Solitaire (Classic Card Game)

4.8 (504K)
43.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Staple Games
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Solitaire (Classic Card Game)

4.78 out of 5
504K Ratings
2 years ago, granback
Old Brains Need Stimulation
At age 80, I am not very physically active. However, I do try to keep my brain activity stimulated daily. I read…however my eyes tire. The games are my “change of pace”. Also, at my age, I am not comfortable giving out credit Card info on the internet. Several times recently, I have received Telephone calls using various scams. Today’s scam almost caught me! Luckily my daughter came to my aid. You can understand how greatful I am to have her. Thanks for helping an old lady. You serve, with you games, a lot of people lie me! Thanks again! TMBACK
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4 years ago, Happiness power😎😎
I was super excited when I first saw this game, I love playing solitaire and consider myself average at playing, but THIS GAME IS IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN!! I am really frustrated, I start playing and get to a certain point where I can’t do anything. I think ok I must of done something wrong, no biggie, I try the level again. Do it a little differently this time but get stuck in about the same spot, I try this level a few more times with the same outcome, I finally decide it must be an unsolvable game or I’m not good at it. So I try a completely new game and the same exact thing happens that happened with the last. At that point I’m frustrated, solitaire is not supposed to be a stressful game, and now that I’m thinking back on it I’m wondering why I wasted my time even getting angry over it. I try playing different games but I get the same outcome every time. I wish they had playable levels and maybe it would be nice if we could chose the difficulty of the game.
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2 years ago, Meadville hungry gal
Print changes welcome but too big too fast.
Thanks for asking! I obviously enjoy solitaire, especially in the evenings after my supper work is done. Sometimes when I’m tired, my eye are tired too....I was so grateful that you gave us a choice (or is this a vote?!). My mouth dropped open when I saw how big the change was!! Everything was “smooshed” (yes that is a word!) side to side and I thought this could easily go to high anxiety (for real) and I found myself breathing faster and my chest got tighter! I kept playing and found that once the game ended I felt better. I’m still gonna play and I hope this all settles down or I may shop around! That’s about it.
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2 years ago, BudSr.
Constant winner, lately
Love the game. Had it for years. But on June 26, 2022 something changed. Up to then my win rate was about 42% (~680 wins on ~1600 games). Since that day, however, my win rate has increased to over 54%, and I have now won 426 consecutive games including seven games I had to replay to win, but I won nevertheless. To win 2 of every 5 through 1600 shuffles, then win over 400 in a row with no explanation! It’s great to win, but there must be a glitch because I know I didn’t become a perfect player over night. Staple Games, fix that glitch!
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3 years ago, CatShoon
Needs a few things, but is very fun!
I’ve literally never played solitaire before... and I might have just not noticed it but can you please ad a tutorial on how to play? I was very confused in the beginning. The Auto-solve at the end is good for beginners but is almost like cheating for those who are capable of doing it themselves. Dark mode is cool, but hard to get used to. The sound effects are nice and the audio is smooth. No bugs I can spot so this is a very good app! Totally recommend.
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3 years ago, joker7181
Deals are not random
Almost every time I play, I wind up with 4 cards of the same number showing after the deal or after my initial moving of cards, before I begin drawing cards. Similarly, I seem to get all black or all red cards dealt out. Both of these situations happen way more frequently than one could expect by chance. I believe the math behind the number generator for the cards is faulty, resulting in deals that are not random. This could be fine, if the deal wasn’t skewed toward showing all the same color and/or all the same card denominations. This means that you must watch ads so you can play for free much more frequently than otherwise. Also, it’s just not that much fun.
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4 years ago, tolmanky
False Advertisement
I downloaded this solitaire game because the advertisement I saw for it said “no ads, just plain solitaire.” I hate seeing ads on games I play when there’s not really even a way of upgrading (plus, who would pay money to play solitaire, which is usually free, anyway?) I started using this game and it was great, until a couple weeks ago when I started seeing ads on my screen whenever I clicked to play a new game. I finally got so sick of it that I deleted this app, and I hope you don’t waste your time with this one. There are a lot of free solitaire options out there that don’t lie to you about what to expect, or pop up with the same 3 ads over and over again.
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2 years ago, SouthGinger2JZ
100 to 0 real quick!
I used to love playing this game, I’ve been playing it for a long time now, but now I’m sick of it! I would play this to kill brain cells in my downtime, and it was great winning all the time. But ever since their last update, I win one game out of 10 or 20 played now. It does not matter if I replay the game I just lost, so I can play the same hand differently, it’s rigged to make you lose. Just like a real casino! Because I would win most games, I felt happy and thought positively about a game I downloaded for free. But not with loss, after loss, after loss, after loss I’m irritated! So if you enjoy losing, go ahead and download this game, but then right after, call a shrink to get help for that….
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3 years ago, arweav
Found this through an insta ad that leads you think it won’t have the same annoying ads like every other. After you play like...5 games, a thin ad bar is activated at the top of the screen, ok, I can deal with that, but then the full screen pop-ups that you have to wait to skip through started. Loved the design of the game, especially offering dark mode. I play to relax, and wish I could just buy the thing and avoid massive ads that are too jarring and very lengthy. I thought it seemed awfully pushy trying to get me to review it between each of the first few games, but now I know that’s because they wanted good reviews before the full screen ads started.
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10 months ago, Petal Nana
Is Solitaire app broke?
I cannot get the game to come up! I have the app on my phone, I click on it, “Brainium” appears, but actual game never opens. So I removed the app & reinstalled. Same thing happened. Same thing is happening with my husband’s app on his phone. He turned his phone off for a few minutes, turned it back on, & it still did not work. Is anyone else having this problem?
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3 years ago, Hilal'sG
Eye strain!
I only ended up with this version because the app said it was an upgrade and advertised it as having better screens that were easier on the eyes. That’s ironic, since as soon as this loaded I was ready to delete it and find a different solitaire game. The cards are smaller, I really hate the card faces, and I haven’t found any ways to change the background, back of the cards or the card faces that would ease my experience. Additionally, there are features of the game that are not automatic and therefore the game is clumsier to play. Also not crazy about the sounds they put with it. Sorry but this one is a total fail!
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1 year ago, Joe 62739(05
This game is le gud
Personally I think it’s hard to find a good solitaire game that doesn’t have a million ads in it whenever you go to settings or change the game, but this game is different yeah it’s got like maybe one ad in it but then again it’s not like you have to watch a million ads just one. I think that this game is le gud, i give it a 9/10 Gus frings on the scale. Thanks for listening to what I had to say
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4 years ago, Moopa
First of all, I have a lot of Solitaire games. This one, strange as this may sound, I like because the game goes slow. I’m not getting younger & by it going slow, it gives me time to make the decision of where to place the card. I have always like the “Replay” option because sometimes you can win this way but not all games are winnable, unless you have a Solitaire game that says the game is winnable. Slow & Simple...Perfect!
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1 year ago, crap this doesnt work either
From 0 to A 100 in less than 24 hours.
I’ve been trying to find a Solitaire Card Game like the one I had before the Mean Game Keeper came and took my away! I am older and loved the big cards and easy to read print on my Mobility App of Solitaire. I had been playing on it for several years! Last night I spent my card playing time trying to find a match to take the old app’s place. Without much luck I downloaded several and they did not meet my needs. Tonight I thought I would try again, it was a miracle here your game popped up. I downloaded it and it was just what I wanted! Hopefully you’ll keep this around for us older folks whom hate change! Thanks, Fran Clampitt
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4 years ago, W!ld Bull
I had played these kind of game to take a break from all the craziness of today’s world. I choose to not listen to or watch political ads that are all stinging crap, further dividing our nation. Prior to today I had not seen any such ads on this app. And what ads came up I could immediately close, where as with this ad, when attempting to close it as all with all their ads, I was taken to the political website. Don’t waste your time telling me that you need to have ads to sustain your service. Go right ahead. I choose to not let media dictate where I get information to influence my vote and it not from your game ....... DELETED (like many others).
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4 years ago, sop6054
I am usually not that good at card games, but I am good at solitaire. After the first level the game gives you, you complete it and then there is another. Well, the company must have thought that it would be funny to make the levels completely impossible. I have tried every single way of solving the problem I could think of but there is just not a way. I think that the company may have an error in their algorithm or something because I can not for the life of me figure out any of them. I don’t not recommend at all.
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4 years ago, J has been taken
Banner Ads not a Problem. Video Ads ARE the Problem
It’s solitaire, it doesn’t warrant a review. If you like solitaire then yes download this game. What I have an issue with was the advertising for this game and in-game. The ads for this game stated no ads. Now, I don’t have a problem with the banner ads since they don’t interfere with the flow of the game or games and the developer needs revenue. What I do have a problem with is the video ads that occur when starting a new game or even restarting the game which goes counter to the ads that led me to download this app.
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2 years ago, Elle Da vinci
Even better with the new large fonts!
But why don’t the cards automatically jump up once the game will be won? And why do they not all flutter down after the game is finished? Those effects were neat to watch. But still a really great game. I do not understand the scoring but that doesn’t matter. Thanks for creating this! :-)n
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4 years ago, Thisisjosh42
Classic solitaire
Who knows, maybe mining my phone for data, but it is what it says it is, no pay, no frills, classic solitaire. I will say though, it’s constantly running ad after ad while you play, so if you go long enough, your phone will begin to heat up and slow down. I’ve done some tests to confirm it’s the ads causing this problem, and good for them making bank, but it’d be nice if they could chill for two seconds so my phone can keep up.
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3 years ago, dickleff
Thank you!
So appreciate this software and solitaire app. Finally a simple, no frills game that can be played quickly without mindless time canceling obnoxious ads. No silly point system, no flashy reloads and you jump directly to new game. I like to play this while listening to another news channel. Very relaxing and makes simple game very enjoyable
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3 years ago, Medmedic
If you don’t mind the same ad 10 times in a row purchase this app
I understand the need for advertising, what I don’t understand is the same ad 10+ times in a row. I am very upset because of one of the ads, a dating site. My significant other was watching me play this game and over and over the same site kept occurring. I never have looked into any dating sites but it keeps on coming up. She believes that it would only pop up if you went into some dating sites. We may have to separate. I’ll be deleting this and never download anything from this company.
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3 years ago, ehughes717
A Good Game, but could be better
All in all a good game. But, after every game is an ad and most blast out loud music that is very disruptive. I sometimes have music or podcasts running in the background. The ad music obliterates the sound I wanted to hear. In the past you could hit a sound button to mute the ad. That is gone and that is a real shame. That said, it is my go to solitaire game. The game play is good and fast.
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3 years ago, MemoriesScribed
I don’t mind ads while playing games because I get a chance to see new things. However this ad comes up asking if you’d like to try or do you like your game better. I like my game better. Then it won’t let me X out. It then proceeds to try to install. I still have it on my tablet. Why would I want again? This is a deceitful way of getting business and Needs to be dropped as a potential client for advertising.
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4 years ago, Redjack1703
Fun and relaxing
This version of the veteran Solitaire game is not just addictive but actually fun and relaxing at the same time, which is not easy to achieve! I HIGHLY recommend this version for all of you burnt out by all the Busy Stuff that actually takes away from the enjoyment of what the app was made for. If you want fun and more than that, relaxing fun then THIS is the app for you!!!
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3 years ago, hfcnjgdvn
Everything I want!
Everything I want in a solitaire game. Just push the button in the car goes where it needs to go or you can move it to where you need it to go. You can undo a play if you see there is another place that would be profitable for you. Just a great game!
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3 years ago, Dee Jay e8
I have been enjoying this app a lot! It is very quick responding and gives you time to think before moving on. I like the smooth soft sound it makes when the cards move. Darlene Luberts I like all the things I listed above. On this brand new one I have to say that all the extra decoration bothers my eyes!
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5 years ago, Thing that is green
Play The Game
I like to play each game by myself. This site does’t show me my next move. I like that. Also a lot of the games have a poor touch or freezes so you can’t get anything to move. It is frustrating to have to touch a card over and over again before it moves. It wears out a pointer finger. So far I like this site a lot.
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5 years ago, 1944 Special
A great game to relax and enjoy solo. When you get your fill of the music playing over and over with the other games, Solitaire is a breath of fresh air. And yes while you can mute the music, somehow it just isn’t fun playing the other games without the bells and whistles for the first 10 - 15 minutes. After that it’s time for a change! Give Solitaire a try.
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4 years ago, JuBsn194
false advertising, I got an ad on instagram saying “simple solitaire no ads no in app purchases just solitaire” and the idea of no ads is what caught my attention. I got the game thru the instagram ad and i played a couple of games and indeed it was ad free until I won 10 games I got an ad after each new game i started playing, it wasn’t a big deal cause I could skip the ad right away, the problem started after that though I started getting ads I couldn’t close at the top of the screen and it drove me crazy. if you get this game because it’s “ad free” look somewhere else.
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2 years ago, Weaving Woman
Like This Version
I’m older so the bigger cards are better to read and it seems a little bit easier which I always pick because I don’t want them to be too hard to win when they are just quick and light entertainment for me!
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1 year ago, Lexicosm
Irritating Ads
The game has a decent UI and seems to have fair algorithms. But the ads are intrusive, with no option to pay for an ad-free experience. I encountered one video ad last night which broke through my No Sound settings with a female voice talking about lingerie. I had the iPhone sound switched off and the game set to silence, but the sound blared forth and woke my wife, who wondered what lingerie I was studying at 2 a.m. I’m going to delete this one and look for an ad-free solitaire app.
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5 years ago, Glanduhhhh
More lying marketing.
*Ads marketing this game*: “No notifications, no in game ads, no between games ads!” *Actual game*: Ads between every game. Ads on every game board. Ads are revenue. We get it. Honestly when it’s not in your face all the time and doesn’t pop up mid game forcing you to accidentally click, or if it’s not one of those ads that force opens safari or the App Store.. myself and most others, we don’t mind that. You have to make money to support your game, totally understandable. Someone’s going to have to tell your marketing team to quit lying about having ads.
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3 years ago, Sudtea
So much smoother than old app. Easier to see. I just got it so there are a few glitches that just maybe means not the app. Usually if all your men are played the board will finish the game for you, this one does not so it really is more like playing with a deck of cards and not animated with unnecessary bells and whistles. You can play calmly without all the racket! Thank you.
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4 years ago, Donisland
Very Good BUT to be 5 STARS read this:
There are many of us seniors using this app and we talk about it but we would like some positive improvements: 1- We need to be able to turn the phone sideways and the cards will get bigger and that will be easier for us to use playing this solitaire. 2-be able to choose the game level, easy game or medium level or very difficult game. CAN YOU DO THIS FOR US PLEASE?
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5 years ago, Picklejam420
I won my first play through. It’s solitaire and it’s not really a fan but it has a lot to be done to get me and I can play the more I play with it and it has a lot more fun and fun for a little fun and more I wanna was a fun day of the year I think it was really a fun and great story and a fun way of watching Doctor Who. Hahahaha! I wrote this review by using auto complete. Too funny!
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5 years ago, mamat723
Fills my idle time
I enJoy playing the Solitaire while I’m sitting in doctors offices or anywhere else that needs to be kept quiet. It is not loud or noxious with all kinds of noises It is fun way to play a game and enjoy myself and compete against myself When I have a little extra time throughout my day. It’s a great time filler for me and it passes away a lot of idle minutes
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4 years ago, B Orr
NO ads, just as they say! It’s definitely no frills, with no glitzy card backs, and no chintzy backgrounds, but it’s so nice to not be bombarded with ads at every turn. I was expecting one when I started a new game... nope, not even then! Nice to just be able to sit and play Solitaire without having to wade through ads all day! THANK YOU!
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4 years ago, mum2beecee
I can not state this with any authority as I have only had this game for a day but I believe this is the game for which I have been looking. It does NOTHING but let me PLAY solitaire. No scoring. No accumulation of points and/or titles. Just solitaire. If this continues I will be the happiest I have been in years. I am eliminating my prior game. Thank you very very much.
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3 years ago, WI player one
Cards are crisp and readable
Many of the solitary apps have cartoon looking cards and it’s difficult to see either the numbers and/or suits clearly. Solitaire should be a relaxing mindless game for fun and not stress your eyes focusing on the cards :) This app defaulted to ‘large card’ setting, but I turned that off and got back to a classic real card look.
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4 years ago, patsydawn
Brain advantages from playing
I believe that playing helps to keep our older minds sharp!!!! One has to be fairly quick and observant of all the details!!! And we have to act fast!! We have to use all the brain’s parts to get a good record!! All these are good for our brains!!
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1 month ago, 6Smylers
Simply Solitaire
I was so tired of all the pop ups, ads, & interruptions while playing Solitaire so I searched for a plain app without ads and this is it‼️ Very plain but lets you play continuously without constantly having to escape ads for other games, etc. I love it❣️
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4 years ago, veksmind
Absolutely LOVE Dark Mode!
I will start by saying thanked! I have light sensitivity problems & this is the first solitaire app I’ve seen with an inverse color theme like this. It’s SO nice on my peepers! A solitaire junkie, I’ve only just grabbed this game for my new (at least new to me— haha!) iPad & played a few rounds so far but it seems nice & smooth. No frills, no bullpucky, just lovely solitaire!
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1 week ago, Livi's Granny
Lots of fun!!!
I just recently started playing again. I have Alzheimer’s, so I’m counting on what you say about improving my memory. I used to be really adept at using the computer to type up tests & quizzes for my students. Now my husband wants me to type his stories, poetry, etc.
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2 years ago, gamegirlFL
Clearly improved visual.
The large cards in the beginning are a bit big but as the columns are built the size becomes more manageable. After just a few games I am used to the larger cards initially. Clear and crisp. Is there scoring to this game or just finish or unfinished?
Show more
4 years ago, Appster333
Great Solitaire Game
I really like this solitaire game. The ads are not intrusive (only before games, plus a mini ad bar at the top). One suggestion for improvement: Number each game and allow users to select a game by number. That way I can send a hard game to a friend to play. Freecell did this 20 years ago.
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2 years ago, LeatherLibrarian
Classic Solitaire
This is the only Solitaire game on the IPhone I’ve found that’s real authentic Solitaire. Other games automatically allow you to win. This game provides all the chance that you would get by playing Solitaire with a deck of cards. It’s refreshing, authentic and delightful. Kudos!!
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3 years ago, Radioactive A
I saw an ad for this game, like usual for myself I was bored and intrigued so I thought why not? I downloaded it and played and it’s really good for solitaire. Just good old Solitaire. I will say there are a few ads but nothing compared to what they could’ve done with ads every 2 seconds. Play it if you like solitaire.
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1 year ago, FairReviews
Ridiculously too easy to win.
Ads seem to play longer than it takes to win. Sorry but deleted the game as it wasn't challenging. If the game could offer the ability to increase the difficulty level from easy to difficult so everyone can enjoy and also offer a paywall to remove the ads forever I might be interested. I played 3 games in just a couple of minutes. Either it's too easy or I got some randomly easy games handed to me.
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4 years ago, PeteDQ
What fun I just had. Started the game last night, with too much on my mind to really pay attention to detail, so it seemed like it was going to be hard & then boring. Picked back up on it this am & BOOM! Got it done with in minutes! Must be a sign that it's going to be a great day ! Try it, you'll like it❤️
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4 months ago, xtcher
Relaxing game
I enjoy playing Solitaire on my iPad especially when an ad comes on TV since it “waits” for my card choice. It keeps this senior citizen’s mind sharp! When I am by myself, it is an enjoyable way for me to “engage my mind” and get that “feeling of accomplishment” when I win!
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