Song Key Finder

2.8 (105)
66 MB
Age rating
Current version
nCore App Services
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Song Key Finder

2.85 out of 5
105 Ratings
2 years ago, Alucard2blick
Files problem
I like the app but certain files won’t open… I’ve tried several things to get the file to open but it won’t any tips
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4 years ago, GigaWhat
I realize free versions of apps have to shove ads in your face in order to keep them free, but I downloaded the app and was immediately assaulted with “We want to shove ads in your face.” Against my better judgment, I clicked “I consent,” but that’s not good enough. Now it wants me to go in and change the settings on my phone to give access to my data so it can customize the ads it’s going to shove in my face. Now again, I’m not naive. I get how ad tracking works. But this is a key finder app. Sure, push some ads at me to keep it free, but I’m not giving you access to my data. I deleted before even using it.
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4 years ago, @JET.JAX on IG
This app DOES EXACTLY WHAT it says it will do. Every time but even faster now. I am a serious hip hop artist and my engineer already has skills exceptional enough to kind the key to a beat for auto tune in under 5mins....this app finds the key in 1mins or faster. I don’t understand how it has basically no reviews and a 2.3 star rating....should be a 5 star rating!!!! GREAT DEVELOPMENT.
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4 years ago, themikeray
Fast & Accurate Detection
I’ve only used this app to find chords of a song playing via the microphone, but it has worked quickly and accurately every time. Serves a very specific purpose, but it’s incredibly helpful!
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2 years ago, LTJBoy03
How are these apps available on the store
It’s a note finding app. You’re all out of your minds if you think I’m giving you any access to tracking my phone/data for “better ads”. Stop it. You and I both know you’re not making a note finding app. This is a blatant data scraping app. What an insult. Disgusting practice. You shouldn’t be allowed on any App Store.
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4 years ago, Contee3
The reviews don’t represent this app well
If you can read and conceive time then this app will work for you. It does exactly as the description states. Great app! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Aeroswagger
Just downloaded. Aside from the consent part, I just work around it by opening settings and then immediately switching back. Really fixed the issue I had with songs
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3 years ago, anonymous839928
I downloaded this app hoping for a great app that would tell me what notes my song had. I was wrong. This app only let me record one note at a time and kept asking me, go in settings and approve tracking!, go in settings and approve adds! It was really annoying and the app was not very useful.
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3 years ago, Yamamanga
Does as advertised
Needed to find the key of a song. It found it after playing the song for about 15 seconds. Not much else to say. Note: please add support for iTunes
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2 years ago, 999nooooooo
I already was charged and paid for no ads Had to reload down from cloud and it wants to charge me again?
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4 years ago, Munchotacoanleis
Chord letter doesn't show up
The letter of the chords don't show up on the section
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4 years ago, IsaiahM33
No iTunes Access
I believe the reason for the so-so rating is because this app cannot access iTunes. Oh well. Can’t have everything, right?
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6 years ago, Drip Drop Machine
Does the job
This app literally does what you expect, it’s perfect cause it’s free and get exactly what you want
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3 years ago, Jdkdhfhd
Not good
It don’t even give the right key of a song, it’s always incorrect. I searched every song I entered and the key wasn’t right. I look up a song it will say g minor, then I will put song into app then it says c major. This is a bad app!!!!
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4 years ago, kenboidhhehxkcxj
I dont know what yall r talking about
This is perfect for any audio engineer does what i needs n thats it perfect
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4 years ago, Guchito14
The best key finder ever
Better than most programs, apps and websites out there, 100% recommended
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3 years ago, UrDad🖕🏻
Don’t get
Immediately tries to acquire all your data and cookies. Also you have to pay eventually just save yourself and find something else
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4 years ago, Allan1265
Good app
Does exactly what I needed. I used the microphone feature.
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3 years ago, djag.2008
Exact result
Thank you
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4 years ago, jaydugdgh
Finds key for beat in seconds ‼️
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4 years ago, Thebutcher434
Can’t use
The note never shows up when trying to input a song so it’s near impossible to put in the chords needed
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5 years ago, georgeralston
Doesn’t multitask?
How can I play a song the run the program. It stops the sound playing. So no listens no of an mp3?
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3 years ago, Ul-90
Does not pickup the key
Does not seem to pick the key when tested in live mode. Deleted after testing.
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4 years ago, Blimthorpe
You ruined it
It was a simple, easy to use program. You justfound the note on a little keyboard. The keyboard is gone now. What a waste. Deleting now !
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4 years ago, JayByrd_502
Relative Minor knowledge needed
Overall it's cool. Does what it says. But if you're not a musician and don't know relative minors. This app isn't for you. But 90% of the time, the key is correct outside that. The other 10% is close enough to pluck around and figure what key it's really in. So 3 stars from me. will get you together and give u the right keys and BPM to songs out.
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12 months ago, Acoustic groove
Don’t waste your money
There are FREE websites that do more than this app.
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2 years ago, Amy Boel
Not sure why this is happening…
Every song I play come up as key of F, F minor, or F #. I’m not a musician but I played songs in Spotify that are marked as being in different keys and the songs ALWAYS come up in the key of F. Tried about twenty songs… very disappointed.
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