SongPop Classic - Music Trivia

4.7 (61.9K)
213.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
FreshPlanet Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for SongPop Classic - Music Trivia

4.68 out of 5
61.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Cjsimplyscraps
Used to be a great game til they made it all about money
I’ve been playing this game since this one started and the original years before that. It can be a great game other than throwing french or other songs not from your country in the mix and screwing up the whole game. You tell them where you live so that they can cater your playlists and opponents to your country and then they throw these other songs into the mix that a lot of times are not even your language. It makes no sense. The worst now though is the last update they took away just about everything from the original game so there is no free game. You have to be vip which is a monthly charge. Don’t even sign up unless you want to pay because these gameowners are all about money and if you don’t pay and play the free game you are playing against the paying vip’s so the scales are always tipped in their favor. So sad the owners got so greedy and ruined this game😢
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2 months ago, AR8299
Some Suggestions
Update 4/4/24: loving the new badge page! So much easier to navigate now. Well done! 🌟🎉 This is one of my favorite apps ever, been playing since it came out. With that being said, there are some issues that get more annoying over time. When an old list you’re so close to mastering (or have already mastered) becomes a list you can now master for a badge, it makes you reset your progress!! So all that playing was a complete waste of time. I’m getting tired of resetting a list just to get a badge. I already put in all of the work to master it. If it’s already mastered, we should automatically be awarded the badge since it’s already completed. I never got the point of resetting it. Resetting should be an option if the player wants to voluntarily replay the list from start to finish. Please fix the page that shows our badges. Every time I click on a genre to see if I need to level up, when I go back to the main badge screen, it takes me to the very top of the screen. I then have to scroll through all of the achievement badges again (70 of them!!). It’s VERY annoying to constantly scroll past them since they’re at the very top of the page. I would suggest making the achievement badges a separate tab, not all on one screen.
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1 year ago, nikk130
Boring Now, Cheap and Money Hungry makes for a poor experience
It’s become quite pointless to play; at no point in time has a song playing app ever been or will ever be worth the price they keep trying to charge for their monthly VIP ‘Membership’. The tight 30 person opponent limit, inability to master playlists quickly and efficiently unless you get all 5 songs in a row right every time (which is obviously impossible), now they’ve made the party mode disappear so you can only enter after you’ve played opponents, the ridiculous amount of ads, begging you to buy a monthly VIP Membership and trying to force you to download whatever this party app thing is they have going on when they can’t even make playing the original worthwhile; this App is PAINFUL to use and play. Haven’t even fixed basic bugs in years such as actually playing a playlist when you watch and AD instead of tricking you into watching it for nothing in return but you’re wasted time and not ordering your mastered playlists so they’re at the top meaning the more you master the longer you have to scroll to get to the rest of them (is this not common sense bad programming??) At this point I solely play out of familiarity and extreme boredom. If anything else changes/gets worse yet AGAIN I’ll be gone ✌️
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3 years ago, BecGoz
Bots, bots, bots
I loved this game for years but it’s really ridiculous the amount of bots that are plotted against you in party play. I took screenshots of players in a round, final round scores, and then the total scores page. The bots scores rarely changed once they secured the top positions in the tournament and only changing to stay ahead of you or nudging you out of 1st place. WHY?!?! I pay for VIP, I log in every single day for months on end, and I think it’s crappy you want more money for what? Nothing tangible so why spend more? And the new VIP is ridiculously expensive and I’m not really keen on paying that when in actuality there’s no real tangible prizes etc. I understand your business is about making money but when it becomes greedy and shifts away from customer satisfaction and enjoyment that’s when I bow out. It’s super shady to have the bot players like you do. Forcing you to spend money or save up tickets and power ups etc for literally months on end to try and win a tournament but you can’t win against the bots anymore it’s gotten out of control. I see all the complaints and tons of boards full on other apps etc.. maybe focus back on the customers that made you the money before you lose them..
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2 years ago, lalajobo421
Glitchy even with PAID ACCOUNT
I have played songpop off and on over their decade of existing. This most recent time (2022) I downloaded, i decided to pay $5 to not have ads etc. Shortly after that, they raised the regular pay price to $10 and reduced the VIP price to $10. Now it’s all even ground, either you don’t pay and get saddled with ads, or you DO pay and get none. Seems to be the only perk. BUT The rewards system for winning a party is all screwy now, as in, it doesn’t work for the stars. If you actually figure out how to contact customer service, they need screenshots of issues and will say they’ve fixed this or that, and they don’t. I have been writing down any game achievements just so I can keep track of their mistakes. I was offered to continue to pay $5 until Sept and accepted it before the “upgrade” so I’ll keep it until then. But i’ll likely go back to not paying bc it is sadly not worth the cost. Judging from other reviewers, by then the ads will likely be as annoying as can be, and you’ll have zero patience for it. Song Pop is a fun and addictive game, it’s a shame their greed, game stability, and poor customer service is ruining it for regular users.
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3 years ago, Scremped
3 Stars but two fixes will bring me back to 5
I have to say I am rather disappointed to see the change in the point system that recently took place. Before if I guessed all 5 songs in my game I earned 17 points. Now I only earn 11. As a result it takes 9 players with full answers to earn 99 points. Before I was able to reach 100 points for every 6 games. Why would you change that? Please adjust that back. Or even better allow us to earn 20 points so I can knock out playlists quicker And please please PLEASE fix the glitch that sometimes occurs when you select to view an add while collecting the monthly pass rewards. If I have to sit through another repetitive ad please make it so I can click the X every time. On occasion it will become a play button and there’s no way to get back to the game without closing/reopening. Also if the 15 is seconds just let it be 15 seconds. Why penalize us with an additional 15 seconds because the company who made the ad can’t figure an additional 15 seconds of copy? That’s on them and you. Not us.
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1 year ago, Luckydog65
App Allows Users to Sell Porn! (Reported 3x)
I have reported SongPop Classic user name: vansarah322 (Sarah V.) 3x since Friday, May 12, 2023 for offering to sell me as she describes it “my nude videos”. My wife andI thought I was being “pranked”, so we responded that we would not be inclined to purchase such material without knowing what would be sent. To our astonishment, she sent not 1, not 2, but 3 nude photos from every angle. My wife and I were stunned because in 3 years of safe use, SongPop has always seemed to be pretty “G-Rated” … so we immediately tried to go thru SongPop Classics button to “REPORT USER” as there are lots of teenagers who use this app! It has now been 4 days AND COUNTING with NO ACTION from the developers while this user vansarah322 still has an active profile on SongPop despite the fact that her chat and photos are still visible to the folks at SongPop Classic to verify, yet they choose to do nothing to ban her current account or her IP address from setting up future accounts under fake names. Please consider carefully the inappropriate ADULT material the developers are allowing to be sent within the SongPop Classic app before allowing your teenagers to use SongPop Classic. Best wishes!
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5 years ago, Rach249
Change is good
I was playing on song pop when the ad for song pop 2 came up and I wanted to try it. I absolutely LOVE all the new features in the new one. Like: see the percentage until you can unlock more songs, party feature, and just the appearance overall. Love the original song pop app, but I love this one even more. Also gotta say the party feature is my favorite bc I love you can guess so many more songs, compete with more people, and play at any time. So much love for this app. One complaint is when you would finish your turn you could see the songs put in an envelope and whoosh away, and now when I'm done all I see are ads. I liked seeing it whoosh away, I understand the app needs to have ads, but could they show up every time I finish my turn because it's getting annoying af. Other than that, all time favorite app. Another complaint I have is now the mastery streak boost is only for those who have VIP. I had almost gotten all five and had to lose it bc I didn’t have VIP. So I just think the boost shouldn’t be restricted to only VIPs
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1 year ago, strawberrystarfaerie
Used to be fun before this update
Update: SongPop manually linked my accounts together, so I’m happy. I give it 5 stars now I loved this game so much that I paid to be SongPop Plus, but this update completely changed it. I can no longer play parties unless I connect to the regular SongPop. This is bad, because I like to do the missions and a lot of them require parties. So I downloaded the regular SongPop even though I didn’t want to. It requires me to link the accounts, so I try to do that and it won’t let me! There are some serious bugs that are preventing me to link the accounts together. I hope they fix this or I will stop paying for Song Pop Plus starting this next month. I will update my rating once fixed.
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4 years ago, 12349642268
Love, Love, Love this game, HATE THE ADS!
I haven’t played this game in over a year or two and I use to love it and play all the time because I am such a huge music buff so I saw it as a suggested download and thought oh yeah I liked this and started playing and within 2.5 seconds of playing I literally was like this is got to be a joke of some sort because literally LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO IS FOLLOWED IMMEDIATELY BY AN AD !!! I became so overwhelming frustrated that in the midst of playing against an opponent I was like For What? Like why is this so important or fun that I’m taking the limited time out of my day to sit and relax and enjoy something and have to watch ad after ad after ad after ad every time you do anything and I realize nowadays it’s like you except and know that 99% of anything usually is going to come with ads and it’s frustrating but not usually so overly bombarded by the ads that you literally just say despite liking and using the app you would rather delete it and keep it moving and find a similar app to this and more than likely not be consumed by the ads like that and believe me for every one app now there is 20 of the same nature or kind.
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6 years ago, PercyGirl2
Great Game Horrible Customer Support
Like many others I love the game & its offerings. After 6 weeks of playing however I had issues with not getting Daily Bonuses for the end of the 6th week. Instead it started my Daily Bonus with Day one Week one with no explanation. The same weekend I bought 3 packs of tickets & on the last one it didn’t give me the tickets. I contacted Customer Service about these issues. They responded with an e-mail saying they would address my concerns ASAP, but I never heard another word. So I contacted them again & they never acknowledged it or responded in any way. Their Customer Support is non existent & after reading all the negative feedback on trying to cancel VIP STATUS, I’m concerned that might be an issue eventually too. The VIP cost is too high for what you get too. I would like them to work on their Customer Service & come up with more 60’s categories. How about Psychedelic 60’s or Flower Power 60’s Contests for 60’s Badge holders.
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4 years ago, trinityj511
I love the app but
The app has any type of music that you’d want. They don’t have some artists like Nick Jonas, they have the Jonas Brothers with some of his music. Do you guys really think it’s necessary to have an AD at the end of every time you go against someone? It gets really annoying, that’s why I keep quitting and joining back again. I think you guys should fix the ads problem. We shouldn’t have this many ads I’m sick of skipping over them! I also had an older guy like mid 40’s and comment about my profile picture saying “nice tongue” But you can play with famous Tik Tokers but I feel like they get vip for free since they’re famous but the price to buy vip is good! You should not have this many ads it gets very annoying and I haven’t saw it gotten fixed yet when I first joined like 2 years ago there was never this many ads it was like 3-4 games and then get an ad now it’s every game then to buy to not have ads is extremely annoying I’m sure you get enough money anyways
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1 year ago, Monkeygrace04
Lots of bugs
I really enjoyed this app for the longest time and I uninstalled it for a while, but then I got it back again because I missed playing it. When I got it back they had new updates that I hate. I can’t play party mode until I’ve played back every opponent, and there’s an ad in between every single opponent (which had been a thing before, but it’s still frustrating because the ads glitch half the time and I have to completely quit the app and get back in just for it to load correctly). It also keeps glitching and I’ll have clicked the song I’m guessing, and it will show I’ve guessed it correctly or incorrectly, but then the song will keep playing and it won’t start the next song right away, then it makes my guessing time way higher than it was just because the screen froze. It has done this way too many times. Please fix this
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5 years ago, Suzrocks007
Money hungry game
I have been a loyal player for years, everyday. I don’t have VIP and can not afford to buy it. They have decided to go all in on VIP which means us regular players are punished. I have lost hard earned mastery streak bonuses. You now only get 6 lousy points for all 5 right instead of 12. The game has been making a big push or VIP and it all seems they just want your money. They’ve ruined on of my favorite games and I won’t play as much. What’s the purpose of you barley make progress. I hope they realize this and return some of the old benefits to us non VIP’s. Is a shame that they've gotten greedy and money hungry. Also to take away VIP rewards from a day and 2 days every 2 weeks to just 30 minutes...shameful. I hope they make some real changes and realize how greedy they have become. Losing a solid player. I have lost ALL interest in this game. Being screwed over for money is shameful...this is a money hungry, money grubbing game. SHAMEFUL. I considered getting VIP but now I’ll not give this game one cent of my money...
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5 years ago, wxclone
Fun, but...
I love SongPop..been playing for years. That said, the new update is disappointing to say the least. For us non-VIP players, we used to get 1 and 2 days of VIP every two weeks for consistent login/ it’s 30 minutes?! How does decreasing VIP time encourage us to want to buy VIP? When we get a chance to experience it for a day or two, it’s more likely that we realize it’s fun and a nice bonus and maybe worth spending $ on. When we get it for 30 minutes we get next to nothing out of it...and that’s if we can play at that moment and take advantage of the 30 minutes. You really screwed that up guys! And 15 minutes of 2x coins?! What’s the point? I have more coins than I can possibly ever spend as it is...they're only good for buying playlists...which take forever to master...because I’m not VIP...because it’s a gouge at $5/month. If it was a flat one-time fee, I’d be way more likely to purchase. $60/year is ridiculous...I’ll stick to the obnoxious ads.
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6 years ago, Faub0831
Forced fast play & Ads ruin a great game!
Absolutely NO to the new forced Fast Play. I’ve loved & stuck with this game from the beginning through terrible changes, tolerated them because it was still fun to play. The addition of the ads in between rounds reduced the frequency & length of my game play sessions considerably because it was so annoying and I’m not willing to pay $4.99 every month for VIP. This change to forced fast play is a deal breaker. I’m ready to totally jump ship. Previous review: I had been playing SongPop daily for years until this latest update. I loved the game; it's awesome! I paid a one-time fee right after I originally downloaded it to get rid of the ads. Now the ads are back---in between EVERY SINGLE MATCH & completely ruin the game. This is not the way to reward long time players who have been playing your game since it came out! No way I am going to pay $4.99 a month to play without ads even though I used to buy VIP occasionally. Bad move SongPop!
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4 years ago, Lizs3983
Daily VIP player
This is my favorite app. It’s turned me on to lots of different songs and artists. I have also met some cool friends/players after playing for so long. I do have a few complaints about it. First, for about a month now I haven’t been able to add music to my Apple playlist. When I try to add a song, it freezes up and I have to swipe out of the app. This is one of the main reasons I have Apple Music because of the ease of adding songs straight from Songpop. Second, you need to have ways to earn tickets. It takes forever to save them up to even have a shot of getting any sort of prize. Lastly, when I’m scrolling through the playlists to purchase one, if I scroll too fast-it will close out of the app. It’s done that with multiple phones over the years. Please please fix these bugs and bring back songpop live!
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1 year ago, D cnj
I have been playing this game for yours; I’m a plus subscriber and I can’t tell you upset I am since the new changes. Why do I have to open a new app when I didn’t ask for this change. Why are you forcing us to download your new app and if I can’t parties?! No more parties means some daily missions wont be completed. I’m sorry but I WILL NOT download it. Your game is my most favorite; it’s the #1 game in my games folder on my phone but I will cancel my Plus subscription if you don’t restore classic back to the game we love. You’re ruining your game by being greedy! Instead of gaining money, you’re gonna be a losing a lot of money if you don’t restore, classic song clock immediately. you certainly won’t be getting my money anymore. You have one week to change things or I’m deleting my membership.
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2 years ago, JordiPop37
Used to be great & I am a 10 year player!
Update *now the subscription price has changed to $10 per month for basically the same features as what we had with the $5 subscription. Sad to say this but I will not be paying $10 per month. SP you lost another valued customer that would have likely continued to pay $5 per month for years to come. ✌🏼 I’ve been playing SongPop for 10 years now. The game used to be fun up until last month (April 2022). They introduced an unrealistic monthly mission and “expert” missions which you literally have to be able to crank out mastering a playlist in less than 2 hours straight as soon as it is released to get anywhere close to the top rankings. From March vs April, I got the same exact score (placing 7th in March and 153rd in April). Thanks a lot SongPop for taking all the fun out of this game. I am VIP but considering dropping VIP and deleting the game. It’s more of a chore now and not fun. All they want is your time and money.
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4 years ago, emmaaa🌺
Almost Perfect (but one BIG dilemma)
I LOVE this game! I’ve been addicted to it for about two weeks now. The only problem, which is kind of a big one, is that it is VERY difficult to earn tickets needed to play Party Rounds. I love Party Rounds but I always end up spending too much money and have to quit. I wish there was an easier way to earn tickets. Perhaps a daily allowance? It’s very frustrating to now be able to work your way up the leaderboard and especially after you wait a few days to come back and it’s still at 0-1 tickets from the last time. It’s like I can’t build them up. If you guys could help with a new feature or something, that would be very cool!
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2 years ago, Zah1324
Don’t do it despite the ratings. Look at the dates of the ratings.
This used to be a fun, fair game. I’ve played off and on for almost 10 years. I loved interacting with people about music, and the game, and finding new fb friends. But now they have more scammers than they do real people. This was not how it was, and it’s embarrassing because I’ve told friends to play this, and they’re constantly harassed by people who are those “can I have a hundred dollars worth of iTune cards” people. And SongPop doesn’t do anything about it. You block and report them, and 5 more turn up in a day. The party mode is fun, but it’s a scam too. They put these robot things in there so you’ll be tempted to pay for power ups. Don’t do it. You can’t win. Now they’re going from 4.99 a month to 9.99 a month. And it’s more like a job than a game. You wake up to this list of things you have to accomplish to get anything. But then you get all the way through, and you get nothing at all. I’d say play for free, but the ads will drive you crazy. Just don’t ever start, and you won’t miss it. I do not recommend this to anyone. If more people quit, or just didn’t play, they might do something to fix these problems. It was good, and they could make it that way again (and still make money). But they won’t because they’re doubling their money, and scamming people.
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5 years ago, SkySensei
Great fun!
Super fun app and extremely addictive especially for music lovers! Pair it with Apple Music to build awesome playlists out of songs you’ve long forgotten about but still love! My only complaints are the obnoxiously long splash / intro screens and the overuse of cutesy animations - i just want to get in, play and get out! Also the developers are WAY too pushy about participating in “parties” which personally I don’t care much about (I have other things to do in my life than dir around all day and play this!) but overall this is really really fun. VIP is worth paying for (which is a nice way if saying that the “free play” as a “guest” is so badly hobbled / crippled as to make it annoying enough to actually make one want to pay for the upgrade, but I don’t regret it either since the songs are great and the game really is addictive!)
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6 years ago, DaydreamNation81
Version 2.9.3 Denied Access To My Profile
Since Songpop added ads and the “VIP” option as ways to generate revenue, this app’s slowly become complete garbage. You’d think since they’re price gouging in any way possible the app would’ve improved, but nope; if anything, it glitches even more and issues with loading songs happens even more than before. The only reason I kept playing was I met some great people via this app, and I was able to chat with them for free (at least ‘til they start to charge that). But this most recent update denies me access to my email profile, so now all my games that I’ve played for years are essentially locked. When I caved and tried to login via Facebook, what I thought would happen happened: still can’t access my previous profile and Songpop is sharing my social media data as I prefer apps not to do. It’s sad cuz this app went from being an apps to bring music fans together in a fun way to basically being a cash grab.
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4 years ago, KeylaLandry
Greed has ruined this game
During the beginning of quarantine I downloaded this game to pass the time because I loved music & love competing with other people about song knowledge. I even started paying for VIP because I played it so often to be able to play any playlist of my choosing against other players among getting rid of the annoying ads. I logged back in today after 3 months of not playing and noticed they had a new “diamond VIP” and had basically screwed any other player who doesn’t have it. Before you could watch as many ads per day to get as many tickets you wanted, they have now limited it to 5 per day. You get an annoying pop up every time you log in telling you to sign for diamond VIP which is $20 dollars a month??! I’m going to end up canceling my VIP status and just deleting the app. It’s not worth it if you don’t upgrade to diamond vip anymore.
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3 years ago, Cravitz131
Love to be able to have opponents last playlist under my last one or be able to cancel.
I have been playing this for quite some time. I love guessing the songs. I don’t care if I win or lose I learn a lot of songs. The only thing I wish if they could somehow add the last playlist your opponent played in the list of playlists to choose from like under the last playlist you played. Many times opponents ask to help them with their playlist but I go to next screen too fast and forget which one they played last. It would just make life easier if their last playlist was one of the choices. Thx.
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12 months ago, budsprcialist
Yes it was a great game but lately I spend more time uninstalling & reinstalling the app, than playing. Every time I open the app it’s just blank so I have to do the uninstalling installing process all day long. It’s taken the fun out of the game. Another week and yes I’m still uninstalling & installing the game to play it. Every time I go to open the app. I get a blank screen so for the 300th download the game isn’t even fun any longer. How sad 😢 one star is too much at this point. Update are done but my problem remains. For some reason it opens as a blank page and I’m still uninstalling & reinstalling to play several times a day. Please fix this. I’m still stalling & installing the game every day to play. Fix the problem Months later, nothing has changed. I'm still uninstalling & reinstalling this app or it doesn't work. Soon I'll uninstall it for good.
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4 years ago, JosephDuuude
Great But Outdated
In my opinion Songpop 2 is one of the best music games of all time, alongside Geometry Dash and Osu! and Guitar Hero. The design is great, the concept is great, the mechanics and difficulty are well balanced. And so in 2017 I would have given it a 5. However in the past three years all they’ve really done is continue to add repetitive albums. They recycle the same party playlists, there are no interesting events, half of my opponents are surely bots as they refuse to try to attract new players or maintain their player base. And so the enjoyment of playing Songpop has dwindled drastically. I think there are so many outdated playlists and buggy interface issues the developer would be better off creating a Songpop 3 than trying to invigorate 2 with a big update and some ads. Really want something like what Songpop was in 2017 to come around though.
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1 year ago, KidEli23
Good game
It’s a decent game but here are my critiques 1. Missions- Why are some of the missions behind the VIP paywall. Why show me the mission if I get no reward for completing . 2. Matchmaking- Can we get music compatibility matchmaking or genre based matchmaking. I’m tired of challenging or getting challenged by someone and praying we have the same taste in music. 3. Game Modes- The new game modes you added essentially told us all to download Songpop 3. I feel like bring Tuneology, Live Matches, Tournaments game modes to Songpop Classic is better. In SongPop 3 everything is behind a level wall. You have to grind or pay to interact with other players. 4. This isn’t really a critique but how about a co-op mode similar to the mode you have in Songpop Party. Where we can team up and play with our friends against other opponents.
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3 years ago, Brino G
Disappointed SP player
Taking away unlimited tix was extremely wrong I only play 2 tournaments a week now & I’m playing other games that offer cash incentives. The only reason I haven’t given this game up is because I have a lot of of FB friends. People who have been playing this game since it began. Should not be penalized & if the creator of this game is taking this feedback. You’ll notice the veterans are not the ones buying into Your “diamond rewards” on SP Addicts we laugh at your disrespect towards long time players & the only money we spend is on VIP. BTW these other games are paying for my VIP status & pocket money. Shame on you.
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3 years ago, paradigm-shift
Insane Micro-Transaction Charges
I like Songpop, and have been playing it consistently for over two years now. It’s a fun little music guessing game, and it’s a great way to pass the time or find/rediscover music. However, their micro transactions are crazy. I have been a regular monthly subscriber for over a year and, despite that loyalty, they still charge you if you miss a day and lose your login streak. $1.99 to continue a streak the first time. $4.99 for subsequent continuation “revivals.” This all on top of a $4.99/mo subscription. You can, of course, play without micro transactions. However, when attempting to “master” playlists—successfully guessing several thousand songs correctly against opponents—you receive a massive boon for being a subscriber. Up to the tune of an additional +6 guess points for being a loyal VIP member for 6+ months. Without it, you can be stuck on a playlist for MONTHS because only guess-chains of 3 in a row count toward your mastery bar. As you can see, the P2W is real. I would be fine with this game, and highly recommend it to music lovers, if it weren’t so blatantly trying to be a cash grab scheme. However, because subscribers really don’t get any perks beyond mastering playlists faster, I cannot give this game more than a two-star review.
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5 years ago, Beatle Dave
VIP being interrupted...EVERY MONTH!
I love the game. Unfortunately, the people who run the app can’t get their act together in terms of uninterrupted VIP play. I am set up for automatic renewal, yet I find my ability to enjoy my VIP status because every month, without warning, my status is revoked. Even though it shows I am still listed as a VIP, my categories are relegated to non-VIP status. Then when I bring it to their attention, they make me go through the same hurdles every time. Shouldn’t they have a system in place where they check subscriptions to see if they’ve been renewed before revoking the status without forewarning the subscriber? As I stated at the beginning, I love this game. I just wish the people in charge would not make it so difficult to enjoy it uninterrupted! If not for this major inconvenience I would have given it a higher rating.
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4 years ago, Ricardodinero
Originally I had part 1 of this game installed (not sure if this one is really even related). I hadn’t played in a long time. When I recently revisited in quarantine, I found out that part 1 is now unsupported/dead, so I downloaded this app “SongPop 2” . This could be a good game. The problem is this “free” game is hard to get through. Get ready for CONSTANT ads that you oftentimes can’t quit after watching your “10 second” requirement. And the ads are AWFUL!!!! Loud shrill ads for stupid games you wouldn’t believe were actually real. Over, and over, and overrrr again... You’ll have 30 seconds of game play, followed by minutes long ads. Unfortunately there’s no “flat rate” to purchase this app without these ads. If you do take the “pay to play” option, there is a monthly and/or other fees for ad ons. Ruins what could be an otherwise fun game. ☹️
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5 years ago, Izzy11TheBest
OMG So Good
This game has given me the knowledge of more songs! I’m 11 and don’t know a lot of older songs, but now I do because of this awesome app! You get to use the stickers on your messaging, which is AMAZING! You get to interact with people, without being unsafe. Things like Snapchat, Kik, insta, Twitter, and other social media’s are very, very unsafe, but in this app you can interact with people without having the chance of getting in real trouble, or someone making you feel real uncomfortable. What I’m trying to say is that get the app it’s great to learn some songs, and , most of all, you can use there stickers to add on to your texts! Thanks for listening, Isabelle (A.K.A Izzy🥰💙❤️)
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2 years ago, crabtree66
Song Pop 2 Review
I have really enjoyed progressing with each playlist I have mastered. I especially enjoyed using or paying for the special offer back in December/January for unlimited power ups (for 100 dollars). I believe and request that you make this offer available monthly! I also enjoy the Xtra missions etc that are offered monthly. I have heard rumors that you might be shutting down Song Pop 2 and going strictly with Song Pop 3. I beg of you not to do that. I have played 3 but really don’t like it. Please keep 2 up and running. I’m also a black VIP member. Thanks for the opportunity to share this review!
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6 years ago, TheAngryRedGrape42
Almost perfect...
There is finally a Shawn Mendes playlist to replace the "Shawn's Picks" playlist, which is really nice to see. However, so many "Live", "Unplugged", and "Acoustic" versions of his songs as well as remixes of his songs are included. It is especially annoying when the recording is just an improvised beat at a live performance or just fans screaming, which makes it impossible to figure out what the song is. It would be so much better if his playlist included only the original versions of his songs. Also, an option to create your own private playlist by putting together your favorite songs to challenge people with would be great. Other than that, this app has improved a lot and is super addictive.
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2 years ago, Lost Out
Lost everything
App went pure blue. Tried to reinstall it and lost all my hard work. I would really like it if someone at the app could contact me. I was a paid subscriber. Edit* Been emailing with a Regine who is asking I tell her exactly what my scores have been, my ticket count, coins or power ups. Mind you I played the game for years and pay no mind to those as I play for the songs, not levels and marks. I have received a top 80s music achievement. And I’ve listed song albums in my collection and yet I’m not allowed access to my account. I just want to create a new password and enjoy my game. Paid subscriber and feel like I’m being thieves from. Customer service is a joke. Bye my old friend, it’s been fun. Many more apps to start choosing from.
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6 years ago, desiraeenicole
This game isn’t worth it!!!! It’s one of those games that seem fun at first but have too many ads and it’s like every thing you might want to do in the game costs money. I stopped playing the game in October 2017 and I just found out that I’ve still been charged $5 VIP EVERY MONTH!!! I don’t even know how that happened and when I go to cancel my subscriptions in my settings, it says it’s already expired so there’s no reason why I should still be getting charged!! I’ve tried to look online and see where/who I can contact about this problem but the only thing I seem to come across is that because it is an app that is not billed through Apple, there is basically not much I can do. I am very upset and this game was not worth it. Be careful when you guys put your credit card info in games because it’ll say that they’ll notify you when they charge you but they won’t!!
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3 years ago, Nickka8809
gameplay is alright i guess. ads are over bearing and half the time they don’t even work and freeze the game. ever since downloading the game, my phone does all kinds of things on its own as in opening apps and basically manually doing things while it’s not being touched. ever since deleting it my phone seems to be fine. ya know with all the money you require people pay to even enjoy the game you should have better security features. not saying my phone was hacked but it’s weird how it stopped once the app was off my phone. probably something to do with the fact random people can start a game with you from anywhere around the world at anytime. idk i would find something better to do with my time than risk my privacy. ALSO WONT LET YOU TURN OFF LOCATION AT ALL. toggles it back on. do not download this app! ITS A SCAM
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4 years ago, Yankee ICUDoc
Where do they get their rankings from??
Overall the game is addictive but there is one question that makes the game so frustrating to play. Their “rankings” and “ratings” of what is a “Classic” or “Top 500”. They pick the most obscure songs and list them as “Certified Classics”. Most of them are so obscure and it ruins the desire to play the game. You get a category that you think you should know well and the songs included never charted, some never were released as singles or got any airplay. I have gone further to see if some of the obscure ones ever showed up in concert playlists for that artist!! It really ruins the play when the categories are so wrong. Put something like “obscure hits” if you want to include those songs. But keep them out of “Top 5 of 78” when the song never charted!!
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6 years ago, Tee134
Put game mode back in
Since update there is no option to keep in regular mode . It is in fast play . I find it hard to play in this mode . Seems to me you are making this game for the younger generation and forgetting about the people who have been playing since the beginning . And that’s me the older generation . The playlists are being considered on them and not us . I understand you want to get more people playing and that good but don’t forget who got you where you are today . If the option of what mode to play is not brought back I will be deleting my VIP along with deleting the game .
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6 years ago, Ilovestarco
30 vip minutes every week?!?!
I looked at the daily bonus and now at the end of the week you guys made it 30 mins v.i.p.??? I hate this so much. 30 mins does not give enough time to master, add more opponents, with no Ads running every game. You guys really only care about money and not the loyal players bc my streak bonus is gone since i don't wanna pay for vip. This update is not a happy merry christmas update. 30 mins? 30 mins?? Give me back my streak and my 24 hr v.i.p. This game use to be so much fun! I enjoy my opponents with same music taste as me and my 24 hr free vip. Now its 30 min vip every 7 days? What if I don't wanna use 30 min at that moment. The daily bonuses are actually really lame. 15 mins for coin boosters; really?! Have to watch more ads for more tickets? We non vip get enough of ads. Plus my streaks are gone?! It's becoming a kim K hollywood where the only time you can advance is through money. shame it was fun
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4 years ago, venniethedj
VIP or nothing
Basically, you are punished for not having VIP.. It's one thing to get non stop ads, it's a whole nuther thing To have ads pop up that won't close... Even when you accept and go to the download stage of that product just to even dismiss it. I would say to everybody>>> dont support the ads that are on here. If you think you like a game, just go directly to the store to download it. And customer service on here? It's never existed.. The entities that own this game are simply about the money and making more of it. They have enough people on here that don't mind paying the five bucks a month. And not having customer service?.. It's never existed here in the several years I've been on & off. That they don't need to address anybody's whining. They have plenty of players who just shut up and pay the $5.
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6 years ago, Grits Pölsa
Was a lot better before update
The free game used to be fun. Played it since it came out. I didn’t miss any days and had gained ”streak bonuses” and also good daily prizes. Songpop rewarded my longevity by updating their app to take those things away from me unless I purchased a VIP membership. People I play against would purchase “power ups” to beat me. I played multiple times a day. Now I have no incentive to play daily. I usually play once a day and I do not click on any ads to obtain the double daily bonus or choose a different play list. I may not play at all as I have no incentive. It is wrong to let customers play a certain way since inception and then just change it to make more money. You are losing revenue from power up purchases of people I used to play several times a day. I know you don’t care, but I want to share my thoughts on your business model.
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6 years ago, StereooeretS
Freezing and lock up issues during low battery
I love this game and my wife plays this game all the time too and has experienced these issues more than I have. The locking up and freezing up occurs a lot during the low power and low battery on my iPhone 6s Plus and this has started back a few months ago and seems to be getting worse as time goes on. During normal play it doesn’t seem to be effected in a casual play style, however, as soon as it comes to a party or new play list that has come out it the freezing and lock ups occur like it is invoking some sort of extreme prejudice against my phone. Please if you could find the time to look into this issue and resolve this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Galoopagirl
It’s ok
I’ve been playing this pretty much since it came out. I love music and it was a nice way to see how much music I really know. No other music trivia app can really compare to this. However, there are a bunch of issues. So many songs are improperly categorized (how can one song be both hard rock and soft pop?). VIP is ridiculously expensive. Recently, the songs have continued playing even after a choice has been picked, so there’s no silence in between songs, which makes it very hard to transition and nearly impossible to play. I don’t know if that is the new update or what, but it would be really nice if it could go back to the way it was, where songs would stop and have a second of silence in between them. I would play it a lot more then.
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6 years ago, hensstep
Don’t play if you’re not willing to pay!
You get rewards for playing every day without missing a day. So, ignoring the CONSTANT harassment to pay for “VIP” status, I played every day for six months. Earning a special extra point for getting several correct answers in a row once a month, you might actually get through an entire category once in a while. (I got one in those 6 months!) At the end of those six months, after enduring never-ending ads and solicitations for their VIP status, I got to the 6 month bonus day. Guess what I got? An offer to give me the reward IF I bought the VIP ($4.99 a month). Since I declined the VIP purchase, they not only refused me the reward, they took away all the ones I had earned over the previous 5 months. I enjoyed the game, but that was the last straw for me. I’m done with them! I think their business practices just stink!
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3 years ago, centuries
Unbearable amount of ads
The actual game itself is awesome but they've steadily gotten greedier over the past couple years. They push the overpriced subscription on you by forcing so many ads down your throat. There's an ad after every single game. If you're lucky you'll be able to skip after 10 seconds. Sometimes you'll have to suffer through the whole thing. If you're unlucky the ad will glitch and either crash the game or make it unplayable. Mind you, if you're a good player each game will take about 30 seconds, including the time it takes to see the results of the previous round, etc. So at the end of the day you'll spend as much time if not more watching ads on Songpop than playing the game.
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3 years ago, Eilsel234356752267
Came back to play after a few months and can’t play at all. They make you watch ads to get ‘bonus points’ but you still can’t play unless you pay. They give you the option to ‘delete games’ or become a vip. If you choose to delete games it takes you back to the same screen and will not offer any options to delete a game so you can play with out paying.... i just sat thru 5 ads trying to get where I could play a game without paying and it is impossible. If they are going to offer this as a ‘free’ app with in game purchases, then you should be allowed to play for free. I don’t mind watching ads if I am able to play for free, but this app is falsely advertising free play. Just deleted the app and will not use this app until they fix this..... which I doubt very much...
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5 years ago, Ebisu
Good Fun with many ads to ignore
I love the gameplay. The game is very fun and the social aspect is great. However, there is an abundance of ads and many are quite annoying. Most ads are for other games, rarely any that look to be of anything other than very poor quality. To make this even worse, years ago I paid for a VIP version of the app which removed the ads. Now they’re back and we’re expected to pay monthly for ad-free VIP gameplay. They are pushing VIP so much that they changed the weekly reward of 24 hour VIP access to only 30 minutes. It’s a shame to see such a great game take a hit in quality because of the ads and push for subscriptions. If it wasn’t for this, there’s no question that I would rate it five stars.
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4 years ago, J.J. from Ohio
Love this game, support not so much
Enjoy playing this game so much that I pay to get the VIP version. Recently, however, I suddenly was no longer a VIP; even though I had been paying faithfully for several years and my credit card was active. NO notification from the company, nor could I find any info on their support site to explain. From what I can figure out, they apparently have discontinued the quarterly subscription plan that was less expensive than the monthly, and now only offer the monthly subscription. Not a big deal from a financial standpoint, but would have been nice to have some sort of notification from the ownership about it.
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