Snowbunny Private Web Browser

4.7 (5.5K)
12.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Snowbunny Private Web Browser

4.74 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
1 month ago, Oddbrother
So Tiny and Fast
The app is no joke when its purpose is to be a quick getaway web browser in such a small package. Like every other web browser of yesteryear, you’re stuck with no tabs, only bookmarks, and no other unnecessary add-ons that would otherwise fill your device’s memory. And having that feature to clear your browsing history after a while to save space is a plus!
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1 year ago, zerothdegree
Strange bookmark syncing and other issues
Trusted this app as a private browser for years and saved hundreds of bookmarks to it. Got a new phone and continued to use old phone as like a small tablet/iPad such as when my new phone may be charging. Bookmarks for some reason would not transfer from old phone to new phone. So I began to make new bookmarks on new phone and left old bookmarks on old phone. Then suddenly one day they synced and the new bookmarks from the new phone copied over and overwrote/deleted all the old bookmarks on my old phone. Why would it sync that way? Lost tons of bookmarks! Now also on the new phone if I load a webpage a few seconds later the page refreshes and goes back to the default search page. So I have to either type the address in again or hit the back button some times to go back to where I was. Use on fully updated iPhone 8 Plus & a iPhone 13 mini both with 256gb each.
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7 years ago, Brian the Lion
Less bells and whistles, but way faster than Chrome
I've only been using this for two days. I have an iPad mini. It's so much faster than Chrome or Bing, and it doesn't crash, even on crash-prone sites like The Daily Mail, or local news websites. But, there are no tabs, so it's one website-at-a-time. That's a good trade off, though, in my view. I spend much more time on websites now and much less time waiting for them to load or recover from a crash.
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1 week ago, Bojado72
Finally!! The perfect browser
All I want is easy way to add and view bookmarks. This does it perfectly with a file icon on top left that has a “+” to add podcasts easily. You also have bookmark list directly below and can also click on one to go to that page. No clue why other browsers take 2-3 steps for most important task for a browser.
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6 years ago, SJacquelin
Great search engine
I decided to switch out from google after reading how they collect all your data and keep it even though they deny this...thought I would give the little guy a try and liked the privacy of it...really see no difference except they don't track you and I like problems so it...
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6 years ago, Stinky app
It’s just ok
When you are on a page the top part — ability to search something new will vanish . So instead of just entering your next search you have to play with it a while in hopes the search bar returns, and it rarely does. Then to search again you have to turn the app off and on again! It is super annoying ! It does erase everything the moment you close it which I like , but it’s a catch 22 . If you are in the middle of something and it randomly goes off ,you have to start over. It searches well and speed is fine .
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7 years ago, Kks006
Simple easy to use private browser
This is an easy to use simple browser. Every time I get out of the browser the history is automatically wiped out thus making the browsing private. The only problem is that the browser sometimes suddenly dies and the apple home screen appears. This happens most often when opening the app. Anyhow thank you foe a good program.
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6 years ago, Lou M80
Nice, light, simple, fast browser...
Since this is an iPad 3 which no longer receives Apple security patches and the Safari browser is no longer updated, this has become my go-to and it gets the job done... Godspeed and Thank You for the work that you have put into this browser...
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7 years ago, Fredyfox123456780
Works great
Simple, easy to use, and works... even after an iOS upgrade broke my previous privacy browser. If it let you open links in a new tab like my old browser did, it would be perfect, but that may be asking to much...
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2 years ago, Keikobake
Great for old iPad
Thank god this is still around. It plays new video formats on old iPads really well. I was having problems with Firefox playing new video formats and had to find something better. This is it.
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7 years ago, BehindTheEight
Major flaw
I like the streamline part but one major problem is if you put the browser in the background and bring another app to the front the return to the browser it puts you back at its start/search page causing to redo your search or use a bookmark to get back to what ever webpage you were on before putting it in the background. I multitask all the time so this makes the browser unusable for me.
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6 years ago, Kaorovic
Almost perfect
You trade features for speed without really sacrificing too much functionality. It be nice if you could set a home screen page rearrange bookmarks. And it has a slight glitch where you have to turn it to landscape the back to portrait to bring up the control bar.
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2 years ago, Dad981
Snow bunny app
Since last update the prompt about leaving web site comes up after it takes you to another site and when you decline it your still taken to the other site anyway without any choice
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6 months ago, ✨Flashy 4 You ✨
Snow Bunny
This is by far fast web to search most anything without the sticky ads popping up & misleading & frankly being interrupted by them? With Snow Bunny I haven't had that! It is a great web browser in my most satisfied opinion on...? !!! Snow Bunny....:)
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6 years ago, SexySteakswithlakes
Simple and fast.
It only has one minor bug and that is that the search bar sometimes disappears, however simply flipping it from portrait to landscape mode and back again fixes that. It's very fast, and very simple. Love the app.
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3 years ago, Nicks new itouch 5g
Great application, would love if
Great quick browser I am using on old IOS IPad, I would love if this browser created multiple windows(tabs) while browsing. Other then that, quick browser, free.
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6 years ago, Grantimus1
Great app
Allows easy web surfing, very reliable, advertisements are nontargeted, and certainly less than usual. No suggestive searches, but that's what I like about it, no bias or intrusions from those who want your search to be directed to them.
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2 years ago, popzapper
Better than safari
This browser is way better than Safari in all respects. I really like the speed and ease of use.
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5 years ago, Malib02
I use it on my iPad 2 ;before with safari my iPad was so slow n since my pad is obsolete by Apple the only option was to get something newer , then someone recommend bunny n now this browser is fast n awesome ... Love it
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7 years ago, ProjectBadA
Very good
A simple but fast browser. Very usable. If my internet usage had always been as slow as Safari seems now, I would still have encyclopedias at home.
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5 years ago, DeadHorsey
Great for ios9
I have an old iPad 2 stuck on iOS 9.3.5. This browser makes it a useful tablet for basic web. Runs circles around Safari, Firefox and chrome due to is low resource demand.
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3 years ago, 20932120123
Doesn’t work as advertised
IOS 14.6 on iPhone XS. Very fast but always opens to “internal server error,” not the search screen as indicated. No ability to add additional pages keeping others in background. Graphics are bla. Lots of potential but no idea how secure it is. Lacks instant close and delete browser cash, cookies button.
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5 years ago, Caspianthetenth
I love this app
But if you don’t have privacy on google will associate accounts together that are open on the same device but with different apps......finds a way
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10 months ago, abg0474
I found this search engine to be quite easy to navigate. It is also very informative and thorough with the homepage knowledge provided.
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7 years ago, Low Power User
Simple and fast
Great alternative to Firefox, now that they ruined it, and better than Google because they aren’t spying on you while browsing.
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7 years ago, mehrzadgood
Great browser
Just switched to bunny, it's very fast and doesn't crash. Seems like gives major attention to privacy and it's great. I am going to use it
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6 years ago, xzvfds
I like Snowbunny very much but lately every time I try to use it Google comes on instead. I really liked Snowbunny. I’d love to know how google comes on when I hit the snowbunny icon.
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3 weeks ago, Thrainhria
Almost perfect
Love this app so far. Simple and private. The only downside is I can’t figure out how to make it my default browser app. Would give it five stars otherwise.
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3 years ago, katbarn61
The best search engine ever
It is so better then Chrome, or Google. I would recommend it to everyone.
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11 months ago, grandgeezer
Odd choice of search engine options
For a browser touting privacy as a quality, offering baidu, google and bing, but not duckduckgo or “define your own” is strange and even a tad suspicious. Apart from that, it seems to work much like a browser, but the search engine is the dealbreaker for me.
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2 years ago, Lula127
Simple and fast
This is a great browser. No ads, no tracking, very fast, stable, and easy.
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3 years ago, Dimoniner11
Faster than safari on 4S but functions just as poorly today
Was trying to find an up to date browser on the 4s and this ain't it chief.
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6 years ago, aaronsmith1990
All Lies!
Its not like the pictures shown above atleast not for iphone SE... can not search images. Yes its powered by google by default but you can change that in settings but all sucked even worse. I did like the layout of the china search engine but i cant read china. Lies about no ad banners, puts one at top and bottom. Im delete it now, thanks for giving my hopes up and wasting my time. Ur fired!
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3 years ago, Teecino coffee replacement
Super fast on my iPad 2
Works like a charm on older ios versions and hardware. Definitely worth using. Its crazy fast.
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7 years ago, *EmperorHirohito*
The fact that this browser is private is it so good and perfect for me. It is also a beauty that it wipes all data and history out.
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6 years ago, _DSTEP_
Fast but that's not the best part
The best part is how ads are handled on the default search landing page, they are minimalist and elegant, they don't get in the way.
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6 years ago, Emaldon7
The Ad-Blocker doesn’t work
What I want most from a mobile browser is ad-blocking capability. This has the option for it but it does not work. More to this, how can a browser claim to be a privacy type if it doesn’t block ads which as we all know, track our activity.
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6 years ago, TheGamingBananer
I love it!
Very fast and easy to use. No pop up ads and works with privacy. One thing is to add an option so that the history will never expire, but otherwise is awesome!
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4 days ago, frstratedgranny
Best private browser
The best one I have ever seen. I will continue to use it as long as possible 👍
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2 years ago, What it do Dow
Bring back the refresh button!!!!!
The app is great and as free and all but I wish y’all didn’t have to remove the refresh button! It’s what made me download the app in the first place!
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5 years ago, Cake4Life914
It’s really nice you know, it deletes things as soon as you close the app. If your someone that wants your privacy, then this app is for you. Would recommend! :)
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6 years ago, TheLastMinister
BLAZINGLY Fast, but...
Very fast, lighter weight than any other browser I've used. Would be nice to remember tabs though after shutdown.
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2 years ago, Pearl51
My web
The best, clearest, most entertaining on the entire World Wide Web!!! Thank you so very much.
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7 years ago, MrFudtucker
Never Fails Me
I love this, no matter what subject I type in it immediately finds me pages of sites I can link into. From apples to zebra Snowbunny dies it all for me!!! ❤️
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4 years ago, Harry J. Sanders
Works great on iOS 9
Works like advertised. What ads? What pop-ups? I imagine using this with a VPN will really help private browsers, even on such an old OS.
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6 years ago, arianasasa
Can it be viewed by your home WiFi and any other WiFi?
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5 years ago, Eddie 'Gee'
Very fast and user friendly
I was looking for chrome for an iOS 9 (doesn't exist) and found snow bunny I'm satisfied.
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1 year ago, RobtAndr
Best private browser
Forgets. My history every time
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6 years ago, CNN lies!
So far it’s faster than others. Curious to see if items searched turn into ads on Facebook as with Bing
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6 years ago, Ponygal2
Great! Except...
Awesome! It’s a great app but, if you go to a new app, your searches will refresh! If you go to yahoo in snow bunny, then go to google, you go back to snow bunny and it’s refreshed! Thank you! A 4 star rating!
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