Sonic CD Classic

4 (5.4K)
263.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sonic CD Classic

4.01 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
2 years ago, yesyes7878
Really, really good, but five glaring flaws are present
I got this game about a month ago, and it’s FANTASTIC. The graphics are incredible for all 4 versions of any level, the controls are tight, the time traveling mechanic is executed brilliantly, and the Time Attack mode will keep you playing for days after you beat the game once with either the Japanese or American tunes. I’d reward this game five stars-which I didn’t for the other two Sonic Genesis ports-if not for three issues. Like I said before, the controls rock, but you can’t change the D-Pad’s size or opacity like you could with the other two games. Palmtree Panic and Collision Chaos both have objects inside walls for whatever reason, too. Sadly, the bosses just aren’t good except for the sixth, the Metal Sonic race in Stardust Speedway. I won’t go into some long rant about them, but what I will say is that one of them is beaten by running to the right well. Strangely, you can’t play as Knuckles, unlike the other two ports. Lastly, debug mode is sadly unplayable. I really wish I could award the five stars the game deserves (the Japanese soundtrack is one star added on its own.) I understand the bosses can’t really be revamped, but if the other flaws I addressed were fixed, that would make the game much better in my opinion. This game is AMAZING and I’d hate to see an item box inside a wall ruin it!
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4 years ago, whatamIfightingfor
Pretty good game
What a good majority of these kids don’t realize that this game was originally released on the sega cd back in 1993 which is where this remake originated from. And to answer a few questions: 1: To get tails beat the game for the first time and then start a new game as him ( He does not have cutscenes like sonic does and his ending does not change). 2: They won’t remove the metal sonic fight or add new zones because the creators of this remake want it to be as close to the original game as possible 3: To unlock all the secrets like D.A. Garden and etc go look at a different review also from what I know I think you will need to be signed into Game Center to get those secrets. And yes I understand the concerns with the ads but that does not apply to my because I just don’t lets ads ruin my experience with the game. Also don’t listen to some of the 1 star reviews if you want because a good majority of them are just 9 year olds saying and I quote “WoRsT SoNIc GAme EVAR” And yes that is how they spell ever. And I should have said this earlier but Tails is free of charge you don’t have to pay to unlock him. Also if you like the game have fun then.
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2 years ago, RunRunRun150
Ok, I literally just got this game and it’s amazing. I discovered the “Im outta here!” Thing and I completely flipped out. I’m only on collision chaos right now where (SPOILER ALERT) Amy gets stolen by Metal Sonic. This game is awesome. One question: WHERE IN THE FLIPPIN HECK IS FUN IS INFINITE?!? I LOVE THAT EASTER EGG!!!! Please add it ASAP! (Although don’t scare me with it randomly when im peacefully playing the game) Alright. That’s all. I’m outta here! - RunRunRun150 P.S: Sonic has an unused sneezing sense that SEGA forgot about! Edit: So I was playing as tails getting all of the time stones until soon when I got one, I went to my save files and I saw that it said I was missing one. I don’t know if this is a glitch or part of the game, but I’d like a chance to get the time stone im missing. Also, we are waiting for a certain game known as Sonic 3 and K N U C K L E S. So GET TO WORK SEGA MAKE A MOBILE PORT OF SONIC 3 AND K N U C K L E S!!!! I’m (actually) outta here! - RunRunRun15 Edit 2: WHAT IN THE KENTUCKY FRIED WORLD?! SONIC AND TAILS HAS A FALL SPRITE?! I was on that second ramp on palmtree panic (sorry I like doing replays I actually completed the game sense I have tails) And I accidentally went back down the ramp without going on that one barrier on it and saw Sonic FALLING WITH HIS OWN FALLING SPRITE?!? That is crazy!! Keep up the good work Sega!
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2 years ago, skyler915
From forgotten to loved: what I like and don’t like
I really think you guys did a good job with the 3 first classics (even though we’re waiting on the definitive way to play Sonic 3) and when I first got this port (2018 aka when I knew what sonic was, and when I was 6) these things got me excited like sonic and tails fall sprite, the peel out, but now I just agree with another review: WHERE IS MAJIN SONIC AND FUN IS INFINITE?!?!?!??!? (anyway) what also got me excited was years later I found out about the “I’m outta here” easter egg and tho there ads but they don't bother me (not a lot like people say) and tho my fav is S3 this would be my second fav. Keep up the good work. Now to things I don’t like (warning they may sound silly the way im saying it): THE FIRST BOSS IS TOO EASY AND THEN THE DEBUG MODE DOESN’T WORK!! MAKE IT WHERE TOU TAP THE TIME, SCORE, AND RINGS SPOT LIKE THE FIRST 2 PORTS. I dont have anything else to say so see ya! OH YEA THE MUSIC IS BANGING- wait what is happening? Who is that grey fox? And why does sonic have blood from his eyes and why is his pupils red? Wait there coming closer what what what? Father wake up mother- did I hear the tv fall?- wait they can’t climb out right? OH GEEZ THERE IN MY HOUSE WAIT IM SMOKING WAT STOP OW OW WAIT I SEE HUGGY WAIT NO STOP GET AWAY NO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-
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6 years ago, Peterpopmr
Severe Graphical Issues + ADs
This game is seriously broken on my iPhone X. Some sprites aren’t completely transparent and have white boxes around them. Even worse, when I start to play the game, it’ll last about 10 seconds before the graphics go completely haywire and turn into flashing and rotating triangles. It’s so broken it almost seems fake, like it was done on purpose. These triangles aren’t just limited to a couple of sprites... no, the entire screen starts randomly convulsing with colors to the point where you can’t tell what’s going on and it’s completely unplayable. Another issue: I purchased this game full price when it was first released. So there shouldn’t be ads every time I play it. There shouldn’t be a Sonic 4 Ep II ad whenever I start it up, and there shouldn’t be a Sonic Forces logo that pops up in the top left inexplicably after the menu animation. The ads I could live with, but it’s the graphics issues that really make this a one star rating. The flashing triangles make it so you can’t even see the game, and there’s even another issue where the menu elements don’t space out correctly, so the act # ends up mashed in with the zone name which is already mashed into itself due to some other glitch. All in all, the serious bugs need to be fixed in order for me to recommend this game. In its current state, I’d skip it.
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8 months ago, a cool person 234
Just no words
The reason why I said just no words in the title is because this game is one of the best classics in history to the showdown with metal sonic to the absolutely phenomenal music. This game is amazing but you may be thinking “why did you give it four stars instead of five stars?” i’m here to answer that question. There are so many ads that when I was playing, I died on the final boss because an ad showed up. I cannot believe the amount of product placement is in this game, not pacifically the game itself, but there are so many terrible ads that show up that I practically could’ve gotten five stars because it the game is really amazing but the ads ruin the experience I almost quit because how many ads there were it was insane look away for two seconds add finish level add breathe for one seconds add it is insane but since it’s one of the best classics, I have to give it a good rating or else that would just be weird would recommend although if you’re not gonna buy the verse the version with no ads be warned it is going to be ad mania!!
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6 years ago, Uphuy
Sonic CD in widescreen on the go
Sonic CD-the long lost and now found 2-D Sonic game. I first played Sonic CD when I got my GameCube in 2016 which came with 23 games. It just so happened one of them was Sonic Gems Collection. I hated the Spin Dash in that version and the soundtrack. But the mobile port. The “Saving Grace” (Get it cuz new save feature) version of it with a choice between the Gems Collection soundtrack (North American) and September 1993 soundtrack (Japanese). Also choice between original Spin Dash and Sonic 2/3/& Knuckles Spin Dash. And Tails. Never beat game but I’m sure Tails ain’t canon... either way welcome addition. Dang though the game didn’t have ads before but now... wait is there... YEP! SEGA FOREVER ruined another classic port! Also don’t know if it is just my iPad but it keeps crashing though normally at times when I need it to like about to fail a Special Stage (If you exit the game before failing the Special Stage you can retry it without having to do another level and beat it with 50 rings. I also experience some lag. Overall great game, some lag, ads, crashes, so I give this game 4 ⭐️ out of 5 ⭐️.
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3 years ago, Bbsmith119
Man, this game is great. I’ve beaten it with Sonic and Tails, both with all good futures and time stones. I’ve gotten all the secrets (Tails, D.A. Garden, Stage Select, Sound Test, and Visual Mode) and beaten the game with the two characters you can play as (Good Ending and Bad Ending for both Sonic and Tails). I’ve found the secret statue in Wacky Workbench Act 1 Past (Haven’t done the bad future one yet). I don’t have the achievement thing, though. It just says “Unable To Connect”. Can you help me? Otherwise, this is the best! Edit: I have encountered a glitch. I was listening to the American soundtrack, and I was playing as Sonic. I had all the time stones, and I went into the past of Metallic Madness Act 2. After completing that, I went into Act 3, the final act of the game. But something odd happened. It said I had made a good future in act 2 (keep in mind I had all the time stones which makes a good future in every level), but in act 3, it was a bad future. After defeating the final boss, I got the good ending. It isn’t game breaking, but it’s weird.
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3 years ago, changeableAoa9
Very good, some issues
This game is great, I’m glad they brought it back, (although we are still waiting for a certain game *cough* 3 and K) it does however have some issues. Like the previous review, you do not get a level select after beating the game, however the original level select is still available through time attack, as is debug which doesn’t work at all, sound test, DA garden, and visual mode. In order to get those, you have to get certain times on time attack and special stage time attack. The ads are not an issue for me, because if you are able to turn a vpn on your phone or iPad then it blocks all the ads in the game except for those from Sega. If they are going to add tails to this game, then they might as well add knuckles. So basically what I’m saying is if you make debug mode work and minimize the ads a little you will have five stars from me. Also maybe add super sonic to give a little motivation for getting the time stones BESIDES the good future.
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5 years ago, original name 025181
The Ads ruin everything!
I love this game for it’s soundtrack and it’s exploration based gameplay, which is why this is my favorite classic Sonic game. However, the Ads can make the game almost unbearable to experience. First of all, menu navigation is less than exceptional. A few times I scroll and accidentally hit the remove ads button in the bottom right corner. I don’t mind that, but I think that the other button on the opposite corner is weird as it just shows you an Ad slideshow. The worst thing is that after I see an Ad, a number of times the menu breaks, and all the buttons and graphics with that classic game look (bigger pixels) disappear and the menu goes invisible, so it is impossible to directly select an option or a save file. Plus, the Ads that break the menu also mute the in game music and most sound effects don’t play at all, Which really upsets me because of how I like the soundtrack. I know that probably all my problems will be solved if I buy the Anti-Ads, but I don’t use my money to remove Ads, as I use my cash for much better things than that. I home you will fix this problem with the Ads, as that will be the reason I’m upgrading my review from 3 stars, to 5.
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2 years ago, Thegamebreaker4
My sonic the hedgehog CD review
Sonic cd is a great game that is still cherished till this day. since 1993 to 2022, something about this game is so special to me. The first zone is so good, even at the start it was so appealing to me. The devs do NOT play with the music. Each song is an absolute banger to listen to in the Japanese version. The American version sounds pretty disorienting. The only music that sounds good in the US version is the special stages and the opening cutscene which actually has lyrics! However the special stages and the opening cutscene sound even better in the JP version. That’s enough about music, now next. the worst part. SOME BOSSES ARE LITERALLY A COMPLETE JOKE THAT REQUIRES NO SKILL,FOR REAL. and why is the final boss FOUR HITS? the only boss that’s good in this game is the metal sonic fight in stardust speedway. But the special stages are 3D and I love 3D special stages! I mean there’s nothing wrong with that, heh right? ok. With a few shortcomings, its by far one of the best sonic games ever
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4 years ago, Lilythehomeschooler
Wow this is a nice colorful level! Wait why am I sparkling like that?!? WHAT!? Wait.... Why does the level look so freaking different.. And sad... What happened to it.... Oh lord, The sparkles again! WAIT DID SOMEONE SAY "pAsT" WHY IS THIS SO CREEPY THE MUSIC IS SO EERIE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- Anyway, Actual review time. So the game is the best, It's just debug is completely dead. It doesnt work because back on the Sega CD, You could use debug because of all the buttons. Thanks to the lack of buttons on the mobile port, You can only see your X and Y coordinates. Super Sonic would be nice, To motivate you to get the time stones. Sure, It's not in the story cause Time Stones don't have the same power as Emeralds, But maybe you could make a new Super form type for this port? I was thinking Time Sonic where you could time travel without Having to touch a sign. Anyway, At least normal Supersonic? Please? It's pretty obvious you guys aren't gonna even read this cause after all, This IS another one of those crappy SEGA forever games. The game is good, But did I mention sega forever BROKE Sonic 1 and 2?! I have a screenshot if you want, But there's ads covering the screen now in the middle of gameplay. Stupid sonic forces ads with some other crap there just so you can have all your greedy money. :(
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5 months ago, SwimmerZ6
Just one question
First of all this review is really short second I really like this game. That’s why I gave it a five star rating and last how do you access debug mode I’m watching a tutorial but I can’t really understand it. Oh, do you also remember that secret final boss you removed from the 2011 remake can you just add that? Also, I feel like it would be a good idea for instead of having to collect all the time stones maybe after you defeat, the egg spinner, I think that’s what it’s called that final boss you removed and hopefully will just add again we just appear out of nowhere and like people get so surprised. Also, I’ve beaten the game as both sonic and tails I haven’t collected any of the time stones but how come I have not unlocked the the four secret things in the extras area of the main menu. OK it might’ve not been that short.
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3 months ago, thelifeofa
A classic CD!
Sonic the Hedgehog CD works great. Sonic CD remains one of the best games ever made for fans of classic Sega games. Sonic CD was Sega’s most ambitious Sonic game ever made at the time of its release with 3 possible endings depending on Sonic’s choices in the main game. This version contains the original game and it allows players to choose specific levels they want to play once they have completed the main game. However, the Chaos Emeralds have somehow become harder to obtain in comparison to playing Sonic CD on other platforms. While the amount of ads can be overwhelming, the ads can also be helpful. For example, a player could be near the end of a level or in the middle of a boss fight and make a mistake… POOF! An ad appears that gives the player another chance without the player having to start all over! The controls; however, can sometimes be glitchy. The glitchy controls are especially noticeable in the Chaos Emerald levels.
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6 years ago, Chungly Brungo
A great port of a great game
Sonic CD wasn’t originally much special, especially considering the fact that S3K exists. However, its new mobility along with short length has led me to replaying over and over. I don’t even know how many times I’ve replayed this game. I don’t know what draws me to keep on doing it, but it just happens. This is probably one of the best mobile games ever, and left an impact unlike those boring endless games featuring nothing but solid colors, basic geometry, and gameplay that will have you hooked for ~5 minutes tops. Sonic CD is more than that. It’s endless not because of a genre, but because you’ll find yourself constantly playing it. Honestly, the original game isn’t even that special, it’s the device of which it was ported to that makes it the most substantial experience you can get on a mobile device.
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2 years ago, FreakyFaisal
Removing ads doesn’t actually remove the ads
While Sonic CD is a great game, and this remake is even better, my biggest gripe with the game is the scam that is the ad removing purchase. You would think that paying to remove the ads would remove ALL of the ads, but it does not. You will still get an ad for Sonic Dash when opening the game, and there is still the ad for the Sonic Forces mobile game on the top left of the main menu. While these aren’t that intrusive, I still expect them to be removed considering I paid 1.99 for exactly that. Otherwise, this game is a blast with not one, but TWO amazing soundtracks, crazy level design, and they even added a playable Tails! But Sega, please actually remove all the ads when your customers buy the ad remover.
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6 years ago, Narles
Broken on iPhone X
Updated: 2/5/18 I’m glad Sega updated it for the iPhone X aspect ratio but did anyone at Sega actually try play testing it with an iPhone X? Immediately from the title screen there are graphics artifacts. Ok, no big deal, just a little unsightly. However, partway through the first act of Palmtree Panic and after passing through the first time travel post, the graphics start warping all crazy over a black screen rendering the game unplayable. It seems clear that Sega is not adequately testing these releases for iPhone X compatibility what with Sonic 1 being unable to be completed past Spring Yard Zone’s boss and this title being unplayable after an extremely short amount of game play. Please fix these games! Original Review: A Sonic game that gives fans exactly what they want and so much more. Well done Sega. I would buy any and all other Sonic games given this kind of treatment (retina, soundtrack, widescreen, alternate play styles, Taxman's engine, etc). Please consider giving this treatment to Sonic 3 & Knuckles and even go back and do it for Sonic 1 & 2.
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3 years ago, Hyper Cy
Lovable but somewhat difficult and and is experiencing a glitch
I have been a fan of the sonic series ever since I was 5 and I had always played sonic 1 and sonic 3, then when I was 8 I played sonic 2 and sonic cd. That time I had never done time attack because I didn’t really care at the time. Now just a few minutes ago I was playing the sonic cd time attack mode after curiosity (and so I can get all the achievements) and I was playing the 3 act on the carnival zone (I don’t remember what it is called all I remember was it was the third act of the second zone) and I had finally made it to the thing where sonic gets hit up to the metal ground to jump up and defeat the boss. Right as I hit robotnik (or eggman which ever you prefer) and the first hit sonic glitched through the floor and it was just stuck on eggman. The person who typed way too much for this, Hyper Cy-
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4 years ago, Nastalgic reviewer
Complete trash/waste of time!
History seems to repeat itself, it’s been proven many times, and just like in the 90’s, they tried selling this lost piece of hot garbage as a game with aggressive ads. The only difference is... THEY MADE IT WORSE!!! How do you screw something up that has so much potential, here’s some issues, the time stones disappear from your collection, making the good ending IMPOSSIBLE, how do you screw up an important mechanic like this , and good luck getting even close to obtaining these disappearing gems because the UFO’s are rigged to move away from you in directions you can’t reach, and usually, you just end up diving into water, draining your time, all that stress just to have those gems gone! The only thing you did right was the freaking options, and even those are bugged, if you are gonna release a classic game mobile, especially a bad game, then have the decency to fix that game, if you can completely change up sonic 1/2 levels, and mechanics, then this game shouldn’t be too hard either.
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6 years ago, Chr1ztopher
Great game, but...
So I am editing my review for the third time. This game is great. Really brings me back (had sooo much fun with Sega cd!) The only issue I had was over the advertising however that seemed to resolve itself, guess there was some lag when I restored purchases but it’s working fine with one caveat. While most advertising is removed upon paying, you will still be greeted with SEGA adds at launch. This is displayed on the purchase/restore screen, albeit in small text but I deleted and reinstalled it just to see that screen again and sure enough it’s there. If the premium purchase was truly 100% add free this would be a 5 Star game. Having paid for it, a 85% add free experience gets 4 Stars. If you don’t mind seeing a pop up for Streets of Rage whenever the game loads then the paid version is great. 4 Stars
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4 years ago, LilOrangeFella
An Underrated Classic Sonic Gem
This game is great, with large, expansive levels and unique gimmicks like the time traveling changing the level design and music. The addition of Tails being playable is great, and the bonus content is nice too. But there’s some bugs that have shown up since these games became free to play with ads. Sometimes, after an ad finishes and you close it, the game gets weirdly stretched and cropped, so it’s nearly impossible to play. Also, sometimes the music and all but a few sound effects get completely muted, which is a shame since this game has an amazing soundtrack. The screen cropping issue also happens in the Sonic 1 and 2 remakes too. If you fix these bugs this review would easily go up to 5 stars. Also release the Sonic 1 and 2 remakes on consoles and Steam please.
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3 years ago, Dannydomo2004
Sonic CD Xbox 360
I had played Sonic CD on the Xbox 360 and iOS on my iPad. It is a really fun game for any Sonic fans like me. I beat the whole game on the Xbox 360 version with all 12 achievements and 200G total. The game seems to look hard at first, but the game length for completing the game at any percentages isn’t that hard at all, it is almost the same time length as Sonic the Hedgehog 1 for Sega Genesis. The game also feels like Sonic Mania as well, but slightly hardcore. The soundtracks for Sonic CD are really cool. The best part about playing Sonic CD are the Cutscenes that you see in the beginning and the end of the game with any endings, and you play as Tails when you beat the game, but there’s really nothing special when you’re playing as Tails in Sonic CD.
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6 years ago, tjgoodrich2693
Mostly fixed
This is one of my favorite games of all time and it’s awesome to be able to have it on my phone. Although since this game was originally updated for the iPhone X it has been full of problems. Yes, there was a patch recently to fix the game so it’s actually playable, but there’s still 2 minor problems with the game. 1: At the title screen there’s a white square area to the right of sonic. And when you start the game it turns black. I wish the title screen wasn’t buggy like that, it seems like a simple fix. 2: When 2 or more sound effects play at once the sound becomes very distorted. For example, when jumping through the level complete sign, both sounds (the sign and jump sound) play at their max volume and the sound clips very badly. And sure, these are minor issues, but the game was practically perfect before the iPhone X release. Effort was put into the game supporting ads in its main menu, but the overall quality of the game was decreased. I hope this game can be completely fixed, as it is awesome otherwise. Thank you SEGA, and please fix these minor issues!
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2 years ago, Generic Dynamics
Grab and go Classic
This game is a classic, originally released in 1993 on the Sega CD by Sonic Team and Sega of Japan. This rerelease is a fun time for any kid looking to pass some time by, wether it be in a long car ride, or waiting for a dentists appointment, although this game was rereleased amazingly by the outstanding Sonic Mania team (Christian Whitehead, and Head Canon), this is still dragged behind a little bit because of the core game. This game was one of the more weird sonic games, where you can time travel, and don’t get me wrong the visuals can look awesome and opening/ending cutscene created by the animators of the Sonic OVA was awesome! But there’s some graphics and animation in the old game that aren’t the best, and the movement could use some work, but other than that, this is a fun time, and the definitive way to play Sonic CD, (Until Sonic Origins Releases)
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6 years ago, Raccoon 16
Great port of a not very well-known gem!
This is a really good port of sonic cd, and I love the time revel mechanic. I paid for no ads, and it's great without them, but for those who don't want to pay for it, I suggest you guys lower the amount of ads that pop up during the game. That could really go for the other classic sonic ports as well. If I have one other request, it would be that in a new update you would add the ability to customize specific tracks from the JP and US soundtracks. You can simply choose between the two right now, which is nice, but it would awesome if you could mix certain songs from both soundtracks into the game. Keep up the good work, and please take both suggestions into consideration.
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6 years ago, Dinoman21
(**UPDATED REVIEW) “Please update the Control Scheme!”
Hello developers of the mobile port of “Sonic CD”! I’ve never played or enjoyed Sonic CD so I sought the definitive version of it, or so I’ve heard the IOS / Smartphone version is the best version to experience this gem! I just have one grip, having downloaded the “Sonic 1” and “Sonic 2” mobile versions, I’m surprised of how intuitive you could use the left analog stick on screen! It’s perfect and really does make the game a whole lot of fun! But I was sad to see Sonic CD being left out of this intuitive control scheme. I was just hoping you guys could update the control scheme so it’s similar or the same as it’s peers. ***I also play on an iPhone X, while a screen ratio increase like the treatment “Sonic 1” & “Sonic 2” got could be AWESOME, I’d just much rather have a better control scheme... ————— UPDATE / EDIT: The game has been updated for an iPhoneX. The analog control scheme is now updated making it feel like a more intuitive way to control Sonic. The iPhoneX is fitted with a proper ratio, making the game look gorgeous in this ratio aspect! Good job, now if only you’d add drop-dash too all the games.
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6 years ago, Sonic Mania Fan and Gamer
Great Game but some issues
This is the first mobile game I got and it was a blast to play. I would constantly just spam Stardust Speedway for the music. These mobiles games convinced me to buy Sonic Mania and I’m going to buy the Plus version. However when Sega put their hands on it I ran into issues. The controls suddenly became very unresponsive. When I’m running right I could take my thumb off and Sonic will keep going and while this is happening the jump won’t respond. The jump will trigger after I stop running. I never encountered this until after Sega updated It. Keep up the good work Christian Whitehead. P.S Sonic Mania 10/10 and cant wait for the mobile port if you are planning on it.
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3 years ago, The best developer
Good game just make it easier
Sonic cd is one of the best games on Sega forever that I have played (other than Sonic 4 episode 2). It’s a good continuation of Sonic 2 and really fun to play (unless you aren’t good at mobile,IPhone etc. For the people that are waiting for 3 and K, keep in mind that that is just a hack combining Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. Now what we are here for is Collision Chaos act 3 me and my brother were playing Sonic cd randomly cause we were bored. Then when I was at Collision Chaos act 3 I found it impossible to get up the Robotnik (same with my brother) and we couldn’t finish the game at all. Please if you can make the boss a little lower it could help for many players.
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6 years ago, Aidan 15
One of the best games I’ve ever played.
This port is FANTASTIC! The frame rate is a smooth 60fps, sound effects are crystal clear (I grew up playing CD on Sonic Gems Collection on Game cube so the sound effects are muffled on Gem’s CD), the controls do take some getting used to, but can be adapted to rather quickly. My only ACTUAL complaint is that Sonic jumps WAY too far in the special stages, usually resulting in me landing in water.(In Gems, Sonic doesn’t jump as far, therefore they were more precise) I like the updated spin dash. (Though I’ll always use the peel out more) Overall this port is AMAZING! If you’re looking for a mobile Sonic game, this is probably your best option! Happy 25th anniversary SONIC CD!
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6 years ago, rgc0708
so, there are some glitches i encounter. when i go from one act to the next, there is the stage, sonic stands still, the title card does not load, and the timer doesnt go off, and i cant not move, and then it goes to black and then the stage starts and the title cards appear and the timer starts. its a glitch that i encountered throughout the whole duration of the game, and i never encountered this until the update, so please fix this. and please remove the ads. why do i have to pay money in order to stop ads? ads are annoying. if i want to play a game on my phone, i want to play a game on my phone. please dont ask for more money
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2 years ago, MLGBOI17
Back in the 90s I barely knew the game Sonic CD all I heard was a new Sonic game was coming out i thought it was Sonic 3 but when I heard about it was a CD I was begging my parents to get Sonic CD and the Sega CD for Christmas but instead I got some sort of Sonic game for the Game Gear called something like Sonic Chaos. I enjoyed Sonic Chaos it’s a great game. My friend had a Sega CD and Sonic CD we played it I was amazed on how cool the soundtrack was. I was a little creeped out with the boss music but it was fine. Now it’s on iPhone. I didn’t know Sonic CD had different Soundtracks for Japan. Japan sounds fun and wacky even the boss music. But now I can enjoy this game whenever I want. Great game.
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5 years ago, DD-Rex
Sonic CD rocks!
THIS GAME IS AMAZING! Maybe it's just nostalgia talking, but I remember downloading this game back in 5th grade on my iPad. I was so excited to finally get the game, since I always wanted either Sonic 1, 2, or CD on my iPad. This was my first retro Sonic game, and its loads of fun. There are multiple save files, and you can unlock Tails as a playable character. You have access to both the U.S and Japanese soundtracks, and the gameplay is really fun. You can use the super peel out and the spin dash, and the time traveling mechanic is interesting and different. While there is a abundance of ads, I recommend getting this game. Discover the origin of Metal Sonic and Amy Rose, and save Little Planet!
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3 years ago, y2jstylez
Sonic CD: Latest Version
I love playing this game, just like the other 2 remasters. There are just three small things that bug me when playing. A) When playing the final boss, after defeating Robotnik, he goes off to the right while his vehicle is exploding, however when Amy appears, you still see Robotnik on the bottom right hand corner of the screen (the sprite stays in place).. it’s very noticeable because of the iPhone 12’s bigger screen. Can this please be fixed so that Robotnik disappears off screen after the final battle? Maybe go back to the standard 16:9 aspect ratio? B) I already mentioned this in my Sonic 2 review: the characters still being noticeable on the far right of the screen after clearing an act when they’re supposed to disappear off into the distance. Hoping this can be fixed. C) Finally, when choosing Start Game in the main menu, all the words in the save files seem to be cluttered and everything seems to be on the left. Is there anyway this can be fixed and smoothed out? Thank you SEGA!!
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2 years ago, Mario Maniac 1981
Truly the most underrated Sonic game
This is perhaps the most underrated Sonic game because of its unique plot where you save the future. Also, Metal Sonic. What more could you ask for (the bosses to take more than 4 hits to defeat)? The bosses are a joke and the ads are overly for kids (even though mostly children). One thing I will never understand is why Japan and the US have separate soundtracks and why the US Boss music and US Game Over music sound creepy even as a 20 year old man and why the JP soundtrack has a Final Boss theme while the US recycles its boss theme. I digress. If you play any Sonic game, play this one.
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3 years ago, kiwirocket64
Great game but…
Hi I’ve been playing this game off and on and I really enjoy it I originally payed 3$ for it back when it was pay to play (I feel like I should at least get no ads for that) this game is a blast the only problem that I have is the controls I wish there was a way to resize them and move them around the D pad is so small that every now and then I accidentally spin dash when I mean to jump it leads to a lot of unintended deaths if any dev is listening to this review please fix the control issue (also if it’s ok I’d love to get the ads removed since I payed for it on a different Apple ID)
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6 years ago, 666?!?!?
Fix for 5 stars
It is currently impossible to upgrade to the premium version without ads. This combined with the Super Sonic DLC makes Sega look a lot like a scam company than an electronic game company. If you want to keep your sales up and prevent the wave of Sonic Fans boycotting your next failure of a product, I recommend you repeal this update as well as thinking about what makes a genuine fun experience instead of pandering to fans & children. I know as a fact that most reviews seen alongside this one will rate 5 stars if the premium version becomes available for purchase and I agree with them; this is a fine line you are treading on between scam & mistake, now hopefully you are competent enough to learn from those mistakes to refrain from: False advertisement, Poor time management, Child luring & awful game design. Now take your own advice for once: Sega, take care of yourself.
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6 years ago, Anomanoys
As you can recall in my last review, I said I got the game for free without ads. But you had to bee sooo greedy that you updated the game JUST TO ADD ADS SO YOU CAN HARASS ME WITH ADS AND WHILE IM WATCHING 30 SECOND ADS YOU'RE SWIMMING IN YOUR STUPID BATHE OF CASH THEY GET FROM YOU AND ME WATCHING ADS. SERIOUSLY, YOU DID THAT JUST SO YOU CAN MAKE ME WATCH ADS. Sorry for the anger, forgive me, but seriously, stop this! Also, back in 1993 did you know the meaning of "boss battle"? Because you took the us boss theme WAYYYY to far. And also game over, now THATS making its way into my nightmares. Just, make it more like you failed a math test rather than being harassed by spiders in a horror movie. Yeah I'm a picky guy and I know you need money, but if you pause and un pause, a 30 second ad comes on. Fix it. (PS I am a HUGE sonic fan I can't wait to get sonic forces! Sonic 06 was always my favorite.)
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6 years ago, Navi hunter
Sega Forever Problems!!
Pre Sega Forever update this was a wonderful port with only minor complaints, with lack of customization in controls and inability to use debug mode. After update the ads have gone out of control. You can’t even pause the darn thing without being bombarded with seat-belt safety PSAs or Wendy’s ads. That is annoying, but I could live with it if it weren’t for the god awful frame-rate problems it now has. When I say god awful I mean absolutely horrendous. Stardust zone is virtually unplayable now. I honestly think they have swapped from the retro engine to emulation. SEGA, PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! *update* I am at a toss, I have now purchased the game reducing the ads and I have noticed frame rates have gotten better. However, I cannot tell if that is from new updates or as part of some coding scheme to throttle frame rates and cause graphical glitches and general performance issues till you purchase the Ad free game. Either way stardust zone is still an FPS nightmare. P.S: Sega, please add support for bluetooth controllers, (would make debug mode accessible and controls would in general would be far better).
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6 years ago, Saracuno1998
Pretty good game
I think this is a good game. Definitely would watch out for those adds though. They come out of no where right in the middle of playing the game and makes you lose you’re concentration and groove of the game. (I lost a lot of special stages because of those adds). overall I would give it a thumbs up but what I don’t understand is the data select screen. Once you beat the game, there is no way to choose which zone you want to play; it is always stuck on Metallic Madness Zone Act 3, which means you have to start a new file or delete the ones you already have saved and start new that way. Furthermore, they should really put a no save option. But other than that, the app is great!
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5 years ago, Someotherguy935
This game is a blast!👍
I liked every little thing about this game, so I don’t have nothing to complain about! Having a game that was only played on one of the old game consoles, that is now available for anyone to play in the App Store is incredible. I’ve also notice Sonic the hedgehog mobile and Sonic the hedgehog 2 was also here as well. I just wished Sonic & knuckles was another game we could also have in the store. Sonic Cd was a good game in my opinion, but it would be nice to add knuckles in the game, because the first two classic sonic games had as a third character next to sonic and tails.
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2 years ago, Electroman adventure review
A review of the game and also a response to other reviews
So I think this is easily one of the best sonic games. I really like classic sonic and also enjoyed his appearance in Sonic Generations. The game is really well made and while the ads are annoying the money was worth it to stop them. As for the stupid reviews people leave, THERE ARE NO UPDATES. This game came out way back in the 90’s, there wont be new characters or zones or anything removed or added. Also, for you losers complaining the game is too hard play a new game or get better
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6 years ago, ECreepie899
Great, without the ads
The game is great! It has everything about classic Sonic CD, except for the sound test. If does crash every ow and then, but the game is very good. Just one thing I so very despise about this game- the darned ads. They happen every 9/10 times you clear a zone or press "Start Game". And most of the time, they don'r even give you an exit button, so you have to restart the app each time an ad comes on. Seriously, if they're going to put stupid ads in the game (which completely ruined my Sonic CD experience), they need to test run it about ten times to make sure there is always an exit button.
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6 years ago, Jessmoul
Why the ads
This game I couldn’t wipers download this game I was really excited to play sonic games are really like sonic however when I started to play there was one add that wasn’t no ex so I couldn’t get off of it the matter what I try to always kept up being the same ad I really wish they would fix it I really don’t understand why there has to be ads on every single stupid game it kind of gets on my nerves because it takes time from playing what you want to play you want to watch a really long when you really just wanna play this stupid game so I have to say this game is really annoying I will I need to get to play Sonic I hope the developers will change this that’s why give a little star review because that bad I’m sorry but I have to do but I think Israel
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2 years ago, tatum eddie
OK Siri saga. When will you learn to turn down your ad? I mean to be honest whenever I go to play one of my saved add whenever I quit one of it ad remove the one whenever you going to save file thing and whenever you quit, it should just only play every time you pass A level And does it always have to require Internet? I mean I get it you’re trying to prevent people from just turning off the Wi-Fi to remove ads, but I can also disappointing to people who paid for removing adsI’m gonna be disappointed because we can’t play it on the go no, don’t make me copy this message into most of this song games
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4 months ago, A scary game
This is creeping kids
So when they get all of the diamonds and they get extras they don't know something for sound test so when they go to school they will ask someone what's a sound test I could use they will put 12 25 and that's one of the creepiest thing ever found in a game so when they try it it will send them to a creepy screen so it has sonic with a mask on his face so theres a message it is Japanese it says infinite fun Sega enterprises but the name is majin sonic so majin means madzin so that means devil so what it means is devil sonic it's creepy
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3 years ago, kamar$:7288482828
This game lets go I play this game so much that I play it more then fortnite (which’s is trashy)but this game if can play for HOURS AND HOURS I love this game so much and there is not that much ads i respect that and I watch sonic x everyday but when I watch it all I was very VERY sad I hope u make a new sonic show but if make something u got tell what’s wrong why ARE THERE ROBOT bombs and when I get to the last level I don’t even know because just too many levels I know can’t fix it but it’s okay because it keeps u Active but this is all I have to say so bye I hope u write back
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2 years ago, Your's truly, B-Dawg
The game is good but the soundtrack is👌🏻
At its core it’s basic sonic gameplay which is good in it of itself, but never, in all my years have of listening to music soundtracks, have I found such high quality gourmet trash music in all my life. That’s really the only way to describe it. At times you will be vibing as hard as you can with the volume peaked, and at others you’ll be tuning it all the way down to try to play the game without your ears bleeding. So all in all, at least do yourself a favor listen to the chef’s kiss gourmet garbage soundtrack. 👌🏻👌🏻
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3 years ago, MrDollyman567
Back when this came out, I heard this wasn’t nearly as popular as the other games, or at least wasn’t top priority. SEGA wanted a sonic game for the new SEGACD. That’s what they got. And, I have to say, the game is very divisive. I personally like it, although the zones are sometimes cluttered. (Collision Chaos) I wasn’t alive back then, by the way, I just heard this stuff from devoted fans who were. For a mobile port, it is pretty good. I think it feels like it has been personally made different from the other mobile ports of 1 and 2. By the way, SEGA WE NEED SONIC 3 & KNUCKLES PORT NOW. Anyways, good game!
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4 years ago, salobird
Remakes are supposed to be better than the original
Why can’t you fix your game and maybe add some stuff and fix other stuff like for example why can’t tails have his own cutscenes also you expect me to 100% the game on my first try because after I beat the game the only thing I can do is go to metallic madness act 3 just put a no save mode file so we don’t rage because we have to beat the game first try on our save files also where is Knuckles he was in the remakes of Sonic 1 & 2 but not CD also why is it required that I have to 100% the game to do whatever the extra stuff is supposed to be please fix your game and fix it properly
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5 years ago, Adam R 2010
Sonic cd is amazing!
Personally this is my 3rd favorite sonic game ever.I first played this on this iPad Pro and I am on star dust speedway act 2 and I know that there is even more fun inside other levels although the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has better controls than this mobile version. The gameplay is addictive I can’t stop playing this app. The music is awesome and I cannot believe it was a 1993 game and plus the story line is great!There is also the future/past event you can time travel and this introduced metal sonic and Amy. Thank you Christian!
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