Song Stats for Apple Music

4.5 (729)
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Current version
Peaceful Pencil Ltd., The
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.2 or later
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User Reviews for Song Stats for Apple Music

4.45 out of 5
729 Ratings
8 months ago, nappyheadde
I love the app, but…
I’ve had this app for like 3 years now, and my only complaint is the way the skips are counted. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s really been bothering me recently. I don’t know if it’s always been this way, and I’m sure it hasn’t because I have songs I listen to a ton that have like 0 skips, and I know for a fact I didn’t work my way around this for 3 years. When I decide to listen to another song and I haven’t played the song already for son already for 30 seconds, the song gets counted as a skip. The only way around this is if I play a song for 30 seconds or add songs to my next queue. I’m sure it’s a recent issue because the songs most affected by this are songs I’ve recently added to my library. Keep Driving by Harry Styles has been in my library since it came out, and it’s my 2nd most played song with over 2k plays. That song only has 1 skip. But pretty isn’t pretty by Olivia Rodrigo has around 500 plays and 18 skips, and it just came out last month. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I wish for the app to only count skips if I actually press the skip button and not because I clicked on another song.
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2 years ago, Julia Grace ❤️
It’s good but one thing..
After I downloaded this app I was SOOOO happy to see how many times i’ve listened to, skipped, what date i listened to, any album, song, playlist, whatever. But a few days ago, I was looking at a song i’ve recently been listening to. I watched it hit 100 plays as I was listening to it. The next day in the morningtime, I checked my all time plays and it said 98. I was like “Okay maybe it’s a glitch”, so I just thought nothing of it. This morning I woke up and saw my all time plays was at 367 cause yes, I listen to the song that much, pretty much throughout the entire day. But just now I checked my all time plays and it says 234!! It deducted plays from me 😭 And that’s very annoying cause I wanna show people my plays to show them I listen to the song more than them (lol) but now I basically have nothing to show. How can you guys fix this?
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4 years ago, Aäæheuwjwvudbdiwnfhwojdid
In a future update, I think it would be nice if there was a way to track data from just one device rather than the Apple ID itself. My whole family is connected to the same account, and so the data for myself is inaccurate. If there is a way to track the data of music played from only my phone, then I’ll be able to see a more accurate representation of what I listen to the most.
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8 months ago, 🖕🏻alex🖕🏻
Let me just start off by saying I never review apps, like ever. But last year I spent so much time trying to find an accurate music statistic app for Apple Music, and there were next to none that were of good quality. That was, until I found this app. It has so many features and tons of different stats to look at that you wouldn’t have even thought of. Even without the premium version there are still so many areas that you can access and utilize. Everything from individual song plays to entire artists and genres. Not to mention the layout is super sleek and easy to navigate. I look forward to using this app more in the future!
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4 years ago, john mathest
I freakin love this app !
I have been using this app for a few months now along with a few others, and this one is far superior than the rest. This app has the most accurate results and has the most exciting format of calculating the music with weekly charts. I also have the premium and it’s definitely worth. The only thing i wish is that the charts would show the top 10 artist, and album. I feel like a lot of artist get cheated of recognition in my play list every week and month 😭🤣. Other than that i freakin love this app. Highly recommend. Also... is there a way to get my old archives? I recently got a new phone, and everything of transferred, except for the archives.
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3 years ago, KXP2745
5/5 app, but please consider changing how plays for artists are counted
Great app… One thing I wish was changed would be how plays are counted for collaboration songs, albums, etc. When there is an album or song that has more than one artists labeled, (ex: Bruno Mars, Anderson. Paak & Silk Sonic) it will go down exactly like this like it’s a whole other artist instead of just adding the plays to each of the artists listed. It just makes the most listened artists section kinda inaccurate because the same artists might appear multiple times throughout the list and their plays are divided up instead of all together.
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5 months ago, King__Cham
Data Errors
I would advise not to spend any money on this app. I’ve had this app for about four years now, and I do genuinely like all it has to offer in theory as I love data. I actually check the app quite often, but unfortunately every six to twelve months or so the data ‘resets.’ It seems like the app loses all of the information about my streams since downloading. It’s quite annoying and leads to disingenuous stats and defeats the purpose of the app. For those reasons I’ve had to uninstall and install the app about five times now. I’ll be deleting permanently this time and looking for a hopefully better functioning alternative. I do wish I hadn’t made a purchase, but the app was certainly fun when it worked.
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2 years ago, Just2w
Day 1, So far so good
Love the app, had been using a different tracking app for the same purpose that i won’t name for the last few years, loved it but slowly noticed it wasn’t tracking correctly (play times/counts wrong, only having 75% of an album included with the stats even tho it’s all downloaded, etc.) + hasn’t been updated in a long while. Already I love the additional analysis this app offers (i did buy the $5 “premium/upgrade” for the additional timeframe options, and all else it includes. As I said, so far so good.
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3 years ago, sxwcwdwwccwcwdwsxw v
Cant recommend enough!
I’ve been using this app since towards the beginning of its development, and I use it weekly. Please keep doing what you’re doing, it’s so well organized and thought out, it’s a perfect combination of music and statistics. I love what the app developer comes up with in new updates, aside from the occasional glitch, like not getting a 2020 wrap up because i downloaded the app in February, or not getting a month of stats because I updated the app, it’s perfect.
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1 year ago, Kyle_cva
Just What I Wanted
I had been searching for awhile for an app that tracked this kind of data. I am very happy that I found Song Stats. It is the first app that I downloaded that shows the numbers consistently and in a style that I am pleased with. That being said, I do have a question and a suggestion. First, I am unable to find the widgets mentioned, and I did pay for the upgraded version. I have the new software where you can put widgets on your lock screen, but Song Stats does not appear as an option. Second, I am someone who likes to listen to albums straight through. I rarely just listen to random songs. So, for me, I would love to see a play count for entire albums, rather than just the songs on the album, if that is even possible. Thanks for the app! It really is great.
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6 months ago, MrCarlit0
Great app
Been using for 3 years now only complaint is when multiple artists are on a song it makes a whole new artist instead of just going to all artists separately, my only pet peeve, can we please get the option to add hours separately, also to hide albums or combine them, when an artist releases a single it makes a single song album, it’s messing up my charts, love you good work 🥰
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2 years ago, campbellsouptm
Good, But…
I’ve been using this app for a few years and haven’t had problems (even bought premium) but a few days ago I noticed that all my previous time-sensitive data was deleted (all my archives/summaries are empty) and it’s telling me that I have like 10k plays in one day. I don’t know why. It’s not a big deal but it’s kind of annoying.
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10 months ago, Sage Gardner
I never review apps but this is the best app ever
PERFECT for tracking plays on local iTunes songs, where every other song tracker is lacking. Sometimes it is a little slow to load things, but it makes sense because I have 28,000 songs. I hope this app continues how it is forever I wouldn’t change a thing about its amazing format.
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1 month ago, rickyshorerickyshore
Was working well but not anymore
This app had been a joy to use to track my listening history but it recently stopped working. I checked my history for April 2024, when I must’ve listed to hundreds of songs on just one device (Apple IPad mini) but the app statistics show only ONE song listened to one time!I don’t know what happened to the app, it used to work well and I used to like it very much but not no more.
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3 years ago, nothanksidontwantanickname2
Amazing app
Been using this app for a year now and it’s never disappointed. Super easy and user friendly. The graphs and charts are also really nice to look at. Only feature I’d ask for is to be able to generate a text file with all the song plays and time stamps that the app has on record.
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4 years ago, Snaccyboi
Great App Overall
This app is awesome overall but there a few small things that could make it better. Mainly, if it could categorize songs by artist rather than album artist. One of my highest played artists is “Various Artists” because the songs are coming from compilation albums for movies and stuff. For example “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey should count toward her overall play count, not toward the Various Artists play count.
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1 year ago, Tony Phuentes
It’s Alright
Does what it advertises. Pretty good app other than the fact that I can’t see my post played songs from the past 30 days. It only shows your most streamed songs for all time unless you get the premium version. 👍
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5 years ago, ratzaz57
Good idea, wish it worked
For years I’ve wished iTunes could perform this simple function, but it was never able to count all plays accurately, and it looks like this app doesn’t donn in it either. I played two albums and it counted all of four songs. Canceled so I don’t get charged for dysfunction. I wish someone would come up with an app that actually does well what this one claims to! “Developer response to this is wrong, please don’t believe it and buy this app! Played straight thru an album and it counted three of six tracks. Lowered rating due to misleading response.
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3 years ago, codlover22
Amazing app
I love this app. I use it everyday and I think it’s the best way to keep track of all the music you listen to. I wish you could change the picture used for artists cover to a different album cover but other than that this app is awesome.
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3 years ago, Deca
Has potential
I like the app a lot, but it is missing a major feature: the ability to filter your stats by year (for example, see your most played albums from the 1990s). They claimed to have added this feature in their last update, but it is nonfunctional/broken. If they fix/add this feature, I will happily give five stars.
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10 months ago, Fshskksmsshhsjs
I didn’t know where to ask a question so I figured this might work? Apple music has been glitching with one of my most played songs, if I delete the song and add it back will I lose all the stats/plays on it too? :(
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1 year ago, FKA Ron
Gets the Job Done
Simple and effective, it’s not flashy but it does give you practically everything you’d want to track. If only they had the artist add date to your library and this would be perfect. 5 stars cause I can’t give 4.5.
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5 days ago, Mtmetcalfe
Doesn’t track plays from all devices
Just want to know how many times I’ve listened to tracks on Apple Music. This app seems to only track plays o have on my phone. Problems that I have is most of my listening on Apple Music is through the app on my Samsung tv and doesn’t track any of those plays.
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2 years ago, richcole99
Restore Purchase
Thank you. That worked. … except I lost all my trend data from the several months since I first purchased Premium. Any way to get that back? As it stands, the trend data starts as of yesterday. Bummer!
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5 years ago, TP898989809984
Great app. Needs bit improvement as it has it glitches, but nothing to complain about. Would love to see the ability to change the profile picture of an artist to a specific album.
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3 years ago, Ryimae
Not Reading All Music
Hello! I’ve had your full version since September and it was great, however since the update three weeks ago it’s not reading all my music. It doesn’t show I’ve listened to any BTS songs which are my #1 artist, and it’ll only show other songs as I’ve played them once when I do it twice just to test. Other songs are just straight up missing. I loved this app but now I’m disappointed I spent money on it.
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2 years ago, defective_1
Dig the app, I have a suggestion
Maybe I am missing it, but when in an artist view, it would be could if albums were sorted by play count. Other than that pretty solid!
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3 years ago, G_W1Z
Nice stats
Is it possible to count the plays by the year the song/album was released? I'd like to see which years I listen to the most. I have been listening to a lot of newer music from the past 2 years but also listen to a lot of music from the 90s.
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3 years ago, Sad_College_Kid
Cool but music not accurate
Great app and I would love it even more if it had all my songs in the app. For some reason a bunch of my music is missing and so songs that I’m listening to don’t show up. Do I have to sync my phone to my Mac’s iTunes?
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7 months ago, Ambreyy
Does Not Track My Music Anymore):
I have the Premium version yet it doesnt record my music. I’ve listened to a song well over 6 times today and it says I’ve never listened to it and so on. You’d think since it has a premium version that there would be a help center to contact but nope
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4 years ago, Stuart73894
App Crashes When Premium Subscribed
This app will not open when I have the premium features unlocked. The splash loading screen comes up for a few seconds and then the app closes. Pretty frustrating that the app stops working *after* I’ve decided to part with money. Perhaps it can’t handle my very large local library? Also this developer has no website or social media to contact with issues like this.
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3 years ago, gravyavocado222
Pretty Good
This is my main app for looking at stats for my music but there seems to be a glitch where i try to look at my stats for only june (so far) and it shows my most listened songs since april or march and it’s weird.
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4 years ago, Tntinthree
Love it but...
Honestly this is the best song stat app I’ve used. However, as soon as I purchased the more advanced options that I was excited about, it would crash for a month. Once those get fixed I would gladly resubscribe
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2 years ago, ajshwansbsba
A question
Can I pay in other ways to get the platinum? I can't pay with iTunes because the account I use is not from my country.
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4 years ago, rscottking
Cool idea, Premium features don’t work
I ended up cancelling my subscription because the Plays of the Week function never worked, nor did the Totals. Just kept asking to hit Refresh, but the wheel would spin and the app would stall. I’d close it out and try again. Rinse and repeat. Guess I’ll stick with the free features. Hopefully they fix it, because it is a cool app.
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4 years ago, edaw33
Good ... almost great
Would love for live play count updates. Currently have to close app and reopen. Other than that it’s a good app to have. It’s a shame apples music player doesn’t have play count features.
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2 years ago, bstatic9
I have the premium version
I bought the premium version, it's a decent app, but it only tracks music listened on the device you have the app. Not all of Apple Music which is disappointing. The app's design is also pretty underwhelming.
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4 years ago, gigglewiggleshep
Please fix this :/
This app needs some fixing if you delete somthing from your library it restarts the amount of streams to you can never rlly see how many times you’ve actually listened to it it’s very frustrating cause then it makes everything inaccurate please fix it :) but besides that this app works very well!
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2 years ago, Tnheller
Paid for nothing
Upgraded to premium and got nothing for it. Tried to view the all time list and gave me the same play totals for the yearly that apple gives. When I try to adjust the time frame it says I can’t see anything before app was downloaded. That’s not past that’s only future plays. What a waste.
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11 months ago, Jimdsrggg
Is there a way to import data?
I see you can export but is there a way to import everything with the graphs and summaries?
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3 years ago, davkind76
Great app...small question
LOVE the app and look at it daily. Was wondering what constitutes a “listen”? Do you have to finish a song or just a certain amount for the count?
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5 years ago, JennaMikk
Hard to rank this one since I love it a lot because all the different ways you can sort your library. However, I'm also having an issue where the app crashes before getting past the title screen. 5 stars easy without the constant crashes.
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3 years ago, brooks181
Worked fine when I got it, but now each time I listen to a song, the number of times I have listened to it goes down instead of up.
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4 years ago, rangercart
Songs in playlists
Songs that are in playlists don’t show up in rankings, really hope there is a fix for this in the future.
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2 years ago, partluck
What is the difference between song or album as it pertains to the artist category?
Show more
2 years ago, Adam Morrison 789
I got this so I could see my stats for music. It did exactly that. Thanks! (I loved seeing Breaking The Habit with 600 plays)
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3 years ago, Isseye12
Why can’t the whole app be free. I want to see my weekly and monthly stats but I can only view my all time
Show more
2 months ago, JnigelM
Stops polling Summary
After 2 weeks it’s stop polling Summary. Expect for all time. Done it twice I’ve deleted and restarted app after two both times did same thing. I paid for this. Let’s fix it
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4 years ago, 2#03)$)39#;
Song Stats
I love song stats, because whenever I want to look at what I
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5 months ago, iosAholic2
was great until it got everything wrong
i use this app because my apple replay stopped working for me years ago and this app has been very accurate until today. it’s telling me a majority of my most listened to songs this month are songs i haven’t even listened to in 4-5 years? and it’s not even possible that my phone was on shuffle and happened to play them because these songs suddenly got 50+ plays which is just extremely inaccurate.
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