Solitaire: Play Classic Cards

4.7 (616K)
236.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tripledot Studios
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Solitaire: Play Classic Cards

4.67 out of 5
616K Ratings
9 months ago, Mab5035
Ads in the game
I used to enjoy playing this game but now there are so many ads I no longer have fun playing them. Several have no button to skip the ad and some don’t show an X to go back to the game until after a minute or two. I consider ads a violation of my privacy rights and therefore I have started deleting games with too many ads or ads that are not operating within the Advertising Alliance protocol. I hope someday a law is made so every site has to have an opt out button for all ads. It came close when voting on it the last time but the big money developers bought out the votes.
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4 months ago, TheIncrediSteve
I LOVED this game, but…
I used to love this game. But the ads… I understand ads for a free game, I do, and it doesn’t bother me to have ads. When I started playing this game, there was only two ads after you finished a game. The “x” to exit each ad is really small and quite frustrating because I end up clicking on the ad and having to close the window and try again 4 or 5 times but I get through it. My problem is recently the number of ads have increased dramatically. Every time the game gets paused you have to go through two ads with those extremely small exit buttons. Get a text message while playing? Another round of ads. You don’t even have to open the text. Swap from WiFi to mobile data? Ads again. Screen turn off or a second? Ads again. Oh, a phone call came in? More ads. Taking too long to finish a game? A random round of ads. I just finished a game (won it) and sat through the ads (no biggie). Finish the ads and I got the stats screen that shows up after you win a game, click on the new game button and another round of ads. I’m tired of spending more time swimming through Temu ads than I am playing the game. I hate to lose the records and stats that I’ve accumulated, but I’m deleting this game because all the ads.
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3 months ago, Cyn3
Unreasonable frequency of ads
The ads in this game are unreasonably long. (super, super long), and unreasonably frequent. Moreover, the games that I have played seem unplayable. I keep on getting dealt rotten decks. I enjoy solitaire because I can do a game in under 5 minutes when I need a little break in the day, just to calm my mind by focusing on the cards. But this game does not calm my mind. I am forced to view extremely lengthy and spammy ads (ads that for example, say “update required,” to try to get you to download the advertised app thinking it’s an update needed on this app, or ads promising riches or $3000 a month if you play their solitaire gambling game); and I rarely can complete a game. i’m going to continue playing this through for a little while, because I am motivated by Lolli to earn a few cents worth of bitcoin. However, i am pretty close to just deleting this app, never to reinstall it again.
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4 years ago, guitaristablu
Ads are very wonky
The game itself is fine but they have to do something about the ads. Some (not all) of the ads for Oprah’s Book Club selection “Olive,Again” give you no way to get back to the game after the ad has run. I literally stays on the last frame and gives you no ‘x’ to move on. “Funky Island” ads do the same. If you wish to continue playing you need to wait a few hours and come back to it or restart your pad. If the developer’s aim is to be an ad platform with a game attached (and let’s face it, that is what this is), you can’t expose your customers to more ads if the ads freeze the app. Also I find it interesting that they suggest that this game is appropriate for ages 4+, some of the ads sure aren’t. At 67 I may or may not be ready for a slot that reputedly contains “real adult emotions” but I was not at 5 years old. Believe me, I am no prude but somehow this seems a bit out of synch with the age rating.
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1 year ago, __AceKidd__
Buggy /Glitchy whatever you call it
I just downloaded this game for an offer I got and I’m supposed to get to level 120 in the journey mode within 21 days, right? So, let me tell you all, the story; I’m playing, and Im passing levels, games started to feel pretty fun with the challenges given. Then, I get to level 23 of the journey mode, and guess what, it’s as if the game is rigged or bugged because level 23 challenge info states that your objective is to finish the game - the board of solitaire given for the challenge. The problem is the game they give for 23 has a bug! There’s no timer, no limited amount of moves, and it’s seems, every time I try to finish it and I’m very close to finishing the whole game ends it’s self; telling me to try again! First of all, this isn’t the first time it’s happened; I just downloaded this yesterday and I thought maybe it was just a small problem that I could fix, but it’s not. Restarting that app doesn’t work. So, at this point, this is why I’ve written this review. I can change it if the devs fix the problem with their journey mode; because I’m literally stuck on level 23 because before I can finish (reminder: it has no timer or limited amount of moves), the level ends it’s self stating to try again. Ps Thanks in advance devs for helping and fixing the problem. ~ Sun. June 11, 2023.
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2 months ago, Too many ads……
Too many ads and features barely work
I downloaded this game and it’s just flooded with ads. Move from one app back to the game? Ad. Swipe down your notifications screen then return to the game? Ad. Too many. When you try to voluntarily watch an ad to unlock a shuffle or magic, you get two ads and it doesn't unlock the shuffle or magic. So you have to watch another if you really need the shuffle or magic. The developers state that ads are how people support the game, however, there are way too many ads here. There’s not even an option to pay the developer a fee to remove ads. Definitely not ideal. Almost every game has this option. There tons of Solitaire apps on the Apple Store and quite frankly, you should pick one of them, not this one.
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1 month ago, Lululublu
Excessive ads
I’m a cheapo, I have developed a tolerance for ads in my games because I don’t like paying for them. So I get it. It’s a trade off. But there are SO IRRITATINGLY MANY in this game. If it were limited to one after every game, that’d be doable. But there are more! When you do the daily puzzles, there’s an ad after the game before it takes you to the screen where you can see your score, number of moves, etc. Then if you want to do another, there’s an ad between that screen and the next one (so two ads between each game)! Nuts. Additionally, if you are in the middle of a game and switch out of the app (even to scroll down to change the brightness of your phone, let alone to check an incoming text message), there’s an ad upon your return. Not ok.
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5 years ago, SasquatchNinja6
If I had friends I would highly recommend
I absolutely love this game. I love it to the point where I can play easily for 1 hour straight. Yeah I have no life. I do have an idea if you would be interested. 1) implement some sort of system where if you didn’t solve the game that it would tell you if the game was winnable. So you could challenge yourself to find the solution but you could also just start a new game as easy. Nothing big just for those that will lose their mind thinking if their was actually a solution or not lol.
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2 months ago, cyadams
Set up
I play several solitaire games and I’m pretty good with this game. However, this particular one is set up. I’ve read a lot of complaints about ads, and maybe you’ve changed that because I haven’t dealt with as many as other games have, but you have 2 options to help you out if you get stuck, but it costs watching an ad. My other games my stats are like 10 to 1, winning most of them - this app, my stats are half and getting worse. Considering the amount of solitaire games I’ve played, I know I’m much better than what this app allows for. I know it’s due to the options to watch ads - and honestly, it just makes me want to delete the app for good.
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5 days ago, SprinklesGirl
Predictable and a bit boring …
When I first got this Solitaire game a couple of years ago, it was impossible to win. The game seemed rigged for players to lose and not progress to the higher levels. Lots of players must have complained because then the game developer went too far in the other direction. They modified the game so much that they made it predictable and very easy to complete in less than a minute, no matter the level of play. The game is now so predictable that it no longer challenges me at all, and it has become a bit boring. Surely, the game developers can strike a balance between a solitaire game that’s impossible to win, and one that’s too easy.
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2 months ago, #CanyonTorres
way too many ads, can’t even play the game
I loved this app, it was my favorite version I had found. Now the ads are so bad that I can’t play games. Between every single deal an ad plays and many of them you are not able to exit from so you are forced to wait a 1-2 minutes for the ad to load into another ad. I have experienced 4 ads in a row that I was unable to exit from before I finally just left the app. The ads also play in the middle of timed challenges. I can’t finish 2 deals in a row without having an at least 3 ads. I understand that ads help the users support the app, but if I can’t even play the game, than why would I want to support this app? I hope you guys can lessen the ads because the app was so awesome for a long time without ads.
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1 week ago, MrsCRHuang
Hate the ads
Update: The x button to close ads works better now. However, I like to play at night while listen to headspace app sleepcasts. I put my phone on silent so the ads on the solitaire app don’t play with sound but it continues to stop my sleepcast from playing which is so frustrating. Hope that’s something that can get fixed. I love this game and I like the apps settings for personalizing the background, etc. But I hate the ads. The ad content sometimes makes me uncomfortable and the X out button never works. I’d pay a subscription for no ads if it was available. So weird that they don’t have that feature. I feel like I might try a different game app that has upgrades for no ads.
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2 months ago, Blousey43
They lied
I play games via Tester Buddy, where you get points and cash them in, via PayPal. They added some new games, and this was one of them. This game, and Word Yatzy, both had a deal, where you installed the game and played for 15 minutes, you would receive $50. I did both games, and NOTHING ! Have not heard anything from either game. I wrote an email to Tester Buddy, and was told that the game developers or whoever, sometimes don’t acknowledge the installs. Pretty sad customer service. The game is pretty fun, but I don’t appreciate being lied to. I feel like I was tricked into playing a game with a false promise.
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8 months ago, PataPlana
Fun game that keeps you thinking fast for your next move and thinking broadly to assess the pros and cons of each possibilities. You think outside the box in looking ahead at possible opportunities and you see you results fairly quickly to allow you to rethink your strategy or just move on plugging a bit more. It’s a satisfying, challenging, and fun game. And you can start over when you mess up or to try a new strategy. If only life were that way.
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2 months ago, ShaniyaMoGo
Ads are that bad but it’s so buggy
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I just downloaded this game like not even an hour ago, and it’s so buggy. The game is fine itself. I could do without the ads but I understand, and at least I don’t hav work sit through the entire ad because I can exit out of it if I want. It’s just the game would sometimes freeze and I can’t touch the cards but I can touch everything else, or just now I cleared the deck and I was waiting for it to go to the next round but it froze and I can’t click on anything now. So idk if it’s just me or what but it was pretty buggy.
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4 years ago, dscpAnnette
Forgiving game
It is challenging, but not frustrating. I have played it for hours, one day, when I was waiting for some work to be done at our house. There is not one game I have found that cannot be solved. If I do not solve it the first time, I replay the same deck differently. There have only been one or two cases when I have had to replay three or four times to solve it. I usually solve it the first time or the second. This game is very forgiving! LOVE it!
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1 year ago, Maritereday
Should be 5 Stars
This is imo the best solitaire game around, it is challenging and interesting, HOWEVER, someone should monitor the advertisement that support the game. It is frustrating enough that we are subjected to ads after every completed challenge, but it is understandable that money is the force behind this games, can the ads be more intelligent and fit the people that play the game? Please, please remove that hospital/play doctor game. It is disgusting. I know no one reads the reviews, I am venting just in case someone can do this game the ads it deserves.
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2 months ago, 5:00 a.m.
Add a purchase option for this Solitaire app.
I enjoy playing this game in an airplane mode always. I was surprised that me memorizing numbers practically improved. Patience, too is now a work in progress. I mind my games but not the many pop up ads that comes if in wifi or mobilemodes. The consequence of airplane mode is I am unable to listen to music or news while gaming. To get rid of ads, I do not mind paying an annual or monthly fee as long as it is reasonable and would improve more your terrific solitaire version.
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2 years ago, suemdnight
Free Klondike solitaire
Every time I get to leave 50 are so advertisement freeze and I can’t go any farther, then it takes me forever to find it again the one with daily challenges and you can play with out wi fi I don’t understand because I love this game late at night Thank you hope you can figure out the problem, and help me find the right one~~Suemidnght
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2 years ago, 94$&/jyer
Very disappointed in latest change
In many instances I’m unable to be online with my iPad and as of the last update I can no longer play the game offline! Not a good move as you will now lose a long time faithful user, as I can no longer play when I’m away from Wi-Fi! I got a response from the developer that they corrected this and offline play is once again enabled! Many thanks! Well the supposed fix didn’t work, still only able to use when I have Wi-Fi available to me. Guess if is time to get a version of solitaire from different developers! Sorry to go but the app is useless to me this way!
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4 months ago, hn_1
Too many ads
I used to love this specific solitaire app and could handle the ad after each game, but recently it’s more ads and more ads. Two to three ads after each game, and then they implemented an ad if you switch out of the app or reply to a text in app, or turn off an alarm, and now you get ads after each game, get your score, and then get even more ads before starting the next game. I would pay for an ad free game if they’d make that an option.
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4 years ago, KimSK75
Too many times “no more moves”. If the developer changed this to alert when there are no more possible moves it would be better. You spend all this time & then break down & use the hint feature just to find out there are no other possible moves. I just had 6 in a row & have decided to delete this app out of frustration. Which is unfortunate because I enjoyed the background pic & the game itself. Also having to watch an ad after every single game gets old quick.
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4 months ago, lightning 2022
Redeem rewards?
I’d like to play solitaire and it’s fun to see the big numbers of cash I have won. I’ve yet to see it come through on my PayPal account, however. Are these just numbers for engagement or are they for real cash? I don’t understand this game system on payouts how do I redeem my rewards? I I also agree that the ads are annoying, but I appreciate the ones that are only 15 or 30 seconds long. If they have too many long ads, I just quit the game and go to something else. The developers say the ads pay for the payout and this makes sense to me but I’ve yet to see any payout.
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4 years ago, Parker Derosier
Awesome Game
This is an awesome version of solitaire! I don't have to watch an ad for a hint and it lets me shuffle the cards when there are no more moves to make. There are ads but I can skip them after 5 to 10 seconds. It's about a five minute game for me so the ads are absolutely nothing and again you can skip them so fast. I play this while I listen to my podcasts. Amazing game. Amazing app. I just love it.
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2 years ago, Kittehs42
Very good easygoing classic solitaire but Aggressive ads
honestly my favorite solitaire app ive tried but very frustrated that there isnt an option to pay for no ads, i understand that thats a way of income but also im autistic and one of the ads was just extremely loud after several silent ones and honestly after that small meltdown during what was supposed to be a quiet calm time i think im gonna have to try to find a different app 🫡
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2 years ago, cvghjkkhtrdd
Frustrating App
Since they post positive reviews first, I put four stars for attention. The app is frustrating. Winnable decks are not winnable and you end of playing the game only to come to a point that there are no more moves and game is over, not winnable. There are lots of flash ads at the top and ads in between games that are not easy to remove. Developers have not updated the app nor responded to the concerns.
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3 years ago, Loat121295
They use cellular data without permission
Don’t download this app. Their latest update found a way to use your cellular data without permission. I turned data off for the app so I wouldn’t get ads but they’re still coming through. Checked my stats and the app has been using MBs of data despite being turned off.
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4 months ago, #lovinlinda
This is a great way stop playing Solitaire if you really don’t know how to play and become really great at Solitaire! It’s easy as long as you pay attention and focus and it’s a lot of fun and I help you by showing your moves that you can make she is so greatso you have a great player just by playing this game and make money on other games
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4 months ago, $661
Great game but kept glitching
I loved this app but it recently started glitching and freezing - I sent a message to the game support and was told they reported it and ‘force close the game if it freezes’ duh….. too frustrating to try and play when cards won’t move when tapped and you have to wait for them to move. I think it is related to all the scrolling ads at the top of the playing screen. Aren’t between game ads enough? Maybe it’s a ploy to get you to purchase ‘no ads’ for a monthly fee…
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1 year ago, Kitteybear
Journey Challenge
Love the journey challenges, but please consider the elderly that like to play. Ia am 67 and I am stuck on level 71 and played well over 25 games . So it is unlikely I will not be able to finish. My mom is 82 and she get upset after so many tries. I really enjoy the journey challenges,but please remember the older people that likes to play it to. Thank You Sherry
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3 years ago, Beachlvrl
New player first couple games
I love the settings that it came on with that I didn’t have to change things to where I like. I like only one card shown on the draw. I love the challenge game. I certainly have a lot to learn and playing the challenge I did a hint before every move and used it as a learning game and learn some new moves that I had no idea existed!
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3 years ago, whoachloo
How do you mess up solitaire?
I never leave reviews. This is so stupid, this is the stupidest laziest version of solitaire I’ve ever seen. They reuse the same boards over and over again. If you play it for more than an hour then you’ve played it all. All the boards are winnable if you try hard enough, and a lot of them are super lazy. Obviously it randomly draws from a number of preset boards instead of shuffling the cards and playing you a random hand. It’s so simple that you could play a version off of a desktop from 2002 that’s better than this.
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4 months ago, Catwoman558
I love this game! It is easy, and just takes a few minutes to play. Just what I want. Not a game that takes a lot of time. I like the winnable hand. But I have been getting a pop-up ad at the end for an update. It does not seem to be for this game. Are you discontinuing this version?
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4 years ago, you realy dont want a review
I had to delete this spider solitaire game that I had for 2 years because of an ad for reverse mortgage could not be “x ‘d “ out so that I could continue to play the game. For a while I was able to turn the phone off the phone and re boot but by now re booting must occur every game. Well that’s nonsense. So I deleted the game. Tried another spider solitaire but the same thing happened.
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1 year ago, finnygal
New ads ruin the game.
I’ve been playing this triple dot solitaire for YEARS. Ads are always annoying but until recently, the ads here were tolerable. Prior the the last couple of weeks, ads lasted 15 seconds or less and at least 1/2 could be muted. They recently added a new ad for a bra which is a full 30 seconds and cannot be muted. When I see one of those start I immediately shut down the game and post a bad review. I hope the speed with which I shut off the ads prevents you from getting the ad revenue. Fix it.
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8 months ago, Texas gal 1234
Not a fan of quick sort
The game has quick something, where it basically automatically puts cards that belong to the stack above(sorry brain has shorted on game verbiage today) and doesn’t let me take cards out for long when I need to so I can play another card to make a move that’s needed to win the game. Sorry if that’s confusing but it’s highly annoying when you’re playing the game….it makes it so you have to reshuffle quite a bit more than you would normally or not be able to finish at all.
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4 months ago, grkleprechaun
Recent updates made game unplayable
I only have this game on my phone so that I would have something to help keep me awake when my daughter wakes up overnight and needs to be fed. Since the game got rid of the winnable deck gameplay option, it has become virtually unplayable. I only seem to get a winning deck every ten decks or so. Sometimes I can't make a single move from the cards as soon as they are dealt. This is insane. Not sure why the developers chose to ruin the app like this but definitely a foolish move on their part. App deleted.
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3 months ago, J+515
Candy crush ads mid solitaire game
I love this game especially now that it was fixed so can play whenever no WiFi or electric. If you blink too long ads appear mid-game. It starts off as a Candy Crush Ad. Then switches immediately to a black screen with no x even after waiting over 1-1/2 minutes, pressing on screen, closing & reopening app. What is your support team email? Guess I’ll have to turn off my iphone again. Setting-general-shut down at bottom
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4 months ago, Aunti Elmo
I don’t like these 2 maybe three new up grades I liked it when you could play a game with a chance to win and I liked it when you could shuffle the deck while still playing that particular hand until there were no moves left. This new one with the magic wand makes me feel like I’m cheating. Bring back the last two games and let us decide which one we want to play.
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2 months ago, daRoBBster
There seems to be something different about this Solitary
There’s thousands of different versions of this game But something about this version is unique and for years I have been playing this game but this is a different version so it makes it better
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4 years ago, SneakyWinker
Needs to work out some kinks
Seeing as this is entirely free, it's a great game. My main issue is that the ads give you the chance to skip, but if you do, it freezes and I have to close and reopen. About half the ads freeze it even if I let them play all the way through. It's really frustrating. I also don't think any of the hands should be"unwinnable". What is the point??
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4 years ago, Lee in Utah
Can't get out of the ads
I like the game itself, but I don't like the ads. It's not like other games where you finish playing a game and an ad pops up, you watch the add and when it finished you hit an "X" and get back into playing. On many of the ads there is no "X", so you have to get completely out of the app and come back in to start playing again. I like the game, but I don't like the hassle, so I'll be dumping this app for that reason alone.
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4 years ago, Adrine
Revised: This problem is no longer happening and I am very happy with this game. This is by far my favorite solitaire game. The ads are plenty and long and I get that is how the developer generates revenue. But when an ad will not allow me back to the game then it’s no longer fun. That’s why the three stars. Fix the problem with the ads!
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11 months ago, How can every word be taken!?
What l wish you would delete from what l receive from my phone!!
I really dislike the ads that run along the top of my phone that have spinning jack pot movements. It gives me a head ache. I also hate games that show anyone starving or Kings or anybody else for that matter drowning or dying.
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5 years ago, LoveYeaux99
Ads Ads Ads. Here’s a suggestion...
This game would be absolutely perfect if there were an ad-free version! Having to watch a 30 second ad BEFORE AND AFTER any game is annoying. I love that it’s just plain old solitaire but it’s unplayable for me. I’ve tried it out for 2 months hoping to get use to the ads but to no avail. Suggestion: if ads are THIS necessary, maybe implement watching a block of 2-3 fifteen second (or shorter) ads where the user is then allowed to play ad-free for 1 hour or something. Til there are improvements, I’ll be deleting and moving on.
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2 years ago, All swell
Great but too many adds
Enjoying the gaming app but way too many adds and too many tricks to make adds go away. In-short, don’t like being tricked in so many ways trying to find the secret button to go back to enjoying the gaming experience.
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9 months ago, jxkjdzb
Good game but
This solitaire game is pretty good. The banner ad at the top is only mildly annoying. I wish the flippy animated cards would stop trying to dazzle and just flip over. At least it’s better than the Branium product which, in very short order, tripled the length of between game ads, added a top banner, and then a bottom banner. I immediately deleted that game from all of my devices.
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3 months ago, Sheba1977
Love ❤️
This Solitaire game is nearly perfect. The game play is smooth and fast making it feel like a challenge you want to win but still relaxing at the same time. The only problem is the ever present ads after each hand is finished. VERY ANNOYING ADS!
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3 years ago, Madman Morgi
Ads caused me to delete the game
The game itself is solid. Like many games, it has a banner ad running continuously at the top of the screen as you are playing, as well as as full screen ads between every level. Ordinarily this would be fine. However… They have started allowing banner ads which automatically expand to full screen WHILE you’re playing. That’s not acceptable to begin with, but it made the whole experience extremely annoying. Not fun. Delete.
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3 years ago, Froglegsca
Too Many Ads
Seems like ads pop up after each game is done and even after you download a new game you will keep getting ads to download it again. You will keep getting an ad after saying no to it numerous times. What don’t you get about the word NO? This annoyance diminishes the pleasure of the game and then it is deleted. You should think about selling the game after a short introductory period and dramatically reduce ads during trial period. Let the game prove its worth!
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