Solitaire Victory: 100+ Games

4.5 (101)
103.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
P.R.O Corp
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Solitaire Victory: 100+ Games

4.5 out of 5
101 Ratings
7 years ago, G3kewl
Exactly what I wanted
Hard to find solitaire games that have many different types of solitaire. This one has 4 Seasons, my favorite! Ads are not as annoying as other games, only pop up when you finish the game but you can exit out right away. Don’t have to watch for 30 seconds or anything. Thanks for making a good game!
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4 years ago, Genie715
Great games
I have played this game since the third iPhone. My only problem is that the first column in Canfield (with 3 cards) becomes unmovable during the game, especially with a queen in the spot.
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4 years ago, Moopa
Great but...
The only issue I have with the game is the points in the very beginning of the game. For example, today it said that I have 2900 points. The points was either 2x 20 or just 20. I hit just the 20 points. Now the total should be 2920 but it’s always been 1 less. It’s now 2919 or whatever the total was in the beginning, it’s always 1 less than it should be. Someone can’t add! 🤪
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2 years ago, Lovelljs
Ads now have sound
This used to be my favorite app to play while waiting in a quiet doctors office. Unfortunately, now you cannot silence the ads and they go off when you least expect it, which is embarrassing.
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6 years ago, Aangieesic
Solitaire Victory
This solitaire collection is everything you want in this great card game but 💯better than that!! My favorite pastime app forever!! Thanks Victory team!! ♥️♣️♦️♠️
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4 years ago, 456pac
Free with little ads. No video ads.
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12 months ago, MyHat2012
Paid for app & it still has adds
The game play is hood, quite a few different games to play. BUT, I paid for this app and I still have to watch adds. That is not cool. There should be an option to not have to watch adds if you pay for the app.
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4 years ago, rg#101
What Happened??
I loved this app, best solitaire game. HOWEVER, after I did the last update, it won’t play at all. Have tried deleting and reinstalling it, shut phone down and rebooted it - nothing! You really screwed up this app big time.
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9 months ago, No-hap
Love the game and all the many games! Thanks
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4 years ago, jollywhale
Like this game!!!
This game keeps your interest!!
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5 years ago, AkiraChofu
Solitaire Victory
The best of them all. I enjoy for over 6 years. Fun fun fun!!!!!
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3 years ago, llm64
Lost data
After years of playing this game, all data was lost, and I had to start all over.
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6 years ago, jackbe13
Great Games all in one place!!! Love It!!
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6 years ago, Andalucas
Didn’t fix the crash made it worse
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3 years ago, sickbeans
Sarah Fauth
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9 years ago, Sonomamountain
My Favorite Solitaire Game!
Like many other people, I've tried lots of solitaire apps. I like this one much better than most. Lots of choices, lots of games, good game features. I like the iPhone version even better than the version for iPad.
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14 years ago, Cinderlar
Best free card app
This app has many many free card games packed into this small app. Don't pay for any other solitaire app when this one has all the features, but for free!
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10 years ago, JennDen19
Love it!
I play it whenever i have a few minutes of idle time. I like the instructions and ease of use. Very addictive.
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13 years ago, BethLC
Great Solitair
Great App. I play it all the time. I do wish they would fix a problem in Freecell where the cards will get caught underneath the one on top and nothing can be done to fix it. This ends the game! It has happened over and over. Please fix this!
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7 years ago, Logan Wuf
Used to be the best
I have loved this game for years but my iPhone 7 has major issues with it. Crashes and video ads interrupt mid game. I often play at night and now I have to play without sound to avoid waking up my partner when the ads play. PLEASE fix this fantastic game!
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12 years ago, Terri S
Needs undo button
This is a terrific card game app. Unfortunately, it is too frustrating to use without an undo button. Add the undo, and I'll change my rating to 5 stars. Really nice playing features, except for missing undo button.
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8 years ago, Jojifi00
Love this app!!!
I play this game almost daily. So many games! For games that I didn't know how to play they have video of gameplay off-app. Love this!!!
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14 years ago, Mrbikrbob70
Hands Down the best
I've played every other solitaire app out there and this one is definitly the best.
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10 years ago, MrLanghorne
Best solitaire app by far!!
I've tried virtually every free solitaire app available and this one is by far the best. So many game options. Get it!
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8 years ago, Heyyea!
Love this version of solitaire... Even though it frustrates me from time to time, I really enjoy the challenge of it!
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10 years ago, OldeWolfe
Games you've never heard of!
A great series of solo card games! If you want hours of free fun, this is the set for you.
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11 years ago, 3BWF
Great game but doesn't work now
I love this app and have spent many hours playing. After the most recent update that I downloaded, when I open the app it stays open for a few seconds and then it crashes. Help!
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14 years ago, vicplayer
Please Add "Undo"
Great games, well done! Needs an "undo" button. Also, can you add full Spider game (10 piles across in tableau)? Best solitaire games out there.
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13 years ago, Raining cats
Rules hard to understand
Needs undo option
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10 years ago, A1970BombChelle
Boredom relief!
Waiting on line, in the doctor's office, post office, etc. this game has kept me entertained many times. I love it!
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14 years ago, Familia<3
I have been addicted to it all day! And I'm 14 XD haha get this app! It could have u playing for hours(:
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12 years ago, Pescado56
Update took timer option
I use to love playing this game trying to get over 10,000 points now it almost impossible without the timer/scoring option. Please bring it back, Vegas is not good enough!
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7 years ago, Seliz.
Used to be my favorite.. now it's terrible
Was playing fine yesterday and now all the sudden the App Store opens up every few seconds.. it's impossible to play. Such a shame because this really was one of my favorite apps. I will be deleting after this review.
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8 years ago, Mjyates806
This program needs to have a tap and move added.
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9 years ago, Hopsgirl74
Awesome Solitaire App
The only solitaire app I use, and I play it daily. So many variations, including Russian doubles, my favorite!
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7 years ago, Heather California
I love this game
I love the game but would like more please thanks
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12 years ago, Aceism
Horribly annoying ads!
This app would be great if it didn't have these horribly annoying ads on the top screen that flash, move and completely interfere with enjoying the game!
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8 years ago, Isdep
Great app!!
Hours and hours of great of happy solitaire playing!!
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9 years ago, history4fun1
Update please
I have loved this game for a while but since the latest iOS update, it no longer syncs with the Game Center. Please fix it soon.
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10 years ago, Pasgran2
Solitaire Victory
Fantastic--EZ, all the important games, including King Albert. Very elegant layout.
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13 years ago, nothing39
This app not recommend
I don't recommend this app for someone who really plays cards. I grew up playing all types of card games and I hate this app.
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9 years ago, Musicnut111
golf easy - this app is a piece of crap - stop the stupid friggin card wiggle and make the card buttons more sensitive you touch the cards and they don't play - have to hit cards 2-3 times
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7 years ago, Patrick30115
Game now useless!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD
The last update made the games unplayable. ads now pop up every 45 seconds, even during gameplay, bringing up the app store. I deleted game. Zero stars.
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9 years ago, Ciporah
I love if you can add sultan and clock
I love it
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8 years ago, Olypantr
Nice programming.
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14 years ago, hte spagheti
yeah son!
one of the greatest games out theree!
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14 years ago, Shibumaku
An amazing app for free!
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13 years ago, PamTNC
Really nicely done game - English bad
This is a really well designed game - but the instructions are very difficult to understand. You need to get someone who is fluent in English to translate all your text, please? Good luck with your app :)
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