4.7 (1.8M)
301.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Solitaire

4.73 out of 5
1.8M Ratings
2 years ago, Chuck145000
Just awful
Used to be a great go-to Solitaire game. The ads have ruined it. Evonne is one of the worst. It either crashes the game and you have to reload it, or you can watch the King get fried, frozen, drowned or drilled for at least 30 seconds for the 1000th time. You could try hitting the “x”, but half the time it’ll just open a link to the App Store. I guess the developers of that lame game believe they can trick you into downloading it. There are other bad ads, can’t identify them because you just get the black or white or blue screen of death, and yep, time to reload. Then when you actually have a game going, the lag can be over 10 seconds before the next card can be turned over. That’s absurd! It’s Solitaire for crying out loud, not a 3D hi-res action game. Just terrible how you’ve let this app deteriorate. My internet speed is 5 ghz so it’s not on my end. Other apps run just fine. And you can actually close their ads after 5 seconds. Your claim that you can do so used to be true, now it’s just laughable. Well, it’s free so I shouldn’t complain. I only do so because it used to be fun to play without all the aforementioned inconveniences. Sorry to have to delete this app after years of playing it.
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5 years ago, LivLou37
Changes are terrible...but (update)
UPDATE! The new changes are frustrating. I deleted this app and went in search of another. Tried several. Nothing. Not a single one even came close to this app. The features and customizable settings set this app a part from all others by far. I’ll just have to live with the terrible changes. This new layout has been out for several months now. I wanted to give it a real shot before writing a review. I HATE it. Where to start? The new Daily Challenge calendar is hard to see the crowns with or without jewels. The stupid bar at the bottom showing progress to the next ugly trophy is just a waste of time and is just another thing between seeing my stats for that deal. The level ups is fine but again another thing between me and the stats. If I miss a day on the daily challenge, there is no easy way to get to it if I view my stats from the game I just played. If I view the stats, I have to go to menu then wait for the calendar to load and then I get an ad to finally play the next game. It’s TOO much. That was my favorite part of this app before the whole revamp, it was simple. I can play my game without all the other hype. I’m seriously considering deleting this app for one of the hundreds of other solitaire apps. I’m so disappointed. I play this game daily and usually multiple times a day, but not anymore. Don't get me wrong, it needed updates, but not a complete revamp with unnecessary features.
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6 years ago, Dmh1955
I’ve been playing this version of Solitaire for several years. I play it at least once a day so I can stay current on the daily challenge. I’ve always loved solitaire and this version is great to play whenever you have only a few minutes wait time anywhere. I like the “show me how to win” feature should I get stuck since all games are supposed to be winnable, which I love. Why would anyone want to play an unwinnable game?? I like that there are different card back options for a little change now and then. One thing that can frustrate, however, is when the “show me how to win” shows that you must skip valid plays. How would you ever know that you need to skip a play in order to win?? But that doesn’t happen too often. The other thing that is a bit frustrating, but almost all games have this problem, is that the high scorers on each hand are from players who have computerized the play. No one can play a hand of solitaire in 30 seconds or less. But I don’t know if there’s much the game support folks can do about these smart aleks that computerize game play for fun. So this isn’t a game you can try to get the high score on! But that isn’t what I’m going for. I enjoy it and it does what I need!
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4 years ago, Fed up with the commercials
Too many commercials
This app used to have pop up ads in between each game. Ok, no problem, I’d take a quick peek at the ad and it was something I was interested in I’d click on it to learn more, if not I’d close the ad and resume playing. I expect that with a free app. But now, especially over the last year or so they’ve moved onto running 30 second commercials that you can’t turn off if you’re not interested. It’s like watching local tv now. And thus happens after every game - about every 3 minutes or so. Additionally, they’ve now got ads that when you click on the X to close it, it opens up the ad in your phones browser instead. Everything is now about clickbait now and it’s become a real nuisance. Don’t get me wrong, the game itself is excellent - I’ve been playing it on my phone for years, but for something as simple as solitaire, to expect someone to upgrade and pay for this to minimize all the commercials when there are hundreds of solitaire apps out there that don’t make you take a minute long commercial break every 3 minutes of play, the choice is obvious. I’ve been a loyal user of this app for several years, but I’ve had it up to here with this nonsense. I’ll be looking for another solitaire app and when I find one I like, I’ll be deleting this one permanently. Sorry guys, you’ve got a great game here, but you’ve seriously overestimated what it’s worth to players to keep using it.
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5 years ago, fullbird06
Ads DURING a game!
3/24: Thanks for the response, but that doesn’t tell me “what/which” bugs were fixed “to improve my gameplay experience.” All the items you listed were all included in previous “updates,” by the way, which (the coding) served to slow gameplay DOWN! I already knew some ads were shorter and dismissible, although the “X” to delete the ad is much smaller and needs to be hit “precisely” or it leads to frequent redirection to the ad anyway taking “away” from my gameplay experience. Plus, after the redirect to the ad, the game completely reboots...didn’t do that previously. Finally, the ad isn’t broken (it’s not the same ad which breaks into a game), the game is broken because it allows ads to be play DURING my gameplay experience. So, what did you fix? 3/19: Before I even think about updating to the new version, after the last disaster, I want to know EXACTLY what bugs were fixed “to improve my gameplay experience.” 3/15: Even you people have to think this is too much! And paying a subscription to remove ads? Please! Way to ruin a game.
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2 years ago, clreece1
App ads. Frustrated
When the app ads changed it made it hard to touch the x to go back to the game. But, two days ago there is one app I cannot get it to close out. It keeps coming up on the screen as I am trying to play the game. It just happened three times and it didn’t want to leave the page. This is a problem that needs to be fixed. Response to developer I do press the X but there are a few ads won’t work no matter how many times I touch the X. This has happened on both my iPad and iPhone. In order to get out of the ad I have to go out of the game and stop the play in the background. This started happening about two years ago. I have been playing this game since 2011 so I just want to let you know that to X out some of these ads it is not working. Mobility Ware is the only apps that this happens. Just someone is having problems doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing. I went fb to complain about another developer and after receiving more than 18 complaints of others that were having the same problems, they started listening to the complaints a fixed it in about one day. They wanted to blame the problem as it was our end and our fault. I don’t know how many people have complained to you about the ads that won’t X out and just keeps running.
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3 years ago, rufshittingme
A couple things
The game is just okay. It’s like any other. I paid so I wouldn’t have to deal with ads. I like that I can play multiplayer. I love it in fact. I don’t like when the daily goals thingy pops up after you’ve played a game against someone else. It’s equivalent to an ad and takes forever to get off the screen so I can play the next game. I don’t care about the daily goals, at all. Im there to play and thats it. My app keeps freezing. And if I close out, then go back in later, it freezes on me. Then I have to refresh my phone, re-open app, then it works. I also don’t care for, when you win a game, you have to wait to watch all of your cards go up to the aces, one by one. It takes too long. If we win, just let the next game start. It would be nice if we could play against multiple people at once. Not just one other person. Also, it would be nice if we were put against people of the same skill level. There is no challenge when Im playing against someone who doesn’t challenge me against time. Ill have turned 130 cards and won the game in 1.30 of a minute, against someone who only turned 46-60 cards, No challenge there. I do like when I see that I’ve played against someone before. I recognize their screen name. There should be more of that. It makes it funner.
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3 years ago, 09Wazoo13
Fine game
This has become addicting. I play everyday and sometimes more than once. I am finally close to solving an entire month worth on dailies and I am stoked about that. June 2017 Update: still addicted. I have solved a full month now twice and felt so satisfied about it. Still play multiple times a day as a quick time killer. Plays well as a simple Solitaire game should. Nothing fancy. I do kind of wonder though about the fastest times set. In many cases it looks like those times would have to be set by a bot because a human couldn't make 100+ moves 20 something seconds. I don't think anyone could be that flawless. Nevertheless I still love the game. Sept 2021 Update: I may have to quit playing this game. After over 5 years of playing, and reaching level 569, the game has become unplayable. I have tried a dozen times today to play any game and every time it simply closes. No Daily Challenge, no New Deal, nothing. I suspect that somewhere along the line in your game updates, my older iPad is no longer supported. I am running the latest version it supports, which is 10.3.3, and it just won't stay open. I will try for a few more days, then I will have to find another Solitaire game to play. Mobilityware , are you listening?
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5 months ago, 39873679
Bugs in most ads
I like this game very much however there seems to be a bug with the ads. Every 5-6 plays of the game an ad will come and when you try to x out of it I just goes to black and stays there. This happens very frequently. I have to leave the game for a good long time and come back later and hope it clears, or restart my iPad which is an annoyance. I searched all over the app description in the App Store but see no way to report problems privately so I’m forced to write a public comment about this bug. The other problem with the ads on these games is that you have to hit the x in a very precise way or it takes you to the next step for whatever it’s advertising and you have to hit “done” to get back to the page with the x for exiting the ad. However this repeats over and over until you find the sweet spot of the x. This happens in the vast majority of the ads. That is extremely annoying and often makes me just quit the game. The third problem with the ads is that this app allows some advertisers to place the x over a black background so you see no way to exit the ad. I finally figured that out - so you just tap around in the black until you end up hitting where the x is. If not for these ad glitches I would give it a higher rating.
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5 years ago, ElderlyPi314
Big fan
I’ve been playing this version of solitaire for years now, and I’ve never left a review even though I talk about what I like and don’t like with the app to myself often. The two main suggestions I have for feedback are in regards to the daily challenge calendar and the level up system. 1) I try to play daily with the challenges to get a jeweled crown, and have tried to commit to a full month. I was disappointed when the incentive for getting the jeweled crown is nothing more than satisfying a need for completeness that I desire for everything to match. My thought here is that 10, 20 or a full month of jeweled crowns would result in a jeweled trophy. To distinguish from a normal trophy or daily challenges played after the day has passed. 2) I think the daily challenge should be worth more points than a normal game - again for more incentive to play them. I’ve reached the point where the I try to get the most bang for my buck. I won’t typically play more than 10 games a day to maximize my point return. The only other feedback I have is that at times, no ad shows up. The screen goes black and there isn’t an option to “x” out of that screen. You have to exit the app and open it back up to get the game screen.
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6 years ago, Dog girl 50
Love the game but not liking the changes
First of all I really do love this game. I’ve been playing it for years. I would highly recommend it. So why only three stars. The stars are for this version only. I use this game as my personal time reward. When I’ve accomplished what needs to get done in the morning I reward myself by playing the daily challenge. But I don’t like the new changes to the sound. I used to love to hear the click of the cards and the trumpet awards at the end of the daily challenge. It was inspiring. Now in order to get those little rewards I have to also listen to the drawn out harp blasts. Sorry but I just find those annoying, not inspiring. I will continue to play this game but I will turn off the sound for most days. Only to turn it on and endure the harp sound on the 10th, 20th and 30th play days. I’m sure this seems silly to many that I’m making a big deal about the sound but again this game is my personal reward for a job well done. If an added feature is interfering in what was once a pleasurable experience I think it should be brought to the creators attention. On your next update please consider creating an extra toggle setting so that one may remove new added sounds whilst still allowing the old sounds be on during play. Thank you.
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7 years ago, MikeH24
Since the update...
IN RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER: No, I have never had any other version of this App. The exact same no matter which device I have had (every single version of the iPhone except 5s). I go to "Purchased," scroll down to the very bottom, and there is the App. Never once have I ever noticed ads. If there were ads, it was out of the way. NOW they are FULL SCREEN and cannot be skipped. The first time it happened (after the update on my new iPad Pro 12.9) there was a streaming issue (I guess) because there was nothing except a never ending circle. I had to hard shut off the iPad to close it. Regardless, because of this (and that this has never once happened since the iPhone 3G) I have deleted the App and will not reinstall until this is fixed. I was with you guys since the very beginning, so this has been very disappointing for me. This was one of the few Apps that I first downloaded that are still around and still works (at least it DID work). No more. Unbelievable. I’ve had this App since the beginning, since the iPhone 3G, and it has ALWAYS been my go too App for passing the time. No more. Every update has been great, with many good and new features that has made this App stand the test of time. Now, though, the moment I start a new game, FULL SCREEN ADDS! Such a disappointment. Years and years of loyalty down the drain. DELETED...
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2 weeks ago, Mountairy
Update: no response from the developer here and still no way to contact the development team or support. The solitaire game itself plays just fine. I do not have any real issues with the solitaire side of this game app. However just a few games in, this app version began to throw all this junk at me that has zero to do with solitaire…animations, some gigantic coin or shield, and then puzzle pieces. Puzzle pieces, really? I have a puzzle app; I do not need that here. I came to this app for solitaire, simple uninterrupted, uncluttered solitaire. But that is not what I got. Instead I got bells and whistles and fluff that has nothing to add to the game of solitaire! I don’t even know what this game primarily is! After each game played…win or lose….I get a screen for me to play some other card game. I do not know if these are ads for other games to download or additional games within the app itself. I also keep getting a popup box over and over for me to update to 2024 version…. and that is exactly what I am using already. I hit close and it just comes back. When I opened support on the app for help, all that is available is chat. I am not getting wrapped up in a chat session, typing back and forth, often with an automated virtual agent and no resolution. Where is email or contact us? I see deletion in my future!
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5 years ago, Magicmysticmojo
Good, fun, love the customization, but BIG issues with energy
I don’t know why, but this app drains my phone (iPhone 6S Plus) battery like no other. It also causes my phone to overheat (I know, I tested it- I don’t have exact numbers on hand as I’m writing this, but it drops drastically in at least 5 minutes and starts to heat up almost immediately on start-up). I’m not sure why it drains the battery so bad and overheats my phone while my iPad 3 plays the app without the slightest problem... it doesn’t seem like an issue due to there not being enough space or memory (both of my devices have at least 15 GB free); this might just be a problem with the latest version then, considering the previous ones (at least as far as my iPad 3 could update) worked excellently. The app itself works fine and is rather fun, especially with the daily challenges and such, but the energy drainage and overheating makes it an issue for me. I do love the ability to customize as well as the challenges, so I’ll give this a 3.5/5; sorry, it is really fun for me and I do love this app, but it’s a no-go as far as keeping it on my phone. I’ll still play the version I have on my iPad, but, yeah, the overheating and battery killer is too much.
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4 years ago, kiki091089
Ads are incredibly misogynistic and Mobilityware doesn’t care
I’ve had this app for about 2 months and I noticed pretty quickly that I kept seeing ads for other “games” that were outrageously misogynistic. They often depicted women as big breasted caricatures whose bodies were being threatened by animals (a dog attack, an elephant that also was supposed to be in love with her, a swarm of bees), or by other men (a large man reaching out for her with a hungry expression while she tried to get away). In all these “games,” there was always a man there to save her, after which she rewarded him with cartoon love eyes. They also advertise “games” where two cartoon women are staring lustily into each other’s eyes and the player can choose whether they kiss or one pulls the other into the pool. I know it’s a well established and justified stereotype that straight men think all women, including lesbians, only exist on this earth to arouse them, but maybe we don’t need to feed into that delusion on an app for solitaire that claims it’s suitable for children. I’ve reached out several times to the app and the response has been complete disinterest in actually trying to stop this. I’ve deleted the app and I know this will most likely go unnoticed by most, but maybe some parents will see it and move on to another app before they okay it for their children’s’ devices.
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10 months ago, Rheneas1
Good game - bad ads
I have used this app for years now - good quality and nice customization options. The ads on the other hand are awful. The app professes that it shouldn’t take more than five seconds to get past an ad before being presented with a game. Sometimes it’s true. Occasionally it’s just clicking on an X right away. Several times a year, the ads start getting obnoxious. Sometimes you get past the ad in five seconds only to have to go through two or three more screens, also timed for five seconds or more. Some ads provide no way to exit at all, and you have to shut the app down and go back in to start the game (this bypasses the ad, fortunately). If it’s just an X, even if I have to wait a few seconds, that’s fine. I’ll never respond to any of them anyway, so it’s kind of pointless, but I understand. If I have to jump through multiple hoops to get past them, it’s worthy of knocking a couple of stars off my rating for what would otherwise be a five-star experience. Seriously, guys. If I’m not interested in an ad the first time (or ten) that I see it, I’m definitely not going to be interested the next 2,356 times you show it to me!
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2 years ago, Sliptheflitch
Fun game, BUT…
I enjoy this version of solitaire, but I think it’s preposterous to expect people to pay $1.99 a MONTH to essentially “rent” the ad- free version of the game, especially considering that solitaire is literally free on any Windows PC, and has been for 30 years. What makes it worse is many of the ads appear to be for THIS DEV’S games, which means they’re essentially forcing you to waste time watching the set-duration video ads for THEIR OWN GAMES. Like, c’mon, just give us the splash screen version of the ad instead of holding us hostage because we don’t want to pay up to $24 a year to not see ads for your other games! If they had just made it a one-time purchase outright to go ad-free, I would have paid for it, happily, because as I said, it’s a fun version. To further complicate the ads issue, I only use this game app on my iPad, which I typically only use when sitting in doctor’s offices or waiting rooms and don’t have access to Wi-Fi. I have noticed an alarming trend that when I don’t have access to the internet (my iPad is Wi-Fi only), I get dealt a higher series of unwinnable hands, and then the moment I return home and have Wi-Fi—bam! I start winning again. I like the game, as I said, but this mess with the ads is making me think about just using a different app altogether.
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5 years ago, Weird one.
Ads on solitaire by Mobilityware.
There are several ads that pop up on this app that no matter what you do you are unable to close. Your only option is to close the app and reopen it. Opting out of these ads does you know good either. Is this their way of trying to get you to buy the premium, ad free version?? I have sound turned off on this app, however there are a few ads that play sound, even though sound is turned off. The game of thrones game app appears and starts blaring stupid music nonstop. Even after the ad ends or I close the advertisement, for the game, it continues to blare. It ruins my enjoyment of the game and I am ready to delete it from my phone and iPad. How does this advertisement bypass my settings and why can’t I turn it off? It’s the most annoying sound on any app I’ve heard. It’s right up there with the spam emails claiming hot women within 10 miles of you want to meet up for sex. Enough already turn off the sound and quit bypassing my settings. That alone gives this app half a star. Get rid of that and you’ve got a 5 star app.
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6 years ago, Auntie AS
Very enjoyable 🙂
Just like regular solitaire but without all the shuffling. I play on my phone, and the cards are clearly visible. I like auto complete. What I like best is that I can play while waiting for an appointment, and turn off my phone when I go in, without losing my game or starting over. Makes periods of waiting bearable, without getting aggravated! Also, once in a while, you run across a spot in your game that might have two choices. If you don't win with your first choice, you have the option to replay the game. Sometimes I will play the same game 4-6 times before I win or run out of options. If you place your cards at a steady pace, it can also be fun to play at a faster pace to challenge yourself. I have several games on my phone, and this is the only one I ever play. The only negative is that some ads come on at a high volume which isn't good if your playing where people are waiting or asleep. I mute and quickly close those, which means even if I would have liked to see the ad, I would just pass it over.
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10 months ago, acrisis
Maybe they are listening ... still has flaws and frustartions though
I previously complained about frequency and inappropriateness of the number of flashing ads. That seems better in the past week. One ad before a new deal is tolerable. Focusing on game play, three flaws. It will default to move cards onto the four stacks, even if you want it on the table in a series to make your next move. It will also default to pull cards of the table onto the piles automatically, even if you will need them later ... so then you may miss move options, unless you bring them back down. When decks are unwinnable, try hint in case you missed something; it will force you to cycle through the entire left over deck again, card by card as a hint, and once you did all that ... oh sorry, no more moves. There does not seem to be a replay same deck option, in case you wanted to try again, figuring you missed something. As far as scores, somebody having a best score of 30 secs is just ridiculous. Stop bothering me with that crap. A person has to be lucky with the cards to finish in two minutes. 30 secs ... I don't think so.
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6 years ago, ktinkaty
Still addictive but new version is a mixed bag
Overall I really like the new version of the app. Accessing the daily puzzle is a snap. If you miss a few days, catching up is also simpler. Once you complete the daily puzzle, it offers you the chance to play the next puzzle. Accepting this option will automatically open the last daily puzzle you missed, saving you time. Additionally, you can now see a visual representation of your progress towards the monthly trophies every time you complete a daily puzzle. The old version was better in one could access your trophies on a calendar going back to the first month you played the app. Unfortunately, the new version no longer lets you see all of your trophies. Both the number of games I had played and the trophies earned were a source of pride. I have had this app since December 2015 and I have completed every daily puzzle since I downloaded it. Now I only have access to two months of data. I miss being able to see the trophies I have earned.
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3 months ago, Fitnessita
Scam for Ads, Poor Scoring System
I used a different app for Solitaire before. I couldn’t find it when upgrading phones so I downloaded this app. Point? It’s not my first time playing Solitaire. I find this app frustrating. It appears to be geared to make the user fail early so that the user can start a new game earlier…..thereby watching more ads. The scoring…..a terrible mess. On the game screen there’s a tally of your score in the hundreds. When a game is completed, a new screen pops up with game stats. That new screen has a different scoring system due to some weird multiplication making the score in the thousands. Low thousands. It compares your score to some score in…..I have no idea where or why….but this benchmark score is close to 30,000. Did I ask for this benchmark? No. The old app compared my score to the best score of the day by me or who ever used my phone to play the game that day. It is no fun for me to play against someone who I don’t know. Plus, I’d like to remember my score. Due to the change from hundreds to thousands, I can’t make heads or tails of it so I can’t keep track of my score. I want to beat myself, not some mystery person on the internet. My only choice is to delete this app and try another app which I will probably do.
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3 years ago, 9 Year Old Reivews
Amazing! Just 2 flaws.
Solitaire is a interesting and fun way of playing cards. The animations when you win are my fav 🥰 But, like in most games, there are some flaws. 1.Most deals don't win. I don’t know if this is a problem with the game, or my bad decisions, but most deals I find unplayable. It’s quite annoying and frustrating when I get so far in a deal, just to find out there’s no more moves. I don’t know if the devs can fix that, or if I can change my ways, but I just wanted to point that out. 2.Ads. Speaking of unplayable deals, there’s ads. There’s not a lot of ads in playable deals, but every time I click “New Deal” I get an ad. The only reason I’m saying this, is because I, personally, get a LOT of bad deals. Once it happened at least 7 or 6 times in a row! Like I said before, I am unaware if that’s just a problem with the game, or a “me” problem, but if you can fix these things, I would appreciate the work. 😊 Thanks for reading this!👍 (just an edit... i would buy the “NO Ads” but i dislike spending my money on games instead of necessities.)
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5 years ago, Bellayankee28
Ads and Freezing
The ads constantly repeat themselves which is unbelievably annoying. Its always an ad for the same thing and then on top of that some ads are much too long, unstoppable, and dont close properly. the last issue bothers me the most because i have to close the whole game to get rid of the ad. the game also freezes during gameplay which isnt as bad but is still inconvenient and very annoying and makes the game not even worth it to play. UPDATE: I see you accepted a greater variety of ads but neglected to remove ones that are FAR too long and unskippable (the subway ad in particular). you have also made the advertising for your no ad version of this game more annoying and consistent. you have blasted ads and then keep shoving the “no ad” option in out faces, and thats pretty scummy. you seem to have only taken suggestions that lead to you getting more money, even if it makes game play less enjoyable for us. UPDATE PT2: I greatly appreciate the fact that you actually read my complaints and wrote me a response. It shows you care as much as I do, which is really cool.
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7 months ago, Lulu_111415
Used to love it. But just don’t bother.
I played this game every day. Did all the daily challenges and more. But recently I have been having so many issues I am going to have to delete it and find another solitaire game. I can not count the years I have played this app and will sadly lose all my achievements. But constantly and now more frequently during an actual game it jumps out an add on safari and when I deleted the browser to go back to play my game it then clicks me to an add and I have to watch it just to continue my game. And the clock keeps going as I’m stuck no being able to play. And happens a few time during one game and it’s absolutely ridiculous. I handle all the adds increasing when you pause the game and after every game which has been annoying but to stop me in the middle of my game is my last straw. I thought it was just a freak accident the first few times but I just can’t any more. She frequently added pop ups in the middle are no fun so I will have to say good bye. Find another game that you will actually enjoy and not constantly be interrupted in the middle of your game.
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3 years ago, tastysandwich_
Pretty good, but it CAN be better, pretty easily too.
I’m alright with the advertisement culture on free games. I get that people gotta make their money to provide services. My issue is simple and could be fixed very simply: Do not stop my music from playing, to play the sounds of your ad. I pay for ad free music because I love music. I love listening to my favorite songs to fit the atmosphere I’m going for, and I love playing solitaire, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. But as soon as you cut off my music to hear your advert, that’s the easiest way to get your app closed and to stop using it for the while. Let me listen to my music. I’ll watch your ads, I understand it, but don’t go the extra mile and stop my music. It’s unnecessary. Do your thing and let me do mine. Make your money and let me do my thing. That’s all. I’ll give it an over half star rating, but this annoys me so much when it happens that I can’t click it higher. Maybe it’s not the dev’s fault. Maybe it’s just the advertisement software they use, but regardless, it still affects me enough that when I opened the App Store and saw my solitaire app, I felt like writing this
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11 months ago, AdmiralB730
Fun Addiction!
I have been playing this solitaire app for a few years now. I have had a smart phone since 2015, so that is probably how long I have been playing it. (I had one of the ‘bag’ phones in 1994! And have had a cell phone ever since.) I really, really enjoy it. I even paid to have the ads taken off and the price was not unreasonable at all. I think it’s a dollar a month or something like that. I have tried other solitaire apps but this is the cream of the crop as they say. It is very addicting at times so I have to pace myself. This is the only app among four that I keep on my iPhone and play each of them daily.I am a 79-year-old senior lady and I want to keep my brain sharp and these games help me do that. In fact I told one of my doctors this year that I play these games on the phone and he was happy to hear that. The phrase “use it or lose it” is not just a platitude it is a fact.I recommend this app to people of any age. It is never too late to try to strengthen your mind and body.
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2 years ago, The Devine Miss M
The game still has way too many ads. They pop up after every game. Sometimes it is not easy to close the ad to get back to the game. You “X” out of the ad, but you have to hit “X” a second time in a different location on the screen. Some ads highjack your game. They just start playing a commercial in the middle of the game. You’ve also changed the way you close a game. Instead of an “x”, sometimes there is a double “>”. I had to figure that out. Some of the ads are offensive. They are misogynistic or just crude. For example there is one where a pregnant woman is standing outside a window in the rain, watching my her partner rub on some other woman’s leg. There are other ads where a frumpy woman is pondering what to do so some man will be attracted to her. These are things that I don’t want to see. They are offensive and detract from the game. There should also be a way to opt out of things like the special events. For me, they just slow down the game.
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4 years ago, Meghan Brems
My game is frozen
So I’ve had this game for a week or two now, and at first I had no problem with it. I love the customization options, and the layout of the game makes it easy to learn/play. However, recently there has been major lag and even cases of the game completely freezing on me while I’m playing. I have this app on both my phone and my Ipad (both experience the lag but only the Ipad has frozen completely on me now). In the last few days it has happened, I’ve simply been able to close the app completely and restart it to fix the problem, but now every time I open it the game is just frozen. No matter how many times I close it and reopen it, I cannot click a single thing. I even tried restarting my Ipad in the hopes that this would fix the problem and it hasn’t. This makes me really sad because I love to play it on the bigger screen, and I’m actually worried that the app on my phone is going to start doing the same thing with how much it has been lagging lately. For the moment, I don’t plan on getting rid of the app, but if this doesn’t get fixed (or at the very least looked into) I’m going to just delete the app altogether from both of my devices.
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4 years ago, CA RSP TEACHER
The Good & Bad
I have been enjoying playing this version of Solitaire for many years. I really like the way the game has evolved each year and enjoy earning badges and trophies. Due to insomnia, I will often play to help me get tired enough to be able to go back to sleep. Since my husband has to get up early for work and likes me close to him when he’s sleeping I have always played with sound turned off in both the app and on my device. This has never been a problem until recently. While I don’t mind the ads that pop up, I am having difficulty with a new ad for Angry Birds. Even though my sound is off, this ad plays VERY LOUD OBNOXIOUS MUSIC and I can’t get it to shut off. I can no longer trust that I can play silently and not wake up my husband, which means I can’t play this game when he’s sleeping. This is extremely frustrating to me. Please don’t tell me to pay for something I have enjoyed for many years just to delete the ads. Won’t be doing that.
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4 years ago, corebyte
Excellent game but overrides your audio
This game is excellent, with many options including auto-complete, daily challenge, points and levels, statistics, and bonus points for 3 different types of challenges. It’s quite addictive but not overly so. It’s very nice that all ads can be dismissed after just a few seconds. My only compliant is that, as with all MobilityWare apps, the ads do not respect your audio settings. That is: you can be listening to a dictated article using Pocket, or listening to music using Musi, or have your phone set to “vibrate” - all of these are paused or stopped when this game plays an ad with audio. The only exception is when I have Do Not Disturb turned on, but that’s not good if I don’t want to miss calls. So you have to kill the game to make the sound stop, go back to your audio program, start it back up, and then start Solitaire back up again. I raised this issue with the company for their Yukon Russian game and they said they’d fix it, but it seems to have only gotten worse on both games. It’s a major irritation and hence 4 stars out of 5.
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5 years ago, hockettranger
Last year I paid for the ad free version ($5.) it was great. Lately it started to slow down and be annoyingly unresponsive at each game start. I deleted it and reloaded the app from the cloud and all was well. It began to do that again today. Deleted the app went to the App Store found my iCloud download and now I have a game that I have to pay daily or monthly or annually for ad free solitaire what the hell. What a ripoff. Update! Within minutes of sending this rating I heard back from mobilityware explaining what may be occurring and provided a link to reinstall my original app. It worked. A few minutes later I received an email from Brian at mobilityware. He provided the same link but added that the source of the hiccup was possibly in IOS. Go to apps then purchases, and reinstall original app. So, from a knee jerk one star review regarding tactics, to a five star rating. I prefer this solitaire app over others and appreciated the speedy attention to my concern
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2 years ago, all reviews are questionable
Cluttered and pushy
I’ve had a love/hate relationship with mobilityware’s card games for years. The actual game play is quite nice, the variety of available card games is good, and the rules configurability is mostly good. It gets confusing between draw 1 and draw 3 or similar options and the daily challenge for a given game, but it’s nice to have that challenge to know that, for instance, a given Klondike game is actually solvable in draw 3 mode (instead of only playing random deals). But all the other features are just a distraction. I don’t want different card backs, or “special events”, or “trophies”, or any of the other junk in there. Each of their games is pushy about getting you to try their other games, and the advertising they use often has incredibly annoying features like tiny hitboxes for the X or next button, or very long timeouts before that button is even available. I would happily pay a small app fee for a simple ad-free solitaire game but the recurring subscription price is just ridiculous, and all of the extra development they do to try to justify the fee is for features I actively dislike.
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1 year ago, PotterMama
So frustrating
I’ve been playing on this app for year. I think close to a decade and before there were ads. I play it daily but I only play two or three games. It’s just enough for me to finish the daily challenges. I don’t mind the ads anymore even though it’s at least 3+ prompts to get through them. But what does keep me from playing more often is the ads start playing sound despite me having my phone on silent. I even have sounds turned off in this apps settings. It’s SO embarrassing when I’m in public like a doctors waiting room. It’s usually dead silent in those spaces. Then when I’m home and attempt to play for a quick second the ads sounds stop my music or podcast that’s playing. It wasn’t always like this so I feel this is something the app developer can turn off. If I could play without the dang ad sounds coming on automatically - I would play for hours a day (I used to) which would probably generate more money for the developer instead of having the ad sounds bypass all my silent features I have on my phone. My average game lasts around 1 minute so that’s an ad every 60-90 seconds.
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7 years ago, Arlington Boy
Wonderful game, but disappointed, too
I’ve been addicted to this game (and app) for several years and play for relaxation every day. I’ve been pleased with the developer’s updates and improvements to the app over time. I must say, though, that the advertisements have become decidedly more onerous over time. Interestingly, and sadly, immediately following my previous (and my first) more-positive review, of a couple years ago, the ads seemed to get quite a bit worse. That’s probably just an unfortunate coincidence bit, of course, I have no way to know. For that reason, I have until now avoided submitting a newer review. (And I really hope the game experience doesn’t worsen the very next time I play.) I’d be happy to pay-for this version of the game app, actually, if I could dispense with the time-consuming and increasingly tricky and complicated ads, because the game itself is really quite well done. As soon as I complete this review, I’ll check to see if that option is available to me, then update my impressions.
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6 years ago, 747whaledriver
Unrealistic times
Upon completion a game, your score is posted in comparison to the highest score attained in the game. Impressive numbers, but has anyone ever looked at those scores? 120 moves in less than 30 seconds? That means the player was making an average of 4 moves a second (in many games 3-5 moves a second). These numbers are very impressive and completely unrealistic. In fact, those scores are impossible. If you have a problem solving one game, the solution may be a minimum of 160+ moves, but when you finally get a score for that game, you’ll see the highest score has fewer moves — which tells this detective that the highest scores are not at all possible. The ads are distracting and intended to be difficult to ignore. Pay for no advertising? Payment only removes the ads temporarily, as I’ve found out with this company: each time the game was revised, I’ve had to pay to remove the ads (three times now). Why not charge for the game once rather than being forced to pay to remove the ads? The cards move like they are flowing through honey in winter upon reaching using auto complete. My scores in this app are the lowest of any game I’ve played online due to card speeds.
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1 year ago, Ken4613
I enjoy the daily challenge of the game
While the last paragraph here is from a prior post, it still holds true! I’m moved to comment upon how much I enjoy the new ‘event’ process .. quick ‘puzzles’ with an extended period for solving 50!! I am enjoying being a subscriber. If I were to ask for anything, it would be an ‘on demand’ ability with multiple opportunities for the “show me” feature. Perhaps a new feature providing game tips and strategy? And maybe the ability to reorganize graphics so that I can review my favorites more easily? Thanks again! I enjoy the ease of play and the daily challenge. While I'm amazed at the number of speedy players, I'm satisfied with simply solving games and developing a series of successful months of play. I don't have much time to play, and with the added "show me" I am comfortable being able to proceed after being stymied for several attempts. Thanks for the dedicated programming. Ken
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2 years ago, girl with puppies
Love this game
I would like to say that this game is amazing!! When i got i wasnt sure but now i realise that it is amazing. It is perfect for sitting on tue couch watching tv because you can watch and play at the same time without missing anything fun on your show. I love the card animstoins they usually make my day when i see the card doing the macarana. Although all if these good things there are some down sides. I dont like that after everygame you have to watch and ad, it would be nice if it was like evey 2 or 3 games. Another thi g that bugs me is with the daily fame it always interiors me in the middle of a game trying to get me to play the daily game i would definitely fix that. Anyways long story short this is a great game and i would definitely recomend it to anyone looking at this review. Thank you for reading this ad i would appreciate if you cold get back to me. Thank you for this wonderful game -solitare girl
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2 years ago, Ipad user dude
Something seems off
I used to play solitaire multiplayer and you could voice chat with your opponent if you both wanted to. The queue times were long though. Now the queuing is instant as far as I can tell and you can’t talk to the opponent. I’ve put down my phone and came back to it later and started new games vs the same player I had been playing. I think these games aren’t live and are somehow stored to reduce queue times. I can’t imagine someone would sit and wait hours for an opponent to return to a game of solitaire. I’ve also noticed that sometimes the deals I get are not winnable. My opponent can sometimes win very quickly, but I will replay the deal and there is no way to win at all. I’ve done this several times to check. I know it’s just a game of solitaire, but something is fishy about the way it works now. Queue times are short, but I don’t think you are actually playing vs an opponent in real time. Not much point in multiplayer if it’s a sham. I wouldn’t buy it if I were you.
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3 months ago, Ragothlham
An okay but completely ad-ridden Solitaire.
The app itself is a fine Solitaire app (as is their Mahjong app), but unless you’re willing to pay for a monthly subscription, every game is prefaced by an ad that more often than not will forcibly take over your audio. If you happen to play these games while listening to something else, or have something more important controlling audio, expect to completely lose control of your audio while an ad plays and have to manually restart or rejoin. I get it, capitalism and the like, but it’s beyond frustrating to be served ads that mean nothing to me that completely stop whatever I have chosen to or need to listen to for up to 60 seconds for some completely worthless advertisement. If Mobility Ware has no control over whether or not ads can demand priority to audio (which seems unlikely), then please pass along at least that any company that does so immediately goes on my blacklist and is the reason why I will be deleting the app, despite otherwise enjoying it and the events challenges.
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6 years ago, PhilNewby
Good - just expect a lot of ads
This Solitaire game has been around since my very first iPhone. MobilityWare has been in this realm a long time, so their apps are very very good. Gameplay is smooth and has many customizable settings and options. My only complaint (albeit a small one) is the way these ad-supported games work. They just blast you with ads. Game completion, game restart, new game, etc....all trigger ads. I understand the model they have to work from to generate revenue, but it seems like there could be fewer and still show the appropriate number of ads to generate income from users. The problem is with so many options to pick from, and Solitaire being a game that's identical from one developer to another, is that the next game that has less or no ads will be the one people move to. That said, hopefully MW can tone it down some and make the overall gameplay experience less interrupted and distracting's an otherwise great execution to a fun game.
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1 year ago, trying to play 23
I was thrilled when the events started because it gave me some more things to be challenged on. However, on this event currently running, I have realized you can only play 7 games a day, and must either wait until the next day or play an ad. Why did this start? I understand having an ad before a new game starts in the event, but now to finish it when you want to, you have to play an ad. And if you forget to play one day, then you can’t finish it without the ads. I understand it’s free so you have to run ads, but I quit playing a lot of games because I either ran out of lives and had to ask friends or run an ad to get just a little bit more. I love this game but I don’t know why this stared only letting you play 7 games in an event in a day. I like to finish it when I have time and sometimes that’s in one day. I play the game every day for the daily challenges.
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3 years ago, Yakinhoo
Great solitaire but deleting because of ads!
I am all for ads. I don’t mind paying for a game that I enjoy as much as I do this version of solitaire. But you have to pay $10/yr to remove ads. One time yes but no game us worth paying for, that has my info and can keep renewing as it will. I loved this version. Best out there! It was fine when it had ads before. They were short and sparse and you could click out. Now after it takes a while to play, you have to keep clicking out at least three or four screens to close the ads. You cannot just hit the nice little X. Oh no. It will keep popping back to the ad and on the third try it will close. I have a stressful job. This game brought me down from that in the evening. Not any more. Not worth the added stress and irritation. One time ad fee sure, but no way on a renewing one. Sorry developers, it was a bad choice based on all the other recent reviews you had. Look how great the reviews were in the beginning. Mine was one of them before. You have a great game, don’t ruin it!
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2 years ago, LyneJL83
Love It and Hate It
Of all the solitaire games this has been by far my favorite. I only have 2 frustrations that I really wish they would look in to. 1) The ads - now I am not asking you to remove them. I get why they are there before the start of each game. But so many of them freeze in the middle or when you click the x that finally shows up. Then you have to leave the game and go back in. Frustrating. 2) The “3” day weekend event where if you win 15 hands you get a special card of a famous landmark. The problem, it says you get 3 days which would be 72 hours (usually starting on a Friday). I should be able to play 5 games per day. But you truly you don’t. Each time I play I start around 7am Friday and by 7am on Sunday the event is over - that is 2 days, 24 hours. I understand 72 hours would be Monday, but if it is 3 days to complete it should be Midnight Friday to 11:59 Sunday. I have lost so many events by 1 or 2 games because of this. Frustrating.
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4 months ago, Melokia_1260
More Work Than Play
This solitaire game use to be fun and a nice relaxing distraction. Now it feels more like work or a job with constant “events” weekly that keep increasing in the ridiculous number of games to achieve the end goal all for a badge. What was 50 games is now 75. When will the increase cease? If that weren’t enough they throw in “puzzles” to complete which take at least 47 pieces per puzzle. This monotonous week after week grind feels like a job and not a fun game or distraction any longer. One of the last types of games in this events are “time” constraints on 4-5 deals. The times to be met are as low as 1:25 a game. For senior citizens I would say that’s not always doable. I do not understand this need by the game creators for this new “ events” environment. After playing several times the patterns are repetitive and boring. I would not recommend this game to others in its current state. I have submitted my concerns only to be given the brush off in a reply. Apparently they’ve lost touch with what truly matters people and love of the game.
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2 years ago, margot boyd
Out-of-Control Potato Ads
Look, I understand ads. The ads are generally pretty tolerable. However, in my recent playing, I have encountered an immense amount of potato ads, and usually I can handle the occasional Idahoan ad between deals; however I am getting an ungodly amount of Idahoan potato ad popups during my rounds. I stack two cards, and lieu and behold, I am presented with an intolerable potato ad. It is ruining my scores. I want to break my own personal record, but alas, I am rudely interrupted with yet another Idahoan potato ad. I don’t even like potatoes that much. Potatoes are aggressively average. Ask me 24 hours ago and I would’ve given this game a 5-star review. I enjoy the quality of play and the daily challenges - I just simply cannot tolerate the potato ads anymore. I an 16 years old. I don’t need to see potato ads. My mother is the one who goes to the grocery store. Potatoes don’t matter to me. Please fix this so that I can continue to fuel my solitaire addiction free of Idahoan potato ads🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
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5 years ago, Tr'ed
Upgraded to crap.
I've played this for years and have the free version. In the beginning the "Welcome Back to the Game Center" banner was translucent and you could see through it and play through it. Then when Apple turned their look from classic to cartoon the banner got cheap and overs the game while the clock keeps running. The advertisements for the most part follow the rules of etiquette and behave. Sadly some act like Microsoft and Windows 10, the STD of software. The X to close it launches it. Some continue to play the audio long after the video is gone and the game is playing. A few just won't die and a close is the only fix. The real draw back to the free version is it can eat a battery due to all the data traffic for the adds. This can eat you phone bill too. The latest software has epilepsy. Cards strobe and change direction. Takes forever to boot. The real question is why did they try to make solitaire exciting? Still don’t see the time and battery wasting value to earn fancy monikers with one more screen before a new hand.
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5 years ago, Meiabear
Latest changes are not appealing
I've had this game for years, but there is something in the most recent changes that is hurting my eyes, especially when looking through the deck... Also, the changes make it look and feel like every other solitaire game out there. I've kept this one for so long because it wasn't like the others... UPDATE Thankfully the deck flip that hurt my eyes seems to be fixed (or I got used to it). However, the game now takes an obnoxiously long time to load. In the past I could open it and play a game or two within just a few minutes. Now it takes that much time just to open. And once it opens I then have to wait longer for the deck to fully load. And sometimes I think it loaded, but nothing happens when I tap the cards, so I wait even longer until that first card moves. That’s when I know I can play... Unfortunately the look and feel of this game is still so much better than others out there that I feel stuck with it.
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4 years ago, essie and gadget
Ads high jack my phone
Update: I expressed my complaints (in a rude manner I admit) and the developer contacted me promptly and in a very kind manner. I have not yet been able to show them the ads that have been inconvenient for me, but they have been very gracious to give me a way to contact them and stop the issue. I appreciate this. I have used this app for YEARS. I don’t pay the subscription, I have never minded the ads until now. Even when I have my volume on silent (and yes, I have double checked to see if I had it on by accident, I don’t) and an ad will take over with sound and everything, my husband wakes up with a start if I’m playing to relax before I got to bed myself. My husband works hard. He deserves to sleep. And some ads won’t even let me dismiss them I have to restart the whole app just to keep playing. I understand that paying the subscription will remove the ads, but I don’t appreciate feeling strong armed into it by allowing the ads to completely take over my phone. It’s greedy. It’s also been glitching and the cards get stuck mid shuffle.
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5 years ago, Gladhehadabackup
Please, make it simple again
I cannot understand why everything has to change when you had a perfectly functional game. This game was perfect before adding all this hype and extra animation junk. Nearly every time I open a new game now, daily challenge or not, the app locks up right after the deal, forcing me to restart. Not only that, but there is lag... LAG, in solitaire. How is this even possible? I’ve owned this game for years and years. It is terribly frustrating to consider deleting it for who knows what other junk might be out there. Please fix this. Just take it back to being simple. No one cares about all this extra stuff that has zero to do with what is supposed to be, a simple card game. If I want flashy, sparkles and whimsical animations, I’m sure there’s a million other games on the market to fill that void. Please fix the lag and the lockup’s. I don’t want to spend hours and hours trying a bunch of other apps to simply find one as good as this one used to be.
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