Soccer Spirits

4.5 (1K)
509.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Com2uS Corp.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Soccer Spirits

4.48 out of 5
1K Ratings
3 years ago, BigSwag45
Rating System
First things first, I love Soccer Spirits. I first played it when I was a freshman in highschool, which was about 6 years ago. I haven’t played it in quite a while and I would love to get back into it. I stopped playing because of how confusing it was to get used to character changes. These changes would lead to meta changes or some players not knowing which characters are relevant or not with each nerf or buff. I think adding a character rating system would fix this. I propose updating the forums to allow players to rate characters from a scale of 1 to 5, which would then lead to their average ratings. Whenever a character is balanced, nerfed, or buffed, we should be able to update these ratings or go to a balanced section for each character to start anew to see how the balances compare to the past versions. Also, the same should go for stone builds. I often found that most of the popular stone builds for characters were for previous versions of the game, before the stats of the characters and stones were balanced, nerfed, etc. I hope you guys would consider this idea, because I think it’d be a great help to all players, including new players and returning ones like myself.
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4 years ago, gekja2314
Weird lack of content
This game has so much to offer and to do right out of the gates.y favorite part of the game is the beautiful and crisp character designs for all the players. I love how there is a myriad of players to draw from and it’s so fun and rewarding leveling them up. As you rank up, the game rewards you generously. Then after that there is basically nothing to do. After beating the first chapter, most the after end-game content is far too difficult for you to challenge, even after using the rank up power ups. You find yourself scrambling for power up materials to try and face the new challenges but the game does not reward nearly enough power up materials for the number of players you draw throuout. You end up with only a few actually usable players and like 60 others that you wish you could level up. At the current rate, it would take over one month just to fully max out a character without the rank up rewards which fall off heavily after rank 32. This game needs to take notes from games like Epic 7 or Iron Saga. Honestly this game doesn’t feel finished, the main story isn’t even done. That being said, there needs to be wayyyy more things to do w your players in terms of combat, not everyone cares about pvp esp in a game where growth is just a money grab with no options of playing to earn sufficient materials. Not enough content, not enough events, very cool visuals and ideas but ultimately fails as a balanced gacha
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4 years ago, anima-redux
F2P but Pay to Win
Honestly, I love this game a lot and I’ve probably been playing it for about 4-5 years. I love how there’s always something to do in this game and the events are always “generous”, making it really easy to get started in this game. I say “generous” because they help you get all the 5-star players you could want and plenty of resources, but what is really valuable are the legendary 6-stars. The draw rate on them are so disgustingly low that I think I have maybe 9 so I pull like 2 a year. Officially, I think the draw rate is around 0.25%-0.3%. If you want to buy one, it’s like 50$-100$ for one, which is crazy. That being said, it’s easy to get a good team, hard to get a strong team and get used to all the mechanics and stats of each player, skill, synergies, stone, etc. so lots of grinding and reading involved. I’m just a free to play player, spent 30$ on this game total, so I don’t really know how the paying players feel. I know I get burnt out every so often and have to take a break from the game for months. Basically, easy to get started, lots of grinding, and if you really want to a good, strong team, you should probably be ready to spend a lot of both time and money.
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2 years ago, Hfs secs. Shaudhjxjb
Miss this game
Sadly, I had to make a new account. But this game is nostalgic. It had some potential in it, but I feel like it still is a bit to boring at times. I don’t know what you should add, but if you add something new and interesting it could definitely have potential to be a great game. (Edit: 6 months after original review): I actually did not know they stopped updating this game a while ago, that is so upsetting! I want to thank all the Soccer Spirits devs for giving us an amazing game over the years. I am upset I don’t have my old account, but this game was the only one of its kind that I stuck with for over a year. I wish Com2Us the best in the future!
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4 years ago, ChampionKevin44
Not worth it
The game is fun, but don’t stay too attached for long. Don’t invest your money and time for a game that will eventually stop working. Once you collect a lot of characters and level up a lot, eventually the game doesn’t work anymore. I haven’t been able to play this game for two years straight after continuous attempts to play again. The developers don’t seem to be doing anything about it, and support isn’t helpful either. Again, two years straight and nothing is fixed. I asked support over 11 times, nothing useful to the situation. Most of the time, they send me the same email with the exact words. Ignoring anything that I said and went with what they think I said. One of them even sent me the solution to a different game despite being direct that it was Soccer Spirits that I need help with and that both games don’t share the same settings. In the end, the last option is an emulator, but that will most likely get me banned. But what do you do when you can’t play for two years straight? What do you do if the developers are doing nothing about it? For me, it’s hard to move on, and it’s hard to say again. This game isn’t worth anyone’s time.
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5 years ago, Lineagebp
Really great game that stands the test of time...
No matter how many games I’ve played I keep coming back to this one. Most mobile games are very rewarding to those who pay to win... its just common sense. This game is no different but it does reward the free to play or casual gamer very well. My account has 14 Legends (Highest tiered players in the game) yet 8 of them were pulled using f2p meaning Daily free pulls, Scouting or Event tickets. Granted I’m a rare example, Ive seen people play a whole year without pulling one Legend but I’m proof it can happen. In all honesty you don’t even need Legends to be good. The normal 5* players are extremely good and some can be better than Legends. I guess what I’m saying is the game is very fair across the board. You can Whale or play a game where top tier characters drop at 25-50% but I promise you won’t play for long because it ruins the fun. I’ve watched games that give out high end characters boom in the beginning but fizzle out over time. This game is designed for the long term. It’s not a game where you get all the best everything in a month. Those games are horrible anyway. I actually love this game because it doesn’t give you everything or overly reward people who just pay to win. If you want a low quality game that will get boring in a month or two then don’t play this. This is meant to be played for years. Anyway, I enjoy this game a lot and I hope you will too! Good job Big Ball!
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2 years ago, Crabsssssss
Fun while it lasted.
I started playing this game 7 years ago, and Soccer Spirits was the only gacha game that I ended up sticking to for the entirety of that time. Sadly, as the game no longer receives updates and balance patches, the player base comprises of just a few loyal players of the game. I ended up uninstalling the game soon after the news broke in August that the game would no longer be maintained by the development team of BB. Even so, I’d like to express my appreciation over the years for Soccer Spirits and the immense amount of work that went into its multiple attempted revival updates and content. It’s unfortunate that the game wasn’t able to gain popularity even through all these changes, but as people say, all good things have to come to an end. That being said, if you want to still play Soccer Spirits I think it’s a really fun game and is worth giving a try.
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3 years ago, LucasC1314
High potential
As an old player, I have been stopping and going when it comes to this game. If we could bring back the Basic->Evo->EE system in a simpler way (maybe as two stages of development instead of 3) like Basic->Next stage with new artwork; this would really get us players pumped back up again, with a lot more excitement and pleasurable gameplay experience. At the current state of this game, there has been a missing point of challenge in the game due to the withdrawal of the old Basic->Evo->EE type of development for the characters in the game. An easy improvement that could be done right now to the game (for better rerolling experience) would be to make each beginners draw (during the tutorial) have a guaranteed random Legend player rather than having just one of ten selected players as the guaranteed factor of the draw.
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6 years ago, Desperate whale
Fun and boring at the same time
When you first play the game, you will find it very frustrating to farm for materials for your players. But whats worse is it might take you months or years to find your dream team. In the early stages you have to constantly switch out players from 2-4 stars then save your crystals for gachas to get higher star players (TLDR IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE GAME IT IS COMPLETELY RNG BASED TO GET 5-6 STARS PLAYERS). This game gives you a choice of getting something eventually (for a long amount of time) or pay money to get a bundle of it along with something else. There is basically no end game for you if you are f2p (free-to-play) because there are always players who ate willing to pay more to have a better team full of legends. Summary: don’t play this game if you are not committed but you will find it more fun as you play for a long time.
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6 years ago, IGN: MNDZ
Great game but HORRIBLE connection issues
I enjoy this game. Aesthetics, havent found another game that looks as good as this one. Has some cool events, can be generous at times in giving away free stuff. You will enjoy the game if you like anime type card games. But MAN this game has some SERIOUS connect issues!!!! Im not talking occasionally but EVERY. TIME. i play this game. To bad i cant post images or cips but there are a lot of times when the game is trying load and keeps spinning and spinning and then gives a pop up saying “Network Failure - Connection Lost”. IF i hit OK it goes back to the intro and SAME thing happens and NEVER LOADS!!! I have to forcefully close the game and then try opening it again to see if it will run smoothly. I have noticed that if i just leave it for a while n not hit OK, it’ll reconnect by itself and i can continue playing. This randomly happens as i try and navigate thru out the game getting ready for matches or whatever. I cannot understand how i can play Heroes Evolved, which you play real-time with other players, and have very good connection but with this game..... I actively play a bunch of other games and NONE, absolutely no other game gives me issues with my wifi connection at home or on data so its not my connection or my iphone8.... i dont write reviews of the games i play but it is such an annoyance that i just to come here and vent.
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3 years ago, Originalnamenottaken72
A great fix, a small community
The game is great, the collection aspect with the rework is superb, the rates of legendaries have been fixed, and the game is better then it ever has been with new characters and stones there’s a lot of strategic options. But the game has a very small player base. Mostly Korea has a lot of players and I believe they are single handily keeping the game afloat. Does this make the game bad? Well kinda. If you’re looking for a big mmo kind of feel you won’t get it here. There’s still a decent amount of people playing the live matches and the game gets updated regularly, it just needs people like YOU reading this review to join and at least try it out. Who knows, maybe you’ll really like it too.
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7 years ago, SapphirePower
Broken but whole
Played the game previously on an outdated iPad and eventually could not play with it being really slow. Played on an updated phone that is faster and it makes the difference. If you are having trouble playing this game then it must be that it needs to be updated or you are using an outdated device that cannot handle the huge amounts of data. This game was and is still good. It does not really matter if you get legendaries because there are other units that can counter them and are better then the legendaries. Also take the time to look at skill descriptions so that you are able to carefully plan out. I have a mono WW team that is beastly with only one legendary and I've got multiple teams that don't have the legendary included. It would only be pay to play when you don't save up your crystals for draw events.
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5 years ago, KINOTORIS
iPhone 6 crashes!!!
Love this game so much. It's enjoyable and pretty easy to grind at. I've been playing for about 3-4 years now and I never had a problem with it. Last summer I changed my phone to an iPhone 6, downloaded the game and kept playing regularly with my account. Around Decemeber 2018/January 2019, the game started to crash on my iPhone. I realized no one else was having these issues until a fellow iPhone 6 user told me he was having the same problems as me. That is when I noticed that the issue was with the iPhone 6 only. Whenever I go into story mode or try to use the Auto option, the game crashes. Sometimes when I'm just looking at the formation or the Events, it crashes. Truly hope you guys fox this issue soon! As someone who pays, I don't want my money to go to waste.
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6 years ago, FoxGirlDojigiri
Nothing in comparison to Ayakashi Ghost Guild
This game is fun and I have spent many years playing it, however the game has showed me just how greedy and boring it is over time. Short boring events, no legendaries even after spending a few hundred $. You even so much as save all the free rewards to do over 1200 summons and yet never pull a legendary character, just a bunch of 3 star, 4 star and few 5 stars. Like they actually expect you to spend precisely 900$ in order to be guaranteed to pick you own (old) legendary, not the new ones or you spend $1500 in order to actually be able to pick a newly released legendary. Like don't get me wrong, pulling a legend is cool but they aren't even close to as strong as their price of cost. It's pointless to even spend in game because i guarantee you will likely be disappointed in your summons. Its not like you can use Crystals on anything else in game besides storage space increasing till it maxes.
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5 years ago, Animal luv111
Fun game but commitment needed
It’s an amazing game, very professional and well made all around. The thing is, if you wanna make it to the top you need to be committed. It took me almost four years to get to where I am now as I can’t afford to just drop $99 on a legend pack and I prefer to play for free. Legends are hard to come by and often times it’s not guaranteed they’ll fit into your formation anyways. It really is fun but especially when it’s constant update season and you build a team and then the players get balanced and you need to remake your team with no supplies for it it’s extremely frustrating. You need to be willing to completely commit if you really wanna reach top tier.
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7 years ago, Tweekish400
Extremely Impressive for a mobile game
Very fun game with a lot of depth and strategy in addition to the classic gacha Elements. Progression is satisfying and there is constant interconnectivity that’s makes it competitive for those who want it to be and casual for those who don’t .The game is well structured enough, I think, to be a game worth sitting down and playing on pc. It’s entirely possible to get to the top level without paying a cent (though difficult), which is something I find very important in games. That said, those at the very peak will inevitably be the ones who pay the most. It takes time but I don’t think that subtracts from the genius of the game at all.
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6 years ago, Partydetective
Bad drop rates/confusing mechanics
It’s really difficult to start out, especially to people like me who are often VERY unlucky and get screwed very easily in luck based mechanics. The drop rates are really low for a legendary, but even for a 5*, the rates are a total lie for me. In my case, the 5* rate was around 2.5% after rerolling numerous times despite the “expected” rate for a 5* to be 7%. 6* 0.25% rate is by far THE LOWEST rate for literally anything I have seen in a gacha game. This makes it really hard to start out with decent units since most 3* units are bad in general and 4* units are pretty mixed in terms of how good they are. There were also a lot of gameplay mechanics that were not explained very well or had no explanation at all. This made it very difficult to start out as a new player to the game.
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6 years ago, Mapple of my Eye
Love this game!
Obviously by the title, anyone can tell I love this game! I’ve only been playing for a year, but the immense amount of game modes creates for an amazing and interactive playing experience. Especially the Auto mode being upgraded to help farm materials, I’m able to get less repetition out of the game. Lol, like many others, the only problem is the pay to play aspect of the game that really gives an advantage to whales. Going into any Galaxy Live game is a lost cause since I always face some all 7* team with luqs equipped! Hopefully, there can be some fix to the match-up, but Live isn’t really my thing anyways so I don’t really care.
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4 years ago, LaNetts itunes
Great game!
Amazing graphics and animations, after the brand new 6th anniversary update it was a little rough I couldn’t get past the choosing screen for the player, after I got past that everything else was absolutely amazing!! The new draw system and the prize and the rates are wonderful! I do kind of miss the other way the characters were portrayed not using card form, I thought it was unique and set it apart from other rpg games. Then they switched to card players that were beautiful but it kind of took away a unique part of the game. Overall I’d say it’s a lovely game and thoroughly enjoy the great new aspects of it! 🥰☺️😊
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7 years ago, Tom119365
NEVER buy anything from Com2uS
I bought a package in November and I have not yet gotten it. I have been contacting Com2uS for the past month with messages and it takes them 3-4 days to contact me back. It has been a continuous cycle of me sending my receipts of all my past purchases (and for some reason their records say that one of my receipts from apple is incorrect) so they keep asking for the right receipt even though I only have one receipt that is close to their records with the exact same item under the same Apple ID and Com2uS account. Since one of my receipts doesn’t fit with their records even though all my other receipts are correct, and they are all bought under the same Apple ID and same Com2uS account, they won’t give me my purchase. I HIGHLY Recommend to NEVER purchase anything from Com2uS.
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5 years ago, Ugly_Potato
Good game to come back to.
I had Soccer Spirits back when it was released. My tablet broke so I got on a different device, but I had no way to get the account back (I had a guest account). Ever since then I forgot about it. Recently, I came back to the game looking to rid my boredom. Every time I was in the middle of the tutorial, it would crash my iPhone 6. I’ve read some reviews with the same problem and I’m glad I’m not alone here. Please fix this soon, I’ll keep it four stars until then. For now, I’m playing on an iPad. Even then it occasionally crashes.
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3 years ago, 🍧🍨🍱🍲🍳🍶🍣
This update won’t let me play anymore
This game is kind of fun, yes there are times where it can get boring but what game doesn’t have that? I was at a decent point where I had a great amount of legendary players and an awesome team setup, but now with this recent update it won’t let me back in the game at all; all of that hard work down the drain. Really disappointing because I put a good amount of time and effort into the game. Other people have apparently had similar issues with this game as well, so it’s issues continue to arise, I just hope the game developers will fix these ongoing errors soon.
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4 years ago, pepipoopo
6th anniversary update
Some Feedback Pros: -Draw rate is better. -A guaranteed Classic Player pick system (including legend) once hit 341 draw. -Way better success rate when upgrading stones. -Slightly faster progress when it’s comes to upgrading players. -Buyable legend skins and managers instead of buying the whole package (less expensive). -Fresh, the game definitely looks better. Cons: -Crashes, often when checking player buff/debuff during gameplay. - Hard to read fonts. -Some ui are hard to click; eg. selecting manager load out where you have to clicked on the check mark button instead its rectangle. - Needs faster animation/turning off animation options for players skills and ui. - Super boosting Legendary player might take a long time. -So far, no new interesting events.
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5 years ago, Highlevelzs
F2P game if you’re consistent
Many ppl say it’s pay to win and spend hundreds of dollars to get no legendaries but here’s a tip; save up crystals and participate in every event! Use crystals to summon when the drop rate for the players you need increases. Sometimes you get free unique stones and 5* if you participate in events! Legendaries have better stats but some below legendary counters them so don’t give up easily and stop complaining about paying, I have an L rank team and never spent a single penny, be consistent!
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7 years ago, Animechan765
Been playing for a few years
I've been playing this game for a few years now and I love it. There's a bunch of events that get you loot. And all the time you get a bunch of ST from doing nothing. It's worth your while. Yea, it takes awhile to get good players but that's the fun of it. People will get thrown off and say it's a P2W game. That's not the case. I haven't spent any money on the game and I have an exceptional team. Not to mention they have twitch streams and they give out stuff. Thank you.
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6 years ago, V0XX
Great game!
Really love the game, I do feel tho that some older characters don’t get any love and dev just keep moving on to the next thing. Also I think it would be great if you could add a gifting crystal feature to the shop, I really appreciate my club members and I’d like to show them some appreciation back. Update!: Game won’t load passed 99% when says checking for updates. I haven’t been able to play in 3days don’t want to lose lead!
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6 years ago, Jon585f
Definitely worth playing
Pros: fun, helpful community, satisfactory gameplay, beautiful art/HUD, a lot of pve and pvp, made it easier for starting people Cons: greedy company but recently started listening to community, connection issues with their server, rng gatcha game 7% 5 star .25% 6 star... Overall good fun game, takes a lot of time for a solid team but satisfying when completed. Also farming is a hastle but every game farming is repetitive, good thing they have an auto play mode (up to 30 matches atm)
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4 years ago, BubbaBaeron
Like it! but... Too many children.
It's a problematic trend that a lot of Eastern games have an entire half of their characters being underage girls. Even the one who selects the Earth team at the start is an underage girl. There are hardly any bigger girls, and when they do appear, they are like Raphala, and have some kind of BDSM fetish. They're literally holding whips, melting candles, and spiked maces made from blood. I hope that more girls bigger than Guardania and Raphala may be released that don't have these strange personality disruptions. There is about One big girl for every 40 underage girls it seems.
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6 years ago, MynicknameingameisKaia
The rewards system now gives much more and has made the game more fun to play! Though the draw system still seems a bit off since my brother who has restarted twice has managed to get 2 legendary awhile I’ve played for 3+ years and have only gotten the level 30 legendary 😔 or maybe it’s my luck :/ It was sort of concerning that my story mode reset but I don’t mind the free gems!
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6 years ago, Erron-Black
Cool but expensive.
The game is a lot of fun for Mobile; really nice art. Only downside is is the game presses hard to get you to spend money. Getting a six star player is scarily unrealistic. Been playing the game for many years and I’ve yet to summon a single Legendary. You need a fat wallet if you want a strong team fast, but it’s not required. There are ton of give aways so so long as you sign in and do what’s needed for an event you’ll get good units.
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4 years ago, Tratba
One of the most F2P friendly games
I love gacha games and this is one of the most F2P friendly games I’ve played. Of course there are those purchases that’ll help speed up your progress and let you roll more but honestly if you have time you can be just as good as the others. Don’t necessarily need legends to have a decent team. Also a lot of the main money purchases are just skins.
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6 years ago, Fwjausiwv
Good but micro transactions
Now don’t get me wrong this game is fun and aesthetically pleasing to all of those who love anime games, but recently I purchased one of the packs and received nothing from it even though it charged me. I naturally sent in a complaint with my receipt hoping to receive what I paid for but to see if it was just a fluke I bought a $3 pack and received the items. This made me feel cheated when I spent my money on something promised to me and received not a word in return, Com2us please fix this for future players!
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5 years ago, jcandlucky72
Most pay to win game ever!!!
The draw rate is still 0.25% for a 6*. I’ve played this game for over 4 years and I still have one legendary and that’s the free one you get at level 30.....In the end just downloaded It because my friend wants to play me now and then but the developers should up that percentage up by 1 if not 2 percent because no one likes a game that you can’t ever get your favorite team, especially for an OG player that’s dropped the game 4 times each anniversary. Not gonna reinstall until proper changes has been made absurd draw rate!
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5 years ago, Karna Mf
Catches your eye at first, realize how bad it is after play time.
This game has some of the most beautiful art work I’ve ever seen, too bad the drop rates are some of the worst I’ve ever seen even if you spend money. I would advise not even wasting your time because not only will you most likely never pull what you want but the in-game content that matters is almost non existent & the player base is dying more & more every day. They balance & nerf characters that don’t need it while leaving the OP units untouched. Just not a fun experience anymore.
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5 years ago, reaper 305
I love this game and I have been playing for years
I know you wonder why I did give it 3 stars because right now the game have a huge problem and that is connection problems every time I enter the game they kick me out and say "connection lost" but I'm still connect to wifi and fast one to 25 MB/s and don't know what is the problem is please help
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6 years ago, bob and robs
Pretty good
I would love to see that more people would play this game and see how much fun it is. But there’s one problem, the connection, where ever I go with good connection, it would still say “connection lost” or it would freeze my game multiple times. I really enjoy this game so I hope it gets fix so I don’t have to think this game is horrible
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6 years ago, totallyorginalusername111
This is the only mobile game I’ve ever been really invested in. There is so much to do and the UI isn’t a total disaster. The story is easily completed leaving most of the gameplay in completing sets and building different teams/leveling cards. Give it a try at least!! Edit for the new update: They’re really only making the game better, I STILL love this game and play pretty much daily. Sure, a lot of the game is farming later on, but there is still so much to collect and a lot of story to explore. A note on pay-to-win: yes spending money will get you far in the game, but com2us is verrrry liberal w/gems and I never feel like I need to buy anything. ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕
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4 years ago, Zi Qi Deng
Great Game!
I really like this game. When I get bored, I can play this game. This game is very good but I also wish that this game was an anime. If the was an anime, I think people will like it very much. This is because the animations for each seasons of the game is so good. When I watched the trailer, I though it was an anime show, but it turned out to be a game. I was kinda sad because the animation was so good.
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6 years ago, mhm_ok
I can’t recover account
Game is really fun! I’ve played this for almost 3 years. Until my phone drowned and I lost my account. I’ve tried to recover my account, none of the gmail accounts worked. Then they ask me for Hive ID. Which I don’t know mine. I only knew my account name. I rlly hope to recover it because my old account was a sss and I didn’t wanna just give up.
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6 years ago, LordoftheWind
Great game.
I really enjoy this game. It’s well made, well thought out and planned, and balanced fairly well. The ONLY problem I have with it is since the update, crashing has become more prevalent than before. I can’t access certain content without it randomly crashing the game. Please fix this and the 5 star rating will stay.
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5 years ago, S3tanakaiiii
Fun engaging game
There’re some p2w elements but you don’t have to compete. Simply playing the game will reward you. The events give out many free crystals and summon tickets; saving them up until legendary players appear on summon roulette is the key. The game is challenging and requires some thought into building characters and team. Definitely worth playing
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7 years ago, Burninemblem
Overall excellence
Such a fun game overall. Unlike many other competitive app games, I feel like I make progress an it is satisfying going through story mode. I have played into this game multiple times and I have never been disappointed. Also this needs to become an anime and everyone knows it ;)
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6 years ago, WaffleHeart
Favorite of all time
This is the first turn-based game that gets me addicted to this genre. After I removed the game due to hardware issues, I tried every other games in the genre and never found one so balanced and fun. Because I’ve grown attached to my previous team I’m still hesitating to come back. But this game is worth it for sure.
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2 years ago, Rassth
Solid Title I come back to
It’s Com2Us so it’s a pretty big pay game. Since it has been out for such a long time they have a lot of good catch up events that allow you to put together a really solid team fast. Worth playing IMO, just be warned that it can be painfully grindy to be f2p.
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4 years ago, ZuZiSushi
All my characters are gone
I haven’t played soccer spirits for about a year now. I do have an account though so none of my information should’ve been lost. Despite this I found that when I logged back on most of my characters are gone and my rank has been lowered. Even when I go into the book, the characters I should’ve had aren’t even acknowledged there. Is this a glitch? Please fix this.
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7 years ago, The Macdonald
Liking it so far
So far I have played about 40 ish minutes into the game and while the combat is just ok, I find following the story to be interesting even if it is subpar. I would recommend this game to those who enjoy fantasy genre type games with pack style openings for equipment like crash fever and such.
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5 years ago, HyroEX
Crashing on IPhone 6
This is now becoming a major issue, no matter what i try to load in the game it crashes. I managed to load up the game and summon but that was it, any other command i try to do instantly crashes the game. At this point I don't know what to do. I love the game and want to keep playing it but my heart doesn't want to play a game that constantly crashes. It’s either fix it or not I'm tired of this and the fact that its been going on for a couple of months is insane please address this and fix it.
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4 years ago, Ben East
Fun but sometimes agitating
I tend to find myself coming back to this game after deleting it because it’s such a casual game there’s not much of a reason to delete it. But if you ever wanna play this game competetively for whatever reason, you will hate the AI. It will screw your team over with all the worst decisions so I’d reccomend not watching the AI work unless you know you smash the enemy.
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6 years ago, XLtBmanx
Worth the time invested for sure
I've been playing this game basically since its release and they constantly host new events to strive for and help assemble the perfect soccer team. There are also lots of opportunities to acquire the microtransaction currency in the game so it isn't as pay-to-win as it is just luck of the draw.
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6 years ago, Kaihg
Longtime SS Player
Short review. The dev is really trying to improve the game for new players and older players alike. It’s a really “grindy” game but progression has been eased with the most recent update and I can only see things improving from here on out. Gameplay wise there’s a LOT to do so you won’t get bored for a while.
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