Soccer Stars: Football Kick

4.8 (158.7K)
149.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Soccer Stars: Football Kick

4.75 out of 5
158.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Faithful Fox
Pretty Great!
I like how you guys did with the new setup. (It’s been a very long time since I last played this so this is all new to me) but keep up the great work! I have a suggestion if you could do later on in the game, You know how when you hit a ball with a puck it shows what color trail of when you hit the ball, and that each color represents on how hard you hit it? Can you make some new teams that are really hard to get but can a lot of power and aim? It’s just a question and you probably won’t see this at all but here’s the color of what I think it should be, maroon/black because of how hard you hit it. But really it’s an awesome game keep up the great work! Now I will mention I’ve seen only one person that when they hit the ball it made a black trail and it went very far, so I don’t know if it was a glitch in the game but anyways you could also fix up some bugs for I have seen some weird bugs in this game but overall, it’s a really great game!
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6 years ago, AshKohn47
Awesome game! Many fixes for such an old one.
This game is amazing. Period. I mean, the physics, and everything about the overall gameplay is outstanding! However, there’s are many bugs that need to be fixed, especially for such an old game which Miniclip is starting to throw away. Some of them are just bad design! Here’s one of them that caused me to lose 10,000 coins! When you start the game, and because of Miniclip’s terrible servers, you might accidentally double click because of the slow response time. This might not seem an issue, but how the game works is by already starting you on the highest level of game you can play. Again, not really an issue. But the fact that I am a level 15 playing against a level 125 who has one of the best pieces in the game, better formations, and is more experienced, it makes it unfair. But to some people, that might not be an issue. But again, vapid are almost impossible to get! The only way I really get my coins is from daily spins! And why? Because it would take a LONG time to farm 10k coins on Brazil, which gives you 25 coins per round, not including the new “salary” thing which is only a strategy for Miniclip to get more money because of people’s impatience. In reality, this is one of the best games for free, but it comes with the price of losing everything you own.
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4 years ago, THE.REAL Easy Eight
Made me start over from level 1.
Please read this!!!!! This is a really fun game. You can play soccer matches to win coins to get cooler teams, formations, and play mini games. There’s even a setting where you can play in tournaments and trick shot arenas. I used to play this game all the time and I eventually got over level 20, over 200,000 total coins, over 10 different cool boots, a win percentage of over 60, a good formation and a really good team. This USED to be one of my favorite games and I thought I was pretty good at it. However, one day when I opened the game to play, it made me start over from level 1. After all of the time that I spent on this game, i can’t believe that it did this to me. I even spent real money on this game: 99 cents. I know it’s not much, but what about the people that spend over a hundred dollars on this game and it makes them start over? I hope the developers of this game will read this because I do not want this to happen to anyone else. I used to play this game a lot so maybe it’s a good thing that it made me stop playing. Please fix this!!!! Thank you for taking your time to read this review.
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4 years ago, Yoshi-Noah137
It’s a really good game but . . .
I really like this game and overall is one of the best free games out there. It’s not a pay to play game which in some cases, games are. This is why I gave it a four star. But at one point I got a little bored at the game and stopped playing it for a little. Then at one point, I logged into a game (as a guest because I couldn’t make a Facebook account or Miniclip account for personal reasons) and I checked my stats and I realized that I was starting the game all over again! Now I know some people probably knew this already but I know that there are people that don’t know this like me. I had or 200,000 coins and was over level 35. I lost everything. If I were you guys ( the game developers) I would at least give a warning that this would happen because even thought they stopped playing for a while they might come back to playing the game. So anybody who is playing this game or any Miniclip game that is as a guest then remember that this could happen to you so be weary and always check up on your game time to time until further notice from Miniclip.
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6 years ago, LeftLefter
Good game-bad developer
Haha-have you ever looked at the reviews for this game? I spent the last half hour reading reviews and I can’t remember ever seeing a game where EVERY SINGLE review is a complaint about one or two glitches that are bumming everybody out. Wouldn’t you think the developer might try to fix a problem that is universally complained about? Nope-not these guys. They apparently don’t read their players’ reviews or if they do, they obviously could care less what you and I think. This developer is completely unresponsive to their players concerns. I imagine a Miniclip management meeting where somebody says “we are getting universally bad reviews and most of them are about 2 or 3 issues that we could easily fix...” And the response from the team is “so what-who cares? Blank ‘em if they can’t take a joke!” And then they all roar with us. Then the prez says, “Let’s get to something important-where do you guys want to eat lunch today?”
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6 years ago, skmoore2043
Absolute Scam
This game is rigged and an absolute scam. When you don’t purchase coins the game lets you win. However when you show the willingness to purchase coins the “people” you play against are impossible to beat. Forget the level, check their winning percentage. You will play game after game and your opponent will have miracle shot after miracle shot. You will play “people” with a 33% winning percentage that absolutely cannot miss. Then you will play someone with an 80% and it’s the same. You are clearly playing bots/computer generated “people” that steal coins from those willing to purchase. It’s a complete scam. Pay attention to the trends in scoring, bounces, position of the pieces, and the specific “talking” during particular actions. This game is clearly rigged.
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6 years ago, nikolai987
Lose connection? Lose all your coins
Multiple issues with this game. Let me just say it’s a fun, addictive game... BUT the customer support for this app is terrible. I’ve submitted multiple emails saying that I lost coins because the game said I lost connection even though I was connected to my WiFi. I spent $4.99 and got about 100,000 coins, with about 1,000 bucks as well. I played in Italy for my first time, which costs 50,000 coins to play at. I was winning and I scored the winning goal, but it said I lost connection, then it said I ran out of time, then it booted me out of the game and sent me to the main screen, but it stole 50,000 coins, all because I lost reception. I can use many explicatives to show how upset I am at this game, but my anger goes nowhere. I highly suggest people to not spend money on this game, and don’t play a high stakes game if you’re not prepared to lose all your coins. Oh and this game likes to take commission so you lose 5-10% of what you should have won because of “salaries” of your team uses. It’s a scam, and I’m complaining to Apple since Miniclip and it’s support team hasn’t done anything to compensate for my losses because of their game flaw.
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4 years ago, Tbalman
Such a big scam, read this before playing
Makes you lose 75% of the time. Also the ads are like forty seconds long. Also, I love this game except its rigged, and robots take over the whole game. It’s so hard to win. You never play with a real person it’s always a robot. I feel like this game just wants peoples money. I have noticed that once I had 2,300 coins then I left the next day and my money went down more to 1,900 coins. (I didn’t play any rounds or anything it just took my coins away.)Also the robots when they take their turn they always get it perfect but when you do the same thing it makes you lose. I’m starting to get mad. I used to love this game but it’s so rigged. This game would be so fun if you were actually playing with real people. And you don’t even need WiFi for it they just make you think that. I’m very disappointed in this game, it could’ve been one of the best games ever if it wasn’t so hard, you play with real people, and if the people who made this game wasn’t money thirsty. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if the reviews that are at the top are from robots.
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4 years ago, hdjrhdhud
Good game but has been ruined
The game is really fun. I have played it now for about 4 years, but lately it has been ruined. They have added ads between every game. Meaning you get an ad about every two minutes. It seems like they have realized that the game is doing great, and now they want more money. So they add an extreme amount of ads. It is just frustrating to have to continuously get ads after every game. It feels like an idle game where the only way for the developers to earn money is through ads. But this game is better than that and I see many people who spend a few dollars on the game, so I cannot see a reason for adding this many adds. If you don’t think that adds are a problem for you, this game is probably a good game for you. Especially if you like arcade style air hockey or other games. And want something like air soccer. This game would definitely have received a 5 star rating is it weren’t for the new addition of excessive adds after every game you play.
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4 years ago, DWattsQ8
Stole my money
So I had played this game before years ago on my Facebook account, stopped playing, some years later I picked it back up on a guest account. While playing I made some purchases on that said guest account, not a lot but around 20 dollars. Well you are constantly notified to link the game to your Facebook, and after a while I decided I would like to try and get some of my friends to play and clicked to link my account. So now my guest account I spent money is gone and that old account pops up with none of my purchases. I think hmm, well go through the options of customer support , tell them my situation someone responds telling me to send screenshots of my receipts ( not sure why I have to do that.. you guys don’t keep records?) so I did what was asked of me. Found the receipts, got my screenshots and sent them back. NEVER EVEN MESSAGED ME BACK! So still giving them benefit of the doubt, I reach out again and explain my situation. IVE BEEN TOTALLY IGNORED THIS TIME. Very disappointed.... why would you not restore someone’s purchases. Games alright but horrible customer service.
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5 years ago, VxL DoGe
Great game but an annoying bug. :(
I personally love this game. I love the abilty to unlock new teams and gain better aim time or power for them. I just now decided to treat my self with $5 worth of bucks to get some gold packs and other cool stuff. I ended up getting a Superstar Agent and decided to use it to gain extra bucks to upgrade my team. So, I play a few games of tricks got arena and my opponent lags out of the game before any goals were scored. I play a couple games and realize that I’m not getting any bucks per goal. I think I lost my agent after only playing 3 or so games for some reason. Is it was a bug... I hope it gets fixed whenever a new update rolls around. Same thing happened with my Rookie Agent as well. I would have given this game a 5 star if that were not to happen. But overall, this is an amazing game and I suggest this game to anyone who is thinking about getting it.
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5 years ago, Silvatarri
This is the first review I’ve ever written but I have strong feelings about this game
You start the game and it can be very fun. However, as soon as you start getting matched up with players who have played for a while this game becomes an exercise in tedium. In most higher level games your opponent will rarely even take a shot. Basically they will start moving all of their pieces back into their goal and wait. To adapt, you move your pieces back to your goal. Then they knock your players out of your goal. Then you knock their players out of their goal. This continues until one of you loses your patience or unsuccessfully sends a piece in front of your goal. Early matches are actually fun as lower level players will take a risk and actually try to score without having covered their entire goal. So you are kind of going back and forth trying to score (which I’d argue is the point of the game). The matchmaking system is a joke, the time it takes to play one game can be excruciating, and you’ll need to spend money to get anything done.
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7 years ago, Marty's notes
Pay me my full amount of coins
I enjoy this game, but don't enjoy getting ripped off of my full amount of coins when I win. I also don't like when I'm winning a game and the game all of a sudden freezes or there is a glitch, when it resumes I lose all my coins and my opponent wins. At least when the game freezes or there is a problem and the game can't be finished, return each player their original coins or give the person who was winning the game before it froze the win. There are hackers manipulating the game, for example when I'm winning a game a player will say "gotta run", then the game will end declaring my opponent the winner and I lose my coins. Too many bugs, glitches,connectivity issues, solicitations to pay, etc.....Extremely fun game when there are no issues, but that's rare. Done playing because of the above mentioned issues.
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6 years ago, games honestreviews
Wow ! What a scamming grinding troll 😒
So I’ve been playing for a long time now and I use to have lots of fun with this addictive scam... at first the game lets you win until you get addicted because you feel good then afterwards you start going against bots that never miss and are always at the right place. Every time I start to get coins back the game puts me against a bot that won’t lose just to make you buy more coins. The shots are pathetic the boys can score the most impossible shots with crazy power then when I get an easy shot the ball rotated the opposite direction 😒 The formations are overpriced and aren’t good until you’re willing to spend 100 on a formation just to lose to a bot that is level 100 meanwhile I’m a 32. The coins are a wast of your money because once you purchased the coins you will start playing against the bots that were made no beber lose like wow this grinding troll that needs some improvement to make a better balance between everything not just scamming a lot of people .
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5 years ago, give me my coins back!!!!
The game steals your coins!
I noticed that when I won, my total coin collection was off by 100 coins. So I started watching what happened when I started a game , and then watched the end of the game when they show the coins going back into your possession after you play. I noticed that my original amount of coins that I had was shaved by 100 coins! They still gave me my full winnings from the wager but somehow I lost 100 coins automatically after every game. It really is annoying to play a game when you plan on using the winnings to buy something or upgrade but you have to play another game because you automatically lost 100 coins for no reason. Not fair! I’m sure others notice but don’t make a big deal about it because it’s just 100 coins lost. But it’s misleading and I’m a guy of principles. If someone was stealing 100 coins out of my pocket without an explanation or a notification then we would have a confrontation.
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6 years ago, Mc FlabbyPatty
New Mode Idea!!!
So for this mode I though about 2v2s. You can 2v2 with your friends or some randoms. It could work like your friend controls half the team, and you control half the team. It might sound unfair but it’s really not, it’s the same amount of team players just with your friend or a random controlling half the team. I’ll go into how the 2v2 teams would work. So you can play 2v2s with your friend, then the other side would be randoms. So 2 randoms and the other side you and your friend. Or it could be you with a random on your team and the other team with also have randoms, so just randoms. Please add this, I would really appreciate it. It would be really fun to play and my friends would probably enjoy it too.
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3 years ago, Joeyverrt
to be honest this game is AMAZING, however you will never be able to highly competitive unless you make purchases within the game. I think it’s totally plausible to be a highly competitive person without but it takes an incredible amount of time (at minimum a year of playing every day, wracking up bucks, and dusting players that pay large sums of currency.) with that being said, i do love this game and it’s a great way to pass time, but if you are very competitive then enjoy wasting your time and raging on an appstore game.. solid 4/5 for real tho love it, only true reason honestly for the 4 is that if you don’t spend that money it just simply takes far too long to have those OP formations, teams, and even agents. What comes with my criticism also comes with an amazing amount of respect for the game!!
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4 years ago, david.re1
Pretty Addicting!
I can spend hours on this app, and gone and bought in app purchases! I have to say, the reviews in here don’t add up, I haven’t had any issues with connectivity or lost any coins, bucks or whatever. The servers are pretty sharp! It’s YOUR connection that times out, or lags. Love the passion in here, like when you play and your opponent knows he/she is toast, they quit before you can score the goal, real bad manners but funny! It makes me laugh! All I can think is the players facial expressions on the other end! This is by far the best app to play one on one by Skills! I ended my sub to Arcade, I don’t see any game that can rival Soccer Stars! Thanks Miniclip!
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5 years ago, Whatever36578
Way to aggressive in moving toward purchase options
Fun game but parents be prepared. This game is tricky not to spend all coins necessitating purchase of coins. The physiological mechanisms used are way to advanced for kids to avoid the perceived need to pay money. So it was a fun game that forced me to tell my kids no to upgrade purchases way too often. This game is a great way for a parent to create friction with kids over money. I would say great job but clearly children are the target of the aggressive up sell. Specifically whenever a player has the coins available, the next game opinion presented would take all available coins vs staying at the previous game level selected, for example, a 100 coin match. For this reason I don’t let my kids play and would recommend all parents look closely at how aggressively this game upsells. Transparent Phycology aimed at children paying money.
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5 years ago, Lada0513
Used to be fun. Not anymore.
This game used to be fun. Not anymore. It’s boring. Long. And aggravating. People used to play fast and for fun. They used to play ball. Anywhere it goes. Now people go crazy doing everything but hitting the ball. They hit your guys to clear the way, their own guys to built a wall in front of their own goal, get ball stock in the corner where it takes forever to get it out. It’s just becoming a game of who will out-annoy who. Unless the developers behind the game put an end to this nonsense I will slowly quit it as I have already lost excitement for the game. I suggest 2 things to make it fun and exciting again. 1. Penalize players if they don’t hit the ball anyway you like. May be remove one of their puck from the field. Or move the ball into goal scoring position. 2. Eliminate sharp corners and replace them with round hockey corners. This will help the ball continuous motion and will eliminate stuck ball and speed up the game.
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5 years ago, MartinB1111111
This game gets boring, there’s nothing to it. There is no improvement you can make and no techniques you can learn to become better, it’s just wing it and hope you make it. The game has a painfully annoying song while you are in the lobby and in tournaments. If you’re doing well, you get matched up with the Michael Jordan of soccer stars just to have your dreams dashed. I personally believe that the developers are sadists and like to inflict pain into poor little children who pay 5.99 for a “TEaM” that has slightly more power. Overall I hope that the developers spend their salary well, knowing that they are stealing money from a bunch of children. I am deleting the app, and am regretting all the time I have spent on the app, where instead I could’ve been improving my own life instead of aiming at a wall and scoring and leveling up. If I could spit on a review I would but only words and my anger will do, -10/10.
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6 years ago, Not me122
Addictive game but PLEASE HELP!
It’s a great pastime game that is dangerously addicting. I’ve played this game for a couple of years now and don’t get bored. There a few bugs that just happen and well I just shrug it off. I have lost a lot of coins due to lag and other glitches but it’s not the end of the world. HOWEVER! Recently though the worst glitch of all has occurred! When I hold my iPhone horizontally to play the game the screen turns black. This is because my finger is going over the top side where you typically place your ear when you’re on a call. This NEVER used to happen!!! Don’t know why this is happening but it’s making me not want to play the game anymore. Very annoying and distracting. It’s stops the game and delays you. PLEASE FIX IT!!! Thank you.
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3 years ago, Mehrool
Entertaining game along with weird bugs
I believe that this game is the most addictive in its genre and it is very exiting especially when you want to play with your friends. This game has the many levels and also live competition which makes it a great and unique game so far. After all unfortunately, there is some minor issues or bugs that not only are annoying but also they won’t be fix even with the latest updates. You can find this problem when you put a bet on some prices (e.g 100,200 and 3k). Some times after you win a match, especially in live competition, if the opponent lives the match while you are waiting to see the match result it would not be count as the winning match.
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1 year ago, zd455c
Too many drawbacks to be fun
Fun game…until you lose everything you’ve earned due to technical glitches. I really enjoyed this game. I played for hours over the course of one week. I overlooked the copious number of ads that appear after you do virtually anything in this app. I even participated in some of the ridiculous surveys to earn coins. The game was worth the extreme inconvenience, for a time. Unfortunately, the game logged my account (AppleID) out for reasons unknown. I couldn’t log back in for days. I troubleshot the issue myself and eventually managed to log back in (using AppleID) because I wanted to play more of this game. However, everything that I’ve unlocked and earned is gone. I am level 1 again without my currencies, shoes, teams, and formations. I went to the help and support menu in the app…white screen that never loads. I’ve reached my limit. I will make no further efforts to play this game because it’s not worth it, no matter how fun the game was. Your game is glitchy and your support is nonexistent. If I had spent real money playing this game, we would be having a different conversation because of the consumer law violations. Deleted and forgotten as of posting this review.
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4 years ago, Coophawker
Horrible player match ups
The concept and game play is fun. My only issue and it is enough to give it a one star is as follows. The game gives lets you compete for in game currency. That is how you update your teams, purchase formation, etc. they game works off of competing with other players. Here is the issue. A level 12 player should never be matched up with a level 65. It’s ridiculous. Do we see the NBA playing against a high school team. Takes all of the fun out of it. The game will consistent match you up with other players no where near your rank. They should have a system where you can only play against payers that are 5 levels above or below you. I was level 12 and played a level 99 player. He had a better team, formations, etc and it was ridiculous. No chance. Took all of the fun out of the app. The developers can fix this with an update.
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1 year ago, GLF77
Lots of bugs will waste your time
I enjoy this game when everything works. I try to check in daily to play the free mini games. I like best playing the penalty rush game feature that allows you one minute of play each day to earn rewards. After the minute is up usually you can watch a video ad to get another 30 seconds of play. At this time at least 25% of the time the ad ends and glitches sending you back to the game without any extra time. Also during penalty shot play the screen will freeze for many seconds or until your time runs out. These problems are very frustrating. And just for the record I have a fast internet connection with low latency. Until the game stops frustrating me, I will give it two stars.
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2 years ago, EthanMartin3
Love this game!
This is the only game I play on my phone. It is awesome. I am a competitive person so this game is right up my alley. Not only is it fun, it’s addicting. Once you feel like you start winning you can’t stop playing. The only thing that I could ask for is during tournaments instead of sitting and watching the bracket after you win, I wish that I could watch the games going on and spectate those. It gets pretty boring just having to wait for your next opponent when I could be watching them play. Other than that, this game is awesome!
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3 years ago, I NEDD SAJABANAA
Lost connections in multiple games when WiFi is doing just fine and terrible matchmaking system
The game is good and all but the servers are actually just terrible. I’ve had so many games where it just says “Slow connection… please wait” and lost so many coins from them. Also, the matchmaking is just so bad. When I was around like the level 20s and stuff and when I tried to load up a game for England or Italy, most of the time I get people that are around level 70. This game is also pretty much pay to win, since they made it so that we can’t even buy teams anymore and we have to get them from unlocking packs and stuff. The terrible matchmaking isn’t only for the 1v1s, but for the rest of the game modes. It’s just so bad when you’re up against someone with so much more experience than you. So bad.
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3 weeks ago, Not a skill based game
Not a skilled based game
I’ve played this game on and off for around 5 years. This game tends to reward players who just sit in the corner with the ball and wait for you to make a mistake. Witch causes the game to take forever sometimes on a positive note it is kinda fun when you play players who do hit the ball and play the game how it’s supposed to be. It would not surprise me if the “players” you play with are computers because sometimes you will hit the ball and out of no where they have a easy goal. This causes you to loose and they will promote you buying their coins on a discount. Overall I think it’s a decent game but unlike 8 ball pool another mini clip game I do believe this game is more about luck than skill can be fun a times but most of the time it is boring.
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3 years ago, aasjdmncndd
Should make similar levels for all in game mode
I keep getting into all in and keep getting people either 70 levels ahead of me or more it’s never my level it’s always someone that got better stuff than me and always win for it. I’m over here level 16 and did all in once with only 70 k thinking I can double my cash but NO I get in a game with someone level 90 and he has better stuff than me and claps me which is so unfair because I’m new and I’m going against someone who been playing for years. And no I’m not saying this because I’m bad it’s just the new people can’t get more cash or try to get better if people are just way better than you like I went in a 1v1 putting in 2.5 k which is a lot for me and fight people level 50 like what??? Put people in different levels in different matches.
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4 years ago, KingLotor
I've played for a couple of years. Over the last week it wouldn't log in. It said it couldn't connect, but other games work just fine. I deleted the game & reinstalled, but it started me from scratch. I hit the restore purchases button & it said "purchases are available in the store", but they weren't there. I had some great teams, over 500,000 coins, & was saving bucks to upgrade my dragon team, but now it started me over. Apparently using "Guest" will save your progress indefinitely, but only as long as you don't reset or get a new phone. Why doesn't this game link to our SIM card/ mobile phone account like other games? I am NOT linking this with my facebook account so they can keep tabs on me even when I'm playing a game on my phone.
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3 years ago, RockXPhilly
Absolutely Love this Game, But
I love this game I’ve been playing for a year and really enjoy the new modes and rewards you all have added in this game, but the most recent update has an issue with crashing the app. I’m on an iPhone 11 so I know that it isn’t a phone issue. I can’t wait for y’all to fix that issue so that we all can enjoy this amazing game. One last suggestion, could you add a feature that rewards the player who didn’t quick, because every time I activate a coach to get bonus coins I have one or two games where the person quits.
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5 years ago, Mike Picadilly
Let me start with love and say I’m addicted to this game....BUT, and this is a big BUT, the connection issues and how you get screwed out of coins(and messes up your win record)when you re-connect is a big disappointment, and it happens at the worst of times it seems. You could take a shot with plenty of time left, make the shot, then there’s a connection issue, then you get reconnected, and it’s like your shot never happened and you’re opponent is shooting now. Come on guys, this has gone on for TOO long! For that you’re getting a 2 stars review ;(
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4 years ago, Reaper1213
Good pontential
I am really enjoying the game and the variety of mini games along with it. The biggest issue I have is players not playing the ball. I cannot begin to count the number of games where they block the ball in the corner and just start slamming into my players nowhere near the ball. One player specifically went 17 turns without the ball first. This is extremely frustrating and annoying. This is what causes me to start to lose interest in the game. The developers could easily insert a rule where contact with the ball must be made or it will be considered a foul and result in a no scoring free kick. Please address this issue as too many people are just trolling other players by doing this.
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6 years ago, Iron from my alliance.
Mans not noice
Hold tight harrybo, harrybo, sha-con, raccon, uh yea. 2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 that’s 3 quick wii noice everyday mans in the fridge, smoke toenails. See lollipop lady in the park, that lady is an ulcers. When Dave went poh poh poh yea you man were ducking, quack. Potato, peach syrup, tomato. You on the ghost, ha, look at your nose! You orange, nose long like garden hose. I tell her mans not noice. I tell her mans not noice. She said the potato’s hot. I said babes, man not noice. Pop out the 4 door in the airport, it was 1,2,3, and 4 in concord. Chillin in the hamburger bar, I am stopping the car! Dave’s still calling man for tea *ringing* let him now! When I see him, I’m gunna make him wee. Take mans tea by force, drink plum juice by force. *I forgot the rest of the song*. tRoLlOeD
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6 years ago, Chrome Gamer
Scamming and Hackers
I use to have about like 6 million in a past month and now it’s gone! I lost it because every time I played, I would lose because they do this thing where it makes you wait a long time and then you just leave which makes them win!🤬 that’s what happens to all my matches in France and Spain and I got so mad I quit the game! I wish you guys can plz give me 6 million to my account! Thank you and hopefully you can talk to me and plz give me my coins back because no one can!
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4 years ago, AIW-O
Continuous reward and ads
During special events when you score a certain number of goals, they grant you a package to open. It just keeps going on and on and on and on and doesn’t stop, preventing you from playing other matches. To stop it, I literally have to close the game and reopen it in order to play matches again. Secondly of recent the ads that pop up have become more of a nuisance than anything else. What’s up with that?. Thirdly I don’t find the urge to play 1 vs 1 matches again cos the new thing opponents do now is to waste time as much as possible to frustrate you as they are not being timed. You end up quitting the game and loosing valuable coins. Lastly, can you guys create newer cup competitions?. We have been stuck on Germany and Colombia for a while now, don’t you think?.
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6 years ago, jermdiz
Something needs to be done.
I love this game. I’ve had it for about 4 years now and it’s great but I’m sick of the lucky shots people take and the ball skips off of 4 discs and into the goal. There needs to be some kind of “call the shot” feature for the game winning shot so people can’t win with blind luck. Similar to “calling the pocket” on the 8 ball. Also there needs to be something implemented that keeps players from sitting and letting their time run out without attempting to play. Meanwhile you have to either sit through it or “lose” the game. Maybe 2 or 3 turns with no activity is simply a disqualification or something.
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6 years ago, Ahstin G.
Awesome game!!
I love Soccer Stars and I have played it for a few years now! I thought a good idea would be if you guys added a feature so that I could see what my opponents are actually saying to each other while I’m waiting for my next game in a tournament. I was waiting to play for quite a boring while and I began to wonder what they might be saying to each other.. Yet, I think maybe you should integrate the play-by-play system already in use with actual player dialogue, because I think it would make waiting for a game much more interesting. Please add this feature if possible! Thank you so much!!
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4 years ago, K rub
Great Game, needs one big change
Gameplay is solid, physics are interesting, formations and competitions are compelling. However, many players fall into a pattern of one of two annoying tactics that lessen the enjoyment of the game: they either play super defensively, blocking their goal with their pieces, or they play what I call "bully ball" where they simply try to knock your pieces out of the way in order to create an easy shot. In either case, a lot of their moves make no play on the ball, slow the game down, and detract from the elegance and pageantry from a strategic, chess like game. In order to fix this, on each player turn it should be a requirement to contact the ball FIRST or else the pieces should default to their positions before the turn took place should the move fail to touch the ball.
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6 years ago, LanternFish
Music won’t stay muted
Fantastic game! I don’t like playing games with the sound turned on. Though I have turned off sound effects and music, about every other time I open the app, the beginning of the theme song starts, with the snare hits on the drums. Sometimes I’m playing the game at night, with the sound “off”, and a couple seconds of that darn song plays – And if my iPhone volume is up, it wakes up my wife and makes my dogs start barking. Please please please FIX this bug, so when the sound and music is off, it stays off, so I can play Soccer Stars and not wake up my whole neighborhood. THANK YOU.
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7 years ago, Skillz with the Z
Like for real I'm so done with this game because when you win in Brazil you have to earn 25 coins but you only receive 15 coins. Also when I went in trick shot arena and the the guy I was playing was about to lose and it was the final shot for him and hits the post and it stays on the line and they count it as a goal then I eventually went on and lost. I really think this game needs to install goal line technology or something to fix this problem because that's not the only time that has happened to me. Another thing, why if I'm a level 19 I have to face a level 113 in Russia. I think they need to give us more even matches because the level 100 guys are gonna beat us because they have more experience. That's all that bothers me are the moment.
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6 years ago, terriblereviews
Deleted the app
(Keep in mind that I've had this game for a few years now)This used to be a good game and was almost as addicting as 8ball pool. The system was perfect. Then a couple years ago they added a salary system that takes away a portion of your winnings, making it harder to make up for losing games. Since then, many more things were put into place rendering this game borderline impossible to advance through without spending actual cash. Miniclip got greedy and decided to screw people for wanting to play without buying coins. Long story short, you've got a game that is pay-to-win. You guys stabbed your fanbase in the back because your priorities changed from creating a great game for mobile gamers to focusing only on the money. #deleted
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4 years ago, guest-$&@?#*€£¥
Unfair match making!!!
Why is it that match ups in trick shot warriors, tournaments, trick shots and penalties and other game possibilities you have no problem whatsoever putting two players together that have similar experience. But when you’re entered in the championships part of the program, you constantly pair me and I’m sure other people up with people that have incredibly higher levels of experience. This is just totally unfair. For example, I am a level 19 and I am constantly matched up with levels 60s 70s 90s and even into the hundreds. Does this make sense for fair competition?
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6 years ago, Ay1219
Love the game and idea but it needs work
First of all, the biggest gripe I have is the aiming is off. You can shoot the ball the same way multiple times and it goes in different directions. Second, the matchmaking is horrible. If I’m a level 20 something I shouldn’t have to play a level 65. That’s not a fair matchup. Finally if I spend a few bucks to buy a better team then it should give me some kind of advantage over people with the team you start with. It makes zero sense. Other than those three things this game has potential. By the way there needs to be a way for them to find hackers because there is no way somebody is a level 100+. I’ve been at level 21 forever
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4 years ago, Candydee14
Fun Game, Bad Connection Glitch
This is a fun game with a lot of options for how you play. I’ve been playing it on and off for the last few years and it’s a fun way to pass the time. Recently though, I’ve been experiencing a glitch while playing a live match in one of the arenas. Halfway through the match it will pop up and say “connection is slow, please wait on opponent” or something like that and then eventually times out. If this happens, no matter if it’s your connection error or theirs, you automatically lose and they get all of your coins. This is super frustrating and I have lost a lot of coins this way.
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6 years ago, 457)2772466
Are you kidding me with this game?! In my opinion, Miniclip does the same stuff with their games. I can agree, the game is fun and addictive......until you spend money on the game. Then its all down hill from there. I bought the super star bundle whatever it is for 4-5 dollars. It had 15 superstar agents, 15 scratches, 15 spins, some big amount of packs and 60,000 coins. Not a bad deal right? WRONG. Before you buy ANYTHING from any of Miniclips games, think about how good you are at the game. If your not good at the game hey better luck next time you just lost your $5. Practically you got a lot of coins and maybe some pucks. But almost every match you get pared up with someone better than you. So if your not already good at the game, your done for. #RestinPepperonis
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1 year ago, Shooter0369
Worthless scam
You don’t let people get a hold of support ! You depend minutes and minutes watching adds to take time off for this or that and never get credit for any watching of ads ! We call that a scam on the advertiser and customer part . You are walking a thin legal line so I would suggest to fix it ! you probably will not post this because it’s Negative ! So I will be watching and getting the word out if you don’t post this . You have to create a more fair business model and DO WHAT YOU SAY and not just say it . Here is your chance to make right . See how many ads I’ve watched for absolutely NOTHING ! So now you make people watch ads and they don’t end . Going to court you pathetic people
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2 years ago, nice and very heplful
Pay to win
1- Matchmaking never balanced, you will be matched with experienced players whom out of your league in a lot of games. This even broken when you play at tournaments or special events. 2- Those who spend real life currency have the absolute advantage over you, even if you try to grind and improve your team and formations you will need a millennia to be on the same level of those who spent real money. 3- ads, ads, and ads that just asking for you to spend more and more money even if you did that just greasy with little value. 4- Connection problems never been solved. In time-based matches the timer still run even if the opponent or yourself are having connection problems without ending the turn, thus making the game favors who is in lead. 5- game mechanics have many glitches that never been solved. Making the gameplay more of luck-based in some occasions. You can still enjoyed the game with friends honestly, but that is up to you.
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3 years ago, zinx_legends
This game is bad
The game can be fun IF IT DIDNT HAVE SO MANY BUGS,u could have good internet and out of nowhere it kicks you out of a match and you loose your coins,it says you score but somehow a second later it says you missed it,if you leave a bag opening over night,it bugs and it says no bags were left opening,it sometimes takes your coins for no reason,it kicks you out of matches in career mode and you look a bottle and you loose coins,sometimes when you’re about to get in a match,and it shows who your opponent is,it just stays there and you dont even play,WHO EVER LEAVES THE APP FIRST LOOSES,it has to many bugs and i dont see the game being fun with bugs where they cant even fix one
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