Songsterr Tabs & Chords

4.7 (23K)
35.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Guitar Tabs LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Songsterr Tabs & Chords

4.7 out of 5
23K Ratings
8 months ago, Li'l Bill
Wish I had this 45 years ago!!
Now I gotta play catch up! Holy S__t! Songsterr, ya monster you! I get guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard parts, and all the fills. Maaaaan! Just not fair, now I gotta go to work, happily, still work though. $10/mo not bad! You should see all the music books I’ve bought over 45 years, John Thompson’s modern course for the piano, Guitar Player, and Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazines, even have a rudiment poster for the drums. $10 is cheap just that fact I can carry around my whole sheet music library on a mobile device speaks volumes. Quick searching for a specific tune, priceless, and no more dr. for paper cuts. (for those who flipped actual pages in their lifetimes, not pdfs!) and I can slow down the song to hear it at my speed 🤣 or wait for the coffee to kick in. I do like this better than that Rock band video game, just more used to music that way. I do like the Rockband too, makes me feel like I’m playing a an actual video game I relate to. Hoping to get all of “Out for Blood” learned soon, all parts! Yea, I’m bored and “that kind of musician” (whatever that means. Maybe ‘esplain it for me Lucy!) Thank you for making the thought even possible. K gotta go git ta work, peace! Thanks!
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3 years ago, Peenut773
Good learning tool but I have one problem
Great app there’s one thing I don’t like. The songs on the app are mostly the album version of songs including the tab for multi track overdubs. It can be a little unpractical when there four or five different guitar tracks. Sometimes the track is just bolstering certain parts, so the measures are all empty except for an occasional handful of note peppered throughout the song. It has adaptions mimicking vocal parts. If they can do that why not adapt the songs in a way that makes sense for a person trying learn the song and doesn’t really need all the guitar overdubs of the album recording that at times can be confusing and make it harder to learn. If your trying to learn the song to play live, strictly having the album version in detail is not very helpful. Add some adaptations for songs to be played live or for a student trying to learn the songs on their own without a band. Kind of like what a good guitar teacher would do.
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1 year ago, Mds3567
User for ~11 years, might be coming to an end
I have had this app since I was in middle school. For reference, I am now in my second year of law school. Of the few constants in my life since middle school, this app has been one of them. However, the "freemium" update might lead me to delete this app at last. I learned my first song on this app. Heck, I learned my first *1,000* songs on this app. As a self-taught guitarist, this app helped me develop my skills farther than I could have ever gotten by myself. That was in large part due to the features that we were allowed to use for free. The solo play, mute, and loop features, along with the tempo adjuster were crucial in my development as a guitarist. That was ALL THANKS to Songsterr and the fact that the creators allowed those features to remain free. At the time, no other guitar apps would imagine doing something so generous. I 100% believe I would have eventually quit guitar had this app not existed when I first started playing. Now, unfortunately, those who cannot afford $10/month will not have it as easily as I did. The spirit of helping new players discover the joy of creating music, and the ever-giving journey of honing one's skill as a musician, has all been dumped in favor of greed. I am truly heartbroken.
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6 months ago, Shreddie Van Wailin’
One time purchase has been reset or ignored TWICE. Same Apple ID
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. I will not buy this idiotic nonsense another time. The initial experience in this app was it was fun, intuitive, and easy to use…later down the line, as in after two full one time purchase payments, I have received denial of access to my paid account, both times in which have been my initial use of the paid services are the only times I am granted unfettered access. After you close the app not even logging out, watch out because the second time go to use it the app acts like I have never paid for anything. This being the case on two devices, an iPhone 13 Pro and the iPad a gen after my iPhone (I can never remember its name)trying to use the “Restoring Purchases” link like the help section suggests but songster just tells me that I have never paid for my subscription. Exhausted all options other than warn others, as I have logged out of my account, deleted the app and reinstalled it just as per the instructions and same result occurred. No record of my purchase. No support link, so help beyond the ONE thing you can do and the theft of my money for a SINGLE USE is the end result both occasions. No good and doesn’t leave a very good taste in ones mouth. Stay away!
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1 year ago, Painless66
Very accurate tablature
This is a great app, especially for anyone just starting out learning how to play the bass guitar or even regular guitar. The trick to learning songs like these is to play for five minutes then rest for five minutes lather rinse repeat. You will see that just those small five minute sessions will improve your playing drastically. If you get stuck on a certain riff watch what five minutes will do. You will see that the prior five minutes you got stuck on a few things and now going into the second five minute session you’re playing better than you did five minutes ago. Sometimes the brain just needs a five minute break and then resets, and you move forward. Here’s three words that will turn you into an amazing Guitar/bass player… Practice… Practice… Practice…
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6 years ago, Joshman0013
Wish we had the option to mute the part we’re practicing
Honestly for a company smart enough to develop an app like this, it somewhat astounds me that they developed the option to mute all other instruments except for the part you’re practicing, without developing the option to mute just yours. What’s in there is useless! How does that help develop your ear at all? The app currently functions somewhat like training wheels on a a bike. You can walk through complex pieces from at variable speeds, while it plays all the instruments for you. But eventually, you need to work on you’re ability to play it alone to maximize your tone; yet you have no way of removing just the instrument you’re playing. It would be great if we could keep the accompanying instruments, the tab, the speed control, but then mute the track it’s showing for the tab. As it stands I’m being forced to mute the phone entirely which is really stupid. I may cancel my subscription over this, because I feel like I’ve hit a plateau with songsterr and there’s better alternatives out there. Vote with your wallet!
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4 years ago, not a opinion a fact
So glad I found this but..
I just want to say this is the best guitar lesson app I’ve EVER came across. Ever. Well... on computer only lol. I downloaded this on my phone and I have to pay, but on my computer I don’t. How come? It doesn’t effect me that much because I only really use it on my computer but that was very annoying to see. But when it comes to my computer I love the app. The rest of these guitar apps cost money and are very expensive even when the lessons aren’t even good. I found this app on my computer desperately trying to figure out how to play this one song on my guitar and found this gem. I’m genuinely scared for people to even find it because you guys might make it cost money on computer too!!! Lol. No but I gotta say man... your team is really a fricking lifesaver. I loved this app on my computer so much it took everything in me not to run and make a great review on it. Good job guys! Maybe you can make changes with the phone situation? If not I’m cool!
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4 years ago, the chosen1
So I have had Songsterr now for a day and I noticed a few things. 1. The side scroll is a little difficult to follow especially when you are trying to learn a song. I’d like to be able to view it as a whole piece of sheet music. 2. The sound and the actual notes are not in Unison. Maybe it sounds a little better when playing slower stuff but at full speed for a song at 180bpm there is a very noticeable lag the sound plays after the note passes the green bar not exactly on time. This makes it very difficult to learn new stuff Overall I have this 3 stars because for $4.99/month this app should have these wrinkles ironed out by now. The timing is inexcusable because most people are learning how to play a song for the first time and it throws everything off.
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2 years ago, MemphisTen
Best thing in my lifetime for guitar players!
I remember having to sit in front of a desktop in an armed computer chair, after lugging my things to the computer room, just to play a tab. Now this makes things like Guitar Hero for real life. One of the best apps EVER made! If only there were an option to have the tab going along with the real music playing. Love that you can switch instruments, and here them louder than the rest of the music, as I play multiple. Also be great to have an in sync option so a bass player could play along with a guitar player, like screen mirroring for Apple TV or something similar. Split screen option comes to mind. Be great to have an Apple TV version of the app, too.
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4 years ago, Jeanne-d-Arc
Inconsistent transcription quality
I was disappointed to find an atrociously wrong transcription of a Seals and Crofts song I wanted to play just now. I no longer presume everything is going to be done well at this app. —— Also as I have explained before to Songsterr, I do not normally do monthly payments to any place. At most I would consider annual payments but I prefer a one time payment option for everything. If they want to make it ridiculously high then make it high but let me be done with this paying after one payment. Even some groups have lifetime memberships for a large fee. I would like a lifetime membership option to pay with one payment. I use a virtual credit card and it’s too hard to make the card work with these monthly payments that it wants. My virtual cards expire every 12 months and require me to create new ones, and they are better for one time purchases. This company has lost out on a payment (and income) from me by trying to force a monthly plan on me with no other option. I should be able to pay a large fee if they are that focused on getting large fees out of people. If someone pays a lifetime membership fee it’s up to Songsterr to budget the money in a way that gives them money every month. They don’t give me any options and I continue to wait for them to make it possible for me to use it. My guitar teacher bought it when it cost nearly nothing. It’s a shame I can’t use it with him.
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6 years ago, brianrw43
It’s cool but
I like the side scroll but I wish I could also look at it like a normal piece of sheet music like on the website as well, the audio almost never works on the website, it’ll sometimes work once but then I’m forced to reload it if I wanna hear it again, and count in, solo, and loop don’t work at all on the website even though I pay a subscription. The app itself works great, never had issues but the guitar hero style is kinda hard if your trying to play a song for the first time, I like that more after I’ve played a couple times and I’m still working on rhythm and memorizing it. Also for solo mode, it’s cool but I wish you could also make it so you can hear all instruments except for the part I wanna play, that way I can have the drums, bass, vocals and maybe rhythm guitar going while I play lead guitar over it
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4 months ago, Zeppo57
What happened?
This app used to be great. There was a free version that had limited features, but now, it’s a monthly subscription? That’s insane! Thankfully, a while back I purchased the one-time payment so I don’t have to ever pay again. But I’ve got a students, friends, family, coworkers, and customers that want the app but don’t want to pay the monthly fee. They’d happily pay for one-time charge, though. Bring that feature back please! The creators are LOSING MONEY by taking away this feature. I think it could even be a one-time payment of $50 and it would still be a great deal for both the purchaser and the company. Bring the one-time payment feature back ASAP please!! 3/24 My started playlist keeps getting deleted. Super annoying!
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1 year ago, starchildzero
Great app, but I really need one additional feature
I have been using this app for many years. It is the best tab app out there that I have found. One feature I would LOVE to see is the ability to markup a tab with an Apple Pencil. When practicing parts in the middle of a song, sometimes scrolling through the tab and finding that part can be challenging. Having the ability to markup a part would make it much easier to find and visually help me divide and conquer a song. I would not mind paying for this app at all, but I do think that $10 per month is a bit steep. I’d love to have an option for a flat one time fee.
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2 years ago, Mama6044
Almost perfect app
This app is fantastic for a guy who wants to practice and learn new songs but also has a full time job. The tabs are great, selection is huge, the app is easy to use and works well. One thing that would make the app absolutely perfect would be the ability to toggle on/off multiple tracks. For example, if I’m playing with a friend, having the ability to toggle off both guitar parts so we can jam to just the bass and drums would be great. Or if later a bass player showed up we could then toggle off the bass, as well. That kind of flexibility would make this the perfect practice app for musicians of all skill levels.
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2 months ago, hyperdeath56
absolutely AMAZING app
even without the pro it’s so freaking good. You wont believe how much more easy it is to navigate than yousician and other apps, that you have to pay a subscription for. I’m preparing for getting my drums on my 15th birthday and this is absolutely MARVELOUS. I randomly discovered it’s site version a couple days ago, and ngl after using it to study other songs, I was blown away by how accurate, clear, and manageable it is to look at and use. Especially love the synth version for more tranquil listening instead of listening to the music video and just guessing what you hear. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! 10/10
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3 years ago, Alxandr337
Used for years and...
I’ve used this app because I’ve been able to start a nice collection of tabs that aren’t available else where. I’ve been paying for the app for a long time now and it works well but there are lots simple QoL features that aren’t there. Like simplified song sorting. The online version of the site has the luxury of being able to see more than just one line at a time, meaning if you want to practice a smaller section at your own speed, well you can’t because you can barely see what’s coming next without the song playing at whatever speed. The online version remedies this, so you don’t have to touch the screen constantly. It ALSO REALLY bothers me that I don’t have premium features online even though I pay monthly for this crappier version of the service. 2.5/5
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2 years ago, R Dermo
Amazing App- Highly Recommend
I have played the guitar for a long time. With technology you have a lot of options than years ago, when you had to figure stuff out on your own. I have tried it all. If you invest in one thing to learn, get better, or simply learn your favorite songs without hassle- this should be it! Very accurate and the ability to slow it down and increase speed as you go makes learning a fast song easier and actually makes you a better player. Highly recommended the paid version.
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6 years ago, jdj521
The Subscription
I use this app on my phone because it is easier to move around with and I can hear the music coming from the notes. That’s something you can’t do on computer. On computer you get all of the tabs on whatever song you wish to learn but you cant listen to the notes unless you subscribe to them. On phone you can hear the notes but it only gives you between 5 and 20 seconds of the song. Sometimes you don’t even get the notes. This rating is mainly for the Mobil app and how much of the tabs you get. It’s as if they are trying to get you to only use the computer website and play the song over it with you phone. Just use Guitar Tabs app. Incase you don’t know what it looks like, it a orange “O” with horns along with a black background. You don’t hear notes but you get the whole song without having to pay 5 bucks.
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3 years ago, game persone
It’s really Except some small things
So I think this app is really good for people who want to play guitar or for musicians in general but there is one thing I don’t and that is really bad tuner it’s all ready made break three strings on three separate guitar because I couldn’t take if I was going higher or lower because the tune said it was right then it was wrong and Wright again and before I realize it I’ve gone to high and snapped a string mainly the E strings but really the only things I have are that there are no difficulty settings and no way toAccommodate six string players trying to play song with more strings but besides of that this is still a great that has helped me play some of my favorite songs
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6 years ago, Bdogg82
Credit Where Deserved
I’m not going to lie I was not happy when the latest update rendered the app unusable for old users who purchased the app before it was a subscription service. The developer once aware of the issue was proactive to fix the issue and it now works again as promised. I honestly feel with as much as I’ve paid in monthly subscription fees to use the web browser based version across all platforms that I should at least get to keep the app version that I bought long ago for a one time fee. The app itself is excellent and a vital teaching tool for me.
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3 years ago, Cynthia123456
Getting there
It’s a major improvement to show the drum notation in the actual location of each instrument on the staff, with the note value (I.e. half notes, quarter note, etc. notation). The old way of drum “tabs” just did not work, with abbreviations for each instrument, jumping around all over the staff. Now, can we be big boys and girls and have the actual sheet music for bass & guitar too, not just tabs? Tabs are quick and easy, like junk food, but don’t give the full picture of how the song is supposed to sound with full musical notation. Even just the notes on the proper staff would be an improvement. Thanks
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6 months ago, Qwitcher
This is the knife that puts the butter on the bread for any guitar player in my case. I live in an area where there is not a lot of social gatherings with other musicians to play as I would like to, well Songsterr solved that issue needing human interaction. Songsterr for those than do not know is customizable allowing you to remove tracks and allow you to play along with what you are hearing, drums, bass, guitar or even add a vocal. This however this can be addictive and Im ok with that, I'll never play on stage but this is enough to keep me in the loop that turns family and friends heads.
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3 months ago, Hannah MacLeod
i'm slowly learning how to play electric right off the bat no experience and i've been playing by ear to songs i love. before this app i tuned my squier stratocaster with the fender app and i recently tuned it to drop C. i also know how to read tab just from watching a singular video weeks ago. it's useful to look up songs in specific tune on this app! i'm learning how to play motionless in white songs easier now!! i wish the free version was a little better but it works for me i aint too picky. i catch on quickly 😎 and im also glad they supposedly don't collect or track data from u that's an ick of mine:)
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4 years ago, The Garth Vader
My go-to for bass tabs.
I learned how to play the bass using this app. Very simple interface that displays tabs in real time that you can slow down, mute other instruments, 3 count, metronome- my only complaint is that there are a few repeat tabs and a few that are obviously wrong, but overall it’s an excellent app with a very extensive library and it’s simple to read and use. It also provides tabs on the fly in case you forgot a part and just need to see it. 5 stars all day.
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4 days ago, volreeed
I was curious to what has changed with songster when I noticed they had removed my old review. I would like to state that this is an honest negative review protected under US federal law Consumer Fairness Reviews Act. Read it. Know that this store and developer are guilty of removing negative reviews in order to deceive consumers and I implore everyone to file a report with the Federal Trade Commission. What I remember was that the website was far superior to this app. A lot more features on the website. Oh and I also purchased the app but they saw fit to steal my money and begin charging a monthly subscription. Now that I know they are faking their reviews and it’s reminded me of how they ripped me off I will continue with my yearly subscription with ultimate guitar. Now I’m off to file a report against these dirtbags.
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6 years ago, PageistheGOAT
Best TABS app by far.
I’ve had other TABS apps, never paid for any of them though. My friend pays for this one and it’s AWESOME if you pay for the full version. I don’t pay for the full version because I’m broke and would rather spend money on equipment. My favorite part about this app is that is has almost every song and it is SUPER easy to read, unlike other apps. I had zero questions about how to read these TABS. Also, I love that this app tells you how to strum (up or down). It’s the best TABS app to get an accurate sound. Gotta love it.
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5 years ago, TMM30
I downloaded this to print drum tabs. I am very new to drumming so it was a bit over my head (at this time) but I do appreciate that this is a great app and reasonably priced if you print a lot of tab sheets. When I have had questions or concerns, my emails were answered promptly by Denis, who was very kind and helpful in guiding me through any issues. I will likely use the app again after I’ve improved. Note: I was not aware that auto-renewal may occur through the App Store, so be sure you pay attention.
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1 year ago, Charles LP man
Tired of all the END ALL YOUR PROBLEMS guitar lesson videos
This app is by far the absolute best teacher that I have found so far after searching through so many different websites and how to videos that leaves you in the dust scratching your head and wondering what happened!! This APP,you can slow down, speed up,or pause and repeat and all difference and things that you need to help you learn!! 10 stars in my book!!
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3 years ago, Kutshers!
Very helpful.
Overall, this is a very good application that helps you to learn songs, especially difficult lead parts. I just wish they would update the program to allow you to save specific loops of parts of songs as favorites . I find it frustrating to have to find the section I had worked on, on a previous date, and loop it. They charge separate monthly fees for the phone app and computer. I think the $4.99 per month fee should be enough to cover both.
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12 months ago, Bone1969
Would be great but has flaws that seem to not get fixed.
For the most part, this app is really good. The layout is great and the different options that you have a really good too. The only issue I have with this is it seems no one keeps tabs on the songs that are not right. Some of the songs that play through do not match the tab that is there and it gets very frustrating. First much is this service cost per month it should be next to flawless.
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6 years ago, J Keith D
Unable to see more than one line at a time
The app is awesome. I’m amazed at how much music is available. The playback remains very tinny and painful to listen to, however, and more importantly I hate that I am unable to see more than one line of the tab at a time. I know that I can play it forward very slowly if I want but when first learning a song it must be still. I am forced to transcribe everything into a book. This is far and away the biggest problem.
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5 months ago, GomidaDeadcellGatos
Not a review
I have a question about which instruments are available on here. There are several metal bands that use instruments you normally don’t see in a metal band but as everyone knows metal makes every genre of music better much much much better. Sorry I digest but one the of the bands I speak of is called Ne Obliviscaris and they have an awesome dude who does clean vocals and plays the violin. Would there be tabs for the violin as well on here. 🤘😊🖤
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7 years ago, John_Volt
Best Option for Tabs, Hands Down.
I've been subscribing to Songsterr for years. They are the ONLY place I consistently find perfect transcriptions to any obscure song I can think of. For me this app is one of those examples of how our lives are better today than they were 10, 20 years ago. Update: I've been using other apps to slow music down but the slow to 15% speed feature is here and practice just got simpler. Nice job.
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4 years ago, Cavin_Lee
I like the site, so I got this because I had $5 on my phone from Christmas, and I looked at the subscription page and it seems like it has different 4 different choices all the same price $4.99. There’s the regular, but then there’s one with “(NT)” after one has “(1WT)” after it and the last one has “(WT)” after it it’d be great if someone could explain the difference and/or reasons for multiple subscriptions. Thank you. (The four stars is because it doesn’t carry over to PC)
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3 years ago, French 101 student
As a beginner
I find this to be extremely useful listening and learning to play songs that I’m not emotionally attached to and that I’m not familiar with and being able to slow down the progression and then to even add in other instruments really is cool. I can’t even play one song yet but I dropping the speed down to 40% and slowly plugging along I’m able to memorize and then eventually speed up and play along with the app
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2 years ago, Tony007*
Great way to learn guitar
You can take your time learning guitar one picking finger at a time or by using chords at your leisure. We all know that time is difficult to find nowadays but I find myself sitting down with this app and playing for hours to pick up particular songs. Thanks so much. This is a great app for me and if others would try it they would see how well it works for them as well.
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3 years ago, Flea Hunter
Won’t Let You Print Tabs
It’s my fault for assuming that being able to print what I’m looking at would be possible but it’s not. For that you need a “premium” account on a pc. Their web site says an iOS subscription includes one month of premium on another device if you email them your proof of purchase. Two weeks and several attempts later and still no response from them. Total waste of time and money.
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7 months ago, GreerMahoney
Freemium version now useless
This is so disappointing. This app has exactly what I need, but I cannot justify $10 a month. I wish the pricing were more realistic. The honest truth is, most people learning an instrument can’t afford $10 a month for this. I would absolutely pay a one time price for the app, or even a smaller amount monthly or yearly. But $120 a year is too steep. And let me be clear, I buy many apps, and I have many subscriptions. I understand that developers need to be paid for their work. The price is simply too steep, and the freemium version is now unusable.
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1 year ago, Damian goble
Missing songs
I love the app very helpful would have 5 star review if it had a couple things like a glossary of all symbals and a definition of what they mean and a option to click on them so you can see and listen to examples but most of all this is one of my personal reasons its missing many songs or there is no songs from some of my favorite artists like silent theory they have many somgs id live to learn but no tabs or anything anywhere
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1 month ago, Fungi fun man
A very good app too have
I’m nine years old and I really enjoyed this app. It’s very easy to go to song to song and you could also play the song if you forget how the song goes and there’s a variety song that you could choose from and also has a Metronome in it . and also says where things answer the song like drums and more, get this music app music.
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2 years ago, RAE-72
Frustrated long-time subscriber…
… but soon to unsubscribe. Started the app today, discovered that it’s updated to v4.0, and all of my favorites have disappeared. Tried “restore purchase” (no luck). Added a few of my favorites back to the list… only to find the list empty when I returned to the app a while later. Read the version history, which is talking about “Songsterr freemium”, and see that there’s a new subscription (Songsterr Plus) that costs double what I’ve been paying. Not sure if there’s any chance my favorites will come back, or if my $4.99 actually gets me anything now. Developer- please clarify.
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1 year ago, SirHusky
Amazing app
Definitely my favorite tab app/sites, really useful that you don’t have to pay to play the song with the tabs unlike other sites. Great layout and has lots of features that can help to learn anything without payment much better. Sometimes the song I want isn’t there but they definitely have a lot of songs. Overall a great app.
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2 years ago, JusnJusnJusn
The website is far superior
Please let me view more sections at once. Why doesn’t this app function like the website? Why can’t I view tabs in portrait mode? Why can’t I zoom out? What kind of app only has a login screen when I go to search for these settings (that should DEFINITELY be included)? I see responses to reviews asking these same questions that have vague responses like “please drop me a line at *email here*”. These responses are from a year ago. Why am I paying a subscription for an app that has less features than the website?
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2 years ago, hcufifggfhfu
Pretty good app except for the tuner
The app is pretty good, they have cool songs and it’s helped me a lot with my playing, but this app would be infinitely more better if the tuner would actually work good. All you do is pluck a string and hope the tuner guesses what string it is which a good portion of the time it doesn’t. It would be nice if there was a button to press that would choose the string you were trying to fix but it lacks that feature unfortunately.
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3 months ago, Intox9
Simply put, this app is great. It’s so worth the cost. For what this app does, there’s nothing else like it. Any song you can think of. You get the music videos, the individual tracks, lots of features. The one thing this app doesn’t do is let you make your own beats. I use this app in combination with an app named Beat Note, which lets you break down beats for drumming.
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2 years ago, Dr.Swagster
Great, however…
I love the program, i’ve been using it for a couple years mostly on the web though. in the app when looking at tabs it’s sideways, which is good for if you’re playing with it at the same speed. but if you want to change the speed you have to go premium. on the web however you can look at them with your phone in portrait as opposed to landscape(sideways). if you could have it in portrait or landscape in the app it would be perfect.
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5 years ago, ModernDayCliche
Great Tool For Learning
I’ve been using Songsterr for many years now and You May find songs not tabbed out perfect but it get you close and trying to figure out the part yourself only makes your ear better. I have nothing to complain about songsterr cause I remember when nothing was like this when I started learning songs !! Thank you songsterr for making songs easier to figure out 🤘🏻
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1 year ago, weenieboi
App is really good but a couple of suggestions
This app is really good I like it a lot but just have a couple of suggestions for it. Like a dark mode instead of it being bright, and an option that will let you make new tabs for songs that aren’t on here. That option would be very helpful because it will encourage community engagement and bring a lot more songs into this app
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4 months ago, FPCasey
Best Tabs App
Best app/website I’ve used for tabs. Has most songs people would want to learn. Also has a chords mode showing you how to make and when to play each chord. My only issue is if you don’t pay for the premium version they try to sell it to you every other time you close a tab. Other wise best app for guitarists beginner-expert
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1 year ago, DjentDaddyChard
Love the app, One recommendation tho
I think it would be awesome to be able to filter search results by tuning, like your able to in the browser version. My computers broken so this would save me a lot of time when I’m trying to fly through songs without having to tune every 30 minutes. 1st world problems, I know
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