Solitaire Klondike Classic.

4.6 (7.1K)
232.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maple Media Apps, LLC
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Solitaire Klondike Classic.

4.63 out of 5
7.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Dee Finney
Klondike Solitare
This is my all time favorite game of Solitaire. I probably play it every day several times. I cheer for myself every time I win. I win a lot but it takes some knowledge which moves to make or not. I may not be the best player but I love it, especially when I win.
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6 years ago, Dm156
Pretty great game (but can be addictive)
Even though this game has ads, they aren’t obtrusive and they don’t interfere with game play. I find this a great way of dealing with them. The autocomplete is a little slow but that’s a small thing.
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6 years ago, Fantomdriver
New Klondikere you stacked the deck
Why did you change it? Fewer game options. Don’t like it at all now! There used to be an option I played all the time (I forget the name cause I can’t see it anymore cause it isn’t there). But it is where you stacked the deck with alternate red and black cards so was easier to win. I would time how fast I could win it each morning with fewest moves so was a daily challenge. Not there now only the harder standard game. Can you add that option back in?
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4 years ago, E Garmon
I enjoy it more when the commercials don’t stick and it stops you from playing.
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7 years ago, auntee mary
Klondike solitare
I really love playing this card game! And just tapping the cards instead of sliding them in place is so much easier! Also like the automated finishing of the game! Thanks for the fun you put in it!
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5 years ago, windy in wyoming
Great time passer!
I have been pretty much been housebound for the last couple of years and have used good old Klondike to keep from absolutely going out of my mind.
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4 years ago, Mellnee
Klondike is a BUST!
I used to love this game. I didn’t even mind the ads until there was an ad every time a move was made in the game. Now ads are covering up the card area. You can’t stop the ad or remove it. If this is what you were after, frustration of the players. You got it!
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4 years ago, Florida Lady Bug
Klondike Solataire
Recently Zi searched in several places to find a good Klondike Solataire game with little success until I found this one. This game is the best one I’ve found so far. Bless the people that put this game together!... Ms Johnnie C Levy
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3 years ago, BengalGracie
Klondike Solitaire nrocks
The daily challenge os sometimes easy and sometimes very difficult. At those times I may have to repeat it five or more times. But It is always fun and relaxing.
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2 years ago, mastiqe
My favorite game
I love this game thank you so much I’m really enjoying it makes me think and I love to win so if first I don’t succeed I try again🤸‍♂️‼️
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4 years ago, Marshunlander
Too many 30 second ads.
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3 years ago, Karysmile
Very Good
I play everyday when I am healthy. It is now becoming a part of my daily meditations. To win the daily solitaire game is very satisfying to me.
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4 years ago, Ivon-Ettony
Ads that won’t disappear
The ads were an enormous hassle. Had to keep restarting game because it froze every time home loan ads were pop up, which was about 60% of the time. It’s a nice simple game, no real bells and whistles, perfect for just playing solitaire, but will delete since I have to fight ads that cannot be exited.
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6 years ago, Jazzone47
This is part of my daily routine. Enjoying every minute of it thank you so much
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5 years ago, Scarlett W. ❤️❤️
I love this app so much! If you want a solitaire app, this is the one you have been searching for your whole life!!
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5 years ago, Gommie Polley
My Favorite Game
This is my favorite game of all that I have on my phone!!! And I have over two hundred games on my phone!!!!!
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1 year ago, last chance/name
Thank you for your offerings. Appreciate the time you help me refresh/renew my mind. A
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6 years ago, AZPuzzler
Well done app.
Easy to navigate. Has some ads but not obnoxious.
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5 years ago, West Texan 71
Automatic completion whether you want it or not
Most other Solitaire games give you the option of finishing yourself or not at any point, not this. Tougher games than most.
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7 years ago, Wunderjan
Terrific Game
I enjoy this game every day. Sometimes I spend hours playing. Completing the game is always fun. Thanks.
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4 years ago, bennies tunes
Love the solitaire when it’s working. It doesn’t always work
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3 years ago, Nannielaine
New game
Hate the ads while I am getting to get a new game
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3 years ago, Solitair Suzzi
Needs to have a “shuffle “ option.
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4 years ago, ghjjf hi
Not Consistent
Klondike is not consistent 1 daily challenge no longer lays out columns to start play 2 just had a daily challenge game stop at the end of the first pass thru the stack 3 ads block getting back to the game
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3 years ago, Homebody11
Klondike sorrows
I love playing your Klondike game. I am frustrated that it is difficult to get a game to start. Also I can’t go back to the game I missed.
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4 years ago, Lassie M
Too many ads
I really like this Solitaire but the ads are too numerous and too long
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1 month ago, wellbean
Even the review page has moving ads! By.
The ads are extremely bothersome, the movement is distracting, the sound is as well. I just want a quiet little distraction-not the Macy’s parade.
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7 years ago, Bump51
Klondike Solitaire
Fun each and every time
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4 years ago, kg2020$
Turn on notification that says there are no more moves
When you have won - Turn on notification that says finish
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4 years ago, PHS Pirate
Everything was fine until your ads began covering up the game content. Now I cannot play because the ads cover up the cards’ denominations!
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5 years ago, .kokie
Too many ads; screen often freezes.
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5 years ago, Rjay111
You have an made it very hard to win. I’m about ready to uninstall and try a new app.
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7 years ago, semicore81
I like this version of solitaire the best, to me it is my time to relax and enjoy! buddy game.
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4 years ago, jmh71820
Too much advertising.
There is too much advertising when playing.
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6 years ago, deedpg
Klondike is the one.
So glad I found this version of solitaire. I'm feel as though I've tried them all. I love it. Daniel
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7 years ago, hardhsy
Enjoy this game. Easy fun many hours of enjoyment!
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6 years ago, gxseal
I am disabled and sight impaired. Solitaire is a relief and provides some opportunity to maintain a degree of mental acuity. Good
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6 years ago, bFOXb
I really enjoy this game. Thank you for providing it.
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6 years ago, DebGross59
My favorite traditional solitaire app!
Soothing, fun, and I love the daily challenges!
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4 years ago, hi-5-me
Love the retro card themes
Good game, love the customizable settings
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6 months ago, Cabo cook
To many Ads
To many Ads it gets on my nerves and I end up leaving the game after 10-15 minutes 😢
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6 years ago, hatterasbeach
Enjoy playing the challenging game
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7 years ago, Sobmartin
iOS 11.0.1 broke it
Worked great until I did the iOS update. Now it shuts down right after the deal
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6 years ago, JRS1600
Not advanced enough to keep you awake at night.
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5 years ago, you dont really want it
Enjoy playing this game
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3 years ago, ed12323
Ads every 10 seconds
They don’t want you unless you pay for no ads
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6 years ago, Jesus0112
fun playing game!
Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, knollboy
Fun straight away Klondike but too many predictable duplicate reveals.
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5 years ago, tygir:)
Fun game just too many ads
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6 years ago, jokeon👣
I want control of the board at ALL times, do not like to have to drag letters, want changes in these areas.
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