Soccer Physics

4.2 (842)
32.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Otto Ojala
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Soccer Physics

4.24 out of 5
842 Ratings
8 years ago, Dreiser973
Just needs online multiplayer to be perfect!
Developers please read- It amazes me how much enjoyment I can get out of something so incredibly simple. There's a LOT the developers could do with this game, they could add single player tournaments/ campaign, certain rewards you unlocks with wins, maybe a currency that you use to get a chance at rare items. But the bottom line is i don't need any of that. I only want one simple feature. ONLINE. MULTIPLAYER. That alone would make this game perfect. If the game requires a payment of 5 dollars in order to go online I would do that in a heartbeat. I might even pay as much as 10. And normally it bothers me when you have to pay for a game and then again for IAP but I would make an exception for this game. The developers have something amazing here and they are severely missing out on a lot they could be doing (not to mention a lot of money they could be making).
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10 years ago, Ffcgdge
Amazing now... Looking forward to online multiplayer!
It is clear now why this game has such a good rating although one has to pay to get it. This game is amazing! The simplicity of it makes it so fun to play, especially against my friends, and becomes even more entertaining when you get the trick of it (who would say a game of just pressing one button could have a trick? Certainly I did not before downloading this game), The concept of "physics" guarantees way more than just a couple laughs (a lot!) and the random modes are addicting. There is only thing that could be improved about "Soccer Physics", and that is, being able to play against your friend without being shoulder to shoulder to him (mentioning most people play on iphone) or without him being on you, stating the fact that most people find playing against other players more entertaining rather than against a computer. Thats why adding online multiplayer would attract a whole lot more of audience and improve the game drastically!
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9 years ago, The_Mad_Man5470
REALLY REALLY Funny but needs some new features
I love this game because I can play with my friends. But the thing is you need to add features like very slippery (The rain drop looking things fall more frequently, harder, bigger, and faster.) And huge ball (A little bit bigger than the beach ball, which falls harder, faster and Able to crush your team, which your teammates respawn after 5 seconds.) Online/local WiFi or Bluetooth with iOS 8 and above. And Power ups (For example, if the opposing team has 4 on the "first to five wins" gamemode, a power up will appear above your teams heads, so if your team gets it (they apparently have to) they will score instantly so the ball won't let the opposing team hit the ball. So it will fly in the air and once you hit the ballot will basically become an aimbot torwards the goal.) and other power ups like that. (All power ups are available in "endless" mode. Thanks if you add them! Have a million great days. Bye!
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9 years ago, Nikblor
Very funny, needs more modes, also some bugs
I gotta tell you guys this game is very fun. I payed up front knowing that everything is free. But it needs more modes because after you start to get good you need more of a challenge. I would like to have more modes like field size, number of players, and number of balls. I would also like to be able to keep playing that certain mode knowing that the game doesn't throw out random modes to the the AI's advantage. Also a problem I have is that when I play blue team on any mode, the blue team seems to have less power and doesn't kick the ball as high. I know this because I was playing 2 player mode and the red team seemed to be more powerful and accurate. Guys I think you did a well job. Just take my suggestion because most of the users are experiencing the same issues.
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10 years ago, EmmDeeDub
I absolutely love this game! It is super addicting and I can't stop playing it. I have a few things I would like to see added. I would like to be able to customize the random changes that occur. I was thinking like in wrestle jump you could have a toggle to have no head mode on or off and same with all other things like the slippery or acrobatic or the goals, etc. Then you could have a toggle for random which would be what the game is now. All random. The one other thing that would be cool is a difficulty setting. That way you could choose if you want a challenge on hard or if u want to see how long you can shutout the computer in endless mode on easy. Then of course have a medium difficulty and that would probably be what the game is at now. I would love to see these additions made. Keep up the amazing work!
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9 years ago, 💟Chucs Reviews💟
Sure to get lots of laughs!
💟Chucs Reviews💟 Hey it's 💟chucs reviews💟 reviewing Soccer Physics! This game is hilarious game sure to get LOTS of laughs! The few minutes I had with it sure made me laugh. I saw Dan TDM play this game and it made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. Although this is a funny game, I would suspect playing two player would be difficult. Having two pairs of hands on one screen would end up colliding into each other. I really would like to see a multiplayer feature added into this game. Maybe you can make a private room and have 2v2s or 4v4s? Or even 1v1s and online can be 4v4s only. Just a general lobby or system. Other than that a really funny game to sure have lots of laughs! That's all I have to say about soccer physics. Bye bye! 💟Chucs Reviews💟
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9 years ago, Maxmiester27
Need better features
I love this game, I started off on the free remake one, and frankly I like it better to be honest. But don't get me wrong, I love this one. I want the ability to take away random in the settings, make the arena larger, slow the ball down, and the thing that wins me over most on the remake is the ability to jump really really high. I want it to be where you put two fingers down to do a really high jump. This has got to be my selling point for the remake. I would like the original to be the better version of the two, but it needs some features. Please consider my suggestions and have a great day! I'm sure many people will agree with me on the feature ideas.
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8 years ago, Darkest Vader
Soccer Physics
⚡️Hey it's Darkest Vader doing a review⚡️ I rate Soccer Physics 5 stars because it is so much fun and very very addicting. In a way I have found myself a technique. The only thing though is that when I try 2 player it makes both of us put our hands on the screen which I find difficult. Also you should make it multiplayer because it would be more fun to play with people around the world. Other then that the game is perfect and so worth the money. Also forgot to mention that it is so funny! Having trouble deciding if you should get this game? You should definitely. You will not regret buying it. You would only regret ignoring it. ⚡️Vader out!⚡️
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8 years ago, B'bergberg
Great game but could use some updates
This game is such a fun game which I get many laughs from. However, the game is a bit too simple for my liking. I have two main suggestions. First, I think the game should incorporate different game modes including possibly online mode and some sort of season or tournament mode. Second, I would LOVE the option to change the setting to only incorporate some of the game types (slippery, big goals, etc.) For example, it would be really fun if you could change a setting so that you would only play slippery with big goals. Being able to toggle with these setting would make the game more interesting!
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1 year ago, soph4550
please bring back Wrestle Jump
When I think back on the good old days I think about the days Wrestle Jump was available on the app store. When it was taken off of the App Store, I didn’t notice at first. I was young and I took your app’s presence on my iPod 4 for granted. But the long term effects of Wrestle Jump’s absence are nothing to scoff at. I have truly found nothing in this life that fills the gaping hole in my heart that wrestle jump used to occupy. I stand here today before you and ask you to do something for the greater good of the human race and put your silly game back on this silly App Store.
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8 years ago, Uliuliulio1357
One player AI problems
When I play with one person it's always a game of chance. And it's hilarious and fun. My problem is single player. It is almost impossible because sometimes they perfectly time it's 5 times in a row and then I'd lose because they win right in the beginning. Or they will unfairly win 4 times in a row and the just let me win the 5th because if I don't make it in they launch themselves away from the goal or push it in for me. It isn't a fun experience when they win 10 times in a row. Please fix. I'm getting kind of sick of it...
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9 months ago, ManateeKhan
Soccer Physics is BACK?!?!
I still can’t believe they updated this gem for new IOS. This was my favorite phone game 6 years ago, whether I played solo, with friends, or even some strangers. The game is so simple yet hilarious. The additional rule sets are unique and game-changing (though some are better than others. Small goals, for example, often results in out-of-bounds and feels like a waste of time). This game controls better than all of the knock-offs, and the physics is so fun. Do yourself a favor and download this beautiful game!
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1 year ago, SWMPGG
Kept this game on my phone for 5 years
I love soccer physics. I have cried laughing playing this game with my friends. I payed money so many years ago on the app store just to have this game downloaded on my phone. When the game was removed from the app store, I kept the app icon on my phone for 5 years just because I didnt want to finally remove it even though it didn’t work. Thank you so much to the developers from bringing it back!! I’ve been actively hoping this day would come for a long time.
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1 year ago, ADM0_
Thank you!
I vaguely remember this game being impossible to play on modern operating systems cause it hadn’t been updated in a while. I’m so grateful the developer updated it for 64bit devices! I used to play this game religiously with my brother on long car rides and with friends while in long lines. It’s such a fun game and it’s a reminder of the times when iOS games were built for fun, didn’t have all these in app purchases or subscriptions. Hope the dev makes more fun games like this and the tennis one!
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9 years ago, Fame_O
Stupid games ⚽️
These rag doll games are pretty popular. They are so stupid, they are fun. I think the one button option is more fun, because the game is even more stupid and random. The makers seem pretty aware of this, and make the game even more random. Sometimes players have no heads, or they play on ice, or they use a football or beach ball instead of a soccer ball. Part of the fun is that the controls are so bad and what happens can be very random. I like this game. It's fun to pick up and play a game or two. After that it gets old.
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9 years ago, videeogames
Awesome! Needs Online Playing
This game is great to play solo and with my friends! (It gets crazy when playing with 3 other people at once in the same phone!) What this game really needs is the ability to play online with others. If you want to go more simple than that, at least be able to play with someone near you via wifi or Bluetooth so multiple people don't have to be hunched up around your phone. Other than that, this game is superb and I recommend it to everyone!
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10 years ago, Spawny303
Great game but would be a better with a little more features
I personally like this game a lot but it can be improved in my opinion. I originally found it online and as I began to play I started to like it mor and more. One thing though that I would like and would be super awesome if they added was a slow motion feature which you can add into the gameplay. It would be cool if you can turn it on and off in the settings. Also it would be cool to be able to turn on and off the modes like slippery,acrobatic,and etc. Overall I think it's a great game and would preach it if we could just add these things.
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9 years ago, Homer Simpson And Bart
I usually don't write reviews but this time I am because the game needs an update. I would like to have a 1v1 AND 1v1 because if I'm with 3 friends and we all want to play, but I'm the only one with Soccer Physics Full Version then we can play a 1v1 and 1v1! How we would have it is a screen split in half and one half is a 1v1 an the other half is another 1v1! Sure, we COULD do a 2v2 but what if we don't want to do a 2v2 and want to play a 1v1 AND 1v1! This Is me saying we need a 4 player in the game!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
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8 years ago, Shelinha(:
I love this game. It's awesome. However, I just recently got the new iPhone 7 and there's an issue where the screen has this line across it every time you tap to jump. Unfortunately, the last time this game had an update available was TWO YEARS ago and it doesn't seem like there will be one anytime soon. Which brings me to my next point, I paid a dollar for this game and it lacks updates with new things as well. How come there's no two player mood via wifi yet? Games that are free like FunRun even have more updates and novelties more often than this game. All in all, this game is enjoyable but just needs a facelift soon.
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10 years ago, Read this stuff
Things I would like added
First, there should be a money system so you could buy and customize different characters to your liking. In endless mode, you could earn 1 coin for every goal scored and after you score three goals in a row, the amount of money earned is double on that streak. In regular mode, if you win against the bot, you earn 10 coins. Second, there should be the ability to select the mode you prefer or want at the moment, like slippery mode or huge goals mode, so you can play the game in your favorite mode. Third of all, there should be a way to set the difficulty of the game, for beginners or for people who thinks it's too easy. That way you can play on the setting you want or challenge your friends to. Thank you for this wonderful game, keep up the good work. 😄
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9 years ago, Awesomeperson18
Was expecting a lot more customization...
Don't get me wrong here, the game is sort of fun. It's a nice time waster, but I was hoping for a lot more customization in the settings. Things like field size, amount of players,number of balls, etc. The game stays somewhat fresh with a variety of modes, but I would like to play a role in making the game more enjoyable. Two- player works fine and the base game is addicting and enjoyable. I would give it around 3.5 stars out of 5.
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9 years ago, VideoGameFan#1!
Simplicity is what makes this great
First thing I have to say is the quality. The quality is amazing, and the simplicity makes it even better. Soccer Physics is just one of those mobile games that is fun anywhere you go. Even though it's $1.99, it's totally worth every darned single penny you have. With the rise of mobile games, independent developers are at the top of the mountain. Definitely one of the best mobile games out there.
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2 months ago, Ronaldo_fan_7_portugel
Hair bro
Bro when the characters move some characters should have moving hair A no goalie or penalties are ok Why you make every country we saw Argentina pls add Portugal and bro when the opponents have ball the hold in their legs help I learned how to kick it up then kick it double click jump and when the get the ball in their upper leg on you with ball the push into goal that’s foul for beginners if the ball goes to you hold jump to. Catch it
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10 years ago, Jalexan87
Fantastic game!
This game is extremely simple! The random movement of the players and ever changing environment, uniforms and equipment make it enjoyable for longer periods of time. I am not a game designer, but this game seems like it could be extremely successful has the possibility to stay relevant for a long time if there are occasional updates and added features or game modes. Continuing to make it wilder crazier and more "wheels-off" would be the direction to go! Keep up the great work!
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9 years ago, moreforbella
Google game, has bugs
This game is very good, except for a few minor things. When you first start a new game it requires the player to tap the button, forcing them to jump. This is quite ridiculous and should be removed immediately. The second thing I would like to point out is when it is a "slippery" surface, your players will slide back before the ball is dropped for absolutely no reason. I would also like to see online added. Fix these issues and I will change my rating to five stars.
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9 years ago, Tarsay Reamerday
Oh... Wow.
This game... Is... AMAZING! I can't stop playing it! Whether it's with my friends, or just by myself, this game always makes me laugh! I originally bought it because I watched DanTDM play it, and thank heavens I did! Because this game is amazing! Although it'd be much more fun if you would add some more stuff. -Different Backgrounds! Such as Tropical, Winter, Underwater, Arena, etc etc -Different Outfits! Like for instance, when they don't have any shirts in Acrobatic, you could do: Cats (They would be cats) Snowmen (They would be snowmen) -More modes! Fast mode, Slow Motion mode, and also the ability to change the players from boys to girls. -More balls! A fireball, a fish, (XD) a tennis ball, and a basketball. -More goal types.. Such as basketball hoops to make it harder, and maybe trash cans! Great game!
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9 years ago, KillerDog23
Five Stars
This game is truly amazing. It makes me laugh every time I play it and it never gets boring. There are a couple things that could be added/improved though. One is online multiplayer. This would be downright hilarious. Also, you should be able to save replays to the camera roll. This doesn't sound like much, but it would be a huge help, especially for YouTubers.
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7 years ago, Silver 36
Good, but one problem. SEAN1604
The game is overall addicting and fun, but when I play by myself, I notice that when it makes you tap in the first round to make your team "somehow move", the computer doesn't do this. This sometimes leaves me at a disadvantage because the computer is always in the perfect position to hit the ball. This only happens sometimes, but I still think it is a problem.
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9 years ago, RyanMash
Ideas for soccer physic
I have some ideas for the game soccer physic one is make it that people could pick how many points the game is also another is the ability of the round when I say ability I mean like beach ball or big goals I don't really know what the real word is that is why I said ability people should be able to pick which one they want for rounds
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10 months ago, Esc10
Thank you
Thanks for bringing back soccer physics! It’s still my favorite app game. Back before the store turned into a free to play cesspool that makes it impossible to find anything worthwhile. It’s a deceptively simple game that becomes very addicting once you understand how to move your players. Loved playing this back in high school!
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9 years ago, Make 12 and up!
Pretty good...
Don't get me wrong this game is really fun and addictive but i have a few suggestions to make it a little better. 1. Create a story line, what I mean is that there should be a story line so the more you get into the game the harder it gets like a world cup type of thing 2. Create your own team, by this i mean you can go into settings and pick two colors for the team Jersey also be able to create a team name. Thx
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8 years ago, BigNate1722
Love this game but...
This game is so fun and addicting but I really wish that you could go through a number of levels, not just free play. Also I really want to have a setting that lets you choose like the special stuff during games like acrobatics and no heads and stuff. I hope you can put those things in an update or separate updates. Thanks!
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4 months ago, Potatoman2142
Childhood Game
I played this game many years ago and have recently gone back to play it again. It’s still as fun as I remember (if not more fun). I would love a new update, but I realize that the game doesn’t really need one. I’m glad this game is still available to play, I will definitely be recommending Soccer Physics to my friends
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8 years ago, Łiva
Addicting but needs improvements
This game is very fun and addicting and the two player option is very good but if the ball gets stuck between your players, you are pretty much hopeless because if you kick the ball, it just hits the other one of your player and goes back into your own goal. I think a way to improve this would be to have a button for each player.
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10 years ago, Dagr5
Love it
This game is amazing. You don't have to just love soccer to get this game and it is definitely worth the money. I also have a few suggestions for some of the bonus things. I think there should be a bouncy ball ( not a small bouncy ball just the normal ball bouncier ) and also small people and powerful kick. Please think about my suggestions and thank you for making this game.
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10 years ago, SMOKiEBurrr
I absolutely love this game nothing wrong about it. Except the fact that there is no achievements and I can't play with my friends if they aren't next to me! On an iPad it's cool but iPhone is too small for 2 players. Achievements are an obvious reason why. Maybe add difficulty too and levels. Coins for new balls. Nets. And backgrounds!! Just some ideas you guys need to add for me to continue this game
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10 years ago, Sinco singer magic
This game has a very good concept and has potential to be a top seller. Although, There are two updates I would like to see in order to get my money's worth. I would first like to see some sort of tournament or league game mode. Second, I would like to see a player customization option. I hope you take my ideas and implement them into your game.
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10 years ago, NoArmsSally
Great Game!!!
Love it! It's a ton of fun. I would like to suggest maybe adding toggles for the modes, as well as difficulty, and maybe changing the ball as well. Maybe add more balls? Add more modes, because you guys are creative! We want to see more! Love it and keep up the great work! Hopefully you see our suggestions and take them into consideration and hopefully we'll see an update soon.
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7 months ago, Jake1297
Soccer physics is back and I am so happy to see it
My brothers and I used to play this on my old iPod and I was so bummed to see it not available for the longest time. I would check to see if it was put back but it never came… Until now!! Thank you so much for putting this back, this game rocks
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9 years ago, Yhfuvydfbg
Love it! But...
Could u make a timed game type. U have an endless mode and a 5 goal mode, but could u make like a 2 or 5 min game mode? Also could it be possible to have like a tournament mode? Now don't get me wrong. I really enjoy this game. I just think if it's possible to add those things that would make the game even better! Sincerely, I very happy costumer
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10 years ago, •Darth•Invade•Her•
Game is amazing!
You know since the one player is easy, I wish you guys could come up with like a multiplayer lvl, where you can go against others players online, with either endless or up to 5 points....ALSO, you guys need to come up with a shop where we can buy different uniforms/players. Thnx for reading my review, thnx!!
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9 years ago, Cutiepie3897
💩💩 Why. 💩💩
Why! Why are they naked! I understand it's acrobatic but every acrobat I seen has on at least a leotard. Why are there only one freakin button unless you change it in settings and why does it only make you jump. They should be three buttons. One to move forward on to kick and one to jump needs big improvement I'll only give it three stars even if you do update the game it was horrible waste of 🤑💵
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9 years ago, Jackson_G.
Wasn't a skeptic for long
I purchased this game only because I figured I might be able to squeeze a few minutes of fun out of this cheap, buggy, and reused concept before deleting it. That was around an hour ago, and I'm still playing it. It's such a simple concept but it's amazingly fun. Buy it. Buy it now.
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9 years ago, GoldenKnight
Beyond frustrating and impossible to win
While at first this game is hilariously fun you will very quickly find it is nearly impossible to score a goal and becomes incredibly frustrating. Watching the players flop around like fish out of water is highly amusing but when you have zero control and the sense that the AI is unusually lucky in making shots, it's like you're always fighting a losing battle. I want to love this game but I feel like it is designed to make you lose.
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9 years ago, HarryPotterGeekJazmyn
Love it!!!!!!
This game is so fun to play when you are so bored and have nothing else to do! This game is so funny because of how you barely control your team! It's so funny when you score a goal in your own goal! I love playing this with my friends because we always have a laugh! I give this game a 10 out of 10!!
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10 years ago, Hdgjtddhreryoppp
Update soon please
If I'm paying for a game I want more options in the game menu not just 1 player and 2 player like everyone has been saying it "needs online now" and it does the only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because it doesn't have any other game modes like online. The game play its self is incredibly fun and addicting however the best part of this entire game is the 2 player, please add an online mode soon
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9 years ago, Jcjsdhugvbffh4456
Achievements and custom gameplay
This game is so freakin fun and addictive. My battery life is terrible thanks to it. It would be great to add some kind of achievement system or quantifiable stats. Also if you could customize gameplay to control the mods (acrobat, slippery etc.) that would be cool. It works for super smash bros, so it should work anywhere
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10 years ago, FeedleDee
Love this game!!!
This is definitely one of the best one button games I have ever played. The only thing that could make this game better is adding different game modes such as survival mode, and being able to add up to ten players to each team. Maybe some backgrounds and different soccer balls, and this game would be perfect.
Show more
10 years ago, Djbxh vg
Some suggestions
Great game just a few suggestions.... 1. A currency that u acquire by winning against 1player and you can buy stuff for your characters and upgrade. Also an co system so u can level up... Just seems a little boring playing the same thing over and over again
Show more
9 years ago, Adrianlop
Good but..
This game is fun, but in my opinion, there is no skill. In FACT, there is no skill to this game. Plenty of my friends and I always score on themselves and actually stop playing because of it. A game that can be based on simply one button is ridiculous. One button that jumps AND kicks at the same time. I like the simplicity but the game cannot be enjoyed if every other move you score is a score on yourself.
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