SomaFM Radio Player

4.6 (333)
49.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for SomaFM Radio Player

4.65 out of 5
333 Ratings
4 years ago, JollyDogSF
Wow! 😃 App is awesome, just like streams!
I’ve enjoyed SOMA-FM for two decades! I’d have had various streams playing in my home for hours, sometimes days(!) at a time. Seemed like there was a station for almost any gathering, or any mood. Friends I’ve told about SOMA-FM are all grateful for the tip. (Lots of friends also proudly wear Soma-FM t-shirts. Cool, until three of us arrive at a party wearing the same shirt. Haha) As much as I’ve loved the website and stations, I began heavily using streaming apps, and those got all my attention in the past decade. I’ve come to highly value ease-of-use music apps which are conveniently on my iPhone. Web-based services didn’t get my love any longer. Sadly, SOMA-FM got back-burnered. But, wut?!! SOMA-FM now has an app for iOS?!! Game-changer! I’m so happy to discover this app! The user interface and performance functionality is professional-grade, as though they’ve got a massive tram of developers supporting it. All my old favorite stations are there, plus a boatload of new stations! The ease-of-use is particularly impressive. Beautiful user experience with lightning-fast execution of tasks. And again, I am stoked about the new stations! Thank you, SOMA-FM! I look forward to the third decade of enjoyment of your wonderfully-, lovingly-curated stations.
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2 years ago, Martinkelley
Why can’t we listen to the best streams?
Update: Since I wrote the first review four years ago the default rate in the app has gone up to 128k. This makes me happy and I use it much more! Old: I love the SomaFM network. Love! I have a monthly donations set up and stations like Poptron, Secret Agent, and Suburbs of Goa power my commute. But why is the bandwidth on the official app so low? I have it set to “Always High” but most of the stations play at 64k AAC. I have the same station playing on a generic radio app and it’s 128 AAC. So the stream is there. Even with cheap earbuds the quality difference is enough to skip the app. It seems a shame. This would be one of my most-used apps if it simply played at a higher bitrate.
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2 years ago, Khunya
My life blood
I don’t know how I’d survive without Soma. I’ve been listening since the early 2000’s and I’ve put it on every single day since then. It’s given me so much exposure to music that I otherwise likely wouldn’t have found otherwise (special shout out to Illinois Street Lounge, Groove Salad/GS Classic, and Secret Agent). It’s second nature for me to turn it on while driving, working, cooking, cleaning, reading, you name it. Far and away the best radio ever and I hope it stays around for my entire lifetime because as I mentioned before I don’t know how I’d live without it. Massive thanks to Rusty and the rest of the Soma team, keep it up!
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4 years ago, sarasarasarAAA
Great for indie music
Update: The more I use the app the more I like it. I got a response that the song that is playing is on top— which is good to know. You can bookmark it too (press & hold song) so that you can find it later. I really enjoy listening to the Underground 80s and also DEF CON a lot. And I’m sure that soon I will find more channels that I like as well. This is a hidden gem that takes time getting used to. Old: Love the idea of this radio app— no ads, just music. However the interface could be more user friendly. It’s hard to tell which song is playing so by the time you want to click on it favorite it it might be over. Took me a while to figure out how to do even that. My favorite station is the Indie Pop. But I also like Left Coast 70s, PopTron and Vaporwaves— though I haven’t really listened to them much. Good app for indie music without ads, yet it could definitely be improved by highlighting which song is playing. And more genres/ stations would be better because it’s limited. Nice overall.
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1 week ago, Ruby Forest
Extraordinary Vibes
Still an avid listener, nothing much to add SomaFM is goated. Definitely worth every penny for the app, also show them extra support by buying some merch. *This review wasn’t paid for or influenced in any way.* Just saying show some extra support as they are independent still going strong, all these years. It’s the least we could do to keep it going for many more years. Anyway if you’re into different taste in music, besides the usual pop/rap stuff on everyday radio. Put on some headphones or turn up the speakers, it’s gonna be mystical journey.
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1 year ago, turtlereef
Great Music, No Commercials
I’ve been listening to SomaFM for… a long time… has to be more than 15 years at least. They cover several genres and are a great resource to become exposed to new artists from all over the world. This app is totally worth it to be able to listen while on the go. User interface is good and allows me to add my favorite stations to a list for quick and easy access. If you like SomaFM why not support them by purchasing the app. If you don’t know what SomaFM is, go visit their website and start listening.
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4 years ago, QueenOndi
Favorite Music App!
I’ve been listening to SomaFM for YEARS! Long before all of these streaming services were in existence. I recently noticed that the app now comes with a $7.99 fee to download and all I can say is FINALLY!! When I added the app, it was at no cost, but I’ve since donated and purchased merch to support. And will continue to support! So for anyone who doesn’t want to pay, let that energy go. It’s totally worth every penny. Thanks for providing commercial-free and sucka-free music for the masses!!! ❤️
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6 months ago, carlosonunez
one of the last bastions of the good internet
I've been listening to SomaFM for at least 15 years. "Indie Pop Rocks!", "Groove Salad" and "Metal Detector" are basically my life's soundtrack. This is one of what feels like the last few vestiges of the "old" Internet where everything wasn't a subscription, services weren't about "engagement" and funneling your data to brokers and, now, apparently, feeding AI training sets, and building cool things that didn't end in acquisition or IPO was actually cool. Thanks for existing!
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3 years ago, Sleepless In Poughkeepsie
Great App & Music, iOS Update Prob.
Love the app and great selection of music; listen to it a lot. It seems that a recent iOS update causes a conflict that didn’t exist before. Adjusting the volume on the app causes a similar adjustment to the master volume control for my iPhone. If Soma volume is turned down for drifting off to sleep, the phone won’t ring, etc. Missed some calls before got it figured out; easy to demonstrate. Using iPhone SE, some other phones may not be affected.
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5 months ago, So Sadd
The best before last 2 updates
No song history for any channels upon launching app now. Swipe to the right from Now Playing screen shows a blank screen even though Channels icon is displayed in the bottom. Have to tap another icon and back to see channels. Can’t believe these issues still haven’t been fixed after 2 months. Edit… bugs have been fixed! Thanks for the quick update. 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
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3 years ago, daveten
Like College Radio ...
... back in the days when the students did the programming, engineering, and announcing; bought the LPs, beer, and popcorn; slept on the tumbling mats liberated from the ancient gym; and played only music they were passionate about. Music that mattered. Music that just had to be shared with everyone within the area where the signal decided to travel. That’s what Soma brings to these uncertain days. And obviously I think they do it just right.
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7 years ago, Fluffy-face
One of the best music apps in the iTunes Store
This app is still one of my favorite music apps, and I've never once regretted paying for it. I am bothered by a couple of things, though. Sometimes the music from the app keeps playing after I've left the app, and I'm not sure why. And I really wish it wasn't so hard to like a song and then pull up the menu that shows up when you tap a song without not liking it. Otherwise, a solid music app for several years running, and hopefully for several more.
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3 years ago, modernfemale
Wonderful, Magical, Life-saving!
This station has been part of my life since I was 16 (I’m now 34). It’s gotten me through many long nights of studying or even longer drives to my parent’s house. I do a little happy dance every time they play a song recognize on Indie Pop Rocks! and another when they play a song I love that’s new to me. I donate every year because this site/app has been priceless to me. BAGEL Radio is another favorite and I can’t wait for Christmas every year. SomaFM, I LOVE YOU!
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2 years ago, BillyRadd
Soma FM: Something for every musical taste AND MORE
I’ve been a fan and supporter of Soma FM for years. What’s not to like? This commercial free, listener supported streaming music resource is a one-of-a-kind, diverse collection of ever-changing programming that never disappoints. Please, check it out, give it a listen, and support this original musical experience that has literally something for everyone. In case you can’t tell, I LOVE SOMA FM, and you will, too!
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4 years ago, dmac-ct
Terrific app with a satisfying variety of channels
I really like this app and use it for background soundscapes in a wide variety of settings. It is worth every penny of the modest cost. I’m glad I bought it every day. One improvement I would like to suggest - if the sound could fade out instead of cut off when I use the timer, it would make falling asleep to it a perfect experience. Thanks, devs!
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6 years ago, Bluehexag0nsun
What radio should be
I love Soma FM! Been a long time listener for years. I just bought a car with CarPlay and I am so impressed that they went through the effort of developing an app for the car platform! Couldn’t recommend this enough. If you enjoy it, be sure to set up a monthly donation. These guys put out all of this content for free with zero ad revenue, so pitch in and keep it alive!
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8 years ago, SENTIENT BEING \-_-/
Needs better highlighting of the music now playing
When you wish to favorite a song it's confusing. Highlight the song playing with an unmistakable presence. You app & website both share this displeasure in common. Scroll the text make the text white, highlight the whole of the tab & information pertaining to the song playing in my opinion. #loveSomaFmSecretAgent&dubstepBeyond
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8 months ago, robpreuss
small fixes?
thanks for responding to my other fix request! 2 other small things if u can- these were part of previous versions- 1- when the app opens can it default to FAVORITES instead of LISTENERS? 2- is it possible to show again the continuous stream of previously played songs on the channels-? with current version, every time it opens it starts from the current song and no other songs- it used to show played songs and the time they were played! it was always nice to see what was playing already, like you're joining a party in progress! thank you!!
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8 months ago, Leaux
Love Soma FM, not the new look.
I’ve been listening off and on for over 20 years. First found it in iTunes Radio in early 2000. Keep it up Rusty! But please switch back to the old look as it’s much easier to find the stations. If the change was for 504 compliance, no problem.
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1 year ago, Ryggstar
I love SomaFM
I’ve been listening to SomaFM ever since I discovered Indie Pop Rocks! Back in 2005. I appreciate being able to use their app instead of having to search for them in some other music program. Now, if only we can convince them to make an Apple Watch app.
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1 year ago, gray987654321
Unexpected best app!
I downloaded this app a few years ago and have found myself using it constantly. We put vibes on in the background and in the car and never have to deal with ads or monthly fees. What a rare treat in this greedy streaming landscape!
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3 years ago, Thesupermonkey42
Why have I never found this?
I just discovered SomaFM, which on one hand is great because I now have a 24/7 source of great music, but in the other hand it’s terrible because now I know that I’ve been missing out for years! Seriously, SomaFM is amazing!
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7 years ago, ScribeJay
Great app, great music…
This is one of my most frequently used apps, no question. The only thing keeping me from giving it 5⭐️ is that it doesn't show any song information when Chromecasting — just the station graphic and description. I would love to know the artist, title and album without having to unlock my phone. Thanks for a great set of stations, Rusty & Co.!
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2 years ago, HestoninAZ
Coding problem
When this app is installed, and Siri is asked for instance “play rhinestone cowboy”, she replies “I need to access your somafm data. Is that okay?” I tried this on my iPhone and my iPad. If you remove the app the question goes away. If you reinstall the app the question reappears.
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3 years ago, glide.slowly
Excellent app - and an easy way to support independent radio!
Sure you can listen to these channels free on the SomaFM website, but this app is just so convenient and polished. So go ahead, chuck them a few bucks to buy the freakin app already! You’ll be helping them to keep the tunes flowing, and you won’t regret it! :)
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7 years ago, Chibi-Alex
What radio is supposed to be.
Whatever your musical tastes are you are bound to find at least two stations you will want to listen to. I listen to Left Coast 70s, Boot Liquor, and Deep Space mostly. Unique songs, not the standard playlists you hear on commercial radio. I love this app for helping me discover new music.
Show more
2 years ago, Chaosmouse
SomaFM is truly one of a kind. No advertising, no tracking. A pure rarity in todays age where even the most insignificant apps track and sell everything they can get their grubby paws on. I look forward to being a supporter for the foreseeable future.
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2 years ago, Tsrman
Unique soundtrack for life
Greatest app for EVERY mood / event type. From Groove Salad channel for uptempo techno, to Boot Liquor for folk/country, and everything in between. Love the oddball stuff too, like the SFPD police scanner channel with groovy music in background! You discover new tunes and artists all the time. Fantastic.
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7 years ago, atxguy87
Support SomaFM
Please support SomaFM and purchase this app. If you are downloading this, or at least considering it, chances are you don't need to be sold on SomaFM. The app is simple and extremely user friendly. You also get the added benefit of supporting something you already love, and that's a really nice feeling.
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8 years ago, Fasterwheels
Amazing music to relax
I love this app. A wide variety of mostly relaxing music. Drone Zone is my favorite and I like the Space Music stuff, too. But all of the stations are excellent. The app works well and I often use it to read or meditate or fall asleep. Chromecast makes it even better. Thanks!
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7 years ago, iikarm
Long time listener
I have been listening a long time and was excited to recently find there is an app. I have no problem paying for it. It's worth it. I often go to sleep listening to the Drone Zone, so I love the 30 minute timer. Brilliant!!
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2 years ago, Packer2020
Fix the lowest sound setting
A music app where u pay once and use for life??!! Yes please. One thing that bothers me is fact that the app needs better support for very low volumes for when AirPods connected. There’s a huge jump in volume going from 5% sound volume to 4%!
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7 years ago, surfboy11
I really love Soma fm but the app leaves much to be desired. Doesn't seem to work very well outside the US. I keep getting network errors and spinning status icons. But, once I use a VPN to connect back to the States, everything magically works. I have better luck just streaming the radio from the website in my phone's mini-browser than using the app.
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4 years ago, Fogenbaugh
Best Christmas Music Channel
The Department Store Christmas Music channel is the best old-school channel for Christmas music. Better than Pandora's Boston Pops Christmas channel, in my opinion. I'm talking to a generation born in the early 50s. You may disagree, but the programmer has this dialed in for my choice of great Holiday music.
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8 years ago, RobAbroad
Great, Commercial Free Music
I've been listening to SomaFM for years. Great channels--chill, electronica, alternative, lounge. Commercial free! Super-fun Christmas channels. This is a free app with no charges. That's right. But if you listen, then donate. I do because I want these guys to stick around. New CarPlay functionality is icing on the cake. A cake of tasty music.
Show more
7 years ago, Wildernesshike
Needs higher resolution
I like the music, but Soma needs a higher resolution option. At least 256 AAC. Or even better, 1411. It is accepted that 128 kbps is just is not high enough to avoid losing too much of the quality. It is 2017, not 2007. People have faster connections and bigger data plans and WiFi now and so we can handle higher resolution music streaming.
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3 years ago, velker
Easy to love and listen
I have listened to Soma for years. So many options and variety of stations and tastes. The app is so easy to just jump right in and go. I appreciate the work these guys do.
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3 years ago, skiiballa
The best
Simply the best online radio station out there. Feels like yesterday when I discovered GrooveSalad on Winamp about 20 years ago. Glad that some things never change. Thanks Rusty.
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8 years ago, R. Maurer
Left Coast '70s is one of the best programmed stations on radio or the internet!
I've been digging this station via TuneIn for months, and it's my pleasure to support SomaFM and buy the app. Just terrific of the very few stations I can listen to for hours on end.
Show more
3 years ago, Pfbnxxcvg
I love this app but it’s currently down
Anyone having issues with it not connecting? I music has been playing for about a week
Show more
3 years ago, Dave T SF
Years and years of amazing music from SOMA FM
Groove salad has been a part of my life for 17 years now. I love everyone who created soma fm and kept soma fm alive. so glad it is still going strong. Groove salad is the best ambient / downtempo station I have ever been able to find.
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5 years ago, yasonka
The best music ever
We have been listening soma for 5 years now and we include music everywhere we go, friends, dinner, car, nature we just love going with the vibe and it always matches our vibe as well. Thank you so much.
Show more
4 years ago, SleepyOrphan
The BEST Internet Radio Station Provider!
I have enjoyed SomaFM since I discovered SquidRadio (now Groove Salad) way back in the early 2000’s! Now expanded with many more fantastic stations, SomaFM is an easy choice for any and all listening excursions! Highest recommendation!
Show more
1 month ago, foxmajik
Doesn’t support background play
It’s basically just a frame around a web view instance, so it doesn’t properly support background play. The music stops when iOS unloads the app which it thinks is idle from memory. This app should either be updated to support newer versions of iOS or removed from the App Store.
Show more
1 year ago, bwoodcock
Good music, good attitude!
Excellent selection of music, with no ads, no surveillance. I’m happy to be the customer rather than the product. Refreshing in the music industry!
Show more
7 years ago, jarryd'sdad
Full of unknown songs
I enjoy a wide range of genres, but almost all of these songs are not mainstream. It was too difficult to find a good station for me. Although, if you like non-mainstream, unknown, alternative music then you may want to check this out. I gave it 3 stars for the concept of providing free music.
Show more
7 years ago, CAQueen
Perfect! By👑♿️
All music streaming apps should strive 2 b like THIS. Period. I play this a lot @ night asI like 2 chillax & my taste runs way left of mainstream. I prefer a unique xperience when it comes 2 music. This is it. 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️all the way!
Show more
6 years ago, jskryp
Drone Zone and Ambient Music
The Soma FM channel is the #1 channel available for ambient music. I have contributed a small amount of money to keep their programs free of commercials. Please try to help them if you are using this app.
Show more
4 years ago, mark93030
Going strong still terrific
Rusty Hodges and team have created an excellent curated series of stations free independent minded music fan! Do yourself a favor tune in pay the eight bucks you won’t regret it!!
Show more
5 years ago, Rushes shake
Chrome casting is pretty much pointless
Why have chrome cast “integration” if you can’t turn off the screen or even change apps?? Seems pretty pointless. Otherwise great app but that is a pretty silly oversight.
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