Sober Time - Sobriety Counter

4.8 (11.5K)
104.5 MB
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Current version
Sociosoftware LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sober Time - Sobriety Counter

4.79 out of 5
11.5K Ratings
1 year ago, KTwaters
Sober Days 🙃🙂
My days being sober are being spent productivity, I am Healing ❤️‍🩹 & so thankful God brought me out of my addiction Alive, healthy & capable to move forward in life! I can not explain the feelings I am having because there are so many emotions I had bottled up that are explosive on a daily! I thank God my children are alive and well, I have some shame and lots of guilt for not being the mother they know I truly am. For hurting my children physically emotionally but My God will assure they stay spiritually aware, I pray they can forgive me & we can move on in life being happy like we were a couple of years ago. Thank You father for Blessing me with the wisdom & strength to overcome all the obstacles thrown my way. I can not imagine my life not knowing, believing in you or turning my back on you. Gods the only one ever here for me when I need someone and I’m all alone! Thank You father for the people you have put in my life today, yesterday & tomorrow father because I know we’re all connected and a part of your plan. Please help me to think like you, act like you & grow to love you even more, thank You for unconditionally loving me. I can smile, laugh; sing, dance; work,walk,talk, breathe….etc, all because of who you are! I am yours continue to help me grow into the woman I am meant to be. Thank You Lord I ask these things of you In the Name of Jesus!
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3 years ago, Tahnee (Nenashka)
Sober Time
I absolutely love this App. It has helped me organize my clean time and reflect and continue to stay grateful. As well as proud of my clean time. I have been sober and clean for 4 months and 27 days! This is the longest I’ve been clean in the past 6 yrs. with one day at a time I will continue to work on my progress and am proud to say I am a success story even though at one point Before my recovery journey started I thought I was a lost cause who was destined to peril and succumb to this disease of addiction and die alone in my bedroom. I chose to go to treatment and With that first step I chose a new life, a life of fulfillment and hope for a better future without drugs and with the gift of despair and willingness I was able to break free from my addictions and I now have my spirit back. I have a bright future with my children as well as my mental health back and physical health. I no longer feel lost, I feel free and hopeful! I am forever grateful for the NA program as well as the AA program! I love my life now, I love myself now. I can now be the mother, friend, daughter and sister and overall person thanks to Sobriety! A special thanks to Mashkawisen in Fondulac for helping me heal with your ceremonies and prayers and thank you to Pear lake women’s medium intensity to helping me navigate my way back into society. Much love and respect - Tahnee Lee Lohnes
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4 years ago, Rich 🐼
Amazing tool and app for recovery of all kinds.
This app has made me feel so much strength and hope when sometimes that can be a challenge especially during a global pandemic. I am more then amazed at what the app so freely offers a way to have my goals in front of me, tracking my goals, personalizing it, and also a big community which is in the form of a forum. It’s beyond helpful and it’s something I will use every single day when I start my day, or anytime really I need or want to! That’s the beauty in it. If you’re in recovery or want to get help and don’t know how to start doin so then you should def Check this app out. It could very much save ur life, as well as MANY OTHERS 🙏🏻‼️🤟🏼♥️ thank you to the developers you are such selfless ppl and you have impacted my life greatly already and forever will.
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3 years ago, ErikNYC78
Ads promoting the behavior you’re trying to stop !?!?!
I had a very problematic experience upon first launching the software. My primary motivation to use the software was to track sobriety with respect to video games. As I was setting up my account the app indicated that it includes ads and it immediately went to an advertising for - you guessed it - a video game. I immediately closed the app and uninstalled. I appreciate that the developers need to make money and may not want to use a subscription model, but it is critical that they consider the impact those decisions might have on users of their product as the field of addiction is life and death for many. If they could choose to limit advertising to certain non-triggering categories, I’ve got no problem. However the world is rife with video game and social media addiction these days, and to not factor that into their model seems terribly irresponsible. I assume they surely wouldn’t endorse ads for alcohol foe their sobriety counter, but they need to be more open minded to other problem areas too. I can’t speak to the functional capabilities of this program but did find another that seems quite similar and ad-free.
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7 months ago, tox medic
Was once a great app
This was once a great app that counted my sobriety days and I checked it every morning. Then I woke up one day, and everything was deleted, and there was tons of ads. I was told if I pay money I can get rid of the ads, what a scam! Developers sold out and went for the money grab.. enough said. OK I got a response from the developers with a very textbook response taking no responsibility for ruining a good app. Saying the ads give money to go back into keeping it running when I guarantee somebody's sitting in a big house on a hill after implementing all these ads and pocketing the money. Plus, it ran and worked just fine before they implanted implemented the ads. They also say if you uninstall the app and reinstall it, your information will be lost, but all my information was lost when they did the new update. Plus, it used to track how much you spent and saved on alcohol over the years, and that all disappeared as well. they can say what they want, but they did a total Metallica cash grab sellout move. Anyways, I deleted it years ago when they changed the app so I’m done.
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6 years ago, Gracevf
Great app to keep track of your progress
I was drinking way too heavily so much so that it burned a hole in my lung because I was drinking too fast and it was being inhaled at the same time. This caused a tumor which has been one of the most painful things to deal with in my life. From the tests at the hospital when they stuck a scope down my throat to the chemo pills that caused me to lose most of my strength in my arms and legs. To this day I get winded just walking up a small hill, the tumor is still there but it has gotten smaller and I’ve stopped drinking completely for 5 months so far. AA helped in the beginning but I found the meetings too repetitive and religious for me. It is a great support group for some but I have zero desire to drink anymore, I hope this developer knows what a great person they are!! Thank you
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6 months ago, Philip the mail order addict
This app was there with me at that pivotal moment.
and has been there with me every time I felt weak, I would look at the counter to tell me how long it’s been the moment I decided to quit. This app has been there every time I wanted a boost of pride telling me just how long I’ve been resisting that habit with shining self discipline. This app is awesome offering up words of encourage me to alongside beautiful backgrounds to sooth and calm and motivate you. Whoever created this app and whoever thought of this app - may you receive your hearsay desire in this life time and whatever you put your hands to, should prosper. Be blessed. This app was simple and streamlined. No extra frills. It filled my basic need to record keep the greatest change in my life. Stopping the use of drugs.
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6 years ago, rlat1
Great for simplicity and tracking your progress
After going to treatment for alcohol, I decided I wanted some accountability for myself and to be able to track every second I was sober. This app does the job, above and beyond. It’s so simple to use, and it tracks your sobriety time from the SECOND you stopped drinking / using. I use this app every single day as a reminder of how far I have come. The daily quotes are great and a helpful push on those rough days all of us in recovery go through. During the times that I struggle the most, I open this app and stare at the clock tick and realize that every second that goes by is another achievement. Over 30 days sober with the help of this app, and I’m so grateful. Thank you to the creators of this app, and for those of you in sobriety- this is a must!
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1 year ago, Brittany.Bee
It’s exactly what you need when you’re needing someone or something to keep you accountable of your own sobriety. They have amazing and simple features. I have a cute widget on my phone of the app and I love it. Sometimes we make mistakes and break sobriety and have to press reset but don’t let that discourage you. The daily journaling and the daily quotes really do try their best in such a minimal way to keep you on track. I am almost 20 months clean now and I truly feel like without this app I would’ve relapsed or just not had the urge to uphold my promise to myself to get jobs and start a career I’ve always wanted. Good luck on your journey and please don’t give up!
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4 years ago, ky444444
Thank you
This is helping me to control my smoking habit! I love it and checking this app makes me feel good about my progress. It gives me something to look forward to; at the very least I can feel accomplished looking at how long I’ve gone without smoking (currently been 3 days and counting). I’ve quit before, but now having this app idk it makes me feel better about it and more incentivized to do so. I’m also using this app to track my break from social media. I purchased the widget so I can swipe right on my home screen and easily see my progress. Only 1 “addiction” is displayed on the widget tho :/. Other than that I appreciate this app for its functionality and it being free (less any additional features you might want to add). Shoutout to marzyjane (Marz Lovejoy) on IG for sharing this app!
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1 year ago, katelynIm23
Encouraging, and motivating!
My husband and I ended our anniversary week in January, buying a $100 bottle of wine. Got home and said, let’s not buy one more alcohol beverage until this time next year when we celebrate out 15th anniversary opening this very nice, expensive bottle. After one week of no alcohol, we realized we might be more addicted to it then we thought. So I downloaded this app to help us navigate our new pact. We are excited to be alcohol free this year. And maybe by the end of it we will open the wine, or we won’t. Right now this new life without any has been very refreshing and exactly what we needed! Thankful for this app to help keep us on track!
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1 year ago, Trishkebob
Very helpful! Tracks time so you can free your mind for better things!
When I first quit drinking over a year ago, I was counting seconds, and it was all I could think of. Craig back, “the stop-drinking expert” recommended downloading a sober timer so that you could get it off your mind and think about something else! I watched days and then weeks fly by! The inspirational messages were powerful motivation each day, and the clocks that track $$$ and calories really reinforced my decision to stay sober every day! I love the positive message this app puts out for everyone, and I definitely would recommend. It’s a great way to start each day!
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3 months ago, Godly woman 211
Sober time and how it has changed my life
I live in a recovery house. I absolutely love the 23 other women I live with. We help each other grow and be better than we were. I always have support and that in itself can’t find no where else. I’m so grateful today I see my family, I have a full time job that I love, wonderful friends. God had blessed me with way more than I deserve. Today I’m starting a business and reaching for my goals and dreams. I bought my dream car and my dream phone. The peace I have today outweighs everything. Keep pushing forward and you will see God will change you and turn your mess into a message.
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6 years ago, XxAsIsxX
The best app for sobriety!!
It seams like every day it knows exactly what to say?! There is a word of wisdom at the bottom that changes but it’s not always everyday sometime it stays there longer like for a few days. And it just seams to know exactly when to change the words of wisdom😓I guess I sound crazy but anyways... they keep track of your gold for you and you can creat your own this app isn’t a 5 star begger like others plus it tells you how much you been saving! You can put your sponsor safe keeping in the app itself and it can lead you to a web site so that you may show your a greatful recovering addict! With sobriety labeled clothes. Again my fave app above all the rest!
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5 years ago, DfyGravity
Sober Time App
Helps me focus - it’s that little reminder when I need it, which is actually a life saving reminder. It’s so simple to setup and use, which is exactly how it needs to be for the person that is really needing it. The quotes inspire, there is a whole community of people at various levels of sobriety offering their story and encouragement and resources are there at the ready when you are ready. I used this app as a starting point (I really needed it to be that too) and now I use it to maintain and help keep that balance when I need that. Being sober is a complex beast, you will need other resources in this long but worthwhile journey - this app can and will be one of those. Thank You!
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1 year ago, MatthewLukas
Great App!
I’ve come a long way thanks to this app. I quit drinking almost a year ago. Will be a year on March 1st. I had a serious problem and tried to quit for who knows how long… I downloaded this app and I won’t lie, I failed a lot at first. I restarted many times. One week it seemed to click and I haven’t looked back at all. I love being able to pull this app up from time to time and see how far I’ve come. It has motivating quotes and you get virtual chips for making it for different lengths of time. I love this app and recommend it to friends who are struggling all the time. Thank you to the creator(s) of this app!
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1 year ago, Kegs gig
Incredible app for free!
This is a great way to keep track of your sobriety, and the money you were spending on whatever your drug of choice was. Once I was honest with what I was actually spending, including what I would spend going out, going out instead of staying in that sort of thing, I realize just how much money I was wasting. And a little over a year I’ve saved almost $14,000 crazy huh? I check this app every couple days now are used to check it every day or several times a day to make sure I was staying on track. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the free version.
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4 months ago, KatV97
Life Changing
This app is not intrusive. It’s subtle and minimal- which for me is so important. I didn’t want an app that was constantly hounding me or was sending so many notifications. The app sends you one inspirational message a day as guidance, and it shows you your own progress on the widget screen which you can personalize. Encouraging you to take more responsibility, the app provides powerful journal prompts if you’d like to respond to daily. This so far has helped me the most because it further helps you quit for the important reasons you feel like you need to stop.
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10 months ago, DCHUGGER
From an addict
I absolutely love this I just download it yesterday however, I do not feel that I should have to pay to be part of this community with that being said if I’m not gonna spend money on my sobriety, how was I spending money on my addiction. I’m not working right now and I’m fresh out of a program and prison. I’ve actually been looking for a timer to track my sobriety because I’m a very visual person I like to see things physically. It helps me remember things. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. A friend of mine in recovery put me onto this app.
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4 years ago, IV.VII.
Time to Get Sober!!!
Appreciative of this app! The reminder is key! To All Addicts (Myself Included), the greatest high is the high of life. The euphoria that I kept trying to reach and look for in the world was inside me all this time! The same goes for you too! Being there for others and being present has been the greatest change in my life since getting sober. Yes, I’ve had relapses in the past but it’s the choice I make now everyday when I wake up that matters! I know my purpose is to help others and I can’t do that if I’m being selfish by living in my addictions. Stop wasting time and get Sober Time!!! 💎
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3 years ago, Makayla646260
I believe this app could use some updating
So there is a limit on how many statues you can post, how many comments you can make, how many people you can reply to. There are limits on every things. Whenever you exceed those limits, then you are forced to wait about 24 hours before you are able to make statuses, comment, or reply again. I think it’s a big ridiculous. What is the point of making an app to where you can track your sobriety, but also meet and interact with new people who are going through the same things as you, if you guys are just gonna set very low limits on everything. Also, why did I have to pay for premium subscription, whenever I am not getting any premium features. I think this app is more or less just a joke.
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4 months ago, ✖️Charisma✖️
Love the journal, love the app!!
Easy to use, functional and doesn’t have any bugs that I’ve noticed. There aren’t any in-app purchases, and it’s so nice to not be pressured to pay for once. Love love LOVE the Journal feature, keeps me consistent. I actually journaled today about how much i appreciate the app lol. I appreciate it kept all my old journal entries, even when I had to reset my count. 10/10 and I respect the app a lot. ads every once in a while understandably to keep the app free. I don’t mind. I recommend a ton. Will share with friends.
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1 month ago, NikkiMag
Great BUT why show addicts video ads for phone games
This app is great because it’s free and you can keep track of your progress and even journal. However, while I know it’s free because of said ads, doesn’t this app realize that some people using the app may also have an addiction with online games and gambling (since most use real money) to use? So… can’t this app find another way to make itself free? Can you show different ads? Like how about ones for treatment centers or online treatment help or something. There has to be a different way! That’s all I’m saying! As a substance abuse counselor please change the way you generate profit!!!
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6 years ago, Dennios Coza
Multiple addictions
Addictions are like the Hydra; cut off one head and two more grow in its place. ( I think that’s how it goes). I like this app because it helps me see, in real time, how many days (minutes, seconds) I’ve been sober from multiple addictions. There is no guess work, no counting back or trying to remember my sobriety date. I open the app and it is right there. It gives me so much hope and encouragement to have this visual aid to track my progress. This app is well thought out and it is effective for me. Thank you for this wonderful app!
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1 year ago, ItHurtsWhenIName
Simple and effective
This app has many features that you may or may not use. But at its core, it is simple and effective. I can’t remember how many times I have pulled this up on my phone mid-craving to see how far I’ve come, and just watch 10 seconds tick away and say “that’s 10 more seconds clean and sober.” To say that you can do it for years or forever is a lot to ask, but do it for 10 seconds. And then another 10. It adds up. 3 years and counting (sorry, I’ll see myself out now).
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1 year ago, meli 65
Meli’s Silver time app
Love, love, love this suppertime app a friend of mine introduced me to it, and I am very impressed. I am so grateful to be sober journaling about it is even more amazing thank you sober app for encouraging me with all the amazing encouraging words that I see and read I would highly recommend this app and I do a lot. 🥰🙏👏👏👏🎂🎈🥳🥳🥳today I have five years and about 40 days sober. I forgot to check it before I rated this app. free from drugs, alcohol cigarettes, and Bad Company praise God thank you Jesus who saved my life and is my Lord and Savior. Hallelujah. Amen
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2 years ago, Recovery Watchdog
An Ad Nightmare
I have zero respect for any app or website that boasts sobriety and recovery as their mission, yet within the first 10 mins of my usage, 2 full-page ads for gambling apps that are required to be watched in their entirety before moving within the app. DISGUSTING! Addiction comes in many forms, and gambling is one of the most devastating. For those of us struggling with or touched by addiction, we know all too well how one addiction can be swapped for another. This app and it’s developers should be ASHAMED of themselves!!! I will be reporting this app and will steer anyone away if they find themselves in need of these services, and also posting warnings on Reddit and other social communities. You are taking advantage of people in one of their most vulnerable times.
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1 month ago, 1368(!@9$?
three of five
Firstly I’m so glad a sober app like this is available. I didn’t know about it until a youtuber mentioned it in a sober journey vlog. I enjoy the journals and the sober day counter. I do not however feel that the app is way to navigate and I think it could function more smoothly. I also wish that when I was entering my profile information after the email verification link, that it did not grab the photo for my business. I can’t make sense of how that happened, but quickly fixed it. I want to be sure that I have privacy with use of this app, and I do want to continue.
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8 months ago, Ms4433
Im really enjoying the app! You get a notification in the morning with an affirmation and journal prompts in the evenings. I like the multiple reminders a day, it’s a good check in with myself (you can turn these off). The journal prompts are insightful and useful. And the milestone badges are very motivational. When I have urges, it’s definitely been a great tool to look at the time tracker and having a physical representation of how far I’ve come. Plus this is the first sobriety app that’s been free, which I really appreciate.
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2 years ago, Listia crazy
Lost track of time and it was a whole year that I lost
After my 90 days I stop counting because I knew for the rest of my life I was going to be sober so counting anymore didn’t mean that much to me until my sister-in-law reminded me that it’s been three years since mom‘s passing that’s when I realize I had been three years sober I had thought it was only two keeping track of time is really important thing to do remind you to keep Green thank you for having this app
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10 months ago, jacobkesler
App is good - but there are SO many ads.
First off, this app is nice and I love the concept of it. Having an app to send you little notifications when you hit certain days or times, milestones, reading threads where other people are struggling like you, it’s really useful. Second, prefaced with “I know I can spend $30 and get the ads removed”, there are SO MANY ADS. Navigate to a screen? Ad. Click a button? Ad. Check a milestone? Ad. Ad? Ad. I understand it’s that way to keep the app free - and they literally tell you before you continue what the purpose of all of them are - for those who truly need it to be free, but man it’s super annoying. Like even during setup, if I backed out of the date of sobriety to get to the time, BAM AD. That’s all. Love the purpose, but maybe we could cut back a little. I’d rather watch a full minute long ad once a day than a 5 second ad 20 times a day.
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4 years ago, angelm7139
Amazing app!
For me, I have been maintaining my sobriety for over 20 days now, and it has been fairly easy and my circumstances help me use my rational thinking to negate wanting to use. When I stopped using, I wanted to be able to know how many days I can preserver so I wanted a app that can show me how many days I've been sober and this app is amazing! I Love The UI, the simplicity of the app is amazing, and not does it only tell you how many days you've been clean, but it also gives the day a decimal percentage which is kinda cool to be honest 😅 great app
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2 years ago, Diane McKim
Gifts of Sobriety
I’m feeling a new found Hope that I didn’t have before! For the First time, I’m beginning to feel that my life is going to get better as long as I continue to Stay Sober One Day At A Time. I know I have a Higher Power working in my life! I can feel my life changing slowly but surely. I have New friends and a feeling of Truly Unconditional Love that I’ve Never felt in my heart before. I know God is doing for me what I couldn’t do for myself! I have sincere feelings of Gratitude! Praise Jesus in All His Glory! Amen 🙏🙏
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4 years ago, rebubla
I’ve been using this app for almost 9 months. No complaints and I’m super happy with it! It’s free and does exactly what’s advertised. You can have it send you a motivational message every morning if you’d like, or just have it keep track of your sobriety and all the landmarks along the way, like I do. I think you can also pay for no ads (though they’re not that annoying), and there are other features (like a group chat and merch site) that I haven’t found myself needing so I can’t speak to in this review.
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1 year ago, Sunshine247365100
Works great
It’s been 1 year, 7 months and 10 days since I’ve had a drink. I know this thanks to this app! Sobriety has been a wonderful growth experience for me. I love it and never want to go back. It seems like it is another lifetime compared to how I was living before. It’s odd how 1.5 years seems long but also short at the same time. This app helps me keep how much time has passed in perspective. My health is a gift and I appreciate any tool that helps me take care of it.
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11 months ago, grouchywang
Thank you
This app has been a great tool to use. Life happens and it’s nice to have a reference for my clean time as well as the inspirational quotes and daily reading material related to sobriety. I appreciate this app much more than my other apps because if I didn’t have my significant amount of sober time I probably wouldn’t even have this phone. So the app is a good reminder, even without opening it, to stay the path and keep on keeping on, sober :) thank you !!
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3 months ago, LMHUARD
Review of Sober Time
I really like Sober Time because it helps me to keep my thoughts down and helps me to keep track of my daily progress and I may actually start using some of the outside services provides. So thank you! I want to use it more to really get into it because right now I’m going through some struggles and, I work a lot of hours and don’t have a lot of time to journal and this really helps me to get my thoughts down if not then at least down so that I can get it off my mind so thank you!
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10 months ago, MegaMassacre
Keeps track and you can edit your tracker background, font and what not. I wasn’t a reckless or harmful drinker so sometimes the daily reflections that pop up don’t apply to me but I understand that it’s impossible to get it right for everyone when people have different reasons they’re not drinking. Ads are annoying, but not excessive like some apps. It has cool features and does what it’s supposed to PLUS it’s free and doesn’t pressure you constantly to upgrade to a premium version. Check it out.
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1 year ago, im1096nluve
Daily reminder
Sometimes I don’t open my app for weeks or months at a time but when I need a little reminder of how far I’ve come or how amazing I am, I check my time app. Six and a half years and still counting my one day at a time. Plus, if I’m having a particularly high stress day, there are inspirational quotes at the bottom that help, and I often use them as pick-me-ups for my employees, randomly hanging them on post-its around my store.
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7 months ago, 10-fourty
Just do it
A sober life seems impossible but it is not impossible it’s very difficult but it’s radical feeling being clean and this app is great I have been a drug addicted person roughly 13 years but the last 5 years it was meth and opiate addiction but there’s so much to live for. I can say that it does get worse before it gets better but it all takes time just keep with the positive process of it and you’ll see the light. Peace be with you mfrs
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1 year ago, Ben, alcoholic
Well working app
I’ve used this app after my decision to become sober and it has helped me track my time, and allows me to make notes or journal any particular feeling about alcohol that day. I recommend it. At first I didn’t remember my first sober day date but because I was encouraged to record each relapse I was able to check back and I’ve been able to celebrate my landmark dates. Like today being 90 days! One day at a time.
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1 year ago, D Ebb
The true way to track your goals and milestones
This app has been the keeper of my goal. When I surpassed my goal. It now reminds me not only of that goal, but every single day that has passed above and beyond my original goal. Thank you to whom ever came up with this app. There were days that this app kept me in the fight. Just know how far I had came. Gave me a reason to not let a moment in time take all that work away from me.
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3 years ago, w1ghtkn1ght
Annoying reminders
I do love this app. I think its been a fantastic tool in my recovery. I love how much room there is to customize my addictions and milestones. I dont even find the ads particularly annoying. BUT. Ever since i got my new phone, i get DAILY reminders to make a journal entry, which is not a feature i use. Ive selected within the app to not receive those notifications, and even turned off the daily motivational messages too in hopes of making it stop. Despite that, i still get them every day. If that could be fixed, itd be perfect.
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4 years ago, Fatman dew
Good app, not fond of the commercials
Nice that you can set a daily spend estimate and it counts that every hour. You can reset and restart your addiction and name those restarts. I would say I drank too much but not to extremes. It just affected my weight and energy level. I can’t say I have broken the cycle, but this is a helpful app. I would pay $5 for the app if it allowed me to get rid of the ads. They are mostly in the form of videos that blast out audio and bring attention to you and drive people to ask you what you are doing...” oh, nothing.”
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1 year ago, Kyla Kincaid
I’m in treatment and going to meetings so it helps me know my clean time. I love how at any given moment I can look and see how much clean time I have and it’s conveniently there without having to go thru a bunch of things. I also enjoy the fact if I’m having a not so great day I can look at all the time I have even down to the second with a positive quote at the end and remember when I couldn’t even get a day and how defeated I felt. I love this app!
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1 year ago, Disappointed !!!!!!
Great app but premium cost is ridiculous
I love this app, I’ve been using it for going on 7 years now. However, It use to not have ads, now it has a ridiculous amount of them and if you want premium is $30 every year. That’s crazy! I would pay $6 or $10, maybe even $15 for lifetime premium but the features just aren’t worth paying $30 once let alone $30 a year. The app developers should reconsider the $30 yearly fee. That’s why I’m not giving it 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Aiirun22
Great tool for tracking progress
Although the motive and accomplishment comes down to you and your will to quit w.e. habit, it is really nice seeing how far you have come. The options of tracking hrs over days is awesome too. Sometimes that hr is all it takes to fall back in, but when you see how many you overcame before that moment can really help if you’re serious in your commitment. Pretty basic tool but I love it. Best of luck to all wishing to better themselves. You got this!!
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1 year ago, Sober and Well
Incredible App!!!
I love this app. Being able to track my time down to the second is awesome. Also being able to have multiple “addictions” added is a plus. I put addictions in quotes because it doesn’t have to be an addiction. Maybe something you just want to give up for various reasons. There are also many extras to help gain victory over whatever you’re dealing with. I highly recommend.
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7 months ago, weedy wendy
first, booze. now, smokes!
i’m 3+ years sober from alcohol. this app / counter was something that was definitely a tool in my early recovery. it’s still a pretty great & sometimes overwhelmingly wonderful thing to open the app & see exactly how long it’s been since i decided to take my life back. oh, and seeing how much $$ you have saved is a TRIP!! now. i start the counter for cigarettes. wish me luck! good luck to you, as well!
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6 years ago, AdamGonzo
You are one to offer this app to people who are interested in sobriety, but still require money for all the added benefits? Sounds like a new addiction. Mind you, it’s a great app for folks who are interested. Let’s move into the idea of why people are seeking this app, for sobriety. That means not spending money for things they need to help them move through space and time without an addiction to a substance or to spend money towards a substance to survive. What a worthless way to defeat substance abuse - realize that this app is a substance as well. And so are the commercials you run on your application. You should learn about token target before you release an app that influences the same exact target they are trying to rid.
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