced to quit and start over? If so this game really does deserve not one, but no stars. That’s straight up a waste of work. But let’s see. Edit: I deleted it and reinstalled. This game is worth nothing anymore. What happened? I would like an explanation at least. But yes. Still the same thing. Or I’m bugged real bad and will never be able to play. Or you just lost it. Good bye.
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6 years ago, The real review 🤯
Ok but...
Hi everybody. I have played this game and I’ve noticed a couple of things with this game. Whether it comes to the ads or the players (are they real we will find out 😱). There are some heads up things that I will let you know BEFORE playing this game so you have the best time you can have! So first things first, I’ve played this game to realize the ads. I mean, it’s not a bad thing it’s just that there could be some tweaks to the ads that would make the game safe for everybody. The next paragraph will lead to the thing that is needed the most. I’ll also leave the ads to the other people. Ok hate to have to break it to everybody but the players sadly are not real. It maybe a small game but let me explain. First of all, the usernames are super boring. Like it’s only Aqua or only Mustard. Boooooring. People are going to shove fun names like xXTentacruel124Xx or youwantdose or snobalinyoface but ya know what I mean. Second of all, I see the same people every time and have never encountered a new name. Like I’ve played with Aqua one time, I died and I saw Aqua kill me, I go to the next server and he is in there. And last but not least, I’ve ran tests to show that when I just keep going in circles, some stupid person or not will go in there and get KO’D. So there you have it folks these are my tips to the game. If you enjoy the game great, but these are the thing I want new players to note before playing the game.
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2 years ago, Melodies501
Some Issues
Ok so where to start I love snowball io it’s a great game to play and there are just a few issues. First of try to cut back on ads. It’s not a big deal I would just like there to be less. Next it would be great if you made it so that when you play in the tournament that you move on when you get onto the podium. One time I made it to the final round and then… wait for it… I got 2nd. 😡I was sooo mad I had played so long and then I just lost. Lastly I would like it if you would please make it so you can only spin the wheel once if you get below 5th place. I feel like people are going to just watch the ads and keep spinning over and over again as a way to get exp. It kind of makes it pointless to play. Thx for reading this and please consider these suggestions! If they were there I would totally give this game five stars!🤩
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5 years ago, Bibbleapoof
Fun but glitches
I am haveing ots of fun on the game I love it but some things are just not right. First off somtimes when I'm playing I win the game but it doesn't sign me off to the other screen. I have to go to the home screen of my phone when this happens I don' even get credit for me winning wich is very annoing. I also think that the way you get the ninja skin is too hard I mean " Find the hidden ninja" that doesn't make any sense. I mean there should be anuther way to get that skin. Anuther thing is like many other games too many adds I get an add after what seems to be every game. I don't know why I'm wrighting this I mean the editours never resond the the reviews I mean really I bet that they don't even read them. Other then al of that the game is fun those need to be changed. I still like the game so if your reading this and are not sure if your going to get this app get ti it is soo much fun!
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4 years ago, lolmina
Glitch.. 👾👾👾😈👹 ( devs read please it’s important )
Soooo... I was playing this game for a few days now , I really love it! It was so much fun to play with on car trips so I didn’t get any ads or in my free time ( just turning off my cellular data) and one game was just whack. As soon as it started , I got hit off with a snowball , I fell off but I didn’t die . I was in this like white void of some sort and I did not see my snowball if I typed to make one. It was super weird. I waited for the game to end but when everyone died the game was still going. I had to close the game completely. It was ok but I played it again and it still kept on happening!😡😡🤬🤬😡😡🤯🤯😡 I had to undownload the app and reinstall it again to finally fix it but it was a pain. Now I’m writing this to fix this bug so no one else gets this pain to their game and they can play peacefully. Please fix this bug
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12 months ago, Jftech01
Overall, this is a really entertaining game and there’s really nothing like it nor are there any significant copies of this game in the App Store which I find very pleasing. The graphics look very simplistic and they can be adjusted which certainly helps if you want to conserve battery if you’re playing this on a long trip or something relevant. As for the gameplay itself, the controls are very simple yet tolerable and the AI vary with different skins, names, and difficulties; I have yet to come across a match that felt repetitive. Oh, and let’s not forget that there are many different arena layouts as well and it can be a bit difficult to unlocks skins but other than that, definitely give this io a shot because it’s really thrilling to play.
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1 year ago, The Sun & Moon show fan
Please fix this bug . 🐛
I'd been playing this game for about three years before I had to give my phone to my mother. I got an iPad recently, so this was the first game I downloaded, and I love it because it’s simple and easy to play, and you don’t need any WI-FI to play it, but there’s one problem. Sometimes the ice I spawn on breaks as soon as I log into the round, and it's kind of annoying; I wouldn’t pay any mind to it, but when the ice sinks me down, I don’t die like I’m supposed to, and I could just walk around even when I was all the way on the bottom of the map. The only way for me to escape it is if I power off my iPad and turn it on again, so please fix the bug; other than that, this is a good game and deserves five stars.
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3 years ago, jades lilly kill you
This game is fun but.. pls read
This game is ok but it needs changes the game should have more bonus’s because this game needs to have when your done and you won 1st place if you have any leftover snow it will throw it on your screen and snow will be everywhere on your screen but sometimes you can get other stuff like for example: I want this game to have blah this blah that thx Riley) so that’s one thing of the other. So like sometimes when you risk it for the biscuit you can get prizes like no ads free or even get gems or skins any of that sometimes special places and skins like squid game outfits or poppy playtime / huggy wuggy or among us any trend’s lately so if you make it out Alive maybe you can get all sorts of Stuff you can trade THANKS FOR READING💙💙💙
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3 years ago, Chocholate cutie
Awesome game but.....
I downloaded this game after my friends were begging me to get it. I looked at the reviews and they mostly said an amazing game and should be downloaded. I saw an add for it and decided it would be a fun game. I downloaded this game and fell in love with it immediately💗. When I got further in the game I realized that the game was almost impossible! What they do not tell you in the adds is that the land falls of and makes it really hard for you to stay on. I mean there is like what 16 other people going against you? When you fall off they do give you a chance to go back, but sometimes the little claw thing puts you on land that is 2 seconds away from falling off! Just a waste of time. But like I said, it is an amazing game. Plus it is free so who ever wants to can play!
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2 years ago, llamabosss
It the best
It the best ok get it I love it so much nothing needs to get improved. I mean I played this every day 24 seven so definitely play this game. If you don’t then you’re missing out on a lot so stop come join here this game is a game that you’re gonna love and there’s nothing. That you can’t do on this game. It’s one of those iOS that I love. So definitely get it and you should get the other apps that the creator. Definitely download it now. If you don’t well then you’re missing up on a lot. Enter the creators. I hope you take this feedback. Seriously there’s just a few things that can be added but other than that it’s really good. What are you doing reading this download it!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, NicoMercEm
Very weird glitch, but nice game
I’ve been playing this game for a few months and I’ve never experienced this glitch. I was playing the game and I won, at least that’s what I thought. When I got the last person out the ranking screen didn’t come up. I was so confused and after a few minutes I was on the last piece of snow. I was just there, wondering when the ranking screen would come up. After a few minutes I fell, but didn’t die. I found out that I was on a piece of snow that already fell. I started exploring under the water but I fell! Again! The screen turned pitch white and I could see my trails being left behind. After a few minutes of falling I closed the game and started writing this review. Other than that weird experience the game is awesome. I love playing it and recking some noobs. But anyway FIX THAT GLITCH!!! PLEASE.
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4 years ago, Gliding star glitter
Push Your Limits!
The game itself shows that a lot of work was put into this. The physics is great and the ads are cut short which makes this game even better. The game also can inspire other developers to put hard work into their games. The game is also a great way to relieve stress. This game shows what actual development is. Overall I give this game 7 stars. Too bad I can’t rate that high. The game allows you to have fun, relax, and grow fond of games. The game is very addicting. I highly recommend this game. The game is great. The models of the skins are excellent. The snowball animations are exquisite. Better than any other game I have played. Have a fantastic day everybody. Also, the latest update is better than ever. 😘👌✨❤️😄I am very satisfied with the game.
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5 years ago, lilninjawy
While playing..
I had played for a while leveling up about to get that diamond/golden skin since I was only about 2 games away from getting the skin yet it was late at night when I was playing so I decided to go to bed and finish trying to get that skin tomorrow. I didn’t play for that day since I had received news of family problems so I didn’t play for that day or two. When I got back on the game I saw a vip option and I didn’t get it because I don’t waste money on games unless I get addicted to the games I play. I checked all the skins to see if there were any new ones but there wasn’t. I saw that I could no longer try to work for the skin at all since they removed it from achieving by playing for a while. Thanks for wasting my time trying to earn a skin that is now pay only P.S. the bots are obvious so it would be better if you gave us an option to play with online or bots /or fix the bots names
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1 year ago, Hater destroyer666
To people who say "to much ads" and "grinding is bad"
Ok so first of all this is great game that you can lose in and is challenging unlike most games that you just win and are so easy' second the game has ranks so there's no levels and you actually work towards something- Proving haters wrong- Ok so people are saying "to much ads in the review" but that's not true, YES there are ads, but the games last 1-2 minutes and then they give it to you. And if you lose early they don't give you ads, second about ads, Incase you haters don't know, the game does not cost money, so how do they make money? ADS! So don't blame them for putting ads in because if they didn't they wouldn't have money to make the game !!!. Lastly- Ok ads I get why people hate but I've seen reviews saying "it's so easy to grind at the beginning but then it's so hard to level up" like if they game was easy to beat would it be fun- NO and all games have grinding guys! Ok I'm sorry that this review is long but I hope I showed you that' it's not a bad game. Noah out!
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5 years ago, Midnight9860
Please read
So I thought this app was good at first but then after playing it a bit, I noticed that there are too many ads but the one ad...the ads for the Episode app...some are fine to have kids see but others nope! just nope! They have sexual things in the ad and just notice THIS APP IS AGES 9+! if you are okay with having children see those kinds of things, that is messed up al he*l. Now I understand how 95% apps all have ads but still, if you can control what kind of ads that pop up AT LEAST make it kid friendly. To the parents reading this: if you are thinking about downloading this for your child, please just be aware that there are ads like that and I would recommend ether turning off WiFi and data or turn on airplane mode. This game is NOT a multi player game because doesn’t an online game take WiFi? well this game works even when there is no connection with any WiFi, don’t believe me? just try it yourself. Now lastly.......the membership for no ads and more skins. I did not buy the membership pass (bc I knew I was getting scammed and I don’t want to use my money on that) but off of reading reviews on the app, most people were talking about how they got the pass but they still had ads and they did not get the skins. Now THAT is what I call a scam! Now you might say “well it’s only 2.99” well that might be a lot of money to some people.
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5 years ago, 1725349086754
Pretty Okay Game
Pretty fun game. It was just a bit to easy. I could win the game in like 2 minutes! I personally think that is ridiculous. I like a challenge but this game just was not giving that to me. I also like winning so I did still think it was pretty fun. If you like to win EVERY time WITHOUT a challenge then, this is the game for you. If you like CHALLENGE to win then this is not the top pick of a game for you. Don’t get me wrong I still loved to game but that is one thing I would fix. Another thing that was not cool was when you got new skins, they would just pop up to you when you are in the middle of a game! I crashed a few times because of that. The last thing was that people would have bad words as their name! I think that someone should really have a boundary with the names.
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3 years ago, 𝔸𝕨𝕖𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕖!!!
Black Screen
This game is very occupying and fun, don’t get me wrong, but this review has a different subject. I recently re downloaded this app after getting a new iPhone 7, and I was excited because I really love the nostalgia of games I used to play. So, I go to the app, it shows the intro, then it’s just a black screen. It shows all the buttons and stuff, but there’s just a black screen. And you can’t click on anything. I’ve tried deleting it and re downloading, exiting out and rejoining, but nothing worked. This made me really sad and irritated, so please fix this! I wanna play! Great game! Thank you for reading. -Cambria Current 😊
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5 years ago, XD Roblox
Great game but needs a tweak or two
First of all the adds there so annoying I haft to watch one every single game. Second of all the ai are stupid. Some times they camp and wait for you to almost die and then finish you off. Third of all 0th place I don’t mind but a lot of people do and you get a very big snowball. Last but not least are getting into the debt with stars I don’t know is this happened to you but it happened to me. When the update came in I was in debt with stars about 7,000 and when you win it doesn’t give you a lot heck I got in 6th place one time and I had one star because I just got out of debt I had 1 and then it had me in debt 351 about and when I won it didn't even go down that much so please fix all of this please
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2 years ago, Cheemistry
It’s A Great Game but,
Good Things about this game: The first time I was playing this, I was actually addicted. It is a good game and is really fun. There aren’t any ads when playing the game unless watching one for an award, (Well, there weren’t any ads for me at least) so that is a big up for me. I also love how there is ranks to earn so it keeps the player on the game. Overall a really good game. Bad Things about this game: Remember when I said this game was fun, well it is, until eventually after a period of times, it starts getting too repetitive. The game starts getting too easy and eventually it will get boring. Basically, it gets stale after a certain amount of time after playing the game. They should also add a friending system, partying system, and places to chat for social. They should also add coins and diamonds to get in the game and to earn so you can buy boxes or something like that. That would be really cool! That’s all I have for this game. Overall, it is a really good game and is enjoyable, so good job for the creators of this game! (P.S, click the title for the ninja, lol.)
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5 years ago, MamaDop
The two problems
The two problems I’ve realized is the skins the players are AI and the one thing I noticed is that someone will have the first rank but have the skin that you get when you earn the masters rank or something. This one isn’t a problem but I’ve noticed that the names are very repetitive and boring. The second and last problem I’ve noticed is that you have to wait 12 hours to do the tournament or watch an advertisement when you die. I understand having to wait but 12 hours? THATS A HALF OF A DAY!!!!!! At least make the wait time shorter like 30 minutes at least and 2 hours at most.
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5 years ago, BAMJSTR9
Need a diamond ninja skin!
I recently bought the VIP pass in this game and I love it. But In my opinion I like the hidden ninja skin more than any VIP skin I got in the pack. If you don’t make more skins in the game you can at lease add 2x star earnings every game for VIP member owners. In my opinion you should add a diamond ninja skin like the crystal skin so more people will buy the VIP pass. You should also add this skin because the 3 VIP skins you have in the game now are free when reaching mythic rank 50. Also, diamond versions of every skin that’s in the game would be cool because I’ve been playing this game since the start and there hasn’t been a lot of skin updates since. So a once and a while skin update would be cool or a weekly item shop with skins for $0.99. Plz add currencies😁😁😁
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5 years ago, LemonadeCar223577AppleJuice
Unfair advantage..,
Look guys, this game is great! It's fun to play while killing time or just when your bored. But the problem with this game is, sometimes people have an unfair advantage against you. To elaborate on this, sometimes the ground below You falls of the big piece with no warning, which means, you have no power over it, and you can't even stop it. Next, some players get really big snowballs way faster than you can, by running away from the crowd and growing. But when you get hit by a snowball, there's no way to stop your fall. You have no power over it. But, overall, the game itself is fun, with little to no adds. It's also fun and easy to pick up. But yeah, there definitely is an unfair advantage.
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8 months ago, best freind FERRET
A lot of glitches
It’s an amazing game overall but there are many glitches. Earlier, on my 3rd stage in the tournament, I spawned in the water and died immediately. When I watched an add and went back to the game, I was on an Ice berg with 3 iceberg things left. The two around me disappeared and I had nowhere to go when my iceberg disappeared. I have also experienced many other glitches including sliding off an iceberg with anyone hitting me with a snowball. I have every skin in the game beside the Santa one because every time I join the tournament, the same thing happens. Beside that it’s a great game, I would just appreciate it if they could fix the issues and glitches.
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6 years ago, Bryana2005
All Players are Bots
Honestly I think the whole idea of this game is cool. I got every skin and rank, and right until then I wondered why every player was so easy to beat. It’s AI. You can play offline, (you can’t be playing with players if you’re offline), the players are too easy, I haven’t seen any players with the seal skin, and one glitch made me figure out the truth- i knocked someone off and they survived underwater. They were spinning in circles, not knowing what to do, like the AI hadn’t planned for it. A normal person would have exited the game or gone to explore, but no, it went in circles. To add to my proof, the players join way too quickly. Players in really popular games even join slowly. That is MCducked up, making people believe they are good at playing so they’ll continue to play but never know they’re playing with bots.
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2 years ago, William dragon master
Never Will I Stop
This is one of the best game I’ve played that doesn’t need Wi-Fi. It’s so fun to mock other people in the face. I got the last rank of the game in a week. I deleted it then but went back today(Sept 24). One problem is that one of the maps snow melts weirdly. I play and kill all but one player and died because of the snow and the opponent won. I had a humongous snowball but died for something I didn’t do. I like how the ninja skin is…O WAIT! Can’t spoiler. Sorry. But I don’t like that the name can go forever. I think the max should be 13. But that’s all. It’s one of the funnest for sure. But ya. There!
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4 years ago, KJ-0625
Great app, some issues
This app is really fun at it’s core, but there are a few issues I have noticed. One being that if you choose not to watch an ad to get a reward, it still makes you watch an ad, but with no reward. I think this is unfair and kind of a scam. The other issue is if you watch the ad to go back, sometimes it places you in the water or on land that you definitely have no chance of getting off before it melts off. This is definitely not worth watching an ad for. All in all, it’s a good game but some things need to be fixed. I’ll keep it, but won’t play it until these things are fixed. It takes too much away from the gaming experience.
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4 years ago, Rainstorm316/Stormi316
It’s fun but needs work btw I’m XxXxWolfiegurl325xXxX in roblox :3
First off the premium member ship sucked the fun out of this game because some kids parents don’t let them buy things like that and hate electronics wanting their kids to go outside and play with kids. And why can’t you zoom in and out? why do you have to pay for no ads? Why do you have to pay for a golden gem silver and silver skin why do you have to pay for membership ...? See so many questions and someone named pick2cute is a bully with member ship why the **** would someone do that and their mom let them have membership????????? Hope you found my review interesting 🤔 bye
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3 years ago, FreshPlayz
Please downlad📲
The reason why i wanted to download this game is because i saw ads about the game so i just download it and i had soooo much fun playing this game and you will have fun too you will be friends with this game since its soo fun👯‍♀️Game and just download the game you can also find it’s fun and it’s very very fun everybody’s gonna l everybody’s gonna love this game this game is the best please download this everybody just please please please download downloadWatch out for the snowballs coming in the game but they’re not throwing in players are Throwing it i am I am begging please This is the best game ever I’ve ever downloaded
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5 years ago, Jr Bryant
Have y’all on the Uriel is u of course we have u
I just wanted y’all know how much I was going to see him tomorrow I have to get to her house to see her mom I was gonna we were planning to come on Thursday night to pick you guys home and take a little while to do something to eat before you go pick it all up and then we go get together soon I have some errands and I’ll be back in town tomorrow evening and I can get you there at the lake tomorrow morning I have to go to pick y’all until tomorrow evening or so I’ll get back u you are y’all going on the road to see you soon love him so very good night love him thank
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6 years ago, ZDarkDragon
My review
I think this is a okay game because the “players” aren’t even real and I know that because I see the same players like every time and the other reason is I turned on airplane mode to skip the ads and as you know you can’t play online games with airplane mode on and I was able to play it. I did the tournament and I lost on the last round which gives me to the point where I forgot about the game until I saw it again and it has been two days after the tournament and it said 9 hours remaining and I don’t really like that I have waited two days and if I recall it was 8 hours before so it went up. There are obviously a lot of bugs to fix in this game and I don’t really like types of games with a lot of bugs because I have encountered a lot of bugs so please fix them. When the new update came out I was the rank before masters and it was tier 3 of it too and when the new update came out my rank experience was -3000 so please don’t make the next update do that again and I’m sure this has happened to many other people. So it is an okay game but there are a lot of bugs that you could fix so please fix them. Thank you if you do.
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4 years ago, StopMotionMan
This game is really fun I’ve played it for the past week and got over half the skins and I’m at expert rank 3! There is a glitch we’re when you win you kinda can just sink through the island and you have to reset the game. Also there’s a skin glitch we’re you don’t have to unlock them you can just select them. The skin glitch really needs to be fixed because it’s not just me with the diamond skin it’s others as well. Btw I’ve been looking for the ninja skin for so long until I found it!!! It was so much fun so I don’t expect to be deleting the game anytime soon!! SO ADDICTING!!!!!!
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3 years ago, PayneFerg
I very well enjoyed this game while it is sort of simple which limits the creativity and diversity aspect to it, it is still fun. But there are WAY TOO MANY ADS I couldn’t tell if I was watching an ad real or playing a mobile game, I also had to click like 3 diff skips to get past one ad and sometimes on 15-20 second ads there wasn’t even a skip ad which sort of made the game unenjoyable and more frustrating then anything. If this game had a way to block the ads like maybe a $.99 purchase for no more ads I wouldn’t be bothered not in the slightest by the amount of ads, but there isn’t which is very upsetting because I really enjoy this game but the ads ruin everything. 2/5 stars.
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6 years ago, kmmyp37
Too many adds but fun
The game is fun I will say that. But there are too many adds like I mean if you want this game to be literally lit then stop with the adds. I get an add every time I play a new round of it. I HATE adds especially when I am in the middle of a game or when about to play one. But I would recommend this game to a lot of people and this game is so addictive I can’t stop playing it I just got it yesterday and I already can’t stop playing it it’s my favorite and sometimes I play it in class. I will recommend it to so many people when they talk off all the adds but you can still have some but of course once in a while PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙏🏽
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3 years ago, n:fbyi7no
I don’t understand. PLS read!
I was playing in the tournament then I won the semifinals for the first time yay right? WRONG! I won the game and I was just waiting for it to say victory, “Oh someone pressed go back’” I said then it was shrinking like it always does during a game then I waited around 15 minuets then I put my iPad down to go get a snack, my elbow must of accidentally touched it, I fell of the platform and was endlessly falling till I closed the app. SO YOU GUYS BETTER GET THIS FIXED PLEASE BEFORE I DELETE THIS APP AND GIVE ANOTHER MAD REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And really quick literally I was reading the reviews and I’m complaining of the same glitch as someone from a literal year ago y’all need to read the reviews please before you’re app gets taken off App Store I’m just saying I’m trying to help you guys out understand!?!
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2 years ago, mary ann123
Love this game but…
When I downloaded this game I was absolutely attached to it. This is definitely one of my favorite games. But there is this super annoying glitch. When you’re the last on standing sometimes it doesn’t count it as a victory. What I mean is he game keeps on going even if there is no one left. The first time this happened I just waited for a little bit waiting for something to happen. Even when I fell in the water I just kept on falling. If this happens to you, you have to restart the whole game. I really like this game but the glitch is really annoying.
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4 years ago, Moonlady781
Found a glitch but it’s great
This game is amazing except for the fact that I found a glitch where after I won, it didn’t say I won but instead kept the round kept going and I was stuck on this one snow square after all the other ones melted and after I jumped off the square I was walking under the ocean and could freely roam around but eventually fell under the world. I recommend to fix that so nobody cheats to get trophies for surviving for however long or getting a snowball as big as themselves.
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1 year ago, masonlouf
This is why I give this game a four-star
I like this game but there’s ads like ads there everywhere. What I like and it’s free games but I wish you never had ads and you didn’t have to pay for it and give it a Forest or because it’s so good animation. I love I And the animation it’s a fully fresh. It’s like a smooth it’s really cool and that’s why it’s a four-star and there’s something else the game. It’s actually very fun it’s just ads are everywhere like they’re everywhere but that’s why I like this game and I hope this is what you like about this game too and you should try it not to lie bye
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A great time waster
Unlike most other .io games on the App Store this one is actually very unique compared to the others. In this if you’re in a 1v1 and you’re not as big as them it wouldn’t matter because you can roll up a snowball and knock them off the stage. In this you actually get a chance. But I would like to see some more skins and, this is just an idea but you should add different types of snowplows to the game. For example, one would be fast and another could be strong, etc. Please take my ideas into consideration. 10/10 would play again.
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5 years ago, Sudbejsmak
Who we are playing against
We are playing against bots! At first it is okay because it is easy to get a victory. Yay! But after awhile of winning after winning it gets boring, I win almost every time and it get boring, change it so maybe you can get more people so they aren’t playing against bots. Also the membership things. Life saver everyday... that easy to get without paying also the skins maybe instead of a membership maybe to a really high rank that is hard to get. If you want a membership thing then maybe do something like power ups such as a really powerful snow ball that can destroy anyone. That’s my opinion please fix the problems to make the game better
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1 year ago, ミ★ Hey ρ︎𝓔︎𝐓︎εⓇ ☆彡
A couple of concerns. 1. First of all, there is just WAY too many ads. Like, I finish a game, and before I can even see the leaderboard, an ad pops up. Then, when I get rid of that ad, I start a game, and an ad shows up. Also, when I equip a skin, and I go back, an ad comes up. TOO MANY ADS. 2. To get the best and last skin, you have to achieve the mythical rank, correct? Yet, there are people that have the best skin, but are STILL IN THE DIAMOND RANK. Makes me feel uncomfortable, LIKE THEY'RE HACKERS OR SOMETHING... 3. Everyone else moves just go left, then right, then forward, then right, instead of, turn, left, turn, right, turn, forward. It's kinda weird...IT DOESN'T REALLY LOOK LIKE THEY'RE REAL PLAYERS... 4. People that have a the best skin are actually noobs, and people with a rank that is so cool and I have never, ever seen it before, in the leaderboard, they're in last place. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! PLEASE take these into consideration. Other than the above, the game is OUTSTANDING. Thank you for reading.
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6 years ago, NylaDawn
So. Many. Glitches. And. Ads.
So, I downloaded this app about two days ago, and I found it amazing! There were no glitches, and it was overall great! But since yesterday day night, I found some flaws and glitches. For one, there is a ridiculous amount of ads! There is 2-3 after every round, and sometimes during a game, and I die! Also, during playing, there are a bunch of glitches. Sometimes when I win, it won’t give me a crown, and I get the place 0th, and I don’t think that’s even a proper place! I hope that you guys fix this, because this is honestly a great game, but the glitches and overwhelming ads make it a bit less appealing to me.
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