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Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for SongShift

4.74 out of 5
52.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Corb'06
Literally Awesome
I’m the guy who listens to music a LOT, and has playlist that range from about an hour to hundreds of songs that last days, and trying to make a playlist on one platform is easy, but to have to do it all over again is a hassle. I was talking to my friend about this a few months ago, and they recommended me this app and MAN it’s nice. It turns hours of doing the same thing over and over into only a matter of minutes, all done for you. If there’s ever a problem with it recognizing a song it’s probably only 3-8 songs at most, and even then when you search for that song(if you still want it in the new copy of your playlist) it’ll probably be there, so no worries👌 from my experience, no payments needed to do this, and ad free, and again it works quickly and nicely. Definitely recommend for those who are like me and have many playlists that have tons of songs and use more than one app for music.
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9 months ago, Dmoney11ization
Solid Platform to Move Any Songs/Playlists!
From music libraries to countless other playlists and songs, if you need them transferred you need SongShift! I questioned the privacy before reviewing the privacy policy and they do not seek to collect or sell any additional information then they need to offer their services. That’s huge for me because privacy is everything online in 2023. My friend recommended the app and I couldn’t believe how smooth the process was and how well the app works! Quick, easy, and simple, and the app interface is actually appealing. Man was that lengthy to write, LOL. I don’t leave reviews other than stars in general but this app worked so well I had to show some gratitude for other users out there! Stay safe great people, God bless!
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5 months ago, Frânkŷ
Great app, annoying feature however.
This app is great and it transfers songs amazingly, no problems, however there is a issue I have with the app which is the fact that when transferring playlists that have over 200+ songs, song shift will only transfer the first 200. Why not choose which 200 songs to transfer instead of the first 200 ? Let me put you through this scenario: let’s just say you have 500 songs in a playlist and u want to switch music apps, great !, you download song shift, and you choose what playlist you want to transfer however it only transfers the first 200. No big deal 🤷‍♂️ til you realize it only transfers the first 200 and now you have to go through the hassle of adding the 300 songs into the app that you transferred the first 200 songs from the 500 song playlist that couldn’t transfer because of this restriction, one by one. Wouldn’t it be easier if after you transfer the first 200 songs into the new playlist, that you could go back to song shift and choose the next 200 songs you want to transfer ? If so, please 🙏 try to make this a new feature in the next update.
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2 months ago, AngryKota
Great for free users! But premium isn’t worth it
This app is amazing to preface, but theres some issues with it. Now heres the great things about it: For free users I have experimented with around 5 competitor apps and songshift by far has the best song limit. 200 is amazing compared to other apps, most only allowing 20-50 per shift. The level of control is amazing by allowing the user to decide where specifically the songs to go, creating new playlists and having the ability to change failed songs. Heres my issue with it though, it doesnt have a lot going for it other than it’s 200 free song shifts. It’s premium IS cheap.. 6$ a month but thats PER month. Other competitors offer the same/ BETTER services for the exact thing for 2$ as a one time fee. You pay that 2$ and it’s done. Those apps work way better (with premium) than this one. Not to mention this app previously had NO limit for songs when shifting, I had shifted a 600 song playlist for free no problem and they took that away. The minute they changed it to 200 I almost swapped. So if they keep lowering that then this app literally has nothing appealing. It’s only appeal honestly is it’s free version of the app, because it is outweighed by literally every competitor. TLDR: If you want a good app to shift some playlists and don’t wanna spend money, then this is the app. But if you’re willing to fork over like 3-5 bucks then PLEASE Invest in something else
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10 months ago, magnum0630
Absolute life saver!
This is my first Time i think i ever reviewed an app, this app saves you all the stress of going back and fourth with playlists regardless of platform and adding it song by song... the app is easy to use, and transfers entire playlists in minutes, i haven’t seen a transfer take more than 5 mins and i have some playlists with over 500 songs!!! The premium, atleast at the time of review, is only $5 and makes a easy to use app even easier with more accessibility. Definitely recommend especially if you have a lot of transfers to do. I couldn’t be happier and i had to share my opinion! I hope this app never changes and no this is not a paid review i stg 😂
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2 years ago, Romannesque
Honestly wouldn’t recommend.
The app has WAY too many glitches to even be considered mobile friendly. I don’t trust the app enough to leave it alone while it transfers the music. I’ve had the premium for a day and I’ve experienced more problems than with the free version. Since I’ve purchased the premium, I’ve run into app resets, unfinished transfers, and unnecessary duplicates of those that did transfer. Mind you, most of the issues I just explained were issues that were said, by the owners, to disappear once you’ve purchased the premium. Not only did that not happen, things worsened. Rather quickly at that. I’m not even gonna bother with customer support I’ve seen reviews talking about how that is trash as well. I’m just glad I only spent 5 dollars. I feel sorry for those that paid more for this dysfunctional app due to the broken promises being promoted every time you open the app.
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4 years ago, Castle to me
Clutchest app I own
I’m not exaggerating when I say that this app perfectly embodies what it means to be a perfectly efficient and effective app. There are no adds, no annoying extra information and it completely serves its purpose of absolutely feeding me playlists. I am one of few friends that has Apple Music and I dare say this app saved my my aux capabilities from the brink of death. This app is quick, easy, and has allowed me to ABSOLUTELY RAVAGE other peoples playlists and make them my own. I look forward to stealing more playlists in the future with this app. 10/10 I would pay any amount of money for it but the fact that it is free almost brings a tear to my eye. Thank you, and god bless you songshift.
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5 years ago, allison_bliss
Works well but needs improvement
Took a couple of days & a lot of refreshing to get all my playlists to show up. Then once they did it took me two tries to get my playlist to actually transfer, but once it did it worked pretty well. A few of the songs were missing even though they’re available on both platforms. I don’t mind having to go in & add them myself bc it’s not many but it’d be nice if SongShift gave us a list of songs that did not successfully transfer so I don’t have to look through the entire playlist. The app does what it’s supposed to, it just takes some time to get it to work. Customer support was also not very helpful in their first reply to my email trying to get help & then never answered me back.
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4 years ago, WayTooTyler
One of the most versatile, nicest song switching app out there. Looks and feels very modern and snappy. Also works way better than I expected when transferring songs. So worth the upgrade cost. Thanks SongShift :) Edit: From a continued user of SongShift for the past 2-3 years, I gotta say that this app has been time and time again a lifesaver. This app has helped me so many times with incompatible devices that only use this service or smart speakers that only use that service. The thick walls these companies create is astoundingly annoying and songshift makes transitioning my music between them a breeze. They have been keeping the app regularly updated and it still stands to this day that songshift is one of my most valued apps I have on my phone because of the constant updates and bug fixes to make sure the app continues to function silky smooth even as the different versions of iOS comes out. Hats off to the team. It is rare that you’ll find developers like the ones that built songshift that know what they’re doing inside iOS. Anyway, great app. I’d love to see more apps from you guys.
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5 years ago, DWD1533
Amazing service and even better team!
What started out as a great but buggy app has grown into so much more. I got this app thinking it would fail to do what I had wanted. This was the first app I found to actually be able to help me keep concurrent music playlist between two different apps. In the beginning it would crash every once in a while so I had rated it four stars before. The team however provide constant updates and support for this app and each new update adds another cool feature and makes it more stable. I now have absolutely no problems when I use this app and couldn’t possibly recommend this more. SongShift is amazing and I’m glad I found it!
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2 weeks ago, GYPSYFADER
Should be an Editor’s Choice
After downloading this app, you’ll legitimately never have to worry about losing playlists, transferring playlists, etc. No longer will you have to stay with a streaming service because you don’t want to lose your collections since SongShift has you covered tenfold & then some. I rarely ever leave reviews but this app is flawless. I highly recommend this to any & all who have accounts with multiple streaming platforms & either want to cut some out to save money or if you simply want duplicate playlists on each provider. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, RacyLaserJet
Great when it works, frustrating when it doesn't
When it works it does what it says. It can't seem to recover from crashes though. You have to delete and reinstall the app losing all the "shifts" that were previously done. That makes it currently dang near impossible to use for syncing. It might completely choke on a Playlist one run and not the next with no indication to the user as to why. If you have patience it's OK. If not you may end up frustrated. Five stars if the developer can fix the crashing, add some kind of crash recovery, and/or backup of "shifted" Playlist.
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4 years ago, Hoodie78
great concept, frustrating bugs
I’m finding this app difficult to use for a large library. The problems start when you have to manually find matches. If there are too many potential matches for an album, selecting one causes a second (often unrelated) album to be selected as well, and it seems you cannot select one without the other. Also, when the app crashes on the “shift” results page, you lose all of your work. It’s painful to struggle with selecting matches and then have to go all the way back to the beginning. Finally, you can’t use your phone while it’s running (40 minutes for my large library). It would be great if the matching process could happen in the cloud. This app is potentially a great tool, but I regret paying for it in its current state.
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6 months ago, artemis_5
Useless app, nonexistent customer support
Absolutely terrible. I paid for a premium subscription and despite the app saying my playlists transferred, they did not and I ran into many errors along the way. I submitted multiple support tickets within the app over a week ago and still have not gotten any replies. I emailed support about a week ago as well and have not received any reply either. Waste of money. Update, over a week later: developer replied to my review, telling me to continue to message support in the app. Support finally did reply after developer saw my review, so I responded. Again — zero response back. It’s absolutely ridiculous I didn’t get a support reply until I left a bad review, and now I have repeatedly asked them for a refund and they’ve gone ghost again.
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5 years ago, RySkream
The devil is in the details!
Works VERY well, I can’t say it doesn’t. The UI is well put together and very easy to navigate. My only; and I mean ONLY complaint, is that sometimes the “matched” files that the app picks are incorrect matches. Only a few per each “shift” but when it is wrong, it’s way off. This could also be the fault of the music service that is receiving the transfer, the only reason I think it’s this app is because I am able to type in the same search string and the first result is the correct one. Would recommend this app over any alternatives!
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3 years ago, Logan "CF" Hamlin
Looked great but a waste of time
I found this app and it looked really promising. I began the process of transferring my first playlist to test it out the playlist name transferred but none of the songs did. I the. Decided this might be a one time issues and then decided to transfer all 3000 of my songs which took a while and non of them transferred again Edit: I came back to it an hour later the 3000 songs transferred but the much smaller playlist of 200 songs did not trying again might fix the issue
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2 years ago, oceanminded28
Easy peasy
Not sure why anyone has any problem using this app outside ineptitude because I transferred everything in around 10min no hassle. Interface is intuitive and the transfers have been darn near perfect. Developers you could easily give 5 free playlist transfers (so users know it is a solid app) and then some meager charge for x amount of playlist more because I would have paid. Don’t see a need for monthly or one time as I can’t justify $40 for a few uses. Great job on the app though and thank you!
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3 years ago, MissMizzzzzzzy
Life saver
I had to transfer over 200 songs for a friend to another app and instead of it take if me hours upon end to search and find all the songs. I was able to just use this app to switch the entire playlist over in less than a minute. It’s fast effective and efficient and gets the job done speedily. Plus is has a wide range of music apps to choose from end to transfer from so your music app is more than likely to be on here. Definitely highly recommend
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2 years ago, ZombieMix567890
So happy!!
I downloaded this app after downloading another one with the same premise, but cost 3x the amount of this one. The fact that this app is so easy to use, free!!!!, and gives you purchase options for even more efficiency is so amazing. I’m happily surprised and would definitely recommend for anyone to transfer playlists with hundreds of songs in literal minutes. I transferred so many playlists with hundreds of songs each in less than 10 minutes. 10/10 love love love.
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3 years ago, cartlight
This app is so great
Honestly I thought this app wouldn’t work but come to find out this is going to be my go to app. I switched from pandora to apple music. I thought this would make me lose all my old music but this app helped me switch all my old music to new music to apple music. Not to mention it’s easy to use and took about 2 mins to switch a 203 song playlist. Now it’s on my new app. Overall this app i’m going to use a lot more now and I just love it. Totally recommend for music lovers.
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2 years ago, Nick.Hilde
Highly Functional and Zero Frustration
Absolutely Fantastic App! SongShift is exactly what an app that provides this utility should be. Incredible features with no need to pay, and a subscription is highly beneficial for those who need it. I personally never got one but can totally understand the benefits for any up-and-coming artist or audiophile, as well as friends sharing music. The streamlined interface is SO easy to use while still feeling professional and efficient. 6 Stars if possible
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2 years ago, KeetaSpeed
I have spent countless hours of my life creating playlists and carefully curating the library of music in my streaming service. When I wanted to switch, I feared I would need to redo all of it, which would have taken weeks. But no! This app does what it says - seamlessly transferring playlists and all of your music from one music streaming service to another. There are some occasions where you need to find a track yourself, but it does 99% of the work. Just incredible!!
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2 years ago, X.Static
Outstanding Service
After having used the free version for a few months to see if this app was worth shelling out for a lifetime subscription and the answer is a resounding yes, especially since I have playlists strewn all over the internet. This service tidied all of that up for me and now all of my music services are automatically synced up no matter which service I am using. Worth every cent of the lifetime membership, I cannot recommend this service enough!
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6 years ago, veganxmatt
Worth $3.99, for sure.
This app is amazing. Being able to transfer playlist between different music libraries/services is extremely easy. The free version allows users to transfer playlists one at a time, but the $3.99 to upgrade to the Pro version is worth it, which allows you to transfer multiple playlist at once and change the theme and icon of the app is definitely worth it. The app does sometimes crash in the middle of transferring, but it at least saves where it left of. My iPhone also gets very warm (almost uncomfortably warm) when it is processing.
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4 years ago, MSCHF75
Completely convinced
It started off simple and I just expected it to get more complicated. It never did, the entire process was simple. I did pay for the premium because I had many playlist to transfer. Worked seamlessly, and if it didn’t find the song (didn’t happen often at all) it easily gave you the ability to search a replacement and this actually ended up finding the ones I needed. Don’t do a lot of reviews but this app definitely deserves it. Saved me days of work.
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4 years ago, Gavanloud
A music lifesaver
I recently switch music subscriptions and it was a pain to find all my old songs and made me wanna switch back. I googled ways for weeks, then I found a website that taught me how using this week after I was extremely close to giving up. It was so quick and I before I knew I had my music back in no time!!! It’s so easy to use and tells you whether they could find a match to the song. This app is great and gives so many options on how to transfer.
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2 years ago, Core Enthusiast
Mostly Good
I've had this app for a couple years now and even purchased the pro version, and it's pretty useful for the most part. The developers definitely have some work to do in terms of bugs, however. I've been forced to restart shifts a number of times because they fail or get stuck in the process. Most recently (and the reason I'm writing this) a shift I update daily with around 500 songs was "processing" for over a day and rendered the rest of the app unusable. I ended up having to reinstall the app which erased all my other shifts so I'm pretty bummed about that.
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6 years ago, VirginioM
Substitutions and empty playlists
The app first created empty playlists. I got it to work at some point (I think because another similar app made me change a setting which SongShift didn’t warn me about...). I imported a playlist and some songs got substituted for other versions. To be fair, other apps seem to do the same: they will replace songs by any close match. So for classical music an interpretation gets substituted by another one. Any song that has several versions could or could not be transferred properly... Useless. I wish the app makers would warn about this limitation.
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5 years ago, Jpb128
Pretty great, some things that aren’t
The service really works well, although sometimes it takes a song from one service and puts a different song of the same name on the other service, even though the first song is available on the new service. Also, if the shift stops, and you try to just restart it, it won’t work sometimes. The service duplicates songs if they’re already on the destination playlist, which is something to keep in mind. Overall, it works the way it should, if not for some bugs.
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2 years ago, nmurtay
I’ve purchased premium for this app years ago, and to this day, it is my most regretful purchase of all time. For about 2 or 3 years at least, I have NEVER, NO, NOT EVEN ONCE gotten this accursed piece of garbage software to transfer EVEN ONE playlist. I’ll delete the app, but then decide a few months later, “Hey remember that stupid scam of an app I paid like $10 for the other day & it totally didn’t work? Well let’s see if they’ve gotten better!” Every single time, my optimistic hopes are dashed, when it pulls up some error message claiming it cannot do the transfer for some cockamamie reason or another! Like I said, this absolute atrocity against humanity, sorry excuse for an app rly has me like Sisyphus, pushing that boulder up the mountain all hopeful, just for stupid songshift to come along and push it right back down to the bottom again… save yallselves some stress & find ANY other app… whatever that is has GOTTA be better than this flaming pile of human fecal matter which these criminals are attempting to pass off as an app.
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2 years ago, tmrshll
Perfect Really
I only use the free features and would still give it 5 stars. It doesn’t lock any of the essential basic functions behind a paywall as many apps do. It also doesn’t (at least for me) ask for you to rate the app every time you open it, which led me to write this entire review today. Realizing how much I’ve used this app over a year or two, for free, I may purchase the annual subscription or the lifetime version of SongShift Pro.
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2 years ago, thatjazzy
This app makes it a breeze to switch playlists from one app to the other. It’s very easy to figure out and barley takes any time to make the switch. Make sure to go in and see if the app has switched all of your songs, the only flaw is that sometimes it finds the wrong version of songs, but changing one is better than changing all of them. Download this app to make the BEST out of switching music apps 🤩😁
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5 years ago, palerblues
i’ve seen a lot of people in reviews saying that it took forever bc they shifted all their playlists one by one, but the easier way of doing this is actually clicking the “songs” tab instead of the “playlists” tab (shows up at bottom when choosing where to shift music) if you’re trying to transfer all your music. it takes a bit longer, but it’s only one process and you don’t have to manually shift every playlist.
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6 years ago, Isaacraft
I thought this was gonna be another one of those fake, move your playlists around, application, but after downloading and trying it for free, I was sold lol. I love how for only $4, it will sync across multiple applications, for as many playlists as you want, surprisingly accurate (you will sometimes get those outliers, but that is normal), and the automatic sync for when a playlist changes from the source. I 200% recommend this app to anyone who is transferring music streaming services.
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4 years ago, C.MenB
I’ll be completely honest when I say this was the best and easiest app to use to switch all my playlists. I have wayyyyy to many but to my surprise it only took about 10 minutes to transfer around 23 playlist with each of them having no less that 30 songs each. It’s quick and effective and out of the ~690 songs I transferred- only 2 of those where missing. TWO!!! That’s amazing
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5 years ago, Ostrich69er
Just what I was looking for
This app worked very well. I used the free version to test it out on one of my smaller playlist and it did what I wanted. So I had no choice but to support and buy the full version to get all the features. I would have given a 5 star rating but it did not find all my songs not sure if this was due to Apple Music not having them or just mis understanding thru the app. Also it did get mixed up on a few songs and put some other song. But overall I am very happy with the app and will continue to use.
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1 year ago, Wil_326
Delighted and surprised
First off I have to say the UI for the app is clean and very smooth to use and I’m surprised I’m even writing this since I never write reviews. The app is very good at connecting me to the music services that I wanted to transfer music from and I would say I’m so happy an app was finally designed for this purpose. Truly a need when music sharing and music is a ubiquitous part of life and music sharing with friends is done so often.
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3 years ago, now you've done it
Awesome! Love it. Works perfect.
But that’s not even the best part. The best part is that it works WITHOUT demanding access to all my personal info. It works without having to make an account, and give my email, or register, or swallow stupid ads. It just works good. Without being annoying or stupid. I’m gonna subscribe to PRO. Not because I need to, or because I want to. But because they made an app that works without being shady. Thanks!
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4 months ago, sKY0NC
200 song limit
I used this app regularly, it always matches everything and transfers everything correctly. Recently they put a limit on how many songs you could transfer or share through a playlist. You can only transfer 200 songs at a time, which isn’t really a lot if you listen to a lot of music. If you continue to go through with transferring it you have to pay a minimum of $7 to get the subscription, regardless of if you’re using it once or multiple times.
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4 years ago, chigh
All tracks failed, unless I want to pay
First playlist I tried to bring from one service to another, every one of the tracks failed to import despite me being able to find tracks in the destination system. I could use the search/rematch functions to assist the app, but I’d have to pay for the pleasure of doing the work the app is supposed to provide. Reached out for assistance and have received silence. This app probably has potential, but I am sadly disappointed in that I’ll never find out. $5 isn’t a lot to pay for an app, but if the core functionality doesn’t work in the free version, I feel like this is a bait and switch.
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4 years ago, helloimevan
A must for...
Subscribers to multiple music services. Effortless music transfer, auto-update, track-by-track verification... For a free download, the app has a decent set of features—the main downside is the invasive ads. Upgrading to PRO legitimately got me shook! Full-access to premium feats including enhanced audio matching, customizable UI, and lightening-speed exporting/uploading. For less than a latte, save time, skip the headache. PRO is the only way to go.
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3 months ago, Joshua Falkenberry
Has improved a lot!!
Whenever I downloaded this app, it was a very simple app and I don’t think you had to pay but now that they added the pay option the app has gotten a lot better and there’s more to do I love this app it’s convenient and doesn’t cost a lot to pay for a month so you can safely shift all ur playlist or songs with ease ! Genuinely a good app thank you for creating this !
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2 months ago, jeanbpdx
Worth the lifetime sub!
You know that one cool friend of yours that makes amazing playlists? Song Shift is a smooth and easy way to get those playlists onto your preferred music service instead of you having to subscribe to the same service your friend uses. A+ app, easy to use, and probably 95 percent accuracy in matching. I bought the lifetime subscription and it’s been well worth the money.
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4 years ago, LittleFitz1979
Do Not Buy This App
Not worth the $5, don’t purchase this app. I have over 500 songs I tried to transfer with this app and have only been able to transfer about a quarter of my songs to Apple Music from Deezer. Figured I would reach out to their support team since I’m a paying customer and have been completely ghosted by SongShift tech team. Received one email asking if I would share the music lists that wouldn’t transfer for “debugging”. I did exactly that and have not heard back since. Even after attempting to reach out multiple times for an update as to a status. Horrible customer experience, once you pay them you will never hear back.
Show more
2 months ago, Whiskeyskeleton
Very quick!
It’s real fast, and usually pretty accurate. Sometimes, it understandably has some issues finding the exact match, but it’s not too big a hassle correcting the matchup. I like it. The paid version is obviously easier to use than the free version, but if you don’t mind transferring all your albums and playlists one by one, then the free version is alright too.
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4 years ago, 1H8fulguh-i
Unreal! If you wonder, yep it’s real!
It’s hard to believe that asking Siri a question just now has solved a brain-buster I wasted all day fretting about. “How can I transfer my song library, playlists, albums etc. from one music streaming app to another. Appearing before me, top of the page, SoundShift. Went to the App Store, searched it, found it, and downloaded it. Super quick, easy to understand, did exactly what I wanted, and no hassles. Unreal. Thank you, SoundShift.
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10 months ago, tastey.listener
Not great
I understand that some songs and artists aren’t on all the different platforms… but when they are on all of them but with slightly different spellings such as “&” for “and”, that should not be enough to kick back no match. Slightly different is when a foreign artist changes from native spelling (ie. kanji or other Asian characters) to English, it’s a fairly simple translation in this day and age. How is that not implemented? Y’all make it seem like you’re “matching” is superior to others but y’all miss SO many songs.
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3 years ago, joshk0rn
One of the easiest 5-star reviews of all time
I wanted to try other cloud music services but never felt like taking the time to keep multiple libraries up to date. They are unlocking new profits for all the service providers which is probably how they can monetize on the current subscription model. you could cancel after getting your libraries synced, but this type of technology at this price point is a no brainer. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, Aydee221
Best transfer service I’ve tried yet
Honestly the best matching service I’ve tried. Easy to use, free vs subscription option is the way subscription services should be modeled universally (you can definitely use the service for free and feel good about it but some nice to haves are in the sub). Matches are 99% accurate and it’s intuitive to fix the ones that don’t match or are incorrect.
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1 year ago, Music Man Moe
This App Has Improved MASSIVELY
I’ve used Songshift for about 5 years now. It worked great at first and had a period where it was almost non-functional. The app is now incredible and my success rates are through the roof at record speed. BRAVO Songshift team, we need more devs that stick behind their software for the long run (even with customers who made one-time payments). Thank you!
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