SoFi - Banking and Investing

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Social Finance, Inc
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User Reviews for SoFi - Banking and Investing

4.77 out of 5
343.6K Ratings
1 year ago, MoneyMagnet8
Some Suggestions
I am currently trading in 7 platforms right now. SOFI is my second favorite platform. I came back today in Sofi to add more money to my IRA and noticed that some stocks that I have I am not able to buy it anymore. I can only sell it but then I realized why I can’t buy it anymore. Sofi actually trying to help me to not keep losing money to those stocks that became penny stocks and then later on do a 1 to 25 - 1 to 100 reverse split. Thank you sofi for saving me. 😁. I do have couple suggestions though since I have invested quite an amount here and trade. First suggestions: If SOFI could add a modification like modifying an order the amount or the price without cancelling it. It is a hassle to cancel and then redo the order. Maybe try a simple button or something that we can modify an order quicker without canceling? You know what I mean? 😁 I always have issues when I am trying to change and especially when the price went low and wanted to buy the stocks low or even trying to sell it as well. I ended up missing the opportunity on buying it when it is really low and then selling it when it is really high because you have to cancel the entire orders instead of just pressing something to modify it. Second suggestions: If Sofi make a way that we can name our watchlist by category etc… between the 2 suggestions I prefer the first one that I can modify my orders without canceling the entire orders. Other than that SOFI is a great platform and I like it.
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4 months ago, jwengwis
Some suggestions
This is a great app! I plan on moving my wife and I’s direct deposits here. However, I did have a couple of suggestions. 1. Please add scroll-to-top functionality for clicking at the top of the screen. 2. Separate all of the SoFi articles and such either into a separate tab or separate area. Most people want the “home” of their finance app to just be account overviews and such. Not a barrage of articles and suggestions. Also, every time the app is opened, it loads all of this stuff which is probably slowing it down a bit. 3. Add the ability to remove some of the “Accounts” at the very top of the Home tab. Such as life insurance (which I already have through my employer) and Student Loan Refi. 4. Refine the ability to create and maintain budgets. I’d even be willing to pay for this feature if it is refined enough. Monarch is able to charge $100/year for their budgeting app. By refine, I mean: a.) Add other connection options (Plaid is the main one, but doesn’t work with some providers). An example of one I’ve seen in Monarch is MX. b.) Make it so that reoccurring charges can be added/modified/maintained. Currently, they can only be recategorized. And it’s not picking up on my monthly mortgage payment from what I can tell as well as one of my utility bills. c.) Add the option to view all daily/monthly/yearly reoccurring charges at once. Currently, “reoccurring activity” only allows you to add or manage accounts. Pretty useless in my opinion as it is right now.
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2 years ago, emeza1
Easy navigation . Literally all my $ finances in one place.
I downloaded SoFi initially to check refinance rates for my car. Stayed for the awesome interface and services. I love that im able to track all my finances in one place. The value of my home, the balance on my robinhood, fidelity, and Bank of America accounts. My credit score. My credit card debts. All my reoccurring auto payments . It’s all here in one place on one screen. It’s incredible to see all your net worth all in one place. I received free money for opening an investment account with SoFi , so opened one as well, why not? Brokerage interface is easy to use as well. Unlike robinhood , it has a very “social media” vibe. You can add friends just like on Facebook and follow what trades they make and what positions they hold in their portfolios. There’s updated news/articles/ educational material regarding anything you’re interested in. This doesn’t feel like a banking app, it’s truly addictive like a social media app. I haven’t opened a checking or savings account with SoFi yet. It says they’re offering 1.25% apy for these accounts if you direct deposit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any bank with that rate. I need to look more into it if there’s fine print , but it’s definitely where I’d rather park ny savings money instead of collecting dust at Bank of America . Overall a fun app. Can’t wait to see what other features get added on.
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3 years ago, Chevvve
Absolute worst customer service!!!!
The one star I suppose is for the terrific interface which is simple, fun, and beautiful. What’s lurking behind it is just plain old terrible customer service. 1-hour plus wait times to talk to the first person who can’t help you. They are the gatekeeper to the mysterious “advisor” who is the only one who can actually fix your account or make any decisions. He or she is another two hours away, but if you hit their closing time the hold music will go dead but your phone will keep running. That’s the hint that you could be on the line till next Tuesday and nobody will touch your account until they’ve gone home, slept and had a nutritious dinner and complete breakfast, walk the dog and washed the car before they will mosey on in and make you wait another three hours before the attend your life and death financial matters. I am not kidding when I say they told me I would have to WAIT 7 BUSINESS DAYS FOR AN “ADVISOR” TO CALL ME BACK!!!! I kid you not. I swear. With no sense of irony at all they told me to fix my account to where my direct deposit would not get reject I would have to wait SEVEN (7) BUSINESS days , not just like linear days of the week to include the 48 hours of weekends, but 7 only counting M-F and excluding holidays, to fix my account to accept the money that I slave over during the week S-Sat. Don’t be fooled by the pretty app and overspending on advertising. It’s a sham.
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1 year ago, Dr Cashflow
I’ve Finally Found Exactly What I’ve Been Looking For
I’ve been a member for about two years now and I must say that I’m very impressed with SoFi. A few years ago I had finally had enough with traditional brick and mortar banks and began my quest for an alternative. I kept my primary bank and started trying different online banks, which I kept separate as a precaution. I found SoFi Money through a recommendation from Stock Advisor and created an account. The rewards program is outstanding, the percentage yield for the savings account at 4% is mind blowing, and the additional products and services are pretty cool. The investment platform is basic and mainly geared towards novice investors however having the ability to build a strong portfolio all in the same place is fantastic. I utilize Trading View for analysis and such so not having the in depth tools within is not a huge turnoff. I’m sure they will be introduced eventually as SoFi is constantly evolving. All in all, I feel confident in my decision to use SoFi for my financial needs and look forward to seeing what else they bring to the table. I do have a few suggestions that I’d like to provide that I believe would be well received by both your company and clients as well. Please feel free to reach out to me directly or provide an email address so I can contact you privately. Keep up the great work!
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2 months ago, ARut4624
This is the best bank and will meet all your financial needs. It gives you insight on where your money is going and helps you to discipline yourself in your spending habits. You can track your credit score manage and maintain it. It teaches you everything you need to know about building a portfolio, investments, business, etc. IT’S YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR BANKING AND FINANCIAL NEEDS. YOU DON’T NEED ANOTHER BANK OR ANOTHER APP WITH SoFi. I was logging into app after app trying to keep up with my credit score and monitoring it and it got to be to much and then I heard about them through the Penny Hoarder (a trusted party that is legit) and if the Penny Hoarder says something I listen because in today’s world of the internet and all the scams you can’t be to careful and I know them to be trusted in the same way that I’ve come to trust SoFi and trust me I don’t know a lot and I’m learning but I wish they would’ve been around during the pandemic or I wish I would’ve known if they were I should say because I was attacked for unemployment fraud and that changed the course of my life. It’s still not resolved destroying my credit and I’m absolutely positive had I been banking here with them they would’ve caught it..guaranteed! It lets you see all activity and has a great security system in play. THE BEST ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR FINANCIAL NEEDS..TRUST ME.
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3 years ago, Lkhenderson
SoFi has pluses and minuses
On the plus side is the possibility of a fully integrated personal financial system that incentivises sound practices like saving and investing. On the negative side, the app (and desktop interface) feel very cluttered with SoFi offerings that I can’t use or don’t need (and can’t hide or get rid of), which litters my screen and pushes the features I do use or need further down the page and makes me have to hunt for things. The interface needs to be much more customisable to alleviate this problem for committed users. A larger problem for me personally is that I want to move my primary banking and bill pay to SoFi, but their tools for tracking and categorising spending are so limited that this could ultimately be a deal-killer for me. You are limited to a few general spending categories which they define and the only way to customise transactions within these pre-determined categories are with tags (which are not searchable). Every time I categorize a transaction, I have to visually scan through a growing list of tags, trying to find the right one for each transaction. This makes the simple act of trying to accurately track my spending a tedious and laborious process. I hope they rectify this soon with more robust categorisation tools (like Mint) or I may have to abandon any plans to migrate my spending to SoFi since I depend on accurately tracked spending reports in order to do my taxes.
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3 years ago, a true believer. IPOE/SoFi
Sofi invest update
I know this is a lot but I think you should try a crypto car. The user would have a crypto portfolio in that portfolio her can have whatever crypto he/she wants. And as many (at least 5). Then a user fills that portfolio with money not the currency. The app then calculates how many shares they will get for each share. Like a 24/7 currency monitor that will always reflect whatever dollar amount he/she has in the “SoFi Crypto” accnt. Then he or she can make purchases and sell with crypto with everyday purchases. Once your a bank you’ll be the first with this Imagine to be able to not even exchange coin because “Sofi Crypto” is the wallet. You just link your accnt or transfer any other sofi accnt, fund the crypto and go. Since you guys are all about learning you can persuade them by teaching people to sell and trade with Bitcoin is an investment. Yes at times a risky one. But luckily enough there’s more than one coin. And that’s where you can lure them. It can be a safe haven for your money. So instead of risking your money on one coin, Sofi Crypto will hold 5 coins of your choice and. Your amount in coin will reflect the amount of money in accnt/ portfolio Also add a dark mode to your app and a beginner and professional tab on your invest app to allow for more and better details on charts stocks the obviously options.
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7 months ago, mrAssman
Has not improved over time.
Update: haven’t reviewed this in years but after using app again I found that it’s extremely poorly coded, my phone heats up massively when I open it and absolutely demolishes the battery. Whatever it’s doing it shouldn’t be. Fix the app. Old: Has a lot of issues lately, can’t update my manual relay accounts, gives error messages over and over. Also with their money account I was supposed to get a $75 bonus for doing direct deposit.. never was paid for that. That was the last time I trust their offers as they’ve screwed me over repeatedly not paying what they owe. No other bank has failed to pay out their promised bonuses, but SoFi has done so repeatedly. Also the app interface is pretty lacking as there’s no dark mode and it’s all web-based lazy coding. They haven’t implemented ANY of the suggestions I provided over the months. Update: although I love SoFi, I have to lower my rating because they have completely stopped crediting me for referrals.. they actually owe me over $1000 in successful referrals. I might have to take further action on this. - It doesn’t support all my accounts and I wish it would open right into my Relay view by default, but for the most part I’m really impressed by what I’ve seen. As for suggestions, I wish I could tag multiple transactions at once and have it automatically tag similar items! Doing it manually one by one is time consuming. Also it categorizes incorrectly a lot of transfers as income/expenses.
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2 years ago, dogmaofdevbot
Amazing app with a few suggestions for the developers
I was looking for a way to have all my finances in one place and this is it. They have this awesome feature called vaults that allows you to store money for different goals/uses. At first the app looks like an advertisement, but all are important products they offer so I understand. If you are going to have crypto there needs to be a way to have the keys! The credit card is above average in terms of rewards. The investing side seems a little game like I would prefer to it to be more professional looking, coming from Charles Schwab. I am very excited to move my student loans into sofi when the time comes. Relay is also an interesting feature where you can track your activity. I would like the ability to set a budget and then compare my spending to what I set. Being able to do this in app would be a game changer. Also, if there is a way to be able to loan out shares and get paid that would be an amazing addition. I would also like the ability to choose a stock allocation and my monthly contribution be spread out accordingly, very similar to how it is done with m1 finance. Also the more financial data I can pull up about a company the better, I can’t use your app without pulling up seeking alpha for a more complete picture.
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11 months ago, bsproles
Great app, but could be better.
I’ve been logging into this app pretty much every day since I started my SoFi account at the beginning of July. It has a very clean interface, and definitely not cluttered. I use the iPhone app on the go, and the iPad app when I have more than a simple transaction, or I’m needing to do multiple things at home. I absolutely LOVE the Vaults feature - I’ve been wanting a feature like that for years, and was the biggest impetus in getting me to switch. In the app, it’s quick, easy, and instant to transfer money between SoFi accounts and in and out of Vaults. Could be better: Allow customers to hide products that don’t apply to them (i.e. I’ve been out of school for almost 25 years, and won’t be getting a student loan anytime soon), complete allowing the entire app to work in dark mode, instead of just certain screens. Allow SoFi Insights to function similarly to a check register for transactions, so we can mark them as "paid" or "reconciled". I know SoFi is still a bit new to the banking game, and there will be growing pains I’m sure - but so far they’ve got a good handle on it, and this app is proof of that. I hope to see incremental improvements that will make this one of the best banking apps available.
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3 years ago, i lke angry birds!
Cool concept but they won’t verify my account
This is partially a complaint about the business, but the business and the app seem to be two in one. I like the idea but the app is a little bit laggy and it WILL NOT verify my account. I keep getting emails saying they couldn’t verify it and so I was going to try re-entering my name and info in case something was wrong (and/or they needed a middle name or initial) and it turns out I can’t even change the info I entered in whole unless I call the company. The problem with THAT is that there were practically a hundred people in line ahead of me on the phone and the whole reason I got the app was because I wanted a quick solution, and I don’t have all day. I am sure this app is great when it works, but there is no reason they should be able to verify my personal info and let me use the app. Or at the very least, tell me if you want a middle name or something so I can include that the first time rather than spending an hour trying to fix my account. Also, I was offered ten dollars in free stocks when I got the app, but after re-attempting to make an account, it changed my promo award to five dollars, which is a small detail but it’s annoying nonetheless. As of now, I’m still waiting for my account to be verified, or to find a way to fix my account. They don’t even have a support email, only chat or phone, which is difficult if you don’t have two hours to wait in line.
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5 months ago, Majesty Marquis -.-
but beware of unwarranted inconvenient frozen funds
Unfortunately, I don’t like to give out bad reviews, but this one takes the cake I had just received my disbursement from my college and using SoFi as my main banking system, I was abruptly Bankrupt by Sofi with a frozen account taking every last dollar that I had and giving me only 20 minutes to upload a photo of my identification while I was on transit which made it nearly impossible. In fact, I was able to get the things that I need to get that night because they made sure that there was no way that I could use my money in SoFi. I think this is a great app to use. Your face is very easy to use and it does allow you to invest in companies and have a social social platform.I was really happy with this app in company until this unfortunate series of events occurred, whichWhich I notified the representative initially, who showed no concern of my situation, and put the timer with the link to upload my Identification.I am all for security,But securing somebody out of their own funds, just doesn’t sit well with me. The situation gave me an immense amount of anxiety, and I hope that this review will help change some of their guidelines and procedures to make sure that things are secure, but also making sure that someone like myself does not get put in a vulnerable situation when the ‘frozen account status’ occurs by changing some simple personal information on the application
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10 months ago, lifecoachdad
Poor customer service
Normally, I don’t write reviews. I especially don’t intend on trashing companies just for a few hiccups because everybody makes mistakes. But this is a really bad situation. I have been a member of SoFi for almost a year. Regular banking excellent, trading was marginal, options to purchase. Crypto was pretty decent. All were good until I deposited a personal check. The check was given to me by my mom for final payment on my cruise. That’s where the problem began. My account was frozen and I have no more access to my money. My payroll would continue to go into the account, but I had no access to it. When I called customer service, they would continue to say that someone will get in touch with me. No one ever did. I don’t believe that customer service actually works for Sofi. They say the same thing, but nothing gets resolved. They have no power to make decisions. It’s always someone will get in touch with me. It’s kind a like talking to an operator who has been rerouted from another company. This is a hard lesson to learn. I know that people will still use SoFi because of the benefits. But to me, it’s not worth it! The incident happened in May 2023 it is now August 5, 2023 and I still have no access to my money that is stuck in my account. There’s no one to contact by the way, I had to borrow money from another source, to pay the balance on my cruise. This is not a bank I prefer to deal with. Especially with large amounts of money. To you, good luck!
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2 years ago, Chris Grr
My absolute favorite all-in-one finance app
SoFi is an amazing company. The app is super slick and intuitive. I absolutely love the ease of bucketing my money into different accounts (for individual savings goals and budgeting), and I love the instant access to cash between my checking and investing account. I can trade stocks/funds instantly by tapping into my checking account. The interest rate on checking and savings (1.25% at the time of this review) is very competitive, and serves well as a place to store you idle cash (such as emergency fund, short term savings goals, etc.). Everything is clearly displayed on your dashboard in an easy-to-digest format. I can see my whole financial picture (including debts and loans) all in one place. SoFi stands for “Social Finance”, and that is exactly what this app nails. You can follow and track your friends investments, and see what other people are doing. It encourages transparency and openness, and motivates you to save and invest more. I feel like SoFi improves certain elements of behavioral finance where others have failed (i.e., Robinhood and the gamification of investing). I’m so honored and excited to belong as a member of SoFi, and can’t wait to watch this incredible company grow over the coming years.
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5 months ago, daydreameeer
Too many steps to transfer money
The updated UX to transfer money from one account to another is overly designed and requires too many taps to do a simple task. It takes me at least 9 taps for each transfer! Why so many steps SoFi? I commend the effort on the updated transfer UI but the increased steps add extra friction makes a simple task unnecessarily complex. The UI is also a bit weird because my eye goes straight to selecting the transfer from and to accounts before I enter in the amount, even though the amount sits at the top. Not sure why half of the screen is dedicated to displaying the amount…again, overly designed with little value added. This experience feels like it was form/UI led when it should be function/UX led. Also, the default account that gets selected for “from” is never the one i want to transfer from, so when I tap in to make an edit, I always have to select a different account. And if I do enter in an amount first before choosing which account to transfer from, I get an error telling me I don’t have sufficient funds to transfer that amount. Well yeah, of course I don’t because you preselected an account for me without knowing how much I want to transfer, which is your fault but you’re alerting me that I did something wrong. This creates a negative user experience for me. I hope you’ll consider improving this update, especially the excessive number of taps!
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3 months ago, Kerbangoz
Slow, crashy, hard to navigate
Every time I open SoFi, it stalls for 15-20 seconds, then crashes. On the second open, it usually works, after stalling again. Once in the app, the thing that I want to know (my transaction history) is hard to get to and doesn’t include a running balance. Outside of that, it bombards me with irrelevant information - ads, pod casts, surveys, etc. All stuff that should be on a website, not an app. The “net worth” graph doesn’t include a scale, it’s just a line. Half the interface is dedicated to services that I don’t use (credit cards, invest, loans). The “vault” feature is awkwardly implemented. Transfers have too many steps and take too long. If you want to do a simple thing like transfer some money from a couple vaults to checking, it takes minutes. There’s also no excuse for being slow and crashing. If I can’t rely on my banking app to load quickly and work then I can’t use it when I’m on the go. That totally defeats the purpose of having a smart phone with an app. The services offered by SoFi are fine, savings interest is ok (as of Feb 2024 my other banks are over 5%, it’s only 4.6% at SoFi). I’d really like to see them do a thoughtful redesign. Something that’s more user focused and less “we threw this together over a weekend then the boss said we had to add in upsell hooks all over it”. Something more, shall I say, Simple.
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2 years ago, meowmeow277777
Frustrated about the welcome bonus, but I do like the app
So, I was super excited to switch to Sofi. I love that I can organize my savings into vaults, love the apy, and I was excited about the welcome bonus. I would be happy if they would fix my direct deposits showing up but so far, nothing… I’ve called 3 times now about the fact that my direct deposit from my employer isn’t being marked as direct deposit, and because of this, I have not received the promised bonus. I’ve had 4, it will be 5 on Friday, direct deposits that aren’t being counted. This is frustrating because I didn’t get the APY for the direct deposit, until the SECOND time I called they put a temporary 30 day adjustment to the apy. Fine. But then I waited about a month to call again, and all they can tell me is I’ll get a response eventually that either they will fix it, or give me a reason why they can’t?? My other bank marks these deposits as direct deposits automatically so I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be able to do it for this one. Also, the app did just mark a deposit, NOT from my employer, as a direct deposit. Great, I’m sure that won’t help with my welcome bonus. Hoping they fix this, as it’s not fair to advertise a welcome bonus and not follow through. I hope to continue to be a customer but I will definitely file a complaint and switch banks if they don’t get it sorted out.
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1 year ago, JAHWho
It’s visually noisy
I liked the app at first but it’s so field with ads and things I am not interested in. I’d love to see a user interface that is more customizable. It is a little overwhelming to come into an application and see banking credit cards, and personal loans. I’m not against that, but I have it in my visual say while I’m in the app and trying to do other things becomes cumbersome. There is something to be said about subtly and having the opportunity there and allowing the user to make that choice after having a good experience, using another aspect of the application. I suppose you could call and visual litter lol?? I REALLY would like the ability in the investment section to have a tool within the app, and within a particular stock to see the target pricing. Currently when I look at a stock, I leave the app and find the target, low medium and high pricing for a stock. I think this is a great opportunity for SoFi to add that within the application itself. You’ll lose customers to other applications or banking systems that may already have that within their tool so it would be great to see Sofi bill that into this app.
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2 years ago, xoxo324
Great App!!!!!!
I think the sofi app is great. It’s convenient to manage all your personal finances, pay your bills, monitor your spending, buy stocks & crypto all in one place. It also has a high interest rate(1.25% up to $50k in each account) on their checking and savings accounts. I would like to see them add more money management features that would rival personal finance software from quicken, etc. that you have to pay for. I also like their credit card. It rewards you 2% cash back but currently 3% for an entire year on all transactions. But, the real reason I like their credit card is you get the cash back a couple weeks after your transaction instead of waiting till the end of the year. They also give me cash back for auto-investing. Investing on a regular basis is something I already do, now I get cash back for it. It also monitors my credit score at no additional cost. This features pretty much shows me what actions causes my credit score to go down or up. For example, my score dropped 8 points because I recently charged a $2300 purchase on one of my credit cards. It also shows me how much I saved each month by subtracting all my expenses from my income each month. Plus much more!
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2 years ago, hellofreshbean
I left a bad review but have since changed my mind.
It was my fault but I am still learning. I am still trying to to understand their overdraft. I just don’t want my card to have that option. I don’t want a charge to go thru. Everything else is good. Their app has a Robinhood with credit karma vibe. I hope they keep extending their connection possibilities. Doing auto connection is nice but manual as a back up no matter the account is awesome. Also it would be cool to have a virtual bullion vault where you can prove you have it by scanning the bullion every month. Also a collector vault like coins, cards etc would be cool. So far so good. I was rude w customer service a few times and I’m sorry. I do wish everything that happens in account was documented in tracking. So if a charge tries on your card and it’s denied then i would like to have a record of that instead of just a notification. But they are still new. So I’m hoping to trust and grow with them. I plan on hopefully moving all 15 of my accounts to one place bc I’m exhausted at having so many accounts even as a Broke man.
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4 months ago, GoPros732
Disrespectful customer service
So basically I worked for someone was given a check from that company with the company name on it doing snow so only one day 482$ dollars turns out that guy gave me a check to his old account witch is no longer open so checks returned ok I understand that so an investigator calls me asking questions and so forth ok no problems there at the end of call I ask what’s going on my account it says temporary frozen till I call so he tells me that he is putting it in to take the freeze of and my accounts and that I will be able to use debit card pay bill and everything else then I get an email hours later saying still frozen can’t do any of that. So I call the provided number and tell the lady this where she goes on to tell me the my account is being closed that is all the info she can provide so I ask if t can talk with the security team or whoever makes these decisions and she says no she is my last point of contact she has no management or supervisor so she has basically told me she doesn’t make that decision but she is above the investigator and my last point of contact cause there’s no supervisor or management not just not available but that there is none so I ask who does. She answer to if there’s no one above you where she then says I’m not being the call I ask her not to hang up witch she does anyway
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10 months ago, sarahdiehl224
A little wonky.
There’s certain things I’m not very happy with, like the fact that I can’t get a virtual temporary card when I am replacing a card. I can’t pay for anything but in cash right now for over a week. That’s ridiculous. I also am not a fan of not being able to track where my replacement card is, and that if I straight up don’t receive it all I can do is order another and wait another 10 business days and don’t have the option to expedite. I switched from chime and they gave me a temporary card and it was super helpful. I got bills to pay man. Sticking with it only for the high interest rate for savings. Additionally the app really isn’t that user friendly because there’s too much offers going on. It makes it difficult to find what I’m looking for. Annnnd lastly it seems like many of the help pages have inaccurate information (as you can see from the many MORE people who don’t find the articles helpful rather than do). I’ve been trying to add my card to my wallet, however instead of a text to verify, I have to call ? However verifying a card doesn’t seem to be an option. If I can’t get that to work, it’s a deal breaker. I’ll find another bank with good interest rates.
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2 years ago, BANFJJ
Slow and Choppy
When making a payment to a statement balance that is less than 2k the payment posts quickly, updates limit, and interest charge at 0%. Recently made a large transaction and made balance payment before it was due but had to wait over a week from the time payment drafted from my bank account to post to my available credit on the app. Now when I view my Home Screen it still shows available credit limit prior to payment but when I tap the credit card icon the information seems correct but scrolling up and down to view specifics is very choppy and the display jumps up and down. Not experiencing this with any other applications on my phone, isolated experience to the SoFi app. The format of the app is excellent and ease of investing also very convenient. Love the available rewards as well but, possibility of being declined at the register for system delay issues creates hesitation to utilize the SoFi card. Please address this issue and you will have an outstanding product that users can be proud to share.
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2 years ago, ays424
Pleasantly surprised!
Initially I was drawn in because of the generous $300 new account bonus (with at least 5k of direct deposit in a 30-day period). I’ve been using Chase for many years and have been mostly satisfied with it, but heck, I’ll hop on any reasonable opportunity to get free money! My thought was to open a new checking/saving account, set up direct deposit, and once I get my bonus, I’ll transfer very thing back to Chase. Well, the opposite is happening—I’m now transitioning most of my money to SoFi!😆 Kudos to SoFi for the alluring bonus plus a whole bunch of other simple tasks you can complete to earn reward points=free money! I mean, what other financial institution gives you $5 for activating its new credit card? Or setting up auto payment? Or putting the credit card into your digital wallet!? Heck, I even got $8 (and I had no idea you could get points that way) for loading money in my Starbucks app via Apple Pay. Was that a glitch!? Lol. Anyhow, I’m so impressed with SoFi that I’m recommending it to people I know (referral perks are nice too!) Keep up the great work, SoFi!
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4 months ago, Dad757
Hard to navigate App
While trying to check rates for a parent plus consolidation loan yesterday was denied. I was following the sequence of application process and only allowed “ annual income” to be entered which is a part time job. OTHER sources of income are not specified!! Didn’t ask for other income such as pension and other sources of income stream. Instead you get a pop up box that says “hey are you sure you want to proceed “ “ Do you have someone to co-sign” lol, didn’t realize SoFi was for kids. Also you can’t delete a started application when you link to a federal student loan servicer. On this App while completing an application you don’t get ANY error messages if you forget something ,it just will not allow you to proceed. So today I opened the App and could not find my recent application from yesterdayand proceeded to check my rates with no problem. Interest rates were higher than my parent plus loan. I think SoFi does a soft pull when checking your credit so it should not affect your credit rating. Maybe have a pop up box that says “ hey dude are you sure you want a loan?? “😂 Very confusing app. Even Netflix has “ continue watching”you don’t have to search all over the page!! to pick up where you left off!!!!! NOT HAPPY Dude!😂
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3 years ago, SleeplessNDenver
I want to like this app but I don’t
Seems like there is so much possibility for this app to be great. Who doesn’t want to see their finances in one place, manage banking and investments and more? Unfortunately it’s riddled with issues. Updates to manual information won’t take manual updates. Linked accounts have connection / sync issues constantly, debit and credit charge lists don’t line up for things like hotel charges and gasoline - the initial hold like $75 shows up and looks like someone used your card - but the transaction then reports elsewhere in the app correctly. I’m unable to delete linked accounts or they are linked multiple times. I don’t want to see student loan push notifications (I’m 61!) And I choose “see less like this” but there they are next time I log in. I have set up direct deposit from work but every day I have a push ad that says I should set up direct deposit. I’d like someone to get his/her/their/it act together. So much potential here yet so much noise, malfunction and mismatched logic. Fix fix fix. Please please please. Thank you!!!!!
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1 year ago, AryannaRamirez
Great but Lacks Recurring Transfer Abilities
Great simple app that lets you segregate your savings into “Vaults”, so they can act like sinking funds all the while still giving you 4.2% on all the savings and Vaults when you set up direct deposit to go to Sofi. However, I find it extremely annoying they have not added the ability to do Recurring Transfer from Sofi to external accounts even after TWO years of users like myself saying we NEED IT. For example, if I wanted to send money to my checkings at another bank (credit union) to pay for my auto loan I cannot do that. I like to pay my auto loan with my credit union account because they give me 0.25% off the interest rate when I pay with one of their accounts. This means I have to MANUALLY transfer my money every month to pay for my car loan. This is 2023 people, let’s automate payments whenever possible. If they added this function, I would likely be a more long term customer but this really turned me off. I do enjoy the savings rate, but I would consider looking to other banks to keep my money at if they don’t add this feature within the year.
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1 year ago, Dragon Chief
More about sales than functionality
I only use the SoFi application for banking in a checking and savings account. I find the Ally application much better and more intuitive, if only Ally could Match the interest rates. The SoFi app puts a lot of quick access menus that I will never use in more prominent positions that the useful functionality that I want to see. For example, at the top of the banking tab, and filling half the screen, I have the following options. 1) Refer your friends. 2) Autopilot 3) Pay in 4 (early access) 4) Shop local. Get Rewards. 5) Buy stocks, ETFs, and more. Below these things I will never use, I finally have two account tabs. These two tabs should be at the top where they are most accessible. In fact i wish I could just remove that whole 1 to 5 section from the display all together! My other main complaint is that when I do a transfer, the default from/to accounts are my Ally accounts. I believe the defaults should be SoFi accounts when in the SoFi app! My home tab feels more likely a Facebook news feed than a banking app. When le the app does have most of the functionality you would want for banking, it’s not well organized.
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3 years ago, Jkc abc
Old guy new to Fintech...and other techie products
I’m an older man that is learning these new millennial trends like online banking. Because of my age and disability, my generation like to do things the old way, like going to a physical bank. But as of late, I have a hard time being mobile and waiting in the long lines because of the pandemic. I had no choice but to conquer my fears to learn about how to use the computer and understand the latest technology. And believe me, many of us old people struggle to learn the latest technologies. Regarding SoFi, I can not believe the simplicity of using the app. It is easier to use than what I thought because of difficulties from other online Fintech companies that made me struggle. Because I never understood about playing the stock market, SoFi made it easy for me to buy shares, which I never had the education or knowledge on where to start. Not only that, the customer service were helpful in guiding me when I did have little hiccups. Much credit to this new company making my banking online easier in my life.
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4 years ago, jesseisfedup
Super slow
I joined SoFi initially because of the high interest available on the savings account. After going I opened up an active investing, and auto investing and a Roth IRA account because it was slick and easy to use. I have since realized it's easy to put money in, not easy to take money out. I decided I wanted more control over my investing so I attempted to liquidate my Auto Investing account and move it into my money account, it initiated a sell of all my positions on February 4th with the money sent to my SoFi savings account. The invest account shows as "completed" finally on the 6th with all my positions sold and gone from that account but they are not in my savings account. That can take an additional 3 days which means this entire process is going to take an entire week with the weekend in the middle. And, to just like on more, the ability to cancel auto deposits to any of your SoFi accounts does not work from the web, clicking the cancel button does nothing, you literally have to use the app or you can't cancel auto deposits. It's obvious SoFi is far to "young" in the financial space and has a long way to go before I could ever recommend them for any service. Oh, and the savings rates have dropped drastically so that account isn't worth keeping open either.
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2 years ago, Murphy's Minion
Login problems
I downloaded the app to track my loan. The app only offered the option to login with email. It never allowed me to enter my email or password, instead saying there was an error. It gave me the option to call support, but there is no option for app support in the phone tree. I had to talk to a loan person to get technical support, which they couldn’t do. I was transferred to another person, who had me do troubleshooting on their website (never had any problems there). He didn’t see any problems with my access and had to be told repeatedly (5x) that the app wasn’t working to even try checking it. He told me to enter my email address and password, but as I told him previously, there was no place to do so. He had me completely remove the app from my phone, and when I reinstalled the app, I was prompted to enter my email and password, for the first time. One would think things were good? Wrong! As soon as I logged out, it would not allow logging in until I went to the login screen and back to the initial screen before the login screen would work, where it accessed my account with cached settings, plus as I scrolled up and down the screen vibrated as long as I was scrolling. Poor security design. No CISSP developers at that company.
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1 year ago, Jonathan A. Caldwell
All your money, all in one place!
This is probably a strange necessity, but one of the most first things I look at when looking for a new bank is the visual design of its app. Because, well, a lot of the big bank apps are *ugly*. SoFi’s app is nice and clean, and doesn’t give me eye strain whenever I need to check my balances. But the real benefit of SoFi is that it’s essentially an all-in-one money solution. Most people will probably benefit most by starting with its high-yield checking and savings bundle, but they also have automated investing, manual investing (not just stocks and ETFs, but also cryptocurrency), and a credit card that offers unlimited 2% cash back. And if that wasn’t enough, the app can also track external accounts outside of SoFi. I’ve even got it set to track the silver and gold I’ve purchased from APMEX. But in addition to external accounts including bank accounts, credit cards, and loans, it can also track the value of your car and your home. And all of that doesn’t even scratched the surface. It really is an all-one-one finance app.
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1 year ago, 1PM 1911
Relays not working (update #1)
After downloading the app, I noticed that the relay section wasn’t working. I put in a ticket and it’s been a few weeks and I haven’t been able to get relates to work appropriately. It seems that there are parts on the website that work if I do a little digging. Unfortunately that doesn’t translate to the app so there’s a lot of inconsistencies as to what I’m able to see on the app. All in all I’m on able to see everything that I am expected to see. I’m having a lot of trouble utilizing the tools that have been offered to me as a plus member. I guess if this continues for too much longer, I’ll have to go find another savings account with a better app that works. It is for this reason that I cannot send invitations to bring in my friends who are also shopping things like high-yield savings accounts. I nearly gave up but the relays started loading after calling SoFi and opening a ticket. Unfortunately, I cannot keep the details of my 401k/IRA connected. I would have to log into my accounts daily if I want to see my overall banking information.
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5 years ago, Mossonarock
Growing pains but well worth it
So, I am shifting all of my money away from my big name bank (after all, it seems a little archaic to be banking with a company that uses a horse-drawn carriage as their mascot). First, I will say that SoFi is not perfect. I have had to call their support several times through the setup process due to nuances in their systems, getting a joint account holder approved, ect. However, in my experience, the customer service is phenomenal. Thus, any of the issues that I have experienced has been taken care of swiftly and without compromise. Additionally, the benefit of having my banking (SoFi money), investing (SoFi Investing), and loan options all in one place is very useful. I am a medical student, so I hope to refinance my loans through SoFi once I go to residency. To summarize, SoFi is not perfect. It seems they are experiencing some growing pains. However, they have adequate staffing to face these growing pains. I will also say that they walk laps around the other banking companies out there (even some of the other “new” startups). Also, the app is clean cut and simple to use. I greatly appreciate SoFi!
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5 months ago, NotaRoundEarth
Sofi app crashes all the time.
I love how there employees talk over you when they want to get off the call. If they can’t manage to talk over you, they will just simply hang up the call with the excuse of going around in circles. It would not be a circle if when you asked to speak to a manger the employees actually transfer the call. No they sit there and say this that and all the other things, like we are the last point of contact. Managers don't take phone calls. Plus the host of about 10-12 more reasons why the earth is flat or round or whatever banking rules,sofi thinks they can just make up and not follow the OCC can’t freeze people’s accounts all while I can’t pay my bills, buy food, today is day 4 with nothing more than 1 apple or a pickle because I found out my account was frozen Saturday while I was at the store trying to pay for groceries. Cell phone, Wi-Fi, electricity is all getting turned off today because I can’t pay any of my bills and not to mention having NO FOOD until SoFi “reviews” my account, and the employees can’t tell me when that will be completed. Such a big horse crap of a company. I guess i will most likely starve to death before they go. Into my accounts and hit a little button, so I can pay bills and live.
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4 years ago, Tony from Robbins
Everything you need from a true investing app
I would have given this platform 5 stars but due to the amount of time and uncertainty on how long it will take to review and approve my account I can’t it has been 12 hrs and still no update I can’t wait onto start trading !! Also what makes me give this app four stars, well now that I’m including this I should have rated 3 stars but this is a honest review so I’ll be fair. But what’s frustrating is that most of these investment services or “apps” use plaid when connecting your bank account and that is soooooo frustrating when I can’t link any of my bank accounts to SoFi because they don’t support my institution or bank so now I’m trying to figure out how to add money when I have 3 bank accounts and none of them will connect ugggh I just wanna trade!! But overall if you’re looking for a good overall investing experience this is the app to go for you will not be dissapointed!!! I love the fact u can see what other users are investing and watching as well pretty neat !!!
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2 weeks ago, Dia989
Great banking
Great banking so far in the month I’ve had this. Only reason giving it a 4 star for this app is due to the fact I can’t edit my home page. When I open the app I don’t want to view the other services I’m not interested in right now like investing, loans and others as such under the banking. It’s already at the bottom of the app. There’s no need to have it cluster the top part. It makes sense if you have the service to be there under the banking one but if you choose not to have one right now one should have the option to not have it there at the top. It’s the only thing really annoying me right now. Otherwise it’s been the best bank to bank with! Top perk for me is the 0.5% interest in the checking that you don’t see with ANY other banks. I’m able to have an account to use as a spending account while having an incentive to build interest. Highly recommend this bank. App developers, I would only ask to give me/us an option to edit our home page as we would like. To me just feels like a cluttered advertisement. Thank you.
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2 years ago, mifigu84
Can’t verify identity? Account active and open?
I opened an account and linked several other banking accounts through the plaid service. Transfer a decent amount to the account and funds settled. Direct Deposits are also coming through the new account. Even my address SoFi has matches my drivers license. I attempt to apply for a credit card through the app and get a message saying that my identity can’t be verified. I have yet to receive an email on how I can resolve the issue and yet there is message on the app that says I can apply at a later date? I thought FDIC rules said your identity must be verified prior to opening an account. Well my account is open and not blocked so what is the issue? I thought fintech companies operate their algorithms better than traditional banks, and yet every time I try to do business it’s always something. Very discouraging I have never had this problem with a traditional bank and if there is a problem they send a secure message or provide clear instructions on how to resolve it. I dare not give y’all call, I been through that horror. Fintech reps ain’t trained in banking like at Capital One or another well known institution they just know basic customer service.
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4 months ago, TC#8
Requesting a SBLOC! But otherwise great app
I love SoFi. I have transferred the vast majority of my assets here, and use pretty much all products (active, automated, IRA investing, checking and savings accounts with great interest rates, and credit card). The one feature I’d love most to see in the app is an SBLOC (Securities Backed Line of Credit) maybe in the Credit or Investing tab. Personally the only reason I ever see myself leaving SoFi is, eventually wanting to borrow against my assets with a solid (1-3% + SOFR interest rate) when I don’t generate as much income in the future, and not having an instrument to do so with in the SoFi app. I recognize this is a bit out there when compared to how simple SoFi tries to make finances. However I’d argue that with the introduction of Level 2 options, money market funds, cryptocurrencies, and other ETFs and various instruments that SoFi is also committing to bringing a wide variety of financial products to investors’ fingertips. If you’ve made it this far thanks for the reading and consideration and keep up the good work!
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8 months ago, ORG_SuBS2013
Tired of getting screwed, any banks out there still honest?
Switched to SOFI because I was getting screwed from other banking institutions. Now I feel like they don’t even use lube. From the start I have had money get taken out because of “fees” from same accounts using same funding source. Called immediately and was apologized to by someone and fees were reversed. I think they do that just to placate because not even hour after call the fees were charged again not once but twice. Call back and it’s same circus go round, we’re sorry let me take that off for you. Only to get recharged. What, no you’ll have to call our investor service department that’s a different service. Back and forth, all to scam as much money out of people as possible and to keep that money coming in daily. Here’s another, yes sir I see the 2 deposits on the same day from the same funding account but only 1 funds available. We have to hold the other for up to 7 days or something. How is that right? Both deposits are gone from other bank. I can’t get that money back. But I can only access the 1? So if anyone knows any other banking institution that is better, post it. Use it instead, it’s not worth the switch. Really, they’ll get it out of you $$$
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3 years ago, Sterofuse
Great app, could use some quality of life improvements
SoFi is hands down my favorite app for fee-free automated investing and it’s pretty good at manual investing too. Personally I don’t use any of the other loan or relay options. I think it would be helpful to be able to set a “tab” as a default landing page when opening the app, so for me, the invest tab, just to save me a few taps every time I open the app. Manual stock watchlist sorting would be great so we can keep our favorites on top of the list but still be able to switch to % or $ day change when needed. It would also be great if you could change the timespan of the watchlist stock graphs like you can when you click on a single stock. A 1 week, month, quarter, year, etc. view would be really helpful as a toggle at the top of the watchlist so you can get an idea as to how all of your stocks are trending over time at once on the watchlist section. Without having to click on every single stock once and then backing out to check the next for week or month trend.
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3 years ago, Azwrestler06
Caution to potential members
If you’re thinking about joining just be aware what money you put into the invest account you might not get back. I had some financial strain that i had to sell some securities. The funds settled and ive gone through the withdrawal process. Its been over two weeks and they wont give me the money. Six times they have told me to cancel and redo it with no progress. I had one agent cancel my withdrawal without notifying me after i had told him I didn’t want to. Ive asked to speak to a supervisor probably ten times and still haven’t spoke to one because apparently we have to schedule a call. Well after so many requests i still haven’t received a call. When ive asked their agents why i have to cancel and redo a withdrawal their response was “ i just think its a good idea” when I requested who their SRO is they wouldn’t give me that info either so i had to find it myself. Its pretty sad they knew my financial stress recently and absolutely NO help. They just keep holding my money from me. Also this isnt the only issue be very careful with the money account as well. Whenever i do get my money im closing all accounts here. Which is disappointing cause ill be honest i was super stoked joining the first day. Good luck to new members.
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3 years ago, Jrpm7
Terrible Investor platform & customer service
I am an extremely experienced online investor since E*trade was started. I left them when I only had a few thousands to invest. Why? Customer service was terrible and they began to tie up your money for inexplicable reasons. This led to missed trade opportunities & 5-10 day holds with no interest or recourse. Now, I have a portfolio a thousand time larger after a couple decades and I decided to test the waters to spread out my risk. SOFI failed and failed miserably. This was after they solicited me. They failed to execute a very simple requested trade. Not a huge trade but a test. They failed to execute without explanation other than my request wasn’t considered substantial and/or a priority. I had to hunt someone down via the maze of click deterrent Bots and the limited app capabilities. I don’t recommend this app or it’s other services that request any transfer of funds. Stay with a proven and blue chip firm. The way a company treats whom they believe are the smallest of customers is the ways they will eventually treat the largest of customers. Also in this digital age there is absolutely no reason it takes 3-5 day to get your funds back/transferred when it took less than 24 to take it out of your account.
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11 months ago, pshadaj
super impressive 💚🤑
I’m an existing Wells Fargo client and I’ve been so since graduating high school. It was my first bank account…but it was just that- a bank account. With SoFi I’m excited to log in and complete tasks for points. I love how the investing portion (if you decide to dip into the investment waters) is incorporated within the banking experience. It does a lot for you! It tracks my income to the penny and teaches me better money habits while it’s at it. Also a lot of helpful articles within the homepage. Some might see that as overwhelming but I can tell their UX design team really looked into the psychology consumer behavior so as to make it seamless, clean and easy to use. And no monthly fees! No overdraft fees!! No fees!!! If anything you’re incentivized. So for example, if you deposit over $1000 in employer direct deposit you get a $50 “spot me” limit in case you go over. I mean who does that?! and that’s just one of those incentives. Soon I will need to refinance my student loans and I’m thrilled to do it through SoFi. 💰
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4 months ago, Snjwsnjxksjend
I love SOFI, here is what is wrong with it
I came to SOFI for the benefit of having all my finances within one easy-access online bank. I also have an investment account through E*Trade, their investment platform is far more beneficial for investors. Some examples include if SOFI were to create watchlist groupings, Stock and Index comparison tools, and more detailed portfolio dashboards. I should be able to see my portfolio in a similar manner to what the big boy investment companies use; give me the advanced financials to do research. (Or at least what the analysts are telling me 🤓) While I find the Invest platform useful and convenient with great features like the ease of banking to investing cash flow and the automated investing which creates your own hands off investment account through recurring deposit. I will be moving all of my investing funds off of SOFI until they improve their user experience. I will still maintain other SOFI features that I use but would love to one day bring it all home to an improved system.
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2 years ago, 2022 Lets go
My New Business Partner
SoFi is such a blessing. I thank God for this company, at first I was a bit nervous because I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not because I never knew of anyone personally that used them. I did my research & step out of faith and SoFi came thru for me. They help me pay off my $10,000 credit card debt within two years (yah yah I know my debt was a lot), your able to pick how many years you would like I picked two because I have goals. The blessings about it the payments I have with SoFi is about the same amount I pay monthly without the loan but it would’ve been me just paying the minimum payments every month in it would’ve took me yearsssss like 15 years to pay off with the high interest rate on my cards per my cards statements tell me. SoFi saved me soooo much time & money. I look forward to doing future business with them. I would recommend this company to anybody. The process was quick and easy. Thank you SoFi you help take a huge burden off my shoulders.
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4 years ago, Agvrd
Questionable payment practices
I like the interest rates offered by Sofi. I initially applied for a loan about a year ago and was denied. A month later, I reapplied and my loan was approved. The difference being that the first time I applied, a cash bonus was tied to it. Since they rejected me, they didn’t need to pay it. The second application apparently was approved because I no longer had the cash bonus tied to it. Convenient. 🤨. Since then, there have been payment issues. My most recent issue was that my payment was due on Monday, 4/27. I am enrolled in autopay. They took the money from my bank account on Friday, 4/24. What if I didn’t have enough in my account that day? I would have likely incurred overdraft fees from my bank. Why take money from someone’s bank account a full business day before it is owed? The payment didn’t (show) process in their system is until 4/28. However, they had my money on Friday, so according to their records, the interest accrued through Monday. In actuality, it should have only accrued through Friday because that’s when they took my money. It was not available for me to spend on Friday, so they had it. No other accounts I have follow this practice. Why does SOFI?
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9 months ago, izayya
Fun bank
Update: I use SoFi as my primary bank. Love the APR on the savings account and can get a decent APR on the checking. I now have the credit card and it’s okay. Nothing special really. Relay is still great and helps me keep track of where my money is going. I REALLY wish they would make a widget and improve login speed. It take at least 30sec to login sometimes. That issue along makes me want to use another bank. Otherwise I recommend it to people if they are searching for a decent online bank. I had SoFi bank (checking and Savings) for a few months now and really enjoying it. Love that it give you spending breakdowns in Relay and you get a lot of features including investing. It feels very robust and can feel overwhelming at first but once you understand everything it give you a lot of information. The one thing I am begging y’all to is make a quick view widget. Having a quick glance into my balances would be extremely helpful. I find it slow and clunky to login every time I want to check my balance.
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2 months ago, Captain Mc. Awesome
100 minor inconveniences
I turn on “Dark Mode” and it works on most tabs, then I switch to the banking tab and I’m greeted with a blindingly white screen. I’m in a dark room, looking at a dark screen, then I get hit with a FLASHBANG. It’s so annoying. — I can only withdraw more than one dollar from my invest account. So I have $0.31 stuck in my account (I don’t care about the money, I just want it to be an even $0.00) — Too many irrelevant things. I do not care about SoFi Daily, Investing, insurance or the surveys. I always tap “show less like this” but I keep getting spammed by them. Very annoying. — The 5 tabs at the bottom are mostly useless. Really? A tab just for loans? 95% of users will NEVER use that. A banking tab that brings me to the same page as if I just tap on my checking/savings account. Useless. A whole tab dedicated to a credit card that I don’t own, very useful. And a tab for an investing account that I don’t use. Why are those tabs there?? — There’s just too much junk and clutter all over the place. Useless tabs. Too many different buttons, most of which have the same functionality as other buttons. You can get to the same page 5 different ways. The app *NEEDS* a cleaner design
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