SoberTool - Addiction Recovery

4.7 (4.1K)
32.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Blitzen, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for SoberTool - Addiction Recovery

4.7 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
2 years ago, DorisPants
COVID lockdown left me negative and drinking every day
I managed to go from drinking normally to drinking daily during the COVID lockdown, and I was looking for something to help me get back on track with my health. I was also emotionally low, and feeling pretty negative about everything: humanity, work, any type of plans for the future. I needed a reset, and this app has been so helpful with that. I like that I can see how many days I haven’t drank, and how much money I’ve saved by not drinking. I wasn’t sure I’d need the daily message, but it has really helped me change my perspective on the things I have in my life that are actually positive and going well. I also appreciate having the messages available on demand and have been making it a point to read one whenever I feel annoyed or frustrated about things beyond my control. I highly recommend for anyone, whether you’re in recovery or simply in need of something to put your mind in a better place.
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2 years ago, SerenitySober
Awesome! Help when you need it.
I highly recommend this app. It allows me to set the exact time I receive the daily message which is usually exactly what I need to hear to start my day. Then I check the Reward I have earned and it not only shows me the time I have been sober, the money I have saved, but also gives me an encouraging message. I then go to the Forum where I already have friends with whom I can get support and who I can share my deepest secrets. Best of all, I turn to this app whenever I get a craving to relapse and it gives me straight forward questions to help me deal with what’s wrong. Easy to navigate and fun to use, this app is essential to my recovery.
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1 year ago, lusisbebz
Helpful Beginning Everyday
I started using this app about seven years ago as an aid to helping me get sober. First, I tried quitting drinking myself for the first two years. Needless to say, I didn’t succeed with much success. The app itself kept me inspired to keep moving forward. I entered treatment 5 years ago and finally achieved success -5 years and counting. Each day I begin with affirmations from this app. It plays a small part of reminding me about being grateful and never forgetting that sobriety is a key to my success.
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4 years ago, Wolfeman120
Well made app, but...
Completely dogmatic twelve step zombie BS. If AA works for you, that’s all well & good, but it’s far from the absolute truth about substance use/addiction/recovery. There are other ways to overcome your dependencies, to stay free of them, to live a full & happy life without them. And yes, there are ways to use drugs or alcohol recreationally that don’t ruin your life in the first place. Pseudo-psychological propaganda like this only serves to further outdated & inaccurate stereotypes and hurt people, individually & as a collective culture; the cumulative subliminal damage religion-based programs like AA inflict far outstrips the amount it improves upon (Which isn’t much; AA & NA success rates match the amount of addicts that surmount their struggles on their own, 5-10% yearly).
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5 years ago, EVK619
2+ years sober
I have been battling alcohol addiction for most my life, and I decided enough was enough. Sober Tool helped me more then once. When I felt like I was going to relapse it was good to know I had Sober Tool to fall back on. I really liked how it keeps track of the days you have been sober, and the money you saved by not drinking. The medals you earn are pretty cool too! I never thought I would say that I have been sober for 2+ years! Thanks Sober Tool!!!
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6 years ago, Fish burn
Helpful App!
I am pleased with SoberTool. It has all the features I need at this time; day counter, thoughtful messages, and features that I don’t use (financial) The meeting finder doesn’t seem to lock into my iPhone GPS. Although that’s not a huge deal. I do have issues getting the morning message from time to time. They “appear” and then disappear and I can’t retrieve them I also wish the day counter flipped at midnight local time. Mine seems to advance around 9:30 am. Again no big deal
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3 years ago, Bayyy723
Awesome App!
I love everything about this app. It’s helped me so many times to calm down and get my mind straight. It reminds me of what’s important. I really love the day tracker that shows you how much money you’re saving. That’s really helped me to stay on track. I suggest this app to any and everyone trying to stay clean and sober. Thank you.
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5 years ago, TheBodyElectrc
Another great tool for the recovery toolbox
I have used this app for a while now and love the daily reading. It has often been eerily exactly what I needed at the time. Can we get even more readings added to an update? The only other options I could see would be: AA book, NA book, SMART recovery material, Refuge Recovery material or at least the links to find them. Great job and thanks for the app.
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3 years ago, Geraou
This app is a great tool to attain sobriety
Love this app , it has helped me in many ways even though I haven't reached my goal yet it sure has helped me to get on the right path, if your like me and most people fighting addiction it's a place where you can find some support when your don't have any
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3 months ago, palmsoflove
Very helpful
I like to read a few things everyday and this one always give me something interesting to think about. I also like the counter and the topics.
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10 months ago, DY-17
Help at my fingertips
This app helps my recovery every time I open it. I particularly like the Random Message section. It’s almost always exactly what I need to hear. Download this app now… it might save your life.
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6 years ago, Melgravel
Good messages if you're struggling 😊
The meeting finder does not correspond with my location (different state) other than that this is a great app for positive thinking and answering the questions that we find ourselves asking. Random messages each day with good advice. I have recommended it to 4 other recovering alcoholics.
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5 years ago, Fernando0813
Awesome App to help keep yo on track
I have been using this app for 3 years. The dollar savings feature is a real eye opener!! The forum also a great addition to the app. The fact that key soberversaries are recognized is a great motivator. Kudos to the developers for a great app that helps those in recovery!!! 👍
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5 years ago, Justpheel
SoberTool Rating
I got sober in 2015, and 31/2 years later, I still give it a great deal of credit for helping me maintain my sobriety. One wrong decision could take so much away. My late girlfriend urged me toward getting sober, and I’d like to think if she could see me, that she’d be proud. Thanks, SoberTool!
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4 years ago, Kneeland.Jr
Inspirational Sobriety Assistant
The fact that this app is FREE, & offers the amount of things that it does gives me hope for the recovery community to continue along the path of above everything striving to help everyone who seeks it 😁
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2 years ago, Tifytat
Unable to purchase
I would give the 5* if I was able to purchase the full version. It says it’s not compatible with my iPhone and my phone is up to date.
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5 years ago, Ryjt167
Recommending this app to anyone who wants to be clean and sober. It brilliantly combines goals, positive reinforcement, cognitive behavioral therapy, and spiritual wisdom to change addictive behavior to recovery behavior. This app is always there when you need help. So easy to use. Love the community support in the Forum too.
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2 years ago, NewwwBeee
Keep going
Everyday I see my number getting higher it makes me feel better!!
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4 years ago, Ibonap
Great tool
So glad this was recommended! I have shared this with many! Not enough people know this is available! Love it tracks my days of sobriety for me much easier and exciting!!!
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2 years ago, The New Wildcat 😻
Staying on track😻
This is a nice hug from God ! This app reminds me that change is possible and it’s also a nice pat on the back . This helps me stay strong🙏🏻❤️
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4 years ago, Katyeb23
I’m picky... so so picky.
I’m picky with ads and commercials but not more than phone notifications and apps on my Already crazy full phone. But this one is a keeper. I love it!
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5 years ago, Ammostvb
Great Tool!
I love how this keeps my sobriety date so I can see how many days I have sober and how much money I’ve saved from not drinking!
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5 years ago, delvaden
Sober Tool
Sharpest tool in the tool box! This app has helped me and kept me on corse throughout my life. I’ve been using it for years now. It works.
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3 years ago, dbrac15
Helps me everyday deal with anything I’m going through. Most importantly it Gives me Hope!
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3 years ago, JLDodge1981
Instant gratification
I love this app gives me what I need to here in gd space or bad... I get program with just one it
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4 years ago, diane36
full of annoying ads
i thought ok for bit inspiration I can deal with ads, no annoying and loud. When I am sitting in a public place reading on app suddenly boom loud ads you cant close. Get a counter and few motivation stories and quotes, I think it is a teaser to get people to buy their full app.
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5 years ago, kan't find a nickname
Gives new perspectives on current issues.
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3 years ago, Jim jim 1973
Good works I just wish that you put a picture of yourself on it for your profile
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5 years ago, Rcandrews
Has helped me keep count and stay sober for over three years
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1 year ago, cyclopse101
User Friendly!
So easy to use and heck, super-d-duper good at providing inspiration!!!!
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2 months ago, Caiminatrix
Best recovery app!
Messages are always helpful and I love the forum community too!
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6 years ago, Allyaon
I'm excited to use this
I'm 14 days sober, and I'm excited to have discovered this app.
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2 years ago, sale All
Great for my recovery
Thank you
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2 years ago, sarahkbates
Why does it not count days anymore???
Mine suddenly switched from saying 130-something days to 4 months, 14 days.....and I don’t like it. There should at least be an option to switch it back to day counting.
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4 years ago, solo742
In app ads are terrible
App seems decent, but the in app ads pop up waaaay too much. Very annoying. Lose the ads. Get more subscribers. Simple.
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5 years ago, NicMarGib
Love this app!!!
I LOVE this app so far!! It helps me thru ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I go thru so far!!
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5 years ago, bogmikedouglas
New Change = Horrible
Really enjoyed the app before the recent change - now the focus is not on sobriety but instead generating ad revenues. Really disappointing ...
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2 years ago, S. Joe Bell
Great great
Great stuff for someone with old timers ……. J
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2 years ago, Meri58
Day counter
Want my day count instead of wgg he at u change to
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2 years ago, ConstantXplorer
Keeps referencing AA and God
Not my thing and should be mentioned. Deleting app. Wasted money.
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4 years ago, Ugly Side
Make me no drink with helps.
Nice peoples do good.
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3 years ago, Musbdeby
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2 years ago, chrislanetv
Grateful for SoberTool
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4 years ago, cathys23
Too many adds
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2 years ago, Tiffant Ann Kostura
Lame App with a chat forum filled with retards
Your app is useless and the forum is filled with idiots that keep relapsing.
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4 years ago, Sergiotis
Too much god stuff...
Too much god stuff...
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6 years ago, luckyvic
One Day @ a Time
A great app for when you're feeling "off" and you need direction. It's like a pocket sponsor. Wish this was around when I got sober but there were no cell phones back then ... Free version is excellent and other version I bought bc I wanted to give back to the person who developed this. Pass It On. Thank HP for giving the world another way to carry the message. As we trudge the road to happy destiny with our cell phones that have meeting finders and inspirational messages. May God bless you until we meet again 💕💕💕
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7 years ago, Gedblgg
Will tell you the truth as far as submission
Expect nothing less than frustration if you are not going to meetings, and going it alone, thinking this app will help you achieve sobriety. It will only tell you you must do these things. Good for it. I only don't like lack of leaning on Jesus who was the inspiration for AA but I will leave it alone. Good for this app for giving the hard truth, and encouragement.
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8 years ago, Whoisrose
Saved my skin more than once
This app seems to magically find just what I need to hear - whether I am thinking about picking up my substance or feeling free and serene. In reality it uses some simple self-assessment questions on the home screen that quickly helps me zero in on where I need help. Great app. It's worth getting the "Pro" version to support this wonderful program.
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8 years ago, fam0479
Awesome, Very Helpful
Great calculator shows days clean and sober and money saved. Effective messages! Really changes relapse thinking to sober thinking. Love the notifications for the automatic daily messages. The reward system helps! Easy and fast to use. I've gotten answers to recovery questions I never got before. Use it everyday and especially when I need help.
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