Solitaire: Cards Games 2023

4.8 (107.2K)
32.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
nerByte GmbH
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Solitaire: Cards Games 2023

4.76 out of 5
107.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Jland45677
Best Solitaire game available
I have downloaded maybe 6 different versions of solitaire and they all have pros and cons, either the font sizes was off or blurry or auto help was on and couldn’t be turned off, or a version was laggy when clicking on cards in pile then it took 2 or 3 seconds to flip cards or they had monthly charges vs a one time charge, over all they all was decent or great but had one issue from above that made me want to delete it. This version has ZERO issues and non of the problems above and over all is really great. Flawless and it needs a 5 star rating from everyone. I’m in no was attached to the makers I’m a regular user. I hardly ever do reviews but sense I took my hard time to go through like 6 versions I feel that they deserve a good review. I highly recommend this version.
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5 months ago, ttu101
Better Than Most though still going awry
Not having tried every one of these ad-based solitaire games (or ad platforms as I sometimes call them) I can only say that so far this is the best of the bunch. It has the most realistic "random" feel (card layout) and is fairly customizable. That said, as with everything else the relentless demand for greater revenue continues to degrade the user experience. Developer suggestions: allow us to turn off the "stack" animation; give those of us with iffy vision an option for larger card faces; exert more control over your ad displays. As to ads, I understand you don't govern them but there's been a real uptick in making it difficult to turn the ad off even after the allocated time. We should not have to close the app to get rid of the ad and as you are (I assume) in the EU you would have a bit more control over deceptive deployments. One other thing: a reset feature - we should not have to dump everything to avoid a too large cache especially as that pertains more to ads. Thank you.
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2 years ago, CApncrunch og
Fun but it’s a scam
I recently got this game and I won my first round, and then after that I kept loosing. I always tried to think super hard about it but I still lost consistently, until I realized it wasn’t because of me. The game was set up in a way for you to lose, the deal was bad. I tested this by using auto hints the entire game, and I still lost. Winning is simply based on if they give you a good deck of cards. Being in IT though, I understand the struggle of coding a game like this that works by random generation, and how hard it is to make the game detect an impossible deal from the moment it starts, but there must be a way. Overall, it works like perfect classic solitaire and the settings are simple yet fun. Just the downside is the faultless losses a player would experience. Especially coming from a competitive person as myself, the game would be a lot more enjoyable to me if I knew I was fully responsible for my wins/loses. That’s why it dropped the rating down two stars for me, because what’s a game like this that doesn’t depend on the player you know?
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10 months ago, Dusk showed
Needs a few fixes.
I got this game because it’s the only one I can find without a subscription to remove ads. That is the only reason I still have it at this point because as far as game play goes it’s not one of the good solitaire apps. The main issue is their draw 3 games will deal one winnable game out of every maybe 20/30 I play. There’s been several where I restarted the same deal and tried other solutions to win and it was not there, kinda kills the enjoyment when there’s no available moves after making 6 moves. Following that the next thing that bothers me is how slow card flips and moves are. Most other solitaire apps I can complete a game in 50 seconds to 1:15, this one takes about 2 minutes + each game making the same average number of moves. Last thing is more of convenience but it would be nice if when there was no possible moves left the notice about that came up automatically instead of having the scroll the deck multiple times before hitting the hint button.
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2 months ago, uber-goo
Let me play!
Why do solitaire game makers insist that we want to watch the card animations and delays? I realize I can just not let it auto complete and select new game from the menu. That brings up the next game quickly, but if I let it auto complete, it delays after the animation a bit before putting up the prompt for new game. Ok, I’ve seen it a million times… just let me get to the prompt quick… maybe a tap or a drag to force it to move on? Otherwise this is a pretty good version of the game. Update in response to dev response: I don’t have apps running in the background- memory and cache should not be an issue unless this app has a big leak. Dev response indicates that hangs can be expected without extremely fast internet access- I don’t believe that is my problem, but if it is, a different solitaire game is a better choice or better yet put down the phone and do something more productive. Thanks, though, for responding.
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3 years ago, lfint00
Annoying ads lagging interface
The game itself is good. However, sometimes I will click the deck to deal more cards and the interface lags. I think that my click didn’t register, so I click again and the pile deals twice. There is no back button, so I can’t get back to the card I should be working with. Sometimes the interface is over sensitive, and I will be resting my thumb on the edge of the screen near the deal pile and it accepts that as input. Once again, no back button. As for ads, they are between EVERY game, so if it’s a short game and it’s only been a few seconds since I saw an ad, there’s still another ad. If I win a game, a nice prize would be to skip the ad, but no such luck, there is still an ad. One ad with the white background,is impossible to close, so i have to kill the app to close the ad. Also, it would be nice if ads followed the color scheme of my phone- so when I play at night I’m not suddenly bombarded with a white screen.
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2 years ago, Jazzylv5
Must Download
Best solitaire game out there it’s challenging especially daily challenges it’s simple yet actually challenging and strings offers many variety of things like one or the three cards. Scoring or no scoring. Nice variety of backgrounds, card backs, and card faces. The ads are so short it’s not even funny. Plus it’s only after and or starting a game but you don’t have to watch whole thing like 5 seconds in or so, on the top left corner u will see arrows, click that and ad stops and gives you three things to click after that. The arrow on top right, and the x if you choose not to download, and x again or right corner. SUPER FAST I LOVE IT OBVIOUSLY AND ALSO YOU DONT NEED ANYTHING TO PLAY. NO CHIPS. NO MONEY. NO DIAMONDS. ETC. ETC. ETC. ETC.
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2 years ago, lovemelovemyfotos
Great app-plays like I paid for it
High five to the developers. In fact I’ll try any game they’re associated with. This app is free so there are ads but only between games and now I can close them instantly. At first the ads lasted for about 30 seconds, which was fine because I like a break between games to look away from the screen, but now I don’t even get those. Banners are at the bottom so they’re not distracting like other games whose top banners make playing impossible. I play with the sound off so there’s no danger of annoying noise when the ads pop up. Great app. The hints are helpful as is the undo feature.
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3 years ago, Ben_Gon
Great game, ads with tiny X or no exit at all
The game itself is a great time killer and with the option for a winning deal, very satisfactory. I get there has to be ads to support a free game but the ad designs are getting very sloppy and buggy. The exit X is TINY. It’s ridiculous. You will hit the ad almost every time which will either send you to the Store or will send you to a website, automatically generating traffic for them and adding the website to your browsing history. The mute button is the same issue. Sometimes there are overlapping buttons or no exit at all and you’re stuck. It’s getting to the point that I’m just going to delete the app because you can’t stop the ads and now you can’t close or mute them either. When a developer ignores the impact ads have on their UX and just collects the checks, it’s time to move on. It was fun while it lasted.
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2 years ago, enc0323
Worst Solitaire Version EVER
I love to play solitaire so I've tried many different websites/apps. I would say that I'm pretty skilled at the game; however, on this app in particular I lose SO much more than I ever do. I'm certain that they have programmed the app so that there are less possible moves than normal. Also, after almost EVERY game, there is an add. While this is common among free apps, each game of solitaire tend to be extremely short (sometimes there isn't a single move in the deck) and I feel like I spend more time watching ads then actually playing. I would not download this app again and would not recommend it to anyone else. The only reason why this app got 2 stars instead of 1 is because the "hint" feature is quite helpful since it tells you when there are no more possible moves in the game and to start a new one.
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7 months ago, ED1901
I play a lot of solitaire. This one is the best. I get to play without long, drawn out ads, but reasonable lengths. I click on more ads because of my interest and the fact that they’re not the annoying ones that try to force you to click on them x’s 3. The game itself has the usual themes but it also gives suggestions on plays. I can start a game over as many times as I want to try to win. I’ve never understand points for solitaire but I can just ignore them as well. Would like a button to automatically start over but I can just press the back button as usual no biggie. Ta!
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2 years ago, FlexMarketMan
I’ve always had Solitaire game on my devices. For years, I tried different ones on my iPad. Yes the ads are always annoying, but the part that annoyed me most is after a while I would learn that the game was playing me as much as I was playing it. The would provide me an impossibly easy deck. Then I would have 30 unwinnable decks in a row. The game learned I would keep playing until I won, maximizing ad revenue. That caused me to look for a game where I wouldn’t have any ads. that was when I found this version of Solitaire. It is by far the best one that I have played on my iPad
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2 years ago, You-already-know-who-it-is😜
Great game
Never seen an add yet! End of each game is satisfying as crap! It even points at cards that help you progress for beginners! Love it me and my family are addicted to it!🤣 Helps stimulate me and my ADHD after a hard day. I recommend it. They don’t even keep bugging you about some “super cheap premium🙏” I am so happy now. (I never ever even have wrote one of these things but since I love it so much I decided to do it this once. And I promise I’m not one of those people who are getting payed for this. I promise I hate writing stuff.)🤞 I hope you love it too.😊
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3 months ago, moparmob
I wish there were a setting where I Could choose winnable deals only! It irritates me when I don’t know if I lost the game or never had a chance to win thereby wasting my time even Playing. On one such game I won 143 games straight on a harder level so I recognize when I have a choice of moves, a fork in the road, so to speak, and I could back up to that point and choose the alternate route to win. Not so with this game, you just don’t know, and it seems to deal quite a few losing hands, i just assume it was a looser and don’t bother wasting my time trying it over. The option should be there! So, I will keep looking.
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5 months ago, rbeamer
Good option, could be the best. Support non existent.
It is a good option for spider solitaire. I have had no response from customer support from my last several emails trying to report bugs. This is why i didnt rate it 5 stars. I fear they simply dont care for feedback, just their own agenda. I keep sending the same bug reports over and over complete with videos, i have more to send, but until they fix or respond to the ones i have so far, they simoly dont care. I keep looking for a better option, one will show up eventually. Its a shame, i really like it with a few exceptions that really make it quite annoying….. just doesnt feel polished.
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3 years ago, JMPB65
I PAID to not have interruptions in my games but the interruptions continue. I am NOT wasting my money anymore. I recently got a new iPhone and switched to Cricket (BIG mistake) and this is when all the interruptions began to appear. Never had this issue with the old phone company (I cannot think of the name right now). I play these games to relax and I do NOT like stupid or violent game choices interrupting my games. I meant to hit THREE STARS ONLY but the forth lit up as I moved my hand. I really do like the game very much but it just isn’t as relaxing any more.
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2 years ago, Deb1+
My thoughts
I enjoy this game because I don’t have to wait for another person to play. Also I like the fact that if I lose a game I can challenge myself to the same game again. The ads are not to long in the game overall, I have had a couple but nothing like in other games where I had no choice but to leave the game for a little while before I could actually get back to it. Those ads wreck it for everyone. So thank you for not having those ads. Relaxing yet challenging fun. Deb1+
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4 years ago, NeilHG
Ads get more and more annoying
When I started playing this game it was great. There were few ads and the ones that did pop up were brief and/or easy to opt out of. However, now that I’ve been playing it for six months or so the ads pop up after every game and every one takes me to at least two screens and usually three before I can get a fresh deal. When I try to opt out either nothing happens or I get sent to another page (and usually another). And when I finally get back to the app I have to close and reopen it to get to the next game. Every free solitaire app I’ve used has wound up like this. I know the developers have to make money, but this is ridiculous. Too bad, because otherwise it’s a fun game.
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3 weeks ago, ObjectivelyCorrectOpinions
Very good solitaire app
All of the things you would want in a solitaire app. Both 1-card draw mode and 3-card draw mode. Adds are only between games and are very unobtrusive. Fun sound effects, and it does a different fun little animation at the end every time you win. The first solitaire app I tried did a thing where it would glow where to put the card when I was taking too long on a move and it was really annoying, but this app doesn’t do that and is thus not annoying
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4 years ago, Hughmannova
good app
Better than others I've tried. Good, easy to read card faces, plenty of user setting choices, and ads which either allow bypass in 5 seconds or just tap the upper right or upper left of the screen to bypass (some ads don't show the x to bypass bit one can hit the screen where it should be - sone at any time). Negative or should be improved: - For solitaire: the app counts a flip of the deck as 2 moves, when it should be one. - Note: the app always auto moves cards to the right most position when there is a choice - not a problem but just so other users who might care to note.
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3 years ago, JSC111
I enjoy solitaire
I am really impressed with this version as it is almost the way I remember it 15 years ago. I dislike the fact that while I am in another country I get advertisements in a language I don’t communicate in. This causes me to have to turn off the game or turn off my phone for the advertisement to go away and for this reason I dislike the app. However, most apps are like this as having advertisements in another language is reaching out to those of that country. Totally different target for advertising.
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2 years ago, Russianphile
I don’t understand why the hint button continually directs me to draw or to recycle when it is clearly not working. Why can’t it just go directly to no moves available? Also it would be nice to have a re-shuffle button occasionally. Sometimes the shuffling of the cards is just ridiculous-all cards of the same suit or color are either laid out or follow each other when you’re drawing from the deck. Makes it rather difficult to make any real plays.
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3 years ago, GrumpyPasta
Pretty Good
The sounds and animations are nice, nothing I’ve the top, but fits with the aesthetics. I also like that you can change the card faces and backs. This is also the cheapest solitaire application I could find to remove adds, most are over $10 or are subscription based. The only thing I would change is the speed at which it tells you that you are out of moves. I usually have to hit the hint button myself or wait 5 seconds for it to tell me that I am out of moves.
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Really Like But Some Drawbacks
Please address these items to make this fun and addictive game more rewarding. 1) The more you play the more you “level up.” Game gradually gets harder and harder to get high score until eventually it is more frustrating than fun. Players should be given option to maintain lower level or downgrade to previous level that is fun for them if they want to. 2) Also, if you sign up for prompts, app is way to slow to tell you you’re at stalemate. You keep sitting look at dead board or worse it prompts you to make moves that are makable that move you no closer to completion, just nonsensical makable moves that delay the inevitable loss.
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2 years ago, noaddsnotracking
No Ads?
If this game has no ads, why does it keep asking me to turn on tracking data to allow for more relevant ads? What are you tracking? My point in this review is that I purchased a game that specifies “no ads”. It does not concern me that you “use tracking to better serve more relevant ads”. I purchased a game for $7.99, and in that games title it clearly and in bold letters states “no ads” - and yet randomly I get an interrupting message telling me to turn on tracking. It even sends me to settings. Now since there are “no ads in this game” I will ask again - why is it asking me to turn on tracking? What would it possibly need to track?
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2 years ago, Stitch245
Been using this version of solitaire app on and off for years
This solitaire is by far my favorite. Most of the others involve other players and makes it hard to enjoy, this one only has stats of games and a daily challenge. I like to play on this app with a movie playing, it’s relaxing. My only problem with this app is the ads I actually gave in and purchased the “no ads” option for $7.99. I love it more but wish I hadn’t had to pay to get rid of the really annoying ads. Still would recommend!
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3 years ago, BolliloTheRebelWithAcause
Excellent graphics, however.....
Just graduated from the University of “Dump Samsung and flush twice” academy of I’m fed up with..... Samsung! Had “Mobility” and found out that free went to paid. Nope. This is a fantastic app though keeps freezing. Only option was to delete the app and reinstall it. 3 times so far in one week. Doesn’t really matter, not looking for a ranking to be the “Best of the Best” like my suckass boss. Jus want something to keep my mind off of “My suckass Liberal wannabe so called superior”. Other than that, Zen happens when playing the “Game”.
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1 year ago, Aaron&Barron
Absolutely not recommend
I consider myself at least a bit of card master, this app has lots of ads that wants to show you all the time, their trick is coming to stage 4-5 with challenging and than cheating the cards with nonsense impossible way. They’ve coded “you have no more move” in a disturbing way that you want to throw the phone away. If you want to go nuts go ahead and play this game but I totally came to this conclusion that they’ve coded this game wrongly to show you more adds or make you buy the paid version. I’m usually a generous person when it comes to giving stars but this app deserves no more than 2 stars
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2 years ago, ace felli
It’s Solitare🤷🏿‍♂️
Can’t really complain much on the game, it’s Solitaire. Always had the game on computers in the past, but never cared to play. As an adult, this is the perfect time sink while at work doing nothing. The only negative is the amount of ads that you do have to deal with just to get into another game. Got to wait about 15 seconds after each game to go through the same ad over and over. Outside of that. Can’t complain. Also, I guess it’s a new little skill to have. Beat a game of solitaire in under 1m7s.
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3 years ago, RightBrainer
Easy left brain distraction
I like this game, however if you don’t make a move within a certain time period it points out the next move. It can be a great feature but makes me feel pressured to make a move when all i really want to do I is just contemplate for a minute or two. I’m wondering if I can tun off the hint feature? Also, I paid the extra $5 to take off the ads, but they still have a side bar asking to download or play a different kind of game. That is a bit annoying. Overall - it works for my purpose. :-)
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3 years ago, syudanym
Best solitaire!
I’ve downloaded a whole bunch of the solitaire apps. This one is absolutely the best. It has a lot of beautiful backgrounds to choose from for free, as well as card faces and backs! You can really personalize it. It also has an option to turn on or off automatic hints, which would be really good for beginners. It’s got a lot of options really. You can add variations too like spider. Of all of the Solitaire apps that I’ve downloaded this one is hands-down the very best.
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1 year ago, Knot Too Happy
I Mostly like this game. It would be better to be able to choose the % of winning games and to know if the one you are playing is possible to win. Also the big sign that covers everything up (when a game is won) really seem intrusive and irritating. Thank you for the mostly brief ads that let you move on after they’ve stated their message and don’t trap you in an escape less maze. Thank you for respecting your customers and for your pleasing graphics.
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1 year ago, Mythasour
Great and fair!
I really like this game it’s very relaxing and fun to pass the time. If you’re looking for a game with really short ads and no in app purchases then this is the game for you. You get everything for free and there’s absolutely no in app purchases, you get a lot of really fun and free backgrounds, card faces, and card backs! It’s offline, can be played without internet, and has really useful tips and fun facts whenever you win a game! Great job to the developers!!!
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6 days ago, Charmedd
Best game so far
Love it. There are ads but very short this is the best game I have come across in years. Just plain Solitaire. Very relaxing and you do not win money. So if you want to relax and just enjoy playing Solitaire. You need to get this one . I have been through so many apps to find this one . There are ads but real quick ones and not ads one right after the other. Great app . Just try it really think you will love it
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2 years ago, dcetgridge
Algorithm is wonky - makes game predictable
While there are some good features, there’s something wonky about the algorithm - there’s no way the deals are random. After 1,000+ hands, about 75%of the time I end up with 3 of one card in the initial deal or first card flip Typically I get two of the same card, move one to stack it and the revealed card is the same one. And even though face cards make up 23% of a deck, at most I’ll get one every now and then in the initial deal. The law of averages just doesn’t work that way and it makes this game annoyingly predictable. Time to look for a different ad-free version of Solitaire sadly.
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4 years ago, Hagnaster
Ms Jensen
I screen kept freezing, so I deleted the game, then reinstalled. In so doing, it shows I never played the daily challenge, starting from yesterday, when in fact I’ve been playing this game for several years. Please fix this. It’s updated this game automatically, when I get a notice from Apple, to down load the latest version. I have never had this problem, in the past. Perhaps it was due to the new update. So I have no idea how to fix, this issue. I do not have Facebook, so don’t ask about that. I have had fraud 8 times in 2 years. I do not want Facebook, since they are the problem re: my fraud. I’ll leave it at that. So please fix the problem re: the screen freeze on my iPhone 8.
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7 months ago, Child cool202
When I got it I wasn’t sure it was what I wanted but then I started playing and it ended up to be really fun and a few days after I tried Daly challenges and I became good at them. At first it was a little hard. But I liked how when I needed them there were accessible hints. But if you didn’t need them you don’t have to use them. Now I am way better at solitaire. So if you are looking for a game I highly recommend this game.
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2 years ago, PENS# 1
Solitaire Card Game 2022
I am having a great time playing this game today! Having a great time as usual playing solitaire today. I play it all day long. I am retired so I really enjoy it. I am hooked on the solitaire game, I have been playing it for for hours every day since I got it. Really enjoy it. Yes I am still playing about eight hours a day and loving every minute of it. I play every day enjoy every minute! Looking forward to another enjoyable day of solitaire.
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11 months ago, Deebi27
I ❤️ this Solitaire App!
I love play time and ads are mostly shorted! I try to remember to do the monthly daily game and well as the regular solitaire games! They keep track of time, score and points playing! Fun to see how the game played out! Keep up this great game! ❤️❤️❤️ I am now taking 1 star off, because I put my Aces in an order where I want them!!!! Not the App! This game moves all the Aces (except Ace of Hearts!) every time I can place a Ace! This happens over and over!! It is maddening! Please look at this issue and correct!!!
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3 years ago, strawberrypineapple47
Love it—and one suggestion
I love this game and play it all the time. I even bought the ad-free version. I especially play it at bedtime, but the white ‘loading’ screen is really bright. And I play it off and on all evening, so I get the white screen a lot. I don’t know if the developers read these reviews, but it would be really nice if the loading screen had a black background, or maybe dark green, like the solitaire background. Thanks for this game!
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7 months ago, 🖤Grace Bradley🖤
Awesome app!!
I absolutely love this game! I love how you can personalize basically everything in the game to make it you! The game will give you hints on what to do next if you don't do anything for a bit. It also has fun little animations at the end when you complete the game. I absolutely 100% recommend this, and you don't even need to know how to play! The game has a tutorial before you begin and then you can play away!
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3 years ago, christinazelly
Awesome game
This game is SO fun!!!! Because for some reason this game is so entertaining and could occupy me for hours and hours on end. It’s also entertaining because it’s so relaxing, you can change the background and that makes it so relaxing 😌. I like solitaire anyway but this is HEAVEN! This game is never gonna get old for me so I definitely recommend this game and if you get it you won’t be disappointed. So I really hope you get this game and again you won’t be disappointed.
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1 year ago, No one 19993874
Not what I paid for
While the game is fine to play I paid for an ad free version on the game. That said, after every game it takes it a long time to reload for the next game and every now and then I get asked if I wish to play another type of game. To me that isn’t ad free. After playing for awhile the game started blasting music even though I had the sound turned off. I decided to delete the app and then reinstall it. That was a mistake since now I get ads every time a game is over and sometimes in between games as well.
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2 years ago, Leftygurl61
Good addictive game
I like this one it’s Better then most I’ve tried. The ads can be little annoying but not like some other solitaire games that don’t go away at least you can escape from them after a bit. Don’t like those games that gives you hints if you watch a video or an ad . I prefer this solitaire game overall . I like the layout too. I think you should Try it if you want to just play a regular solitaire game that’s more like it should be. Happy with it so far thanks 😊
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1 year ago, TheMcBeasest
Unsolvable games abound
Been playing this off and on for about a year, and I can confidently say that about 50% of the rounds I’ve played are unsolvable. I’ve replayed a ton of matches over and over, and even tried only making suggested moves, and there would be no solution. That wouldn’t be such an issue if I was playing with real cards because the odds are likely that you’ll have unsolvable games. But that shouldn’t be the case in virtual solitaire. The reason there are any is because of the increased ad revenue. The more restarts, the more ad views. Pay for an ad free version, but not of this one. Don’t let them bully you out of your money. Give it to another company.
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4 years ago, SolitareQuen
Why I give this solitaire game 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This game is one of the few games on my phone but I really don’t need any other games except this one. This is one of the most addictive solitaire game in the world even if you don’t win you can start over or get a new deal. If you get stuck don’t worry, you can press the icon of the light bulb but you have to touch the bottom of the screen to see the icon. Totally recommend that you will get this game 🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕.
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3 years ago, hatefuldummy
Disgusting add in solitaire game
The add “you might also like” that comes up between solitaire games is the most distracting and useless add you could put on the app. It is almost impossible to get out of, the “x” doesn’t respond 90% of the time, making it impossible to continue Please remove this disgusting distraction from your repoitoir it makes it extremely difficult to want to use and keep the app !
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3 years ago, fjchdbgjc
get this game right now
even though you could play this game in real life… the app is so much better!! I love the features such as you can change the background, the card face and back, free unlimited hints, and sound affects. But the all time best thing about this game is that I rarely get ads. this means i can play, play, and play. it’s so fun to pass time and work on your solitaire skills. 10/10 recommend.
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4 years ago, Der Perfesser
Perfect—so far! 🤞
After playing another solitaire app for years, I finally confirmed that it was rigged. So I went looking for another one and found this one. It is straightforward, attractive, and the deals seem to be random. So far there is only one short full screen ad between games, which is consistent with other “free” apps. Definitely not anything to object to! Based on my experience so far, I would recommend this app to anyone.
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1 year ago, Richard P 52
Appearance of game
During play, screen was clean clear & crisp. There was no unwanted activity going on DURING play. I will say the play moves at bottom of screen was a bit distracting. I’m 69 years old & have played Solitaire for many years. I’m in no hurry during play. Felt a bit rushed . Great job on game and presentation. I will always look for your logo before choosing anything else. Thank You for providing this.
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