Songkick Concerts

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1 year ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Songkick Concerts

4.84 out of 5
95.5K Ratings
5 years ago, xlmommy
Please triple check before you post!
I went all the way to AZ, Nevada, to see an artist featured in song kick. We get their and not only was the show canceled. It was a name very similar to the artist I was looking to see perform. You song kick even provided a picture of the group. It took 2 months to finally be issued a refund. The concert I am attending tonight you added the name in the line up that is scheduled to perform at the same venue tomorrow. Lastly, you listed the Isley brothers where going to join in he lineup at the Greek theater LA. It was also an error. The group listed wasn’t even performing that night. Please double check your info before you post the performance notification. Thanks
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2 years ago, motostan3
Great app and service, but…..
So I love this app, I’ve probably had it for over 4-5 years now. During the pandemic I used it a lot less, but now that everything seems to be opening up again I thought I’d see what it lists, except…. The dang thing constantly crashes! I’ve tried updating it, opening it from the app drawer, the App Store, and searching but it always crashes. Might load like 5-6 artists, then freezes and crashes. Often it doesn’t even load anything before it crashes. I’m on an iPhone XR (latest IOS version too), but it still crashes. I actually saved a screen recording video of the behavior, if a developer wanted to see what I mean. Like I said I love this app, but if it doesn’t even open it becomes kinda useless. If this gets fixed at some point I’d gladly improve my rating, figured this might be the best way to let someone know of the problem though.
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3 years ago, MusicFanDelilah
No way to reach customer service , all attempts in vain
I have been trying to reach out to customer service at Songkick with no luck. I purchased 2 tickets on Sept 26 for an upcoming event and have received no confirmation emails, nor does it show anywhere that I have purchased these tickets except on my bank statement. I’ve tried reaching out because every time I choose the option to submit a request, I get looped back to information to reach out to the vendor. The problem is, I cannot find the vendor. On your app, it simply says prekindle and my bank statement says Granada, however, neither of those are on your list of vendors so I cannot access my tickets. This does not seem very user friendly, when I cannot even email you about a ticket I purchased through your site. I would rather have dealt with this issue quietly through email, but leaving a review seems to be the only way to reach anyone. Very frustrating !
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3 years ago, Peh Rochester Hills MI
Great keeping up on my favorite bands
My genre is aging, and then the pandemic puts this “chokehold” on live performances. I’ve asked Songkick to keep me abreast of what is new and exiting in my area (Rochester Hills MI) and they NEVER waste my time with “junk” outside the style of music I’ve asked them to follow for me. Not a peep out of them for months until today as they proudly tell me the band Modern English will be (hopefully) performing at a tiny venue in Royal Oak, just a few miles from home! I thank those at Songkick who are behind the script of what is allowed to come into my smartphone. I’m off now to hopefully buy some tickets to the concert!
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5 years ago, -Matt C
Incredible before the ui change and auto adds
I used to love this app. It was my primary source to find concerts for the artists I love and had an amazing yet simple interface that made finding the info I needed easy. After they changed the ui however, it started randomly adding artists to my tracked artists. This isn’t after scanning my library either. I’d open the app and be inundated with info for artists I neither knew nor cared for who were also now being tracked. There are no options to fine tune or disable this and after a while I just stopped using Songkick altogether. It’s probably still worth using to find info quickly in a pinch, but with seeing loads of unknowns every time I open it I’d rather just google.
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6 years ago, mowry4875
Fantastic way to track gigs by your favorite bands
I used to miss gigs constantly because I didn’t know about them till it was too late, but with Songkick I get notified as soon as a band in my music library has a new gig, and then I can click through the site to order tickets from multiple ticket vendors, which makes it so easy to do by phone when tickets become available. It’s also useful for keeping track of which shows you’ve going to and what you’re thinking of if tickets become available. Awesome app, has improved my live music life so much.
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6 years ago, Ave_unicorn1120
Pretty good but I have a recommendation!
Hey! My name is Avery,and I love this app! It let’s you buy concert tickets straight from the app. It also lets me look for different tour dates. Being a huge Shawn Mendes fan, of course I wanted VIP tickets and looked as soon as I got the app and they were all sold out in my location. And I wanted to know we’re they weren’t sold out. So could you install an feature where I can see where VIP is still available? That would be excellent and i’m sure others would appreciate it as well! If not, i’ll just have to figure out where his hotel is but that’s hard enough as it is, because who knows where he could be staying. Thank you for reading this!
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5 years ago, puckabrinaluver
Downloading this app was a mistake....
... for my wallet. I have attended way more concerts since downloading this app, since I’ve been notified about them, and reminded to buy my tickets when I express interest in them. I seriously have a concert problem. This app is amazing for keeping track of events and shows. I’m using it for nearby places and places I travel to often and it is great for planning out my trips around school. I guess I need to work more hours to compensate for the amount of concerts I’m now attending 😭
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3 years ago, mtaylorusa
Great concept. Filters need work
When I travel, I like to be able to look up my favorite artists to see if any of them are playing in my destination. This should be a simple filter, but the app makes it impossible. Look by favorite artist? No filter by location. Look up places? No filter for favorite artist. Also, the calendar feature limits you to one day at a time, making it hard to see if bands I like are playing over my time in town (like over a weekend). When they fix these, it will be great. Would also be nice if the app showed when favorite bands released new music. Also, the “email us” feedback button doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, M C Stringer
Adds random artists to the “your shows” section
How do I make the list *ONLY* artists I want to see? I added many artists to my list, yet somehow there are a bunch of other artists showing in the “your shows” calendar. Some artists that show up randomly and unwanted I have no interest in seeing, others I have never heard of. I hand-selected my own list, and did not allow the app to sync with my music library so this makes no sense. It’s just cluttering my lists. Make it go away, and you’ll have a much better app. Make it so that EVERY show listing also has ticket prices and a quick link to get the full info for the venue (website, phone, & physical address) and you’ll have a 5-star app. Right now it’s hardly even a concert calendar.
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5 months ago, casioGrind
Good intentions, frustrating app
I like what Songkick is trying to do, I support their mission, and I HAVE discovered shows through them. But this app is always frustrating. Every time I open it, I see errors and/or I’m logged out. I don’t think I have EVER opened it and found that I’m still logged in and the main screen loads correctly. And finding the “log in” is always a bit of a challenge, it’s tiny and hidden at the bottom of some screen, I forget which. And once I’m in, all I really want to see is a calendar or list of shows in my city with bands I’m following. That also takes me a few clicks to discover. I want to like Songkick, I really do, please try to fix these issues.
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5 years ago, Danno 03
Great App Except
I love getting notifications about favorite artists, but there is a problem with the search function. You can only pick particular cities/locations to track. However, Songkick returns results from locations more than 100 miles away. For example, I track Wilmington, DE, and Songkick shows me results from Reading, PA and Wilkes-Barre, PA. There needs to be a function that limits the output to a user determined range from the city or from a particular city. I would like to be able to have Songkick only tell about concerts within 75 miles of Wilmington. Right now I get a flood of notifications that are much farther than I want to travel. Add that capability, and this app is 5 stars!
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8 months ago, VivoMed
Great concept, horrible search function
This app is an amazing way to stay on top of which of the artists that you listen to is currently on tour. I get notifications when a tour of my followed artists is announced, and the app automatically updates to include all artists in my Apple Music collection. Unfortunately, it has an inexplicably unusable search engine that rarely seems capable of bringing up artists that I’m looking for, even if they’re possible to fine elsewhere in the app and/or are followed artists. Although not essential to find the app useful, being unable to search for artists that I follow is a fairly egregious defect.
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2 months ago, VaBeach23513
An absolute joke
App keeps updating and obliterating all data with no way to recover unless you do a full wipe and restore of your phone from a prior backup, this is if your information is out of date. However, once your information is setup you have zero capability to verify what you’re registered under or even any ability update it if your information changes. Support is woefully lacking, days on end it takes them to respond if they even respond at all and then they avoid answering critical questions altogether like how do I update my information? Do yourself a favor and find any other app to track your artists, any time you invest in building an artist list on this one will be a complete waste of your time.
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5 years ago, Songkick Trash
Recently I bought a ticket through this app where they provided link to a third party website. I was checking my concert in the app and I found the concert was displeased. Then I realized something went wrong and I checked my event through the third party website where I bought ticket from, suddenly I realized it’s not the same artist!! Their name are similar and confused me!! I don’t know how many people got also confused about this concert, but now the tickets are non-refundable from that website and SongKick claiming they do not take responsibility for any tickets, it’s just terrible... apparently they didn’t check the authority of concert event well when it comes to not that famous artists. Really disappointed. Won’t use it anymore.
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6 years ago, Donutpie
this recent update is horrible! What was once a great app w an easy list of my concert plans has become this nightmare... why ruin a good thing? The cluttered page w the ‘tracked artist’ & a bunch of bands ‘because you might like’ is visually confusing. Plus the font of all the artists are chopped off so it’s unreadable. And the ‘my tracked artists‘ page Is better by comparison but now I can’t easily tell what concerts I have or plan to buy tickets to as I could w the previous version. I used to use this app all the time now I’m having a hard time wanting to continue to use it... Please please please reconfigure to make it great again!
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8 months ago, And "Lat Pack"
Why Can’t You Search Events By Date Range?
Let the customer search for events by calendar date range. Seems like a major use case, right? Wrong. Instead, you can only look day by day. And you have to keep going back out to the calendar to select the next day. Beyond annoying and tedious. Something happened with an update along the way because you def could search by date range before. Not sure if you’re trying to limit your API calls or make the app more performant, but there are better ways to do that without so majorly impacting the user experience. This app used to be good, but now it’s almost unusable. What a bummer.
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7 years ago, Shmerc
My favorite app
There aren’t many apps that have had such an impact on my quality of life and happiness. I don’t check Songkick every day, but when it sends me notifications about concerts that I want to go to I can immediately buy tickets and put the gig in my calendar. I used to stay up to date by checking the websites of the various venues in St Louis when I lived there, which was time consuming. Now that I live in London it’s impossible! That’s why Songkick has been, in my opinion, the best innovation in the app world.
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6 years ago, Russell4564
2 artists confused I think
This app isn’t perfect but I use it as my main source for looking for concerts. Well I was looking for concerts for the dubstep producer “Moth” that heavy deathstep artists. Well it shows up and the picture for the banner looks like something a metal band or someone would use and it says “moth.” Unfortunately the dates listed are not for the dark head banging dubstep producer but for a more relaxed “Moth Story Slam” where people go on stage and read story’s they have written. Almost bought tickets and thank god I didn’t.
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7 years ago, lumpycushy
Been a user for years
I love Songkick. I have been using it since I was a teenager. One of my favorite features on this app is how they let you know the concert dates way in advance, as well as the ticket prices and where to get them. I also like how you are now able to add the show dates to your calendar. All in all, this is a very convenient app and for someone who does not have any social media, it makes it easy to know when my favorite artists will be in town.
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1 year ago, I dont enjoy wasting time
Not all shows listed
For the most part this app has been super useful and I’m very happy with it. However, a couple of the artists i follow on Songkick have shows in my area that are actively being promoted on Facebook by their respective venues, but they aren’t listed in Songkick for some reason. I follow these venues on Songkick, too so I don’t understand why not all of their events are showing up. I think giving users the option to submit their own info about concerts would be a nifty feature.
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5 months ago, Irkfiwntifkahfignfis
Good but could be better
Overall this app is great, I use it all the time to pick which concerts I want to go to. There’s a few frustrating areas though: - I can’t copy the venue address, nor have it open in my maps app. This makes it very annoying for planning and sharing with folks where the concert takes place. - It’s great that I can follow my favorite artists, but there’s no way to favorite a venue. This again is great for planning a night out with folks, and seeing who’s playing nearby at places we love, even if the artist isn’t in our music library. Feels like a missed opportunity. - There’s no clear way to stop tracking an artist. They’re listed as tracked even though I don’t have them in my music library. Perhaps they were at some point, but decided I didn’t want to keep listening to them, and it would be great if I could remove them from showing up on this app
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3 years ago, Kjtheguy
Incredibly Useful
Love the app, very easy to use. Makes finding events for my favorite artist a breeze. Two star demerit because for some reason the app is telling me events are happening in my town but when i got to check the address of the actual venue the location is a whole city over… ~_~ Huge bait n switch as im already excited that my fav artist is in town only to find out theyre not even close. Otherwise, great app!
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6 years ago, read'emandweep
Good but control is too limited
Songkick is good except for their wish to control my life. I have a few groups that I want to track but Songkick wants to alert me of every concert in my city instead. Songkick constantly nags to add new groups. Maybe songkick just isn’t the right app for me. I hope not because with a small addition to the settings it could be perfect. For example, allow tracking specific artists, whereever they are and let me specify alerts for only specified artists. Let me turn OFF Tracking in my local city.
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3 years ago, katherrs
Easily track concerts
I love this app. been using it for years. notifies me when an artist I track is playing near me and gives me options of prices to buy tickets! shows you were the artist will be touring and the price on each website they’re selling their tickets! love it more than any other app to buy tickets or track. use this app if you want to go to see all the people you love!!
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6 years ago, Famous Jockey
Good but not 100% reliable
If there’s a concert that will sell out quickly, don’t rely on this app to notify you. Concerts aren’t really posted until a couple days after they’ve been announced, so I usually find out about the concert before songkick does. My biggest problem is that there’s barely any information about the actual concert. I almost always have to dig through the internet to find out about the age restrictions or seating. If there was a section for the age restrictions, I would give the app 5 stars. However, If your above 21 year’s then I recommend this app.
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4 months ago, FindStoicism
Great concept, decent execution
I like that this app exists and notifies me of upcoming concerts, that’s seriously great. There are a few things that could be improved: I’m getting notifications for live stream concerts, which I’m not interested in, but which I can’t disable. I sometimes get notified twice for the same concert. And the search features for artists often doesn’t have the artist I’m interested in listed there, or sometimes it has duplicates and I’m not sure which is real.
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2 years ago, Vtsaran
Very cool idea but underwhelming database!
I was really excited to try out the app, however, quickly discovered that only a very small subset of concerts is available through Songkit. For example, neither SFJazz nor Stanfor Live programs are featured. I searched for a few artists who had local concerts coming up, but the app said that none were on the artist schedule. I sincerely hope that more sources will be added in the future to make this app really useful. Love other features though, e.g. scanning the music library for favoriteartists, etc. Clean UI as well.
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2 years ago, sebastián.b
Bad functionality is great, needs better location and notification filters
I have several locations set, would like to be able to set one as primary others as “would travel for” this is useful because I live in a medium sized city, then I would like to have notifications work around that so I’m not flooded with notifications and dates for duplicate concert tours at many locations, this would also make app easier to browse
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5 years ago, M.stick
The dreamiest or music apps
I’ve beeen using Songkick for at least 5 years now and it’s never let me down. They give just the right amount of notifications and they know about any old thing or band that’s swinging into town. I love when notifications for a band playing soon comes in at night— there’s nothing better then waking up to a little message that somebody rad is going to be playing sweet jams in your neighborhood soon. 10/10 dog. Forever and always.
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5 years ago, moonshinemonkee2
Love it, super easy to use, buuut...
The only thing I would update is some posts about concerts aren’t accurate. Some of the concerts get cancelled and it would be nice if these posts either get taken down or if you alerted people who might have bought tickets that this has happened. Continuing to have the post up is a bit misleading and if the actual post on Ticketmaster or whatever site didn’t have accurate info could cause problems for future people trying to get tickets to that event.
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7 years ago, Pfreeee
Be the first to know about your favorite bands coming to town
In the past, I always wondered how people found out about awesome concerts and bands playing near me. It was always a mystery. Now, with Songkick, I’ll always be the first to know. It’s amazing. You tell Songkick a few of your favorite bands, and it learns the kind of music you like. Then, when a band that matches your musical tastes plans a concert near you, you get a notification a few months in advance. It really is the best.
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4 years ago, sandman 2216
You guys Rock !!!!
I’m sixty and computer illiterate if not for you folks I wouldn’t know how to follow my favorite bands. I just saw go go’s are playing nearby and James Taylor also. I have cancer And don’t know how long I will be around and before I leave this world I would love to see James Taylor up close and personal. One of my most favorite gutair players ( along w/ C S N Y) so Thank You for doing what you guys do!! God Bless you all. Now I have to see how I can pull this off. Thanks again !!! Patrick
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4 years ago, suburbia711
Going downhill
I used to LOVE Songkick. It did everything I needed and didn’t have extra unnecessary features. Now it’s almost the opposite. It’s always pushing new artists and the app is cluttered. It’s a hassle to find upcoming shows from artists I track (the entire purpose) without being bombarded with annoying suggestions. I get the notification badge when there’s nothing new and other times I don’t get any notification and I find out about a concert from another source. A couple years ago, this was my go to app. I recommended it to people as the only concert app they’ll need. Now I might as well delete it.
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5 years ago, Set head
One of the BEST BANDS OF ALL TIMES!! I’m 63 and would love to see them before I leave this world! Their music inspires me. Brings back the time when music was MUSIC. Makes me laughs and cry. Brings back emotions I thought I had forgotten. KEEP ON ROCKING LADIES ! Maybe one day maybe my daughter will get to see them. If I had the money I’d walk to Alpharetta. But when you’re on disability it’s had to buy groceries must less see the greatest bands around. EVERYONE THAT GOES ROCK ON FOR ME! I’ll feel it! Thank you! Much love to Heart Fans!!!❤️
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4 years ago, Dance lover girl😒
It’s a great app and I used to use it all the time. But it’s only really helpful for people who listen to music genres other than k-pop. They have groups like BTS, Red Velvet, Everglow, ITZY, and Twice and they only have 12 more or so. They’re missing groups like LOONA, NU’EST, SEVENTEEN, APRIL... I was especially disappointed by how they didn’t have CLC or Day6. They didn’t even have K-Pop listed as a genre :( What I’m trying to say is, I hope in the next update they add K-Pop as one of the official genres and more groups/artists, especially since it’s so popular now internationally. Thank you ❥
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3 years ago, wholistenstothisgarbage?
It’s fine ig
This app is great I’m gonna use this app to go to one of my favorite band/group thing and I this app is perfect for finding concert tickets I am a big fan of bts my dad went to one of there concerts and I really wanna go to one although I probably won’t be able to but me and my cousin are obsessed with them and I’ve always wanted to at least me jimin and I hope that one day I will be able to go
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1 year ago, MaeDayGirl
Thank Heavens
This was the answer to my scattered, music-loving brain to stop missing my favorite, especially Indie bands. But, I love ALL music! So,I’m thankful how well this app skillfully notifies me of the perfect (even new to me) bands from all genres based on my quick registration. I actually got teary-eyed just now when I r a very meaningful (to my fam) update because music does unite families! I know I sound corny! I hope you’re laughing. Lol.
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3 years ago, iorr61
Overall, Good With Some Misses
I like the way this app works but you can’t depend on it 100%. It misses shows from significant artists. Looking just now and they have a few dates for Roger Daltrey but are missing a show that’s between two dates they do list. Then, Ringo Starr shows dates with no year, so I had to go elsewhere to see they were next year. A few years back, there was at least one Rolling Stones gig that wasn’t listed. If you keep that in mind, it’s a cool app.
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1 year ago, •Thisnicknameistaken•
New update isn't as efficient.
You used to be able to scroll the entire calendar end to end to forecast shows that were coming through before this new update. Now you have to page through every 2 or 3 days and each time it defaults to your current date which adds more back-tracking and redundancy. It also doesn't include the entirety of a date on a page, so if you aren't careful, you can potentially miss shows because they aren't all listed in the same place. At least include a next page button to reduce the amount of backtracking involved.
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3 months ago, Jasper Stone, Male Model
App reset, forced me to login again and lost all my curated info
I’ll probably been using Songkick for three or four years. I got a notification that one of my tracked artist was playing, but when I open the app it’s like it’s been wiped clean. I’ve been carefully tracking and removing artists & cities for several years at this point, and now everything I had in the app is lost. The app got a complete refresh. The interface isn’t even the same and there’s probably no way I can get back to where I was. It was good while it lasted, I guess.
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5 years ago, ella💓💓👗👗
I love songkick!!
Thank you songkick!! I will continue to recommend this app to every music lover I know. Songkick has helped me find amazing shows I didn’t even know were happening. I found out that all these bands were playing in my area through Songkick: Alvvays, Wallows, Hippo Campus, Bad Suns, Cage the Elephant and so many more!! I always have an amazing time at the shows that Songkick recommends to me based on the music I like and artists I track.
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1 year ago, teenyrobot
Request from super user
Songkick is almost perfect! But as someone who loves live music, I’d love the option to view upcoming concerts if followed artists and those recommended in a monthly calendar view, it would be great to easily see which concerts might conflict or busy weeks for shows. I’d love to see the monthly, tag what I have tickets to and sync to a Songkick calendar in my iCal to share with friends. Thank you for considering my suggestion!
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7 months ago, meeeeeereeeere
One of my best apps
This app is amazing. I have gone to more concerts in the last 2 years than the previous 10 years thanks to Songkick. It notifies me when my artists are touring and you can set multiple cities you’re willing to go to in order to see them. Then it has a link to buy the ticket too - it’s gotten me back into the concert scene and I’m loving it!
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2 years ago, Matty2254
I always used to check other websites and apps on days when I thought I might be off for what shows were coming up. But I always felt like I was missing my favorite bands. The integration of my current favorite artists is amazing and I’ve had this app for about 23 minutes. Can’t wait to never miss another one of my favorite shows!
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6 years ago, FranklinPanda
Search by venues in a location
Hi there, This app is terrific. The one killer search-option would be to search by venue in a city or state. This would help cut down searching or saving by band and provide another quick way to not miss shows. Also - many folks prefer one venue over another space location seating etc and this could help boost more people searching the app and converting the consumer.
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1 month ago, UpChuckall ova my face
Best app Eva forever Eva forever
The only way I could be a better player than you are right there right here in front you know what I’m saying and I’m just gonna be a good person I can do whatever you need and you can always come over here to play and I will come and get it and you know I will be here for a little while I don’t care about you
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6 years ago, Ed N.H.
Best idea ever for an app!
This is the greatest app for any music lover who likes to catch live music. It’s hard to track every band you’re into. And I’ve caught shows I wouldn’t have known about without Songkick. Shows that I am glad I didn’t miss. It’ll scan bands in your playlist and search for events. Plus with notifications you get surprises daily on upcoming shows to look forward to.. High high praise for Songkick!!! -Ed N.H.
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6 years ago, spenny103
Howard Jones
Was an incredible performance We were all amazed at his quality of song and play. Truly a treat and blast from the past when I saw him last in 1985 at Park West. His last two songs effected me profoundly as I was about to commit adultery after 26 years of marriage. Tomorrow I was going to do it and now I am not thanx to Howard and his music. Thank you Howard for Sharing your life with people you don’t even know.
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10 months ago, TeddyBass
Good app, logs you out constantly
The service and the app are good. I’m into hyper local shows, and it catches some. For others it aliases the names to other bands with the same name elsewhere, but that’s acceptable. What’s not acceptable is that the app logs you out all the time. I have alerts set for new concerts, but every week I click on an alert it gives me a dead end page asking me to list my location, etc. Then you find it logged you out. There is absolutely no reason a mobile app should log you out without your consent more than once every few months at most. There isn’t even sensitive information that could be compromised. It makes zero sense. Hence there are competitor apps that are much less of a hassle that are worth checking out for local shows.
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