⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games

4.7 (912.7K)
419.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for ⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games

4.71 out of 5
912.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Dkac
Everything you want nothing you don't want
Great game. I love that it's like a deck of cards. It's not made so you win or lose. It's just random. you can go back if you make a mistake or even get help. It's your choice. Yes, they have ads to pay the bills and possibly make money. The ads are seldom intrusive, very seldom do they cause a problem. When that happens it's a one-time thing. Overall incredible game. Thank you very much for a game that simulates real cards. I tried several before I found this game. Update: after the recent upgrade at first glance I was disappointed because cards looked out of preoperative. This was because of my bad eyesight, I had the setting in the game options wrong for the new update. One I changed the setting, everything is great. The graphics in the new update are wonderfully sharp and crisp. Unlike lots of games where the update changes the game mechanics. As far as I can tell they left what worked alone, and instead took advantage of the powerful new chips to make the game look and feel even more like a deck of cards. The great thing is that the app does not get in the way of the experience instead just like a true deck of cards it is just a means to an end.
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4 years ago, mocharlie
What did you do!
My app freezes and I get black screen and need to turn it off to continue playing. Your upgrade is horrendous!! Thank your for your response. I still have problems, not as frequently but still there. When I win or cannot and try to start a new game the ad attempts to load and then I get a black screen with a tiny symbol in the lower left corner. At that point I could wait and wait but nothing will change and need to close and shut the app down before I can continue to play. I hope this helps more than my first “rant”. RJ Update #2, I realized this morning that several of my apps are having issues “opening “ and that this started after my last Apple update of 13.3 something. I will also contact and rant at them. This morning absolutely no ads have shown on my Solitaire app?? Thank you for your interest in my issue. Ramona Many apologies and Mea Culpa....it turns out that my last Apple update corrupted as it downloaded and caused all the issues. I worked through Apple support and updated through my PC and now all is working beautifully. Please accept my profound apologies, I love your Solitaire program. Ramona
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3 years ago, pony 444444
What the heck are they tracking?
So, I downloaded several solitaire games, as it is a mind soother for me. I liked the interface on this one best, so deleted the others, and was kind of happy. There is no reason that this program should EVER need to connect to the internet, I had solitaire on a computer before the world got access to the internet, and it worked just fine without an internet connection back then, solitaire hasn’t changed, so they are just taking advantage of me, forcing me to connect and watch the stupid ads, but it was a bargain with the devil I was willing to live with. Then, all the wifi stuff in the house got wonky, nothing worked, because our bandwidth was flooded. I was afraid of somebody piggybacking our internet or a trojan or some other hacker hijacking my system, so we brought out the big guns, ping trackers, bandwidth analysis, everything.... and it traced back to the IPad with solitaire on it. We removed ALL programs, except base Apple, the traffic use disappeared. Added programs back, one at a time, when we got to solitaire, traffic was BAAAACKKK, so, I don’t know what they are up to, don’t care, as long as it doesn’t include ME, and the resources I am paying for, so getting rid of this and taking the time to dig out the old, internet free solitaire program, resetting my iPad and NEVER getting anything from these guys ever again. Too expensive!
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6 years ago, enygyzer
* Solitaire
Considering I normally hate solitaire games with a passion, you have made this one quite enjoyable. Of course I am getting up there a bit age wise and I find myself currently liking things I normally wouldn’t dare; this type game being one of them. I like the crystal clear cards. I like that the game is 97% in its simplest form making it easier for the “ole skool” people to play. I do wish the cars were larger just a tad but since I play in portrait mode it takes up my screen which I prefer. I don’t like playing in landscape mode anyway; at least not yet. I like that it has minimal frills and actually uses real playing card design. I haven’t got the hang of Vegas mode 🤔 I would like to understand it better. The financial aspect makes the prospect fun. Thing is, I was playing with Vegas cumulative option on but I ran out of spare cards; I tapped the empty deck to flip them but nothing happened 🤔 I got super confused afterward so I just switched back to regular play. I like simplicity so this pretty much right up my alley. 👏🏼 Great job! 😀
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6 years ago, Frankinchobee
Best solitaire game I've ever played
I've played a lot of solitaire games over the years. Most of them were decent games and some were just terrible. What really sets this particular game above the rest is it's simplicity of design and how close it gets to a real life experience. No two games are the same and it's really impressive how the developers have been able to design the game in such a way that it feels like I'm playing with a real deck of cards that are being shuffled and dealt in a truly random way. The best compliment I can pay to the developers is to let them know that they've created a game that has been a really great way kill some time and immerse myself in the experience that helps to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Kudos to the developers and publishers. Thanks for creating a great game that I would have been more than happy to pay for but have been able to enjoy it for no money at all. If you enjoy solitaire, I can recommend this game without reservation. Give it a try, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
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3 years ago, Queqeg
Is a very old game and is credited to some amazing things. Great for the mind which is also great for the body. It keeps you going forward. It’s great for relieving stress. So its my understanding that some credit is given to solitaire for the development of the Periodic Table. The thing with solitaire it brings order to caous. For me I can remember parents and grandparents playing what they call Old Saul at the kitchen table. Claiming that its good medecine. I think it teaches sometimes the cards that we are dealt is just the way things are. In many times with life and solitaire it seems that we have a very bad draw and we don’t see how this can come together. The fact is if we stay at it and do certain things that it can not only come together but can come together in a big way. Which brings me to some quotes that my parents would say,” I’ve seen sicker dogs get well” or “Where there’s a will there us a way.”
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3 years ago, skaguest
Cannot win
I had this app for months, and was never bothered by the ads like some other reviewers. However, I played 294 games and won only about 87 of them. This is not an exaggeration. Like another reviewer said, you might just respond “well, you aren’t good at solitaire then”. Au contraire. You will reach the point where even the hints do not give you actual hints to win. I would even pass the phone to my mom at times to see if she could find any tangible winning moves - alas, it we were both stumped. The game deals out cards in a way where winning becomes impossible for what feels like 9/10 games. In the beginning of having this app, I won a lot more, so I am curious if the longevity of how long you’ve had this app downloaded simultaneously decreases the likelihood of you winning based on some algorithm in the app. I would say about 80% of the games I played were unwinnable. I don’t mind a challenge, if anything it makes the game more fun, but there is a difference between a challenge and a game you simply cannot win. To preserve your sanity, please download another solitaire game. On another note, I did download this developer’s Mahjong app, and you’ll find that those games are quite winnable.
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4 years ago, FedUpWithTech!
Still a touch screen play issue but, still great!
First of all, this is the Best solitaire game app on the market, bar none! But, my one complaint that gets totally in the way, an actual physical obstacle is how I am using a quick touch to send cards onto other corresponding cards that is a great automatic feature allowing for some seriously fast timed play! But, that is also the issue where I am on an older iPhone to my newest iPhone and both touchscreen play responses frequently causes the card to lift but not send or transfer that card to the other as needed to continue on to the next split-second card to play; I am constantly having to return to the previously unsuccessful card not autoplaying on-demand as needed and frustratingly needing to tap several times to finally get it to pass over to the next card??!! I still give this game a fifth star just for the game’s great graphics and is the beat on the market!
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5 years ago, foxeyr1227
Really cool!
I have just brought this game yesterday, and I got to tell you, I was really addicted to it! My three personal favorite about the game is that I can change the theme on the card and in the background. With that I made a beautiful mountain in the background. I also put a picture of my dog on the back of the card! My second personal favorite is that it’s so satisfying to see the cards gently fold back to the card pile when game is over. It’s like seeing $100 of money deposit into your bank account! My third personal favorite is that when I play the game, I just randomly tap everywhere and when I see the cards going crazy after tapping everywhere, I’m like “what the crap?” It’s so funny! (Not a bug) also at the end of the game, I notice that even after I finish the game I will see a whooping 200$ as my score! It’s like getting money in real life! I find that satisfying! Keep up the good work!
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1 month ago, Faith42
Glitch or on purpose?
I am a long time player with over 103,000 games played. I have accepted all your updates and changes through the years. That is until recently. Taking away landscape mode upset many, many of your players. The ads have become ridiculously excessive. Especially the ones that stay on the page and flash and does everything possible to get our attention. While we are playing a game that needs our attention !! And now, there is a candy crush ad that pops up in the middle of a game that has no way of exiting out of it. I have to get out of the app AND close it out totally to have the Candy Crush ad go away. In one game a short time ago, it popped up 3 times in the middle of one game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck? Are you that desperate for money?? Do you really care that little for your players?? Whoever is making all the decisions lately there seems to be TRYING to turn players away. Sabotaging your business. Might I suggest maybe actually caring about your players? What a unique concept……
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9 months ago, Minipainter
5+ stars and..
I’ve played this non-stop as relief from adhd-brain. Figuring how to outsmart the cards has been a boon for my need to focus whilst training my brain to think linearly. That’s said, I also use the game to determine how bad a migraine is by how fuzzy the cards appear; likewise I can judge dyslexia problems. I’m an artist - fuzzy details and dyslexia aren’t helpful, so determining how those are affecting my vision/comprehension is, as I said, a boon. The ability to change the color of the card faces would be another boon as they are little daggers of light. I use dark mode on the phone itself with a dark background picture, but it isn’t enough. One last boon would be the ability to undo a “new game” choice. I often click that button when I really wanted to retry the game I was working on. Even so, I give this 10 stars.
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5 years ago, C€J£H&
Decent version of Solitaire
I recently switch from a Windows 10 phone to an Apple iPhone. I tried to find a version of this game similar to what I had on that phone. Game play on this version of Solitaire is good. Two areas of one improvement would be make the “undo” button immediately available (currently on a pull up menu), and find a different way to display the adds. Not having the undo button on the main screen adds several seconds to the time it takes to successfully solve the hand. On the version I played on my old phone I regularly got below two minutes to solve the hand, but the best I can do with this version is 2 minutes 20 seconds. Being forced to watch a 5 second add after (on average) every other deal is rather off-putting. Perhaps that is the Apple phone App way, but I still might look for a different version of this game on the iPhone because of it. Otherwise, good game.
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5 years ago, Trish7491
Best solitaire
This is my favorite of the solitaire games. You can select a background from your photos, the card face design is a crisp mix of traditional and modern, the card back selections are nice. The ads are quick and do not appear on the playing screen, only between games. The control panel is not visible unless you tap it; I like a clean screen. My only complaint is that the shuffles are not random. Perhaps this is to make it possible for the player to win more games. The result is a preponderance of deals that result in, for example, all red cards or mostly red cards, or three of the same card, three aces that turn up early in the game —these patterns and others repeat often. It would be fun to have an “IS THIS GAME WINNABLE” feature, so that when you lose you can then check to see if it’s winnable and try again.
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9 months ago, None24680
More ads as time goes by
I understand that I will have some ads for a free game. That being said, when I first got this a couple years ago, there was an ad after each game that I could generally close out after 5 seconds. This was totally tolerable. Within this past year there are now usually two ads after each game and there are multiple things to click to get them to close out, some lasting well over 5 seconds. Some of the “x” to close are so small you can’t even click it without being routed to the App Store for that ad. Now, within the past couple months there are also ads on the board while I am playing. This is too much!! It takes up space and bunches up my lines of cards at the bottom. I play in landscape mode and the ads take up the top third of the screen. The ads are flashing and distracting and because of this I’m deleting this game and finding another, there’s just way too many ads everywhere in this game now.
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6 years ago, Tommore2003
Use to be a good game
Rarely write a poor review but this apps advertisements between each game have gotten excessive and obnoxious. After most games the commercial ad is loud and long. Sometimes it requires multiple clicks to bypass the ad and get back to the game. Bummer this app has gotten so ad focused as it really has diminished the experience. Update - was trying to include screen shots. Still loud ads running for 5+ seconds. Most have ability to mute but not all can be muted. Unpleasant experience to have noisy ads. Some ads do require multiple clicks, one to mute, second click after five seconds to close screen, then another ad for same game comes up. Three clicks to remove ad. This all changed from previous experience which had almost all silent ads. More pleasant experience.
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5 years ago, Squid Qu33n
I’m very disappointed because I am not able to move anything but a king to an open space. I have been playing this game for three months and I have had to restart the game because it seemed impossible to win. I love the design of this game very much. It’s just that one little thing that annoys me a lot. When I clearly can’t do anything because I can’t move anything but a king to an open space, I ask for a hint. When I have a queen and another queen with a jack, the hint directs me to move the jack to the other queen. And then I tap the hint again because of course, I can’t do ANYTHING because I can’t move anything but a king to an open space. The hint tells me to then move that jack to the queen it was just on.... I’m not sure if it’s not the real rules for you to only move the king to an open space, but that’s not how I play. I think this game is very amazing though. A lot of thought was put into this solitaire game.
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6 years ago, Uglybuster
Throttled win rate.
Two things that are maddeningly wrong about this game. One is if you are on airplane mode so that the adds can’t run the win rate drops to zero. And worse. It doesn’t even let you “feel” like you’re winning. You’re lucky to get four or five flips. The second you turn off airplane mode the win rate shoots up in a ridiculously obvious way. You’ll be able to get tons of flips even if you don’t win every hand. Problem two is the annoying adds. Even with the airline mode off the win rate is lower than it should be and you’ll have to hit “new game” a lot. Then a video starts and shuts off your music so it can run a stupid clip. If you’re renewing your games a lot trying to get even just one win you’ll get 4 or 5 interruptions in the middle of a good song. So frustrating!
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2 years ago, Ariageb
Game is no longer viable for me!
I used to love your version of Solitaire as it was the most original of all of them, however, the ads that are now popping up cannot be dismissed - there is no longer the ‘X’ to get out of it and to be able to get back to the app, I have to SHUT DOWN my phone. One ad in particular, which takes you to a webpage for a Keto diet pill, has set off my security app every time, and recently sent me a very clear warning that this was a hacker ad - and not to go into this ad in any way, shape, or form. Because you are no longer paying attention to this, thus allowing hackers to get into our phones/ computers, I am removing this app and will find another one to use. I realize that I am using a ‘free’ app, so have to deal with ads, but your actions in not scrutinizing your ads now mean that I am thru with your app. I guess it truly is all about the money now!
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6 years ago, LLM221
Enjoyable, but also annoying
What other reviewers have said is true -- the cards are not as random as if you were playing with a real deck. The game seems to go in cycles of winning for a stretch and then not being able to win for a (long?) stretch. That said, I'm mostly using it for mindless passing of time, so I just keep going. I don't even mind the ads, as long as I can just X them away. The ads that have timers, lasting 5 seconds or more, or multiple pages are a different matter. And, just recently, ads with sound have been popping up, and, if one isn't paying attention in order to silence them quickly, they are very noisy! I have no desire to draw attention to myself in a public place or on an airplane, or to interrupt someone nearby who is reading, watching tv or on the phone. (I realize I could mute my device, but I shouldn't have to.) If these ads continue, I probably will delete this app.
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7 years ago, aspanky7
Random algorithms? Riiight!
This is a very addictive and fun game as are almost every other solitaire app out there. The most annoying thing about this version is the supposed "random" algorithm that chooses the cards. These are about as random as a dirty casino slot machine. You will never be able to get above a 20% win rate because of the cards that are "chosen" to start the game. I have played well over a thousand games and at LEAST half of those games started with either ALL red or black cards, all low number cards, or ,the most infuriating of all, every single card in a suit. Entirely too many time this game deals out all 4 cards in a suit and even more often 3 cards from one and 3 cards from another. I've played solitaire since I was a child and NO other computerized solitaire game (NOR when I've played with actual cards shuffled and dealt by myself) has been this maddening and impossible to win. Yes it IS fun but it is also absolute crap and absolutely NOT random!
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4 years ago, Lvpzls
Have played for good while with no ads then recently the game froze. I couldn’t move the cards. I deleted and reinstalled and now I am told I have to pay to get the no ads feature again. I wrote and told them of my problem. Got an email saying they would be in touch. Have heard nothing. Days later: Did get email from Brainium. Was not able to download the no ads version as instructed I could do. Was in the cloud so should have been available. The download showed a circle that never ended circling around. So I decided to reboot my phone and after the reboot I was able to download the no ad version in my cloud. I am so happy to have finally gotten my solitaire back!!!!! Thank you for your help. PS. I have changed my rating.
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8 months ago, CassiRaeOfSunshine
Considering deleting for a new app
I loved this app and played constantly to help me fall asleep or when I just wanted to kill some time. I love that I can try and beat my previous time, but whenever I try to view the global scores, everything is blank so I can’t see how I rank against other players. Also, like most other recent reviews, the ads are getting obnoxious like other apps. I don’t play many games on my phone because of how frustrating the ads are. I understand they’re necessary to play for free, but it’s really irritating when trying to click the small x, and instead it takes you to the ad’s website, and with credit karma, it takes you to the website and then another bypass to download the app (which I already have anyway). So, I deducted 2 stars for those 2 frustrations. I wish this went back to how it used to be.
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5 years ago, Domzyglo
Racist ads
I’ve been playing this game with very issues for a yrs. today I see the most racist ad I’ve ever seen in my existence! This game has an ad after each played game but this one was sick. It was a picture of a black emoji with white stuff around his mouth. The writing on the ad “said i got black! What you got?” I really want to assume that this company was unaware of the ads they allow, but this one was too much. I normally don’t say anything but this is outrageous. Monitor your ads!!! No one should be subjected to racism this blatantly near 2020. Unfortunately, too many still thinks this is funny! The name of the game was Trivia Crack & when you look them up on the App Store, their icon is full of childlike characters like bouncing bananas & apples, etc. OUTRAGEOUS! I’ve already placed this same review on their site as well. One of you have to stop condoning this behavior & conditioning another generation to believe in racist stereotypes...racism period. Let there be a generation of loving one another for once in this human history!
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4 years ago, suzlew1988
Who do you think you are!!!
I got a new update on my phone yesterday and with it I got a wonderful update to your game! This game now has windows that pop down every few minutes with (mule hat!) comments. (Fill free to insert the correct word!) I us this game to relax to fall back to sleep. I couldn’t sleep last night and played a couple games. This morning I opened it and got a pop up that says.” Night owl we caught you playing late last night” Who do you think you are?! My mommy?! You can take your smart remarks and your game and shove it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you could hear the words I was calling your wonderful programmers but if I used them, my review would be taken down! #%*% *#% *%#*# %*% #%#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, outspoken igwt
It serves the purpose.
I have played this game for several years. It makes me sleepy, which is what I need just before I go to bed. It’s a simple game. Like most most card games it helps to remember the cards played. I actually prefer shuffling the deck. I am highly suspicious the deck here is contrived by the developer so I get the feeling of not only playing the cards dealt but also playing against the developer. While a shuffled deck can give such displays as all reds or all blacks I get tired getting to the end point and repeatedly have two card remaining, needing say a red nine to complete ty run and a black nine come up. And, all to often it’s a nine being used to foil the run. The are other quirks in this deck arrangement, several. Then there is the scoring. It makes no apparent logic as to the score given for the achievement of a run, and I do not see an explanation how a score is determined.
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5 years ago, FLAMINGOFAN29462983682
Hi!! I really love solitaire and I’m so happy I can also play it on my phone when I don’t know where my cards are! My mom won’t play a game with me, my brother doesn’t really know how to play, and my dad is always playing another game. Although, one thing is, sometimes the games seem impossible even with hints. Some even ARE impossible. But I love how you can customize the background and the back of the cards. You could make it so that you can do two player games with one person on one device and the other on another and they compete to see who can win the fastest. Although you might have to add a “this is impossible” button... sorry I made this so long I just have a lot to say and I’m pretty bored 😅😅
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10 months ago, thicckshady
Suddenly I cannot even open the app
I came to the app store and have downloaded at least 3 other versions of solitaire because i cannot open this app. They're not as good in every aspect and have more going on than just a good ole card game. I really want to be able to utilize this app as well as play my game again. The ads have gotten outta control over the years. Id pay 99¢ even $2.99 one time just to get rid of these ridiculous ads forever. pop up ads have pop ups within them and it’s exhausting when I just wanna play cards. Now I click the app to open it up and it just shuts down. It wont load and open. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it, i’ve turned my phone on and off, it’s simply not allowing me to open it. I came to update it before any of that and it still wouldn’t open. Please fix these actual issues at hand instead of whatever else yall working on, it’s only causing more problems.
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5 months ago, RSL08
Pretty Good
Solitaire is about the only game I enjoy. Not crazy about the ads, and hate those with their volumes defaulted ON with no way to mute (because I play while watching TV). One BIG pet peeve is that when there is a path to success, the “undo” button disappears and a “auto complete” button takes its place - without me realizing it. I like to take my play right to the end - with all cards face up, so when I want to go another direction or correct what I think might be a mistake (without knowing it’s successful) I go for the “undo” button and end up tapping the “auto complete”… and there’s no way to replay. Makes me mad. Please change it… keep the “undo” button in the same place. Maybe “auto complete” can replace the “hint” button.
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8 years ago, Ohrings
Very low percentage of wins versus losses
I haven't been playing this game since my Apple IPhone 5 and I've had the iPhone 6 for about 15 months. I have played close to 2000 games and everyone exactly 377, less than 20%. I would very much like to have the ability to adjust the difficulty as other solitary games have. UPDATE!!!! I have let my wife play this game to see if she could do better than I have. We switched phones for a month. Her I five phone with a different game gives her A higher percentage of wins. Or percentage was right around 20% which was the same as mine. I would like to see the option to allow The user to adjust the difficulty.
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5 years ago, Rpee47
UPDATE: The developer sent me a very thoughtful response to my skeptical evaluation and I was able to review the mathematical basis and coding principles for the random generators and shuffling algorithms. As a result of reading through that information, I think I can say that my skepticism does not hold up to scrutiny. I also want to thank the developer for taking the time to provide useful supportive information. To me, that was extremely thoughtful. ORIGINAL: I would love to see Branium’s randomization routine. I think the table is heavily tilted towards putting more ads in front of you. All the mechanics of the game are fine - it’s user friendly enough, the options to customize settings are adequate, and the speed of cards appearing or shuffling off the field of play is fine. The ads take a while to appear, the time to “x” out seems like an eternity, they apparently don’t have a lot of companies buying ad space, so ads are repeated ad naseum, and finally, again, I think the deck is stacked to increase potential for more ads to be thrown at you. I would go into why I don’t think the shuffles are truly random, but I’ve already spent way too many minutes writing about a very small pastime. Don’t settle for one, try a few and find one you will like more than I liked this one.
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5 months ago, _ArGos_
Falling apart at the seams…
They’ll draw you into this one with crisp graphics and nice features. It’s fun to customize the play area and card back with your own photos. That’s all the pros I can provide. For the cons: •There is no dark mode as advertised and no way to set it in in-game settings. •Far too many random games are un-winnable, and frankly the auto-populate doesn’t make sense. You get so used to seeing three jacks in a row in Draw One or six black cards when the whole field is black you get numb. •Vegas scoring will ensure you never win a game. Ever. The random draws are pitiful. •Ads go far longer than the 7 seconds they advertise, and require multiple X taps to remove, all with 10-15 seconds extra. An ad plays after every single garbage draw too, creating unnecessary frustration to go through three or four bad draws in as many minutes to get a play that you can actually progress in. The cost to remove ads is TWELVE dollars. Most games ask for $3-$5, why would an app need so much money to turn off an invasive and broken feature? ~~~ There are many games in the App Store that let you play Solitaire, and many different versions of it in many of them. This app only has one version, and they can’t even get that one to work well. Find a better app, folks.
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3 years ago, Wcrutch
Ads are too long
I love this version of this game and have played it thousands of times. I understand that ads are necessary and I haven’t had any problem with them until recently. Now it seems that there are many ads which run for 30 seconds and I can’t cut them any shorter, and they are frequent. When a game may last 3-3 1/2 minutes, 30 seconds is a long ad. When it happens repeatedly, it’s irritating. I’m just about to delete the app, but I thought I would try giving input first. The developer responded and now everything seems to be ok. Thanks for your quick response
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7 years ago, Jgcool11
Best graphics I think
I would like to see the undo button on the screen all the time or have the option to have it there instead of having to pull up the menu. Like most games now it is crammed full of ads which just get in the way and make it unenjoyable. I decided to delete the game from my iPhone because of this. I think these guys have the best graphics and sound though. I think the apps are affordable. With solitaire I would like to option to stack the columns one way or the other. FreeCell gives you an option of switching the top around to where you want things and I like solitaire to do the same. With FreeCell I have a good one ratio, but with the regular solitaire the win ratio is very poor. I don't believe in making difficulty levels, just have it be random and you win what you win. With the redo button how can you lose.
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2 years ago, jrieiwjdhrbthe
Is this a virus?
I have a fairly new iPhone with a battery that still works completely fine. As soon as I downloaded and started to play this game my battery started dying EXTREMELY fast. I would have this thing at 80% and plugged into a battery pack and within an hour my phone would be at 30% with the battery pack completely dead (it holds quite a bit of charge). The final straw was when I accidentally forgot to close the game running in the background before putting my phone in my pocket. I went for a 30 minute walk, leaving the house with 92% and coming back to 18%. Not only that but my phone was hot and being so glitchy that I could barely turn it off to restart it. It had actually dropped down to 16% before I managed to turn it off. Love the game but good god, this is either a virus or THE worst optimized game I’ve ever seen on any platform.
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1 year ago, Funnehcakefan1209
Hint option is unhelpful at times
I really enjoy playing this app but the thing that stopped it from being a full five stars from me was the fact that the hint option can be pretty much useless as times. As a beginner at Solitaire I often find myself needing help. That is why I use the Hint option. However at times I feel as if when I get myself into a pickle, the Hint option further complicates the pickle and instead of helping, it rather makes a tennis match back and forth between the cards, basically a waste of my time. Overall, the game is fine. Just improve on the assistance for the Hint option and if it’s an unfixable even with hints,tell players to restart the game.
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3 years ago, TrishAlina...**
It’s a good game
This was probably one of the first games I’ve downloaded.. my grandpa got me hooked on it . There are adds usually when you restart or go to a new game the only thing that I dislike is it doesn’t tell you when your outa moves but one thing I really like is you can change the game mode and you can change the card and board design to whatever you want, it lets you change the back of the cards to something in your photos and also the board to or you can go by some options they give ya . I just thought that was really creative. I suggest this game to anyone who loves solitaire!!
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6 years ago, reallytrulyfree
One fault
I love your games. I look for your games. One problem I have found is minute but makes me crazy. The drop up menu when playing solitaire to go back a step or start a new game is on the bottom of my screen which is where all of my frequently used apps are and nearly every time I want your drop up menu I get my frequently used app drop up. It particularly seems to happen when I am close to winning a game I think and I see a card that the game did not pick up and place on the correct spot and I try to go back to get it. Just a pet peeve of mine. Doesn’t mean I will stop playing because you have the best games by far.
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5 years ago, Kat634
Good game, annoying ads
Why don’t you thank us by getting rid of the horrible ads? The game itself is fine, but the tacky ads are really, really, really annoying. Unless you enjoy being irritated, you have to turn off wifi, or turn off Solitaire's cellular access, to avoid the ads. The ads are for crap that no one would want. Just to be extra annoying, occasionally an ad runs for quite a while before offering you an option to dismiss it, and in one instance, tapping the barely visible x did nothing whatsoever. The ad, which was for some dumb shoot-at-stuff game, was stuck. Closing and reopening Solitaire did nothing. The only way to get rid of the ad was to reboot the iPad. This is not acceptable. Whatever is spawning these ads needs to be sucked into a black hole.
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7 years ago, Mick's Game
A Great Solitaire Version
Still enjoy this version of Solitaire. But for the past few weeks, the advertisement for Find the Clues game has fatal flaw; when pressing X, the app closes. I have used this app for a couple of years and found it to be a great version of the basic solitaire. I use the app daily just for relaxation. But I also pay attention to the stats being kept (about 40% wins) as well as the achievements which just gives me smiles, like 'Night Owl'. The ads that are shown don't interrupt my game, but appear between games and are easily dismissed. In addition, I also use FreeCell from the same maker which is another good solitaire game.
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11 months ago, jgineg
Deceptive ads
I love this game. I’ve played this version, by this company, for years. Sadly, there are more deceptive ads. Just saw 2 new ads this morning that are problematic. One claims your phone’s memory is full and if you don’t act now your device might be damaged. That’s not an ad. It’s called phishing! The second ad claims the House (i.e. the US House of Representatives) just passed an refund check for seniors because of the recession. Click “here” for your money. What recession? Bills have to pass the Senate too, and get signed by the President. Is anyone at this company checking the content of their advertisers? I know you need to make money, but at least screen the scammers out!
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3 years ago, Fergie@44
Brainium solitaire
I love this game. Most of the ads are not bad but some seem to “take over”, and are next to impossible to exit. Case in point: The Three ad from Berkshire Hathaway. You can hit Close, you can try to “X” out of it. It is only leaving your screen at its own pace, not yours. If I were not on a limited income, I would do the option of not having ads. But the Berkshire Hathaway is the worst. Yeah, I know it’s connected to Warren Buffet, but what good is a quote from Berkshire Hathaway going to do for a retiree like me? Not a single thing, that’s what!! Let Buffet advertise where companies normally advertise for other businesses.
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9 months ago, PigKiller710
Used to be great, would have given it 5 stars before
I’ve been playing this app for a long, long time, and have enjoyed it. It’s my go-to app to relax. But the ads have become really obnoxious. Of course there have to be ads. But they used to be something you could dismiss right away. Now after every game you have to spend 30 seconds watching obnoxious ads. For a while, I’ve been able to close the game and restart it to avoid this nonsense, but now when I reopen it, I still have to watch the ad, from the beginning. I’m gonna look for a better experience. Update. I’ve gotten used to the ads between games, but now they’ve added ads at the top of the screen during gameplay that’s *really* distracting and interfering with playing. Dropped my rating from five down to two, and now to one star. Really sad.
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6 years ago, Jhart79
Too many ads, and freezes too much
The game has gotten worse with each update, and there are way too many ads. Game freezes up quite a bit, and it doesn’t respond properly. Also the fact that if you have to undo a move it will automatically add time to your already existing time to cause you to go over is really not a very desirable feature. Almost like the creator of this game does not want a player to even be able to beat already set high scoring time, no matter what you do or how quickly you can get through a set. As soon as I find a suitable replacement game, I will be deleting this one.
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3 years ago, The sticker
I gotta give them credit
I had written a review before that said the game was great, but the ads really were annoying, and deducted points from my review. The developer replied that no ads were supposed to be more than 7 seconds. WELL, somebody made the effort to clean up all the ads that were abusing the rules! Hallelujah!!! This game now sparkles with fun...it’s become my go-to game. And to all you advertisers out there, take a lesson here. Because the ads are now short, I pay attention to them and I don’t HATE them any more. Win-win for everyone! My sincere thanks to the developer and the team!
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7 years ago, Nchild6
Love the app however....
I am an avid solitaire person, probably one of my favorite games. I absolutely love this app. Love the fact I can personalize the background & the cards too! The undo option is great, align with options of draw 3 or vegas scoring. Sometimes I want it, sometimes I don't. I like the options there. However, as of recently it's been freezing nonstop, everyone other card I touch *game freezes* and I have to exit and restart the app. There are a lot of ads which I understand, however those too freeze the app quite often. Only app I have that freezes. It's frustrating. Especially when, like I said, am a solitaire junkie basically. Might find a new one if it continues to be too bad. Only reason for 3 instead of 5 stars.
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3 years ago, Irish517
Newest update
For the developer: your most recent update includes a new way of delivering ads, a pop up during the game instead of the ads between games. I want to report that this feature cause me to delete the app. This newest ad pop up is so intrusive that I can’t play anymore. It pops up frequently during the game, at what appears to be at random times. I think have to tap it get the cancel to get back to the game. The frequency and intrusiveness of the ad delivery is undoable for me. And I understand the need for ads but this is over the top for me. Otherwise I totally enjoyed playing this game. I’ve tried others over the years and consider this one my fav. 3 stars because of this issue above.
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6 years ago, another Proud Vet
Brainium games
I have found the Brainium games to be an excellent way to pass much idle time, now that I am disabled and home bound. These games are both fun, challenging, and addictive. I really enjoy and appreciate the way the time seems to fly while I am not only passing the day, but I am also keeping my mind sharp. I also use the free games, because they save me money, and keep me alert when the ads’ appear. I have also noticed that some of the ads’ are for some pretty nifty, sometimes ingenious products. All in all, I am thankful for Brainium games and their sponsors; a really great match! Joseph B.
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4 years ago, caligrl415
Great game! But confused now...
Update: I thank the developers for reaching out. I am not sure how to directly respond to the email so I am adding an update here. I never had 2 apps of your game (solitaire free and the paid version) I have always just had one app that was paid. The day that I reached out the same app I was using that morning it defaulted back to the free version. However, I just updated the app and scrolled to find “restore purchases” and it solved the problem!! Good to go! Thank you! Original review: I have been playing this game for the past two years on my daily commute. Early January I purchased to play without ads. Everything was working great up until moments ago. I opened the app and everything was reverted back to the original settings as if I was downloading it for the first time. The card themes and background was back to default and the ads are popping up even more than they were before I decided to go ad free. Is there something I’m missing? I don’t want to pay again for something I already purchased and it seems odd that everything went back to default settings.
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4 years ago, JXXFXX
Good, but odd feeling solitaire
I really like a lot about Brainium’s Solitaire game - great simple, snappy interface, love that I can customize the backs of my cards - but man, despite their claims of using a fancy randomized algorithm/shuffle algorithm, I’ve never played a solitaire game that felt so oddly not random. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a game and had all face up cards immediately be one suite, or all have 4 cards of a single number plus 3 cards a single other number, one digit away (for example all four 6s face up and three 5s). Really bizarre. I play a lot of normal solitaire using the fancy algorithm of actually shuffling real physical cards and that just does not happen as frequently as in this game. Nonetheless, I still enjoy and play it.
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10 months ago, amipissed
Gibberish waste of time-building tableau, shuffling, hiding aces 😡🤡
August 29, 2023 Building Tableau 💀 Shuffling Cards 🤡 Hiding Aces 🫵 🫵 🫵 🫵 🧌 I began playing this game in 2017 to help keep my aging brain active. For too long I played despite multiple attempts to get me to download & play ridiculous games, over and over. Finally I reached a time when after my game was complete, when I selected ‘new game’ a new game came up immediately. Then a few weeks ago the repetitive ad offers ceased and were replaced by even more maddening: Building Tableau Shuffling Cards Hiding Aces These took at least 7 seconds before returning a low winning percentage game: no aces, kings or queens, but 2, 3, 7 which very quickly end in a dead end! So, I’d again select, ‘new game’ over and over with 7 seconds of delay while Building Tableau, Shuffling Cards or Hiding Aces! Very frustrating, so I played some of these lousy hands just to play. Guess what? Bazinga! A short, remote chance of winning game! Any suggestions for a similar game that the developer doesn’t try to annoy you, vex your soul with this useless lunacy? I’m about to give this absurdly annoying game up. Time to find a decent game not created by ‘Brainium’! 😡😤😵‍💫
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